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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bill Gates Is Muslim

Fellow Infidel Baron Bodissey has the scoop:

A year ago today Bill Gates — who now prefers to go by the name of Abu Mai’saf al-Windaaz — gave up the life he had known to become a Muslim. The wealthy entrepreneur and über-geek left behind the power breakfasts and business suits, moved to Saudi Arabia, and put on a burnoose.

Gates of Vienna was fortunate indeed to be granted a rare interview by the nerd formerly known as Bill Gates.

Go read the rest at Gates of Vienna.
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Question: "So, What About The Girl's Opinion" - Answer: "What Do You Mean?"

And, really, that title sums up what this War Against Islamofascism is all about Here's an interview, from a Kuwaiti television, with an Islamic expert advocating Female Genital Mutilation:

Interviewer: So what about the girl’s opinion?

Dr. Muhammad Wahdan: What do you mean?

Interviewer: What if she says: I don’t want to be circumcised. What happens then?

Dr. Muhammad Wahdan: If a girl says she doesn’t want it, she’s free. No problem.

Interviewer: Is this what happens in reality?

Dr. Muhammad Wahdan: I have no relation to reality. I am talking about how things should be.

Interviewer: You are a religious sheik, from Al-Azahar University. You cannot say you have no relation to reality.

Dr. Muhammad Wahdan: Reality is a mistake, we must rectify it. In Egypt we have four and a half million spinsters. The definition of a spinster is a woman who has reached 30, without ever receiving a marriage proposal. We have a spinster problem in the Arab world, and the last thing we want is for them to be sexually aroused.

Circumcision of the girls who need it makes them chaste, dignified, and pure.

Doesn't the sign at the Statue of Liberty says something about how we'll take your aroused spinsters, and your loose women, and your huddled masses of nymphomaniac?

I'd swear it does, and if it doesn't it ought to.
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OKC bombing: the possible Middle Eastern ties

In the past few years, there has been some discussion of the possible connections between the Oklahoma City bombing of the local FBI headquarters and Middle Eastern terrorism. Jayna Davis has written about it in "The Third Terrorist: The Middle East connection to the Oklahoma City bombing".

Now, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is calling for an investigation by Congress into the deeper ties this case could have to Arab/Muslim terror groups in the mideast:
The congressman said there are two major targets of inquiry which indicate a foreign connection to the OKC bombing:

"First, Terry Nichols and, to some degree, Timothy McVeigh appear to have had contact with Arab, Muslim, or Middle Eastern terrorist elements prior to and during the implementation of the bomb plot," he wrote. "Second, just as significant, there is evidence of a personal relationship between Timothy McVeigh and Andreas Carl Strassmeier, a German national who was promoting violent insurrection to white supremacists at their nearby stronghold called Elohim City."

Rohrabacher concludes in his memo to Hyde: "(I)t is highly likely that the Arab connection and or the Strassmeier connection played a significant role in the planning and execution of the murderous bombing of the OKC federal building. In both possible scenarios, the official investigation fell short and further investigation has been discouraged ever since."
It's time to start investigating the really big details that could be lying underneath. At the time, few might have thought that this could have any real connections to Islamic terrorism, but now, as is becoming apparent, the OKC bombing most certainly could have some. And if it does, then it should not go over/underlooked.
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Clinton Explicitly Asks Hamas To Lie To Him

Well, why not? One liar to another, right?

Asked if he would shake hands with Hamas in the name of negotiation as he did with Arafat in 1993, Clinton said: “If they made the same assurances that Arafat did.
“He had made private assurances, and he made public assurances, that he did not support terror any more and would try to restrain it.

“So if Hamas would say, suppose they say, OK, look, we can’t change our theory, we can’t change our document, we can’t change our history, but we’re in government now and the policy of the Palestinian government is no to terror and yes to negotiations. As long as we’re in government, we’ll honour that policy.

“If they did that, I would support dealing with them.”

Here's that theory and document that Clinton says they can't change:

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

"The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Moslem generations until Judgement Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up. "

"There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."

"After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying."

The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews." (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).

So, why can't they change that? It's only printing on paper. All they would have to do to change it, is renounce it, and then declare a new charter.

But, they won't do that, because they are honest, and this is what they really believe.

Clinton is not a fool. He knows that. So, he must not care that Hamas wants to destroy Israel, and kill Jews.

Why would a person not care that one group of people is calling for genocide against another people?
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Eurabia Is Already Here: European Parliament Condemns Danish Cartoons

Via Spanish Eowyn/Blueslord, check out what the EU Parliament is up to:

Regarding the Danish cartoons, MEPs and members of parliament from the 25 EU member states as well as the ten Euromed partner countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey) strongly condemned "any offence against religious values" and urged governments "to ensure respect for religious beliefs (...) and to promote the values of tolerance, freedom and multiculturalism".

The resolution also defends the freedom of expression as a fundamental value, which should however respect the rights and values of others. The Euromed parliamentarians called on "governments and political leaders to refrain from making any declaration or speech which might bring to mind the expression 'clash of civilisation'."


In the morning, the Euromed MPs held a wide-ranging debate.

On the Danish cartoons, Egyptian parliament speaker Ahmed Sorour said that the cartoons and other recent events showed the existence of a cultural deficit, while stressing that freedom of expression cannot be unlimited.

Jordanian MP Hashem Al-Qaisi said it was not enough to deplore the cartoons, as these things might then happen again in another country.

Danish MP Troels Poulsen stressed that Danish society was based on both freedom of expression and religious tolerance and that the government could not influence the media. He felt that the violent reaction to the cartoons was disproportionate.

Turkish representative Zeynep Uslu said freedom of expression was an essential value, but not a limitless freedom, something the Court of Human Rights had also stated. Freedom of expression must be exercised with respect for religions, she said. She stressed the goal of an alliance of civilisations, not a clash between them.

Pasqualina Napoletano (PES, IT) said that the cartoon crisis was a real problem, but that EMPA was a lay assembly: "We must separate political from religious activities. We cannot allow people to divide us by using religion as a means."

Why are these uncivilized Turkish and Jordanian "representatives" given a table at a European Union Parliament meeting?

Yes, that's from the website of the European Parliament. Arab Muslim countries are already "partners" in the European Union, and, as such, they are rendered a voice and a vote in Europ ... uh, Eurabian affairs.

I didn't know that.
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Freedom of Speech - Gagged by Intimidation


(Credit to Martina Hoffman for a brilliant piece)
The litany is now known ..HERE..in america
We have hysterical protestors calling Bush a fascist , but they are silent over this:

Continue reading "Freedom of Speech - Gagged by Intimidation" at VWT»

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Iran Funding European Nazi Groups

Wow, what a surprise:

It seems Ahmadinejad and his motley mullahs are taking history lessons from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Nazi Germany's Adolph Hitler;

Islamic regime finances Nazi groups in Europe

The Islamic regime has increased its financial help to several European Nazi and Far-Right groups, especially, in France, Germany and Austria. Thousands of Dollars and Euro have been already distributed in that line.

This policy intends to boost the regime's anti-Jewish propaganda and to show support of the regime's President and his denial of the Holocaust. It also targets the Iranian masses in an effort to persuade them on the validity of Ahmadinejad's claim which will look stronger with the presence of Europeans sharing his shameful view.
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President of Iran sentenced to Death for Homosexuality

Ahmadinejad shown with his new partner Ayatollah Ibin Manli were both discovered together in a bunker near Natanz, and quicky taken out to a Shariah court where they were sentenced to death.

The Ayatollah Ibin Manli will be stoned to death by female pasdaran children.
The former President of Iran who promised during his 3 minute trial to wipe ' zionist heteros' off the map, will be put into a bag with starving dogs and thrown off a cliff.

Continue reading "President of Iran Sentenced to Death for Homosexuality" at VWT »
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Infidel's Version Of The 'Toon Controversy?

Last week I received a set of pictures of our Infidel Babe of the Week, and shot them to Pastorius for 'IBOTW' consideration.

And quite a stir it ultimately raised.

