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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Female genital mutilation: more than 7.000 girls in danger in UK

Following the plea of the London police, which is going to give a £20,000 reward for information to bring to justice any culprit or involved in this terrible crime, I have written about what means for the girls and women this brutality. You can read it here.

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The Muslim idea of tolerance and logic

By the Anti Jihadist

There is a fundamental lack of understanding between many Muslims and non-Muslims. This problem has ballooned to gigantic dimensions, in part, because Muslims and non-Muslims think in very different ways.

Consider the concept of ‘tolerance’. The problem is that in Islam, “tolerance” means “we’re the dominant religion, and you (kafirs) practice yours according to our rules; you pay special taxes, there are restrictions on art, music, media, and so on, and, by the way, we can change our minds at any time.” Any questioning of this decidely one-way arrangement will be immediately condemned as "islamophobic", "intolerant", "fascist", "racist", or otherwise "hampering harmony between the races". Any of this sound familiar?

Read the rest at Pedestrian Infidel.


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Friday, July 13, 2007

Blair's Badgers

Aww, cute (evil) bastard

British forces have denied rumours that they released a plague of ferocious badgers into the Iraqi city of Basra.

Word spread among the populace that UK troops had introduced strange man-eating, bear-like beasts into the area to sow panic.

But several of the creatures, caught and killed by local farmers, have been identified by experts as honey badgers.

The rumours spread because the animals had appeared near the British base at Basra airport.

UK military spokesman Major Mike Shearer said: "We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area.

BBC News

Update: Granny Weatherwax highlights us to this

Squirrel Spy Ring? Thats Nuts!

Police in Iran are reported to have taken 14 squirrels into custody - because they are suspected of spying.

No fucking way?!!! As Weatherwax says You couldn't make it up!
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Beyonce's Booty: An Immodest Proposal:Steal Their Women

As I noted in the previous post, to my great embarrassment, I might need a hand in thinking this one through.
Spank that thang'
I believe that in war, if you watch your enemy's behavior with discerning, he will tell you how to beat him. That which most frightens your enemy is buried at the heart of that which gets him the most angry. That which most frightens him is his Achilles Heel. If you can discover what it is that most frightens your opponent, then you know how to beat him.

One of the greatest things about our Islamofascist enemies is they are simply incapable of shutting their mouths. They talk and talk and talk and talk, and in talking they tell us everything we need to know.

So, what is it that gets our cute little Islamofascist enemies the most angry? What makes them burn with a white-hot rage? What is it that will set them into a worldwide temper tantrum of rioting and murder?


It has been noted that the Islamic world is an Honor/Shame culture. If they are not being honored, they feel they are being shamed. The egos of Islamofascists are particularly fragile. And, of course, insulting their prophet and humiliating Allah does get them very angry.

But really, all that serves to do is expose them.

When we draw cartoons of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban, yes, then the Islamofascists fly into a tantrum and reveal themselves for the childish morons that they are. But, in the practical world, it does little to help us win the war, other than to make more Westerners aware of how unreasonable they really are.

So, we need to understand how to truly humiliate our enemy.

What humiliation is so utterly horrible to those darling little Islamofascists that the very thought will render them a quivering gelatinous mass in a puddle of its own urine and feces?

The Islamofascist mental universe is basically the world of the pre-game football locker room metality writ large. If one wants to understand what will anger and, ultimately, humiliate the Islamofascists, one need only think of what would start a fight in a locker room. What gets testosterone-charged men really angry and/or humiliated?

1) Being called a fag, or having one's manhood called into question.

2) Having one's mother insulted.

3) Having one's girlfriend insulted, violated, or stolen.

Sure, we could sit around and play the dozens with the Islamofascists from here to eternity, and believe me, it would be a riot, but the truth is, the real insult to their manhood has to be performed on the battlefield. That's where we will ultimately demonstrate what a pathetic bunch of pussies they really are.

But, there's something else we can do right now which would drive a stake right through their sad, shriveled hearts;

Steal Their Women.

"Steal their women?!?" you say. Pastorius, are you crazy? What are we, a barbarian culture, reducing women to chattel and servitude? Are we to act in ways which would make us no better than the Islamofascists?

No, we are better than that, and that's exactly why we can steal their women, and their women will actually be happy about it. Here's my idea:

We put out an announcement across Iraq and Afghanistan that any woman who wants to escape from the slavery of the burqa and Sharia need only present herself to an American official (soldier, or member of the government) and request asylum. She will be whisked away from her former life and brought to America, where she will receive a free education, free housing, and an opportunity at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

She will not be allowed to bring her husband, son, or father, or any male family member. This is an opportunity which is only open to those women whose servitude is so painful that they are willing to completely sever ties with their old selves, or should I say, lack of selves.

I call this "An Immodest Proposal" because I want to be clear that I am serious as hell, and that this idea is not proposed in the tradition of Jonathan Swift's satire.

I believe this idea is not only a strategically sound way to beat our enemy, but also a just and compassionate way to help the women of the Islamic world who are locked up in the ideological slavery of Sharia.

This idea, if implemented successfully will shatter the fragile egos of the Islamofascists precisely because it goes to the heart of male identity. Men, more than anything, want to believe they can take care of their women. If they find that they are unable to, they feel they have been judged to be useless and impotent human beings. A man who believes himself to be useless and impotent is a defeated warrior.

The booty of American military conquest is more free, productive and happy people. Let's keep in that tradition and free the slaves of the Middle East.
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One of Gilad Shalit's kidnappers was arrested

One of the scum who kidnapped the soldier has been captured:
One of the Palestinian terror operatives who kidnapped Cpl. Gilad Schalit in a cross-border raid near Kerem Shalom last June has been arrested, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced Friday afternoon, lifting a gag order.

Muhammad Salameh Abed Zufi, 30, was apprehended in Rafah on June 9.

The Shin Bet said that Zufi, who admitted during his interrogation that he had photographed the Kerem Shalom raid, also said he had involved in a 2002 raid on the "Africa" outpost in the same area on the Gaza border. In that raid, an IDF officer and three Beduin trackers were killed.

In addition to the raids on IDF outposts, Zufi was also involved in other attacks that wounded soldiers and launching Kassam rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip.
Has he been cooperative with the authorities since then, and given them any clues to Shalit's whereabouts? So far, there's no way to tell here.

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Malaysian Muslims
Pissed Off
Evan Almighty

God damn them. Don't those dumb fuckers realize the movie is a flop anyway?

Anyway, Wild Bill, an intrepid blogger and commenter has convinced me that it would be funny to attract an audience of people who are searching for photos of tits and ass, and other stupid content. But, are tits and ass really stupid content?
At least one of my heads is telling me they are among the most profound things on Earth.

I really can't figure this one out on my own. I think I'll need some help.

But, I digress.

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Malaysian Muslims have called for a ban on the blockbuster movie "Evan Almighty," saying it is offensive to their religion, state media reported Friday.

Malaysia's influential Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) said the comedy, which plays on the story of Noah's ark and features actor Morgan Freeman as God, was insulting to Islam.

"The movie refers to the big flood during the time of Prophet Noah, but this has been turned into a comedy which is insulting to Islam," Secretary-General Maamor Osman told news agency Bernama.

"Featuring a human being as God in the movie is also against Islam," he added.

For anyone who is interested, Judaism and Christianity also have injunctions against "graven images" and idolatry.

But, somehow, Jews and Christians don't tend to freak out over this kind of stupid shit.

Hmm, I wonder what the problem is? I guess, as I said, I'm going to need a hand in thinking this one through.
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Barabara Boxer is an irresponsible ASS

Appearing on Ed Schultz's talk radio show Thursday, Sen. Barbara Boxer said impeachment of the President "should be on the table." The senator from California also says the Bush administration is the "closest we have ever come to a dictatorship."

