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Saturday, October 13, 2007

English History, Dead To Be Disinterned For Moslem Invaders

Anger over plan to dig up 350,000 bodies in historic London cemetery for Muslim burial site

If this comes to pass England is truly finished:

"It is a peaceful resting place for 350,000 souls - an historic graveyard which now serves as a nature reserve.

"But plans are afoot to dig up the ancient graves at Tower Hamlets Cemetery - and reopen it as a 21st century burial site.

"Officially it would be known as a "multi-faith" cemetery but it is likely that it would principally answer calls for a Muslim graveyard in the largely-Asian East London borough.

"The local newspaper has been bombarded with letters from historians and nature lovers declaring: "There is no way we'll allow them to dig up our ancestors."

"But the Labour-controlled council's environment spokesman Abdal Ullah appeared to be in no doubt about the feasibility of the plan when he said: "To preserve the respect and dignity for everyone, I think most of the graves would have to be cleared out and we'd start afresh.""

Clear out (dead) Dhimmis your Moslem Overlords want a fresh start.

Hat tip: Charles

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Storm Track Infiltration: Jews Targeted By Iran in Argentina

Fox News reported last week that a former chief of Argentine intelligence official said the Iranian government directly ordered an act of terrorism in the Americas after being frustrated in its secret nuclear ambitions.

Argentina? Nuclear ambitions? What’s going on down there in South America?

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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When others tell USA to be 'multilateral', REMEMBER THIS

Turkey preparing for November invasion of Kurdistan, northern Iraq, longterm stay
World Tribune:
ANKARA — Turkey has placed its military on the highest state of alert in preparation for a major invasion of neighboring Iraq that could take place by the end of November.
Officials said the Turkish military has deployed tens of thousands of troops, backed by attack helicopters, main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery, in forward positions along the Iraqi border. They said the Turkish force could cross the Iraqi border and attack the Kurdish Workers Party within hours of any order.

"There is a very tense situation along the Iraqi border, and the military is waiting for the green light," an official said.raq.

On Wednesday, the U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution that deemed Turkey responsible for the killing of 1.5 million Armenians during World War I. Turkey has warned of a crisis in U.S. relations if the resolution, which termed the Armenian deaths a genocide, was passed by the full House.

Turkey has served as the route for 70 percent of U.S. air cargo headed for Iraq. About one-third of U.S. military fuel as well as 95 percent of new vehicles designed to resist improvised explosive devices in Iraq were said to pass through Turkey.

"Access to airfields and to the roads and so on in Turkey would very much be put at risk if this resolution passes and Turkey reacts as strongly as we believe they will," U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said.

Allies either respect each other's democrat processes or they do not. If Turkey,which has already recalled it's ambassador to the USA, has a reaction to our representative and elected officials recognizing the reality of 1915, no matter how supposedly ill timed, then WE need to examine the propriety of their being American 'allies'. Perhaps with the death of the Warsaw Pact the impetus of their people's new or not so new, but more public Islamic fundamental bent, it is time to end this relationship. The Turkish army MUST be part of this action, and it is THEY who have been held up as the bulwark of 'secularism' (is this like Iranian moderate mullahs?).

There can be very little doubt that this action will put them face to face with the Kurds who have supported us tooth and nail, and with American forces as well. Is this the proper reaction to a vote by those who must hew to the will of the American people every 2 years, ostensibly the friends and allies, of those same American people? Perhaps given what the Turkish people and THEIR elected assembly decided in 2002 and 2003, and what we have done, there is truly precious little friendship between the peoples themselves.

Given the incredible success of Valley of the Wolves, I don't think there is much doubt left.

busey.JPGFor an idea of what this movie has done see this

This is not well timed, but reality has been known to assert itself.

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New Underground Beneath the Mountain Action at New Site in Natanz

We need to bear in mind that the expatriot, anti Saddam forces in the west mislead us (for their own good reasons),
LONDON — Iran is constructing a bomb-proof underground site for the development of nuclear weapons, opposition sources said.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran said the new underground facility would be used for nuclear weapons production and assembly and was linked to the Natanz uranium enrichment facility.

A new nuclear facility is located five kilometers south of the Natanz plant [ZOOM], opposition sources said. GlobalSecurity.org
"Information we have from inside the regime indicates that the site is destined for military nuclear activity, mainly for the further enrichment of uranium," NCRI spokesman Mehdi Abrichamtchi said on Sept. 27.

At a news conference in Paris, the opposition group said Teheran has nearly completed the underground facility, which includes at least two tunnels with entrances of six meters in diameter. NCRI, which disclosed Iran's nuclear program in 2002, said the facility was located five kilometers south of the Natanz plant under the Sia Kooh mountain.

"The site is protected from air strikes," Abrichamtchi said.

Abrichamtchi said the latest nuclear facility would become operational by April 2008. He said his information was based on unidentified sources in Iran.


And a little reminder....

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it would be irresponsible to take hasty action on Iran's atomic program before the United Nations nuclear watchdog completes its work, the RIA news agency reported.

1938 Alert

Iran has dismissed the opposition claim. In a statement read on Iranian television, Teheran denied the existence of a secret nuclear site, and said the opposition report was meant to torpedo the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the United States.

"These baseless and erroneous accusations are aimed at destroying the positive climate created by Iran's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the president's trip to New York," Ali Larijani, a senior member of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, said.

ru_germ_pact.jpgShould we laugh or cry here?

Am I too cynical?

Too paranoid?

Too steeped in enmity to see the chance for light?

Or am I not paranoid enough?

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55 Qaeda from Gitmo get $2,600 gift each from the Al Saud Family, our allies

I'd really rather think about a Rockies, Sox World Series blastfest, but instead we have this kind of stuff.