Should they come down because now IBA can't be viewed at work, This really upped the ante, etc.

Then of course, there were plenty of comments that appreciated our Blonde Capitalist.

I'll just say this, I will not cave into the pressure, this 'Pic Controversy' will not deter me.

No amount of Political Correctness will stop me!

So, as many of us did with the 'Cartoon Controversy', I will again.

I will post the series, in its entirety, for all that wish to view it!

Enjoy it, or hate it here...

The Fu2rman
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Paris Is Burning - Is Berlin Next?

We have seen for months now reports about "French youths" going on destructive rampages around not just Paris, but the whole country.

Now read another "youth" story, only this time in Berlin (emphases mine):

Police brought in as teachers lose control at Berlin school

Violence at a Berlin school dominated by Arab and Turkish youths and the nearby slaying of a police officer, shot in the head while trying to arrest muggers, has fuelled alarm that troubled parts of the German capital are lurching out of control.

Police have now been brought in to help control the situation at the Ruetli school in the immigrant-dominated Neukoelln district, with six officers checking students for weapons.

Teachers at the school published a letter this week widely interpreted as saying conditions at their school had become so bad that it should be closed down. The letter said teachers had lost all authority and were now so afraid that they only entered classrooms with a mobile phone so they could call for help in an emergency.

"The mood ... is dominated by aggression, lack of respect and ignorance," said the letter, adding: "We have reached a dead end and there is no way to turn around.

"When reporters went to school on Thursday they were pelted with paving stones by masked youths from the schoolyard as the district's mayor stood helplessly at the entrance of the building. "While sheer chaos dominated behind him, the mayor talked about the failures of the 1968 generation," jeered the Berliner Kurier newspaper.

Teachers complain that over 83 per cent of the 224 children attending the school are foreigners. The biggest group, 35 per cent, are Arab children mainly from Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. Turks, with 26 per cent, comprise the second largest group at the school. Germany has about 7.3 million foreigners or 9 per cent of the total population.

A problem in German schools is that especially Arab male students often refuse to respect the authority of women teachers, education sources told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Peter Struck, education specialist at the University of Hamburg, was blunt about problems posed by foreign students in German schools which separate children headed for university and those who are not, who get dumped in less-competitive "Hauptschulen." "It is often Hauptschulen which are hit with difficulties because they have a concentration of problem students and high number of foreigners which means that the boys are often being raised in a home environment which glorifies violence," said Struck in an NDR radio interview.

Students at the Ruetli Hauptschule were not shy about expressing their views to reporters."The German (students) brown nose us, pay for things for us and stuff like that, so that we don't smash in their faces," said a foreign student from the school as quoted by the Berliner Kurier. But there are also conflicts between Arab and Turkish students, mirrored in battles between the city's foreign-dominated youth gangs.

Integration of foreign youths in Berlin is often poor. Even second and third generation children frequently do not speak fluent German and many fail to complete school - all of which leads to a high jobless rate among immigrant youths. White German families are moving out of districts like Neukoelln and into better parts of the 3.4 million metropolis or into new suburbs ringing the city which were swiftly built after the 1989 opening of the Berlin Wall. Berlin's education senator, Klaus Boeger, rejected any idea of closing the Ruetli School and police are now on duty around the building. Arabic and Turkish speaking social workers have been rushed into the school.

Meanwhile, the funeral was took place Friday of a police office whose brutal slaying earlier this month in Neukoelln shocked the city. Uwe Lieschied was shot in the head at close range after he tried to arrest two men who had been involved in a street robbery. Declared brain-dead by doctors, he died after being in a coma for several days. Lieschied, aged 42, was well-known officer in the district who was involved in efforts to clean up the notorious drug-dealing scene in Neukoelln's Hasenheide Park.

Police have arrested two unemployed men of Turkish origin in connection with the killing and officials say one of them has confessed to shooting the officer.

Germany has strict gun control laws and the shooting of police officers or use of firearms in murders is generally rare.
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"Pig-meat Eaters": The Coded Messages Of the Mainstream Media

From Jonz over at Drunken Blogging:

SIX German Police officers have been stationed at a Berlin school to keep order.

A teacher who recently left the school told the Tagesspiegel newspaper that ethnic Arab pupils were in the majority and were bullying ethnic Turks, Germans and other nationalities.

Ethnic Arab? Must be those Christian Arabs / Jewish Arabs!! Of course this is the BBC and would be RASCIST to point out this IS A MAJORITY MUSLIM SCHOOL.

Update: The Washington Post helpfully points out that is actually the fault of the Germans for not doing enough to integrate these hostile "youths";

" Experts said the violence showed that Germany had failed to integrate immigrant children in its school system "

"Experts"?! What experts? Classic MSM trick for to convey personal opinions.

Update 2: A rather more telling piece over at United Press International

One teacher told the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel, she had the impression that the violent environment at the school in the problematic district of Neukoelln would breed "criminals and terrorists."

It's funny how neither the BBC or the Washington Post cared to mention that what the teacher actually said was that "the school would breed criminals and terrorists."

The few German students -- commonly called 'pig-meat eaters' -- try not to call on any attention to themselves, the teacher said.
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Response to Border's CEO's statement

To Bloggers from Borders @ AMERICAN DIGEST

An open response to Gregory Josefowicz:

I understand what you're saying..you have a responsibility and it's not practical.

It's not practical for a bookstore to uphold freedom of speech because of civil intimidation

It's not practical for a business with employees to resist civil blackmail

It's not practical in an open society for a business to make a principled stand on the founding values of that society in case there might be REAL risks

It's not practical.

In our free society our freedoms are impractical.

Is that what I heard?

Update 1 - the original letter I responded to was a satire ...
Update 2 - here is the real letter, published later that day, and the criticsm is identical, which makes th satire even BETTER
Thank you for your expression of concern about our decision not to carry the issue of Free Inquiry magazine featuring cartoons depicting Muhammad.

Borders is committed to our customers' right to choose what to read and what to buy and to the First Amendment right of Free Inquiry to publish the cartoons. In this particular case, we decided not to stock this issue in our stores because we place a priority on the safety and security of our customers and our employees. We believe that carrying this issue presented a challenge to that priority.

We value your thoughts and sincerely appreciate that you invested your time to tell us how you feel about the issue. I can assure you that our management team gave careful deliberation to this decision and considered all sides of the issue before reaching this conclusion. As always, we are interested in customer feedback about our choices and while we know you do not agree with our position, we hope you can understand the challenge of balancing the needs of our customers, employees and our communities.

We appreciate the time you have taken to bring your concerns to our attention. If you should have any other questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Customer Resolution Specialist

Cross posted at Villagers with Torches

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Friday, March 31, 2006

And Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming ... Belgian Priest Prosecuted For "Islamophobic" Comments

Temper tantrums notwithstanding, we are a band of very serious Infidels here at IBA.

J, from Justify This, brings us the news that Belgium is now prosecuting clergymen for teaching the truth about Islam:

One of the rare Belgian churches that is packed every weekend is the church of Saint Anthony of Padova in Montignies-sur-Sambre, one of the poorest suburbs of Charleroi, a derelict rust belt area to the south of Brussels. Holy Mass in Montignies is conducted in Latin and lasts up to four hours.

Yesterday over 2,000 people attended the service by Father Samuel (Pere Samuel). The priest's sermon dealt with his persecution. The Belgian authorities are bringing the popular priest to court on charges of racism.

Father Samuel has been prosecuted for "incitement to racist hatred" by the Belgian government's inquisition agency, the so-called Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR), because of a remark he made in a 2002 television interview when he said:

"Every thoroughly islamized Muslim child that is born in Europe is a time bomb for Western children in the future. The latter will be persecuted when they have become a minority."

Last Thursday the Belgian judiciary decided that the priest will have to stand trial before the penal court in Charleroi. He reacted by repeating his time bomb statement and added that he would be honoured if he had to go to jail for speaking his mind. He added that Jesus, too, had been convicted.

During yesterday's sermon he called upon the faithful to accompany him to court. "We will turn this into an excursion, driving there in full buses."

