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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Proposal: Infidel Dog Of The Week

I propose a new category at IBA: The Infidel Dog Of The Week.

He would be the perfect paragon:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Perfect Infidel Dog

To read why go to Roncesvalles.

By the way, here you see my little Jack at nine weeks old. In March he will be three years. He goes after wild boars and vermin and attacks at the sound of "Arafat". (NO joke!)

I submit him as a candidate for next week's Infidel Dog!
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The Islamic Love Of mankind Is A Myth - Hatred of Non-Moslems is The Pivot of Islamic Existence

Author V.S. Naipaul is a Hindu who is married to a Muslim woman. Naipaul hails from India, and has experienced Islamic Jihad first hand. Because of his visceral experiences with Islam, he is an eloquent voice on the subject of Islamic cultural conquest. Here is an excerpt from an article about his latest book, Beyond Belief (Thanks to Religion of Pieces):

Naipaul's thesis in Beyond Belief is: "There probably has been no imperialism like that of Islam and the Arabs....Islam seeks as an article of the faith to erase the past; the believers in the end honor Arabia alone, they have nothing to return to." In the Indian context, Naipaul views Islam as far more disruptive than the British rule.

The section on Pakistan subtitled "Dropping Off the Map" begins with a vignette in Iran: A busload of Parsi pilgrims from India, descendants of Iranians who had fled Iran to escape forcible Islamic conversion a millennia ago, travel to the ruins of Cyrus's palace, a seat of world power a millennia before Islam. They stand before a pillar with a cuneiform inscription at the top -- "I am Cyrus, son of Cambyses, and this is my palace." The Parsi pilgrims read the words and wail for some time before returning to their bus.

Unlike Iran, in India there never was a complete Islamic conquest. Although the Muslims ruled much of North India from 1200 A.D. to 1700 A.D, in the eighteenth century, the Mahrattas and the Sikhs destroyed Muslim power, and created their own empires -- before the advent of the British. The British rule in Bengal lasted almost two centuries and in the Punjab a little less than a century. The British introduced the "New Learning of Europe," to which the Hindus were much more receptive than the Muslims, resulting in the "intellectual distance between the two communities. This distance has grown with independence... Muslim insecurity led to the call for the creation of Pakistan. It went at the same time with an idea of old glory, of the invaders sweeping down the northwest and looting the temples of Hindustan and imposing faith in the infidel. The fantasy still lives: and for the Muslim converts of the subcontinent it is the start of their neurosis, because in this fantasy the convert forgets who or what he is and becomes the violator."

Similar analyses have recently been published by several writers, most notably Anwar Shaikh, Ibn Warraq, S.R. Goel, and Koenraad Elst. However, Naipaul makes no reference to these or other scholars. Instead, his approach is to encourage his interviewees to express themselves at length. For example, Naipaul quotes Salman, a Pakistani journalist:

"We have nearly all, subcontinental Muslims, invented Arab ancestors for ourselves. Most of us are sayeds, descendants of Mohammed through his daughter Fatima and cousin and son-in-law Ali. There are others--like my family--who have invented a man called Salim al-Rai. And yet others who have invented a man called Qutub Shah. Everybody has got an ancestor who came from Arabia or Central Asia. I am convinced my ancestors would have been medium to low-caste Hindus, and despite their conversion they would not have been in the mainstream of Muslims.

If you read Ibn Battuta and earlier travelers you can sense the condescending attitude of the Arab travelers to the converts. They would give the Arab name of someone, and then say, 'But he's an Indian.' This invention of Arab ancestry soon became complete. It had been adopted by all families. If you hear people talking you would believe that this great and wonderful land was nothing but wild jungle, that no human beings lived here. All of this was magnified at the time of partition, this sense of not belonging to the land, but belonging to the religion. Only one people in Pakistan have reverence for their land, and that's the Sindhis."

He could have cited, for example, the widely discussed books of Anwar Shaikh, which brought a fatwa on the author's head. Anwar Shaikh, a U.K.-based philosopher of Pakistani origin, wrote in Islam: The Arab National Movement (U.K., The Principality Publishers, 1995. ISBN: 0- 9513349-4-8): "Islam has caused more damage to the national dignity and honour of non-Arab Moslems than any other calamity that may have affected them, yet they believe that this faith is the ambassador of equality and human love. This is a fiction which has been presented as a fact with an unparalleled skill. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad divided humanity into two sections, the Arabs and the non-Arabs. According to this categorisation, the Arabs are the rulers and the non-Arabs are to be ruled through the yoke of Arab cultural imperialism: Islam is the means to realise this dream because its fundamentals raise superiority of Arabia sky-high, inflicting a corresponding inferiority on the national dignity of its non-Arab followers. From the Arabian point of view, this scheme looks marvellous, magnificent and mystifying . . . yet under its psychological impact the non-Arab Muslims rejoice in self-debasement, hoping to be rewarded by the Prophet with the luxuries of paradise.

The Islamic love of mankind is a myth of even greater proportions. Hatred of non-Moslems is the pivot of Islamic existence. It not only declares all dissidents as the denizens of hell but also seeks to ignite a permanent fire of tension between Moslems and non-Moslems; it is far more lethal than Karl Marx's idea of social conflict which he hatched to keep his theory alive."
(See http://www.hindutva.org/anwar.html)
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Carter faces revolt over book on Middle East

  • Walkout by 14 members of ex-president's rights group
  • Criticism of Israel seen as 'malicious advocacy'
Ed Pilkington in New York
Friday January 12, 2007
The Guardian

The former US president Jimmy Carter was facing a revolt from some of his own supporters yesterday after 14 members of the advisory board of his human rights organisation resigned in protest at his view on Israel and the Palestinians.

Mr Carter has faced a backlash to the argument in his latest book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, for a renewed effort to kick-start the Middle East peace process. The book has been denounced by some commentators as anti-Israeli.

The 200-strong advisory board of the Carter Centre is drawn from prominent local figures in Atlanta, Georgia, where it is based. In a letter to Mr Carter explaining their decision to quit, the 14 members accused him of holding a "strident and uncompromising position". They said the book "portrays the conflict between Israel and her neighbours as a purely one-sided affair with Israel holding all the responsibility for resolving the conflict ... It seems that you have turned to a world of advocacy, including even malicious advocacy."

Mr Carter's book, which is number five in the New York Times bestseller list for hardback non-fiction, has been the subject of mounting criticism. Last month a fellow of the centre and long-time Carter adviser, Kenneth Stein, became the first to resign.

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Monitoring Immigration Status

Mukit Hossain probably won't like the recent proposal from the Herndon Town Council. According to this item in the January 13, 2007 Washington Post, Herndon, Virginia — which runs a taxpayer-funded center — is seeking a firm not only to manage the center but also to check the status of workers:

The Herndon Town Council has voted to solicit proposals from employment firms interested in operating the town's center for day laborers.

The council, which has promised to crack down on illegal immigration, is looking for a firm that will require workers to present documentation proving that they are in the country legally. Project Hope & Harmony, which operates the Herndon Official Workers Center with Reston Interfaith, does not require extensive documentation....

See additional information about Project Hope and Harmony here and here.

According to Mukit Hossain, founder of Project Hope and Harmony in his May 14, 2006 letter to the Washington Post, humanitarian concerns trump checking on immigration status:

...We felt it was a moral imperative to help those who badly needed help and to solve a community problem with the help of members of that community. Sadly, opponents of the site say that it serves illegal immigrants...The site has done its intended job....But apparently it doesn't matter how well the site works...

Some say the laborers would be better served by returning home and perhaps trying to come back as legal immigrants. Some say they don't want the "illegals" to be put on a path to legalization. But the more I hear these opinions, the more I see them for what they really are: bigotry.

Read the rest.
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They Will Be The End Of Britain

Yet another couple of undercover reports on the extent to which Muslim Imams will go to obliterate British society and culture:

Mr Latif has called Tony Blair a 'murderer'; he says that every British soldier in Iraq should be killed and he proclaims that the London bombings in July 2005 (an atrocity in which 57 innocents died) was orchestrated by the Government.

