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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Somalia: sure humanitarian crisis and possible "talibanization"

FOXNews.com - At Least 130 Dead in Fight for Somali Capital - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News
MOGADISHU, Somalia — A fundamentalist Islamic force poured dozens of troops into the battle for a strategic road in Somalia's capital on Thursday in a clash with secular warlords that has left at least 130 dead — most passers-by caught in the crossfire — over the past five days.
The heavily armed reinforcements arrived in pickup trucks mounted with heavy machine guns. Fighters from both sides closed in on each other following a night of artillery exchanges that sent thousands of civilians fleeing the Sii-Sii neighborhood of northern Mogadishu. Mogadishu residents described it as the worst fighting in more than a decade of lawlessness. Thousands of families were fleeing the capital.
While tending to his wife in the hospital, Mohamud Jama said his three children were killed when three mortar rounds struck his house."This is the first time we have witnessed people fighting in Somalia and targeting civilians in such a savage way," Jama said.
Militia loyal to the Islamic Court Union have been fighting since Sunday to capture a strategic road through northern Mogadishu from the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counterterrorism. While the alliance has held the road through Sii-Sii, the courts have controlled the neighborhoods on either side.
You can read the rest here.

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Chavez Says U.S. Must Be Destroyed

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told us all how he really thinks, yesterday in Rome:

Hugo Chavez, shown here with musical theatre partner, Jacques Chirac.

Rome, May 12, IRNA-Visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said in Rome on Thursday in case of a military attack against Iran, no country in the world would have access to crude oil.

Chavez made the remark at a press conference, adding, “As Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has reiterated, if Tehran would come under attack, oil would get scarce for everyone.”

He also said that the US President George W. Bush should be put to trial at the international court of justice for having launched genocide in Iraq. “For all the horror it has created around the globe in the course of the past century, the United States’ war machine should be dismantled, since under the current conditions it is a threat against the entire mankind, particularly against our children.”

Chavez added, “The North American empire is the most cruel murderer regime that has ever come to power in world history and a serious threat for all nations.”

He believes the death of the United States had better taken place in the course of the 21st century, because “otherwise the entire world would face the threat of annihilation.”

This is not some crazed college student refocusing anger he feels for his parents, instead, on the government. This is the leader of a major nation on the world stage.

Now, we have Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela, all openly advocating for the destruction of the America. Words matter. Words concretize thought. They form our hearts.

When a world leader openly advocates for the destruction of another country he will have an influence in the hearts of millions, if not billions.

We are fools to allow this to keep going on.
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Is Eteraz An Islamofascist?

I can't help but thinking of the Public Image song (Public Image? Yes, you know, Johnny Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols), Rise:

I could be wrong I could be right
I could be black I could be white
I could be right I could be wrong
I could be white I could be black

Why am I thinking of this song in relation to our friend Eteraz?

Because, one of the biggest reasons I invited Eteraz here in the first place was that Eteraz shares the same, "I could be wrong, I could be right" spirit that I try to make my credo for life. Because, when it comes to ultimate questions in life (What is right, and wrong? What is beautiful? What is meaningful?) we all proceed by faith, which means we, ultimately, do not know if we are wrong or right?

Additionally, Eteraz seemed to be pursuing a course of reformation, not only of himself, but in the sense of making an attempt to define an Islam of human rights. Therefore, the latter part of the verse for the Public Image song applies as well:

Your time has come your secong skin
The cost so high the gain so low
Walk through the valley
The written word is a lie

The reality that many of my fellow Infidels seem to deny is that Judaism, and thereby Christianity, have had to redefine the words of our very own scriptures, rendering them a kind of lie. Our Bible very clearly calls for us to stone adulterers, homosexuals, and apostates. There is no equivocation. And yet, over a course of years, prophets and Rabbis gradually redefined these commandments, by redefining the notion of the sacrifice which must take place to atone for sin.

Initially, the sacrifice was death, and ultimately, yes, the wages of sin are death. But, read your Bible closely. From the time of the prophets on, the human sacrifice which was called for to atone for sins was for us to lay down our lives for the widows and the orphans. In other words, the wages of sin are self-sacrifice, through the practice of helping those in need.

The ultimate wages of sin, death, were to be paid for by the lamb, which God would provide. Abraham said it himself, as he stood on the mountain with his kneeling son Isaac.

Sorry to do a little Bible Study here, but I feel the need to go, once more, into why I believe that Islam can be redefined, and why I think Eteraz is one of the Muslims who could help bring about such a redefinition.

Just as the Jews gradually redefined the verses which called for stoning of adulterers, homosexuals and apostates, I believe Islam can redefine its primitivism as well. A new definition of stoning the apostate needs to be proposed. It would have to be something along the lines of, "We must stone the hardened heart of the apostate, with a torrent of wisdom, which will soften him to the rationality of following Allah."

The notion of Jihad needs to be mystified, so that it applies only to inner struggle, towards the attainment of wisdom, and a closer understanding of Allah.

But, guess what, while I can throw out ideas, no Muslim is going to listen to me. Why?


Eteraz is. And, he's giving it a shot.

The first time I met Eteraz was in the comments section of Gates of Vienna. Eteraz made an ignorant comment saying the reason Europeans traditionally hated the Jews was because the Jews charged the Europeans exhorbitant interest.

I became angry with him and accused him of anti-Semitism. I, or some other commenter (I can't remember) pointed out to Eteraz that Europeans abhorred money-lending as an industry, because they thought money was dirty. But, that didn't stop them from wanting to borrow money on a regular basis. Because the Jews were locked out of almost all possible means of employment by the anti-Semitic European governments, money-lending became one of the few ways for Jews to make a living.

And, because Euros hated the idea of money-lending, any interest charged would have been deemed exhorbitant. We, who are capitalists, understand that demand controls price. Therefore, the Jews in the money-lending could not have charged interest higher than demand would allow, in the first place.

Once this was pointed out to Eteraz, he accepted it with good humor, which made me realize that I had encountered a supple intelligence which was tempered by a good nature and a willingness to learn. He could be wrong, he could be right. It didn't matter to Eteraz. He wants to learn.

Now, back to the noble cause of reforming Islam. It seems as if many people think the only way to reform Islam would be for a guy like Eteraz to write a list of complaints on a long sheet of paper, and tack to the Ayatollah Khameini's front door.

Yes, Eteraz' 96 Theses.

1) The Ayatollah is a pussy who hides behind his long, flowing robes.

2) Ahmadinejad is trying to make up for his lack of endowment.

3) Mo had fleas.


As funny, and downright incendiary, as that might be, that is not the way it's going to happen.

Instead, people like Eteraz, people in love with their religion, and with the culture from which it sprang forth, need to redefine Islam in a spirit of love. They need to grow it with care, and develop it from their vision. Sure, Eteraz is an apologist for his religion (as I, and most Christians are apologists for ours), because he loves Islam and he wants to extend it. But, at the same time, he wants to modernize it, and make it more humane. Read his posts.

Here's an excerpt:

Unlike some of my fellow believers I don't think that the recent glut of Westerners calling for the reformation of Islam is due solely to an imperial Western ambition. I believe that much of non-Muslim engagement with Islam is premised upon a well-intentioned impulse. I believe that some Western antipathy towards Islam is due to decency.

It is quite plausible that a generation that faced off against two totalitarianisms might be right about a third. It is also plausible that for every Westerner who calls for the destruction of Islam in order to defend the Western status-quo, there is another Westerner who agitates for change in Islam because has a Muslim friend who has been hurt by what passes for Islam, or has a glimpse (in Hafiz, perhaps in Ibn Rushd), of what Islam could be; and as such, is upset by what Islam today is not.

I believe that there are many in the West capable of recognizing beauty — and they have recognized the beauty that Islam was in the hands of Rumi, and also have recognized the potential of that beauty in Islam today, in Muslims today. This is another way of saying that I believe there are many in the West who are driven by the humanity of the Muslim, who faces daily in Iraq, in Punjab, in subversive mosques in Europe, the inhumanity of a utilitarian death theology.

