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Whenever Any Form of Government Becomes Destructive To These Ends,
It Is The Right of the People to Alter Or To Abolish It,
And To Institute New Government


Monday, January 23, 2017


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Emerson Lake and Palmer
full album

0:00 The Endless Enigma (Part One)/Fugue/The Endless Enigma (Part Two)
10:35 From The Beginning
15:10 The Sheriff
18:23 Hoedown (Taken from Rodeo)
22:10 Trilogy
31:01 Living Sin
34:23 Abaddon's Bolero

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Shia LePoof Attempts To Be "Manly"

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Milo Protester Shoots Suspected Conservative, No Charges After He Points To ‘Racism’

From the Daily Caller:
A man who shot someone outside a speech at the University of Washington (UW) by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos said his victim was a “white supremacist,” and police let the shooter go, even as the victim is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. 
In what appears to be a case of mistaken identity by the “anti-racism” vigilante, the shooting victim later turned out to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders. 
The shooter turned himself in Friday night after police put out a lookout, but he was released without charges “after telling investigators he fired in self-defense during a campus protest,” the Seattle Times reported. 
The lookout described the suspect as an Asian man in his fifties. 
“One of the law-enforcement officials said the man who fired the gun claimed he had been assaulted before shooting the other man, whom he believed to be some type of white supremacist,” the report said. 
The shooter was then “released pending investigation,” it said. Police did not name the shooter. They said the 32-year-old victim had a “life-threatening gunshot wound to the abdomen.” 
The department said it “seized wooden dowels, homemade shields, flares, hammers, and other items from masked individuals” from protesters who were irate that a conservative was speaking on campus. Progressives have tried to physically prevent people from hearing his ideas on numerous campuses. 
“I have been very proud of our students who, to the best of my knowledge, acted with restraint,” the college president later said, even though video, news accounts and police demonstrate the prevalence of the violence at the event. 
After the shooting, police escorted Milo’s audience to safety by having them remove Donald Trump hats and other apparel that made them targets for violence on the college campus. Ironically, even if conservatives who wanted to hear Yiannapoulos talk were “white supremacists,” the shooter may have confused a fellow protester for a member of the alt-right. 
In a story headlined “Man shot at UW no racist, friends insist, despite shooter’s claim,” the Times reported that two friends of the victim said he “supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary, and … sports an anti-hate tattoo that consists of a black swastika surrounded by a red circle with a slash through it.”
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So She Wants Her Vagina Background-Checked and Registered

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Asian Press Reporting US has Withdrawn from the TPP

Trump said withdrawing from the TPP would be his first move when he assumed office.

From Nikkei:
Soon after President Donald Trump was sworn in, his administration announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact championed by former President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. 
The White House on Friday also wasted no time in declaring a renegotiation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. 
Trump is expected to take a more isolationist, protectionist stance, and the international community is concerned that the U.S. will continue to draw inward. 
Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the U.S. on Friday, repeating his campaign pledges of putting American interests first and restoring national glory to a deeply polarized public.
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CNN Proves CNN Lied About The Size of the Crowd at the Inauguration

First, here's the photograph CNN says depicts the size of the crowd:

CNN posted a Gigapixel image of the crowd at the Inauguration.

The purpose of a Gigapixel image is so that one can zoom in and see the faces of the individuals who attended. The Gigapixel photograph is a 360 degree image of the crowd. You can grab the photo with your mouse and scroll around 360 degrees and view the entire crowd, or you can zoom in and see Trump's face as he delivers his Inaugural Address.

When you grab the image and look backwards at the crowd, you see clearly the Mall is full of people all the way to the Washington Monument.

It appears to me the photograph above is either shot from the top of the Washington Monument, or from a helicopter hovering around the Monument. The reason I make this assumption is because it does not show the Monument itself, but it appears to show most of the Mall area.

Now, here are some Screen Shots of the CNN Gigapixel of the crowd at the Trump Inauguration.

One Zoomed all the way back.

This next one is Zoomed in a bit.

And this one Zoomed in to the far end.