'We don't have Muslim terrorists... they do not exist. But anything that they (the Government) claim is Muslim terror, they do it themselves,' Mr Latif informed his devoted followers one week.

A week later, he said: 'The British soldiers are the soldiers of Satan, the soldiers of evil, of evilness. And I pray to Allah openly and in English that they will not return back except when they are dead - all of them.'

Non-Muslims in Britain, declared Mr Latif, are dirty, unclean people who never wash their hands and become ill because of their own sexual promiscuity. He went on to denounce British democracy as 'demon-ocracy' and praised the shariah laws of Islam under which thieves have their hands cut off and adulterous women are stoned to death in public.

As one worshipper told us: 'Please don't think that Mr Latif is alone in what he says. In many mosques, whether they are in the suburbs or the towns or the cities, there are imams (Islamic clerics) just like him giving powerful speeches which are turning Muslim worshippers against this country.

'The preachers say that Christians, the Jews and other religions will always be the enemy. A whole generation of young Muslims is being brainwashed into believing such inflammatory things,' the middle-aged professional man who is a devout follower of Islam told us.

Similar stories emerging from Britain's mosques have long been dismissed as untrue by the Muslim community and their leaders. The Muslim Council of Britain says most imams are moderate men.

So the Mail asked Mr Latif why he had voiced such explosive views at his Friday meetings, particularly to an audience that included impressionable young Muslims under 25.

Speaking to us by telephone, he did not deny a word, saying: 'I was, though, speaking at private prayers. I would not say the same things in public, out on the street, because it wouldn't bring harmony.' He refused to comment further.

Yet on Monday, another investigation into Britain's mosques, by Channel 4's respected Dispatches programme, will reveal worrying evidence of just how rife Islamic extremism is among Muslim preachers.

The undercover TV inquiry, conducted over ten months, reveals some religious clerics urging their congregations to start preparing for jihad (holy war) against infidels or non-Muslims. Another is caught on camera telling families to hit their daughters for not covering their heads with the veil or hijab.

One imam from a Derby mosque, called Dr Ijaz Mian, was filmed calling for the creation of an Islamic 'state within a state' in Britain before the country is taken over by Muslims.

Addressing a group of youths, he said: 'King. Queen. House of Commons ... if you accept it, you are part of it. If you don't accept it, you have to dismantle it. So you being a Muslim, you have to fix a target. There will be no House of Commons ... Muslims just grow in strength ... then take over.'

The programme paints an alarming picture of how preachers, even at what are regarded as the most moderate mosques, urge their followers to reject Britain's legal system in favour of shariah law and its radical rulebook.

The investigators spent four months filming undercover at one mosque, Green Lane in Birmingham, which caters for thousands of worshippers.

The main preacher is Abu Usamah, an American convert to Islam, who studied at Medinah University in Saudi Arabia, before coming to Britain. He is seen telling worshippers not to believe that Islamic terrorists are operating in Britain, as all non-Muslims are liars.

In another sequence, he is heard saying that Christians and Jews are 'kuffaars' (non-believers) and the enemies of Islam. 'No one loves the kuffaar, not a single person loves the kuffaar,' he rants. 'We hate the kuffaar!' Then he adds, triumphantly: 'Allah has not given those people who are kuffaar a way over the believer. They shouldn't be in authority over us. Muslims shouldn't be satisfied with anything other than a total Islamic state.

He goes on to say that gays deserve to die. 'If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered ... that's my freedom of speech, isn't it?'

The mosque has always been hailed by the Muslim Council of Britain and the Government as a symbol of reason and mainstream Islamic life in this country.

Just five months ago, a national survey of 1,000 British Muslims, including the young and the old, male and female, revealed that 30 per cent wanted to live under shariah law and less than half referred to the United Kingdom as their country.

Twenty-eight per cent said they believed Britain should be an Islamic state.

In another worrying sign, one in three young Muslims said that the London bombings were justified because Britain had joined America in the 'war on terror'.

Gandalf at Up Pompeii comments:

We all know this is happening all over Europe yet our governments do nothing.

Would the situation change if the BNP got into power? No, it would not because if the BNP gained power the other parties would block all legislation and even if the law got through Parliament it would never get through the House of Lords which is packed with Labour peers.

The only answer is, sadly, revolution.

Sadly, I think Gandalf is right. But, the problem is, the population of British youth is declining at a rapid clip thanks to low birth rates among native Britons.

If there is to be a revolution, it will have to happen soon, or the Brits will simply be outgunned in their own streets.

One wonders why the government is seemingly so unconcerned about the war brewing in their midst. What are they concerned about?

Well, they are concerned about absolute bullshit like this:

Two brothers who so overfed their 10-year-old chocolate Labrador, Rusty, above, that he weighed more than 150 pounds, more than double the weight he should have been, were found guilty by magistrates in Ely, Cambridgeshire, of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. The brothers, David and Derek Benton, were given a three-year conditional discharge.

That, the British government has a solution for.

I would say the British government is bordering on being completely inconsequential force within its own borders.
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The idea was that if we avoided rubbing Iraqi noses in the brutal fact that we had conquered their country the "insurgency" would die out

Post title from Peter Mulhern

We cannot avoid the fact that any kind of withdrawal schedualed as result of inability to succeed, even for GOOD reasons (like the Iraqis not committing to ending the death squads, and tacitly support them) , means that JIhadistan wins, if you believe, of course that this IS part of the single global war out there, if you don't then not a day or a nickel was worth merde, let alone an american life.

And that becomes the question. As it always should have been. Not because of WMD, but because unless the entire historic dynamic of the middle east was radically altered all this stuff could only end one way.

Nice try, but you can't do it on the cheap, and without the entire nation engaged, rather than thinking about Goliath the fat cat, and the Donald Vs Rosie in a death match of combovers vs professional ass.

That agenda of priorities is set in the White House. Mr. Bush was in the wrong game, having been advised by Tenet of WMD 'slam dunk' and extrapolating the word cakewalk to mean 'Jeffersonian march to democracy' as opposed to 'crushing the corrupt army of a corrupt murdering SOB' and thereby conquering a prostrate nation.
Which brings us to Babs and Condi, and their tasteless tryst of acting vs poor judgement and personal vitriol <> a signifying aside of durable stupidity.

Continue reading "The idea was that if we avoided rubbing Iraqi noses in the brutal fact that we had conquered their country the "insurgency" would die out for lack of fuel." »

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Storm Track Disinformation: Hamas - Terrorist or Civil Rights Organization?

From the Associated Press article.

In an emotional appeal to jurors on Wednesday, Abdelhaleem Ashqar’s attorney (Ashqar and others are on trial in Chicago for a variety of criminal violations including furnishing money and recruits to Hamas), William Moffitt, likened Hamas to movements around the world led by such champions of human rights as Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

Yep. You read it right. Hamas right up there with King and Mandela. I suppose they hold prayer breakfasts like King and Mandela. If they do, you can guess what they’re praying for.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Sign up for my free WEEKLY STORM REPORT and receive a synopsis of the most important weekly news revealing the intimidation, infiltration and disinformation tactics used to soften-up the non-Muslim world for domination.
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Wal-Mart Stands Up To CAIR

This is why I am a Wal-Mart Apologist:

Wal-Mart may be the first corporation to not cave in to Muslim offense-taking and demand-making. The retailer is continuing to sell the “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” video game despite CAIR’s complaints — rather than pull the product and put employees through sensitivity training like every other company has done so far when confronted with even a single complaint by a Muslim.

Nike was one company that went the sensitivity-training route when the script logo on some of its styles was accused of resembling the word “Allah” in Arabic. The employees undergoing Muslim sensitivity training were last seen praying toward Mecca five times a day, and several were crushed in the annual Hajj.

According to CNS News, CAIR says the game, based on the Christian book series Left Behind, “glorifies religious violence,” and as everyone knows, only Islamic leaders and imams are allowed to glorify religious violence.

CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad wrote a letter to Wal-Mart CEO H. Lee Scott saying, “In the post 9-11 climate, when improving interfaith relations should be a priority for all, this type of product only serves to dehumanize others and increase interfaith hostility and mistrust.”