Other nations must hold us in the most abject derisive contempt imaginable.
The Turks, a democracy refuse us in the national assemble elected by the people, and a NATO ally the ability to ship our own men across their territory in the military effort against Iraq. The 4th Division never makes it as a result, and no military move from the north occurs. We go, 'well you're a representative democracy, so we'll suck it up'

2006 - the Valley of the Wolves open to wild popularity.
(A cute aside ..
Our representative assembly declares the sky blue, and names the 1915 Turkish directed Armenian targeted directed jihadi slaughter and mass starvation what it is, and Turkey recalls its ambassador amid hints they will withdraw operating rights for our aircraft at the NATO BASE AR INCIRLIK.

Now this.....from Gertz:
Here's how Saudi Arabia is fighting the war against Al Qaida outside of the Gulf Arab kingdom. The Saudisaud_al_faisal.jpg ruling family has opened up its coffers to give Al Qaida detainees released by the United States thousands of dollars each to celebrate the forthcoming Muslim holidays.

At least 55 Al Qaida operatives released from the U.S. Navy prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba will have a lavish gift waiting for them next week. The Saudi nationals will receive about $2,600 each from the Saudi ruling family.

The 55 Saudis were released from Guantanamo as part of a U.S. deal with Riyad. The agreement stipulated that the Saudis prosecute the Al Qaida operatives on charges of crimes committed in the kingdom.

That might eventually happen. But right now, it's raining dollars in Riyad. Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz has ordered the release of the 55 Al Qaida operatives for the Muslim holiday of Id El Fitr over the next week. When they arrive home, the Al Qaida agents will receive their bonus.


The Interior Ministry pledges to return the ex-Guantanamo prisoners after Id El Fitr and prepare them for trial. The ministry said the first trials could take place in November.

Saudis have comprised the second largest group behind Afghans at Guantanamo. The great majority of the Saudis were captured in battles with U.S. troops during the invasion of Afghanistan weeks after Al Qaida destroyed the World Trade Center and a wing of the Pentagon in September 2001.

But over the last 18 months, the Bush administration has submitted to heavy Saudi pressure to release the Saudis from Guantanamo. There are fewer than 40 Saudis left in detention — out of an original 136.

Happy holiday.
Who are our friends and allies, again?
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Claim:Olmert more comfortable with anti-Israel groups than AIPAC

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Islamic Honor Killing? In Austria?

The fruits of Sharia law have come to peaceful Austria – and in a gruesome way. I guess Muslims have moved from slicing off heads to slicing off…..oh, read what follows. Gentleman – cross your legs.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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Rafsanjani, the "moderate"

“Europe resolved a great problem - the problem of the Zionist Danger.

The Zionists, who constituted a strong political party in Europe, caused much disorder there. (Someone has known about a Zionist European political party in 1900?)

Since they had a lot of property and controlled an empire of propaganda, they made the European governments helpless (oops, I'm learning so much "European History" today) .

What Hitler and the German Nazis did to the Jews of Europe at that time was partly due to these circumstances with the Jews (oops, but the Holocaust, wasn't just an invention from evil Westerners? weren't many doubts there which should be investigated?).

They wanted to expel the Zionists from Europe because they always were a pain in the neck for the governments there (of course, you nailed it. The only or the main problem of Europe from 1900 to 1930's were the properties of the Jews and their "empire controlled propaganda". The communism, the fascism, the nazism -uups, this was not a problem, it fighted the evil Joooooooossssssssss- or the wars that preceded the fall of the Ottoman Empire, were nothing... :evil: ).

This is how calamity fell upon the Muslims, especially the Palestinians, and you all know this history, more or less. (more or less? would you be so kind as to explain this evil Crusader-Zionist-Westerner-Infidel-Catholic-Spanish female -oops, yeah, I'm all of that....... I'm beginning to be scared of myself... ) if it was more more than less, or if it was more less than more??? Of course, the Muslim world was totally in decline since the Middle Ages, BUT the culprits of the calamity are the possessions of the Jewish people in Europe... I'm going to present this man for Hollywood Film Awards -preferably the Oscars- or maybe for the Nobel Prize, that is so renknown nowadays....  )

The first goal was to save Europe from the evil of Zionism, and in this, they have been relatively successful. (hmm, are you saying what I am thinking you're saying? Are you really trying to copy Hitler?? Well, no, but yes, we want peace with everyone ... except with Israel. Oh, yeah, I know, they are Zionsits of the possessions and the propaganda”... 

More here

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Here's a bumper sticker honoring New York's decision to honor Islam by lighting the Empire State Building Green tonight.

As you are leaving the city, do not turn back, or you very well may turn into a pillar of salt.

If I were New Yorkers, I would sincerely be afraid I would die the pig's death that the Islamofascists wish upon you.
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Victory for Armenians: Congress has passed resolution to recognize Armenian Holocaust

Despite Dubya's disgraceful attempts to discourage recognition of this important tragedy in history, Congress has done the right thing and has made a positive first step towards recognizing Turkey's mass murder of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915:
A U.S. House committee on Wednesday defied President George W. Bush by passing a resolution calling the 1915 massacre of Armenians genocide, a step the White House warns could damage U.S. goals in the Middle East.

The measure, passed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee by a 27-21 margin, will be sent to the House floor, where Democratic leaders say there will be a vote within weeks.

Turkey, a key NATO ally that has supported U.S. efforts in Iraq, has strongly opposed the measure and warned it could damage relations between the two countries.

At issue is the killing of as many as 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks around the time of First World War. Turkey denies that the deaths constituted genocide, says the toll has been inflated and insists that those killed were victims of civil war and unrest. It has threatened sanctions against countries that use the term genocide.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul called the measure's passage "unacceptable," said Reuters.

"Unfortunately some politicians in the United States of America have closed their ears to calls to be reasonable and once again sought to sacrifice big problems for small domestic political games," state news agency Anatolian quoted Gul as saying.
That disgraceful man can keep going with his obscenities that show nothing more than hatred for innocent people. The Turkish president, the first one from a Muslim background in many years, has only shown the true colors of people of his standing in Turkey, and why, contrary to the stupidity they blurt out about sanctions, they're the ones who're really asking for sanctions imposed by other countries, and not the other way around. I think a boycott of Turkey is in order here.