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Indiana Public School Worksheet Promotes Sharia Law and Burqas

From the Courier-Journal:
Parents in Southern Indiana are upset by a middle school worksheet’s portrayal of “Sharia law,” which they say casts the Islamic code in a positive light while ignoring human rights violations and the oppression of women. 
“The way that the worksheet is left would be like describing how effective Hitler was at nationalizing Germany and creating patriotism but leaving out that he slaughtered 6 million Jews,” said Dean Hohl, one of several parents who spoke out against the assignment at a recent New Albany-Floyd County school board meeting. 
He added: “I’m just not OK with my daughter – or any child that age – leaving class with the understanding that anything about Sharia law is OK.” 
The worksheet, assigned to seventh-graders at Highland Hills Middle School, presents a passage written by a fictional 20-year-old Saudi woman named Ahlima, who feels “very fortunate” to live under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. 
She writes about how she will soon become a man’s second wife and explains her modest dress: “I understand that some foreigners see our dress as a way of keeping women from being equal, but … I find Western women’s clothing to be horribly immodest.” 
“That document by itself, it’s almost propaganda,” said Jon Baker, whose daughter also received the worksheet. “If you read that, you would think everything’s wonderful in that world.” 
Bill Briscoe, a spokesman for the district, said the curriculum is being reviewed in light of the complaints, per district policy. 
The same worksheet, created by InspirEd Educators Inc., caused a controversy when it was used at a middle school in Smyrna, Ga., in 2011. 
Sharon Coletti, the creator of the worksheet and president of InspirEd Educators, said she received death threats and was accused of “indoctrinating” children at the time. 
Coletti, who is a Christian and longtime educator, said in an interview with the Courier-Journal that she wasn’t trying to indoctrinate anyone. She said she was just trying to create a lesson that was more engaging than dry, expository text pulled from a textbook. 
“If I can shape something so that kids have to decide for themselves, once I get them involved in the situation, they never forget it,” she said.
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German MEP: "Women Do Not Feel Safe In Germany Anymore"

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Trump: Redefining the Role of Intelligence in Foreign Policy

From The Last English Prince:
We do not know what is going on behind closed doors. The White House is a gated community. And this is the manner in which it functions best: A gate with the word “trust” emblazoned across it. 
But our President is sending out a few public signals. 
With a Twitter following which has climbed to greater than twenty million, surely more than a few journalists attempt to read the tea leaves. With short-burst messages which generally make an appearance in a series of 2-3 sequential early morning Tweets, Mr. Trump adeptly deploys a social media platform to give hints regarding administrative posture. 
What seems glaringly apparent is the war of words regarding our intelligence peacock. Referring to our officers and operatives as “Nazi Germany” (with reference to the Christopher Steele dossier leak) provides the usual Trumpenesque speech. Shock-and-awe. And encased in the skull from which the vocal cords receive their instructions resides a decent cerebral cortex. 
We need our intelligence sector. The due diligence is what keeps America safe. Intelligence is a product which moves from raw to refined. American taxpayers pay dearly for the refining process. This product is also shared with foreign member states with whom we maintain special relationships. We pay for it. 
But President Trump is, perhaps, bringing a pivotal consideration – one which has been lacking in recent years. Our intelligence agencies are production centers. But they are not the sole owners of product utility. This utility belongs within the hands of the Commander-in-Chief. 
Perhaps the burning issue which needs to be addressed is thus: An increased dependency upon intelligence data to formulate foreign policy has changed the way America does business in the world. And in some regards it has frayed our foreign policy. 
At the end of the day, foreign policy should not succumb to the demands made by the intelligence sector. 
Foreign policy should set sail on the wings of diplomacy with a keen eye which guides the ship of state through all storms. The Department of State should set the tone. 
Our foreign policy posture should be one of goodwill toward the people with the necessary firm handshake extended to national leadership. The State Department leads. The agencies watch the State Department’s back. 
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Fake News for Saturday Jan 21, 2017

Time Magazine reports Trump has ditched the bust of MLK – of course we know that’s totally false and Sean Spicer was CORRECT to identify who the reporter was, especially since the reporter IDENTIFIED HIMSELF VIA HIS TWEET.
This infuriated the press corps.
Next Trump at the CIA… some people cheered, and as the Freebeacon has pointed out Politico even admitted this in an otherwise derogatory article.
The CIA audience was separated into two sections: a main area of all agency staff and a separate section directly in front of the stage that consisted of senior agency leadership, including agents. During Trump’s address, the senior leadership stood the entire time. When Trump began drifting into political topics, the main crowd broke into cheers and applause at points. The senior leadership remained stoic, and did not applaud the political lines.
The CIA, currently being led by Park, is lacking a permanent chief as the Senate has delayed Pompeo’s confirmation vote until Monday, with Democrats citing concerns about his positions on surveillance and other issues.
Pompeo, who was at the CIA with Trump, has encountered some controversy after he submitted responses to a Senate questionnaire where he said he would consider bringing back waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation measures under certain circumstances.
Having actually listened to the questioning on this … in the Senate hearing, what Pompeo ACTUALLY SAID, was that if he felt the current rules on questioning left a situation where the USA and it’s people were in danger it would be his responsibility to REPORT THAT to the President (his boss), and to the Congressional oversight committees. How an answer could be more proper I can’t imagine.