Translation: Fighting back against Islamic hostility increases hostility. We thought we could trust you to just grin and bear ours.

Also among Awad’s objections was that “the game’s enemy team includes people with Muslim-sounding names.” What should the names sound like? Shlomo Levy? Everything but Muslim?
CAIR, which received complaints about the game, “charged that players are rewarded for either converting or killing people of other faiths,” and demanded, “Why are you stealing our ideas?! We have a copyright on that stuff!”

Actually, the game “calls for people to join the Tribulation Force rather than die at the hands of the anti-Christ. ‘You’re trying to save other people from that and ultimate judgment by God,’” according to Jeff Frichner, president of Left Behind Games.
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Friday, January 12, 2007

Jimmy Carter, Detlef Dzembritsky And The Endless Pursuit Of Power

The Editrix posted here the other day on the subject of German politician Detlef Dzembritzki. Detlef seems to be quite the Arabist, having gone so far as to have gone against his governments policy to meet with a member of the terrorist-gang Hamas.

I commented to the Editrix that it's funny that Dzembritski behaves so much like Jimmy Carter, because he also looks like Jimmy Carter.

So, today the Editrix put up a new post comparing the two and questioned:

Are they perchance related or does rubbing shoulders with murderous scum change one's physiognony?

That got me to thinking about a character from literature and movies whose physiogony changed as the result of his obssession with power. And, oh my god, I realized that both Dzembritski and Carter bear a striking resemblance to that character as well.

Click here to see who I'm talking about.
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Lets pretend there is no Al-Qaeda

…even better, lets pretend there is no Osama.

Within hours of John Negroponte’s comment about Pakistan being the centre of Al-Qaeda and a major source of Islamic terrorism. Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Mr Sherpao was quoted as saying, “There is no existence of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and the group has been marginalized”…

Great, so we can all go back and sleep peacefully then…

Wait, what about Osama bin Laden? Well, no one quite knows where he is…He is certainly not in Pakistan since Mr Sherpao has barred his entry into the country…He is probably not in Afghanistan either…could he be in India? Scary thought….

By the way, I vaguely remember writing something about all roads leading to Islamabad….or more generally, Pakistan…it has been a while…
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What Really Matters: Bikini vs. Burqini

Here's the bikini (or part of it):

Kyla Cole

And here's the burqini:

Some Dumb Chick

Bikini wins! Type in your vote in the comments if you wish.

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British Muslims: "A State Within A State"

(Thanks to Religion of Pieces)

Muslims preachers encourage British Muslims to establish a "state within a state" in the merry ole' land of England:

IN a dilapidated mosque, half a dozen awestruck young men listen to a preacher spell out his vision for Britain.

"King, Queen, House of Commons... if you accept it, you are a part of it," says Dr Ijaz Mian. "If you don't accept it, you have to dismantle it.

"So you being a Muslim, you have to fix a target. There will be no House of Commons. From that White House to this Black House, we know we have to dismantle it.

"Muslims must grow in strength... then take over."

A 10-month undercover investigation into home-grown extremism has revealed hard-line Islamic fundamentalism being preached in British mosques.

Some speakers call for girls to be hit if they don't wear Islamic dress and say that they can marry before puberty, others praise the Taliban.

Speaking at the Ahl-e-Hadith mosque, in Derby, Dr Mian tells his listeners: "You are in a situation in which you have to live like a state-within-a-state - until you take over.

"But until this happens, you have to preach, until you become such a force that the people just submit to you."
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In that case, prepare to killemall

US reinforcements will go home in coffins': Sadr aide

A spokesman for radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has warned that US President George W. Bush's new Iraq strategy risks sending thousands of American troops to their deaths. "The American people have to prevent their sons from coming to Iraq or they may return in coffins," said Sheikh Abdel Razzaq al-Nadawi, a senior official in Sadr's movement in the Shiite holy city of Najaf.

On Wednesday, Bush announced a plan to reinforce the 130,000-strong US force in Iraq with 21,500 extra troops to help Iraqi forces take on illegal militias such as Sadr's feared Mahdi Army.

"The problem of Iraq is the US presence and the increasing this presence will double the problem," Nadawi told AFP on Friday.

"This is not the first plan announced by Bush. All plans have failed and this plan will not be any better. We do not welcome this strategy and moreover we do not welcome the US soldiers," he said.

Nadawi accused Bush of taking decisions about Iraq's security without consulting Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government, who owes his job to the votes of 32 Sadrist deputies.

Sounds like an excellent set of reasons to OBLITERATE them ASAP.
Religious killers, inimical to freedom, and allied with the hojatieh, who hate america and americans.

Take your chain guns, fellaz and galz, it's time for the hardboyz

Continue reading "In that case, prepare to killemall" »

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Two Amazing Things I Heard On The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

In the past two days, I have heard two totally amazing things on the Hugh Hewitt radio show that I just have to share.

1) In the month of December there were 103 American soldiers killed in Iraq. The media blasted that statistic all over the world. But, guess how many Jihadis American forces killed during the same month:

Over 5000.

Of course, the media doesn't tell you that.

2) Hugh Hewitt interviewed Dennins Kucinich the other day, and under questioning Kucinich admitted that he didn't know the difference between Sunnis and Shia, and that he didn't know the name of the Supreme religious leader of Iran.

What a friggin' idiot.
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Storm Track Infiltration: Pick a Jihad - Any Jihad

Jihad for the Islamists comes in many forms – all with the objective of advancing the religion of Islam and the submission of non-Muslims to the Islamist’s will. One such Jihad is the Institutional Jihad. Another is the Litigation Jihad and another is the Financial Jihad just to name a few – all of which are a well coordinated deck of cards. You find these cunning animals basking in the light of the institutions of the appeasers and apologists of non-Muslim societies or quietly infiltrating the non-Muslim communities.

One example of Institutional Jihad is CAIR. This pro-jihad organization masquerading as a civil rights group for American Muslims has the continued ear of politicians and academicians in this country. One the one hand they ‘help’ our ‘poorly guided’ politicians and educators understand what Islam is about and how Muslims are being unfairly persecuted in this country and abroad. In reality, their objective is to advance the Islamist agenda in this country through institutional jihad.

Here is just one of a thousand examples. For others, visit the ANTI-CAIR web site for a quick education on this ‘civil rights’ organization. From the Militant Islam Monitor.

The CAIR director of educational affairs and Valencia U education coordnator, Yasmeen Qadri, indoctrinates students using diversity course for da'wa

On the Rate My Professor website one student wrote:"Dr. Qadri is nice, but very focused on teaching about the Muslim religion, not DIVERSE populations... Unless you want to learn everything about Muslims and nothing about anyone else, drop this class and take someone else." Not surpisingly, Qadri is also helped in her efforts by CAIR Tampa director Ahmed Bedier and her husband Kamran Qadri who teaches at Valencia College. The assistent professor is the CAIR director of Educational Affairs and a board member.

Besides trying to force students to intern as teachers at the Muslim Academy of Central Florida where she was a former principal,she teaches them about Islam under the guise of sensitivity training about Muslim students. Qadri and CAIR are also exploiting the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development to push their Islamist agenda.

The institutional jihad also spreads into our communities as the city of Boston is finding discovering. From DAFKA.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Sign up for my free WEEKLY STORM REPORT and receive a synopsis of the most important weekly news revealing the intimidation, infiltration and disinformation tactics used to soften-up the non-Muslim world for domination.

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Today on the The Gathering Storm Radio Show

This week’s special guest on the The Gathering Storm radio show today is Seton Motley from the blog News of the Day. He’s an excellent commentator and columnist who will discuss with me - of course - everything infidel.

Don’t miss it.

Click here to listen Friday Noon to 1PM PST

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Is something up?

Before the speech, additional naval forces head to the gulf.

Centcom gets an admiral as chief.

Bush warns the Iranians and Syrians.