Doesn't she realize that the inevtiable response to this, is that democrats who believe as she does, and say what she says, and want what she wants can be construed as TRAITORS by people on the other side EQUALLY AS ASININE?

Then what? Cinna and Sulla? The Gracchi and Saturninus?


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The hysteria for the suicide lemmings is astounding

I have watched this all before. 1972-1975.

This denouement, and it's inevitable outcome is as certain as that of the creation and treaty with the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan by Pakistan last year.

The democrats then also lead the excuse laden, blind to results and consequences, 'we'll all feel better', bring our boys home, Breugel filled parade.

At that time a marginal war waged by a man who thought Ho Chi Minh was a George Meany on the side of a people too few of whom cared enough about freedom or communism, or freedom to worship (most of those who cared over there were catholic) was lost strategically as a direct cost of battles won, a news anchor's personal agita and all about me-ism, and historical stupidity about the nature of war (Sherman's dictum - 'All attempts to make war easy and safe will end in disaster and humiliation'). However, we were saved by the nature of the enemy who had no care about us in ANY WAY that did not involve us being there, and the inner titanic power of the american desire to do well in all phases of life in freedom, which powers our economy and political system. But it took from 1975 to 1991 to do it, during which time Star Wars and the McDonalds strategy also, BTW, killed the USSR, rendering 1991 into a tactical CAKEWALK. As we all know, the strategic job was left unfinished.

But what is identical is the growing emotional hysteria to get out of Dodge, as if the place and thinking about it filled our homes and dreams with swarms of spiders. Weakest in this parade are the SAME PEOPLE. Only the faces have changed. And even though there is a civil war going on in ONE campaign area of this global war, it does not change that effort, only complicates it. But not for the Breugelites who will claim any ground which will hurt the domestic opposition.

Continue reading "The hysteria for the suicide lemmings is astounding" »

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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Durin the '04 Election Debates and campaigns all we heard from Lurch was that The War On Terror needed to be fought as a "Police Campaign", and G.W. argued that it needed full military resources dedicated to eradicate the enemy wherever it could be found.

Now the booger-eattin-mohrons have turned our military into a gotdam bunch of fuggin Riot Police in a foreign land !!

We get more "shock and awe" out of the L.A. P.D coverin a fuggin Gay Pride Parade !!
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More About ROEs

Herschel Smith at his excellent blog The Captain's Journal has been covering the issue of ROEs in great depth. Today he has posted a link to the Mental Health Advisory Team Operation Iraqi Freedom Final Report of 17 November 2006. It's a eighty-nine page PDF document. Smith also quotes this alarming passage from the report:

More than one third of all Soldiers and Marines continue to report being in threatening situations where they were unable to respond due to Rules of Engagement (ROE). In interviews, Soldiers reported that Iraqis would throw gasoline-filled bottles (i.e., Molotov Cocktails) at their vehicles, yet they were prohibited from responding with force for nearly a month until the ROE were changed. Soldiers also reported they are still not allowed to respond with force when Iraqis drop large chunks of concrete blocks from second story buildings or overpasses on them when they drive by. Every groups of Soldiers and Marines interviewed reported that they felt the existing ROE tied their hands, preventing them from doing what needed to be done to win the war (pages 13 - 14).

However, under "Key Recommendations" the Report states that American troops need more "Battlefield ethics training...so that Soldiers and Marines know exactly what is expected of them in terms of battlefield ethics and the procedures for reporting violations." (p. 5) Seriously, you have to wonder what planet these people live on. Sure PFC, why don't you just rat on your best buddy. You know, the guy your life depends on in combat. Every group of soldiers and Marines interviewed reported their hands being tied in fighting the war and killing the bad guys and the Report's recommendation is to make sure the knots are tied correctly.

Smith comments on the above quote:

The entire report is worth serious study by professional military and policy-makers. To be precise, I do not believe that the rules of engagement were “changed” to allow the engagement of insurgents who hurled Molotov Cocktails at them. The most recent version is CJCSI 3121.01B, and it is more likely than not that a field grade officer felt that he could not make the decision on principles of application of the existing ROE and a JAG had to be consulted.

You read that right. Field officers in a war zone having to get permission from lawyers before they return fire. It has come to that. On a positive note Ralph Peters has an article posted at Frontpagemag that states:

Iraq's a mess. Got it. The Bush administration has made so many mistakes I stopped counting a year ago. But we've finally got a general in Baghdad - Dave Petraeus - who's doing things right. Iraqi politicians are still disgracing themselves, but our troops are killing America's enemies - with the help of our former enemies.

I hope this is true and that at least on some level Patraeus "gets it."

Update: After skimming through the Report I notice there is no mention of one simply expedient that would help troop morale. They're called mascots, maybe after all their interviews and study and Ph.Ds the Report authors could have discovered that the troops are human beings. However, the Report authors are very concerned about Marines directing harsh language at "non-combatants" in a guerrilla war. The Horror!

Crossposted at The Dougout
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Wall Street Journal
Runs Article
On Internet Jihad

From the WSJ:

Living as we do now afloat the incoming and outgoing tides of media, perhaps the aborted London and Glasgow car bombings of a fortnight ago are worth another thought before these attempted mass murders drift away on the sea of bad memories. What about those doctors? The apparent complicity of U.K.-resident Muslim physicians in the attempted murder of innocent British civilians had many in the West asking why. The short answer is that these trained M.D.s somehow convinced themselves that these British people didn't deserve to live--that it would be morally good to kill them. That's insane. Why would they think that?

The best answer I have seen in a long time is found in a new study of Islamic media propaganda by a research team from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. "Iraqi Insurgent Media: The War of Images and Ideas" by Daniel Kimmage and Kathleen Ridolfo (with Radio Free Iraq correspondents, two of whom were abducted and murdered this year) is an astounding compilation of the high-tech methods being used by the insurgency in Iraq to propagate the ideology of the Islamic jihadist movement. This is the blogosphere for killers.

There is no more unchallenged verity in our times than that the World Wide Web, the Internet, is a boon to mankind. But as with nuclear or biological warfare, the Web is a dual-use technology. Technically adept Muslims, using out-of-the-box PC software and hardware, are outputting an electronic torrent of slick Web sites, discussion forums, videos, e-magazines and long-form movies, all with one purpose--to incite Muslims to join the jihad against the enemies of Islam in Baghdad, London, Glasgow or New York. Forget those Iraqi attack videos on YouTube; this is a sophisticated, globally distributed propaganda operation.

I would recommend reading the whole thing, but I do want to note that the final paragraph is particularly important:

If you are a young Muslim male, even a doctor, with a PC in Egypt, the Gulf states, Somalia, Morocco or Glasgow, as always with the Web you are marinating your mind in its content, and the content here is homicide on a mass scale. The answer--technical or political--is not obvious to me. But the one unacceptable answer is doing nothing.

Last night I interviewed the lovely Pamela on the IBA Radio Show and she made a comment to the effect that doing nothing in the face of evil is the equivalent of crime.

Let's put that into an equation:

Silence In Face Of Evil = Crime

I don't know how long it is going to take Western Civilization to wake up, but the longer it takes the more ugly the results are going to be. The things we will have to do to win this war will sicken us beyond belief.

I am confident we will win, but I am saddened by the impending disaster.

