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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lost Quran archive in Germany

A facinating article in the WSJ about an archive of Quranic research that was thought lost for a long time, but has now been found, that shows that there were a lot of German nazis who'd been experts on Islam.
On the night of April 24, 1944, British air force bombers hammered a former Jesuit college here housing the Bavarian Academy of Science. The 16th-century building crumpled in the inferno. Among the treasures lost, later lamented Anton Spitaler, an Arabic scholar at the academy, was a unique photo archive of ancient manuscripts of the Quran.

The 450 rolls of film had been assembled before the war for a bold venture: a study of the evolution of the Quran, the text Muslims view as the verbatim transcript of God's word. The wartime destruction made the project "outright impossible," Mr. Spitaler wrote in the 1970s.

Mr. Spitaler was lying. The cache of photos survived, and he was sitting on it all along. The truth is only now dribbling out to scholars -- and a Quran research project buried for more than 60 years has risen from the grave.

"He pretended it disappeared. He wanted to be rid of it," says Angelika Neuwirth, a former pupil and protégée of the late Mr. Spitaler. Academics who worked with Mr. Spitaler, a powerful figure in postwar German scholarship who died in 2003, have been left guessing why he squirreled away the unusual trove for so long.

Ms. Neuwirth, a professor of Arabic studies at Berlin's Free University, now is overseeing a revival of the research. The project renews a grand tradition of German Quranic scholarship that was interrupted by the Third Reich. The Nazis purged Jewish experts on ancient Arabic texts and compelled Aryan colleagues to serve the war effort. Middle East scholars worked as intelligence officers, interrogators and linguists. Mr. Spitaler himself served, apparently as a translator, in the German-Arab Infantry Battalion 845, a unit of Arab volunteers to the Nazi cause, according to wartime records.


The Munich archive began with one of Mr. Nöldeke's protégés, Gotthelf Bergsträsser. As Germany slid towards fascism early last century, he hunted down old copies of the Quran in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. He took photographs of them with a Leica camera.

In 1933, a few months after Hitler became chancellor, Mr. Bergsträsser, an experienced climber, died in the Bavarian Alps. His body was never given an autopsy; rumors spread of suicide or foul play.

His work was taken up by Otto Pretzl, another German Arabist. He too set off with a Leica. In a 1934 journey to Morocco, he wangled his way into a royal library containing an old copy of the Quran and won over initially suspicious clerics, he said in a handwritten report about his trip.

The Nazis began to use Arabists early in the war when German forces began pushing into regions with large Muslim populations, first North Africa and then the Soviet Union. Scholars were used to broadcast propaganda and to help set up mullah schools for Muslims recruited into the German armed forces.

Mr. Pretzl, the manuscript collector, appears to have worked largely in military intelligence. He interrogated Arabic-speaking soldiers captured in the invasion of France, then, according to some accounts, set off on a mission to stir up an Arab uprising against British troops in Iraq. His plane crashed.
So now, we have some very intriguing evidence of connections between Nazism and Islam. Read the whole thing in full.


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Islam Placed Under UN Extinct Species Protection Act

Sons of Pigs & Apes.org has published a tongue in cheek press release declaring the at the UN has placed Islam on the Extinct Species Protection Act. As we all know, Islam has been under much pressure to reform itself and this pressure has forced the OIC to seek protection. Here are some portions of the release.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Over 400 groups sign European Muslim 'charter of values'

What the hell is going on? Why do Muslims need their own charter? Aren't they part of Europe? Wouldn't the established charters of their respective countries and of the EU itself suffice? No? Why is that, because they don't want to be part of Europe?


The news story is here:

Brussels, 10 Jan. (AKI) - More than 400 Muslim groups on Thursday signed a 'charter of values' at the European Parliament pledging tolerance and respect for the laws of the countries in which they live.

"The charter amounts to a code of good conduct for Muslims in Europe which commits them to taking part in building a united society," said European Parliament vice-president Mario Mauro.

"It pledges Muslims to helping create harmony and well-being in our societies and to fully playing the role of citizens in upholding justice, equal rights and respect for difference."

Mauro is an Italian politician from the conservative Forza Italia party of former premier Silvio Berlusconi and in his role as deputy European Parliament president is tasked with handling relations with churches and religious communities.

"The charter gives a great boost to strengthening intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. And it reinforces Muslims' duty to respect non-Muslims," said Mauro.

The document was prepared by the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe and endorsed by the groups in Brussels.

Traditional New Year's Eve fireworks were cancelled in Brussels and the government increased security and patrols of the city's airport, transport systems and commercial centres after police said they had uncovered a plot to free jailed Tunisian al-Qaeda suspect Nizar Trabelsi.

Trabelsi is serving a 10-year prison sentence for plotting to blow up an airbase in Belgium used by US personnel.

A Belgian appeals court last year upheld a ban on an anti-Islam protest planned for 11 September in Brussels, six years after al-Qaeda's terror attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001.

An alliance of anti-Muslim European groups in Denmark, Britain and Germany organised the planned protest, they said to commemorate the victims of 9/11.

Up Pompeii has the charter here.

Note from Always On Watch

According to this from the European People's Party's web site (Mario Mauro is a member of the EPP), 2008 is the Year of European Intercultural Dialogue:
On 08 January, the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 was officially launched in Ljubljana, Slovenia, highlighting the start of the first Slovenian EU Presidency.

The festive evening was opened by the speeches of Dr Danilo Tϋrk, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Ján Figel', the European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, Dr Hans-Gert Pöttering, the President of the European Parliament, Dr Edvard Kovač, professor of ethics and cultural anthropology and Janez Janša, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia. The grand opening culminated in a colourful artistic programme featuring poetry reading and musical performances as well as short films and modern dance. At the end of the opening event, hundreds of school children carrying their luggage, as if on a journey, filled the stage accompanied by the musical performance of an 11-year-old violinist.

In his opening speech, Commissioner Ján Figel' stressed that "cultural diversity is Europe's wealth, rather than its problem. The expansion of the EU and migration are only increasing this diversity. We therefore need more dialogue between cultures as a contribution to a higher level of mutual understanding between various nations, ethnicities and religions, in order to overcome nationalism and xenophobia."...

Why does that blurb remind me so much of interfaithing? Maybe because intercultural dialogue is interfaithing on a political level?.

I will attempt to find out more about this the "Muslims Charter." I note that Article One, Section One begins as follows:
Our understanding of Islam is based on immutable principles that are derived from the authentic sources of Islam: the Qur'an and the Prophetic traditions (Sunnah)...
Off to a rousing start right there, huh? Just how will following certain "immutable" verses in the Koran allow for Muslims to support Western values?

AND, MORE FROM PASTORIUS: Note that the Muslim Charter claims "immutable principles". When is Europe going to claim that its principles are immutable?

When is Europe going to possess the courage of its convictions?