We — this is the 'we that refers to all those who fight injustice — did not exclude the helpers when the evil was Jim Crow. Nor when the evil was the patriarchy which denied female equality. In fact, if reformist Islam is to stand a chance, it has to be open to those who want to help. There has never been a case in history where change has occurred without participation by some members of the dominant discourse joining in the efforts of those who agitate for change.

Man has always come to the assistance of man. The Helpers of Medina to the migrants of Mecca; Indians to the Pilgrims; Ottomans to the Sephardigm; Albanian Muslims to the Jews of Europe. There are men and women in the West who wish to be of assistance to us. So what if they sometimes say things that you find offensive or incorrect. To correct them by way of friendship is much better than to sneer at them. We must judge them, not by their ancestors' history, but by their love of the oppressed.

We are clear, are we not, that there has been one too many tyranny? We are clear, are we not, that there has been one too many Bin Laden? One too many 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, and Aksari Shrine and Shia massacre and Baha'i jailing and Jew-baiting. One too many Bamiyan Buddhas. One too many novelists accused. One too many suicides. The task ahead will be difficult enough. If, then, there are those who will link their arms with us, we must not hesitate.

Those do not sound like the words of a person who could be called an Islamofascist, as far as I'm concerned. Now, obviously, recently, many of us have thought Eteraz has been somewhat belligerent, posting about a group he called a "Christian terrorist organization", and refusing to back down when confronted with the facts that the group actually seemed to function more like a cult of personality centered around a leader who had created an amalgamation of multiple pseudo-religious ideologies, including the Wiccan religion.

It would have been a noble thing for Eteraz to have admitted he was wrong in this case. However, it seems he is now in the midst of throwing a prolonged temper tantrum because of the ill treatment he received here at this blog. I can't really say I blame him. I threw a temper tantrum at one of our fellow contributors the other night, when I thought she was comparing Christian fundamentalism to Islamic fundamentalism.

See, I told you I am a Christian apologist, even if I rarely wear that hat here at IBA. As an apologist for my religion, when someone points out its weaknesses, it is my natural inclination to say, "Yes, but ..." and then to launch into a discussion wherein I believe I am setting the weaknesses within the greater context of the overall Christian worldview. I try to show how many of my co-religionists misunderstand scripture, and misuse in ways which are hurtful, and embarrassing to me and God.

That's funny, isn't it?

But, all of my fellow-Christian IBA contributors have probably done the same thing, on many occasions. In fact, many of our Republican IBA contributors have probably done the same thing, when someone tries to characterize the Republican Party as being made up of right-wing religious weirdos.

"Well, no, the Republican Party stands for limited governent, because we believe in liberty for all, and that a man's property belongs to him, and should not be interfered with by the government."

"Well then, what about a man's intellectual property? Should the government be in the business of censoring intellectual property such a films, books, and satellite TV? The right-wing religious fanatics of the Republican Party sure do think so."

"Yes, that may be true, but, in general the Republican Party doesn't ... "

You get the picture. All of us are apologists for some ideology at some point in our life. The braver of us, think through life and make choices about our values and then we attempt to live by those values. Often, the older we get, the more clear and important these values will seem to us. We form alliances based upon the values. And, in doing so, we create mission statements, and catechisms, and platforms based upon our values, and we attempt to make laws based upon our values.

And, inevitably, some within our group will begin to attempt to stifle another group of people who we believe are important contributors to society. Still, though, we remain part of the group, because we recognize that most in the group believe in the same general thing that we, personally, do. And, besides, one can get more done as part of a group, than one can as an individual (that's the whole idea behind Infidel Bloggers Alliance, after all). So, we soldier on, apologizing for our group, when we are criticized for the bad behavior of some of those in our midst. And, we explain that that small group doesn't speak for all of us.

I'm sure many of us have even felt like that about some of the commentary here at IBA.

Obviously, my point is, Eteraz is an apologist for his religion, because he was brought up in it. It is the field from which his family bloomed. It is the backdrop of his life. It is the traditions and celebrations of the years, and of the major changes in his family.

That is an awful lot for a human to leave behind.

Some may choose to leave. But, some, such as Eteraz, may become entranced by an internal vision they have of how great it all could be, if they could only somehow figure out a way to minimize the damage that that small group (comparatively) of extremists does.

But, the problem is, within the Islamic world, while there may be just a comparatively small group of real hardcore extremists, those extremists control entire nations, universities, media outlets, and political action commitees. Those extremists control Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, The Sudan, Nigeria, Lebanon (for the most part), and Malaysia. Those extremists (through Saudi Arabia and Iran, primarily) fund Mosques all over the world, thereby distributing huge amounts of cash and ideological materials which support violent Jihad against the Infidel and the Jew.

Those extremists have gone a long way towards defining Islam as murder across the face of the Earth.

Eteraz and his fellow Muslim Reformers are but a still, small voice within an enormous squall of energy and destruction. But, we know that a still, small voice can sometimes become so powerful within our spirits that it can take over the entire world with it's peaceful message.

May the road rise to meet you, Eteraz, my friend.
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Fighting the Enemy

While I mostly focus on the Islamic culture and our culture’s inability to face the Islamic threat, I have some suggestions for a more effective foreign policy to counter Islamic aggression. See if you agree. Here’s a sample:

"After the Islamic attack of September 11th, bin Laden remained one of the top three admired Islamic figures by the vast majority of Muslims for years according to the Pew Research Center. But losing control of Afghanistan and Iraq was a major blow to the Islamic psyche. Islam, remember, is about land control and domination. Successfully waging war and conquering others are signs from Allah. Moses never made it to the Promised Land and Jesus never ruled. Mohammad slaughtered and conquered.

The euphoria after September 11th didn’t last. The Pew polls show that bin Laden is losing his popularity. His plan backfired after we easily gained control of two nations and surrounded a third poised to attack. Today it is common to hear Arabs talk about how 9/11 was a Zionist plot and an excuse to steal Muslim land. This is an admission that 9/11 was a failure resulting in the loss of control to a foreign power of what was once the heart of the Caliphate: Baghdad.

The prevailing view is that the enemy can’t be stopped with a deterrent because they are willing to die. This, of course, is enemy propaganda meant to project an image of invincibility and demoralize our efforts. …"

from Establishing a Deterrent
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Ordinary Muslims want Amputations & Death for Apostasy

Well, well. No real suprises here for the more learned amongst us us, however I invite you over to a nice cosy chat over this little Islamic forum. This started off life with Tu S Tin having some comments on her blog Outside The Box from a seemingly normal Muslim blogger residing in the United Arab Emirates...

How can you justify execution for choosing to leave Islam?

apostasy is punishable by death, based on a hadith, or oral tradition, that the Islamic prophet Muhammad said: "If anyone (a Muslim) changes his religion, kill him."
and death it should be..this is the law of islam,there is no compultion in religion but once a person accepts islam he has to follow it till death.

Equality for all:

treating moslims differently from non-moslims:
َQuran 68:35
we can't make moslims equal to non-moslims, and more we can't allow non-moslim to poison the minds of non-educated plebeians, but he still can debate with scholars as he likes, this why non-moslims should have their devotions surrounded by rules that prevent them from affecting the islamic state's harmony, but unlike christians who disallow other religions in their religious countries and revise what they have done in Andalus.

Moral equivalence, defence of barbarity, and outright lies all rolled into one:

stoning, lashes, and cutting stealer's hand, has resulted in the lowest crime rate all over the history.
during the first 40 years of islamic country, there have only been 5 thieves who deserved cutting a hand, now do you know how many robberies occur in USA? i mean per minute, not per 40 years.

Oh, and Eteraz's site is filth

Then i went and checked jonz blog its called "DRUNKEN BLOGGING AND SHIT" here is the link http://drunkenblogging.blogspot.com/ and serching through the blog i came to the source of these rediculous questions and filth http://eteraz.wordpress.com/2006/05/05/should-reformists-use-apostasy/

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Update on Mohammed cartoons

Participants will discuss ways of overcoming ignorance of Islam and Muslims that fuel Islamophobia in the West.
They will also address a host of speeches on the phenomenon and the status of Muslims in the West.
One of the speeches will discuss reasons of perceiving Islam as a threat to the West.
Another speech will tackle Islam and peace as personified in the life of Prophet Muhammad.
A documentary about Islamophobia in the previous years will also be viewed during the event.