And, I believe the blood is on the hands of the appeasers even more than it is on the slaves of Allah.
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Ehud Olmert the rocket scientist of negotiators is considering allowing the Jordanian army to enter the West Bank

Abbas expected to ask Olmert to approve entry of Palestinian Bader Division forces to preserve his control over West Bank; Palestinian leader will also request Israel’s permission to transfer dozens of armored vehicles from Egypt to Palestinian territories

'Uh, Ehud, baby, in order not to enrage the HAMAS freaks, I need to know the timing of your Apache patrols, and F-16 flights, also to placate the street, another $250 mil would be handy.'

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is considering allowing forces from the Palestinian Bader Division of the Jordanian army to enter the West Bank at President Mahmoud Abbas’ request.

The two leaders are expected to discuss the matter on Monday during their meeting in Jerusalem.

Prior to Hamas’ takeover of Gaza Abbas asked that Bader Division forces be allowed entry to the Strip, but his current request is aimed at preserving his control over the West Bank.

Ben Gurion is spinning in his grave somewhere.

Continue reading "Ehud Olmert the rocket scientist of negotiators is considering allowing the Jordaninan army to enter the West Bank" »

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... where we rock, roll, and celebrate all things Infidel.

Tonight, we interview the "smokin' babe" Pastoria ("my little Butterfly"); Pastorius' wife.


"Oh Joe, me so horny. Me love you long time."

Who woulda thunk that Pastorius treats his wife like a slave? Well, apparently, he does.

Also, we go "in-depth" with Pamela of Atlas Shrugs. Pamela gets naked and tells us how she really feels.

This is, I believe, our best show yet.
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When you've been banging the bell, and the blatanly obvious becomes real, there's no reward

al-Qaida Has Rebuilt, U.S. Intel Warns

Beginning in March 2006, this writer has warned, and Warned, and WArned, and WARNED, not just that Wazirisitan and the lack of responsible conclusion making in this govt was going to cause REAL PAIN, and I am talking about Dems and Repub, but about the lack of genius it takes to MAKE the obvious, ineluctable, unavoidable, compulsory conclusions that this entity 's existence causes....sort of like NIGHT following DAY.

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded al-Qaida has rebuilt its operating capability to a level not seen since just before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, The Associated Press has learned.

The conclusion suggests that the group that launched the most devastating terror attack on the United States has been able to rebuild despite nearly six years of bombings, war and other tactics aimed at crippling it.

Still, numerous government officials say they know of no specific, credible threat of a new attack.

A counterterrorism official familiar with a five-page summary of the new government threat assessment called it a stark appraisal that will be discussed at the White House on Thursday as part of a broader meeting on an upcoming National Intelligence Estimate.

The official and others spoke on condition of anonymity because the secret report remains classified.

There is not the slightest joy in this outcome being exactly what was predicted. But who will pay the the stupidities as blatant as these?

WHO? Somebody needs to pay.

Continue reading "When you've been banging the bell, and the blatanly obvious becomes real, there's no reward" »

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sheehan Alert !!

A number of women's rights activists have been arrested in recent months, accused of undermining national security

No, it's not in Berkeley

Iran's mullah regime has said there are signs of a "creeping coup," in the media, after it banned a pro-reform newspaper and a news agency. Tehran now interprets any criticism of its failure to improve the economy as proof of a US-inspired plot.

Iran's culture ministry has accused the press of fostering a creeping coup, just days after banning a newspaper and a news agency critical of the government. The tougher line on media criticism comes amid growing public unrest over fuel rationing and energy price increases. International moves to impose even tougher sanctions on Tehran are also putting pressure on Tehran. Ham Mihan, a pro-reform newspaper, and the ILNA online news agency were both shut down by the authorities last Tuesday. The reformist and liberal press has been criticizing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for failing to deliver on his electoral promise to improve the economy but the regime is interpreting any negative press as proof of a plot. "There are some signs of a creeping coup in the press," Culture Minister Hossein Saffar Harandi said on Saturday. Speaking to the Iranian news agency ISNA, he said that meant "a person moving within a framework of action to overthrow (the system)." The government has accused the United States of using intellectuals and activists to undermine the Islamic Republic and engender a "soft revolution." President Ahmadinejad is now reported to have set up a special unit to counter "black propaganda against the government." And Iran even launched its own English-language news channel, Press TV, last week in a bid to break what it called the West's "stranglehold" over the world's media. Mohammad Jafar Behdad, Ahmadinejad's communications advisor, told the Shargh newspaper this weekend that "the daily plots against the government plans and actions have turned into direct insults and mockery of the president." And the president's press officer, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, told the same paper: "As long as some publications serve the agenda of parties and power-seeking groups, relevant authorities should intervene." Journalists are under intense pressure not to step out of line in an increasingly intolerant Iran. Since 2000 Iran's Press Supervisory Board and judiciary have closed down more than 100 publications, although many simply reopened or changed names. Observers see this as part of a wider squeeze on intellectuals, feminists, trade unionists and pro-reform students. Four Iranian-Americans are currently under arrest, charged with spying after being identified as part of a US-led plot aimed at toppling the mullah regime. A number of women's rights activists have been arrested in recent months, accused of undermining national security.
Send in Bette ! Exhume Bella Abzug, there's work to do ...PHYLLIS, MELANIE, BAT for god's sake, you go girls ! And oh, Rosie, we have a REAL task for you

Continue reading "Sheehan Alert !!" »

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Khudayr Taher:
Europe and America
Should Deport
All Muslims -
Including Myself

Thanks for PD111 for alerting me to this, from Memri and Free Republic:

Khudayr Taher: Europe and America Should Deport All Muslims - Including Myself

Khudayr Taher, an Iraqi Shi'ite writer living in the U.S. and a regular contributor to the liberal Elaph website, had a quite illiberal suggestion - he asked why Europe and America shouldn't deport their Muslim populations. He wrote:

"Countries have the right to defend themselves and assure their citizens' safety from terrorism. Likewise, it is clear that the source of the terrorist crimes in Europe and America is the Muslims who live in these countries.

"The security services cannot know people's intentions and sort out who is the noble immigrant and who is a terrorist criminal. [But] wherever there are Muslims, their presence has produced crimes of terrorism and murder.

"Among those Muslims in Europe and America who do not practice terrorism, most of them do not have loyalty and sincere attachment to these countries that have offered them all of the means of life in dignity - housing, studies, work, and citizenship.

"The legitimate question is this: Since the security services cannot sort out the good immigrant from the bad terrorists, why don't these countries deport all Muslims, of all races, from Europe and America, and [thus] find rest from the danger of terrorism, and protect their peoples?

"I, as an Arab Muslim immigrant, sincerely call on the countries of Europe and America to deport all Muslims from their territories - including myself, despite my love and my sincere attachment to the U.S.


PD111 comments:

Now even a Muslim is calling for the deportation of all Muslims from the West. I believe his sincerity. There is also another advantage to this. Only a shock of this magnitude, the global setback to the Jihad and its lockup, as well as, having to cope with an expanding population, will make Muslims realise that Islam is not the way.

Nothing else will do.

Pastorius comments: I have to wonder if, even this, is a ruse of some sort designed to smoke out just who would and who would not call for such action.

The result would then be, perhaps, to try to marginalize those who would call for mass deportation.
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Radical Islam's exploitation of the internet

One Jerusalem's editors attended a briefing by Daniel Kimmage, author of the study of Iraqi Insurgent Media: the War of Images and Ideas, which discussed how Sunni terrorists are exploiting the internet to spread their evil. Here's a video of the discussion below:

The subject is about a week old now and the MSM has shown no interest in covering it.

For Kimmage's entire report on the insurgents, here's the PDF file.