If they don't come to possess such courage soon, they will lose to those who hold fast to their convictions. Muslims believe more in their principles (however, vile and disgusting they may be) than Europeans believe in themselves.

Another Note From AOW:

Read this, about the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe in Militant Islam Monitor.


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No Honour in Murder

Honour killings are are all over the MSM in the UK at the moment particularly this latest case when Coroner Ian Smith hit the nail on the head when he said, "These are just basic fundamental rights and they were denied to her."

High profile cases like this are undoubtedly undermining anything the "useful idiots" on both sides might say and the message comes out loud and clear that Islam is actually all about denying human rights not just for infidels but Muslims also.

Mr Smith said: "Shafilea was the victim of a very vile murder. I'm convinced of that because of the way in which the body was disposed.

"It had been hidden and she had been taken many miles away from home. There's no evidence before the court as to who did it.

"Her ambition was to live her own life in her own way. To study, to follow a career in the law and to do what she wanted to do.

"These are just basic fundamental rights and they were denied to her."

He said the concept of an arranged marriage in Pakistan was central to the circumstances leading up to Shafilea's death.

"She did not want to be married, full stop, at this point. She did not want to marry someone she did not know or may not like." Read it all here >>

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Skeletons In Obama's Closet

Power and Control has a roundup of Obama's problems:

Here is a round up of the skeletons in Obama's closet. I will be adding links as I find them. Check back.

Obama goes to Church.

A Black Supremacist Church

Ronald Kessler comments on Obama's Church

Kaus On Obama's Pastor

Just One Minute on Obama's Pastor

Hannity interviews Obama's Minister

Wright's Church gives Farrakhan an award - video

Sweetness and Light on Jeremiah Wright - with quotes

Atlas on Wright

Get Religion on Wright

Obama May Dump Wright for the General

Obama timeline

The Husaria has links and connections

Al Sharpton with Obama, with Clinton, with Edwards

Did Obama Practice Islam?

Obama does Kenya

Tribal Politics in Kenya

Islamic coup attempt in Keyna

Coup Plotter claims Obama as cousin

Coup Plotter - Islam Only True Religion

Jihad in Kenya

Baldilocks has a corrective On Kenya

Obama Backs Taliban Supporter

Obama exploits grievances

Chicago Tribune - Obama plays Chicago politics

Time Magazine flags a problem

Snopes flags the flag story - with video

Obama and Slumlord Tony Rezko

Obama Watch


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Friday, January 11, 2008

Censorship As A Weapon Of Jihad

From Sultan Knish:

How do you keep nearly a billion people quiet while everything they value about their countries and their civilization is torn apart, sold off and gradually destroyed?

The traditional method involves the old carrot and stick routine. The carrot provides you with incentives to ignore what is going on. The stick is there for anyone too stubborn to take the carrot and keep his mouth shut.

The carrot comes in the form of the manifold benefits of the nanny state that promises to feed, clothe, educate, heal and otherwise take care of everyone from cradle to grave. To get these things you of course have to accept the rise of an increasingly authoritarian social and political system and despite swallowing the bulk of your income, the nanny state has trouble delivering decent results and its bureaucratic arrogance inevitably makes life unpleasant-- but the carrot offers benefits in exchange for compliance and complacency.

The stick is censorship.

The first tier of censorship is self-censorship, in which a person censors himself and is careful to avoid saying or even thinking what is 'outside the lines'.

The second tier of censorship is indoctrinational censorship which covers the range of institutions from school to university to the media to the government's press agencies which set the tone for "acceptable" and "unacceptable ideas. This indoctrination usually involves repeating and promoting a simple concept or idea.

For example
the following Indoctrimeme has been broadcast at full volume since 9/11 by every one of the above mentioned institutions;

"Islam is a religion of peace. Terrorism is practiced by a small number of extremists."

Modern indoctrinational methodology is extremely sophisticated and diverse, the same message can be repackaged and delivered in any number of ways, from documentary to comedy to leaflet to blog to press conference to history textbook to op ed page. In successful indoctrinational censorship, every single possible format and outlet is exploited to promote a message.

The "Islam is Peace" Indoctrimeme can be found across the full spectrum media from music to sitcoms to movies to books to newspaper articles to sermons to billboards. Thus elements as diverse as Aliens in America, the evening news, a Spider-Man comic book and the Archbishop of Canterbury's sermon combine to broadcast the same idea.

Indoctrinational censorship so successfully blankets every medium with a single message that there is no longer any room for opposing points of view. Any opposing point of view that does get through must compromise itself to acclimate to the Indoctrimeme. Indoctrinational censorship is seemingly passive but it sets the stage for the third tier of censorship.

The third tier of censorship is social censorship, the goal of indoctrinational censorship is to create and enforce the social consensus of what the acceptable view is.

When indoctrinational censorship is successful, social censorship crystallizes by making it impossible to say certain things out loud.

After the indoctrimeme that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorism is only practiced by a small number of extremists has reached critical mass, expressing the view that Islam itself is the cause of terrorism becomes a view that most people have coded and modeled as "false", "ignorant", "objectionable" and so on and so forth.

The popular entertainment subset of the indoctrinational phase teaches this modeling and coding by in our example

1. Identifying people who hold a "Wrong' view and aligning them with a negative stereotype, e.g. Rednecks, Flag Waving Patriots, Ignorant

2. Teaching people to model 'Right" behavior by rejecting their views as bigoted and ignorant using a fuzzy rote response that has no real meaning

Wrong Thinker: "I think the roots of terrorism may be inside Islam."

Right Thinker: "It's wrong to hate billions of people for what only a few extremists did."

The goal of social censorship is to create a high barrier to expressing unacceptable ideas.

The fourth tier of censorship is police censorship. Despite social censorship, some people will have contrary opinions. The approach to managing unacceptable opinions is the steel behind the velvet glove, the stick itself, censorship by law enforcement and legal action. Currently British blogger Lionheart has been targeted but he is merely part of a larger situation.

In times of crisis and chaos, both the carrots of the nanny state and the velvet glove of social censorship will begin to prove insufficient without real fear behind them. The response of the authorities is to actively intimidate and terrorize dissenters using police and the courts.

In Israel boys and girls as young as 13 and 14 have been indefinitely detained for participating in peaceful protests against the government surrender to terrorism and the ethnic cleansing of Jewish populations. Across Europe the laws are tightening on dissenters on everything from home schooling (resistance to the second tier of censorship) to a grab bag of laws against inciting hatred that are never used against Muslims but only against their critics.
In America, far more non-Muslims were jailed after 9/11 than Muslims for expressing various forms of outrage against Islam, little was heard about those cases except backpatting by public officials at their success in restraining the backlash.

It is axiomatic that the worse the failures of government become, the more ruthless the abuses of judicial and police censorship become in order to silence any public outcry against them. That in part is why Europe and Israel are the scenes of a much harsher crackdown on opposition to the Jihad. If the Jihad bears down more severely on the US, expect America to go the same route.