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The one where you wonder if the world is too screwed up to make it

I Was an Icelandic "War Criminal"

I looked forward to returning to Iceland. It had been seven years since I last lectured there, and I remembered it as a beautiful, rugged country, great for hiking and swimming. I was scheduled to deliver four lectures on Iran, Iraq, and transformative diplomacy at the Universities of Iceland and Reykjavik, and at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Keflavik.

This trip would not be so smooth. Word of trouble began to percolate in the morning of the first lecture.

A local antiwar activist was demanding my arrest as a war criminal. My crimes were multifold: Writing an article blaming Saddam Hussein—not United Nations sanctions—for Iraqi deaths, and then advocating for Iraqi liberation. This made me responsible for “war-crimes and violating international law by indirectly causing the invasion of Iraq.”

Yes, that's right ...supporting getting rid of Saddam Hussein = You are Hitler

Does anyone else feel like thay are inside Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED?

Continue reading "The one where you wonder if the world is too screwed up to make it" »

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Hope for avoiding the armed clash has always lain with the ladies

Women clerics challenge influence of Al Qaida, Wahabis



Morocco - (SUB Needed Bill Gertz' private site)

King Mohammed has embarked on what has never taken place in the 1,300-year history of Islam. He has established a network for the training and employment of Islamic women clerics in an effort to fight Al Qaida philosophy, based on the Wahabi sect of Islam sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

The program has graduated its first class of women clerics.

Officials said they hope women clerics will introduce Islamic preaching to support women's rights and promote kindness. This would be in contrast to the Wahabi philosophy that preaches hate against those who are not part of the sect.

"This is a rare experiment in the Muslim world," said Mohammed Mahfoud, director of the center that trained the first class of women.

The center is affiliated with the Islamic Affairs Ministry. So far, 50 women have graduated from a course to prepare them to become preachers in mosques and other places.

Mohammed understood the need for a dramatic change in Islamic teaching after Morocco was rocked by a massive Al Qaida strike in May 2003. At least 10 Al Qaida-aligned suicide bombers struck Casablanca, killing 33 people and injuring scores of others.

Mohammed was not surprised by the attacks. He knew Al Qaida had long targeted Morocco for its liberal and pro-Western approach and tolerance of religions other than Islam. Mohammed, who succeeded his father King Hassan in 1999, preached reconciliation and peace and approved the establishment of a commission to examine the abuse of the former regime.

Continue reading "Hope for avoiding the armed clash has always lain with the ladies" »

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Move along, nothing to see here...we're shocked, shocked

More Uranium Reportedly Found in Iran

claude_shocked.jpg I just can't believe it.

The U.N. atomic agency found traces of highly enriched uranium at an Iranian site linked to the country's defense ministry, diplomats said Friday, adding to concerns that Tehran was hiding activities aimed at making nuclear arms.

The diplomats, who demanded anonymity in exchange for revealing the confidential information, said the findings were preliminary and still had to be confirmed through other lab tests. But they said the density of enrichment appeared to be close to or above the level used to make nuclear warheads


OOPSI !! But wait, it will be YEARS AND YEARS before there's anyting to worry about, right?

Continue reading "Move along, nothing to see here...we're shocked, shocked" »

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"Unwilling" Self-Negation

Am I being hypersensitive or is this totally uncalled for, "Jews During Holocaust Reviled for Being 'Muslim.'"
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There is something rotten in the State of Denmark

There is a need for some serious spring cleaning. Let me give you some examples - but first let's observe threats from somewhere around Afghanistan.

Comments in parenthesis are mine.
A prominent member of al-Qaeda in a video call for Muslims to attack Denmark, Norway and France. The three countries must be destroyed because they permitted the Mohammed drawings. This according to the Libyan, Mohammed Hassan a.k.a. Sheikh Abu Yahia al-Libi, who as one of four last year fled from an American military jail on the Bagram air force base in Afghanistan. The video was put on the Internet Thursday. The charming gentleman dressed in a military uniform while shaking a rifle states: "Destroy their buildings, make their ground shake and transform them (the Danes) into an ocean of blood."

Back in Denmark, the Danish Government consequently today stated: "We do take the threats seriously".

As they should. You see, this friend of Denmark, Kasem Ahmad, the spokesman of the Islamic Society of Faith in Denmark, states to a Danish newspaper:

"In the future it will be much easier to recruit terrorists for actions in Denmark. You are the ones who will be hurt. You have to live with the terror".

He is angry about the news, that the controversial imam, Abu Laban, seems to have decided to leave Denmark and move to Gaza. (More about Abu Laban later.)

"There is such a poisonous atmosphere against Muslims in Denmark (I wonder why?). Therefore it will not be difficult to find Muslims, who voluntarily will sacrifice themselves in acts of terrorism in Denmark. I am sure there are many who will do the tasks (Of course terrorism is a task. You can use MS outlook for keeping them up to date).

The Danish newspaper journalist asks: "Are there people here in this local mosque, who are willing to perform acts of terrorism after Abu Laban leaves?"

"Yes, definitely", Kasem Ahmad confirms and continues:

"It has nothing to do with the leaving of Abu Laban. But the mood is now so bad that it must have consequences. "

When you look at what four independent terrorists managed in the London bombings, it is not difficult to imagine similar deranged individuals in Denmark.

The infamous imam, Abu Laban, who lives in Denmark, was mentioned above. He was one of the imams traveling around the Middle East showing off the cartoons from the Danish Newspaper as well as a few much more juicy drawings made up for the occasion. Recently he has made a pledge to move out of Denmark and live in the Gaza Strip with his wife and children. He does not feel welcome in Denmark anymore.

Quite right, as he is not a Danish citizen and as such surely has outstayed his welcome. Quite a few politicians have stated their intent to have his permit of residence reconsidered. Also quite a few common Danes have made complaints to the police about his anti Denmark campaigns and judicial proceedings are imminent.

But I suppose his wife and children have rebelled against the decision to exchange hateful Denmark with the peaceloving Palestinians - as can be read in Jyllandsposten (article in Danish) today:
»I have never said I would leave Denmark voluntarily. But if the law demands I must leave, then I will of course leave."
Of course Jyllandsposten have his previous statements on leaving on tape. But we all know the Islamists change opinion according to convenience and purposes of deception.

This horrific story appeared in the Danish news. It is beyond comprehension - and I wish it to be false. Alas, it was reported yesterday by nearly all Danish MSM:
Boy pursued by 50 boys

Monday, young boy, followed by 50 very upset first and second grade (!) school boys armed with sticks and iron pipes (!), had to flee through the school yard of the Hans Christian Andersen school in the city of Odense.

The cause of the anger?: The boy had used swear words in connection with Islam.

The parents of the school's 378 students have in letter from the school been asked to discuss with their children how the situation could develop so badly.

The trouble started at the school's playing ground, when a little boy said: "F... the Quran." Afterwards he became involved in heated discussion with his class mates from the first and second grade.

Shortly afterwards the boy had to flee.

However, the school staff managed to stop the chase before anybody got hurt.

"The boys pursuing were a group of boys of Danish (dhimmies in training) and foreign (terrorists in training) ethnicity, so it was not a clear case of ethnic or religious conflict (sure...)", states school director, Jørgen Schaldemose.

The director considers the episode one of small school children trying to push limits (yes - in Palestine it is quite normal) and is completely satisfied with the school's reaction.

The school has in strong terms told the involved it will not accept such utterings nor the consequent reaction.

Were it only in Denmark the rot was propagating, I would worry little. But the fact is -all of Europe and the entire Muslim world is affected. The rot is called Islamism. What they do in the Muslim world is mainly up to Muslims themselves. However, I suggest a thorough cleaning out in Europe.
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How to Deter the U.S.

Guest Editorial by Edward Cline:

In the May 9th New York Sun, Daniel Pipes, in “How to Deter Tehran,” listed and discussed three options open to the U.S. in its face-off with Iran.