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Anti-War is not the Same Thing as Pro-Peace

Arabs in Iraq want US troops to leave the country. When do they wish this? When the Iraqi Army and Police Forces are ready to assume responsibility for the security of the country. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid also want US troops out of Iraq--but they want it to happen before the 2008 elections, regardless of the security situation in Iraq. In other words, Iraqis want peace, and the US Democratic Congressional leadership couldn't care less about peace--they only want power without complications.

Intrepid reporter on the scene in Iraq, Michael Yon, reports:
In talking with the soft-spoken Abu Ali, his manner is similar to that of experienced American combat leaders. He is direct and clear in his speech (through an interpreter), and his intelligence is evident. An intelligent enemy who knows the dangers—who is not part of an insane death-cult promising 72 virgins and eternity with God to martyrs—and yet stands his ground against Americans over a long period, must possess great courage and annealed strength. Even among enemies, those qualities command grudging respect. I told one man in the back of the Stryker that after standing his ground with the Americans and surviving this long, al Qaeda was hopeless when Abu Ali and the 1920s shifted their martial attentions.

While we were driving in the belly of the Stryker into Buhriz, I asked Abu Ali, “What did you do to al Qaeda?”

Abu Ali said that on 1 April 2007, he and his people attacked al Qaeda in Buhriz for their crimes against Islam. He also said something that many Muslims have said to me: al Qaeda are not Muslims. (Both Sunni and Shia have said nearly the exact same words, at times on video.) Abu Ali said they fought hard against al Qaeda, and on 10 April, they asked the Americans to join the attack. It worked.

....I asked Abu Ali why he and the 1920s turned against al Qaeda in Buhriz. Speaking through LT David Wallach, a native Arabic speaker, Abu Ali said that “al Qaeda is an abomination of Islam: cutting off heads, stealing people’s money, kidnapping . . . every type of torture they have done.”

The recent stories of baked children came to mind. I asked if Abu Ali had heard about children being baked. Ali said no, he had not heard such a story, but he would not be surprised if it were true because al Qaeda had done so many crimes, such as cutting off a man’s head, putting it up on a stick and parading it around town.

Ali said people had been afraid in their own homes because of al Qaeda.

....I asked Abu Ali if there was something he would like to say to Americans. The markets that had been closed under al Qaeda were bustling around us.

Ali thought for a moment as some local people tried to interrupt him with greetings, and he said, “I ask one thing,” and now I paraphrase Ali’s words: “After the Iraqi Army and Police take hold and the security forces are ready, we want a schedule for the leaving of the American forces.”

“I will tell the Americans this,” I said. Ali seemed satisfied as he went off with another American unit.

Ali wants what most Iraqis want--a peaceful Iraq fully under the control of Iraqis. That is also what Michael Yon wants, what I want, and what most people who persist in supporting the US led coalition in Iraq want.

That is not what the "anti-war" people want, however. What they want is US troops out of Iraq even if a hundred times more Iraqis will die as a result, and the entire country of Iraq become a battleground between Sunni, Shia, and all other interested muslims and regional nations.

What these mind-children fail to consider is that under any leadership at all--Democratic or Republican--the US would have no alternative but to involve itself in the inevitable region-wide conflagration that would result from a rapid US exit. In other words--THE TROOPS WOULD HAVE TO GO BACK UNDER FAR WORSE CIRCUMSTANCES!

Previously published in abu al-fin

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And, they are being banned as "hate speech." Great. Think about that. It is called hate for us to expose the workings of Sharia law which calls for the stoning of gays, and people who make a choice about what religion to follow.

Think about how fucking stupid that is, and then think about the fact that corporations like Fidelity Investments are, apparently, among the group of corporations who have banned our sites:

Banning Jihad Watch
by Robert Spencer
Posted: 07/09/2007

I began getting the emails several days ago: Jihad Watch readers telling me that they had been accustomed to reading the site at work, but now their employer had blocked access to the Jihad Watch site on company computers. Many reported that the ban on Jihad Watch was explained with the assertion that Jihad Watch contained “hate speech."

This was true even in some Federal Government offices.

Jihad Watch was also blocked, readers informed me, on the computers of the State of Connecticut; the City of Chicago; Bank of America; Fidelity Investments; Site Coach; GE IT; JPMorgan Chase; Defense Finance and Accounting Services; Johnson Controls, Inc. IT; Boeing; Tenet Hospitals in North Carolina; Provisio; the Sabre Group TSG; Wachovia bank; and others.

This is an attempt to silence us, as an email from a federal employee made abundantly clear:

I wanted to drop a line about the inability to access JihadWatch at work. I work for the Fed Gov. Three weeks ago, Memri was blocked. Two weeks ago HotAir, which I used to look at on my lunch break for your updates, was blocked. As of Friday, June 29th, JihadWatch was blocked.

I can however, visit CAIR, read anything about Islam, and even get the Arab news.

The censors I deal with are from the Dallas area. It is very easy to see that this censor is not operating according to the proper rules of access. They are operating by their political beliefs (or hopes.) It is unfortunate that these people block the very information that we need in these times....

Obviously this is a decision made in some central location, with impact within all these different places -- but I am not certain of the source of it. I have contacted a web filter service to which several of these organizations apparently subscribe and which therefore may have initiated this general ban, but have not heard back yet.

In any case, the matter of most concern in this is the likelihood that the decision was made to ban Jihad Watch was political. If it were merely a matter of filtering out controversial material, sites that treat some of the same material from a different perspective -- particularly pro-jihad sites -- would also have been banned. But they evidently have not been.

Jihad Watch is dedicated to the defense of human rights for all against those who would impose Islamic law, with its institutionalized discrimination against women and religious minorities. There is no “hatred" in this, except when we report the words of hatred and supremacism of the Islamic jihadists.

We are trying to raise awareness of the nature, extent, and goals of the global jihad, which threatens everyone who loves and cherishes freedom and the equality of rights of all people before the law.

However, to tar such initiatives as “hatred" is a tried and true tactic of the Left. Intellectually bankrupt, they can't answer us, so they try to shut us up and discredit us.

The Internet, for all its faults, has delivered the coup de grace to the control the PC media have long had on the news. Neither liberal or conservative news outlets dare to face the truth about the global jihad in any thoroughgoing or realistic way, but you can get it at Jihad Watch. And so, we are going to fight this.

We're establishing a mirror site for Jihad Watch, and will continue to try to get the ban reversed -- and in the process, hope to draw attention also to the politicization of Net filtering companies. We are not going to take lying down being vilified and silenced, when we are telling the truth.

Be scared, my friends. Be very scared. And, things are only likely to get worse.

At IBA, I have long thought that this kind of shit was coming down the pike, and I have plans in the works for what to do, were we to be taken down. I have already established several alternative IBA's.

The problem, though, is getting the word out.

The fact is, IBA did go offline for a period of time, but I believe that was not due to oppression, but instead, it was due to a Google glitch.

In the three months or so that we were down, we lost 75% of our audience. In the month and a half we have been back, we've doubled our audience.

Word is getting out, but it doesn't happen that fast, without big time promotion, which I simply don't have the time or resources for.

Anyway, we need to heed this event as a warning, because I believe it is our future. How will we deal with this?


Quan Tranh writes in with some important advice:

We need to make an effort to inform Websense and Surf Control (the two largest companies that make web blocking software)that Jihad Watch, IBA, and others are news sites not "hate", or "racist" sites. What is happening is people write these companies and tell them they believe a certain URL should be filed under a specific category.

I'm willing to bet that this is an automated process and nobody really checks the sites, much like You Tube accepts a certain number of "inappropriate" flags before the video is automatically removed.

We should also fight fire with fire by reporting jihad sites to these companies. http://haganah.org.il/ keeps a close eye on Internet Jihad. Not that many companies in Pakistan use Websense, but we shouldn't take this lying down.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Too many rats in a cage?