Father Samuel's passport gives his name as Charles-Clement Boniface. That is not entirely correct. He was born in 1942 in Midyat, Turkey, as Samuel Ozdemir. The latter is a surname the priest dislikes because, he explains, it was imposed on his family by the Turks. Samuel was a Christian:

"At home we spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus." The Aramaics are a Catholic minority in Syria and Turkey. They speak an old Semitic language, which Jesus and the apostles used and which Mel Gibson had his actors use in his movie The Passion of the Christ.

In his sermons and on his website Father Samuel speaks out against secularism, but also fights on another front of the three-way culture war, warning against "the islamic invasion" of the West. He says he has witnessed in Turkey what the future has in store for Europe. He claims Muslims are invading Europe and warns for an impending civil war. According to Father Samuel "so-called moderate Muslims do not exist."
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Infidel Hunk of the Week

Brendan Fraser. Almost Naked. Need I really say more?
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FBI busts Hizb'allah attempting to cross Mexican border

FBI's Mueller: Hezbollah Busted in Mexican Smuggling Operation FBI Director Robert Mueller said this week that his agency busted a smuggling ring organized by the terrorist group Hezbollah that had operatives cross the Mexican border to carry out possible terrorist attacks inside the U.S.

"This was an occasion in which Hezbollah operatives were assisting others with some association with Hezbollah in coming to the United States,” Mueller told a House Appropriations subcommittee during a Tuesday hearing on the FBI's budget.

In a stunning revelation, Mueller admitted that Hezbollah had succeeded in smuggling some of its operatives across the border, telling the House committee: "That was an organization that we dismantled and identified those persons who had been smuggled in. And they have been addressed as well.”

Calling Mr. "Dubai Ports it's not racism" Schumer! I can't hear you.

Functionally speaking...
Hizbollah nazi 2.JPG =

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Gates Of Vienna On Tammy Bruce Show

Fellow Infidels Baron and Dymphna will be on the Tammy Bruce Show today:

The show's producer just emailed us; our time is 2:05pm EST (11:05am for our readers in La-la Land).

Her program can be heard on Talk Radio Network. Go to the site and click on her image.

Tammy’s blog can be found here.
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Chaos Theory

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Infidel Babe Of The Week

The UPS girl, making sure my, uh, package arrives on time.

As the Fu2rman says, "Ain't Capitalism grand?"
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Articles Worth Reading

Serge Trifkovic gives a lengthy interview on Front Page Magazine. I select some key passages here. Hugh Fitzgerald explains the French attitude and policy that blinds them to the threat of Islam as they dream of a pan-Mediterranean strategy in union with the Arab nations. James Arlandson reports on the criminalization of apostasy in France’s former colony of Algeria. Fjordman agues that Sweden “could become known as the Bosnia of northern Europe.” Andrew Bostom reminds us of Islam’s grip on Iraq’s (and Afghanistan’s) culture as our leaders pretend it isn’t a significant factor. His historical parallels are revealing. Edward Cline talks about NYU’s dhimmitude and the pathetic attempt of NYU’s Muslims to play the race card. Dennis Prager compares the threat of Islam with past threats.

All of the above are part of what neo-con Francis Fukuyama calls “markedly alarmist literature” in another of his out-of-the-sky conceptual schemes that marries a paleo-social-conservative like Pat Buchanan with an openly gay ex-pat like Bruce Bawer as the strangest bed-fellows yet imagined. Try again Frank!

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Call to Arms - Again

There have been several posts around the Blogosphere addressing the dhimmis' response to the very important and informative symposium being sponsored by America's Truth Forum in the D.C. area a month from now (April 29th).

Many of us recognize that the success or failure of efforts such as this is opposed by many of the Big Boys because of 1) ignorance, 2) PC, or 3) disagreement.

We still have a month. We can help. As the old saying goes, "If you want a job done right, do it yourself." We can obviously not depend on any support from Our Protectors or the Big Boys of Industry.

If any of us can spare even a very modest amount, please contact America's Truth Forum at: (866) 709-3474, by emailing staff@americastruthforum, or by logging on to www.americastruthforum.com .

Here are some excerpts from another post about the refusal of large companies, even those who have been directly affected by terrorism, to help in any way:

If you were a securities company who actually lost employees in the WTC September 11, you would jump at the chance to support a symposium on terrorism, right? How about if you were a major airplane manufacturer who watched helplessly as four planes you might have had a hand in crafting disintegrated on television? Or maybe a supplier of weapons for the law enforcement who bravely and selflessly ran into those burning buildings? Surely companies such as these would recognize the need for such a symposium, and quickly respond to requests for support, right?

So why are so many American businesses choosing the side of Islam? And more importantly, why aren't we - as their customers, their bottom line, their paychecks - screaming bloody murder at their apparent choice? Jeffrey Epstein has spent a huge amount of time - and his own money, I might add - preparing for his Terrorist Symposium that is scheduled to take place on April 29 in Washington, DC.

Joe Kaufman has written extensively about Jeffrey's struggle, as well as his own. And along the way, Jeffrey has been refused airtime by CBS/Infiniti radio, and there was no room at the Marriott for his group, but plenty of room at another near-by Marriott to host the annual CAIR banquet. (Also, how many of you are aware that Marriott was the hotel of choice for the 9/11 hijackers? Something's up with Marriott.)

But the most shocking part of all is the list of companies who turned him away when he approached them for donations. These weren't little mom and pop companies, or those limited to small areas of the country. These were corporate giants; they read like a "Who's Who" of America's best and most lucrative, and not one of them had the money - or even the interest - in helping to fund a terrorist symposium. Not a single one.

Even when Mr. Epstein asked them a second time to aid in his OPERATION FIRST RESPONDER - which bridges the gap between concerned citizens that share America's Truth Forum's concern for future generations, but can't attend due to a variety of reasons, and those law enforcement agencies that lack the financial wherewithal to be adequately represented at the forum - by purchasing one airplane seat for these important men so they might attend, their excuses, or flat out lack of response, were infuriating, and absolutely inexcusable. List of Islam-lovin', American-hatin' companies:

ATK - not involved in war on terror, makes ammo for military and law enforcement.
Boeing - no interest, then refused to purchase seats for first responders due to budgetary considerations.
BAE systems - not interested.
General Dynamics - left messages. no interest.
Halliburton - unable to fund our request at this time.
Maersk Line - no formal reply.
Northrop Grumman - no interest.
Lockheed Martin - no money.
Raytheon - already budgeted out - most likely no funds.
Dupont - declined, because they can't favor every request; subsequent requests for purchase of a couple of seats for law enforcement agents went ignored.
Motorola - no response.
DRS technologies - won't fit with their overall plans.
Zodiac - no funds.wished us well.
Honeywell - no outside solicitation accepted, not interested in program.
L3 Communications - no response.
Rolls-Royce North America - no response.
United Technologies - can't support due to budget limitations.
Pepsi-Cola Military Sales - can only afford to support a small number of worthwhile projects.
Voight Aircraft Industries, Inc. - no interest.
Red Lobster - our request doesn't fit into their brand's strategy.
Anheuser Busch Companies - directed me to local distributors, no response.
Coors - no interest or funds.
American Airlines - no money.
Southeast Airlines - no response.
Wynn Las Vegas - Mrs. Wynn had no interest.
Wal-Mart - no response.
National Beer Wholesaler's Association - no response.
Airline Pilot's Association - no response.
International Association of Firefighters - no response.
Outback Steakhouse - no response.
Wendy's Restaurants - no response.
Yum Brands - no response.Brinker International - no response.
National Truckers Association (NTA) - no response.
Chevrolet Corporate Relations - no interest.
Insurance carriers that underwrote 9/11 losses:
QBE - won't support.
Chubb Insurance - no response.
American Reinsurance - no response.
Zurich American - no response.
One Beacon Insurance - no response.
Crum & Forster - no response.
Oil companies contacted:
Sunoco - no response.
BP P.L.C. - terrorism isn't of concern.
Bresnan Communications - no response.
Kantor Fitzgerald (securities company that lost employee in trade center) - no interest.
Hotels that suffered recent bombings:
Radisson Hotel - no response.
Grand Hyatt - no response.
Days Inn - no response.