Update: and while we're on the subject of Dubya, check out the following comment someone at Dhimmi Watch found that Dubya made in 2000 (via Pedestrian Infidel).

Update 2: So Turkey's recalled its US ambassador (also via Dhimmi Watch). That's fine. Nobody needs villains who won't admit their wrongs. Hugh Fitzgerald writes them a note.
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The 1st Law of Russian Foreign Policy

The prevailing Russian strategy is that anything which hurts the USA and its people, is good for Russia in the big zero sum great game that doesn't exist, EVEN IF that means a nuclear detonation in Israel or the USA, since they have judged that a full scale nuclear war will not break out.

Putin Says Missile Plan Risks Relations

MOSCOW (AP) - In a tense start to talks on a range of thorny issues, President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned U.S. officials to back off a plan to install missile defenses in eastern Europe or risk harming relations with Moscow


Addressing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Russian president appeared to mock the U.S. missile defense plan, which is at the center of a tangle of arms control and diplomatic disputes between the former Cold War adversaries.

"Of course we can sometime in the future decide that some anti-missile defense system should be established somewhere on the moon," Putin said, according to an English translation. "But before we reach such arrangements we will lose the opportunity for fixing some particular arrangements between us."

Russia's Putin warns U.S. over missile treaty

NOVO-OGARYOVO, Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin warned the United States on Friday that Russia may quit a Cold War treaty on intermediate missiles if it is not expanded to impose arms restrictions on other states.
American defensive technology which kills incoming missiles in flight will reduce or eliminate Russia's ability to threaten her neighbors.

The fact that these anti missile missiles which can strike NO RUSSIAN ground target are intended as protection from Iran's bullying or outright attack, makes NO DIFFERENCE to Russian strategic planning.
It is time to ADMIT that in acting out in this manner and others such as all the renewed Bear-H patrols to american borders, and stretching already stretched US forces even further,a new strategic ICBM, SLBM, and a new missile launching strategic submarine CLASS, by their actions over YEARS in the UN, and in aid, in sales of strategic technologies and weapons such as the Kilo and Amur, and in foreign policy, the Russian are advancing Iranian interests, and they are doing so INTENTIONALLY, in obeying their first law of foreign policy.

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It Sucks To Be Green - And I Refuse To Be

If I ever have to be like Kermit, or like a Muslim, I will instead choose to be Vlad the Impaler. See the masthead here at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Vlad the Impaler killed 70,000 Muslim Turks, and impaled them from the anus through the mouth on stakes, artfully arranged in rows of hundreds.

When the Turks saw Vlad's elegant display, they ran in fear.

Fuck the green of Islam. We can not let this happen.

Read Pamela's post:

Bill Tortorelli, chief electrician for the Empire State Building and his six-person crew that make the 200 color changes a year are the only ones who can save us from the elites that would sacrifice themselves and us to appease Islamists (more here.) Just as regular folk kept Ahmadinejad away from Ground Zero, this crew of seven ought to refuse to light this greatest of American icons with the color of the flag vowing to take down the Great Satan.

Why all the hoopla? There are 2 million Muslims in America. So what's the deal? How many Hindus, Sikhs etc ..........what have we done for them lately?

The symbolism of "America's favorite building" lit in green (the Islamic color invoking war) can not be lost on the Muslim world.

Eid is, itself, the culmination of Ramadan, which is a celebration of a war, which established Islam as a power in this world.According to the Center to Combat Terrorism at West Point, Green is the color of an Islamic land, or, in other words, Dar al-Islam; the land claimed for Allah.
More here.

As a New Yorker it is painful. That building could just as easily have been the target 9/11 when pious Muslims attacked America in the opening charge of the Islamic war on the West.
Always on Watch explains what the significance of EID means here;

The Battle of Badr of March 17, 624, is one of the few military conflicts specifically mentioned in the Qur'an and holds a great deal of significance in Islam. Eid ul-Fitr, the final portion of Ramadan and which the lighting of the Empire State Building will recognize this weekend, has as its origin the aforementioned battle. Furthermore and most importantly, this battle marked the turning point for Islam, both politically and ideologically.
More here

'Green flag of Allah will fly over Vatican' but the Empire State will do for now. Bill Tortorelli, do not pull the lever! Your country is counting on you.

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Tomorrow, in celebration of the Islamic holiday of Eid, we Americans are going to light up the Empire State Building green.

What does this mean?

Eid is, itself, the culmination of Ramadan, which is a celebration of a war, which established Islam as a power in this world.

According to the Center to Combat Terrorism at West Point, Green is the color of an Islamic land, or, in other words, Dar al-Islam; the land claimed for Allah.

Why are we doing this? Is there any good reason other than creeping dhimmitude combined with the astounding ignorance of our public officials?

I would have to guess that there is someone in the chain of command who can flip the switch to off tomorrow night.

Someone? Anyone? Bueller?

We can not let this happen, folks. We can not let this happen.

We can not let this happen.

Someone flip the switch. Do what needs to be done.
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not only that, he is going to live with Salman Rushdie

I have heard some pure quack theories in my life, but this can only be thought of as MIGHTY BULLSHIT
From Drudge:
Thu Oct 11 2007 13:19:11 ET

Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first terrorist attack on the World Trade
ramzi_yousef_arrest2050081722-8178.jpg Center, claims he converted from Islam to Christianity, Scott Pelley reports in a story that brings viewers inside the secretive "Supermax" prison where he is being held. Pelley also reports that some 900 force feedings were performed on other al-Qaeda terrorists who went on repeated hunger strikes to protest conditions at the Colorado top-security federal prison. The 60 MINUTES segment will be broadcast Sunday Oct. 14 (7:30-9:00 PM, ET/7:00-9:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The prison in Florence, Colo., which the government calls ADX-Florence for Administrative Maximum, houses the nation's toughest and most infamous criminals, such as Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph, would-be 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols and shoe bomber Richard Reid. 60 MINUTES obtained exclusive footage of prisoners inside the facility, where special-case prisoners are allowed only a phone call a month, spend 23 hours a day in their 12-by-7 cells and can get mail only from people approved by the prison.