Civilizational cataclysm has more than one form, or...

You know those days when anything the wife does makes you want to rip out a wall?

It's all around us.
Live Earth, draws attention to global warming. But of course, the underlying cause is people want to live in an american commercial on what's it lane in desperate housewives with none of the desperation (but they'll never admit it). Now if we have 1 billion people on earth, that's okay. But we have way more. So all our diesels, and gas engines, and 7x 110 watt Denons, and 1000 watt subwoofers, and 50" plasmas, Bose this and that, 20k BTU AC's, powered treadmills, Espresso makers, and all the people whose improving lives in China and India bring all that within the dreams of close reality, need to make the earth warmer to get to their vaca's and summer homes on the Yangtze, Baikal, Indian Ocean, Adirondack, Sierra, Olympics, Vancouver, and get away from the heat islands which power their lives. Or not, if you believe it's what it really might be after all, variation in solar radiation. But it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter because enough DO buy it, that we are all looking for non-oil stored energy to burn anyway (thus increasing mythical..or not.. warming anyway) ... that means, sugar, corn, wheat..whatever for alcohol or biodiesel, and so our Nissan Titans, and Samsung 47 inch LCD's are now competing with the corn on the barbie, and the Titan is winning and the era of cheap food is done, and that's so because there are TOO MANY RATS in the cage.

Everybody know what happens when there are too many rats in the cage?

Think I'm kidding?

Continue reading "Too many rats in a cage?" »

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"Disgrace:" Confirmed

Last week Elan Journo penned an op/ed for the Ayn Rand Institute titled: The Real Disgrace: Washington's Battlefield 'Ethics.' Journo argued that the current rules-of-engagement under which the U.S. military operates has tied the hands of American warriors and made it impossible for them to achieve victory:

Consider the waking nightmare of being a U.S. combat troop in Iraq: imagine that you are thrust into a battlefield—but purposely hamstrung by absurd restrictions. Iraqis throw Molotov cocktails (i.e., gasoline-filled bottles) at your vehicle—but you are prohibited from responding with force. Iraqis, to quote the study, "drop large chunks of concrete blocks from second story buildings or overpasses" as you drive by—but you are not allowed to respond. "Every group of Soldiers and Marines interviewed," the Pentagon study summarizes, "reported that they felt the existing ROE [rules of engagement] tied their hands, preventing them from doing what needed to be done to win the war."

The fact that President Bush and the military brass have elected to fight a "political correct" was is no secret. The question is why? Because as the old saying goes: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. "Good" being defined according to a theory of ethics based on altruism. What is important here is understanding that for the altruist end results do not matter. If American troops are be killed under the current ROEs that also guarantee defeat, so what? The only important thing is that the war is conducted in a self-sacrificial manner. Those who apply altruism to military action to create Just War Theory (JWT) are explicit in this regard. Michael Walzer's Just and Unjust Wars is the leading text on JWT. As he states:

For the rules of encounter take no cognizance whatever of the relative guilt of governments and armies…The limits it imposes are imposed equally and indifferently on aggressors and their adversaries. (pp. 123-4, emphasis added)

One, of course, can ask rhetorically who is going to "equally" impose the laws of civilized war upon the terrorists and Jihadis in Iraq and around the world. Given JWT's avowed indifference to victory for civilization, the answer is the current state of affairs in Iraq.

Under the heading "Warrior Wisdom" General David H. Petraeus has written an article "Beyond the Cloister" defending the practice of serving officers going to civilian graduate schools. The article is in July-August 2007 issue of The American Interest. Some of the general's points are well taken, however the costs of such education may out way the benefits. Gen. Petraeus gives six reasons for this education program. In the context of Journo's op/ed the fifth reason is the most interesting and revealing:

Fifth and very much related, graduate school inevitably helps U.S. military officers improve their critical thinking skills...

In my own experience, I found the most valuable situations to be those in which exceedingly bright senior professors held views substantially different from my own. I developed a particular friendship with one such professor at Princeton, one of the country’s leading international legal scholars at the time—even though we truly saw the world through different lenses. In the end, we decided that we never disagreed on anything but substance.

I happened to be taking a course with him when the United States invaded the island of Grenada in 1983. Now, some of you will remember that the legal underpinnings nor that action were not the most robust to have ever justified an American military operation. Indeed, it later turned out that U.S. officials had actually written the request for American intervention that the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States submitted back to the United States to get us to intervene against one of their own member states. Nor was the action anchored in the most rock solid of ground when it came to traditional norms associated with the just war concept. Nonetheless, I wrote a paper for that professor entitled, “The Invasion of Grenada: Illegal, Immoral, and the Right Thing to Do.” It was great fun to write, and decent enough to earn an “A” despite a conclusion I know the professor did not share. [Emphasis added]

How can an action be both "immoral" and yet the "right thing to do?" For an altruist that is easy: the results were good but the intentions were tainted by American national self-interest. And any type of self-interest is bad or at least non-good by definition. Clearly, there is much of substance that Gen. Patraeus is in agreement with his old Princeton professor. And it is American troops in Iraq and American security in general that is going to pay the price for their agreement on fundamentals.

Crossposted at The Dougout
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Lebanon and Yemen's attacks

They were very different in nature. The attack on UN Spanish peacekeepers cannot be considered by now but as an ambush, which was ordered by Syria or, at least, by some Syrian elements who are trying to make themselves essential to any re-organization of the area, or to any decisions which are taken in the future about it. They are also trying to prevent everything which could stain Syrian image, such as Hariri's trial.

But there are also doubts about Hezbullah participation in the attack. Spanish troops have discovered in the past two of the greatest weapons deposit on Hezbullah-land, which have shown the real intentions -once again- of the terrorist organization.

And what Zapatero does? What is normal after ETA's negotiations and after Irish born and US Princeton's Professor, Pettite, a supporter of negotiating with Al-Qaeda -and Zapatero's supporter- came to Spain some weeks ago. He is negotiating also with Hezbullah, but without telling anybody what he is negotiating about. Oh, but don't worry this is not on any major outlets, to prevent people from getting very anxious and angry about what's happening... I have found the news just luckily...

Crossposted from MNM.

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"Time Running Out For Iran Strike"

I would have thought we'd all have reached this conclusion a long time ago. I hope this man's words reflects some sort of change in Western leadership:

Predicting that sanctions will ultimately fail to stop Teheran's nuclear program, (Pastorius note: Gee, really? Who woulda thunk?) Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of Military Intelligence's Research Division, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that time to launch an effective military strike against Iran's nuclear installations was running out.

According to Kuperwasser, who stepped down from his post last year, Iran is "very close" to the point that it will cross the technological threshold and have the capability to enrich uranium at an industrial level. Once they master the technology, the Iranians will have the ability to manufacture a nuclear device within two to three years, he added.

(Pastorius note: It seems to me everyone has been saying "two to three years" for at least two to three years now. I'm sick of this. Let's get on with the show, or fact that we will have the apocalypse on our hands.)

"The program's vulnerability to a military operation is diminishing as time passes," Kuperwasser said, "and they are very close to the point that they will be able to enrich uranium at an industrial level."

Report: Iranian general providing top intel. to US

In an article entitled "Halting Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program: Iranian Vulnerabilities and Western Policy Options" published this week by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs - run by former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dr. Dore Gold - Kuperwasser spells out what he believes is the only course of action that will stop Iran's race to nuclear power.

Thanks to technological sophistication, advances in producing raw materials as well as intermediate products and the improvement in protection of the program's components, the Western world is beginning to find it difficult to plan an effective strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, he said.