The CNN reporter was: Ryan Browne, and CNN’s Jeff Zeleny and Kevin Liptak contributed to this story

Is it ANY WONDER that nothing is believed?

And more, widely reported …
“Former CIA Director Brennan is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA’s Memorial Wall of Agency heroes,” Nick Shapiro said in a statement. “Brennan says that Trump should be ashamed of himself.”

Widely unreported, and typed here in the same spirit as CNN, widely unreported but deserving of public reminder every time Brennan opens his mouth to criticize anyone, the head of the American CIA, this same John Brennan, saved Osama Bin Laden’s life in 1998. Brennan should be ashamed of himself. So ashamed for the lives his insistence cost, that he should be humbly SILENT.
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The Women’s March, not the first time for this kind of turnout

Anyone cognizant of events at the height of the Cold War remembers that towards the end of the Carter admin the USSR began rapid deployment of the SS-20 (first deployment being in 1976) in the far western USSR and the Warsaw Pact nations (nearly all of whom are now in NATO). This medium range, nuclear armed ballistic missile had a rapid flight time to target and an accuracy of about 450 meters. Almost 500 were eventually deployed. At this time the USSR had some 35,000 tanks in range of fast invasion.
NATO and especially Germany, which faced both the bulk of the missiles as a target, AND the tanks was alarmed.
When Reagan came to office, he insisted on carrying out military plans by the US to deter full deployment, and 'use' of the SS-20's, by US deployment of (at the time) 2 new missiles. The Tomahawk land based cruise missile (in Britain), which the Soviets had NO WAY to track at the time, and worse for the Politburo PERSONALLY, the the Pershing 2 solid fueled MRBM which was truck mobile, nuclear armed, had an accuracy of a FEW FEET, and was purposefully designed to penetrate and destroy the deepest bunkers the USSR had, i.e. the leadership bunkers around Moscow and military bases. Pershing flight time, FIVE MINUTES.
Of course, Reagan ignored this, went ahead and deployed, and low and behold the USSR, now amenable to solution via the negotiations which they had ditched in the 70's, ended this with the USA, and ALL the Pershings, and SS-20's were removed 86-88.
Now yesterday's turnout MEANS something. The list of what is being protested is long and is everything from republican derangement syndrome, to naked hatred of Trump (some of it deserved ON THE SUBJECT of his personal attitude as expressed to Billy Bush). Some of it was about Roe v Wade (a law he has said he will enforce) and the fear that he intends to appoint a judge to reverse, and some of it is over gay issues, which I cannot understand since he has already said that is settled law as well, but some protesters insist Trump will reverse that ("he's a liar", i.e.- everything he says). Some people were out there because of issues of color.
A more organized list of reasons given ..
Women's rights (what is constrained by Trump?)
LGBT rights (what is constrained by Trump?)
Civil rights (what is constrained by Trump?)
Social Justice rights (what is constrained by Trump?)
This is from CNN, of all places...
“It’s not about women, it’s about liberalism,” he said.
It started when Sellers and Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance got in an argument about the inclusiveness of the march
“The Democratic Party is hollowed out. We did lose 1,000 seats. We did lose governor’s mansions, no question about it,” Sellers said. “The fact is that people came out today in something that we haven’t seen in this country or around this world in a very long period of time. This is not anti-Trump. This is pro-America.”
Nance shot back, saying the march was not inclusive to all women and bringing up the March for Life that occurs each year in D.C.
“March for life, been going on for 43 years, will have about, 400,000, 500,000, next weekend,” she said. “[I] will need all of you back here to have the same conversation next weekend, because that [March for Life] is ignored on a regular basis. This is not new.”
She then brought up the fact that it shouldn’t have been “called a women’s march,” because pro-life women were not included.
That’s when Sellers laughed and corrected Nance, saying it wasn’t about women at all.
But NONE of this is why Trump was elected.
Trump was elected on TWO ISSUES. The wall (national security) and free trade (the economy). He should pay attention to that, always.
I am not interested in these other issues. Take care of the economy first. Take care of the economy second. Take care of the economy third.
If you can't get a job except at Dunkin' or Sam's club on flex hours, you're not worried about the glass ceiling. If you're working 2-3 jobs to make up for your lost career as a woman, and your boss is leering at you, and you fear worse, and you worry about your kids and $, your problem is 10,000 years old(some people are predatory ass holes), but if you are in a good economy, YOU ARE HISTORY, gone to a better situation (and if that happens enough, managers wonder why turnover in that dept is too high since it's more difficult to fill jobs with good people).
If Trump does nothing to 'improve' women's rights (and I can't think of any specific action, can YOU?) but we hit at least 4% growth again WILL MILLIONS PROTEST THAT?
Oh btw, when the Cold War ended and KGB archives were opened it turned out that the organization, structure and funds for those massive demonstrations?
So when you see the undeniably huge demos all over yesterday, IT IS NOT JUST TWITTER, and even though many there were there for good reason, you have to wonder how those 300+ buses from NYC got together spontaneously and arranged themselves for a ride to DC.
I have no idea, but SOMEONE with money, and the organization to achieve this, DID IT, and any other idea is foolish and naive.
But that makes no difference to the ENMITY of the protesters.

