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Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Letter-to-the-Editor of the Kansas State Collegian

I am curious to see if they will post or print this:

This letter is in response to the typical Collegian puff-piece on the visit of Zamfara, Nigeria’s governor, Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, to KSU. The propagandists at the Collegian should be aware that its readers generally have access to Google. Google "Zamfara Nigeria Sharia Law" and behold what pops up.

For example there is the story of Bariya Magazu, a seventeen-year-old girl who received 100 lashes for having pre-marital sex. The young mother claimed she was forced to have sex with three men by her father. The men swore they were innocent and therefore walked. This is because under Sharia Law a woman's word counts for little compared to the claims of her rapist(s):


A New York Times article from 1999 describes how Zamfara was transformed into a medieval theocracy. Myra Gordon's good friend, Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, is quoted:

""Shariah is not going to cause havoc to the country,"" he said from his official residence, where a mosque is being built in the courtyard. "It will bring peace and unity here. It is entirely a local affair." "Shariah is fundamental human rights," he added. "Now we are in a democracy. Whatever we want, we have the right to." So if he wants to flog seventeen-year-old mothers, that is his "right."


To "honor" this creature with a memorial service at the MLK, Jr. bust is reprehensible. But, I wouldn't expect anything less from the associate provost for diversity.

Grant Jones
Ph.D. student, American History

Update: Kansas State University has posted an official announcement on the Nigerian Islamist's visit. The university's president, Jon Wefald, will be welcoming the delegation from Zamfara. Shaking hands dripping in blood, all in a day's work for the modern college administrator:

"His Excellency Alhaji Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi will be on campus Monday, May 12, according to Myra Gordon, associate provost for diversity and dual career development. Members of the governor's delegation include his wife, Her Excellency Aisha I B Babangida; Musa Zubair, chief of staff to the governor; Ali Bako, principal private secretary to the governor; Garba Mohammed, special adviser to the governor on livestock development; Dr. Sani Bako, consultant, livestock development; and Muktari Shinkafi, a businessman in Zamfara State."

"The governor and his delegation are coming to see U.S. style beef production at K-State's Beef Cattle Institute. They will meet with Dan Thomson, assistant professor of clinical sciences and director of the Institute, and other K-State faculty."

"President Jon Wefald will welcome the Nigerian delegation to campus. Other activities will include a memorial service for Shinkafi's late brother, who graduated from Fort Hays State University in 1976. This service will begin at 4 p.m. with a processional from the K-State Alumni Center to the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. outside Ahearn Field House."

Update II: Diversity provost Myra Gordon's good friend, Mahmud Aliya Shinkafi has his own views on "diversity:"

Even as prominent and respected Muslims try to douse the serious situation, those who started the fire are still trying to sell snake oil. As calm was returning to the country, Deputy Governor Mamuda Aliyu Shinkafi of Zamfara State, where the Sharia penal code reared its head in 1999, issued a ‘fatwa’ (religious decree) saying: “It is binding on all Muslims wherever they are, to consider the killing of the writer as a religious duty. …. Just like the blasphemous Indian writer Salman Rushdie, the blood of Isioma Daniel can be shed.”

Provost Gordon and Kansas State University President Jon Wefald have some lovely friends. Apparently murder, death threats, stoning women to death, and flogging unwed mothers is alright with the leaders of K-State; just so long as the atrocities are committed in a diverse manner. Isioma Daniel was a Nigerian journalist who has since had to move to Norway in order to escape Shinkafi's death fatwa.

I am thinking about showing up to the service honoring this villain to take place at K-State on Monday at 4:00 PM. I just don't want to be stoned for asking non-diverse questions. There is no information on whether Isioma Daniel will be attending the ceremony honoring his would-be killer.

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Petiton: Defining the Jihadist Enemy

A petition worth signing, for whatever its worth:

To: U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

The American people condemn the May 8, 2008 decision by the majority of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in rejecting Congressman Peter Hoekstra's amendment to the 2009 Intelligence Authorization Act (H.R. 5959), which was intended to "prohibit the intelligence community from adopting speech codes that encumber accurately describing the radical jihadist terrorists that attacked America and continue to threaten the homeland."