On Monday, The Washington Post revealed new satellite photos of Iran's enrichment facility at Natanz which showed the digging of a tunnel that analysts said could be used to hide and protect key nuclear components.

Iran, Kuperwasser said, was working on two parallel tracks - one at Natanz to enrich uranium and the plutogenic track being worked on at the Arak heavy water facility.

As long as Russia was not aligned with the United States, Kuperwasser said sanctions would not work on their own to stop Iran.

(Pastorius note: And, of course, Russia is selling them the nuke plants and the parts, for God's sake. Sanctions are a charade.)

"For significant sanctions to be effective the world needs to at the same time threaten the use of military force," he said. "Iran needs to be made to understand that if the sanctions won't work, the world is prepared to use military force to stop the nuclear program."

He said Iran was preparing for the possibility of war, but that deep down the Islamic leadership did not believe that either the United States or Israel were in a position of strength that would enable them to launch such a complicated military operation.

Iran, he said, was purchasing Russian air defense systems and was fortifying its nuclear facilities and moving key elements to underground bunkers in preparation for the possibility that its assessments were wrong and it would in the end be attacked.

"The Iranians are working around the clock on improving military capabilities and they are also moving centrifuges to underground facilities," he said.

Kuperwasser said that a real threat of military action - backed up by credible threats by world leaders as well as the deployment of a large military force to the region - could have the right effect in deterring Iranian leaders from continuing with their nuclear program.

A credible military threat combined with economic leverage had a chance at preventing the need for a future clash with a nuclear Iran and perhaps could also make it unnecessary to deal today with an Iran that is close to nuclearization, he said.

Bullshit. Sanctions will not work. They are deadset on this course of action. They, like North Korea, have proven they don't mind pissing off their people in order to make this goal happen. When the people have risen up, the government simply arrests, beats, kills, and tortures them.

Sanctions didn't work on Saddam Hussein, and they went on for 12 years. When have sanctions ever worked? Answer me.

In further news, the United States Navy has just sent another aircraft carrier into the waters off Iran:

MANAMA (Reuters) - The U.S. navy has sent a third aircraft carrier to its Fifth Fleet area of operations, which includes Gulf waters close to Iran, the navy said on Tuesday.

Enterprise (aircraft carrier) provides navy power to counter the assertive, disruptive and coercive behaviour of some countries, as well as support our soldiers and marines in Iraq and Afghanistan," a U.S. Navy statement said.

The move comes weeks after a flotilla of U.S. warships sailed through the narrowest point in the Gulf to hold exercises off Iran's coast in a major show of force.

Tension over Tehran's nuclear ambitions has raised regional fears of a military confrontation. Recent U.S. naval presence in the Gulf has been the largest since the 2003 Iraq war.

The Fifth Fleet area of operations includes the Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman and parts of the Indian Ocean.
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Speaking of impending resource crises...

China lands new oil assets in Sudan deal despite Darfour crisis

LONDON — China's strategic partnership with Sudan has yielded a new deal to develop offshore oil in a blow to international efforts to block financing for the ongoing conflict in Darfour.

The state-owned China National Petroleum Corp. has been awarded a contract to develop a Sudanese offshore oil block with Indonesia's PT Pertamina.

The accord, which includes exploration and development, was signed on June 28 in Khartoum, Middle East Newsline reported.

On July 2, the China Petroleum Daily reported that the exploration phase would last six years. CNPC would also be granted a 20-year concession for future oil production.

The contract was disclosed amid an international effort to block foreign companies from developing Sudan's oil sector.

Western governments have asserted that Sudan was using oil revenues to finance the war in Darfour.

Since Sudan’s government started the ethnic cleansing of its own people in 2003, at least 200,000 have died and more than two million have become displaced. Despite multiple campaigns of concern by the international community, the Islamic rulers in Khartoum have effectively blocked serious UN peacekeeping efforts to stem the violence.

Think they are worried about Soros's Human Rights Watch? Amnesty International? They NEED that fuel to make energy and drive their economy. That's it. Any conscience in any nation will be dulled by that need given time.

We have to move past fossil fuels in america. We will never conserve our way to prosperity, and political freedom on the international side by riding bicycles in the winter and freezing in the dark.

What's DARPA's budget at major universities in the USA for this?

Someone IS going to solve this riddle, and it had better be us.

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I hate to keep asking about the location of my hydrogen powered, fuel cell car

Financial Times and Telegraph UK:World will face oil crunch ‘in five years’

The world is facing an oil supply “crunch” within five years that will force up prices to record levels and increase the west’s dependence on oil cartel Opec, the industrialised countries’ energy watchdog has warned.
In its starkest warning yet on the world’s fuel outlook, the International Energy Agency said “oil looks extremely tight in five years time” and there are “prospects of even tighter natural gas markets at the turn of the decade”.

The IEA said that supply was falling faster than expected in mature areas, such as the North Sea or Mexico, while projects in new provinces such as the Russian Far East, faced long delays. Meanwhile consumption is accelerating on strong economic growth in emerging countries.
The problem is exacerbated by the fact that supply from non-members of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will increase at an annual pace of 1 per cent, or less than half the rate of the demand rise.
The widening gap between rising consumption and lagging non-Opec supply will force Opec to sharply increase its production in the next five years.

This, like a SECURE BORDER(S), is one of those, 'what's the PROBLEM?' issues. There is wide unquestioned public support. There is a mountain to climb. TAKE THE STEPS, and we don't want to hear your excuses. In the former problem we can assume big business and it's money and greed demand the open border and have perverted the system (as dire a warning sign as there is considering the stakes). But with the oil crisis, it's sucking economic drain to a raw material on alien shores, and it's heavy penalties, it is beyond me why the motions to solve the energy questions, and fuel questions are NOT the second highest priority we have (besides killing the killers). Unless we free ourselves from this fuel (and it's attendant costs for the eco freaks in global warming, and it's political and economic wasting costs) stupidity, and move to the next stage of industrial development WHATEVER SOLUTION THAT MEANS IN TERMS OF SCIENTIFIC AND ENGINEERING R&D and production, the idea of civilization as we know it will INEVITABLY drag us into a resource war, along with the religious one.

So sorry, but, why is this not yet clear? The forces compelling all this are PLAIN TO SEE, civilizational level and consequently titanic.

Continue reading "I hate to keep asking about the location of my hydrogen powered, fuel cell car" »

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Sands Of Passion

Like Infidels through an hour glass, so are the Sands of Passion ...

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America's Exit
From Iraq
Attracts Less Interest
Than Gathering War Clouds

From Debka (thanks to Michael):

Since April 2007, George W. Bush has had on his desk an exit plan from Iraq, built around the phased pull-back by early 2008 of a little more than half of the 170,000 or so troops there at present.

Around 50-70,000 soldiers are to be redeployed to large strategic fortified enclaves in the south and the north as a semi-permanent US presence. They will be backed by four naval and aerial strike groups in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea and a chain of giant air bases, some expanded, others built from scratch, in Oman, Qatar and Jordan.

The military sources of DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly have been tracking the evolution of this White House master plan since April 27.

Building up in Persian Gulf waters as a key element of this post-withdrawal military plan are three American carriers and their strike groups. The USS Enterprise CVN 65 Big E Strike Group departed for the region Monday, July 8, to join the USS Stennis and USS Nimitz carriers which are already there.

A clue to the coming American deployment can be seen in the Basra Province of southern Iraq where British troops have shut themselves away in a well-fortified compound south of the oil city. It is blasted daily by mortars and other heavy weapons. From time to time, British commando patrols emerge to hit enemy assault concentrations.

In short, even after the Americans quit Iraq, the Iraq War will continue – with one difference: it will no longer rage in the main cities such as Baghdad, but in wide open spaces.