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Ann Coulter hits the Media Matters machine ..and this is funny

Ann Coulter has said, she considers christians to be perfected jews, and wishes for all jews to be perfected. Media Matters is trying to turn that into Julius Streicher redux.

I wish she would reassert her more meaningful and truethat_cant_be.jpg roots, and make roast chicken and kascha varnishkes for me friday night, and light the shabas candles (alongside my wife).

I'm sure she is not offended by that sentiment, and neither am I by hers.

She is not going to kill me or curse me or my progeny. She is not going to consider me descended from pigs (well apes might be closer, even if you accept intelligent design), and she is not going to discriminate against me for what I believe, or what faith I profess, or what distant (but real) tribe my parents have come from.

I wish her luck selling books, find her funny, irreverent, and many times right on, though occasionally needlessly cruel. Her methodology to garner attention for book sales is pretty plain, and I find it, frankly, amusing in its neverendingly dependable results. Astonishing, actually.

She can come on over and find her roots by making me chopped liver and fruit compote anytime. If not, the invite is always open.

The host of this show, got overwrought. Try ambien at night, Mr. Deutsch

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Reason Interview: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam, immigration, civil liberties, and the fate of the West.

"The Trouble is the West:" including the libertarians at Reason who still don't get it, Ali attempts to school them on reality:

Hirsi Ali: Only if Islam is defeated. Because right now, the political side of Islam, the power-hungry expansionist side of Islam, has become superior to the Sufis and the Ismailis and the peace-seeking Muslims.

Reason: Don’t you mean defeating radical Islam?

Hirsi Ali: No. Islam, period. Once it’s defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It’s very difficult to even talk about peace now. They’re not interested in peace.

Reason: We have to crush the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims under our boot? In concrete terms, what does that mean, “defeat Islam”?

Hirsi Ali: I think that we are at war with Islam. And there’s no middle ground in wars. Islam can be defeated in many ways. For starters, you stop the spread of the ideology itself; at present, there are native Westerners converting to Islam, and they’re the most fanatical sometimes. There is infiltration of Islam in the schools and universities of the West. You stop that. You stop the symbol burning and the effigy burning, and you look them in the eye and flex your muscles and you say, “This is a warning. We won’t accept this anymore.” There comes a moment when you crush your enemy.

Reason: Militarily?

Hirsi Ali: In all forms, and if you don’t do that, then you have to live with the consequence of being crushed.

Reason: Are we really heading toward anything so ominous?

Hirsi Ali: I think that’s where we’re heading. We’re heading there because the West has been in denial for a long time. It did not respond to the signals that were smaller and easier to take care of. Now we have some choices to make. This is a dilemma: Western civilization is a celebration of life—everybody’s life, even your enemy’s life. So how can you be true to that morality and at the same time defend yourself against a very powerful enemy that seeks to destroy you?

Reason: George Bush, not the most conciliatory person in the world, has said on plenty of occasions that we are not at war with Islam.

Hirsi Ali: If the most powerful man in the West talks like that, then, without intending to, he’s making radical Muslims think they’ve already won. There is no moderate Islam. There are Muslims who are passive, who don’t all follow the rules of Islam, but there’s really only one Islam, defined as submission to the will of God. There’s nothing moderate about it.

Reason: So when even a hard-line critic of Islam such as Daniel Pipes says, “Radical Islam is the problem, but moderate Islam is the solution,” he’s wrong?

Hirsi Ali: He’s wrong. Sorry about that.

Read the whole thing....

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Victim of gang rape: abandoned by the Government and hunted by the rapists

From Gallia Watch:

"Just before the arrests the police told me that I had to leave my home." The wanderings begin. First the organization Ni Putes Ni Soumises gave her a studio apartment in Hauts-de-Seine. "Then, they told me to go to a small village near Grenoble." She stayed there until September 2006. "Then I returned to my father's house in Fontenay, in the project of les Larris. We had to leave very early in the morning. For weeks I didn't go out. Someone tried to break into our home at night." She then went to her mother-in-law's, near Paris, then to a young workers hostel until January, when she was recognized by a former resident of les Larris. Another move. Today she lives somewhere in the Parisian suburbs, in a state of anxiety and bitterness. "I can't stay here. We had let our guard down, but since the attack on my mother, I'm living again in fear. I have no news from anybody. I wrote to Sarkozy. The prefect of Val-de-Marne told me to apply for housing at city hall. This story has received much media attention, and then, they forgot about us, dropped us completely. We were promised an apartment, police and court protection, and I was even told I could change my name."

According to Le Figaro, the gang rapes took place betweeen the end of 1999 and 2005. The raped girls have been accused of "having psyquiatric problems", of "being easy women", or even of "not having an stable life". One of the girls has already psyquiatric problems but because of the gang rape.

As a result of the accusations, between 40 and 50 boys were detained. But most of the people considered that they were innocent and that they did not have had never any problem with women. The mistakes the raped girls made when describing them caused the freeing of some of them.

But the "youths" are now beginning to threaten them without any kind of restraint:

Last week her mother filed a complaint at the Fontenay police station after being attacked in the lobby of her building with a sharp object. "Now I know where you sleep, you and your w... daughter. Before the trial we're going to f... both of you. And that's just a sample of what you can expect," the unknown assailant said to her.

More here.