The first option is to accept without reservation Iran’s assertion that it is only processing nuclear fuel for “peaceful” purposes, and that in time President Ahmadinejad will be muzzled and constrained by Iranians who don’t share his confidence that he is the new “Mahdi,” destined to set the world straight. Pipes rightly dismisses this as an exercise in fantasy.

The second option is a military one, to destroy Iran’s nuclear fuel processing capabilities so that it could not produce nuclear weapons. “Military analysts,” writes Pipes, “posit that American airpower, combined with good intelligence and specialized ordnance, suffice to do the needed damage in a matter of days; plus, it could secure the Straits of Hormuz.”

Pipes qualifies the logic of this option by citing two “unfavorable consequences”: outraged Muslim public opinion against the U.S. and the effect it would have on the world oil market. Aside from moving the “now-alienated Iranian population to rally to its government,” he paints another “unfavorable consequence,” as well: “Globally, air strikes would inflame already hostile Muslim attitudes toward the United States, leading to a surge in support for radical Islam and a further separation of civilizations. News reports indicate that Tehran is funding terrorist groups so that they can assault American embassies, military bases, and economic interests, step up attack in Iraq, and launch rockets against Israel.”

“Even if Western military forces can handle these challenges, air raids may cause Iranians and their supporters to withhold oil and gas from the market, engage in terror against the energy infrastructure, and foment civil unrest, all of which could create an economic downturn rivaling the energy-induced recession of the mid-1970s.”

The third option Pipes lists is international cooperation to put pressure on Iran, either through the United Nations or by persuading other countries that it would be in their best interests to “convince Iranians of the terrible repercussions for them of defying the international consensus.”

Pipes asserts in his article that the political leadership of Iran is “divided, with important elements dubious about the wisdom of proceeding with nukes….Other influential sectors of [Iranian] society -- religious, military and economic in particular -- also worry about the headlong rush.” “A campaign by Iranians to avoid confrontation could well prevail,” writes Pipes, “as Iran does not itself face an atomic threat.”

Two questions must be posed here: Is the Iranian “oligarchy” so splintered and concerned about international “isolation” that it could gag Ahmadinejad and put its West-hating mullahs on leashes? And why shouldn’t Iran be faced with an “atomic threat”? It is, after all, posing that very same threat to the West, and in particular, to Israel, which Ahmadinejad and his underlings insist should be wiped from the map of the Mideast.

Pipes rightly dismisses the first option as wishful thinking. He concedes that the second option, immediate military action, is a step in the right direction, but agrees with Senator John McCain of Arizona that it is less worse an option than a nuclear-armed Iran.

But his preferred third option would require the diplomatic equivalent of a conga line, necessitating the willingness of Russia and China to join it. But the “terrible repercussions” of international isolation and economic sanctions, presumably administered by the U.N., do not ring with promise, if the sanctions and isolation imposed on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq are any guide.

Further, Russia and China are not likely to agree to anything harsher than a slap on Iran’s wrist. Russia is supplying Iran with the very technology that would help Iran create nuclear weapons (with dictator Vladimir Putin assuring President Bush that he continues to be an ally on the war on terror), while totalitarian China has just signed a trade pact with Iran that includes what might be characterized as an “oil for vetoes on the U.N. Security Council” deal.

There are several things wrong with the last two options.

If it is true that military strikes against Iran might cause the Iranian populace to “rally to its government,” should such a possibility act as a brake on U.S. policy and action? No. If that populace is so fickle, why should we care how it might respond to the U.S. acting in its self-defense? During World War Two, German and Japanese populations “rallied” to their governments. Our policy then was to bomb them into submission and bring home the repercussions of supporting tyranny and sanctioning aggression. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were subsequently and roundly defeated. The ultimate deterrence of aggressive tyranny is its destruction.

If military strikes would raise the level of Muslim “public opinion” against the U.S., should that act as a brake? No. Why should we care about what the Muslim world thinks of the U.S.? The U.S. is already hated and isolated. Should a rise in the emotional intensity of hatred be a factor in formulating a proper policy for dealing with our enemies?

Pipes provides a clue to his own perspective in his article. He writes:

“…Air strikes would inflame already hostile Muslim attitudes toward the United States, leading to a surge in support for radical Islam and a further separation of civilizations.”

Islam is by its nature “radical”; it can neither be tamed nor made “moderate,” no more than communism, Nazism, or Bushido can be modified to “coexist” with their political antipodes. It is fundamentally a creed of conquest. The notion of a “peaceful” Islam is as ludicrous as expecting a Doberman to behave like a Pekinese. It cannot be coaxed into passive “tolerance” of ideas and institutions it is compelled to oppose and destroy.

As for worrying about a further “separation of civilizations,” the further apart they are, the better. The West, if it seeks to preserve its identity, has nothing to gain from Islam. The only way they can be brought closer is for one or the other to submit: either the West submits to Islam, and no longer is the West but a gigantic theocracy, or Islam submits to the West, and would no longer be Islam, if it began imbibing the ideas of freedom, individualism, and capitalism.

But the West is not advancing freedom, individualism and capitalism. Or even reason. It has virtually abandoned the values that define it and distinguished it from the rest of the world. It is seeking rapprochement with an ideology that is dedicated to their final eradication.

It is a philosophical conflict that exists, not merely a geopolitical one. However much one might wish for reconciliation between the West and Islam, it will not change the fact that they are mortal enemies. It is an issue of reason versus faith allied with force.

President Ahmadinejad of Iran seems to know this. It would explain the smugness that colors his sneering pronouncements about the U.S. and his confidence that it can be stared down in a contest of chicken. It is the root of his hubristic, mocking certainty, that, morally, the U.S. is a paper tiger.

The only practical, realistic option open to the U.S. to resolve a crisis of its own making -- to prevent the crisis from becoming even more “complex” and untenable, tangled as it is in economic and “humanitarian” considerations -- is to bite the bullet, attack Iran and destroy it. Only then will that “now-alienated” Iranian populace seek to overthrow the government responsible for inviting such devastation to be visited upon it. Islam would be discredited throughout the Muslim world, which would begin to collapse into itself.

While the West, in particular the U.S., wrings its hands over how to deter a nuclear-armed Iran, Iran can count on a more lethal weapon of mass destruction to deter the West and the U.S from annihilating him and his agenda of destruction.: philosophical bankruptcy and a commitment to unprincipled pragmatism.

Crossposted at The Dougout.
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Muslims find yet another excuse for outrage

Just when the Cartoon Jihad was getting a bit stale, wouldn't you know it... so Muslims have managed to manufacture yet another pretext for Muslim Outrage™. Actually, the Cartoon Jihad itself has conveniently provided the jumping off point for this new episode of Muslim Outrage™.

Here's the story, from International Herald Tribune:
After months of angry protests against the publication of 12 caricatures of the (alleged) Prophet Muhammad, first printed in a small Danish newspaper last year, Europe appeared relieved that the anger in the Islamic world has seemed to dissipate.

But the case of Amer Cheema, a Pakistani who was arrested in March after allegedly trying to assassinate a newspaper editor in Berlin, and then died on May 3 while in police custody, has stoked anti-German sentiment in some parts of the Muslim world.

Honest to God, you can't make this stuff up.

Catch the rest over at Pedestrian Infidel, now proud to be Mike Jericho's Bane of Allah.
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Infidel Mojo's Top 10 Examples of Liberal Hypocrisy

Our resident scholar over at What Would Charles Martel Do? really tore it up this morning. I wanted to share this, reason number 5, and urge you to read the rest here. Like I said, he really tore into this subject and minced no words. Ouch.