We raid a building in Irbil and take away equipment and 6 Iranians, and the Iranian foreign minister goes whacko over it, two weeks after arresting 6 more Iranians in the house of Az Al Hakim, some of whom turn out to have diplomatic immunity, but found there with some unsavory items, leading to uncomfortable conclusions

Bush announces the departure of Patriot missile batteries...to where, and why? Israel, KSA, and others in the gulf HAVE Patriots to shoot down ballistic missile attacks? Does Iraq? And there is only ONE source from which we need to protect against ballistic missile barrages.

Someone leaks an IDF plan to nuke Iranian underground nuke facilities to the Times of London, WHY?

Are we about to begin a strategy to provoke Iran?

Continue reading "Is something up?" »

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Abbas openly calls on Palestinians to attack Israel; mass media again misses the train

WorldNetDaily reports that "Abbas' call to arms was not reported by most major media outlets featuring articles on the Palestinian leader's speech."

More details at Jerusalem Post:
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday called on Palestinians to refrain from internal fighting and to direct their guns only against Israeli "occupation."

Abbas, speaking during a rally marking the 42nd anniversary of the founding of his Fatah party, told thousands of supporters that the Palestinian struggle would continue until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital. He also expressed opposition to the idea of establishing a Palestinian state with temporary borders.

And he gets full support from Israel's 5th column - Arab members of Knesset:

MK Ahmed Tibi, who represented Israeli Arabs at the rally, said: "Fatah was the first group to launch the revolution, and Palestine and Fatah will remain. The liberation of Palestine is a long process, and the path is full of obstacles. The Palestinians will continue their struggle until the liberation of the land and the establishment of a Palestinian state."

Crossposted at Eye On The World.
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Lafayette, we take it back

The strike was criticised (against the Al Qaeda salafi FREAKS) in somalia by the European Commission, as well as the Arab League which claimed it had killed “many innocent victims” and demanded that Washington refrain from further attacks

Is anyone else sick of these stupid bastards, yet?

What will it take for the euro's to get it?

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Left, Right: What Really Matters

I have used the term, “The Left” on my blog innumerable times to denote, as a whole, the post-colonial, anti-Western, pro-Islam column in the non-Muslim world. The term serves as a shorthand, but I am slightly uncomfortable with it. The division of politics into “Left” and “Right” is simplistic, not in that it does not reflect an existing polarity, but in that it gives the impression that there is only one polarity, and a mutually exclusive one at that.

The terms have been a catch-all for political opposites ever since it was coined after the seating of the opposing factions of the French Revolution. The polarities the terms denote are real; however, they are of more than one kind, and there is no preventing one person from being a right-winger in one area and a left-winger in another. This has some startling ramifications for the current global conflict. [...]


In full on Our Children Are The Guarantors »
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The Hyphenisation of the German Political Culture

Professor Dr. Hakkı Keskin (born 1943 in Turkey), is a model Germano-Turk.

He is a professor of Political Science and was the first German of Turkish descent to become a member of a German parliament (the Bürgerschaft in Hamburg), and the founder of the Türkische Gemeinde in Deutschland is seen as one of the prominent leaders of the country's Turkish community. In fact, he was one of the Turkish deputies who accompanied German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Turkey last October.

Hakki Keskin is known for unapologetic statements like
the EU must not be reduced to Christian values only

or for dubbing then CDU-chair Angela Merkels musings on a Turkish EU-membership (she was against it) as a "kind of declaration of war against Turkey and the Turks living in Germany"* or his disappointment at the SPD's "neo-liberal" social and economic reforms which, so the professor, have hit poorer Turks.

In the meantime, Hakki has become somewhat of a loose cannon. He is giving interviews to Turkish newspapers and TV stations, denying (or at least substantially relativising) the Armenian genocide by the Turks. SPIEGEL ONLINE asked Keskin for a clarification, which they, indeed, got.
There is "no proof of a genocide", so Keskin. Yes, Armenians died, "but was this a planned and intended destruction of the armenian population?", asked Keskin. At that time, "hundredthousands of Turks were killed" as well, which was not recognised by the "biased reporting in the European media".

Predictably, Hakki's party is all in a flutter now, but our multi-ethnic paragon refuses to budge. (Oh yes, I ought to mention that he had in June 2005 withdrawn from the Social Democratic Party and joined the post-Communist DIE LINKE -- The Left -- party for which he became a member of the Bundestag after the September 2005 elections.)

(Read the rest at Roncesvalles.)

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Nazanin Fatehi Retrial Report

Source APTN (Associated Press)

The court proceedings were supposed to begin at 10:30 local time (07:00 GMT). There was a 2-hour delay due to the massive interest (there were over 200 people cramming to get into the courthouse).

Proceedings, as a result, were carried out in an adjacent amphitheatre. There were four judges presiding over the hearings plus Nazanin's two lawyers. Nazanin's lawyers did most of the speaking, but she presented her side of the story briefly as well.

The court's decision: what Nazanin did was not premeditated murder. The judges added that the previous court's verdict was partly based on unreliable and inaccurate testimony.

The court did not go as far as staying the execution today. But the family expects a formal letter to that effect in the coming days.

Despite the absence of a formal repudiation today, this is very positive news, no doubt, and the family is quite hopeful.

--Courtesy of SaveNazanin, along with the picture of Nazanin Fatehi getting to finally see her little brother. The decision may come in next week. Keep in mind, this young woman is being kept in Iran's most notorious prison, Evin Prison, where she was beaten for her first two days until she was forced into a confession. Many succumb to these "interrogations" by going to the grave early, as did Canadian-Iranian Zahra Khatami. Keep in mind as well, Nazanin went to the police HERSELF to report the attempted rape of herself and her (then) 15 year old niece. She has cried on the phone in conversations with her Mother, as shown in the 30 minute film, "Tale of Two Nazanins", always begging her family and those aiding them to understand that she's innocent.

Nazanin Fatehi is a very brave woman, as was exhibited by her amazing ability to fend off her rapists. She has, however, suffered heart attacks in prison from the stress (and likely also the conditions there). While there are still protests against the hanging of Saddam, there is not yet widespread protest of all those being tortured, imprisoned, disappearing and being hanged after arrests in Iran. The comparison of publicity speaks volumes, doesn't it? Nazanin in turn has spoken out for all those in her situation:

"My message to the people of the world is that outside of this prison is also a prison. It is not only this "unfortunate Nazanin" that is in prison. So please don't just help me, help all "Nazanins" go back to a normal life."

--Nazanin Fatehi

The petition has finally passed 300,000 signatures, the meager goal of those heading the movement to save Nazanin, namely Nazanin Afshin-Jam. Please sign it if you haven't already.
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"Uncovered Meat Sheik" is Back, and He's Brought More Insults With Him

Hat-Tip: YouTube viewers, TROP:

Most readers are now familiar with the troublesome Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly, currently stirring up trouble in Australia, where he is increasingly unwelcome. Why is he becoming more and more unwelcome? Well, this is a fine tale. Mr. Hilaly is back in the press, and this time he has pegged all "white Australians" instead of just those women who are "Uncovered Meat".

Here, from The Age:

Speaking in Arabic on Egyptian television Sheikh Hilali said that white Australians arrived in the country shackled as convicts.

"We (Muslims) came as free people. We bought our own tickets. We are entitled to Australia more than they are," he said.

The mufti was on the Egyptian chat show explaining the controversy last year over his comments likening immodestly-dressed women to uncovered meat.

But according to the translation, he said the controversy was a white conspiracy aimed at terrorising Australian Muslims.

But while the convict jibes might be forgiven by some, as they are when levelled by English cricket fans, the Sheikh's comments are expected to cause outrage in some quarters - especially the claim that white Australians "are the biggest liars".

And then there was his claim that outrage over his controversial meat sermon was "a calculated conspiracy", that started with him, "in order to bring the Islamic community to its knees".

He also said "Australian law guarantees freedoms up to a crazy level", when reportedly referring to anti-Muslim courts and the harsh sentencing of a Muslim gang rapist in Sydney.