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Storm Track Infiltration: FBI Most Wanted Terrorist Has a US Hosted Website

Dr. Ramadan Shallah is a founding member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and is wanted by the FBI. In fact, there is a $5 million dollar reward for information leading to his arrest.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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This Week on The Gathering Storm Radio Show

Listen to the nearly famous Gathering Storm Radio Show, that AlwaysOnWatch and I co-host. The show broadcasts live every Friday for one hour at NOON, Pacific Time.

Friday, October 12: Our guest this week for the entire hour is Cassandra, author of Escape! From An Arab Marriage Horror Stories from Women Who Fled Abusive Muslim Husbands. We welcome her back for her third appearance on the show.

The topic of discussion on this week's radio show will be Cassandra's take on Dr. Anis Shorrosh's The Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America, which you can read HERE.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

If you are unable to listen live to the radio show, you can listen to recordings of the radio broadcasts later by CLICKING HERE.

The call-in number again is (646) 915-9870. Converse with my co-host and I, chat with our guests or if you must, just air your spleen!
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Muslims tell Christians: 'Make peace with us or ....

Prominent Muslim scholars are warning that the "survival of the world" is at stake if Muslims and Christians do


not make peace with each other.

In an unprecedented open letter signed by 138 leading Muslim scholars from every sect of Islam, the Muslims plead with Christian leaders "to come together with us on the common essentials of our two religions."

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and Pope Benedict are believed to have been sent copies of the document which calls for greater understanding between the two faiths.

The letter also spells out the similarities between passages of the Bible and the Koran.

The Muslim scholars state: "As Muslims, we say to Christians that we are not against them and that Islam is not against them - so long as they do not wage war against Muslims on account of their religion, oppress them and drive them out of their homes."

Here is the undiluted, immutable, revealed word according to Muslims:

YUSUFALI: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.


PICKTHAL: Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.
SHAKIR: Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

And then of course....the hadeeth of tolerance itself...

Book 041, Number 6985:

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

What is being offered by these scholars? Hudna? Or should we be even more cynical?

Oppress them? And when dawa is resisted and rejected?
I'd like to believe these 138 gentlemen, but first I'd like to read the essence of their quttbas from 1990-2000 before committing to even consideration of anything.
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Muslims Tell Christians: Make Peace With Us Or The Survival Of The World Is At Stake

How about not?

See my post here on how I propose to settle our problems with the Muslims.

Anyway, 138 "prominent Muslim scholars" are warning the Western world.

This article is from the London Evening Standard:

Prominent Muslim scholars are warning that the "survival of the world" is at stake if Muslims and Christians do not make peace with each other.

In an unprecedented open letter signed by 138 leading Muslim scholars from every sect of Islam, the Muslims plead with Christian leaders "to come together with us on the common essentials of our two religions."

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and Pope Benedict are believed to have been sent copies of the document which calls for greater understanding between the two faiths.

Here's my understanding of your faith, my fellow Muslims.

There has been no large-scale Muslim apology for the atrocities done in the name of Islam in the past few years.Think about this:There is not a single Muslim political organization, media outlet, academic institution, or government, of any signifigant size, anywhere in the world.

My choices in whether or not to accept your faith are limited to the following three:

1) Convert,

2) become a Dhimmi (second-class citizen under an Islamic regime)

3) be killed.

I choose none of the above.

What's more, in any country in the world, when Muslims are surveyed between 25-40% of them will cop to the idea that they want to see Sharia law instituted as the law of the land. Sharia law calls for the killing of homosexuals, apostates, and adulterers.

I choose freedom.

We don't want you here, Sharia-loving Muslims.

Get out of our land. Go to Saudi Arabia, or Iran. That's where Sharia is followed.

Leave now.

Is that fatwaworthy enough for you?
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The short answer is

1) determine who the Islamists are,

2) deport the Islamists,

3) sit back and watch who complains,

4) deport them as well,

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

France, like many other countries in the Western world, has a real Islamist problem on its hands. Now that they have elected Nicolas Sarkozy as their President, they have a fighting chance of fixing their problem.

But, check this out. In France, there are over 700 neighborhoods which have been determined, by the government, to be "no-go-zones", which means the police won't even bother to enter those neighborhoods:

Bordeaux. Aix-en-Provence. Arles. Nice. Paris, City of Light and all that. How they capture the imagination. History, architecture, wonderful food and wine, civilization and its refinements.
Only, they and more than 700 other cities and towns in France include what are called Zones Urbaines Sensibles (ZUS). No, not "sensible urban areas." Sensible translates more accurately as "sensitive." That is, n0-go areas for police and non-North African, non-West African, or non-Muslim French people.

According to Daniel Pipes, they are "places in France that the French state does not control. They range from two zones in the medieval town of Carcassone to twelve in the heavily Muslim town of Marseilles, with hardly a town in France lacking in its ZUS.

The ZUS came into existence in late 1996 and according to a 2004 estimate, nearly 5 million people live in them."This information was published late last year, but in case you missed it (as I did), it's worth taking a look. I had no idea how extensive these enclaves are.

These ZUS aren't just a journalistic or popular name. They're officially recognized by the French government.

Here is a link to an interactive list.

They are ordered by départements, jurisdictions more or less equivalent to English counties or Canadian provinces.

To see any of the maps, click on "carte" to the right of the location name. You can then zoom in to a fairly detailed resolution. The red-bordered area in each map is the ZUS.

Now, the good news. Nicolas Sarkozy is beginning to do what needs to be done. He has ordered that 25,000 Muslims be deported from France this year (from the International Herald Tribune):

Sarkozy, who was interior minister during the riots that shook France in 2005, gained a reputation for toughness after setting ambitious quotas for the deportation of illegal immigrants and passing two laws to restrict immigration. Last year he made waves by echoing a slogan of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the anti-immigration leader of the far-right National Front: "France, love it or leave it."

Hortefeux, who announced Monday that for the second year in a row the government's deportation target would be 25,000 people, is one of the president's closest allies. His ministry, which focuses on immigration and "national identity," caused controversy during the presidential campaign when Sarkozy proposed it.