Yep, only four years out from the greatest attack on American soil, and not a single American company wants to be seen supporting a group whose goal is to inform and at least try to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again. Those scheduled to speak - Brigitte Gabriel, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, and many others - are the top minds and voices against terrorism and its Islamic base. They have much to teach us, and we have much to learn.

But why do that when we can just hit that snooze button for a few more minutes? Doing something sucks compared to veggin' out, right? Just ask any American company out there; they're counting on you doing just that. After all, they're on the side of Islam.
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A Fitting Memorial For The Victims Of The 9/11 Jihadi Attacks

And it faces Mecca.
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Blowback's A Bitch

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I hate it when that happens, Chapter 1 or When you're a jet you're a jet all the way...

BADSHAHKILI, Pakistan (AP) -- A battle for the airwaves between two Islamic preachers with their own FM radio stations in Pakistan escalated into bitter fighting that killed at least 24 people.
WestSideStory.jpg I'm envisioning Howard Stern and Imus with knives under an overpass a la West Side Story here ...
The government threatened action unless tribal militiamen vacated the scene of the heaviest clashes Tuesday in Khyber Agency, where thousands of security forces were on alert.

Well maybe the gangs are bigger

The violence in Pakistan's northwestern frontier with Afghanistan raised new doubts about the government's grip over the lawless region, where Islamic radicals, including Taliban sympathizers, wield growing influence.

No really?

There's only one question, how long until they blame americans and the jooooooooooooooooooooooze?

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Islam Respects Women

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Osama's Bodyguard Speaks

From Drudge:

In the First Television Interview of an Al-Qaeda Member Close to Osama Since 9/11, Abu Jandal Offers First-Hand Details About the Most-Wanted Man in the World. A former personal bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden says he is certain the al-Qaeda leader is planning an attack on the U.S.

In the first television interview with an al-Qaeda member close to bin Laden since 9/11, Abu Jandal tells Bob Simon first-hand details about the world's most wanted man for a 60 MINUTES report to be broadcast Sunday, April 2 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Abu Jandal, who was with bin Laden in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2000, says bin Laden's last tape on which he threatened consequences to the U.S. is not a threat, but a promise.

"When Sheik Osama promises something, he does it. So I believe Osama bin Laden is planning a new attack inside the United States, this is certain," he tells Simon in the interview conducted in Yemen earlier this month.

It's been long speculated that bin Laden is hiding in the tribal areas of Pakistan, but Abu Jandal says Afghanistan is the place. "Not Pakistan. I know the Pakistani tribe along the border very well. Yes, they can be very trustworthy and faithful to their religion and ideology, but they are also capable of selling information for nothing," he says.

Even if found, bin Laden will not be captured, says Abu Jandal, whho says the al-Qaeda leader gave him the authority to kill him if he was surrounded. "If he was going to be captured, Sheik Osama prefers to be killed than captured," he tells Simon. "There was a special gun to be used if Sheik Osama bin Laden was attacked and we were unable to save him, in which case I would have to kill him," says Abu Jandal.
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"Going To Vegas, Baby": 700-Ton Explosive Will Send Mushroom Cloud Over Sin City

Damn, you can be sure I will be in Vegas for this:

The US military plans to detonate a 700 tonne explosive charge in a test called "Divine Strake" that will send a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas, a senior defense official said.

"I don't want to sound glib here but it is the first time in Nevada that you'll see a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons," said James Tegnelia, head of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Tegnelia said the test was part of a US effort to develop weapons capable of destroying deeply buried bunkers housing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

"We have several very large penetrators we're developing," he told defense reporters.

He said the Russians have been notified of the test, which is scheduled for the first week of June at the Nevada test range.

"We're also making sure that Las Vegas understands," Tegnelia said.

Ohmydumbjihad, we hardly knew ye.
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Adverts Banned Because The Word "Muslim" Offends Muslims

You really couldn't make this stuff up :

Posters with the phrase "America's latest hero is a Muslim straight out of jail" has been banned from the Tube by London Underground (LU).

LU said it will not show the posters from a £1m advertising campaign for new TV series Sleeper Cell until creators remove the word Muslim from the text.

It claims it will offend people and it is trying to be sensationalist.

A spokesman for the digital channel FX series said it had consulted with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

He said the poster was meant to sum up the show's plot and would still appear in newspapers.

"It is in no way intended to cause offence or upset to Muslims," the FX spokesman said.

"We ran the creative by the ASA who advised us we were not in breach of the British Code of Advertising so it has come as a real surprise that the London underground have refused to run it."

The channel described the show, starring Michael Ealy as FBI agent Darwyn Al Sayeed, as the first American drama to feature a Muslim as the lead heroic character.

The character poses as a prisoner in order to infiltrate a fundamentalist group.

An LU spokeswoman said: "Following consultation with Viacom, who manage advertising on the Tube, it was decided to ask for the words 'is a Muslim' to be removed.

"This decision was taken in line with our standard policies, which seek to avoid gratuitously insulting large groups of Londoners."

An ASA spokesman said: "If London Underground wants to do this, it is entirely at its discretion."

This link directs to the official "Sleeper Cell" page and contains a brief clip. This link gives a short description of the program.
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Borders Books Policy: The koran Is On Top

Yes, that's right, the koran must go on the top shelf.

Yesterday, we saw that Borders will not carryan issue of a magazine they ordinarily carry, because the magazine ran the Mohammed cartoons.

Now, today, here's an email (sent to LGF) from a Borders employee:

I work for Borders Books and after reading the article you posted on Wed. 3/29 about our company not carrying the magazine due to it showing the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy, I thought I should write with another tidbit of information I learned about my company the other week.

I was shifting rows of books in our religion section and it happened to be that all of our Koran books (a section on its own) ended up on the bottom shelf. The next day I was informed by my General Manager that it is Borders policy as a whole (not my particular store) that due to complaints in the past from Muslim customers, we are not allowed to put our copies of the Koran on any shelf other than the top.

When I heard of this I became so infuriated that the company I work for (and I do love working for it) has caved in to Islamic pressure and is still continuing to do so. I love my job and my company but it does deeply disturb me to see what is happening to it.

As I wrote in my post yesterday, I have done an incredible amount of CD, book, and magazine purchasing over the years. Here, let me tally it up for you:

1000 books at approximately $12 a book (conservative estimate) = $12,000
1000 CD's at approximately $12 a CD (very conservative, considering it is rare that I purchase bargain CD's and many of my purchases have been opera and classical, which are often closer to $30 a piece) = $12,000

A realistic estimate of my Coffee and pastry purchases is about $5,000 at least.

Total = $29,000 over the past 12 years that I can remember there being a Borders near my house.

Yes, that's right, over $2,400 a year.

How many Muslims spend that much? Isn't the koran the only book that has any truth in it?

Fuck Borders. I will never buy anything from them again.

This pandering to Islam has got to stop.
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FISA, spying on Al Qaeda in the USA and the Constitution

I had come to the conclusion a while back that congress cannot by statute limit the power of the executive as granted by the Constitution. It takes an amendment to do this.
I have seen some good arguments to the reverse like this one about default vs inherent powers, but in the end they failed to convince specifically because of THIS line of argument:
If it is true that congress can by statute limit the constutionally granted powers of another branch, then why can't congress require a supermajority, for instance of the Supreme Court (like 6-3 or 7-2) in order to reverse decisions already taken (like Roe vs Wade or more to the point, like Plessy vs Ferguson). After all, a simple majority is nothing more than a default setting.

However now via Powerline comes more on this.

Continue reading "FISA and the Constitution" at VWT»

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Mohammed's Believe It Or Else!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Note: If PhotoBucket decides to remove the above image, you can view it here.

To read the introduction to the comic book, go here, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The author of the above comic book had to go into hiding. From Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

"It is with great regret that I must go into hiding.