Moreover, the American people call for those members of the Committee who opposed this amendment to publicly account for and explain their vote.


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The Muslim Obsession With Cartoons

From this source in Canada:
Police in Halifax are investigating a complaint about a political cartoon that some members of a local Islamic group claim is a hate crime.

The cartoon, published April 18 in the Chronicle Herald newspaper, depicts a woman in a burka holding a sign that reads, "I want millions," and she says, "I can put it towards my husband's next training camp."

The cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon is a reference to Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal, a woman from Nova Scotia whose husband was arrested in 2006 in an anti-terrorism raid. Qayyum Abdul Jamal was released from jail after charges against him were stayed on April 15.

Zia Khan, director of the Centre for Islamic Development in Halifax, said the cartoon goes beyond what can be considered free speech.


Dan Leger, the Herald's director of news content, said the cartoon does not take aim at all Muslims.

"The whole purpose of that cartoon was to comment on the outrageous demands of this individual for compensation long before any hearing into her case had ever been held," he said.

In an interview with the Herald before the cartoon ran, Jamal said she wanted to sue the federal government for what her family has gone through and told the reporter, "I want millions," Leger noted.

"[MacKinnon] depicted her exactly the way she looks and used her own words, and that's the genius of cartooning that you're able to do that," he said.

Leger said he first heard of the Islamic group's concerns when the newspaper was contacted by police.
What would Muslims have thought of Thomas Nast?
His engravings chronicled the American scene from the Civil War period to the turn of the century. They highlighted every major national event and issue, the political process, elections, and scandal in the government. The American scene was ripe in subject matter for Nast. The country was fast becoming an industrial nation; railroads were spreading, factories were being built, and cities were fast becoming crowded with immigrants that supplied cheap labor. Scandal was everywhere. Elections were being rigged. One of his most famous political cartoon attacks was aimed at Boss Tweed.
If Nast had turned his attention to caricaturizing and satirizing Muslims, they'd have started another cartoonifada.

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Mahdi Army Surrenders - Authorizes Iraqi Government To Disarm Fighters

From the Stratas-Sphere:

It seems the Mahdi Army in Sadr City has surrendered - completely:

Followers of rebel cleric Muqtada al Sadr agreed late Friday to allow Iraqi
security forces to enter all of Baghdad’s Sadr City and to arrest anyone found
with heavy weapons in a surprising capitulation that seemed likely to be hailed
as a major victory for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki.

In return, Sadr’s Mahdi Army supporters won the Iraqi government’s
agreement not to arrest Mahdi Army members without warrants, unless they were in
possession of “medium and heavy weaponry.”

The agreement would end six weeks of fighting in the vast Shiite Muslim
area that’s home to more than 2 million residents and would mark the first time
that the area would be under government control since Saddam Hussein was toppled
in 2003. On Friday, 15 people were killed and 112 were injured in fighting,
officials at the neighborhoods two major hospitals said.
It also would be a
startling turnaround in fortunes for Maliki, who’d been widely criticized for
picking a fight with Sadr’s forces, first in the southern port city of Basra and
then in Sadr City.
Members of Maliki’s Dawa Party and the powerful Islamic
Supreme Council of Iraq met with Sadr officials on Thursday and Friday to come
up with a 14-point agreement to end the weeks of fighting, …

What is interesting is how this sudden capitulation comes one day after aids to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr lashed out at the top Shiite cleric in all of Iraq and basically claimed he shared the guilty for the deaths in Sadr City because he had sided with Maliki and the US forces. This was an astounding and dangerous step for Sadr to take. Was this act of defiance too much for the powers to be, which decided it was time to end the fighting? Was Iran getting nervous about the building fire power the US was gathering in the region with the addition of another Carrier Group?

Go read the whole thing.
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What's With Hassan Butt?

I well remember Hassan Butt's jihad-repudiating interview on Sixty Minutes. Maybe some here also recall that interview. You can watch the video here and read some text material about Hassan Butt's interview with Bob Simon.