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First White House Press Briefing of the Trump Presidency, With Sean Spicer - NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL

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Willie Nelson
Red Headed Stranger
full album

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump at CIA: “We have to get rid of ISIS. We have no choice….This is a level of evil that we haven’t seen”

From Jihad Watch:
“We have to get rid of ISIS. We have no choice. Radical Islamic terrorism, and I said it yesterday, has to be eradicated, just off the face of the earth. This is evil. This is evil….This is a level of evil that we haven’t seen. And you’re going to go it and you’re going to do a phenomenal job, but we’re going to end it. It’s time. It’s time right now to end it.”

Robert Spencer notes that one can not actually "wipe Radical Islamic terrorism off the face of the earth." Because it is not "Radical Islamic terrorism", but is, instead, fundamentalist Islam in action; the doctrine of Jihad manifest.

Robert Spencer is right.

But Donald Trump is also right. We can not abide this Jihad. It is evil. We need to do everything we can to rid ourselves of the problem.

Even if all that means is scaring all the dangerous Muslims into a hole at the end of the Earth, only to have them come crawling back out decades later, well, that is better than sitting around with a defeatist attitude saying, "We can't beat these people."

Trump will fight. And that is a good thing.


Germany rejecting “almost all” applications for asylum from Christian refugees

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President Trump Declares Independence --- His message to America: Remember those things I said in the campaign? I meant them. I meant it all.