5. Christians
One of my favorite arguments thrown out by Lefties currently is to lambast Christians (all Christians) as intolerant monsters who are not living up to the teachings of Jesus. If a Christian takes a stand, they immediately tell you that you aren’t behaving like a Christian. The very idea of a group of people who have never read the Bible and consider Christ nothing more than an icon to be debased in novelty statuary or insulting jokes is preposterous. Having never read the Bible, the assumption is that Jesus was someone akin to Ted from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – a slow-witted hippy incapable of passing judgment, spouting off “It’s all good, Dude” to every affront that comes his way. However, if Liberals took the time to read anything from the New Testament, they would realize that Jesus did take a stand and pass judgment. “Do What Thou Will Shall Be The Whole Of The Law” is the creed of Anton LaVey, not Christians. The Wiccan version is “Do What Thou Will, Harm No One”, and while is more sensitive than the Church of Satan in regardto others, it also tacitly accepts the idea that any and all behavior is acceptable as long as it doesn’t harm someone directly. So be it. However, Liberals should not expect Christians to follow suit. The real meaning behind the Liberal call for Christians to act more like Christ is that they simply want us to shut up and happily remain the butt of their jokes. If we do speak up, it should only be done to bolster their position (Liberals love the fact that the Pope is opposed to the death penalty but would rather he not have the audacity to condemn communism, gay marriage, or abortion). When they say Christians should be more like Christ, what they are saying is that they should be silently resigned to ridicule and abuse. I await the day Liberals call on Muslims to act more like Mohammed. The streets will no doubt run with blood and explosions will be heard on every corner.
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Some news that maybe you have missed

Firstly, about Italy:
An article on L’Opinione reports (in Italian) that anti-globalization and communist groups based in Italy, among which is the infamous “anti-imperialist camp” (that collecting “Euros for the Iraqi resistance”) coordinated with Islamic terrorists in Iraq to attack our troops in Nassiryiah.
You can read it here with a background of the situation.

Also, people are fleeing from Mogadiscio due to the heavy fighting.

A roundup on Israel-Palestine news.

And, lastly, Ayatollah Jannati claims the Ahmadenijad's letter was divinely inspired.

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Long Live Arabistan

Hyprocrisy, the 22nd state, the partition of the mandate and so much more, make sure you don't overlook this article :

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a letter to President George W. Bush this past May 8th in which, among other things, he proclaimed Israel’s alleged original sin and the need to create another state for Arabs in the region.

Well, since he insists, there’s a way to meet at least some of his demands’ sort of.

As the lion's share of the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine was handed over to Arab nationalism in 1922 with the creation of what would later be renamed Jordan, a more than just partition of the land favoring the Arabs had already been completed between the two nationalisms competing for it. Indeed, Arabs wound up with some 80% of the total area.

So, the real place where justice for Arabs has not yet been addressed and still remains to be achieved is in ‘hold onto your seats’ Iran itself.

During the 7th century C.E., Arab Caliphal imperialist armies burst out of the Arabian Peninsula and colonized, settled, forcibly Arabized, and spread Islam by a conquering sword in all directions.

Judaea, renamed Palestine (for the Jews' historic enemies, the Philistines) by conquering Romans after the second revolt of the Jews for their freedom, became occupied by Arabs at this time. And so did Iran

Using southern Iraq as a springboard, southwestern Iran--Khuzestan province in particular--traded back and forth between invading Arab and Iranian rulers.

While it became subsequently linked to Iran despite repeated Arab invasions over the centuries, Khuzestan became so extensively Arabized that, in Safavid times (16th-18th centuries C.E.), the province was commonly known as Arabistan. In modern times, not until Iran’s Reza Shah defeated him in 1924, the Arab Sheikh of Muhammarah ruled much of the area.

Arabs have remembered all of this very well.

Indeed, once again Iraqi-based Arabs--this time under Saddam's banner--launched the long and bloody Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s that was largely fought over this oil-rich and strategically important area Khuzestan for Persians, Arabistan for Arabs.

To deal with this problem, Iran has ruthlessly suppressed any manifestations of Arab nationalism by any and all means necessary. By the early 20th century, a proposal had been put forward to even outlaw the Arabic language.

More recently, here’s some excerpts as to how the British Ahwazi Friendship Society reported the situation on July 29, 2005:

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) released a statement condemning the recent violent repression of ethnic minorities in Iran following the election of right-wing hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Pointing to clashes between security forces and Ahwazi Arabs and Kurds, Nicola Dell'Arciprete, UNPO Assistant General Secretary, said: "The UNPO condemns the Government's repressive policies against all the Iranian citizens. Iran is a multi-ethnic country in which half of the population belongs to ethnic minorities such as Azeri, Gilaki and Mazandarani, Kurds, Arabs, Lurs, Balochis, Turkmen

Now recall how Ahmadinejad likes to sit on his high moral horse lecturing Israel about such things. He did so again in his recent letter to President Bush.

'Palestine' underwent partition so, as on the Indian subcontinent (with the creation of Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan) and elsewhere, the political rights of competing nationalisms could at least be addressed. Had Arabs accepted the additional 1947 partition plan, they would have wound up with about 90% of the borders of the original 1920 Palestine Mandate. They rejected the 1947 division of the remaining 20% of the land left after purely Arab Jordan was created from the rest of it in 1922 because, in Arab eyes, there is no justice other than their own.

Jews--like Kurds or Berbers or Assyrians or Copts or black African Sudanese, and so forth--were entitled to nothing in what Arabs like to call their exclusive "purely Arab patrimony." Note that the vast majority of Arabs were newcomers into the Mandate themselves as the Records of the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League Of Nations and other solid documentation testify to.

Ahmadinejad refuses to acknowledge any of this, claims all Israeli Jews were from Europe (tell that to Israel’s Iranian-born President), and the like, yet answers the political aspirations of millions of other non-Iranians living on his own soil only with massacre and repression.

Hypocrisy at its worse

Turning to the Arabs of Khuzestan / Arabistan in particular, at any hint of unrest, Iran has been quick to act in its own national interests. Arabs have been ethnically cleansed from the area and replaced by others.

As just one of many examples, when Arabs of the Nahda (Renaissance) movement bombed Iranian targets not long ago in Ahwaz and elsewhere, Iran arrested thousands of them and set out to "fix" the problem by any means necessary.

Iranians continuously do likewise to Kurds, Baluchis, and others as well who dare to assert their own political rights. Thousands have been killed as a result over the years in the name of Iranian nationalism.

So, this all begs the question of both the man and the nation he represents...

Why does justice supposedly demand that the sole, microscopic state of the Jews--half of whom were refugees from the 'Arab'/Muslim world--consent to national suicide so Arab settlers and colonizers can have their 22nd state and second one in Palestine, but Arabistan should not gain independence from Iran as well?

If a Palestine much smaller than Iran could undergo partition in the name of justice for diverse peoples, then why not Iran? Arabs already got the lion’s share of justice in the partition of the original 1920 borders of Palestine.

So, Ahmadinejad, you’re correct.

It’s indeed time for the Arabs’ 22nd state to be born...

Long live Arabistan!

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Symposium Report: Part Three

Islam and the Criminal Mind

Dr. Babu Suseelan, professor in clinical psychology and Director of Addiction Research Institute in Pennsylvania was the second speaker at the April 29, 2006 Symposium and made the following statements early in his presentation:

“The ideology behind terrorism is Islam. Period."

“The whole history of Islam has been death and destruction.”

Those statements got the immediate attention of the listeners. The first third of the presentation included several hot-button statements such as the above, as well as substantiation.

In the middle portion of his speech, Dr. Suseelan drew parallels between the Islamic mind and the criminal mind...

Read the rest here.
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Ahmadinejad Says That Letter was a Call to Islam

Just like we've been discussing, this is the classic call to Islam for the infidels, IMO before the fan starts getting hit hard.