Finally we come full circle to the fifth and the first tier of censorship, self-censorship. The end result of this Orwellian tangle of indoctrinational, social and legal censorship is to induce self-censorship, to keep people from not only speaking out but to prevent them from even thinking about those things. To create an atmosphere of fear and guilt at the very thought of dissent itself.

The greatest victory of evil is in the silencing of the truth. Keep speaking out.
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Foehammer's Anvil taken down by its provider

This is what you can see now instead of his page, Foehammer’s Anvil (Click in the image to see it full image):
This is what he himself wrote some days ago:

I wish it had been a bug, but instead it was the intentional disabling of this site again by my hosting company LunarPages. I am no longer going to hide their part in the several times that the Anvil has gone offline unexpectedly. They outsource their support but claim that they do not. I am quite suspicious that what is described to me in nebulous emails from LunarPages as “script errors” that require blocking my site are simply transparent excuses made on the part of certain people that would much rather see this site off-line. LunarPages should be supportive of my blog for the very simple reason that I am a good customer and pay my bills and run a clean blog, but apparently that is not good enough anymore. Instead, I am expected to be bled dry for what little I might be able to afford in order to maintain a blog that has seen its traffic dwindle in no small part but as a result of such mischief as transpired earlier this week.

Between sites like Digg and my own hosting troubles, vicious personal attacks from religious zealots masquerading as anti-hate police and all the rest of the nuts that even have gone so far as to threaten my life, it can be of little wonder to anyone that is paying even scant attention that I am disgusted and no longer view this fight the same as I did a year ago.

Spanish Pundit.

Hmm, yeah, this is what e-jihad means, looks like, then...

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Muslims Plot To Blow Up Eiffel Tower

From the Daily Mail (thanks to Michael Travis):

Spy chiefs have uncovered a plot by Islamic terrorists to blow up the Eiffel Tower.

A scrambled short-wave radio conversation exposing the planned attack on the world's most visited monument was picked up by Portuguese air traffic controller and passed on to French intelligence services.

The 1,060ft high tower, built in 1889, has more than six million visitors a year - an average of more than 16,000 people a day.

A French police source close to France's DST intelligance agency said last night: "The conversation was picked up on Thursday this week in Portugal and French authorities were immediately alerted.

"It was a muffled conversation in Arabic that was passed on to us as a matter of course, by our analysts clearly identified the threat.

"The sheer number of visitors going up the tower every day means a bomb blowing up there could cause the most massive loss of life.

"Security at the tower is already tight, but is now being stepped up."

The threat to the tower comes after other threats on Islamic websites hinting at attacks on busy Paris shopping streets and banks.

Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe has also been given extra security protection after an Islamist website used by Al-Qaeda members listed him as a target, French police said last Wednesday.

In January 2005, French intelligence officers arrested three French-born Algerian terror suspects suspected of plotting to bring down the Eiffel Tower.

Khaled Ouazane, 38, his brother Maamar Ouazane, 22, and Hassen Habbar, 35, had begun smuggling bomb-making equipment into France over three years with the intention of amassing enough explosives to collapse the landmark.

A police source said at the time: "Their main target was the Eiffel Tower, which it appears they intended to completely flatten.

"They had intended for the attack to be on a scale comparable with those in New York.

"They had been smuggling explosives to Lyon within the intention of bringing them to Paris for a prolonged bombing campaign."
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How To Defeat Islamic Jihadism

Iranian blogger Amil Imani tells us how to defeat Islamic Jihadism:

This is an urgent call to all free people to rise and defeat the Islamic Jihadists who are marching under the banner of the Qur’an to subdue all non-Muslims.

It is imperative that the values and the way of life of civilized people be protected against the assault of Jihadists’ savagery born from a primitive culture of long ago Arabia. There is nothing to negotiate here. Nothing to compromise, for the Jihadists are on a non-negotiable campaign of Allah. The goal of this mission from Allah is the eradication of just about everything that falls under the rubric of human rights.

It takes every free human to do his or her share in defeating Jihadism. Below is a partial list of what can be done.

* You don’t have to take up arms and go around killing the Jihadists. That’s the Jihadists’ way of dealing with us and anyone they don’t approve of. Decent humans value life, even the life of a Jihadist. By contrast, the Jihadists have no compunctions at amputating limbs, stoning, beheading and hanging people even en mass. The brutal mullahs ruling the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomed the new-year by hanging thirteen people, one of them the mother of two young children. We need to dry up their sources of support and beat them in the battle of ideas. We need to show them the fallacy and danger of their pathological belief.

* Fight to end the deadly practice of political correctness. Truth, only naked truth, can set us free. And freedom is our greatest gift of life. Life without freedom is death disguised as life. Remember Patrick Henry’s cry: Give me liberty or give me death. We must fight for life, for liberty and freedom.

* Demand that politicians, Islamic apologists, and paid-for media do not abuse freedom by lying about Islam. When these people portray Islam as a religion of peace, they are lying through their teeth. Just take a quick look at Islam’s history as well as what is happening today in the Islamic lands. Islam is not a religion of peace and it has never been. Islam is violent, oppressive, racist, and irrational at its very core. It is treachery for people to present it as otherwise, either out of ignorance or because of their own personal reasons.

* Challenge your leftist professors who may be retained by Islamic front organizations to trumpet Islam’s virtues. Demand transparency from hired lobbyists and the liberal mainstream media. Sadly, a percentage of people in Western Democracies are born alienated. These people seem to a have congenital hatred of their own societies; they ally themselves with any and all people and forces that aim to destroy our cherished way of life, and they live by the motto: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They eagerly join forces with the Saddam Husseins and Hugo Chavezes of the world.

* Demand that Islamic literature, including the hate and violence manual called the Qur’an, be purged of all violent and hate spewed toward non-Muslims. Is it too much to ask that non-Muslims not be targeted for hate by the so-called sacred religious text? What kind of religion is this? Religion is supposed to bring people together, and not put them at each others’ throats. The Muslims must be made to understand that and they must reciprocate the tolerance that the non-Muslims voluntarily afford them.

* Do not allow any special privileges whatsoever granted to Muslims. Demand that all Muslims have their first and foremost loyalty to the United States and its Constitution and not to the Islamic Ummeh, the Qur’an, and the shariah law. Europe is rapidly buckling under the pressure of Islamism. Just a couple of examples: Germany has legalized polygamy to placate Muslim men, Italy is forced to plan separate beaches for Muslim women

* Demand that none of the barbaric provisions of Islamic sharia be practiced. Just because a woman is born into a Muslim family, that shouldn’t force her to lead a subservient life to a man, for example. All family matters and disputes, without exceptions, must be adjudicated according to the civil laws of the country.