Now, it must be said that immigrant communities stirring up this much trouble in their new host country rarely has a positive outcome, either for one group or the other. Australia has also assimilated several immigrant groups (non-Muslim) successfully, with little more than the typical apprehension of the majority group usually seen in these situations, and which usually fades with time. There has been both movements of white supremacists which has been rightly fought, in my opinion. There have been movements in favor of expanded rights and reparations for the Aborigines, probably moreso than we have seen in the U.S. for our indigenous population.

I've heard Aussies make numerous statements that "hey, we're all immigrants, so we have no right to be against immigration, no matter what". I have no doubt that this is rote spewing as opposed to a well thought out argument, especially given the empty stares and lack of response upon questioning of this opinion. We ARE all immigrants, we ARE all conquerers and invaders, or at least our ancestors are. Find me a country that's even remotely arable and prove to me that it is still inhabited by a people who are "purely" the "original" inhabitants. Impossible, it doesn't happen.

Hilaly and his followers are wrong, plain and simple, and his immigrant group has no more claim to Australia that anyone, and should be opposed. Is his hope endemic warfare in Oz, conquest, or deportation back to Dar al-Harb? I'll keep watching. He is, however, pushing most of the buttons which I have ready responses to. In this case, no "uncovered meat". I did, however, cover this subject so extensively back in March during the "Illegals Gone Wild" protests here in America, that I will now just repost my thoughts from March, as they are applicable to the current subject:

Read the rest at What Would Charles Martel Do?
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The Meaning of Jihad

Black Lion:

Even though the killing of non-combatants is forbidden in Islam, the fact is that jihad is still obligatory. And not that leaflet jihad. Not that pamphlet jihad. Only the same jihad we’re scared to talk about is obligatory and is the solution, which is exactly why the authorities come for those who promote or exercise it. If our struggle is here in the US, then it is still going to have to be a physical struggle, a violent one, in which those who choose to fight us or suppress Shariah for Muslims are shot to death and some of us are also killed. A violent one in which we kill and die in Allah’s path.

Isn't he the most charming fellow.

More on wet dreams about Jihadists:

His promise of paradise is genuine, and it is for the sincere repenters and those who go out in Allah's way and fight in it until death overtakes them. They're forgiven for their sins at the first drop of blood, and they're shown a glimpse of their place in paradise as they're dying, and they're spared from the questioning of the grave after their burial. They're indeed the fortunate ones.

This is one of the biggest problems I've had with the non-existent Allah. He offers such wretched incentives! One can lead an odious life: thievery, multiple wives and broken families, drug abuse, etc. -- and yet with a single murder of an infidel (or dying while failing to murder one) the human scum can enter heaven.

I'll take my chances with hell.

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"Tehran said the attack violated all international conventions." ROTFLMAO...

US raids Building in Irbil, Kurdistan, arrests 6,,, IRANIANS???

The US military said it was still investigating, but that the building did not have diplomatic status.

The troops raided the building at about 0300 (0001GMT), taking away computers and papers, according to local media.

AFP news agency quoted Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman as saying he did not know the nationality of the six but said they were "suspected of being closely tied to activities targeting Iraq and coalition forces".

"I can confirm for you through our forces there that this is not a consulate or a government building," he said.

However, Tehran said the attack violated all international conventions. It has summoned ambassadors from Switzerland, representing US interests, and Iraq.

A spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry described the raid as an attempt to sabotage Tehran's relations with Iraq. One Iranian MP said it showed America's cruelty and meanness.

Maybe they should be displayed in a 'terrorist' museum next to the Holocaust museum on the Mall in DC.
This is hysterical.
The Iranians complaining about this is hysterical.

Continue reading ""Tehran said the attack violated all international conventions." ROTFLMAO..." »

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Storm Track Intimidation: Shari Law – Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

The definition of intimidation is to create fear in order to influence conduct. Of all the softening up tactics used by the fascists of the 1930s, this one was the most atrocious and the most visible. The process of intimidation and humiliation combined to create a climate, conducive to the oppression of one group by another.

Intimidation worked wonders for the Fascists of the 1930s. It’s doing the same today for the Islamists. There are distinct and troubling parallels between the intimidation tactics of the fascist of the 1930s and the Islamist of today.

Naw…It can’t happen here. Right?

Think again. Let’s take one small example – and one that going global.

Over at Family Security matters, Susan MacAllen of the Family Security Foundation wrote a piece called The Muslim Cab War in Minneapolis: Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon.

Discrimination against non-Muslim Americans is alive and well in Minneapolis and, as many of us could have predicted, the Minneapolis International Airport is finally being forced to do something about it. The hoopla began last October, when the media picked up a story that Muslim cabbies at the airport were refusing service to passengers carrying alcohol. This consisted mainly of unopened bottles that had been purchased during wine tours, or at the duty-free shop. The cab drivers argued that alcohol violated the tenets of Islam. (They also refused to pick up passengers at liquor stores and bars.)

In November, the controversy was given greater exposure when Muslim drivers refused transport to passengers with dogs - including those with seeing-eye or other service dogs, in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Unless they’ve been reading the MSM, that’s pretty much of what the general public knows at this point. But this is not a recent issue and it’s no longer local.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Sign up for my free WEEKLY STORM REPORT and receive a synopsis of the most important weekly news revealing the intimidation, infiltration and disinformation tactics used to soften-up the non-Muslim world for domination.

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Weapons of Hezbollah kidnappers found

The IDF has found a weapons cache belonging to the Hezbollah terrorists who kidnapped soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev:
An IDF force operating on the northern border has found rockets and other items that were apparently left behind by the Hizbullah terrorists who kidnapped two IDF soldiers six months ago.

Tomorrow, Friday, will mark six months since IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser of Nahariya, 31, and Eldad Regev of Kiryat Motzkin, 26, were abducted by Hizbullah terrorists on Israel's northern border. Family members and friends plan to arrive at the site tomorrow to commemorate the sad half-year anniversary. Though the area is currently closed for security reasons because of the find, the organizers expect to be able to gather there as planned.
Very important: remember the two soldiers if justice is to be done.
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"Harmless to our enemies and treacherous to our friends" - Bernard Lewis

The chorus is deafening.

Yesterday the bloated windbag who in the end worries more about his view than the environment told us "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam".

Biden is totally against more men, and to boot, so apparently are varied people like Sen's. Brownback, Snowe and Collins, however, Biden is going to try and cut off funds putting him in the same camp with Mr. Kucininch.

What dynamic are these idiots viewing? What's their plan? More of the same, less, leave? Withdrawal, without a free Iraq will have results.

We can't just say, 'we won, you people suck and are corrupt killers, murdering each other, and friends of terrorists, so , so long and thanks for all the fish' .. the result of that will be as a leader of jihadistan has said ..."There is an atmosphere in America that encourages those who want to withdraw from Iraq...an evacuation would prove resistance works and would compel jihadists to continue fighting until America is destroyed" - Jihad Jaara, Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Withdrawal, without a free Iraq will have results.

It all comes down to whether or not one believes this is part of the global war against Islamic jihadistan. If this is NOT a part of the war against religious and personal freedoms, i.e. the essence of what this nation was begun for, then Iraq WAS a diversion and a waste and our responsibility there is limited to having broken it. It becomes about smart lawyering and cynical exit strategies. If it IS part of this war, then it's Guadalcanal. PERIOD.

I believe that no matter WHAT reality obtained in 2003, we are in a different one now. We are in a pivotal battle, in THE pivotal war. It's Iran, the salafi freaks, Hizballah and forces like the Baath, Syria, and Kim Jong Il against ideas that religious tolerance, free expression, and self government are ONE PATH in the human development experiment.

Continue reading ""Harmless to our enemies and treacherous to our friends" - Bernard Lewis" »

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Hajj 2007: no major incidents; only 610 dead

In preparations for the Hajj 2007, Saudi Arabia "spent more than $1 billion on renovations and safety measures for the pilgrims". The hajj was proclaimed "a success", as there were no traditional stampedes that seem to be an important attribute of this event.

Saudi Arabia said that during this unprecedentedly successful Hajj "nearly 600 worshippers died from disease or old age".