From: Islamic Republic News Agency

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Thursday that his letter to President George W. Bush did not concern the nuclear dossier, but rather was an invitation to Islam and the prophets culture.
He made the above remarks in reply to a reporter while attending press conference on his letter to President Bush in Jakarta in the afternoon of the third day of his stay in Jakarta.
Stressing that the letter was beyond the nuclear issue, the chief executive said that in principle, the country's nuclear case is not so significant to make him write a letter about it.
"We act according to laws and our activities are quite clear. We are rather intent on solving more fundamental global matters.
"The letter was an invitation to monotheism and justice, which are common to all divine prophets. If the call is responded positively, there will be no more problems to be solved," added the president.
The president said that the letter actually contained a clear message of invitation to human beliefs, adding that its response will determine the future.
Concerning Iran's readiness to hold talks with the US, he said that Iran is in favor of dialogues, but it depends on the conditions.
"We hold talks with our allies, such as Indonesia, quite smoothly. However those intending to speak to us with authority should attempt to change their attitude," he added.
About the possibility of military attack on Iran, he said that psychological war is quite likely and expressed his doubt about the military option.
In response to a question about suspension of enrichment, the president said that Iran will agree to suspend the process only if all those having access to nuclear fuel will suspend theirs and let their relevant facilities be inspected.
"Otherwise, we do not find it necessary to suspend our uranium enrichment and consider the call for it as unfair and will continue to reject it,"
In reply to another question whether Iran will need the assistance of other Islamic states in its nuclear issue, he said that the country has the potential to defend itself.
"However, given that we do not merely defend our own nation, we wish to feel the presence of our allies, including Indonesia as one of our closest friends," he added.
In response to a question about Indonesia's mediation between Iran and the US, he said that if such dialogue has to take place for the sake of global peace and detente, Iran prefers Indonesia to be one of the negotiators.


GREAT links to other stories on related issues on this site.
Hat-Tip: The Mighty Ronin, who breaks news faster than anyone
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Two Chicks In Burqas Eating Spaghetti: The "Lady And the Tramp" Remix

The Unknown IBA Contributor (a serious blogger who can't afford to make his presence known at our incendiary outpost) sent this over to me to post.

Click here to see the video of two Islamic chicks in burqas attempting to eat spaghetti.
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Just a Bit of Fun

OK, this may not be relevant particularly, but it's good for a laugh....I HOPE! I just had a lot of fun with this little video, and wanted to invite you guys to see it either here or at What Would Charles Martel Do?

It's me having a little fun with the "media". Not really a VLOG. Anyway, tell me if it sucks or not.
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Did Arabs Also Discover Atlantis?

This revisionist nonsense never seems to end. It must be the result of amoral publicity hounds or those with a serious inferiority complex. First there was the Chinese discovery of America, now some person is saying Arabs beat both the Vikings and Columbus to the New World:

Now some are suggesting that Muslims came to the Americas, possibly as early as the 700s. These researchers argue that Muslims came from Islamic Spain, particularly the port of Delba (Pelos) during the rule of Caliph Abdullah Ibn Mohammed (888-912). A book by a Muslim historian details the story of a Muslim navigator on a journey across the ocean to an unknown land, where they found much treasure. The historian, Abul-Hassan Al-Masudi, added a map of the world to his book, one that contained “a large area in the ocean of darkness and fog (the Atlantic Ocean) which he referred to as the unknown territory (the Americas).

Could an Arab Dhow have made it across the Atlantic and back? I doubt it. This is simply the attempt by some for a backwards culture, which peaked about a thousand years ago, to appropriate the achievements of others. Truly sad.

Crossposted at The Dougout.
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Noam Chomsky hits new low, gets steamshovel

Radical American thinker and MIT professor Noam Chomsky met with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut today and branded the U.S. a terrorist state

. hezbollah_salute.jpg
"I think that Nasrallah has a reasoned argument and a persuasive argument that they (the weapons) should be in the hands of Hizbollah as a deterrent to potential aggression and there is plenty of background and reasons for that. So, I think his position, if I am reporting it correctly, and it seems to be a reasonable position, is that until there is a general political settlement in the region and the threat of aggression and violence is reduced or eliminated, there has to be a deterrent. The Lebanese army cannot be a deterrent."


Continue reading "Noam Chomsky hits new low, gets steamshovel" at VWT»

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The High Price of Ignorance

The Sandmonkey has a post up regarding the Moussaoui trial and the GWOT that I totally agree with.

It's not because its a war that can not be won- because it can be- and it's not because it's not fought right, because it is. It's mainly because that Americans do not have the conviction to carry it through. I hate to say this american readers, but your people have gone soft.

It's not your fault, well it kind of is, but not really. You got too pamperd, read too many self-help books and listend to far too many leftists and pop psychologists who filled you with all sorts of moraly relative defeatist crap. There used to be a time when the USA was the deciding factor in ending 2 world wars and facing down a cold war. That Generation, unfortunately, is no more. There is a softer, more compliant and femenized generation who has taken over now. And it's becoming a sad sight.

You want proof? How about the Moussaoui trial?

The man admits being a terrorist, admits wanting to fly a 5th 9/11 plane and with the confessions and the evidence the Jury would not give him the death penalty, opting to give him life in priosn instead. You know why? Cause
some felt bad for his childhood .

On the first count of conspiracy to commit international terrorism, nine cited his unstable early childhood including stays in orphanages and a lack of emotional and financial support, and nine also cited physical and emotional abuse by his father.

Cause, of course, unstable childhoods that lack emotional support completly justify or excuse wanting and planning to kill hundreds of people. Yes, that makes sense. It also makes sense to put him in prison for life, where he will live until he dies of old age, while your tax dollars pay for his food, housing and health insurance. That makes sense. After all, if he chose that path, he must be a victim himself.


What? Not convinced? Want more evidence?

Ok, how about your attitude towards the Iraq war? Let's review that one quickly, shall we?

You have 135000 troops in Iraq, of which 2500 died, after a major war, invasion and a 3 year occupation with an insurangncy that at least conducts 10 terrorist attacks daily and uses mortars, and not bullets, when shooting at your troops. You know what's a 2500 out of 135000 is? Not even 2% fatality rate. I repeat, after a major invasion and a 3 year occupation that the press loves to call a quagmire, the american military has only sufferd less than 2% fatality rate. Now, go to any military person you know, hell, any historian, and ask them if this fatality rate means that the Americans are losing and that the insurgents are winning. Don't get mad when he starts laughing at your face. The Media militray experts were expecting a 5% fatality rate just for the invasion people. And 3 years and countless comaprisons to Vietnam later, you didn't even crack the 2% rate. But sure, you are losing the war and the death rate is too high. Riight.

This is a war you did not want, but one that came to you. This is a war with people who don't mind dying as long as they kill you. This is a war of conviction, and you are found lacking. If you don't get that you have to be twice as resolute and equally as ruthless as your enemy, you will lose this war, sooner or later. I mean, do you even wonder why Moussaoui had the last laugh?

Moussaoui, as he was led from the courtroom after the 15-minute hearing, said: "America, you lost. … I won." He clapped his hands as he was escorted away.

This is the comment that I left:

I totally agree with you SM. We Americans are spoiled. Except for Pearl Harbor, we had not experienced any real violence created by an enemy until 9/11. Far too many people look at the world as a modern entity. Ideological wars are something that you read about in the history books.

Ignorance is never bliss, you either pay now or you pay later with an extremely high interest rate. Until 9/11, I was a Democrat who hated war. After 9/11, I decided to learn as much as I could about what happened. I discovered that we had been hit here before at the WTC, that we had been attacked a few other times in other countries. To me, these all were acts of war and nothing really was done about it.

Now, many people cannot seem to comprehend all of the reasons we went to Iraq. On it’s own, Iraq failed a whole line of requirements that the UN had set out. So, the WMD/no WMD issue is just a leftie talking point that they have chosen to spit out at every opportunity, but it was a very small piece of the reason. In the grant scheme, Iraq is only a small piece of the war and unless more people in our country finally decide to start learning about what we are dealing with, the price we will pay someday will be so big, it will affect the majority of our country and quite possibly a very large part of the world.

A comfortable, safe and ignorant life is grand. But, if you want to keep that life it is always necessary to protect it. And yes, even in this day and age, that can and does require blood.

Ask the military. Afterall, it is their lives that are being taken away. And they do it willingly and with pride. Our part of this war is to become educated about the enemy and stop trying to thwart the effort.

Pay now or pay bigger later. The enemy isn’t going to surrender this time people.