Now comes this story at Jihad Watch:
Now this is very interesting, and its implications are manifold. Was Hassan Butt's entire conversion to anti-jihadism an exercise in Muhammad's dictum "war is deceit"? "Anti-terror police arrest Muslim author and former al-Qaida recruiter as he boards flight to Pakistan," from the Daily Mail, May 10 (thanks to Twostellas):
A muslim author who admits being a former al-Qaida recruiter was today being questioned by anti-terror police.

Hassan Butt, who penned a book on his terrorist past - was detained at Manchester Airport yesterday afternoon.

Mr Butt, 31, is understood to have arrived at Terminal 2 and bought a ticket to Lahore, Pakistan, 45 minutes before the Pakistan International Airlines flight was due to leave.

He is being questioned by Greater Manchester's regional counter terrorism unit. Since his arrest, police have searched his home in north Manchester and two other properties nearby and two cars were last night taken away for forensic examination.

Muslim author Hassan Butt, who renounced his radical past, was today being questioned by anti-terror police

A police spokesman said: "A 31-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity and officers were involved in searching three addresses."

Mr Butt has renounced a past in which he admitted raising tens of thousands of pounds for terror networks. He has also spoken of his determination to work against extremism....
So, why was he on his way to Pakistan? And why was he arriving so late for an international flight?

Offhand, I'd say that nabbing him before he left the UK for Pakistan was a wise security move. Butt (What a name!) may have been recently spouting taqiyya just to avoid arrest.

This latest on Butt shows what the West is up against--with all these Moslems living amongst us. One can never tell what their real loyalties are. The phrase "smoke and mirrors" doesn't begin to describe the situation we're up against.

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Storm Track Intimidation: Educated Girls? Not in Islam

While civilized countries expand the minds of their young girls, Pakistan would rather narrow them. All in praise of Allah, of course.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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Farewell Israel

"The confrontation between Islam and the Jews began in the Prophet Muhammad's time, and continues to this day. Israel's existence recalls Islam's age old Jewish problem, first felt at Islam's inception in Medina in 624 AD: How can Islam thrive and find salvation if Jews are politically powerful? And it requires the same solution chosen by the Prophet Muhammad - elimination of political independence of Jews and the domination of Islam over them.

Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and The Revolt of Islam is an historic journey, from the birth of Islam, through its 1,200 year reign over the civilized world, to the last 300 years of Islamic decline, overtaken and dominated by the West -- then humiliated by a Jewish state. Islam's historic trials with Jews, and its relationship with conquered non-believers, help illustrate the Islamic world view - all through the eyes of Muslims.

In this groundbreaking film, the total rejection of Israel by Muslim states since its inception in 1948 comes to light as a religious duty for Believers. The Islamic roots of Anwar Sadat's 1977 Camp David Accords with Israel are exposed as "The Diplomatic Strategy Against Israel," by which Egypt sought to defeat Israel through diplomacy, rather than establish "Western Peace." Israel's misunderstanding of Islamic goals and values are highlighted by its enthusiasm for Yasser Arafat and the 1993 Oslo Accords.

Next, President George Bush's tragic misunderstanding of 9/11 as a "War Against Freedom," in which the United States played into the hands of Al-Qaeda and the Islamist cause by advocating democratic reform across the Middle East, is revealed. Finally, the Iranian agenda for acquiring strategic weapons to eliminate Israel comes clearly into focus.

Today, at the direction of Iran, Islamists are preparing for a fateful coming war for Islam - and Israel is the number one target and obstacle in the path of Islamic revival. For Muslims, Israel embodies "injustice", and is the ultimate symbol of Islam's decline - a Western, secular society imposed by the West on former Islamic lands. Only with the return of Jews to their historic status as "Dhimmi" or "Tributaries," tolerated and protected within Islamic society, can Islamic revival succeed - resulting in "Islamic Peace" in the Middle East.

Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and The Revolt of Islam reaches the unavoidable conclusion that Western and Israeli misunderstanding of Islam is leading to a coming war - which will have devastating consequences for the West, and worst of all for Israel - Farewell Israel!"


Farewell Israel Website

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If this story is true, then what the hell is Hillary Clinton after?

Since neither Obama nor Clinton can grab the needed 2205 more or less required for the nomination, though Barry can claim the majority for ONE BALLOT if we eliminate Florida and Michigan ... why is Ted McAuliffe saying this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman said on Thursday he believes the Democrats will have a presidential nominee in June and that if it is not Clinton, she will campaign for rival Barack Obama.