From Peggy Noonan in the Washington Post (who I would swear, must have been in my head, because these were my exact feelings in watching the Inaugural):
I was more moved than I expected. Then more startled. 
The old forms and traditions, the bands and bunting, endured. I thought, as I watched the inauguration: It continues. There were pomp and splendor, happy, cheering crowds; and for all the confounding nature of the past 18 months, and all the trauma, it came as a reassurance to see us do what we do the way we do it. 
A friend in the Southwest, a longtime Trump supporter, emailed just before the swearing in: “I have been crying all morning.” 
From joy. 
I found myself unexpectedly moved during the White House meeting of the Trumps and the Obamas, at the moment Melania Trump emerged from her car. She was beautiful, seemed so shy and game. There are many ways to show your respect for people and events, and one is to present yourself with elegance and dignity. 
The inaugural address was utterly and uncompromisingly Trumpian. The man who ran is the man who’ll reign. It was plain, unfancy and blunt to the point of blistering. A little humility would have gone a long way, but that’s not the path he took. Nor did he attempt to reassure. 
It was pow, right in the face. 
Most important, he did not in any way align himself with the proud Democrats and Republicans arrayed around him. He looked out at the crowd and said he was allied with them. 
He presented himself not as a Republican or a conservative but as a populist independent. The essential message: Remember those things I said in the campaign? I meant them. I meant it all. 
The address was bold in its assertion of the distance in America between the leaders and the led: “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished—but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered—but the jobs left, and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country.” 
It was an unmistakable indictment of almost everyone seated with him on the platform. Then a stark vow: “That all changes—starting right here and right now.” Jan. 20 “will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.” 
And these words were most remarkable, not because they were new, but because he didn’t back away from them, he repeated them in an improvisation: “From this day forward it’s going to be only America first—America first.” 
To American workers and families: “You will never be ignored again.” 
The speech will electrify President Trump’s followers. They will feel satisfaction that they understood him and knew what they were backing. 
And it will deepen the Washington establishment’s unease. Republican leaders had been hoping the address would ameliorate their anxieties about the continued primacy of their traditional policy preferences. 
Forget that. This was a declaration that the president is going his own way and they’d best follow. 
Throughout the speech, and much of the day, Mr. Trump looked stern. At first I thought it was the face he puts on when he’s nervous. I don’t think so now. 
Anyway, it was a remarkable speech, like none before it, and it marked, I think, yet another break point in the two-party reality that has dominated our politics for many decades. 
And so, now, it begins. And it simply has to be repeated: We have never had a political moment like this in our lives. We have never had a president like this, such a norm-breaker, in all the ways we know. We are in uncharted seas. 
His supporters, who flooded Washington this week, were friendly, courteous—but watchful. Two Midwestern women told me separately that they used to be but no longer are Republican. They’re something new, waiting for a name. 
They like Mr. Trump the way you learn to like someone you hired and will depend on. They judged him as exactly what’s needed to cut through the merde machine of modern Washington. He is a destabilizer; he shifts the tectonic plates; in the chaos that results, breakthroughs are possible. 
And yet all admit that yes, we’re in uncharted waters. 
The mood among Republicans in Washington is hopeful apprehension. Even Trump supporters, even his staff and advisers, feel it. No one knows what he’ll be like as president, how this will go. Including, probably, him. 
A GOP senator characterized his mood as “tentatively positive.” Another said, with a big grin: “I feel somewhat optimistic!” 
We’ll find out a lot the next few months. How will Mr. Trump work with Congress, and what are his specific legislative priorities? How important will the cabinet be? Will the Trumps really live in the White House or just stay and do events a few days a week? Will they come to own the physical space, the psychic space, of the executive mansion and the presidency? Will they give Camp David—those rustic cabins that are a glass, brass and marble-free zone—a chance? 
The big embassies this week gave receptions to celebrate the inauguration, and invited official Washington. Ambassadors made friendly speeches about their countries’ long, deep and unchanging ties to America. They approached the big change with sangfroid, even jolliness. 
But Washington still doesn’t know what to make of this thing America did. At the Kuwaiti Embassy I looked out at hundreds of Washingtonians of both parties—diplomats, lobbyists, military brass, journalists—all networking, meeting, greeting, all handsomely dressed. 
As I surveyed the scene I turned to a social figure of 40 years’ standing. “Do they have any sense they’re living through big history?” I asked. “Noooooo!” she said. The look on her face—if it had been the late 19th century she would have said, “Pshaw!” 
History is not what they’re about, she was suggesting; satisfying their personal and immediate hungers is what they’re about. 
The Trump Wars of the past 18 months do not now go away. Now it becomes the Trump Civil War, every day, with Democrats trying to get rid of him and half the country pushing back. 
To reduce it to the essentials: As long as Mr. Trump’s party holds the House, it will be a standoff. If the Democrats take the House, they will move to oust him. Because we are divided. We are two nations, maybe more. 
Normally a new president has someone backing him up, someone publicly behind him. Mr. Obama had the mainstream media—the big broadcast networks, big newspapers, activists and intellectuals, pundits and columnists of the left—the whole shebang. He had a unified, passionate party. 
Mr. Trump in comparison has almost nothing. 
The mainstream legacy media oppose him, even hate him, and will not let up. The columnists, thinkers and magazines of the right were mostly NeverTrump; some came reluctantly to support him. His party is split or splitting. 
The new president has gradations of sympathy, respect or support from exactly one cable news channel, and some websites. He really has no one but those who voted for him. 
Do they understand what a lift daily governance is going to be, and how long the odds are, with so much arrayed against him, and them?
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ESPN Offers It’s Social Media Platforms To Support Anti-Trump Protesters In Washington D.C.