"This is a result of the multiple death threats I have received for my comic book, which depicts the truth about the teachings of the prophet Mohammed. I am earnestly confused about this matter. I have spoken honestly and truthfully about Islam and its teachings. All quotes in the comic book are directly from the Qu'ran and the agreed Hadiths.

"Why does a religion of peace seek to kill me for being honest? What do they have to hide?

"I hope to return when I am free to speak once again.

"Abdullah Aziz (Author or the World Renowned Comic Book, 'Mohammed's Believe It or Else!'"
Three things I've learned from Mohammed's Believe It or Else, according to the author's citations from the Hadith:

1. Once a tribe of Israelites became lost. The Jews were transformed into rats.
Proof: rats drink milk from sheep but not from camels.
(Burkhari, vol. IV, no 524)

2. The majority of the population of hell is female. Also, nobody is more deficient in intelligence and religion than a woman.
(Burkhari, vol. I, no. 28; Burkhari, vol. I, no. 301; Burkahari, vol. I, no. 161)

3. Muslims have one intestine, but those who are not Muslims have seven intestines.
(Muslim, Vol. III, nos. 5113, Chapter DCCCLXII)

Does this comic book mock Islam? Before you condemn the author of this book, read the following words by Ali Sina, apostate:

"Why Mock Islam? Because it is therapeutic! Mocking is a very powerful way to convince those who are unwilling to think to do it. Shame is a great motivator....

"Do not underestimate the power of ridicule. This is not a laughing matter. Mock Muhammad and Islam as this will eventually help the Muslims get rid of their cult. They must feel embarrassed for calling themselves Muslim.

"This therapy works. I have seen it work many times....

"Today Muslims become angry if you ridicule their faith, but once they are free from this bondage of the mind they will thank you for it.... "

Mohammed's Believe It or Else is beautifully illustrated and printed on glossy paper. Get your own copy, digital download or hard copy, and feel free to read it while eating a ham sandwich.
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1984 Watch Chapter 1

Lebanese president praises Hizbullah
KHARTOUM, Sudan joe-horses_ass03_copy.jpg

In a speech sure to exacerbate divisions back home, pro-Syrian Lebanese President Emile Lahoud on Wednesday praised the roles that Syria and Hizbullah play in his country.

"Lebanon...is confident that its current quest for consensus and unity will be embraced and supported by Arabs, starting by its neighbor Syria, the country that has always stood by (Lebanon's) its side," Lahoud said.

"This would strengthen choices expressed freely by the Lebanese, foremost among those is Lebanon's commitment to its right to recover its remaining occupied territory in the south, notably the Chebaa Farms," he added, speaking of the territory on the border of Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

Lahoud also spoke of the need to protect the national resistance, a reference to Hizbullah, which he described as "a symbol for steadfastness and dignity."

That's right- a regular UNICEF
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The Western Standard needs your help!

The Western Standard of Alberta, Canada is being sued for publishing the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Being a small publication, they are asking people for support and donations. I received this email from the publisher this morning. I am passing it on in case you feel moved to help them in their cause of fighting for free speech:
Dear Western Standard reader,

Our magazine has been sued for publishing the Danish cartoons, and I need your help to fight back!

As you know, the Western Standard was the only mainstream media organ in Canada to publish the Danish cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

We did so for a simple reason: the cartoons were the central fact in one of the largest news stories of the year, and we're a news magazine. We publish the facts and we let our readers make up their minds.

Advertisers stood with us. Readers loved the fact that we treated them like grown-ups. And we earned the respect of many other journalists in Canada who envied our independence. In fact, according to a COMPAS poll last month, fully 70% of Canada's working journalists supported our decision to publish the cartoons.

But not Syed Soharwardy, a radical Calgary Muslim imam.

He asked the police to arrest me for publishing the cartoons. They calmly explained to him that's not what police in Canada do.

So then he went to a far less liberal institution than the police: the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Unlike the Calgary Police Service, they didn't have the common sense to show him the door.

Earlier this month, I received a copy of Soharwardy's rambling, hand-scrawled complaint. It is truly an embarrassing document. He briefly complains that we published the Danish cartoons. But the bulk of his complaint is that we dared to try to justify it - that we dared to disagree with him.

Think about that: In Soharwardy's view, not only should the Canadian media be banned from publishing the cartoons, but we should be banned from defending our right to publish them. Perhaps the Charter of Rights that guarantees our freedom of the press should be banned, too.

Soharwardy's complaint goes further than just the cartoons. It refers to news articles we published about Hamas, a group labelled a terrorist organization by the Canadian government. By including those other articles, he shows his real agenda: censoring any criticism of Muslim extremists.

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing about Soharwardy's complaint is that he claims our cartoons caused him to receive hate mail. Indeed, his complaint includes copies of a few e-mails from strangers to him. Some of those e-mails even go so far as to call him "humourless" and tell him to "lighten up". Perhaps that's hateful. But all of those e-mails were sent to him before our magazine even published the cartoons. Soharwardy isn't even pretending that this is a legitimate complaint. He's not even trying to hide that this is a nuisance suit.

Soharwardy's complaint should have been thrown out immediately by the Alberta Human Rights Commission, just like the police did. But it wasn't. Which is why I'm writing to you today.

According to our lawyers, we will win this case. It's an infantile complaint, without basis in facts or law. Frankly, it's an embarrassment to the government of Alberta that their tribunal is open to abuse like this.

Our lawyers tell us we're going to win. But not before we have to spend hundreds of hours and up to $75,000 fighting this thing, at our own expense. Soharwardy doesn't have to spend a dime - now that his complaint has been filed, Alberta tax dollars will pay for the prosecution of his complaint. We have to pay for this on our own.

Look, $75,000 isn't going to bankrupt us. But it will sting. We're a small, independent magazine, not a huge company with deep pockets. All of our money is needed to produce the best possible editorial product, not to fight legal battles. This is clearly an abuse of process designed to punish us and deter other media from daring to cross that angry imam in the future.

One of the leaders in Canadian human rights law, Alan Borovoy, was so disturbed by Soharwardy's abuse of the human rights commission that he wrote a public letter about it in the Calgary Herald on March 16th. "During the years when my colleagues and I were labouring to create such commissions, we never imagined that they might ultimately be used against freedom of speech," wrote Borovoy, who is general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Censorship was "hardly the role we had envisioned for human rights commissions. There should be no question of the right to publish the impugned cartoons," he wrote.

Borovoy went even further - he said that the human rights laws should be changed to avoid this sort of abuse in the future. "It would be best, therefore, to change the provisions of the Human Rights Act to remove any such ambiguities of interpretation," he wrote. That's an amazing statement, coming from one of the fathers of the Canadian human rights movement.

I agree with Borovoy: the law should be changed to stop future abuses. But those changes will come too late for us - we're already under attack. The human rights laws, designed as a shield, are being used against us as a sword.

We will file our legal response to Soharwardy's shakedown this week. And we will fight this battle to the end - not just for our own sake, but to defend freedom of the press for all Canadians.

Do you believe that's important? If so, I'd ask you to help us defray our costs. We're accepting donations through our website. It's fast, easy and secure. Just click on http://www.westernstandard.ca/freedom

You can donate any amount from $10 to $10,000. Please help the Western Standard today - and protect freedom for all Canadians for years to come.

Yours gratefully,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Remember, Soharwardy's complaint will be prosecuted using tax dollars and government lawyers. We have to rely on our own funds - and the generous support of readers like you.

P.P.S. Please help fight this case.

Mark Alexander
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Don't Buy Books At Borders

... or Waldenbooks. Borders sucks up to Islamofascism.

Borders and Waldenbooks stores will not stock the April-May issue of Free Inquiry magazine because it contains cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that provoked deadly protests among Muslims in several countries.

“For us, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we believe that carrying this issue could challenge that priority,” Borders Group Inc. spokeswoman Beth Bingham said Wednesday.

The magazine, published by the Council for Secular Humanism in suburban Amherst, includes four of the drawings that originally appeared in a Danish newspaper in September, including one depicting Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban with a lit fuse.