While the MSM's, embarrassingly in the bag, pundits keep saying it is over, the iron hard facts are that if Hillary wants to make fight for Florida and Michigan's votes, absolutely NOTHING has been decided.

More, if the super delegates are not counted as rock hard, nothing has been decided even if those two states are discounted. We have seen several-many supers switch at will already.

If Hillary is going to win WV and KY and only Moonbat land eco delusionaries in Oregon are going for Obamessiah, then nobody has anything to claim, PROVIDED Hillary has decided to contest Florida and Michigan, and that can only occur in one place..DENVER at the convention.

So what is this story really about?
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What's Going On In Lebanon?

From Michael Travis:

Hidden under the coverage of explosions, smoke and gunmen roaming Beirut is the real story: Hezbollah and its backers in Syria and Iran can't stand any voice that freely express a different point of view.

The guns were dispatched to silence the voice. All over Lebanon, in Beirut, In Tripoli, in Saida, and in Bekaa, Iranian and Syrian allies are targeting the media organizations that are critical of their regimes. This is an orchestrated, pre-planned campaign that includes dismantling hardware, destroying archives and intimidating Journalists.

Regardless of where we stand politically, we have to make it clear to the world that we will not accept tampering with the free exchange of ideas, the main foundation of any democracy.

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Any guesses as to who will get blamed for this one?


New wheat disease detected

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned in March that Iran had detected a new highly pathogenic strain of wheat stem rust called Ug99.

The fungal disease could spread to other wheat producing states in the Near East and western Asia that provide one-quarter of the world's wheat.

The FAO warned stated east of Iran -- Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan to be on high alert.

Scientists and international organizations focused on controlling wheat stem rust have said 90 percent of world wheat lines are susceptible to Ug99. The situation is particularly critical in light of the existing worldwide wheat shortage.

The fungus causes dark orange pustules on stems and leaves of infected plants. The pustules can completely girdle stems, damaging their conducting tissue and preventing grain fill. Yield losses may reach 70 percent, while some fields are totally destroyed. If stem rust arrives early in the growing cycle, losses are higher. Spores released by the fungal pustules are spread by the wind and may travel great distances in storms.

Word of the new wheat disease comes amid global shortages of rice and wheat resulting from typhoon-related flooding in Java, Bangladesh, and India and from agricultural pests and diseases in Vietnam. Last year Australia suffered its second consecutive year of severe drought and a near complete crop failure, heavy rains reduced production in Europe, Argentina suffered heavy frost, and Canada and the U.S. both produced low yields.

Food riots have broken out in Egypt, Haiti and several African states, including Mauritania, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Senegal in recent months.

Time for a Wheat/Corn/Soy OPEC?

OK... so what about production... where is it?

Nations East of Iran get the warning....look out India, and China..we're shifting somewhat to corn, but that clearly leaves the democratic west as the largest producers of export wheat

Worldwide, wheat supplies are somewhat tight, but for a variety of reasons:
1) The European Union-27 (EU-27) is expected to be the world's largest wheat producing region in 2007/08, increasing wheat production to 127 million tons, only a 2-percent increase from the drought-stricken crop in 2006/07. The expansion of rapeseed area to supply biodiesel limited the rebound in wheat plantings. Moreover, the growing season so far has been far from ideal.
2) China is expected to be the second-largest wheat producer in 2007/08 reaching 100 million tons, a 3-percent decline from the previous year. Area planted is reported down slightly as wheat returns and government payments were not enough to maintain area. Dryness has been reported in some regions and growing conditions so far have not been as good as a year ago.
3) Wheat production in the former Soviet Union (FSU-12) is forecast at 92 million tons in 2007/08, up 7 percent from a year earlier. Fall planting conditions were much better, facilitating a rebound in winter wheat plantings in Ukraine and parts of Russia. However, the strong exchange rate and increased input costs have limited the profitability of wheat production.
4) India is projected to produce 74 million tons in 2007/08, up 6 percent from a year earlier. High wheat prices encouraged a 5-percent increase in area and growing conditions have been mostly favorable.
5) Canadian planting intentions surveys indicate a sharp drop in sowings of Canadian western red spring wheat, more than offsetting a planned increase for durum. Canola and barley are expected to offer better returns than wheat. Moreover, winter wheat seedings in eastern Canada dropped sharply due to cold wet planting conditions last fall.
6) Argentina's 2007/08 wheat production is projected to decline 10 percent to 12 .8 million tons due to a decline in expected planted area. The Government restricted export registrations in 2006/07 in order to limit internal flour price increases and thus, reduced producer planting incentives for 2007/08. Moreover, a program to subsidize wheat production appears to have been ineffective.
7) Australia is expected to rebound from devastating drought in 2006/07, more than doubling wheat production to 22 million tons in 2007/08.