* A Muslim is, first and foremost, an Ummehist, a citizen of international Islam. So, when a Muslim takes the United States’ Pledge of Allegiance, he is either ignorant of the implications of his pledge or is lying willfully. Sadly enough, taqqiyeh (lying, or dissimulation) is not only condoned, it is recommended to the Muslims in their scripture. Hence, a Muslim can and would lie without any compunctions, whenever it is expedient.

* Require that the large number of recent arrival Muslims be carefully vetted for their terrorism and Jihadists backgrounds and beliefs. Many recent arrivals from places such as Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan come as refugees and bring with them their pathological anti-American system of belief. It is criminal to admit these refugees without demanding that they completely renounce their allegiance to the hate dogma of Islam. Those diehard devotees of Islam should make any of the eighteen or so Islamic countries home, rather than invade the secular societies and aim to subvert them.

* Demand that Muslims, without the least reservation, adhere to the provisions of the human rights. Muslims, by belief and practice, are the most blatant violators of human rights. We hardly need to detail here Muslims’ systemic cruel treatment of the unbelievers, women of all persuasions, and any and all minorities across the board. To Muslims, human rights have a different meaning, and its protective provisions are reserved strictly, primarily for Muslim men.

* Go and talk to Muslims, particularly the young and the better educated, about the horror and the fallacy of a primitive belief that has been handed down to them through an accident of birth. Show them the magnificence of freedom, in all its forms; the indispensability of tolerance for all; and, the futility of clinging to an obsolete hodge-podge of delusional ideology. The onus is clearly on the Muslims to prove the validity, utility, and sanctity of the belief they intend to impose on all of us.

* As for democracy, our cherished way of life, Muslims have no use for it at all. Muslims believe that Allah’s rule must govern the world in the form of Caliphate: a theocracy. Making mockery of democracy, subverting its working, and ignoring its provisions is a Muslim’s way of falsifying what he already believes to be a sinful and false system of governance invented by the infidels. Reason, if you can, with the Muslims that their belief is an outright rejection of the greatest gift of life: Freedom.

* Support financially and in every other legal way those individuals and organizations that are fighting the Jihadists’ relentless encroachment. Many European countries are already on the verge of capitulation to the Islamists. The Supreme Guide of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, confidently proclaimed recently that Europe will be Islamic in a dozen years. He has good reason to say that. Muslims are forming states within states in much of European towns and cities. In Britain, for instance, non-Muslims are in serious danger entering Muslim neighborhoods.

In conclusion: Folks, get off your duff. Stop saying, “let George do it.” Neither George the President, nor the “other guy” George can do it by themselves. This is a battle for survival that every one of us can help wage. Let’s get on with it before, if not you, then your children and grandchildren end up under the barbaric rule of the Jihadists.
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The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show

Interview with Yaacov Ben Moshe of the Breath Of The Beast Blog

Listen to The Infidel Show on internet talk radio

Yaacov is one of the best writers in the blogosphere. You'll want to hear him share about his first encounter with the Beast that is radical Islam.

Listen to the new IBA Radio Show. We also interview John McLame, I mean, McCain. I never can seem to get that right.

Onward to Mecca, my fellow soldiers, where we will steal their women, and stomp on their hearts.
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The Face Of Evil - Allah Is Moloch

Moloch was a god, worshipped in the ancient Near East, known as the bloodthirsty god of child-sacrifice. Allah is just such a god.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has an amazing post up this morning called The Birth of a Terror Nation. In her post she quotes from the Muslim website which originally posted this photograph. Here's what they have to say:

This is a picture of a Palestinian mother stepping on the corpse of her son who betrayed the Muslims by helping the Israelis.

If all mothers were like this,

Our lands would be liberated in no time.

They call their god Allah, but his real name is Moloch.
Check out this video: ''Mother of a Shahid''

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Winds of War: Joke of the Week – Muslim Women to Curb Terror

Let me see if I get this straight. Muslim women in Islamic lands which breed the majority of Islamic terrorists who are considered by Muslim males to be chattel and lower than dirt, are going to teach their men that terrorism is no-no.

Did I miss something?

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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A Message From The Ayatollah Khomeini

The Ayatollah Khomeini dropped by the pub here at Infidel Bloggers Alliance and left a message for all of us:

Let me tell ya', I don't get no respect

Some Islamophobic Kuffar scum (may their heads soon be parted from their shoulders) say there are no moderate Muslims. This is a lie! Let me tell you the story of my meeting with a moderate Muslim:

As I paddled through the streets of Manchester after leaving the mosque yesterday evening, the rain stopped falling!

The shocked inhabitants paused from their customary activity of shooting one another, and looked aghast at a rent in the grey firmament - a blue patch in the sky!

As if this wasn't miracle enough, the clouds cleared in the west and the setting sun illuminated a huge multicolored rainbow emblazoned with the words 'Welcome to Moderate Islam'.

Many hundreds of sleeping moonbats hung upside down from the rainbow. I followed it to where it reached the ground in the idyllic village of Moss Side, and there I found two pixies, four elves and a Moderate Muslim.

The Moderate Muslim said "I denounce all forms of terrorism without reservation", then he jumped on his unicorn and galloped off to where the sun was setting Koranic-style in a muddy pool in the west, probably Pennington Flash near Leigh.

As the customary downpour resumed, the rainbow faded and the soggy moonbats fluttered angrily as they woke up and found they had no visible means of support.

Flying just above roof-height to avoid the flying bullets, the moonbats squeaked to all who would listen "We must respect Moderate Islam" and "It's a peaceful religion hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists"

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Frederick Forsythe on Islam

Frederick Forsythe, novelist and columnist for the Daily Express, makes the point that when the IRA were bombing Britain the British did not turn on the many thousands of Irish living amongst them because they recognised that it was the extremists and not the majority of Irish that were responsible. The Irish joined in denouncing the extremists.

The difference between then and now is that as soon as we mention Islam in even a small but well deserved negative way then their own "useful idiots" indignantly pop up and attack us with calls of islamophobia and racist. The silence of the moderates is deafening and only adds to the impression that in fact all Muslims are the same:

THE two self-styled spokesmen of the Muslim community who laid into the Bishop of Rochester did themselves and Islam in Britain no favours.

The Ramadhan Foundation and the Islamic Society of Great Britain claimed again that anyone criticising even the most extreme proponents of the poison that beyond any doubt exists inside the Muslim “umma” in our country is criticising all Muslims. This is simply not true and one suspects these “spokesmen” secretly know it.

Bishop Nazir-Ali of Rochester made absolutely plain that he was referring to the extremists and to suggest no such maniacs exist is ludicrous. We all know they do and sensible, peace-loving Muslims who want to live in harmony with the rest of us know it also.

These spokesmen would be wise to study the relationship of the broad masses of non-Irish people inside England with the resident Irish through the 30 years when the IRA was shooting, bombing and maiming innocents right here in England. We never turned on the whole Irish community because its genuine leaders made plain they had no time for the IRA and all its violent works.