Now, of course, this article only cites the idea that Sarkozy intends to deport 25,000 "illegal immigrants. However, if one follows the narrative of the article, one can clearly see that these illegals are tied to the riots of 2005. They are the "youths".

In short, they are the Muslims.

This is the beginning of the long goodbye which the West will be saying to its Muslim population in the coming years.

We are only beginning to see the controversy here in the West. Just you wait until we start doing what is truly necessary.
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What Is Ramadan?

This coming weekend on October 12-14, for the first time ever the Empire State Building in New York City will be bathed with green lights, the color closely associated with Islam, so as to commemorate Eid ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. Exactly what is being celebrated just blocks from the World Trade Center, the site of the horrific 9/11 terrorist attack on America's shores? To understand why such a commemoration of Eid ul-Fitr should be unacceptable to all those who love America, a short history lesson is in order.

Despite the feel-good recent kumbaya honorings on the part of Congress, the Pentagon (led by Chaplain Saifulislam, whose name, by the way, translates as "sword of Islam"), and President Bush, Ramadan involves more than prayers, fasting, and the giving of alms — all of which are part of the month long observance but which are also the outward signs of another message. By literal definition, of course, Ramadan commemorates Allah's "revealing" the Qur'an to Muhammad. But history clearly indicates that the "revelations" from Allah to Muhammad began around 610, some fourteen years earlier than 624.

Those earlier passages, sometimes referred to as the Meccan verses, are the oft-quoted peaceful verses in the Koran. Contrary to what one might expect, however, the last day of Ramadan does not celebrate the actual date of the earliest revelations of Allah to Muhammad but rather the Battle of Badr, the first significant military victory by the forces of Muhammad.

The Battle of Badr of March 17, 624, is one of the few military conflicts specifically mentioned in the Qur'an and holds a great deal of significance in Islam. Eid ul-Fitr, the final portion of Ramadan and which the lighting of the Empire State Building will recognize this weekend, has as its origin the aforementioned battle. Furthermore and most importantly, this battle marked the turning point for Islam, both politically and ideologically.

Having earlier fled to Medina along with followers who accepted him as their prophet whereas most of the tribes of Mecca did not, early on that morning in 624 Muhammad got word that a rich Quraish caravan from Syria was returning to Mecca. He therefore assembled the largest army he had ever been able to muster, some 300 men, with the original intent of raiding the caravan. After his men successfully overtook the caravan and brought back the booty, Muhammad then conveniently received a new "revelation" from Allah — a "revelation" which not only included rejoicing in having captured an enemy's caravan but which also called "proved" that Muhammad had been preaching the true way all along. Fulfilling Destiny, Muhammad and his forces proceeded to trounce the Quraish as punishment for having earlier rejected the prophet's teachings. From this source:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful.

The battle of Badr was the most important among the Islamic battles of Destiny. For the first time the followers of the new faith were put into a serious test. Had victory been the lot of the pagan army while the Islamic Forces were still at the beginning of their developments, the faith of Islam could have come to an end.

No one was aware of the importance of the outcome of the Battle as the Prophet (S.A.W.) himself. We might read the depth of his anxiety in his prayerbefore the beginning of the Battle when he stood up supplicating his Lord:

God this is Quraish. It has come with all its arrogance and boastfulness, trying to discredit Thy Apostle. God, I ask Thee to humiliate them tomorrow. God, if this Muslim band will perish today, Thou shall not be worshipped.

This battle laid the foundation of the Islamic State...

In other words, victory at the Battle of Badr proved to Muhammad and his adherents that Islam should from that time forth take on a militant aspect because such is the will of Allah. From the day of the Battle of Badr on, the tone of the verses in the Qur'an changed. These more recent revelations, sometimes referred to as the Medinan verses, abrogated the earlier and peaceful Meccan ones. Because preaching and tolerance had not brought Muhammad the following which he needed in order to establish himself and Islam as political forces to be reckoned with, Allah, via a military victory, showed the prophet a more effective way to spread Islam. Therefore, Muhammad's victory at the Battle of Badr symbolizes, for at least some Muslims, both the way to bring about the will of Allah and the will of Allah itself.

The underlying meaning of those green lights casting their glow on the Empire State Building this coming weekend is all about submission to Islam and to the will of Allah. Ah, the dhimmitude!

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Take with large grain of Kosher Salt "A warning to the West: Both Iran strategies being debated in Washington would lead to disaster"

From the World Tribune...the money lines...

To me, it is clear that none of the current problems in the Middle East and Islamic world can be solved unless there is change in Iran.

And this change is not best achieved either by bowing to the clerics’ demand that the U.S. and the West kowtow to them and legitimize them and their greatness, or by bombing Iran.

Before we move on, let me say that the Iranian command and control system, and the missiles and strategic warheads available to the clerics, are exceptionally sophisticated, and there exists a clear capability in Iran and its surrogate, Syria, to withstand a major incoming strike, and to retaliate with strategic weapons and major attacks on Israeli and Western targets. We know that there exist, ready, within the HizbAllah, Syrian, and Iranian arsenals may tens of thousands of tactical, battlefield, theater, and strategic missiles already in place to overwhelm Israeli ballistic missile defenses.

We also know that Iran has acquired a dozen or more nuclear warheads since 1993, and that, in all probability, North Korea attempted to deliver and mount at least one nuclear weapon on a Syrian missile just recently. We can also expect that, when the time comes — and it may come very, very soon — North Korea, as a major treaty ally of Tehran and Damascus, will begin major strategic moves to cause the U.S. to be militarily distracted in the Pacific as Iran, Syria, and HizbAllah begin their escalation in the Middle East.

Sounds a lot like a hysterical Debka report.


BUT...file away

The reality is that the U.S. should already have been following the “third path” toward victory over the clerics, which would immediately stabilize the region. The third path, the option which I have always advocated, is a comprehensive psychological strategy which would empower the Iranian people to seize the situation. The clerics know how vulnerable they are to their own people, which is why they have always taken the offensive, to create a sense of siege within Iran, and to keep the U.S. at bay.