While the there is a strong demand for US wheat from food, feed, and exports, there is also a problem in producing the crop. Some early season damage from freezing temperatures and some late season problems with crop diseases will create crop quality problems. With more acreage planted a year ago, supplies should be sufficient to meet the demand, but still keep wheat prices in the mid to upper $4 range according to USDA and the outlook specialists.

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Iran ok's Russian troops?

Think carefully about the consequences of this one for us AND for our ally(ies)...
Teheran-Moscow Caspian oil deal would allow Russia troop presence


Iran has been preparing to sign an agreement, supported by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that would enable a Russian military presence.

Western intelligence sources said Ahmadinejad also wants Iran to join the Shanghai Group, a security cooperation regime that includes China and Russia. The sources said Ahmadinejad believes an Iranian alliance with China and Russia could deter the United States.

The Teheran regime has been negotiating a military cooperation accord, meant to end a dispute with Moscow over the Caspian, that would permit Russia to station troops in parts of Iran.

Under the proposal, Teheran would abandon its claim for 20 percent of the crude oil and natural gas in the Caspian. Instead, Iran would agreed to 11 percent of the resources.

The sources said Iran has proposed to abide by a 1921 treaty that would give Russia the right to station troops. They said this would include a Russian military presence along the Caspian Sea.

9% apparently buys a lot.

Strike immediately.

Will Russia really act to 'guard' the Iranians from strikes against their nuclear weapons development?

First Law of Russian Foreign policy:

Anything which hurts the USA and its people -
is good for Russia in the big zero sum great game that doesn't exist.
EVEN IF that means a nuclear detonation in Israel or the USA
since they have judged that a full scale nuclear war will not break out

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McCain :"I think we are in a war against Islamic extremism, and I think that war is worldwide"

mccain_oreilly.jpg McCain on Oreilly.
No matter what other weaknesses we perceive....No drilling in ANWR, climate change believer etc,. that is a winner...but it is ONLY the recognition of what IS.

Once again, as in 2004, this trumps anything the democrats have to say, and in fact is in direct opposition to the frail, naive claim that our war is against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
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Here’s my long riff in short takes, mainly on Islam & Peace, or as I call them,
Oil & Water

9 I s I a m

Islam means PeaCe and Muslims are Pacifists

The Enemy and Islam’s useful idiots, our president among them, tell us that Islam means:

‘ a state of tranquility or quiet
freedom from civil disturbance.
freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts of emotions.
harmony on personal relations
a state or period of mutual concord between governments
a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity
to be, become, or keep silent or quiet
cessation of hostilities
a relaxing of hostilities
freedom from war

Peace does not mean Islam

‘Islam means peace’ is the anti-reality check of our time

Which religion has a doctrine of warfare, begun and practiced by its prophet, against all unbelievers to be waged by the faithful until all mankind submits?

A Christianity
B Judaism
C Buddhism
D Hinduism
F Islam

‘Moderate’ Muslims have tried to hijack Islam, but they’re too moderate to go up against Islam’s true believers.

If Washington P.C. fought the enemy the way they fight the truth about the enemy…………

We’re always told that it’s an interpretation of Islam that’s the problem.
True. Mohammed’s interpretation.

Islam means peace & saying is believing

We’re at the mercy of a weak religious man moderately defending us against brutal religious men.