Nigeria reported that "no fewer than 24" of its pilgrims "died at various stages of the hajj rites. Most of the deaths might have been due to severe cold, as this year's hajj operations was charaterised by chilling weather."

"A total of 431 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims died in the Holy Land until late Monday (Jan 8) at 10 p.m. Saudi time, according to information from the Hajj Media Center of the Indonesian Religious Affairs Ministry on Tuesday. [...] Old age, pulmonary edema, bacterial pneumonia, fibrosis and cirrhosis liver and cardiac arrest were among the causes of the deaths."

"Turkey's Religious Affairs Department on Saturday announced that some 71 pilgrims, who visited the Muslim holy sites in Saudi Arabia died during their trip there.

The reasons of the deaths included heart disease or old age and cancer, the department said."

"Up to 15 Syrian pilgrims are reported to have died during the annual hajj (pilgrimage) season, which took place in the Muslim holy sites in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Syrian source said Saturday.

The deaths occurred as a result of "diseases afflicting the pilgrims before their journey," the source said."

"The death roll of Egyptian pilgrims in this Hajj season in Saudi Arabia rose to 66 on Monday, the official news agency MENA reported. [...]

Among the death cases, 14 cases died before the start of Hajj rituals and the rest after the rituals began, Shaaban added, noting that most of the Egyptian pilgrims died of heart attacks."

Algeria reported 3 deaths.

All in all, 610 dead, mostly from infectious diseases, cold and heart attacks, but hey, at least they didn't die in a stampede.

Also, CNN reported that 10 Iraqi "Shiite pilgrims were ambushed, shot and killed Wednesday as their caravan returned from the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, an Interior Ministry official in Baghdad said.

Fifteen others were wounded during the attack near the town of Nukhaib in Iraq, the official said.

The three vehicles carrying the pilgrims were ambushed in Anbar province, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) north of the border with Saudi Arabia."

The grand total for this year's Hajj is 620 dead.

Crossposted at Eye On The World.
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A “marginal minority” of 15million - CORRECTED

My favourite quote re. radical elements within Muslim populations is “…most Muslims are liberal, peace-loving souls and Islamic radicals (undoubtedly misguided youths) are only a ‘marginal minority’”…

Which sounds great until you realise that even if just 1% (which is pretty marginal in my maths book) fall in the misguided youth category, we have about 15million radicals raring to go to “jihad” (of which at least 20% - or 3million - are in India’s neighbourhood).


B Shantanu

P.S. Please see my response to a comment on my personal blog here
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Yesterday's news today...

“The stadium was packed, the guns were cocked and even the drenching rain could not douse the jihadist fire”…
- From “Islamists rally Somalis to prepare for war with Ethiopia”, IHT, Dec 14, ’06 (by Jeffrey Gettleman and Mark Mazzetti, Pg 4).

So I guess Somalia is probably going to be the next jihadi hotspot. I thought this was stale news (my post was in Oct ‘06).

But lest anyone has forgotten, here is a sobering piece of what happened the last time US interevened in Somalia: “Anatomy of a Disaster” (George J. Church, TIME Cover story, Oct 18 ‘93).

B Shantanu
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Is Pelosi Transitioning To The Burqa?

Just add head-covering.
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Maliki To Mahdi Army: Disarm Or Face American Onslaught

One of the contingencies involved in the Bush Aministrations decision to commit more troops to Iraq was that Iranian Prime Minister Maliki must lay down the gauntlet on the Mahdi army. I'm not too sure if this is what we were hoping for or not:

BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraq's prime minister has told Mahdi Army militiamen they must surrender their arms or face an all-out assault by U.S.-backed Iraqi forces, senior Iraqi officials said Wednesday, revealing a pledge Washington wanted to hear as American and Iraqi troops prepared a fresh operation to end the bloody sectarian war gripping Baghdad.

The blunt message was particularly significant given that Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi leader, previously had blocked several U.S. attempts to crack down on the military wing of radical anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, now one of the most powerful players in Iraq.

"Prime Minister al-Maliki has told everyone that there will be no escape from attack. The government has told the Sadrists (the political movement that supports the Mahdi Army), if we want to build a state we have no other choice but to attack armed groups," a senior Shiite legislator and close al-Maliki adviser said.

While the militia has been noticeably less active since the Dec. 30 hanging of Saddam Hussein, there was no assurance the threatened offensive would intimidate the fighters who have only grown stronger in numbers, arms and sophistication since they battled U.S. forces to a standstill in the Shiite holy city of Najaf and in Baghdad's Sadr City in 2004.

I have to wonder at the way Maliki chose to word this warning. Because it is a translation, we don't really know quite what he said, but it seems to me there is a bit of bullshit going on here.

Is this an "American onslaught"? Or, is it an onslaught of "American-backed" Iraqi troops?

Either way, it seems to me the message is, "This is America's idea, not mine."

What do you guys think?

Also, note that last paragraph. Let us be honest, the Mahdi army did not fight American troops to a standstill. We fucking backed down because they were holed up in a Mosque, and we're too politically correct to hit them in their place of "worship."

That was one of the biggest mistakes of the war.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saddam's Cat Got A Brand New Toy

Aw, what a cute kitty.
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Evidence that Iran is training al Qaeda operatives

David Bedein at The Bulletin has an article about how US army has discovered that Iran is training al Qaeda operatives:
The Middle East News Line revealed last week that U.S. military has found evidence that Iran helped train and equip al-Qaida's network in Iraq.

Officials said the U.S. military has been analyzing Iranian intelligence memorandums and other reports that detail Tehran's support of al-Qaida in Iraq. They said the captured Iranian documents marked the strongest confirmation of long-standing assessments that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was aiding both Sunni and Shiite insurgents in the effort to undermine Iraq and expel the U.S.-led coalition.

"The documents have been determined as authentic and provide the most detailed evidence of Iran's strategy in Iraq," an official said. "In short, Iran has been helping everybody, with the possible exception of the Saddam people, against us."
Another reason to knock down the Iranian dictatorship of Ahmedinejad already.
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Why I think Newt Gingrich does not make a suitable candidate for president

It may be almost two years until the next presidential election in the US, but that's exactly why it'd be a good idea for now to point out just why one certain Republican does not make a good candidate, even if he has made some impressive arguments of recent.

Specifically, I'm referring to Newt Gingrich, who in 1998 met with the PLO's now deceased dictator, Yasir Arafat, and, as I recall, shook hands with him. Here's the 1998 report from CNN:
Despite the potential for a cool encounter, the 90-minute meeting went well, Palestinian officials told CNN.

Both Gingrich and Arafat shook hands as they emerged from the Palestinian leader's headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah. Gingrich said he believed Mideast peace was in the interests of both Israelis and Palestinians.
Did you see that? Not only did Gingrich shake hands with a cold-blooded terrorist, he also turned to moral equations. Then, at the end of this item:
He stressed that he was "trying to be helpful" which was why he was meeting with Arafat.
I'm very sorry to say, but, by meeting with a terrorist and willingly shaking his hand, Gingrich did nothing more than get his blood on his own. And that act he did there back then, almost a decade ago, could not only be used as a weapon against him by the Democrats, but could also damage his potential as a presidential candidate overall.

Let's not forget that he also botched the 1998 elections for Congress when he made it seem as though he was more obsessed with attacking Clinton for his own misdeeds with Monica you-know-who than with a good menu of other issues that the public at the time was also interested in.

So there you have my reasons for opposing his candidacy, if he decides to run, as he may have said he would several months ago. The American public, I'm sure, would appreciate it if the Republicans could take a more convincing position by shunning terrorist leaders that previous administrations failed to do, and outlawing current ones.

In fairness to Gingrich, what he could do now is to admit that Arafat was a cannibal, and to acknowledge what the State Dept. has finally been willing to admit after all these years, that Arafat murdered American officials back in the early 1970s. But that still doesn't meant that he's qualified to run for president.
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The Democrats new promise "A New Direction For America"

The stock market is at a new all-time high and America's 401K's are back.
A new direction from there means what?

Unemployment is at 25 year lows.
A new direction from there means what?

Oil prices are plummeting.
A new direction from there means what?