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CAIR Urges Muslims To Join ‘Pussy Power Hat’ March

From the Daily Caller:
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking American Muslims to participate in the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, and to bring pre-printed signs to the demonstration. 
One of the available signs advertises the Muslim civil rights organization’s support for “justice & equality for all,” according to a press release sent to The Daily Caller. Another sign on offer from CAIR reads “Say No to a ‘Muslim Registry.” A third pre-made CAIR sign Women’s March on Washington for the reads “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.” 
One of the main speakers during the Women’s March on Washington will be Zahra Billoo, the director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area office. Organizers of the Women’s March on Washington had advertised the event as “inclusive,” but have since indicated that inclusion doesn’t extend to women who don’t support abortion.

Women’s March Organizer Recently Met Ex-Hamas Operative, Has Family Ties To Terror Group

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All References to ‘Climate Change’ Deleted From White House Website

From Climate Depot:
WASHINGTON, DC — A climate of change! Perhaps the most stark contrast between the Obama administration and the Trump administration is on “global warming”. 
The climate differences were visible today as the White House website was scrubbed of all references to “climate change” at exactly noon today just as President Donald Trump was sworn in. 
Climate Depot statement: “Climate skeptics are thrilled that one of the very first visible changes of the transition of power between President Obama and President Trump is the booting of “climate change” from the White House website. 
Trump is truly going to make science great again and reject the notion that humans are the control knob of the climate and UN treaties and EPA regulations can somehow regulate temperature and storminess. Welcome to the era of sound science!”  
Meteorologist and Weather Channel Founder John Coleman had one word to describe the White House climate website changes. ‘Hooray!,” Coleman, a climate skeptic, tweeted.
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Our New President and His Family At The Inaugural Festivities

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"Artist" Shepard Fairey Has Returned

The man who created the Obama Hope Poster has now created this:

From this January 20, 2017 article in the Washington Post:
Shepard Fairey’s stenciled red, blue and beige poster of President Obama with the word “Hope” beneath it became an iconic image of the president’s 2009 inauguration and presidency, plastered on people’s shirts and walls across the country. This inauguration, Fairey’s signature designs are back with a similar message of hope.

Ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, Fairey launched the “We the People Campaign,” which he says focuses on the groups that Trump disparaged in his campaign and that may feel threatened by the incoming administration. The campaign includes three posters by Fairey of an African American, Latino and Muslim woman. Artists Jessica Sabogal and Ernesto Yerena also contributed art to the campaign.


The foundation is making the art free to the public, distributing the posters at Metro stations the day of the inauguration and providing them online to download. The campaign purchased a full-page ad in The Washington Post on Friday, so people can use the ad as their poster the day of inauguration. (Here is where the art will be distributed in Washington on Inauguration Day.)...
Read the rest, and see the other two 2017 posters HERE.

Let's see how many of Fairey's posters appear today in demonstrations scheduled all across America.

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NATO, Foreign Policy, Human Nature and HISTORY’S LESSONS

January 1950, the National Press Club, the speaker, Dean Acheson, a great Secretary of State, and one of the greatest cold warriors we ever had, as he proved down through the years.
the American “defensive perimeter” in the Pacific as a line running through Japan, the Ryukyus, and the Philippines. This denied a guarantee of US military protection to the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan.
June 25, 1950, North Korea invades SOuth Korea.
July 25, 1990, Baghdad, Iraq, US Ambassador April Glaspie to Saddam Hussein
We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960′s, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America.