It is already apparent that the US army's main enemy, certainly in the initial phase after withdrawal, will be al Qaeda, as it is today.

From the end of 2005, Iraq watchers realized there was no way of preventing Iraq fragmenting into sectarian or ethnic segments: an independent Kurdish state in the north and one, or even two, independent Shiite entities south of Baghdad.

The Americans campaign today focuses mainly on rooting the jihadist terrorists out of Baghdad, Baqouba, Ramadi and Falluja in order to determine the identity and character of the third segment, an independent Sunni Muslim enclave in central Iraq.

This task cannot be finished within the timeframe dictated by political realities in America. There is no way therefore of saying for certain which Sunnis will rule that part of the country - indigenous Iraqi Arabs or al Qaeda, or even, by remote control through a surge of cash, Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the outcome of the current US-al Qaeda showdown in Iraq will bear long-term consequences for American positions in the Persian Gulf, especially in relation to Iran.
DEBKAfile's Washington sources report that on three points the Bush administration has not yet made final decisions:

1. Whether to launch a military operation to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities and cripple its strategic-economic infrastructure.

2. How to respond if Iran decides on a pre-emptive attack on US Middle East interests by fomenting local assaults against Israel by Syria, Hizballah and Hamas and a civil war in Lebanon. Some Middle East military and intelligence sources say this decision is already in the bag in Tehran. Will President Bush seek to avert these flare-ups of violence? Or use them as the starting shot for his military strike against Iran?

3. The timeline for beginning the US military pullout from Iraq, the third decision in abeyance, hinges heavily on the White House's actions regarding the first two.

The optional exit dates for now are September 2007 or January-March 2008. The latter is seen as the more realistic by American commanders and soldiers serving in Iraq.

Amid the furious political controversy over the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war, most Americans find it hard to imagine the US army capable of even contemplating taking on another conflict with Iran. It is seen by many as a nightmare scenario. But Tehran sees nothing far-fetched about it. Quite the reverse, Iranians are all but certain an US attack is inevitable this summer or, at latest, in the fall.

They note that the President Bush has never taken the military option off the table for dealing with Iran's strongly suspected nuclear weapons program. The overriding importance of removing this threat is not in dispute between Bush and Democratic Party leaders.

The Middle East is therefore on the move, in readiness for the worst:

- Monday, July 9, Damascus called on Syrian civilians to depart Lebanon to avoid "an eruption" expected next week.

- US defense secretary Robert Gates cancelled a planned four-nation Latin American tour – officially to help complete the Pentagon's "benchmark" report due in September. However, as perceived in Middle East capitals, Gates can see a conflagration building up in the region and decided his place was in Washington.

- Israel, Syria and Hizballah have prepared their armies for a war contingency entailing a possible clash on Golan and the Lebanese-Israeli frontier regions.

- Iran has imposed gasoline rationing on civilian vehicles. An Iranian official admitted in Tehran two days ago that the country was preparing for an emergency and stocking up on fuel for the military.

- The Turkish army has 140,000 troops poised to invade northern Iraq's Kurdistan.

Notwithstanding denials in Ankara and Baghdad, Turkish units are operating in northern Iraq against Turkish Kurdish PKK rebels.

- The American carrier, the USS Enterprise, is on its way to the Middle East with a powerful strike group.

Two months ago, military high commands in the Middle East stopped asking when the American army would leave Iraq. They took for granted that a major pull-back is in the works and not far away. The question exercising most minds these days is which of the two leading antagonists in the current regional contest will be first to assemble all the pieces of the war puzzle and gain the advantage over his rival, the Bush administration in Washington or Ali Khamenei's mullahs in Tehran?

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I'll kill ten innocent bystanders for that remark!

There are in our world today three broad categories of Muslims, the so-called "moderate Muslims" not making the numbers to muster the count: Those three categories are the ulema, the takfiris, and the mob. The latter two groups are enraged. The first, as usual, slumber dogmatically. BOOM goes London, BOOM Par-ee. Whence the rage?

I woke in the middle of the night last week with the idea of "infantile rage." I consulted Dr. Wolf, below, for advice. Amazingly he was right there on the Internet as soon as I thought up the question. It's often like that. There are any number of approaches to our problems if only we would give up our cliched certainties in favor of looking for informed opinion. The good doctor's informed opinion was only useful to me in parts, thus parts below, with not much in the way of apologies from me for my incisive surgery on his work. Since I've hacked away at his work one might feel rightly that he deserves unedited viewing. For God's sake, Jim, he's a doctor! not a magician! So I cut to the bones to get to the essence as I view it, that the Muslim world is in a state of infantile rage; and I use the authority of the doctor below to give legitimate foundation to my argument.

It might be obvious but I am not a parent. I cannot write with any authority at all of children. I can, however, write of infantile rage from some experience in the world. And you can grasp it easily. You needn't be a doctor to see the rage in the Islamic world, and you needn't even be half-bright to recognize it as a tantrum.

There are very few mature adults in the Islamic culture. Islam is an infantile culture. Those Westerners who support its demands are those same whom Lenin in his highest wit refers to as the "Infantile Left." (Attend to those who know.) Of the emotionally and socially and morally retarded geriatric ulema there need be little written here or anywhere else. They are the classic example of "educated fools," and if you should doubt, then AskTheImam. Our concern must be with the remaining two groups of Muslims and their philobarbarist cheerleaders in the West, our darling Leftists.

Cartoon Rage? The ulema, absorbed in bitter discussion of the evils of djinns dancing on the heads of pins, could hardly manage to detach themselves from their nargilas long enough to issue some smoking death fatwas. No, no, the problem of all is not the good doctors of Islamic law but the enraged umma lead by an enraged intelligentsia this side of senility, i.e. the jihad-bent takfiris.


Put it this way: The Stalinists of the ulema face the Maos and his sea of little Red Guards. Stalin's not pure enough? Then call in Mao who'll whip up a rage of frenzied murder to make things perfect for the few who might survive to scrounge around for roots and berries in the aftermath. Takfiris, to whom no one is Islamic enough but themselves. Why do Leftist love these people? Because the takfiris are the Communists of our day. The words change but the religion is the same. The dogma of the West Left is: "I hate my parents and I don't wanna grow up." Hey, suits me too but I don't kill anyone over it. then again, I'm a really boring guy. I don't have thousands of friends all over the world doing important stuff like fighting for freedom and stuff. Lucky for you, friend.

Enough already of this introduction. I'll see you again at the bottom of the doctor's presentation, beaten with a rubber truncation as it is.

Ernest S. Wolf, MD., “Group Helplessness and Rage,” Self Psychology Bulletin Board. Chicago, IL.

This paper originally was delivered at the International Self-Psychology Symposium in Dreieich, Germany, May, 2001. It is published here for the first time.

Continue here.
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Muslim Female Juror
Listens To Ipod
Underneath Hijab
Court Proceedings

Mike Drovdahl passed this along. Thank. As he commented, this is yet another reason to ban the hijab and the burqa, and all of those total headcoverings favored by radical Islamists:

LONDON (AFP) - A female Muslim juror has been arrested in Britain after allegedly listening to an MP3 player under her hijab headscarf during a murder trial, police said Monday.

The woman in her early 20s was spotted by a fellow juror listening to music as she was meant to be helping try the case of a pensioner accused of bludgeoning his wife to death after 50 years of marriage.

She could now be charged with contempt of court and, if convicted, may be punished with an indefinite jail sentence and an unlimited fine.

The woman had repeatedly arrived late for hearings at Blackfriars Crown Court, central London, and prosecuting lawyer Peter Clarke asked for her to be dismissed.