Oh yeah.

Are you wishing and hoping, or what? I get it, you don't want to see your own people killed. I get it.

There is no strategic escape from this without major damage of some kind.

The only consideration should be what it takes to eliminate the entire regime, the IRGC and Basij. THAT is literally imaging a large contribution to whirled peas.

Ironically it is something which can unite both Israel and KSA. For a microsecond.
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A British report has warned that war with Iran would be a disaster for Western interests

The Oxford Research Group said that any U.S.-British war with Iran would plunge the Middle East into violence. A report by the think tank concluded any U.S. air strike would invite Islamic retaliation against Western interests throughout the region.

"Going to war with Iran will make matters far worse, playing directly into the hands of extreme elements and adding greatly to the violence across the region," the report, released on Monday, said. "Whatever the problems with Iran, war should be avoided at all costs."

Last time I checked, war meant -be prepared to get hurt, but prepare to END THE ENEMIES EXISTANCE, because the point of the war was to effect just exactly that.

The report was released as the British government was said to be discussing war options against Teheran with the United States. British media reports said Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged that the British military would help Washington in any attempt to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program.

The Oxford Research Group urged a reassessment of the Western military strategy against Islamic adversaries. The report said the war against Al Qaida and its allies was failing and called for a Western withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq.

"If the Al Qaida movement is to be countered, then the roots of its support must be understood and


systematically undercut," said Paul Rogers, the report's author and professor of global peace studies at Bradford University in northern England. "Combined with conventional policing and security measures, Al Qaida can be contained and minimised but this will require a change in policy at every level."

Entitled "Alternatives to the War on Terror," the think tank said Iran and its ally Syria must be wooed by the West through diplomacy. Rogers said Islamic insurgency groups in Afganistan should be granted aid in an attempt to turn them into political partners.

"Failure to make the necessary changes could result in the war on terror lasting decades," the report said.


Oh. Ok. Who is the Oxford Research Group?
Got it?
Root causes?
Absolutely delusional group. Remember their name
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The Headline in the NYT COULD have said "Marines want to go to Afghanistan"

Instead, hiding what I think is a really good idea the headline was:

Marines Press to Remove Their Forces From Iraq

WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 — The Marine Corps is pressing to remove its forces from Iraq and to send marines instead to Afghanistan, to take over the leading role in combat there, according to senior military and Pentagon officials.

The idea by the Marine Corps commandant would effectively leave the Iraq war in the hands of the Army while giving the Marines a prominent new role in Afghanistan, under overall NATO command.

The suggestion was raised in a session last week convened by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and regional war-fighting commanders. While still under review, its supporters, including some in the Army, argue that a realignment could allow the Army and Marines each to operate more efficiently in sustaining troop levels for two wars that have put a strain on their forces.

As described by officials who had been briefed on the closed-door discussion, the idea represents the first tangible new thinking to emerge since the White House last month endorsed a plan to begin gradual troop withdrawals from Iraq, but also signals that American forces likely will be in Iraq for years to come.

At the moment, there are no major Marine units among the 26,000 or so American forces in Afghanistan. In Iraq there are about 25,000 marines among the 160,000 American troops there.

It is not clear exactly how many of the marines in Iraq would be moved over. But the plan would require a major reshuffling, and it would make marines the dominant American force in Afghanistan, in a war that has broader public support than the one in Iraq.

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Update on one of the 5 worst presidents, and WORST ex prez - 'Bush is a torturer'

Well, it finally happened, now there are two men who as president have made me ashamed to be an American.
Nixon and Carter.

US President George W. Bush's administration tortures detainees in defiance of international law, former US president Jimmy Carter charged Wednesday.

"I don't think it, I know it, certainly," Carter told CNN television when asked if he believed the US administration allowed the use of torture.

Carter rejected Bush's statement last week that the United States does not torture terror suspects.

"That's not an accurate statement, if you use the international norms of torture as has always been honored, certainly in the last 60 years, since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was promulgated," Carter said in the interview.

Then according to J Carter this:
eEG 014small.jpg
in order to produce this
is torture

That is precisely what "international norms of torture" specify. Of course, the P-300 (pioneered in interrogation by the KGB, rather than it's intended use in neurodiagnostics) test, it's stimuli and it's reading are painless.

"But you can make your own definition of human rights and say, 'we don't violate them.' And ... you can make your own definition of torture and say 'we don't violate it,'" said the former Democratic president and Nobel laureate.

Asked if Bush was lying, Carter said: "The president is self-defining what we have done and authorized in the torture of prisoners, yes."

Now of course we all understand that Carter is probably talking about waterboarding, a process which I find uncomfortable to contemplate and one which I personally can't envision doing to another human. PERHAPS UNLESS I was convinced my brother and sister Americans were about to be killed and the individual in front of me was both culpable and could end that threat. PERHAPS. I probably couldn't be ordered to do it and then say I was following orders. Administrative punishment, or punishment for insubordination would be an honor instead of standing before others saying 'I VAS ONLY VOLLOVING ORDERZ'. However, from this end, I have no problems with the men who ordered and carried out the waterboarding of men like KSM or Ramsay Bin Al Shib. After all, while causing great discomfort, no permanent damage is done, nor is the individual in danger, or maimed, or even in pain...you are scared you are going to drown, which is what all your senses are telling you. What is it Mr. Carter thinks was going on on Peleliu, or Guadalcanal, or Anzio, or Arnhem?

J Carter who would rather, apparently see his brothers and sisters taken violently by force, and be ineffectual in rescuing them, and who has problems deterring rabbits has standards too high to be effectual in that job. In any case he sees more danger in George Bush and the men determined to see our civilization survive and prevail than in our enemies.