The leaders of “moderate Islam” in the UK have simply lost control of their own ultra-extreme faction

The IRA killed and were themselves killed: they were tracked, ambushed and arrested. They were denounced from Parliament and pulpit. But the true Irish leaders in Britain never screamed that we, the natives, had turned on all the Irish. They recognised that our denunciations only referred to the murderous fanatics – and they added their own denunciations as well.

I say this with deep regret. There is a growing belief among the secularists, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews, who despite all the fuss still make up 95 per cent of the British people, that the leaders of “moderate Islam” in the UK have simply lost control of their own ultra-extreme faction.Read it all>

(cross posted with CommonSense)

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weekly Radio Show: January 11

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, which WC and I cohost. The show broadcasts live every Friday for one hour at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

Friday, January 11: Our guest for the first half hour will be Eric Martin, narrator of Jerusalem Countdown and What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur'an. He will be speaking first of blogger Lionheart's situation. As time allows, Mr. Martin, an expert on the Middle East, will discuss other topics as well.

Our guest for the second half hour will be Lee Kaplan: undercover investigative journalist and a contributor to Front Page Magazine. He is also a regular columnist for the Israel National News and Canada Free Press and a senior intelligence analyst and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network. He heads the organizations Defending America for Knowledge and Action (DAFKA) and Stop the ISM.

Note: If you are unable to listen live to the radio show, you can listen to recordings of the radio broadcasts later by CLICKING HERE.

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Pakistanis Want More Sharia

It's only a tiny minority of extremists:

World Public Opinion did a comprehensive poll of Pakistanis. The PDF is here.

One lovely bit: 60% of Pakistanis want a larger role for sharia in the nation.
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The German "Rathergate"

The following was reported by the Transatlantic Conservative blog today.

The German blog Politically Incorrect (PI) has published a video and an audio tape of a political chat show broadcast by the public (state owned) ARD TV station. Here, the German Secretary of Justice, Brigitte Zypries and a Green member of the parliament of the city and state of Berlin, the ethnic Turk Oezcan Mutlu, share a whispered conversation that was evidently not meant to be overheard by the public and which PI noticed (my guess is that they were tipped off) and made public.

The debate was about the frightening increase of violent crimes by "youths with a migration background" (read: Muslims). A former member of such a violent youth gang was interviewed by the host and the question: "What could Germany have done to offer you a better existence?" was met by an unexpected reply: "Well, I can't think of anything specific really. All the opportunities have been there, you just have to look for them a little bit and take them up". Frantic whispering in the background, which could clearly be identified as the question: "Has he not been briefed?" by Mutlu and Zypries irritated, even angry, reply: "He HAS!"

The take of PI and Transatlantic Conservative, which I share, is that here a German state controlled TV channel is offering biased and doctored content to the tax paying audience who, as the Transatlantic Conservative puts it, "pays for their own media indoctrination". Obviously, the boy had been briefed to make statements along the politically correct line of the German mainstream politics and -media.

Of course, the frantic backpedalling was only to be expected. The comment section of the PI-entry is a psychogram of angry leftists. According to their interpretation, Alaattin Kaymak (the young ex-gang member) had had a hang-up, thus the question about the "briefing", when he was, in fact, a picture of competence, literacy and self-assurance and spoke German without any foreign accent. Compared to Mutlu...

Read the rest at Roncesvalles.

Postscript: Today, BILD, the German tabloid shitrag did, what in these days and times only shitrags do because serious papers are too busy being good, and published the entire sad affair.

This howler is too good to be missed. Oezcan Mutlu, the Berlin lawmaker of whom I wrote in my original blog entry:
The fact that Mutlu, a naturalized German and member of a German state parliament, still speaks a sort of semi-"Kanaksprak" shows how seriously he takes his own assimilation
has now the temerity to explain his gaffe away by stating that
Alaattin Kaymak is obviously no professional when it comes to politics and not very eloquent. All I wanted to ask was whether nobody talked to him prior to the programme.
That is the same Alaattin Kaymak of whom I wrote yesterday:
...he was, in fact, a picture of competence, literacy and self-assurance and spoke German without any foreign accent. Compared to Mutlu, who came to Germany when he was five years young and who is an electrical engineer by profession (and, incidentally, the speaker for educational policy of his parliamentary group), he almost appeared as a gentleman and that means SOMETHING.
That said, I wonder what talking to a tongue-tied chat-show guest prior to the programme should achieve.

Wearing suit and tie is not enough to pass yourself off as a German, Oezcan.

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Wafa Sultan: Warning to the West on the “Evil of Islam”

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Nonie Darwish: Why I left Islam

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This Week on The Gathering Storm Radio Show

Listen to the nearly famous Gathering Storm Radio Show, that AlwaysOnWatch and I co-host. The show broadcasts live every Friday for one hour at NOON, Pacific Time.

Friday, January 11: This week we will have two guests. First at the top of the hour will be Eric Martin – Narrator of the documentary Jerusalem Countdown and What Every American Needs to Know About the Koran. Mr. Martin will discuss LionHeart’s situation and is a Middle East Expert. At the bottom of the hour we will have Lee Kaplan who will also discuss LionHeart's case then discuss DAFKA and also perhaps about the recent court decision against Dr. Rachael Ehrenfeld.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

If you are unable to listen live to the radio show, you can listen to recordings of the radio broadcasts later by CLICKING HERE.

The call-in number again is (646) 915-9870. Converse with my co-host and me, chat with our guests or if you must, just air your spleen!
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Why Obama?

The above picture is enough to turn me off to Obama, no matter how hopeful his message sometimes sounds. Nevertheless, if we are to believe the media and the polls, many in America find Obama an appealing candidate for the White House.

In a recent commentary in the Washington Post, Michael Gerson offered his analysis for Obama's appeal to certain voters.

...[A]mong the snaking lines of supporters waiting in the cold for Obama events, there is, as he says, "something stirring in the air." One television reporter who covers the campaign told me of interviewing a New Hampshire woman with high regard for Clinton who was nonetheless supporting Obama. When asked why, she said, "Because on the day Obama becomes president, America would think differently about itself."

Obama and his staff clearly believe his candidacy has the potential to be a movement.


But what is the movement about? It is, above all, the return of idealism. Obama spent the last days before the New Hampshire primary defending "hope" against Clinton's contention that the Illinois senator was raising "false hopes." In the final debate, Obama also defended the use of inspiring words and rhetoric against Clinton's charge that words matter little in comparison to experience. It is a strange, shrunken presidential candidate who makes her final argument an assault on aspiration.

Obama is an impressive carrier of this message for a variety of reasons.