The U.S. State Department had earlier told Saddam that Washington had ‘no special defense or security commitments to Kuwait.’
August 2, 1990, Iraq invades Kuwait
Now NATO was formed at a time when Europe lay in physical, economic and to some moderate to large degree military ruins. EXCEPT for the USA, and economically endangered Britain, and the USSR.
The USSR, having taken eastern europe has TENS OF THOUSANDS of the world’s best tank (T-34/85) and the largest army in the world.
NATO was born to stop that army from overrunning all of Europe as Italy and Greece both lurched towards communist takeovers. France actually LEFT NATO. The mission grew firmly through the 1980’s as  highly mobile, highly outnumbered US force with a few Brits and some Germans, and a scattering of others sought techniques to defend Europe. There were SCORES of Army strategy and tactics games which escaped into the real world surrounding the defense of the Fulda Gap from 2-3 Soviet armies.
That threat, that mission simply does not exist. There IS no WARSAW PACT abutting Germany. Many of those nations are now actually NATO members.
So what is NATO for? We UNDERSTAND asking this makes some people nervous and it should. For THREE GENERATIONS the US has stood guard over Europe for good reasons, and done so largely at our own expense, and to our own sacrifice (but not selflessly either).
We are NOT without nations inimical to the way we live. But neither are the large NATO members, like Germany in synch with us. We have elected EXTREME VETTING, Germany has elected open borders, and we all see the result but they persist. The Baltic States, the most tiny of the NATO member and by far the most vulnerable to Russian hegemony and desire to reclaim 1945’s land would not last a week under an overland invasion. NATO could support them only though a relatively narrow slice of Poland and the Baltic (no place for an American fleet).
So we have a serious gap between NATO’s loss of original mission, and new threats, and sense of purpose, AND the American desire to STOP things from just going on as before for a raft of reasons.
NATO needs to exist or the lessons of the USA STUPIDITY at the top WILL BE REPEATED.
So President Trump is LITERALLY correct in that NATO is obsolete, but neither can we do without it. We NEED to have it redefine it’s goals, and its mission. But while this is going on, we, as HISTORY COMPELS, had better make certain Mr. Putin or WHOEVER has a clear understanding of our responses to the taking of the Baltics, or threats against Poland or any other NATO state, INCLUDING the outbreak of sudden, non uniformed revolutionaries, such as what happened in the eastern Ukraine.
Let the negotiations begin.
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Between the Address and Lunch Yesterday the Course of History Was Set

Bob Woodward spoke yesterday of observing a ‘very animated’ discussion between the the president and Chucky Schumer. About?
The fact that only two cabinet appointees had been confirmed due to minority delaying in the Senate and Schumer’s now DEDICATION to MASSIVE RESISTANCE. Obama on his first day had SEVEN appointees ready and all but one or two within a few weeks. But across the nation, and across the media the course is set.
Speech was Hitlerian
‘I was cheered by all 4 former presidents on the stand, not one of whom voted for Trump indicating ‘we are going to be ok’
Trump will follow a more Putin-esque foreign policy which will find favor in Moscow, Beijing and Ankara
Schumer, of course, is going to be Harry Reid on crack. Put away any thoughts of cooperation. They are going to teach this con man about politics. Even if it means there is NO ONE at the CIA as either director, or deputy director.
Nor was Schumer alone. Listening to Marc Thiessen on Fox he AND MANY OTHERS issued the realistic proclamation the the newcomer would find it necessary to hew closer to the standard manner of things in order to get Republican support for a few of the things he would get to SOME degree.
Paul Ryan will never pass a 45% penalty on Chinese goods
Have any of these people been paying attention?
Schumer WILL FIND HIMSELF under the lightning of every minute of the thunder he has called down and exposed ALONE for special twitter attention.
There will be no presidential deference. There will be no presidential ‘behavior’ or norms.
A word to the wise. They’ve  got Andrew Jackson in behavior, and Sam Adams in revolutionary spirit.
It will be LYIN’ TED. It will be Pocahontas.
And if the D's think, that's ok, it will help raise money...almost every congressional district in the USA is the USA in microcosm. The FORGOTTEN MAN will show up at the voting booth to offset the urban votes. To one degree or another this MASSIVE RESISTANCE will erode the now nakedly progressive Democratic Party's national position. John Lewis is an icon for where the party is at. Former glory chained to ideology of global equal outcomes and rights to the fruit of your labor and mind, to whatever degree is 'moral'.
And as for Republicans who have any idea that open borders, and free trade is going to cut it (and that is what Ryan supports), by way of frustrating the manufacturing plans the people elected Trump to carry out, they will QUICKLY find plans to primary them in the works, and they will find themselves under the same kinds of withering attacks, and Trump will manage the media so that suddenly all these people will not be stopping HIM, or helping women’s rights (HUH?), they will be stopping YOU, who sent HIM to Washington to DISRUPT AND DESTROY precisely those people who are stopping what is needed, and what YOU voted for and demand.
Chuck Schumer Marc Thiessen, and the lot there do not understand what has happened.
They have already seen the president in action and they keep expecting him to morph into Political Class – Lite.
They said this as he became a ‘serious’ candidate
They said this as he was going to take the nomination
They said this as he was nomibated
They said this before the debates
They said this after the debates
The said this after he won
They said this yesterday
I thought he was dead the day he went after McCain. But I learned.
The American people have voted for DISRUPTION. As FDR reminded, we are all descended from revolutionists.
In the final discussion about Trump ‘reforming’ into a ‘president’ Brit Hume indicated he has seen the light. I paraphrase, as we were driving…
‘I have underestimated this man for years now and I will demur on that conclusion.”
Effin ay, you will.
PS. it’s not the man you underestimated, it was the anger and frustration of the people you neither saw nor believed when you had a BIG GLIMPSE after Ron Santelli’s CNBC rant, ESPECIALLY after the republicans COOPERATED slyly with Lois Lerner and the IRS’ repression, American style. We noticed you PUNTED. There is NOTHING now stopping you from holding her in contempt and locking her up and compelling testimony, is there? Or Koskinen? But you won’t because the political class slyly knows it may need the IRS again for this.
Well, okay, if you want repression American style to be available, you are going to get the Place de La Concorde, American style.
All of you won’t be able to get partnerships at Moelis and Company with former majority leader Eric Cantor, or fellowships at Open Society.
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For No Particular Reason