‘Peace to whoever follows [right] guidance.’ –Osama bin laden

‘…National Socialist Germany wants peace because of it’s fundamental convictions….Germany needs peace and desires peace….’ –Adolf Hitler

‘Embrace Islam and you shall have peace.’ –Mohammed

Islam makes the enemy tick

Our saying ‘Islam means peace’ gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

What do the most wanted terrorists in the world have in common?

‘Islam means peace’ is the equivalent of ‘Nice doggy…’

The more devout, the more passionately committed a Muslim is to Islam, the more he comes into alignment with Islam’s inherent extremism.

‘Islam means peace’ is a means to our end.

Islam means peace & Terror is the enemy

From Allahu Akbar! to ‘Banzai!’ to ‘Heil Hitler!’ and back to ‘Allahu Akbar!’

These peaceful, moderate Muslims we always hear of and never from, are not peaceful, but cowardly. Silence and inaction does not make one peaceful, does not make one moderate. If a man sees another man beating up a woman on the street and allows it to go on, he’s not being peaceful.

While we keep telling ourselves what Islam means, Muslims keep showing us what Islam means

If Islam is a dove, why are its feathers so easily ruffled when someone says otherwise?

The Swiss Watch. That’s what they do, just like in World War Two.

We cannot be for Islam and for ourselves, but Bush is trying. He need merely take a good, hard look at the enemy’s culture to see that his tolerance and compassion is unilateral. We haven’t even begun to pay for his indifference to the truth about the enemy.

‘Islam means peace’ & words speak louder than actions

We are at the obscene phase in this war where merely citing the direct connection between Islam and terrorism is seen as worse than the connection itself.

The idea that by being honest about Islam’s true nature we will be making enemies of a billion Muslims overlooks the fact that Islam has already identified all non-Muslims, 5 billion of us, as its enemy.

Telling the truth about Islam and making Islam look bad are one and the same, so the truth itself is seen as an enemy of Islam, but since the truth can’t be killed, the truth tellers will be.

Who gets more heat? One who says that Islam is inherently violent or the Muslim who kills him for it?

‘Islam means peace’ and Ground Zero means the Twin Towers.

What percentage of American power is being used against the enemy?
And what percentage of the enemy’s power is being used against us?

All Muslims seem to be at peace with the calls for violence and murder found in the Koran

Islam means peace & Keyser Soze means Verbal Kint

Islam began in the 7th century with a man in a cave who heard voices. Of course.

Islam means peace and Muslims love Jews

Bush is betting on Islam, betting the safety of this country, betting our very lives that Islam means peace. He is delivering us into Islam in the name of indifferentism.

Islam means peace and Jimmy Carter means Jack Bauer

For a lot more, continue here......

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Training Your Children For Chaos

I'm a parent. As a parent, I know that the way to ensure a lot of chaos in your home is to warn your children of impending punishments which then never materialize.

All decent parents know this.

But, the United States government does not know it.

We have, for over five years now, been warning Iran about their nuclear program, telling their leaders that "all options are on the table." For five years we have been warning, and doing nothing.

Now, Iran believes they can get away with anything.

From Gabe Schoenfeld at Commentary:

What Do We Do Now?05.09.2008 - 10:17 AM
Back in February, the Pentagon announced that it had moved the guided-missile destroyer, USS Cole, and a number of other ships to the eastern Mediterranean, off the coast of Lebanon.
It sends a “signal that we’re engaged and we are going to be in the vicinity, and that’s a very important part of the world.” Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

At the same time, an anonymous Bush administration official told CNN the deployment demonstrates that “the U.S. is concerned about the situation in Lebanon, and we want to see the situation resolved.”

Now that things are falling apart in Lebanon, what are these ships going to do?

Even without the American statements and naval deployment, a successful effort by the Iranian-backed Hizballah to seize control of large swaths of Beirut and impose its will on the Lebanese government would be a setback of the first rank: for Lebanon, for Israel, and for the broader Middle East. The disaster for us is compounded by the fact that we have put our prestige on the line.