First, his personal style evokes the golden age of nonthreatening, high-minded liberalism from the early 1960s. His crowds may be young and denim-clad, but Obama has a JFK bearing -- conservative suits, fiddling with his starched cuffs, then a hand in his pocket. He dresses and speaks with a well-tailored formality -- his Iowa victory remarks were read from a teleprompter, the sign of well-crafted rhetorical ambition. His manner communicates that politics is a serious, adult business, which could eventually undermine Republican charges of ideological radicalism.

Second, however conventional his current ideological appeal, he has left room for future outreach to middle-ground voters.
His stump speech, in the versions I heard, made no mention of abortion -- a typical (and divisive) Democratic applause line. His consistent emphasis on fighting HIV-AIDS globally and promoting development could appeal broadly to religious voters. And Obama does not make cynical use of his race.

Third, Obama's race matters greatly, because most of the American story -- from our flawed founding to the civil rights movement -- has been a struggle between the purity of our ideals and the corruption of our laws and souls. The day an African American stands on the steps of the U.S. Capitol -- built with the labor of slaves -- and takes the oath of office will be a moment of blinding, hopeful brightness....
Read all of Michael Gerson's essay

Is Obama what America needs? Not in my view. But this summer, the Democratic Party's ballot will be finalized, and on November 4, We the People will elect a new President. Unless there is a drastic change in the power of the Obama movement, I predict that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will be on that ballot. And that will be a sorry day for America.

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Storm Track Intimidation: Muslims Sue Demographic Fact

What’s next? Suing geology books that say the earth is round?

Facts don’t seem to matter when they place Muslims in a bad light. So’s the case for Mark Steyn, author of America Alone, for projecting demographic facts. In hot water already with the Big Brother dhimmi government in Canada for posting facts abut Islam and Muslims on American web sites, he now he’s enraged Canadian Muslims stating warnings of high Muslim birthrates and its results in his book. It's simple math.

If Muslims can’t prove it’s not true than sue the source to muzzle it.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Ammunition in the War of Ideas

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Dead On Accurate

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Obama's Church Loves Farrakhan

All you might need to know about Obama's Church, from Melanie Phillips:

Barack Obama belongs to the Trinity United Church in Chicago whose pastor is Rev Dr Jeremiah A Wright Jnr. Here is the church’s website. From it you will see that the church is committed to what looks suspiciously like black supremacism. Dr Wright promotes ‘black power’ and ‘black liberation theology’, under which adherents must have

a non-negotiable commitment to Africa

and to seeing the world through an African perspective. The church proclaims its commitment to a ‘Black Value System’ which, apart from a commitment to

Pledge Allegiance to All Black Leadership Who Espouse and Embrace the Black Value System

includes the

Disavowal of the Pursuit of ‘Middleclassness’

on the basis that those who are not middle-class are separated from other black people by

*Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.
*Placing them in concentration camps, and/or structuring an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons.

In the current issue of the church’s magazine The Trumpet, there is a star-struck endorsement of Louis Farrakhan, the racist, anti-white and anti-Jewish black supremacist Muslim demagogue. In her ‘
Empowerment Interview’ in the magazine, which claims that the leader of the Nation of Islam is a much misunderstood man, writer Rhoda McKinney-Jones gushes that Farrakhan

truly epitomised greatness…

Such fawning is hardly surprising given that Dr Wright himself -- who in his sermons and interviews has equated Zionism with racism and Israel with apartheid South Africa, who said on the Sunday after 9/11 that the attacks were a consequence of violent American policies, and who suggested four years later that 9/11 was retribution for America’s racism ( views from which Obama has distanced himself) – appears to enjoy a close relationship with Farrakhan. In the Trumpet feature article, Wright raves:

Minister Farrakhan will be remembered as one of the 20th and 21st century giants of the African American religious experience...

His integrity and honesty have secured him a place in history as one of the nation’s most powerful critics. His love for Africa and African American people has made him an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change and a religious leader who is sincere about his faith and his purpose.

And in this story on NewsMax, Ronald Kessler reports:

Just before Obama’s nationally televised campaign kickoff rally last Feb. 10, the candidate disinvited Wright from giving the public invocation. Wright explained:

‘When [Obama’s] enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli’ to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, ‘a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.’

Considering the fact that the very mention of George W Bush’s belief in God is enough to give Democrats an aneurysm, and that Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are currently being dismissed as religious nutjobs, isn’t the Democrat (and media) silence over Obama’s choice of a black power church which is more akin to a cult, and the obnoxious views of the pastor who he says brought him into Christianity in the first place, more than a little remarkable?

And how have the Democrats got themselves into a position where the choice they offer voters for the American presidency is between Hillary Clinton and this man?


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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This is the kind of thinking we're going to need to win our war against the Islamofascists who would destroy our civilization. I have refrained from posting on Lionheart in the past, because I find it hard to substantiate some of his claims. But, being that he is testifying as to things that happened to him personally, it's not as if I could provide you with a link to a news article. In his case, the problem is exactly that no one is writing news articles. No one is taking up his cause.

You may not agree with all that Lionheart says, you may not believe all he writes, but he is a brave man standing up for his civilization. And, the police want to arrest him? Lionheart:

A murderous section of the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park – Luton threatened my life, as witnessed by two witnesses, and my blog which is my perception of truth based on facts is my response to those very serious credible death threats.

I would rather die a Christian man than a pathetic Dhimmi – What about you?They have bombed my homeland and they are desecrating my Nation on a daily basis with their Islamic degradation, so I will not back down from them or their gullible Liberal Left Wing tools who are trying to silence me – They are the ones who are at war with my country, and who want to kill me personally – If they want a war based on the facts and they want to kill me, then is it not my right to protect myself? If I don’t who will, do I just let these people kill me or do I run away and leave this to someone else to deal with? And if they are at war with us which they are, as the facts clearly prove, then can we the British people not let them have a war?

Whose homeland is this, theirs or mine?

What is the result of doing nothing?

My Grandfather never fought for Queen and Country so that the blessed birthright he handed to me which was my part of the British homeland as an Englishman could be taken away in my generation and given to an alien Kingdom with its alien Islamic culture so that there will be nothing left for my children other than an Islamic way of life enforced upon them.

I would rather my children know I died a free man for them and their birthright, than a coward and a slave to the oppressors, no matter what form that oppression comes in.

Why should I be forced out of my home, forced out of my business, forced into bankruptcy and forced to become a vagabond in my own land because of murdering warmongering Moslems who are at war with the Nation – something wrong there don’t you think?

And now people are trying to ‘silence’ me from speaking out about this abomination that is happening to me and my fellow countrymen by this internal enemy whose ultimate intention it is to take over rule of the land and enforce ‘Sharia Law’ upon the population, no matter how long that takes them.

I have not called for murder, war or bloodshed, as my title states “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”, yet this Labour government wants to take the pen out of my hand and lock me in prison when I have done nothing wrong apart write words of truth on a computer screen for others to read.