Islamic tradition bars depiction of Muhammad to prevent idol worship, which is strictly prohibited.

“What is at stake is the precious right of freedom of expression,” said Paul Kurtz, editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry. “Cartoons often provide an important form of political satire ... To refuse to distribute a publication because of fear of vigilante violence is to undermine freedom of press — so vital for our democracy.”

Bingham said the decision was made before the magazine arrived at the company’s stores. Borders Group, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., operates more than 475 Borders and 650 Waldenbooks stores in the United States, though not all regularly carry the magazine.

“We absolutely respect our customers’ right to choose what they wish to read and buy and we support the First Amendment,” Bingham said. “And we absolutely support the rights of Free Inquiry to publish the cartoons. We’ve just chosen not to carry this particular issue in our stores.”

I would estimate that I have purchased over 2000 books, CD's, and magazines, and at least 10,000 cups of coffee at Borders over the years.

I will never make another purchase there again, unless they come to me in their humiliation and apologize for what they have done. Then, they can pay me the Infidel jizya, and then and only then, if they are lucky, I will deign to steal books from them.

Fuck Borders. Say it with me now,

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Update on NYU Dhimmitude

New York University is putting pressure on a student group that intends to display the Danish cartoons at a debate on free speech (see Eteraz' blog entry below.) Amit Ghate, of Thrutch, urges us to send NYU e-mails of protest. Let’s do it. Ghate has several other reports of the story.

If I remember correctly, the talk/discussion/debate is in the old student center building right next door to the Islamic studies building … right in the heart of Greenwich Village. From bohemians to Burqas in one generation! The event is tonight at 7pm ... for those who can't get in, there should be lively demonstrations outside. After all, it's on Washington Square Park! (Cross posted at my blog: L&C.)
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Moderate Muslim Story Of The Week

This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read:

"She just thanks the Qaba she wasn't stoned to death."

NEW DELHI - Village elders ordered a Muslim man in eastern India to leave his wife after he accidentally divorced her in his sleep, a news report said Tuesday.

Aftab Ansari uttered the Urdu word for divorce, “talaq,” three times in his sleep, prompting his worried wife to discuss the matter with her friends, according to the Press Trust of India news agency.

Under Islamic law, a husband need only say “I divorce you” three times to secure a permanent end to his marriage.

Muslim leaders in the couple’s village in West Bengal state found out and decreed that Ansari’s unconscious utterances constituted a divorce, PTI reported.

But 30-year-old Ansari said he had no intention of leaving his wife of 11 years. “I have not given talaq. When I uttered talaq three times I had taken medicines to help me sleep,” he was quoted as saying in the report.

And, just when you thought the story couldn't get any stupider:

The religious leaders said that before remarrying, the couple would have to be apart for at least 100 days and that the wife, Sohela, would also have to spend a night with another man and then be divorced by him.

Yes, as so often happens with Islam, comedy descended into tragedy.
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More "Apostates" Arrested In Afghanistan

Islamic Democracy?

Our allies the Afghanis, those of the new "Islamic Democracy" we helped to create, are arresting more Christians in the wake of being forced to give up their first Moloch meal:

KABUL, March 28 2006, (LifeSiteNews.com) – US-based Christian news source, Compass Direct, reports that more Christians have been arrested for their faith in Afghanistan in the wake of the release of Abdul Rahman.

Compass, a news service that tracks persecution of Christians mostly in Islamic countries, says harassment of the Christian community has been stepped up.

Compass says two more Christian converts have been arrested in other parts of the country, but further information is being withheld in the “sensitive situation” caused by the international media furor over Rahman.

Reports of beatings and police raids on the homes of Christians are filtering out of the country through local Christian ministers.

Let us, the creators, take responsibility for our creation. Those are our tax dollars at work. Lives, guns, bombs, all our resources, went to creating this.

We are responsible for Christians being arrested for their beliefs. We are responsible for the fact that Afghanistan is a Sharia State where the punishment for believing in any religion other than Islam, is death.


We are responsible for it. The blood is on our hands. We sign the death warrant of Christians.
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Paris In Springtime

The "Youths" are at it again.

Go see more at France-Echos.

Why even bother reporting on it?
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NYU Muslims Censor (Cartoon) Speech

So, I 'broke' this story yesterday but forgot to hit 'publish' on my blog. Oh well, so I'm not the first to report it.

But I do have the letter that the Muslim organization sent to the NYU President.

I trash it on my blog, here: check it out.

I'm pretty pissed right now so if anyone feels like arguing about anything, beware.
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The other, other bad guy

Hassan Abbasi has a dream--a helicopter doing an arabesque in cloudy skies to avoid being shot at from the ground. On board are the last of the "fleeing Americans," forced out of the Dar al-Islam (The Abode of Islam) by "the Army of Muhammad." Presented by his friends as "The Dr. Kissinger of Islam," Mr. Abbasi is "professor of strategy" at the Islamic Republic's Revolutionary Guard Corps University and, according to Tehran sources, the principal foreign policy voice in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's new radical administration. abbasi.jpgFor the past several weeks Mr. Abbasi has been addressing crowds of Guard and Baseej Mustadafin (Mobilization of the Dispossessed) officers in Tehran with a simple theme: The U.S. does not have the stomach for a long conflict and will soon revert to its traditional policy of "running away," leaving Afghanistan and Iraq, indeed the whole of the Middle East, to be reshaped by Iran and its regional allies.

To hear Mr. Abbasi tell it the entire recent history of the U.S. could be narrated with the help of the image of "the last helicopter." It was that image in Saigon that concluded the Vietnam War under Gerald Ford. Jimmy Carter had five helicopters fleeing from the Iranian desert, leaving behind the charred corpses of eight American soldiers. Under Ronald Reagan the helicopters carried the corpses of 241 Marines murdered in their sleep in a Hezbollah suicide attack. Under the first President Bush, the helicopter flew from Safwan, in southern Iraq, with Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf aboard, leaving behind Saddam Hussein's generals, who could not believe why they had been allowed live to fight their domestic foes, and America, another day. Bill Clinton's helicopter was a Black Hawk, downed in Mogadishu and delivering 16 American soldiers into the hands of a murderous crowd.

According to this theory, President George W. Bush is an "aberration," a leader out of sync with his nation's character and no more than a brief nightmare for those who oppose the creation of an "American Middle East." Messrs. Abbasi and Ahmadinejad have concluded that there will be no helicopter as long as George W. Bush is in the White House. But they believe that whoever succeeds him, Democrat or Republican, will revive the helicopter image to extricate the U.S. from a complex situation that few Americans appear to understand.


Continue reading "The other, other bad guy" at VWT »

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Little White Lie

"[Would-be hijacker Zacarias] Moussaoui said there were times when a Muslim can lie without being immoral: to reconcile Muslims, to answer 'yes' when a wife asks, 'Am I beautiful?' and to carry out jihad."--New York Times, March 27
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday's roundup of news

Form France:

The first, about the girls -teenagers- who helped Yousouf Fofama in the kidnapping and death of Ilan Halimi. (SORRY, I had linked badly this post, uupss).

And the second about the riots taking place in France just now.

From Denmark: the Cartoons-imam, Abu Laban, appears to have known of some "martyrdom" opperation. More in here.

From Lybia: Gadaffi has said that Libya was the only real democracy in the world and superior to Western democracies .

From Iraq: Saddam's fedayeen camp. And more news about Russia and Saddam.

Lastly, Iran is going to execute a woman who killed her "temporaty husband" because he intended to rape her 15-year-old son.
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What Happened To Ali Eteraz?

I have been quiet as of late.

This is because I have been on my blog trying to 1) draw more Muslims to it and 2) after drawing them, encouraging them to wash their dirty laundry.

In other words, in-house cleaning. If you care to take a peek at some of that "inner-critique" I'm always talking about, feel free to stop by.