Having failed to respond to Iranian aggression in Iraq in so many instances (even as we loudly denounce it), and having failed to check Iran’s nuclear-weapons program (even as we loudly denounce it, too), the ayatollahs are clearly feeling emboldened. They are now making their move in Lebanon. What are our ships going to do? Maintain a symbolic presence while Lebanon burns? The bill for our fecklessness is coming due.
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And of course, the reason the Hizballoid freaks are rampaging and killing? Americans and jews !

Iran on Friday accused the United States and Israel of fueling the deadly sectarian fighting in Lebanon between its Shiite militant Hezbollah ally and the Western-backed ruling majority.

"Adventurous efforts and interventions by the United States and the Zionist regime are the main cause of the continuous chaotic situation in Lebanon," foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.


"Unfortunately, part of the political plot which was predicted ... has been executed," said Hosseini, who was quoted by ISNA and Fars news agencies.

"We hope that those who have been responsible for creating this situation exert the effort needed to restore stability and calm to Lebanon," he added, without elaborating.

Hezbollah gunmen seized control of west Beirut on Friday after a third day of battles with Sunni militants loyal to the Western-backed government that has killed at least 11 people, Lebanese security official have said.

Hosseini said Iran will pursue "tireless efforts ... to help different political groups reach an understanding."

The United States and Israel have repeatedly accused Iran of arming and financing Hezbollah in a bid to destabilise Lebanon -- a charge the Islamic republic has constantly denied.

The United States has condemned the violence in Lebanon and demanded that Hezbollah, which is also backed by Syria, stops its "destructive activities."

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Friday claimed the violence in Lebanon was fomented by Iran to further what he said was Tehran's goal to control all of the Middle East.

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Yes, but sing it to the tune of 'Everybody play's the fool, sometimes'

No exception to the rule, my friend.

The unbelievable MEMRI....check out the logo top right.
playthe fool5.jpg
You have to just love this guy

Now I don't know where this guy gets his numbers but he is claiming there are 2117 rapes a day. The South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault says 252/day and that 62% know their assailant.

Calling Yaser Said... had a talk with daddy lately?

playthe fool1.jpg

playthe fool2.jpg

playthe fool3.jpg

Ah, yes, the well known 'uncovered meat' theory of feminine pulchritude.
In which any penis may do as it wishes with any skin found past the wrist.
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What Islam Isn't

Buddhism produced China. Christianity produced Europe. India produced India. For all there faults, all of these civilizations have been productive and have contributed to the world.

Islam, alone among the world's religions, is incapable of producing a viable, productive civilization.

The following is adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat:

Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.

Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components.

Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called 'religious rights.'

When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree to 'the reasonable' Muslim demands for their 'religious rights,' they also get the other components under the table. Here's how it works (percentages source CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)).

As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness:

United States -- Muslim 1.0%
Australia -- Muslim 1.5%
Canada -- Muslim 1.9%
China -- Muslim 1%-2%
Italy -- Muslim 1.5%
Norway -- Muslim 1.8%

At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

Denmark -- Muslim 2%
Germany -- Muslim 3.7%
United Kingdom -- Muslim 2.7%
Spain -- Muslim 4%
Thailand -- Muslim 4.6%

From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves -- along with threats for failure to comply. ( United States ).

France -- Muslim 8%
Philippines -- Muslim 5%
Sweden -- Muslim 5%
Switzerland -- Muslim 4.3%
The Netherlands -- Muslim 5.5%
Trinidad &Tobago -- Muslim 5.8%

At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions ( Paris --car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam - Mohammed cartoons).

Guyana -- Muslim 10%
India -- Muslim 13.4%
Israel -- Muslim 16%
Kenya -- Muslim 10%
Russia -- Muslim 10-15%

After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:

Ethiopia -- Muslim 32.8%

At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

Bosnia -- Muslim 40%
Chad -- Muslim 53.1%
Lebanon -- Muslim 59.7%

From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

Albania -- Muslim 70%
Malaysia -- Muslim 60.4%
Qatar -- Muslim 77.5%
Sudan -- Muslim 70%

After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

Bangladesh -- Muslim 83%
Egypt -- Muslim 90%
Gaza -- Muslim 98.7%
Indonesia -- Muslim 86.1%
Iran -- Muslim 98%
Iraq -- Muslim 97%
Jordan -- Muslim 92%
Morocco -- Muslim 98.7%
Pakistan -- Muslim 97%
Palestine -- Muslim 99%
Syria -- Muslim 90%
Tajikistan -- Muslim 90%
Turkey -- Muslim 99.8%
United Arab Emirates -- Muslim 96%