You want a fight with me to silence me then lets fight, but remember there is an army made up of millions of people the same as me throughout the World who are ready to fight you with me, this has been shown to me over the last two days, and these citizens of the free world stand shoulder to shoulder with me, because this attack on me is an attack on them, their children and grandchildren also!!!

You have started something that will never be stopped now!!!

In the future, which is right now coming at us with all the force and inevitability of a train, we will all need to be lionhearted.

Go read the rest at Lionheart's blog.
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Facing the Harsh Reality of Islam

Hugh Fitzgerald is a man who takes the danger of Islam seriously, very seriously. While a war-weary America would like to imagine a burgeoning movement for a mythical moderate Islam, Hugh holds no such illusions. We have to face the harsh facts and act accordingly. Let Mr. Fitzgerald explain it.

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An excellent editorial from Pamela Geller at Arutz Sheva (by the way, glad to see Pamela is finally getting published - hers is a very important voice):

The thing is, you can't be a leader and not know what Islam means. The average Joe pumping gas on Route 66 - okay, not on top of the issue. But there is no way you can be running for President and not know the hell being wreaked on the free and not-so-free world by Islamic jihad.

That said, Barack Obama went to a madrassa in Jakarta. A madrassa in a Muslim country. Whether he was devout or secular, he knows what was taught. He knows what is in the Koran. Even if he is ambiguous, he knows the stakes involved. His father was a Every Muslim who left Islam is very definitive about leaving and why.Muslim who took three wives (without divorcing). His stepfather and close members of his family are devout Muslims. Not an unimportant influence.

Every Muslim who left Islam is very definitive about leaving and why. They are quite vocal - Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Walid Shoebat, Elijah Abraham, etc. If he left Islam, Obama must have very definite thoughts about it. He has to, he practiced Islam. That is not benign; it's big. And even if, as inferred by big media, it was not big to him, then he can still appreciate how important it is knowing what he knows about Islam and apostasy.

Obama would have had to make a decision to reject Islam. When did he make that decision? How? Why the silence? Why the reluctance to talk about it?

Apostasy is punishable by death in Islam. Have there been calls for Obama's death? If not, why not? Islam gives no free passes.

Obama's posture on this is hard to define or understand, because it is a critical issue.

Transitional issues facing this nation and the world at large - the world at war, creeping sharia, the perversion of the rights of free men, individuals, women, etc., hang in the balance on the make up of the next president of the United States. The stakes could not be higher domestically.

On foreign policy, Europe has laid down. The political elites have capitulated to Islamists and to multiculturalists. Suicide. It seems unclear that they could hold up their end even if America did the heavy lifting.

As far as Israel is concerned, if Obama makes it to the big house, Israel is screwed. Finished. Obama's church and Jew-hating pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., makes that evident. Israel will be on its own.

Go read the whole thing.


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The Crescent of Embrace: The Park Service Knew It Faced Mecca

They knew. They knew, and they approved it. The Crescent of Embrace is supposed to be a Memorial to the people who were murdered when Muslim fanatics crashed Flight 93. Instead, it salutes Mecca, and the park service knew?!??

The Park Service already knew about the Mecca orientation of the crescent

The Park Service's other Islamic scholar, Kevin Jaques ... admitted the similarity between the giant Mecca oriented crescent and a traditional Islamic mihrab, then concocted a blatantly dishonest excuse for why the Park Service shouldn't be concerned about it. Jaques assured the Park Service that there was no reason to worry because no one had ever seen a mihrab this big before:

Thirdly, most mihrabs are small, rarely larger than the figure of a man, although some of the more ornamental ones can be larger, but nothing as large at the crescent found in the site design. It is unlikely that most Muslims would walk into the area of the circle/crescent and see a mihrab because it is well beyond their limit of experience. Again, just because it is similar does not make it the same.

If Jaques and Rabbat were willing to engage in such blatantly dishonest excuse-making, why did they start out by admitting that the giant crescent was geometrically close to a perfect mihrab? Because the Park Service already knew that the giant crescent was oriented almost exactly on Mecca, and that a crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca is the central feature around which every mosque is built.

Advisory Commission member Tim Baird would admit this explicitly in 2007, but it was obvious much earlier.

What the Park Service wanted when it conducted its internal investigation in the spring and summer of 2006 was excuses not to be concerned about these damning facts, and that is what Jaques and Rabbat provided. Similarly for the egregious Daniel Griffith, the "professor of geospatial information," who told the newspapers that "anything can point to Mecca, because the earth is round."

The Park Service knew this was all fraudulent. Griffith's "anything can point to Mecca" and Rabbat's "it has to be exact" were complete contradictions of each other, but the Park Service gladly embraced both as excuses to pretend that there was nothing to worry about.
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Arun Gandhi: The Fruit Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Arun Gandhi, the son of Mahatma Gandhi, is an anti-Semite. This article from the Washington Post makes that abundantly clear:

Jewish identity in the past has been locked into the holocaust experience — a German burden that the Jews have not been able to shed. It is a very good example of a community can overplay a historic experience to the point that it begins to repulse friends. The holocaust was the result of the warped mind of an individual who was able to influence his followers into doing something dreadful. But, it seems to me the Jews today not only want the Germans to feel guilty but the whole world must regret what happened to the Jews. The world did feel sorry for the episode but when an individual or a nation refuses to forgive and move on the regret turns into anger.

The Jewish identity in the future appears bleak. Any nation that remains anchored to the past is unable to move ahead and, especially a nation that believes its survival can only be ensured by weapons and bombs.

(Pastorius comment: Excuse me, but every major nation in the world believes it needs to be able to protect itself, you fucking idiot.)

In Tel Aviv in 2004 I had the opportunity to speak to some Members of Parliament and Peace activists all of whom argued that the wall and the military build-up was necessary to protect the nation and the people. In other words, I asked, you believe that you can create a snake pit — with many deadly snakes in it — and expect to live in the pit secure and alive? What do you mean? they countered. Well, with your superior weapons and armaments and your attitude towards your neighbors would it not be right to say that you are creating a snake pit? How can anyone live peacefully in such an atmosphere? Would it not be better to befriend those who hate you? Can you not reach out and share your technological advancement with your neighbors and build a relationship?

Apparently, in the modern world, so determined to live by the bomb, this is an alien concept. You don’t befriend anyone, you dominate them. We have created a culture of violence — Israel and the Jews are the biggest players — and that Culture of Violence is eventually going to destroy humanity.

What a fucking idiot. Where does this idea come from the Jews are the biggest players in the "culture of violence." Truth is, Muslims are at war with Jews. Truth is, Muslims are at war all over the world.