Open Letter To Reformist Muslims

In A Dream The Prophet Nietzsche Bid Me Write

Idolator Islam: Part I of III

Meanwhile I'm going to go search for "Smallville."
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D.C. Sniper Makes A Request

(All emphases by Always On Watch)

When the D.C. Snipers were arrested, mention was made of a "personal jihad." The media hushed that one up pretty quickly....

Read more here.
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"Deaths from revenge killings now exceed those from terrorist or anti-government activity"

Like the Luftwaffe switching from attacking British Airfields, to British Cities in 1940, so has the enemy turned from killing americans to make the MSM 6 oclock news (sorry hard boyz but we're watching other news than the 23 minute encomium brought to you by Colgate Palmolive, and reading other news than the Kellerized vomitus, and Alterman'ized evil creepy repubs theories) to kiling other Iraqis who have pissed them off somehow, walked across their lawns, not returned the ladders, or winked at their daughter beneath the veil while being Shia, Kurd, or Sunni.

I think the Sunnis have bitten off more than they can chew. It's clear that the zarquoids for whatever stupid reason thought fomenting a REAL civil war would somehow redound to their advantage in the chaos to follow, but after the Saddam-sunni slaughters of the Shia in 1991 (350,000-500,000+) there's no way they are going to lay down while outnumbering the sunnis 3-1 or more.

Now it turns out that the Shia are killing more in revenge and maybe they like it.

Continue reading "Deaths from revenge killings now exceed those from terrorist or anti-government activity" at VWT »

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The Award for Dumbarse Terrorist Act Goes to Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad have claimed the lives of two Arab Israelis, amidst the elections in Israel. Reportedly, adult and child.

The title at the BBC article is "Three die during Israeli voting", which confused me since it then says
Two Israelis have been killed in a blast thought to have been caused by a homemade rocket fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip
Two killed? I thought you said three were killed? Oh hang on... They've counted in a Palestinian terrorist into that figure! The sneaky bastards.
In other violence, as Israelis vote in a closely-watched general election, Israeli troops killed one Palestinian militant in a raid in the West Bank.

Samer Freihat, 24, was hit by an Israeli bullet after clashes broke out in the village of Yamun, near Jenin, Palestinian medics said.

Palestinian radio said he was shot several times and left to bleed for several hours before he died. [Stop it... I think I'm going to cry]

So Islamic Jihad have successfully killed and adult and child Arab Israeli. Well done. Israel ain't no socialist Spain. If they get attacked, they WILL vote right wing. Like I said, dumb arses...

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Enemy of Freedom of Speech!

This man has seems to have got Reza Moradi, the Iranian communist, sumonsed before a court for the crime of displaying the cartoons of blasphemy - at a Freedom of Speech rally

Now surely his life is in danger! Some Islamophobe will cut his head off in the name of Islamophobia! There will be batwas against him, surely? (Bloggers rulings!)

via Pickled Politics
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Freedom of Expression: Special Radio Broadcast

There is a special edition of Little Atoms Radio Show, on Wednesday 29th March 2006 at 7pm (BST) about last Saturday's March for Free Expression, Richard and Neil have interviewed the organisers, the speakers, and other attendees.

Be there, or be square.
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Good news: CAIR lost their lawsuit against Anti-CAIR

And if a victory can be scored over them, as Andrew Whitehead succeeded in doing, then it's possible to beat them in more cases as well. The New York Sun reports (H/T: Debbie Schlussel):
An Islamic group has settled a $1.35 million libel suit against one of its critics, who operates a Web site charging that the organization, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has links to terrorism.

The terms of the settlement between the Muslim group and Andrew Whitehead of Virginia Beach, Va., are confidential, but the Web site, www.anti-cair-net.org, still includes the statements Cair contended were libelous.

"Nothing has changed in that regard. It's as if this lawsuit had never existed," said Mr. Whitehead, 48, a former Navy sailor.

An attorney for Mr. Whitehead, Reed Rubinstein, described the outcome as a victory for his client. "This is the first time somebody has stood up and stopped these folks," the lawyer said.

A spokesman for Cair, Ibrahim Hooper, confirmed that the libel case was dismissed earlier this month on the request of both parties. "It was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount," he said.

Asked if he was suggesting that Mr. Whitehead paid the organization to drop the case, Mr. Hooper said, "We filed the suit." Asked again, the spokesman simply repeated the statement.

An attorney for Cair, Jeremiah Denton III, declined to comment.
There does seem to be something embarrassing that happened, which could explain why they won't say anything clear. Good!
Mr. Rubinstein said Cair's interest in settling the suit intensified late last year just as a judge was considering whether the group should be forced to disclose additional details about its inner workings, including its financing and its alleged ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups.

"It would have opened up Cair's finances and their relationships and their principles, their ideological motivations in a way they did not want to be made public," said Mr. Rubinstein, who represented Mr. Whitehead without charge.

Mr. Rubinstein charged that the lawsuit was one of a series of suits filed by Cair and other Muslim organizations as part of a concerted effort to intimidate their critics. "It's part of a larger pattern groups like this have followed. If you say something some of those Muslim groups don't like, they sue you even though the cases have no merit," the attorney said. "You change people's behavior simply by bringing the lawsuit."

"It looks like all they're really trying to do is stifle free speech," Mr. Whitehead said.
Right you are, Andrew. Exactly.

Mr. Rubinstein said that after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Cair posted links on its Website leading visitors to make donations to two Islamic non-profit groups, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and the Global Relief Foundation. Both groups have had their assets frozen and seized by federal authorities over alleged ties to terrorism.

A man who was a co-founder of the Holy Land Foundation and of Cair's Texas chapter, Ghassan Elashi, was convicted in 2004 on six counts of illegal trade with Syria. The FBI has charged that he also has links to Hamas.

"These are bad guys," Mr. Rubinstein said.
Quite right. And they should be avoided at all costs.

Debbie Schlussel sums it up well:
The lesson here is not to sit there and take it from the ludicrous Islamist litigeratti. Even though it is a huge hassle and costly, too, you must fight back.
And that's why the time has come to start standing up to CAIR and making it clear to them that we're not putting up with their brainless little attempts at silencing free speech anymore. Let the counter-suits commence, I say!
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The unbleievable Tony Blair falls for the unbelievable!

Image hosting by Photobucket
"The most remarkable thing about reading the Koran - in so far as it can be truly translated from the original Arabic - is to understand how progressive it is. I speak with great diffidence and humility as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements.

But as an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, rather as reformers attempted with the Christian Church centuries later. It is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance.

Under its guidance, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was breathtaking. Over centuries it founded an Empire, leading the world in discovery, art and culture. The standard bearers of tolerance in the early Middle Ages were far more likely to be found in Muslim lands than in Christian ..."

No, Tone, the most remarkable thing about the Koran is precisely how regressive it is! What have you bin smokin’?

How can you possibly stand before an audience of educated, intelligent people and pronounce such balderdash?

If the Koran is so "progressive", and so "ahead of its time", then how come Muslims are so backward? How come Muslims wish to kill apostates, people who can no longer stomach the lies, the myths, the fairy stories propagated by the prophet of Islam? How come women, if they are not obedient, have to be beaten until they are prepared to be submissive to their husbands? How come women should be stoned to death for the ‘serious crime’ of adultery (while the men, the adulterers, will miraculously get away with it)? How come the Muslim world has contributed virtually nothing to human endeavour for approximately five hundred years? How come rates for adult illiteracy are so high in Muslim lands? How come? How come? How come?

Oh, and by the way: About that 'abhorring superstition' bit… Didn’t you know, Tone, that Muslims believe in Jinns? And didn’t you know, too, that they believe that two angels sit permanently on each person’s shoulders? The one on your left shoulder taking down notes on your bad deeds, and the one on your right shoulder taking down notes on your good deeds?

For God’s sake (not Allah’s), get real, will you?

You have disgraced yourself, and you have disgraced your office, too! It’s surely time for you to spend more time with your family now. It awaits you!

©Mark Alexander
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American-Iranian Christian Church Converts Middle East Muslims

Here's something very odd.