Perhaps he is just meant for another kind of world. Unfortunately we are all in this one, and that explains his presidency in 'one swell foop'. Imagine what the politburo was thinking as plans were made in 1979 for Afghanistan, or as they contemplated the fate of the Russian Spetznaz troops they had infiltrated into Cuba in violation of their agreements of 1962. They probably never took him seriously.

Well one thing has changed.
Today, our enemies listen to him carefully.

Mr. Carter, your legacy sinks daily, another several feet into the mire at the bottom of Lake Erie. Shut up.

The only discomfort you are causing is that which our enemies' satisfaction causes us. You know, the people trying to kill us.
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Urgent news: Complete failure and utterly rejected ex prez, plagiarist, probable racist and liar decries current VP as a disaster

Jimmy Carter calls Cheney a "disaster"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday denounced Vice President Dick


Cheney as a "disaster" for the country and a "militant" who has had an excessive influence in setting foreign policy.

Cheney has been on the wrong side of the debate on many issues, including an internal White House discussion over Syria in which the vice president is thought to be pushing a tough approach, Carter said.

"He's a militant who avoided any service of his own in the military and he has been most forceful in the last 10 years or more in fulfilling some of his more ancient commitments that the United States has a right to inject its power through military means in other parts of the world," Carter told the BBC in an interview to air later on Wednesday.

"You know he's been a disaster for our country," Carter said.
James Earl Carter as he left office did so with the highest combined unemployment and interest rates in the history of the nation, amid failures in Iran both in abetting via inaction the first Islamic revolutionary govt in history in place of a loyal ally, failing to protect his subordinates there, failing to rescue them, failing to prevent a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, failing to remove Soviet troops from Cuba and uphold the Monroe Doctrine, and was then removed from office by the american people in a historic level rejection of a sitting president.

Since leaving office this man has repeatedly attacked the Jewish people here and in Israel, aided and abetted the elevation of America hating clearly racist dictators, and in violation of 200+ years of tradition, criticized sitting presidents after leaving office.

Mr. Carter has been one of the worst presidents we have ever had, and is clearly the most execrable ex president in the history of this republic.

And I must confess to have voted for him.


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From the fine IBA commenter, Najistani. As far as I can tell, he wrote it in response to the fact that we stupid fucking Americans are going to be celebrating Eid by lighting up the Empire State Building in green.

Islam is the only religion which is more obsessed with unbelievers than it is with its own followers. Muslims define their own identity solely in opposition to the Kuffar. Islamic accomplishments are so negligible that they have no positive cultural features with which they can identify. Hence the unceasing and implacable aggression toward civilized peoples and envy of their accomplishments.

The developmentand deliberate cultivation of hatred is such a central feature of Islam that there is nothing that weKuffars can do, or not do, that would make our univited guests hate us any less or any more. Rage is so intrinsic to Islam that external events are irrelevant. Hatred of non-Moslems is the pivot of Islamic existence.

Muslims are bound together by a shared and carefully nurtured animosity to 'The Other' developed from earliest childhood, which ignites a permanent fire of tension between Moslems and non-Moslems.

Ever since Jihadists started immigrating into the West, we have become all too familiar with concepts such as 'Killing the unbelievers wherever you find them' and the tribal polarities of Dar al-Harb versus Dar al-Islam , Ummah versus Kuffar etc. This venom manifests not only as highly publicised murderous attacks - 9/11, 7/7, Beslan, Madrid, Bali etc but as less well publicised local instances of 'street-jihad' - small scale SJS murders, child abductions , rapes and general gangsterism.

Muslims do not necessarily want to kill all unbelievers, since Muslim culture is predatory and parasitic and incapable of sustaining itself. Large numbers of non-Muslims have always been kept as 'dhimmis' - secondclass citizens who supported their indolent masters by their labour and payment of the crippling 'jizya' -the infidel poll tax. But if the kuffar is not killed, it is essential that he must be thoroughly humiliated.

Humiliation is very important in Islam - second only to killing. Humiliation of the kuffar takes a number of forms:
1) Dhimmitude - economicand social oppression bordering on slavery.
(2) Sexual predation - historical whiteslavery and modern day pedophile rings and rape of 'uncoveredmeat'.
(3) Cultural humiliation - muslim cultural triumphalism and destruction of the kuffars' culture.

Most counter-jihadists are familiar with humiliationby dhimmitude and Islamic sexual predation, but cultural humiliation doesn't get as much publicity in the blogosphere, and yet it is a growing danger that deserves far more attention. At first sight the idea of muslim cultural triumphalism seems absurd. Dar al-Islam produces nothing of any cultural significance that Dar al-Harb wants . But the fact that they have nothing to offer doesn't stop them imposing their cultural presence with domineering and triumphalist structures.

The main expression of cultural supremacism in Europe is the building of large, aggressive 'in-yer-face' mosques in prominent locations. For example, the London megamosque will be next to theOlympic site and will be many times bigger than any Christian building in London - an edifice of Stalinesque gigantomania.

What Muslims lack in quality they attempt to make up for in size and numbers. Nevertheless, large piles of masonry still can't compensate for the inherent cultural barrenness of Islam, and the main effort in cultural humiliation is directed at destroying the kuffars' culture rather than creating anything new. Constant attempts are made to restrict the public celebration of traditional kuffar festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Also, and most importantly, the religious artifacts of the Kuffar, especially 'idolatrous' images such as crosses, carvings, statues and stained glass windows, are regarded as Jahiliyya - worthless trash.

Today, as all throughout its past, Muslims devalue the civilisations which they attempt to supplant through the defacing of ancient historical and religious sites. Any culture that is pre-Islamic is considered to be jahiliyya, that is, from " the time of ignorance . As the European Jihadist population increases in number and expands outwards from its ghettos, we can expect escalating attacks on the physical remnants of our culture, especially sacred sites such as churches.

Eventually the architectural and artistic heritage of Europe will go the way of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Islamic multiculturalism will not have produced 'vibrant cultural enrichment' but cultural desolation.
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