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Tell Me What You See Here ...

Watch this video, and tell me what you see.

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Trump's Inaugural Speech

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Glum and Glummer

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Dear President Trump,


The day so many of us have waited for these last 8 long troublesome years has finally arrived.

Enjoy your moment. You have earned it.

But come Monday be ready to get down to work.

The work you did, the hours you logged, the obstacles and challenges you overcame to obtain your new position were impressive.

We wish you the best.

We are counting on you.

Because, quite frankly, the last gentleman who held your current position was found somewhat lacking in so many areas.

We hope you can do so much better.

But while it is easy to get caught up in the pomp and circumstance of the moment, the pageantry, the awe of the transfer of power to a new leader please keep in mind the one very important thing your predecessor seemed to have forgotten before he got through the doors of his new office.

And that's who is really The Boss here. Who works for whom.

So let's call these next four years a trial period.

We The People understand that many promises were made and do not really expect you to keep them all as promised.

But do try to do better than the other fellow. Keep that priority of yours straight. Maybe have it made into a plaque for your desk like you did the hats. Something you'll see every morning to keep your focus where it belongs.

Because in four years we would hate for you to have to hear

Donald, you're fired.

Congratulations again

and Regards,

Midnight Rider


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Chris Matthews Soils Himself: Trump's Speech Was "Hitlerian"

I just pee-pee'd and poo-poo'd in my pants, Mommy!
MSNBC host Chris Matthews described President Donald Trump’s strikingly populist and nationalist inaugural address as being reminiscent of Hitler’s rhetoric. “He said today ‘America first,’” Matthews said as President Obama departed D.C. by helicopter on screen. “It was not just the racial—I shouldn't say racial, I should say Hitlerian—background to it. The message I keep thinking is: What does [U.K. prime minister] Theresa May think of this when she picks up the paper and says, ‘Oh my God, what did he just say? He said America first. What happened to the special relationship?’ What if you’re Putin? You’re probably pounding the table, saying, ‘That’s what I’ve been saying! Russia first!’”
What will Theresa May think?

I know what the German, Angela Merkel, would think. She'd say, "Let me have some of your stinkie, honey."
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Electric Light Orchestra
Out of The Blue
full album

1.-Turn to Stone 0:00
2.-It's Over 3:49
3.-Sweet Talkin' Woman 7:55
4.-Across the Border 11:50
5.-Night in the City 15:40
6.-Starlight 19:42
7.-Jungle 24:20
8.-Believe Me Now 28:00
9.-Steppin' Out 29:22
(Concerto for a Rainy Day)
10.-Standin' in the Rain 34:00
11.-Big Wheels 38:22
12.-Summer and Lightning 43:30
13.-Mr. Blue Sky 47:40
14,-Sweet Is the Night 52:48
15.-The Whale 56:19
16.-Birmingham Blues 1:01:10
17.-Wild West Hero 1:05:40

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TRUMP! "We Will Unite The Civilized World Against Radical Islamic Terrorism, Which We Will Eradicate From the Face of the Earth"

At the 11:04 minute mark

"We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world – but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first. 
We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.
We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones – and unite the civilized world against Radical Islamic Terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth. 
At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. 
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice."
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