A large photo (which is not available on the internet) appears, at the very top the front cover of this mornings LA Times. It is a portrait of a female Christian Pastor named Nadareh Navai, with a caption that reads:

Nadereh Navai, a pastor at the Iranian Christian Church in Sunyvale, Calif., speaks during a Persian-language service that is transmitted by satellite to Iran and elsewhere in an effort to convert Muslims to Christianity. Most of the church members are former Muslims. Story on B1.

At first, I thought, "Wow, that's good news. I ought to donate money to that church."

But, then I realized there may be some other really great news here, besides just the fact that there is such a church, which doesn't surprise me.

Think about it;

the LA Times thought this was front page news.

Is that, perhaps, a tacit admission that even the editors at the LA Times know that there is something very sick about Islam and that one of the possible ways to fix the problem is for Muslims to convert to Christianity.

Can you imagine the LA Times running a front page article on Christians attempting to convert Tibetan Buddhists, for instance? You know it wouldn't happen.

Anyway, let's look at the article itself:

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — As Afghan officials considered last week whether a medical aid worker should be executed for converting from Islam to Christianity, an alliance of small Christian congregations in the San Francisco Bay Area was working to spread the Gospel to more Muslims in the Middle East.

"We are very proud of that man because he has not denied his Christianity," said Navid Moborez, 29, an Afghan Christian and former Muslim who now lives in Fremont and belongs to the Iranian Christian Church here.

On Sunday, charges against the convert, Abdur Rahman, were dropped. Moborez said he had been praying for Rahman, but he thinks the issue is bigger than the fate of one man.

"If they kill him, they can't stop Christianity from growing, inside or outside of Afghanistan," Moborez said.

Spreading Christianity is the mission of the Iranian Christian Church, which has affiliated with three other congregations in Northern California that primarily serve former Muslims.

The churches, which have a combined membership of about 450, produce six hours of Farsi-language Christian programming Mondays through Fridays in a television studio under the same roof as the Iranian Christian Church. Those broadcasts, as well as the Sunnyvale church's Sunday service, are transmitted by satellite to Iran and other parts of the Middle East.

The weekday program, "Mohabat TV," instructs viewers in such things as how to find the Bible on the Internet and recommends studying Scripture for at least a year before starting a home church by sharing the faith with a spouse, then children, then relatives — all in secret.

Under Sharia, or Islamic law, Muslims who convert to Christianity are considered apostates and can be sentenced to death. Not all predominantly Islamic countries enforce Sharia law.

"We tell them not to shout out, 'I am a Christian!' but to share their testimony, which is a great risk," said Pastor Kamil Navai.Navai hopes that the new converts will influence other Muslims.

"We're not in the business of bringing people from Iran to the United States," he said. "Iran needs these new Christians. We teach them to start home churches and to be leaders.

"The broadcasts are produced by International Antioch Ministries, an umbrella organization for the four churches.

Church officials said the broadcasts cost about $700,000 a year and are funded by donations from individuals and large evangelical groups.

Go read the rest. We should all donate at least $50 to this church. I will be putting this ministry on my monthly donation list for sure. Their work could have world-changing implications.

Here are some thought-provoking ideas from frequent IBA commenter Mustafa Kamel:

Europe can now at this late stage only defend civilisation by ensuring that Muslims are free and encouraged to apostasize from their barbarism.

There are three possible future scenarios for Europe:

(1) Progressive Islamisation ending in Shariah and Dhimmitude for the natives.
(2) Progressive Islamisation ending in a reaction of violent de-Islamisation (and probably a World War as Muslim countries attempt to protect their European co-religionists from the Fourth Reich's 'Final Solution')
(3) Gradual De-Islamisation of Muslims already living in Europe.

Options (1) and (2) are both nightmare scenarios, so that leaves us with (3) as the only way out, no matter how difficult that may be.

Option (3) is indeed difficult, but not impossible. Islam rests on two foundations - (i) The character of Mohammed and (ii) the Koran being the ACTUAL WORD OF GOD (not a human interpretation as liberal Christians view the Bible). If you destroy the foundations, the house of Islam will certainly become wobbly. What you then have to do is give the inhabitants somewhere else to live. Most people aren't (willing) atheists. They need some form of religion.

The trick here will be to design a religion (memetic engineering) which appeals to recovering Muslims. I'm not being sectarian about this, but I would imagine that some form of 'broad-church' Christianity would have more appeal to the ex-Muslim than, say, Wicca or Zen. It's also important to replace the community function of religion which is so important for Muslims. So here are the 4 R's of eradicationg Islam in Europe - Rationalism, Ridicule, Revulsion and Replacement.

RATIONALISM - expose the contradictions, illogicalities, and scientific absurdities within the Koran showing that it can't possibly be the word of God. Also publicise scholarly investigation of the origin of the Koran and strange Pagan features such as meteorite worship.

RIDICULE - Islam, as we have seen, is hypersensitive to satire, especially any jokes against Mo. Islamic beliefs should be made objects of derision and contempt rather than fear. Mohammed himself should be revealed as the murderous pervert that he was. Islam must not be given the respect it so desperately craves.

REVULSION - how many Muslims know the full depths of barbarity and depravity within their religion. eg practices such as mufa’khathat ?

REPLACEMENT - Encourage conversion of Muslims to any other religion. Churches and other organisations who are successful in this dificult task should share their know-how with others. Ex-Muslims should be debriefed to discover what caused them to leave Islam.

The alternative to eradicating the disease would be the Serbian solution of culling the carriers. If we ever get to that stage then European civilisation will hardly be worth saving.

I think the only thing that can save Europe, not just Muslim-Europe, but all of Europe, is a Christian revival.

However, I don't think that is going to come from European Christianity. It could come from African Christianity, or perhaps American Christianity.European Christianity has become a set of formalities with no life to it. That's why Europeans have abaondoned it.

The other day, YARGB writer David Thompson said the following, on the subject of the need for a religion:

I am a theological modernists who perhaps hypocritically believes it best that most people are members of an organized religion. Yes, please do as I say---and not as I personally do. Such behavior is conducive to the raising of a family. More importantly, it is mandatory if one is trying to encourage couples to have large families. Modern, secular families, rightly or wrongly (I don’t wish to engage in a values debate) usually prefer one or two children.

The Old Europeans are desperate. Their indigenous populations are rapidly declining. Will the younger couples of these countries have more children merely because it supposedly is a good idea? I doubt this very much.

There is only one factor which could change their minds: a religious revival. Old Europe needs to be reconverted to its Catholic/ Protestant roots. Heck, I would settle even for a mass conversion to the Mormon Church.

Can anyone offer a counter argument?

What do you guys think?
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More Pim In Translation

This excellent translation was done by fellow blogger Herr Winn at Klein Verzet, http://kleinverzet.blogspot.com/ Read the rest at my site, http://whatwouldcharlesmarteldotm.blogspot.com/ (I tried the links and failed. Feel free to laugh!!)
This article was written less than a month before 9/11 and has prominent mention in Bruce Bawer's book, While Europe Slept.

"The Cold War With Islam" (excerpt)

In the mean time the free and civilized West is extraordinarily naïve. We should get over our self-imposed shyness and articulate – and more to the point act upon – the fact that the greatest threat to world peace is Islam, bearing in mind that the difference between liberal and fundamentalist Islam is only relative. In Indonesia, for instance, complete disintegration looms large, with daily murders accompanying, as a result of the claims made by an islam that doesn’t tolerate contradiction, let alone room for those of different opinions. Of course the vanguard is made up of murdering and plundering fundamentalist youth. The reward is honor for the family and direct access to a heaven with and abundance of virgins. What else could you wish for!

There is nowadays hardly a conflict in the world, whether it be a civil war or a war between two or more countries, where Islam does not play a large role. The Middle-East, Indonesia, the Balkan, India-Pakistan, Chenchnya, Turkey, numerous African countries. During the Cold War the West knew exactly who threatened our value system: communism from the Soviet-Union, Eastern Europe, China, North-Korea, North-Vietnam, Cuba, etcetera. In hindsight history proved us right. Communisms role is all but played out, but taken over by Islam.
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