Taxes are at 20 year lows.
A new direction from there means what?

Federal tax revenues are at all-time highs.
A new direction from there means what?

The Federal deficit is down almost 50%, just as predicted over last year.
A new direction from there means what?

Home valuations are up 200% over the past 3.5 years.
A new direction from there means what?

Inflation is in check, hovering at 20 year lows.
A new direction from there means what?

Not a single terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11/01.
A new direction from there means what?

Osama bin Laden is living under a rock in a dark cave, having not surfaced
in years, if he's alive at all, while 95% of Al Queda's top dogs are either
dead or in custody, cooperating with US Intel.
A new direction from there means what?

Several major terrorist attacks already thwarted by US and British Intel,
including the recent planned attack involving 10 Jumbo Jets being exploded
in mid-air over major US cities in order to celebrate the anniversary of the
9/11/01 attacks.
A new direction from there means what?

Just as President Bush foretold us on a number of occasions, Iraq was to be
made "ground zero" for the war on terrorism -- and just as President Bush
said they would, terrorist cells from all over the region are arriving from
the shadows of their hiding places and flooding into Iraq in order to get
their faces blown off by US Marines rather than boarding planes and heading
to the United States to wage war on us here.
A new direction from there means what?

Now let me see, do I have this right? I can expect:

  • The economy to go South
  • Illegals to go North
  • Taxes to go Up
  • Employment to go Down
  • Terrorism to come In
  • Tax breaks to go Out
  • Social Security to go away
  • Health Care to go the same way gas prices have gone

But what the heck !

I can gain comfort by knowing that Nancy P, Hillary C, John K, Edward K,
Howard D, Harry R and Obama have worked hard to create a comprehensive
National Security Plan, Health Care Plan, Immigration Reform Plan, Gay
Rights Plan, Same Sex Marriage Plan, Abortion On Demand Plan, Tolerance of
Everyone and Everything Plan, How to Return all Troops to the U.S. in The
Next Six Months Plan, A Get Tough Plan, adapted from the French Plan by the
same name and a How Everyone Can Become as Wealthy as We Are Plan. I forgot
the No More Katrina Storm Plan.

Now I know why I feel good after the elections. I am going to be able to
sleep so much better at nights knowing these dedicated politicians are
thinking of me and my welfare.

Please pass this good news along to all of your friends so they can feel
better also.
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Infidel Hunk Of the Week: LIONHEART



Our interview will be about radical Islamist control of the hard drug trade in Britian and this brave fellow, Paul "Lionheart" the nom de guerre of Paul Ray who has lived through it and has gathered graphic evidence about it in video. MORE HERE
Fighting the jihad has left LIONHEART without country, homeless and near destitute - make a contribution here at Paypal .

Please Send funds (anything you can) to this address: vc@tomato18.fsnet.co.uk

"Luton, England, played a central role in the terrorist attacks against Britain on 7/7. War was declared that day on Britain and the Muslim community opened up Luton as their frontline. The suicide bombers spent time here before boarding their train at Luton train station on that fateful day. I have lived and grown up in and around Luton my whole life and have now had to leave my country and seek refuge in a foreign land for my safety because of the Muslim community. The Pakistani Muslims of Luton control the highly lucrative and extremely destructive heroin and crack cocaine trade. These Muslims who have links to Al Qaeda in Pakistan are working towards Al Qaedas strategy of destroying my country and are succeding unhindered. I did my part to try and stop it and have now been issued with death threats and had to leave."

Lionheart's has just started blogging, go here now

Our interview will be about radical Islamist control of the hard drug trade in Britian and this brave fellow, Paul "Lionheart" the nom de guerre of Paul Ray who has lived through it and has gathered graphic evidence about it in video.

The bottom line is that Britain's home Office has done next to nothing to relieve the population of this heinous drug traffic by Islamists in their midst. The issue is why the law enforcement officials in Britian have turned a blind eye. It is simply PC dictated by the Home office or is it more including possible corruption.

Paul-the brave "Lionheart' was the Brit Christian Evangelical sleuth on the International Solidarity Movement 'bust" in Israel last summer written up on FrontPageMag.com. He has had to flee his hometown of Luton north of London to Israel because of threats from Somali and Paki Muslim drug lords. Luton you may recall is the place where most of the London 7/7 suicide bombers came from. Lionheart's story is the 'real deal" about what is really going down on the street in Melanie Phillips Londonistan and it is Class A drugs.

He has had to flee to Israel. He is much like Churchill in the wilderness years in the late 1930's caterwauling about the threat of radical islam to his hometown, country , the west and, yes, even, Israel.

This Christian Zionist is a witness to the golden sword of Islam engaged in a heinous jihad of drug dealing and death to those near and dear to him. The man has nowhere to live, no money no home -- it sure don't pay to fight the jihad .

Life in England is deteriorating, read this over at Snapped Shot. Unreal.


By “LionHeart”

Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zwahiri, Al Qaeda’ s military strategists are sitting on a gold mine in Afghanistan from which they draw billions in profits to conduct their apocalyptic Islamist ambitions against America - “the Great Satan”, Israel – “the little Satan” and the Western world. It is the production of heroin by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Heroin is the new Sword of Islam and it’s cutting a big swath of destruction here in Britain, or as the columnist Melanie Phillips finely puts it: Londonistan.

I know, because I have witnessed it first hand [both in prison] and on the ground in my community of Luton just outside of London.

The war being waged by Islam in the Western World is a guerrilla war and one that has many fronts. When you control virtually all of the world’s supply of heroin then I am sure you are going to use this commodity as a weapon in one of those fronts in your Global Jihad. It is ‘narco terrorism’ at its very worst which is the title of an important early book by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, exposing the connection between the Jihadis growing and distributing heroin in the world and providing billions to fund their Global Jihad against all non-believers.

By flooding the streets of your enemy with heroin, the Jihadis hope to addict and kill our youth, destroy society and cause massive social problems. The production and trafficking of heroin is silent but sure devastation. The heroin trade is worth literally billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros and has yet to be reined in and destroyed, despite the war against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan and the alleged partnership with Pakistan in the war against terrorism. The money earned at all levels of the heroin trade is poured back into Global Jihad. For Al Qaeda, heroin is a “win-win” situation. Its network of terrorists are injecting heroin into our youth culture, destroying parts of our communities and country and making vast amounts of money in the process which is then poured back in to finance and support other terrorist activity and support networks against us. They cannot lose using heroin as a sword of Jihad as it has the two sides with which to cut and destroy us with.

Bin Laden and al Qaeda sit on top of the world’s heroin trade estimated at over $7 - $8 billion dollars annually. From the direct proceeds of heroin trafficking, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have built up their Islamic terror network’s conventional and non-conventional weapons capabilities which also includes weapons of mass destruction with which to fight America and the West with.

Britain is one of the targets for al Qaeda’s heroin strategy. In Britain there is an epidemic of heroin abuse and the effects on local communities have been devastating. We have slums that are ‘no go’ areas due to drugs and our prison population is at bursting point because of the increase of crime upon our society due to the heroin and crack cocaine epidemic.

Heroin is a major factor in the social problems throughout the country.

Where does the heroin come from? It comes from Islamic Afghanistan through Islamic Pakistan and then ends up on our streets. Al Qaeda’s leaders in the U.K have plans to bring down our country and one of the weapons that has been outlined to use in their jihad against us is labeled under “chemical warfare” and is the supply of street drugs, heroin and crack cocaine into our communities. The supply of drugs is part of Al Qaeda’s military strategy against my country. So if you deal drugs with Muslims or buy drugs from Muslims then you are supporting their jihad terror against us.

I live in the county of Bedfordshire in the U.K. Within this area you have several towns all joined to one another. Luton was where the 7/7 bombers got on their train before going off on their murderous mission in London. Luton did house one of the most radical extremist groups in the U.K who where aligned with Omar Bakri. The man with the hook Abu Hamza also lived here for about 10 years before moving to the now closed infamous Finsbury Park mosque and then on ultimately upon conviction on terrorism charges to where he now resides in Belmarsh Prison.