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Today's Jihadist news

I have summed up them in a post. You can read it here.
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A Time To Act

Barbara Lerner has an excellent article on Iraq and Iran on National Review Online. Let me quote the climax of that article but it is worth reading the whole essay:

“A nuclear-armed Iran would change the balance of power in the world against us, and we cannot allow it to happen. It's time to stop pretending that a corrupt U.N. or an already half-dhimmified EU will prevent it. Neither can we afford to wait in hope that the millions of ordinary Iranians who despise the mullahs will overthrow them before they have nuclear weapons in quantity, and make good on their threat to spread them throughout the Islamofascist world. …

“Only America has both the courage and the military might to save these Iranians, along with ourselves and decent people of all religions everywhere, from the new age of barbarism that threatens us all. To do that, we must ignore the Chamberlains among us and rally behind our Churchills, and we must act.

“…. We need to get ready as quickly as possible to mount a major air assault, not just to take out as many of Iran's nuclear sites as we can find, but to defeat the rising evil behind them by aiming our bombs and missiles at Iran's leaders, its Revolutionary Guards, and the bully boys of the Basij too.

“But we cannot stop there; we also need to bomb Hezbollahland in Lebanon, and to close our own borders immediately in order to lessen the odds that Iranian proxies will succeed in carrying out the attacks on our soil that they are already planning. And of course, our Navy must be fully prepared to do what it takes to keep the Straits of Hormuz open, and to protect vital shipping lanes in the Gulf. The longer we wait, the costlier all of this will be to accomplish. Even now, Putin’s Russia is busily upgrading Iran's air defenses. A coalition of the willing can help a bit, but striking suddenly, before our enemies expect it and are fully prepared, will help more.

“Conventional wisdom tells us that history will judge George W. Bush by what happens in Iraq. It's not true. He will be judged by what he does about Iran, and so will we, for centuries to come. It is past time for him to focus the nation on the severity of the Iranian threat, and to mobilize and unify us to confront and defeat it”

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URGENT FLASH FROM MITZRAYIM- "82% of All Attempts to Corrupt Humanity Originate From the Jews" other 18% from Pat Robertson

A double winner !!!

Egyptian Cleric and Former Islamic Lecturer in the U.S. Hazem Sallah Abu Isma'il on Al-Risala TV: Lectures on the Jews' Conflicts With Islam's Prophet Muhammad, Stating U.N. Documents Assert "82% of All Attempts to Corrupt Humanity Originate From the Jews"

In the April 14, 2006, edition of his weekly show on Al-Resala TV, The Raids,in which he discusses the battles of the Prophet Muhammad, Egyptian cleric Hazem Sallah Abu Isma'il explains to his audience that, according to U.N. statistics, "Jews produce more than 82% of the video clips in the world," and adds that "82% of all attempts to corrupt humanity originate from the Jews."

Isma'il, a wealthy lawyer and businessman [1] who is also, according to Al-Jazeera TV, head of the Committee for Implementation of Shari'a of the Egyptian Lawyers' Union, [2] was a strong Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the Dokki district in the November 2005 elections in Egypt, but lost in a surprise upset to a member of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's party. [3]

According to the Saudi channel Iqra TV, Isma'il is the son of former Egyptian MP Sheikh Sallah Abu Isma'il, and spent some time in the U.S. with his mother Dr. Nawwal Nur, who lives in Los Angeles, with whom he preached and taught Islam there. In a July 15, 2004 interview with Iqra TV on the subject of 9/11, Isma'il stated that he believed that "these events [i.e. 9/11] were fabricated from the outset as part of the global groundwork for the distortion of Islam's image [...] a comprehensive global plan that includes a media aspect," and that "the authorities there [i.e. in the U.S.] don't want to conduct an investigation."

Of course not, they are all taking orders from the jewphones installed in their offices and homes. In fact Ariel Sharon didn't have a stroke, he's actually gone into double secret AIPAC-MOSSAD mode.

This is just a great article.


Continue reading "URGENT FLASH FROM MITZRAYIM- "82% of All Attempts to Corrupt Humanity Originate From the Jews" other 18% from Pat Robertson" at Villagers with Torches »

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Iran's Declaration of War

In December 1941, Adolf Hitler declared war on America. There was little need to debate; our parents knew what had to be done. Indeed, we started fighting the war on the European front even though it wasn’t Hitler who attacked us at Pearl Harbor. In preceding years we re-armed and although we had hoped to avoid entering the conflict it was becoming clear that it would be necessary.

Now we have Ahmadinejad’s declaration of war. An editorial in the New York Sun explains that contrary to the obfuscation in some quarters Ahmadinejad’s letter “is in fact a declaration of war.” After a list of grievances the letter ends with the ominous statement: “Peace only unto those who follow the true path.” This follows the example of Mohammad who “sent letters to the Byzantine emperor and the Sassanid emperor telling them to convert to the true faith of Islam or be conquered.”

For an extensive commentary see the previous post by Atlas, below. For further reading see my article here and here. Obviously, as in 1940, we hope to avoid war and, as then, it is becoming clear that we must face the painful truth that war is becoming inevitable. We ignored bin Laden’s declaration of war in 1998. We ignore Ahmadinejad’s only at our peril as he positions his attackers and procures his armaments.

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"I Cannot Be Complacent - I Can't Do It Anymore"

Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Harvard:

“So now I have to live with the fact that Theo Van Gogh is dead. Though I did not kill him, I have to live with the fact that he is dead.

I had protection before Theo Van Gogh was killed. I have to do what these gentlemen tell me to do. I have to comply. I comply with things I am told by the authorities. The emphasis on security... it has made me more radical. I cannot be complacent. Let others do it, it will go away - I can’t do that anymore.”

You just have to go read the rest.
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The Dalai Lama on Bush

Telegraph - 'Westerners are too self-absorbed':

"On my next visit, he didn't mind when I was blunt about the war. By my third visit, I was ushering him into the Oval Office. I was astonished by his grasp of Buddhism."
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Letter

Iran's Surrender Letter

I have re-read the letter. I want my readers to take a moment and read the letter, slowly.

The letter is a document of war. A declaration. The letter is an outline, an explanation, for Iran's planned attack(s). It addresses a litany of America's crimes against humanity (Israel among them.)The letter is a document for the historical record.

The president of Iran has sent us a surrender letter. It is written by an overlord. He says democracy is in decline; he says our intelligence is infiltrated (possibly, he hints, by Iran); and he asks Mr. Bush if he wants to flock to the Almighty God 'like everyone else', knowing full well that Bush is a religious man, and that he can only be referring to Allah (propeller beanie upon him.) This is no invitation to negotiate, or even talk, this looks to me like a "you have til sundown" moment. Has this been considered?

Indigo Red points out Islam requires that an enemy state be given the chance to convert to Islam before being attacked and killed. The letter has been mistranslated by changing Allah to God; equating G*d and Allah is misleading.

Ahmadinejad lays it all out. The secret prisons in Europe (thank you MaryMcCarthy and a left wing liberal press), Guantanamo Bay, and he makes the case for the world. He actually speaks on behalf of the world.

Here for the Middle East;

As you are well aware, I live amongst the people and am in constant contact with them --many people from around the Middle East manage to contact me as well. They dot not have faith in these dubious policies either. There is evidence that the people of the region are becoming increasingly angry with such policies.

Here for Latin America and Africa;

Don’t Latin Americans have the right to ask, why their elected governments are being opposed and coup leaders supported? Or, why must they constantly be threatened and live in fear?
The people of Africa are hardworking, creative and talented. They can play an important and valuable role in providing for the needs of humanity and contribute to its material and spiritual progress. Poverty and hardship in large parts of Africa are preventing this from happening. Don’t they have the right to ask why their enormous wealth – including minerals –is being looted, despite the fact that they need it more than others?

And the of course, he speaks of his own country's case for attack;

The brave and faithful people of Iran too have many questions and grievances, including: the coup d’etat of 1953 and the subsequent toppling of the legal government of the day, opposition to the Islamic revolution, transformation of an Embassy into a headquarters supporting, the activities of those opposing the Islamic Republic (many thousands of pages of documents corroborates this claim), support for Saddam in the war waged against Iran, the shooting down of the Iranian passenger plane, freezing the assets of the Iranian nation, increasing threats, anger and displeasure vis-à-vis the scientific and nuclear progress of the Iranian nation (just when all Iranians are jubilant and collaborating their country’s progress), and many other grievances that I will not refer to in this letter.