Now, here's the truth about Arun Gandhi's father. Far from being a man of peace as everyone believes, he was a man who would see the world go up in flames:

Gandhi Is A Sacred Cow - We Must Butcher Him

If Europe would have taken Gandhi’s advice as below, we’d all be speaking German and be part of a perfect Aryan race. There would be no people living with disabilities or birth defects; the Roma (gypsies) would have disappeared into oblivion and there would be no homosexuality allowed. Communism and free speech would be considered crimes and there would have been no freedom of religion.

"I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions...

"If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourselves, man, woman and child to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them."

"Hitler killed five million [sic] Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs."

Louis Fisher, Gandhi's biographer asked him: "You mean that the Jews should have committed collective suicide?"Gandhi responded, "Yes, that would have been heroism."

It’s very lucky that Gandhi himself used passive resistance against the civilised British, because if he’d have used the same technique with the Nazis, there would be no people of Indian descent left in this world.

It's time for the world to grow up and realize that Gandhi was not a man of great vision. He was not an incarnation of God.

I would not even call him a man of peace.The emotional devastation he was willing to lay on his wife gives the lie to his being a good man in private. For a person to deprive the one he supposedly loves of physical intimacy (and the emotional well-being that goes with it) because he believes he has some special relationship with the universe is an disgusting sin.

Gandhi was a snake oil salesman who won a P.R. battle against British imperialism. Thank God he did. He was the right schmuck at the right time. His people owe him thanks.However, his legacy is a burden on the whole human race. Unfortunately many naiive, but well-placed, people believe we can take Gandhian "principles" and apply them to all of reality.

Gandhi's notion of applying his asinine philosophy to the fight against Hitler is not only laughable, it's arrogant to the point of megalomania. It shows he was willing to let the whole human race go down with the ship, because of his own belief in his special relationship with his stupid pantheistic universe.

And to sum it up, let me pose this question:

Gahndi says,"the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife." So, how exactly does his philosophy differ, in practice, from that of Hitler?
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Obama Talks To Odinga Everyday: Obama And Islam In Kenya

American Presidential candidate Barack Obama is friends with Kenyan Presidential candidate Raila Odinga. Odinga recently lost the Kenyan elections, and, ever since, his followers have been rioting and murdering people who support Kenyan President Kibaki.

The Islamic connection here is that Raila Odinga signed an agreement with the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya.

Read about Odinga and the Muslims document here.

Here are previous posts I've done on the subject.

The Islamic Element to the Killing In Kenya

Obama's Man In Kenya

And now, today, from Time Magazine, we have evidence of just how closely Mr. Obama is working with Raila Odinga:

One of the more extraordinary stories of the Obama campaign has been playing out behind the scenes over the past week as the candidate has been working on a daily basis to try to calm things down in his father's homeland and his grandmother's home, Kenya, where a contested election has led to riots.

On January 1, two days before the Iowa caucuses, Obama left a message for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. According to Robert Gibbs, Obama's Communications Director, Rice called back "as we were driving from Sioux City to Council Bluffs on January 1. They talked about the situation and Rice asked Obama to tape a Voice of America message calling for calm." Obama taped the message on January 2, after a rally in Davenport, Iowa. He said, in part:

"Despite irregularities in the vote tabulation, now is not the time to
throw that strong democracy away. Now is a time for President Kibaki, opposition
leader Odinga, and all of Kenya’s leaders to call for calm, to come together,
and to start a political process to address peacefully the controversies that
divide them. Now is the time for this terrible violence to end.

Kenya’s long democratic journey has at times been difficult. But at
critical moments, Kenyans have chosen unity and progress over division and
disaster. The way forward is not through violence – it is through democracy, and
the rule of law. To all of Kenya’s people, I ask you to renew Kenya’s democratic
tradition, and to seek your dreams in peace."

On January 3, the day of the caucuses, he had a conversation with Bishop Desmond Tutu, who had flown to Nairobi to see if he could begin negotiations with the factions. In the days since his Iowa victory, Obama has had near-daily conversations with the U.S. Ambassador in Kenya or with opposition leader Raila Odinga. As of late this afternoon, before his rally in Rochester, N.H., Obama was trying to reach Kenyan President Kibaki.

Notice Obama isn't talking to President Kibaki, but he is talking to Raila Odinga everyday. It could be that Kibaki is not returning his phone calls. And, if so, he has good reason to not want to speak to Obama, seeing as how Obama is facilitating the Muslims alliance which, it seems, is the engine behind the killing.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has great coverage here, including these important notes:

Odinga now claims he and Obama are cousins (BBC here.)

A Jacksonian has a devastating article outing Odinga's Arab connections with ties to al qaeda.

Kenya, Islam and Obama Hussein 1/04/08

Jihad in Kenya. Obama, your move 1/5/08

UPDATE 10:52 pm: Melanie Phillips over at The Spectator has more on the jihad in Kenya here;
But this isn’t the first time churches in Kenya have been torched, as you can read
here (date unknown):

On 13 June, Muslims rioting over the arrest of one of their clerics torched five churches in Bura, Tana River district, not far from Mombasa in Kenya… As impunity equals permission, this is a serious issue of national significance at a time when Muslim tensions are rising to boiling point.
here from 2001:

Anglican Archbishop David Gitari and an interfaith team confronted rioting Muslim youths armed with swords and clubs on December 1 in Nairobi, Kenya. In response to this attempt to quell Kenya's worst outbreak of violence between Christians and Muslims, the rioters pelted the archbishop and his team with rocks. Moderate Muslim leaders plucked Gitari from the mob and rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for head injuries. ‘I survived only because Muslim leaders formed a human shield around me and in the process got more injured than myself,’ Gitari later said in local media reports.

Or here from 2003:

Muslim leaders in Kenya are threatening armed conflict if the new Kenyan constitution does not enshrine Islamic courts (known in Kenya as Kadhi courts).

For years, Kenya has been subjected to creeping Islamisation and jihadi violence by elements within the country’s ten per cent Muslims against the Christian majority. Yet unaccountably there was no mention of this key fact in the media coverage of the post-election violence.

Kenya - Muslim Tensions Rise And Churches Burn

Kenya: Muslims push for Sharia


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Thousands of people brave the cold and rainy weather to form Human Chain around Jerusalem

Here is a very inspiring video you must see from One Jerusalem:

That's right, all these fine folks came out to express their support for a united and secure Jerusalem, and to send a message to president Bush and secretary of state Rice about what they think. Very encouraging, if you ask me.


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If This Doesn't Scare You, Nothing Will!

I found the following video at Social Sense:

Go read Mustang's commentary!

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Storm Track Intimidation: Muslim Appeasers at Work

OK. You’re soldier returning home after serving your country in war zone, risking your life and limb to protect your fellow countrymen. You arrive straight from the front wearing your combat gear not letting anything stand in your way of quickly returning home.

But by a quirk of fate, you arrive in part of your country that is as alien as the battle front you came from and in order for you to continue on your journey home you are ordered to remove all signs that you were a soldier serving your country.

Crazy, right? Not for today’s British soldiers.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm

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