The judge initially refused, saying it was not necessary, but a day later, he received a note from another juror suggesting that the woman may have been listening to music during the defendant's evidence.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Turkey Has
140,000 Soldiers Posted
On The Iraqi Border

And, we're considering pulling out? Say the words, "The blood is on our hands," and swish it around in your mouth a bit, and savor it.

Screw all the illiberal "Liberals" who want to walk out on our obligation:

BAGHDAD (AP) - Turkey has massed 140,000 soldiers on its border with northern Iraq, Iraq's foreign minister said Monday, calling the neighboring country's fears of Kurdish rebels based there "legitimate" but better resolved through negotiation.

In Washington, a Pentagon official disputed the claim by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurd from northern Iraq, and said satellite photos indicated no such troop buildup.

It was unclear where Zebari got the figures. If accurate, Turkey would have nearly as many soldiers along its border with Iraq as the 155,000 troops which the U.S. has in the country.

Zebari's comments came amid calls by Turkey's military for the government to give it the green light to carry out military operations in northern Iraqi against the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK.

"Turkey is building up forces on the border. There are 140,000 soldiers fully armed on the border. We are against any military interference or violation of Iraqi sovereignty," Zebari said in Baghdad.

Turkey has been pressuring the United States and Iraq to eliminate PKK bases in Kurdish-controlled parts of northern Iraq and has said it will carry out a cross-border offensive if necessary.

"Turkey's fears are legitimate but such things can be discussed," Zebari said. "The perfect solution is the withdrawal of the Turkish forces from the borders."
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The Protocols Of Dhimmitude

From Najistani:

Muslim terrorists are known as 'Non-Buddhist activists'

Car bombs are 'traffic incidents'

Planes crashing into buildings are 'air traffic control errors'

Anthrax is '48 hour flu'

Ricin is 'bean sauce'

Dhimmitude is 'interfaith dialogue'

Dirty bomb radiation is 'magic moonbeams'

Muslim criminality is 'cultural enrichment'

Anyone else have any to add?


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David Halberstam: Not a Hero

I have just finished reading Mark Moyar's excellent Triumph Forsaken which is a four hundred page "revisionist" narrative on the Vietnam War 1954-1965. Any work on the Vietnam War that is praised by Stuart A. Herrington, Allan R. Millett and Guenter Lewy should be hard to dismiss out of hand. Although predictably, there will be those who will attempt just that.

Among the villains in Moyar's work were a group of "journalists" who worked to help overthrow the Diem regime when they should have known there was nobody better in line to fill his position. One of those "journalists" was, of course, David Halberstam who died last April. After waiting a decent interval, Moyar has written an article on whether Halberstam was deserving of the fulsome praise heaped upon him as way of eulogy. Halberstam's History:

I did not interrupt the paeans with remarks about Halberstam’s gross misdeeds in Vietnam, which I had exposed in a book last year. But now that the funeral period has ended, the media has made clear that Halberstam’s elevation to the status of national hero is intended to be permanent, so in the interest of national history it has become necessary to point out how much Halberstam harmed the United States during his career.

Brazenly attempting to influence history, Halberstam, Sheehan, and Karnow gave Diem’s opponents in the U.S. government negative information on Diem in print and in private. Most of the information they passed on was false or misleading, owing in part to their heavy reliance on a Reuters stringer named Pham Xuan An who was actually a secret Communist agent. The journalists convinced Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge to accept their reports in place of much more accurate reports from the CIA and the U.S. military, which led Lodge to urge South Vietnamese generals to stage a coup. Press articles suggesting that Diem had lost his principal ally’s confidence made the South Vietnamese generals receptive to coup plots — the Vietnamese elites generally misinterpreted American news reporters as official spokesmen of the U.S. government.

Based on a few faulty pieces of evidence, they contended that the South Vietnamese war effort had crumbled before Diem’s overthrow, not after it. No one of influence succeeded in pointing out that these men’s own articles in 1963 contradicted this claim. The journalists thus succeeded in persuading the American people that Diem, rather than his successors, had ruined the country, and therefore that the press had been right in denouncing him. Newly available American and Vietnamese Communist sources, it turns out, show that the South Vietnamese were fighting very well until the last day of Diem’s life, and that their performance plummeted immediately after the coup because the new rulers purged suspected Diem loyalists and failed to lead.

The Vietnam-era journalists began a tradition that today’s press all too frequently upholds. We hear little from most large press outlets about American heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan—men like James Coffman Jr., Jason Dunham, Danny Dietz, and Christopher Adlesperger who have demonstrated extraordinary bravery in battle—or about our military successes there. Instead of associating the names of heroes with these wars, Americans associate the words they hear most often from the press, like Abu Ghraib and Haditha.

Read the whole thing. And if you have the time and interest, read Triumph Forsaken. That book provides extensive documentary evidence for the above claims, some of which is recently available for North Vietnam sources.

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London Mega-Mosque Linked To
London And Glasgow
Car Bomb Plots

Thanks to Vigilant Freedom for sending this info along to me:

Arrested suspects radicalised by
mosque promoters Tablighi Jamaat

“Government must ban construction of mega-mosque”
says Councillor Alan Craig

Newham councillor Alan Craig today called on the government to formally ban the construction of a massive mosque on a site less than a mile from the main 2012 Olympic stadium at Stratford, east London.

Reports that Tablighi Jamaat - the fundamentalist Islamic sect who propose to build the mosque as their international headquarters - are directly responsible for radicalising two of the London and Glasgow car bomb suspects has added to suspicions that the sect are not the peaceable group they claim to be.

“The dangerous truth about Tablighi Jamaat is coming out. We must watch the gap between what they say and what they do,” said Cllr Craig, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance group on Newham Council, who lives with his young family a mile from the mosque site. ”It will be a horrendous security nightmare if they are allowed to build this large mosque so close to the Olympics.”

In the last few days friends and neighbours of Kafeel and Saheel Ahmed in Bangalore, India, have told how the brothers changed dramatically a few years ago when they joined Tablighi Jamaat. They were reportedly barred from the local mosque because they insisted on praying in the prescribed Tablighi manner. Kafeel is now in a critical condition in Glasgow Royal Infirmary with 92% burns following the failed attempt to blow up a flaming Jeep at Glasgow Airport last Saturday. Saheel remains under arrest in Paddington Green police station.

Furthermore it is also significant that a number of suspects arrested in connection with last August’s Atlantic airline terror plot too were followers of Tablighi Jammat. Friends and families of Assad Sarwar and Waheed Zuman have spoken publicly about how Tablighi Jamaat changed the two men and radicalised their religious commitment prior to their alleged involvement in the planned atrocity.

7/7 suicide bombers Mohammed Siddique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer are reckoned to have attended Tablighi Jamaat’s European headquarters mosque in Dewsbury, west Yorkshire, where Tanweer also attended Tabligh’s madrassa or Islamic school. And Richard “Shoe bomber” Reid worshipped at a Tablighi mosque.

“Tablighi Jamaat radicalises and dehumanises Muslim young men,” said Alan Craig. “They have a growing and ominous track record as further young men follow Tabligh teaching about Islam and then go on to plan horrendous atrocities.”

Cllr Craig also demonstrated the radicalising effect of Tablighi Jamaat by pointing to a Muslim publication that highlights the dramatic impact of Tablighi teaching on individuals and families. See Islamic Research Foundation International webpage:


“Tablighi Jamaat is large, powerful, ambitious, secretive and apparently well-funded,” said Alan Craig. “They have deliberately stayed below the radar screen for too long. They must be now fully investigated by the government. And they must be banned from building their mega-mosque.”
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