And finally, the declaration.

How much longer can the world tolerate this situation?
Where will this trend lead the world to?
How long must the people of the world pay for the incorrect decisions of some rulers?
How much longer will the specter of insecurity – raised from the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction – hunt the people of the world?
How much longer will the blood of the innocent men, women and children be spilled on the streets, and people’s houses destroyed over their heads? Are you pleased with the current condition of the world? Do you think present policies can continue?

He continues on a religious Islamic rant;

We also believe that Jesus Christ (PBUH) was one of the great prophets of the Almighty. He has been repeatedly praised in the Koran. Jesus (PBUH) has been quoted in Koran as well;[19,36] And surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord, therefore serves Him

There's more, much more "islamic teachings" but I'm not running it.

Liberalism and Western style democracy have not been able to help realize the ideals ofhumanity. Today these two concepts have failed. Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic systems.

And finally, the call to arms;

Whether we like it or not, the world is gravitating towards faith in the Almighty and justice and the will of God will prevail over all things.

Vasalam Ala Man Ataba’al hoda

Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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The UN, the officials and the reality

The UN tried to rejuvenate itself by recreating what it wanted to eliminate, a Council for Human Rights lead by human rights abusers. Chances are we will see in horror more of the same. However, while some are satisfied with the new organization, others are either skeptical or simply outraged.

- The first part of this post covers those developments at the UN, opposite reactions.

- The second part is a brief reminder of the UN involvement in the Food for Sex Scandal in Liberia.

- The third part is allocated to Sudan, the UN, the Officials and the others. - Compare analyses.

1- The new and revamped UN Human Rights Council, reactions:

Israel against the world. The new UN Human Rights Council is heading straight into the anti-Zionist morass that helped destroy the body it's meant to replace.

David Matas, Citizen Special
May 08, 2006
"We have witnessed the death throes of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, soon to be replaced by a newly created Human Rights Council. The inauguration of this body should rightly signal a promising new era in human rights-building. However, with the General Assembly due to elect members tomorrow to the Council and its first meeting set for June 19, the ostensibly new and improved body looks as if it will fall into the same pitfalls that led to the commission's abolition.
The commission was abolished because it had ceased to function. Human rights violators had come to realize that they could avoid accountability by becoming members of the commission and then diverting attention away from their violations. The principle diversionary tactic was to focus on Israel. Of the commission's two agenda items dealing with country-specific human rights violations, one was reserved solely for Israel, while the other was meant to cover the rest of the world.
The commission became an Israel-bashing consortium, automatically condemning whatever the Jewish state was doing to defend itself against terrorist attacks. For years, one-third of the time and the resolutions of the Human Rights Commission were devoted to Israel alone. At the same time, there were no resolutions on major human rights violators, not on China or Zimbabwe or Iran.
Will the new council be different? Although it was the UN in New York that decided to create the council, it will be the UN in Geneva deciding its agenda and working methods. In the Geneva discussions, Israel has been sidelined -- a bad sign..." Read the rest here at Difficult Images
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Money for nothing

Well, the US and the EU caved.
The United States bowed to pressure from its allies Tuesday and agreed to support a new program to temporarily funnel additional aid directly to the Palestinian people.
Temporary is never temporary when it comes to welfare.

Any money going to Palestinian Arabs who voted for terrorists gives the terrorists more money to buy bombs and missiles.
A surprise statement by Mideast peacemakers, issued after a day of closed-door diplomatic meetings, did not say precisely how much or what kind of aid they would provide. But the agreement seemed to underscore a concern that months of withholding most aid from the Palestinians, part of an effort to pressure the new Hamas-led government toward a more accommodating stance with Israel, was harming the Palestinian people.
The newspapers played their part - writing up stories about how Palestinian Arabs can't buy gas and aren't getting paid and are holding signs saying "hungry." When in fact, the Palestinian Arabs are in better shape than a good percentage of the world's people economically.

The United States and European Union have cut off direct aid to the Palestinian government while pledging to help meet the crushing humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people through charities and other means.

An entire nation on welfare, living it up and terrorizing the world on the world's dime. No real industry, no forward thinking, no creativity except for ways to build new rockets and tunnels. Sure, let's give them aid.

Speaking Wednesday in Ramallah on the West Bank, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh slammed the United States and its Western allies for demands on his government, but did not reject the temporary program.

The world should be more understanding that when they decide to give Arabs millions of dollars, they will get insulted in response. Saying "thank you" would violate his cultural norms, and we need to be sensitive to those.
"The Quartet brings from time to time conditions to force the government to concede the rights and recognize the legality of the occupation," Ismail Haniyeh said.

"I believe the government will remain faithful to the Palestinian rights and will keep seeking the equation that protects the Palestinian people. The financial crisis has never been a factor dividing the Palestinians. It will be a factor that unites them," he told reporters.

Of course, just a few days ago Palestinian Arabs started protesting Hamas because of their not getting any money. The Quartet cannot abide Arab protests against other Arabs, only against Denmark and other countries that offend Arabs.

Overseas donations, mostly from Europe, have long sustained the cash-strapped and bloated Palestinian government.

Isn't it interesting that everyone knows the government is "bloated" but no one dares suggest that the terror supporters slash, say, 75,000 jobs from their payroll? Nope, the donors do not have any say in such matters.

The new fund is supposed to administer only money for basic human needs. But both European and U.S. diplomats said that at some point it might be used to pay salaries for urgently needed doctors or teachers or for other services that the Hamas government otherwise would be expected to provide.

Ah yes, teachers who teach that Palestine is a country that extends from the Jordan to the Mediterranean, and it will be Jew-free, inshallah.

Frustrations rose to the surface over the weekend, when hundreds of Palestinians staged strikes and demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza to demand payment, the first public signs of discontent with Hamas' handling of the situation.

So at the exact time that it looks like the sanctions might have a positive effect in weakening the terror group Hamas, what does the West do?
European governments in particular have been alarmed at the worsening plight for unemployed Palestinians and concerned that charities and U.N. agencies could not meet the demand for services or handle the amount of money that might be needed, diplomats said.

They pressed the United States to agree to the new humanitarian fund, even though that kind of assistance may be an indirect benefit to Hamas. The United States agreed on condition the fund be temporary and limited to programs that meet basic needs, a senior State Department official said

"It would be against our values to let people starve," said Marc Otte, the EU's special envoy for the Mideast.

Let's see - the Palestinian Arabs have farms, crops, livestock, poultry, fruit trees, and even some greenhouses that are still intact after Israel abandoned them. Who, exactly, is in danger of starvation?

And if a few would go hungry, why are Palestinian Arab terror supporters more deserving of food than the millions of truly starving people worldwide?

The entire exercise of withholding money was a sham, with the Eurabians so eager to strengthen those who celebrate when Westerners die. This is humanitarian aid; this is where limited money should go, according to the dhimmis that are in reality trying so hard to make sure that their supply of oil never gets disrupted. And if hundreds of Jews get blown up in the meanwhile, no biggie.
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Insane Muslim protestors of the day - The Next Generation

The cartoon protests have entered the second generation!

A little background:

A Pakistani student, carrying a knife, was caught by German police trying to enter a building housing a newspaper that published the dreaded Mohammed cartoons.

The student, Amir Cheema, committed suicide in jail using his bedclothes. He left behind a suicide note written in Urdu and a will.

Pakistanis are outraged, calling the would-be murderer a martyr and a hero and claiming he was murdered by German police.

Now they are staging violent protests, burning German flags, in honor of their terrorist hero:

The world just doesn't seem right unless hordes of insane Muslims are protesting in support of terror.
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Some News

  1. The last scandal over the training of the Spanish Foreign Civil Servants is related to the lessons they are given. You can read them here.

  2. The last news about Alaa, the Egyptian blogger detained, here.

  3. And I made a roundup of news, some of whom you may have missed.

Hope they are of use to you.
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