If you remember the Danish cartoon protests in London there was a Pakistani Muslim Omar Khayam who blatantly wore a suicide vest which was an act of complete hatred towards my country and the survivors of 7/7. He was subsequently arrested and it was discovered that he had just been released from a 5 year prison sentence for selling heroin and crack cocaine. He lives in Bedford, in Bedfordshire which is about 10 miles from Luton where I reside.

All these links to terror and terrorist activity and all within the vicinity of where I live.

I have lived in Luton and surrounding areas all of my life so know exactly what is happening on the street level. Unlike America our housing estates are a lot smaller and we don’t have different gangs controlling them, we have the local population and its natural order of things. In Luton you have a very large Pakistani Muslim community and these are the ones who control things on the streets. Three of the 7/7 bombers were of British Pakistani origin and spent time in Luton before departing for London. There have also been many anti terrorism arrests in Luton and we have had local Pakistani British born Muslims from Luton who have been killed fighting against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is all going on in the community not 5 minutes from where I live which is situated just 30 minutes North of central London.

The Pakistani Muslims of Luton control the drug trade and are pumping heroin and crack cocaine into the community and surrounding areas at an alarming rate. The Muslim controlled drugs trade in heroin is destroying our youth and breaking down living areas. Drugs are on sale 24 hours a day and the gangs enlist the help of local taxi drivers in which to drive there drugs around in safety for them. These Pakistani Muslims also buy up all the local fast food shops and taxi firms to “wash” their illegal drug money through because they are “cash businesses’, so can legitimize there criminal proceeds. The Muslims have taken over Luton which is the reason why the Islamic leaders allowed the bombers to tell the world that they supported the 7/7 bombers and their actions by letting them set off on their fateful journey from central Luton. The Pakistani Muslims of Luton have taken over and are spreading further a field to expand there power base. They are using heroin and crack cocaine as one weapon in their Jihad to do this with. They cannot lose. Why is this Islamic induced civil disorder that is aimed at the destruction of my country not being tackled by the British Security Services who are supposed to be there to protect and defend our National Security.

Because I saw the threat that the Muslims pose with drugs I have been actively helping do what I can to counteract that threat. A year ago I went forward to the police with information about a Muslim drug dealer who was pumping heroin and crack cocaine into my community. He was subsequently arrested due to my corroborated evidence. I didn’t think anymore of it until one day I received a threatening phone call where I was told “your going to get a knife in your fat white belly” by a Muslim youth. I then received information from a friend who buys heroin from this drug gang and they had said to him: “I gave information to the police about one of there people”, “I wear the cloak of religion” and that “I am going to be meeting God soon”. There is said to be upwards of 100 in this Pakistani Muslim drug gang and they call themselves “The Gambinos” after the American crime family.

My name and that of the other person who came forward with the information to convict this Muslim drug dealer ended up in the hands of these Pakistani Muslim gangsters. I had to move my home, shut my shop and became bankrupt because of this situation. The Muslim who was arrested spent less than a year in prison and is now back out on the street selling his drugs again and has bought a fast food shop to wash his drug money through.

I gave several warnings to the police in my dealings with them about a policeman who I believed was corrupt, who I believe is linked to these Muslims gangsters. My name and the other person’s name who came forward ended up on the street in the hands of these Pakistani Muslim criminals .

I have tried to counteract this threat. My friends have distanced themselves from me because they are scared for themselves and I am left sitting here on my own.

That’s the position on the ground here in Luton in the U.K which was home to an integral part of the 7/7 bombers plans against my country. They declared war on Britain and opened up Luton as a battle line.

The Muslims in Luton have taken control and are spreading. Unless people wake up to the threat that surrounds them then we are sleep walking into destruction at the hands of these Muslims whose only aims are to take over and implement Shari’a Law.

If people cannot connect the dots then what hope is there. Heroin, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Luton, 7/7 bombers, British Pakistanis, British Danish cartoon ’suicide bomber’ protester, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Al mujaharoon and the continued expansion of their drug empires. All this is happening in the community of Luton where I live and the people of the community are helpless to stop it.

The situation in Luton is no different from anywhere else in Britain or the world where heroin is being sold. Ultimately the money earned from heroin is going into the hands of the fighters of Jihad, no matter what way the heroin situation is being played out. It is controlled by Bin Laden, used by al Qaeda as a weapon to destroy our society and is being used to deliver us into the hands of Muslims.

Heroin is the Golden Sword of Jihad

And the Home Office does nothing to stop heroin, the silent sword of the Jihadis ravaging my community and country and forcing me to hide.

Lionheart, the nom de guerre of the author, is a former convicted British drug dealer, now a Born again Christian and has been active in anti drug programmes with the Police in his home community in Bedfordshire.

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"Treated Like Animals"

UPDATED AND BUMPED TO TOP - Scroll down for the update.

These guys are very subtle, are they? The three men who were involved in the Miami Port incident the other day, are now claiming they were "treated like animals", and they are threatening a lawsuit, backed by CAIR, of course:


Three Middle Eastern men who were arrested and later had charges against them dropped over a brief terrorism scare at the Port of Miami on Sunday said they were unfairly targeted because of their ethnicity and creed.

Amar Al-Hadad said he was "humiliated, disrespected (and) treated real badly just because my name is an Arabic name and I'm a Muslim."The Iraqi-born Al-Hadad cried during the Monday news conference in which he described the way he, his brother, Hussain Al Hadad, and friend, Hassan El Sayed, were treated.

"We were treated like animals," El Sayed said.

Officials initially said the men, all permanent U.S. residents, had been caught trying to slip past a checkpoint at the port's entrance. . .

Amar and Hussain Al Hadad were both charged with resisting arrest; Hussain Al Hadad was also charged with trespassing, as was El Sayed, a Lebanese national. A judge dismissed the charges, citing a lack of evidence.

Amar Al-Hadad said his driver's license hadn't been returned and wasn't sure which law enforcement agency had it. The three men were detained by the FBI and released before being charged by the Miami-Dade Police Department.

"We demand the return of those IDs as soon as possible so that they can go about their lives in a normal fashion," said Areeb Naseer, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The three men said they were considering filing a lawsuit.

What a steaming, malodorous pile.

What is it now? CAIR'S is bringing a new lawsuit against some Infidel or another at the rate of, like, one every other day? Fuck these guys.

The great thing about CAIR'S lack of subtelty is that the American public will see through is like an X-ray of Evel Knievel's pulverized skeleton.

I saw, bring it on, CAIR. What we Infidels want at this point is more lawsuits. More lawsuits. More lawsuits.

UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel has got the goods -

As of yesterday morning, unfortunately, the men--two Iraqis and a Lebanese man--were released and the charges against them dropped by Judge Gerald Klein, one of the many members of the not-so-exclusive "Stupid Judges and the Terrorists Who Love Them" club.

But now we know their names, Amar Al-Hadad, Hussain Al-Hadad, and Hassan El-Sayed. And we know a lot about their history. And it suggests incarcerating and investigating them, NOT releasing them and dropping all charges.

I mentioned the work of private investigator and terrorism analyst Bill Warner of South Florida. His work on terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun and Islamic Thinkers Society (and their presence in New York) is unmatched.

Warner has also exposed many used car rings around the country and their ties to Islamic terrorism and various forms of fraud involving used cars, as well as their use in car bombs. Bill has linked prominent Islamic terrorists, like Sami Al-Arian, with the used car business, a fact that prosecutors in the case confirmed (but, unfortunately, did not use in the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink case against him).

Bill looked into the Dearbornistan-Miami Three and cannot believe they were released. I agree with him. It's incredible, but leave it to our "law enforcement" to do the PC thing and let these "poor souls" go. Here's what Bill tells me about the men:




Charges dropped and at least one guy is an ex-con linked to the stolen car racket?

Is there something wrong with the Sea Ports in Michigan or New York State that would cause these goons to drive an 18 wheeler loaded with car-parts, 1,386 miles to Miami's Sea Port?

There's much, much more where that came from. Go read the rest at Debbie Schlussel.
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