100% will usher in the peace of 'Dar-es-Salaam' -- the Islamic House of Peace -- there's supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

Afghanistan -- Muslim 100%
Saudi Arabia -- Muslim 100%
Somalia -- Muslim 100%
Yemen -- Muslim 99.9%

Of course, that's not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

'Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel. – Leon Uris,
'The Haj'

It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France, the Muslim populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would indicate.
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Get ready for the most negative election in history and I am glad

We don't have coups.
We have few riots, and fewer political ones.
We don't have party militias or guards.

This is our substitute and I don't mind the combat of venomous jaw jaw.
It is, frankly, ridiculous to expect it to end any other way.
Just ask Andrew Jackson, John Q Adams, and Abe Lincoln.

So we turn via Townhall to Obama's GREAT victory moment in NC. Certainly we all saw the vibrant triumphant moment and crowd....
obama nc triumph1.jpg

Ah yes... the victor savors victory...but wait....
obama nc triumph 2.jpg
Yet not a word of this ....

Thumbnail image for obama nc triumph3.jpg
Anyone else wondering how many other bumper stickers like this were extant in the crowd's vehicles?
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Canada: Train Quaranteed After Passenger Dies - UPDATE: 290 People Quarantined

... and others are sickened:

Canadian authorities quarantined a Via Rail passenger train after one person died and several were seriously ill on Friday, local media said.

Police and ambulances rushed to the scene in the hamlet of Foleyet in northern Ontario to tend to those with flu-like symptoms and find out what was causing the illness, said public broadcaster CBC.

"They've got the train quarantined," town official Deborah DesRochers told CBC. "They're trying to isolate what it is."

According to reports, as many as 10 people were ill with flu-like symptoms when the train crossing Canada with 260 passengers and 30 crew made its regular morning stop in Foleyet.
The illnesses appeared to be contained in two rail cars.

Via Rail and health officials were not immediately available to comment.


TORONTO (Reuters) - One person died and several others were taken to hospital after a mystery illness hit passengers on a Canadian long-distance train, local media said on Friday.

Canadian Press said the train had some 290 people on board and was on a cross-Canada route between Vancouver and Toronto. One person died, and several were ill with flu-like symptoms.

The train was in quarantine in the small northern Ontario community of Foleyet, and nobody except emergency personnel were being allowed aboard.

"The whole place is being overrun with ambulances and police cars, and we've got helicopters," town chairwoman Deborah DesRochers told Canadian Press.

Folyet is a town of some 350 people southwest of the mining town of Timmins. The town's website says it's famous for a herd of rare white moose that lives nearby.
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Storm Track Infiltration: The Next Step in Malaysia’s Short Road to Islamofication

Once considered a moderate country with a large Muslim population, Malaysia continues to show that it is being undermined by the Islamists.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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Ahmadinjad to Imams: "I believe everything that people like you taught me."

Jihad Watch yesterday posted this summary of a recent speech by Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a group of clerics in Mashad, Iran. As Robert notes, even this brief summary is more than what we will hear from the MSM.

It would make little difference to most of the public if they did hear it. The American people have been taught by the MSM and the ostriches in our own leadership that Ahmadhimmijerker is merely a buffoon and a canny politician (interesting combination, that) who is using Iran's nuclear program to get what he wants from the rest of the world. What he wants is the return of the 12th Imam, the Imam Mahdi, who he believes is in control of the world, that time is short and Iran must devote all its resources to bringing about the Mahdi's return. Yet our "practical" leaders and pundits and diplomats refuse to believe that he believes what he is saying.

Our foreign enemies thought that by passing resolutions in the United Nations,
they could stop us from becoming a nuclear country. But with God’s help, now we
are a nuclear country and they cannot do anything about it.

Shia Muslims believe the Mahdi will end his "occultation" and reappear in Mecca when the world has fallen into chaos. The development of nuclear weapons by Iran is a key part of Ahmadinejad's plan to create that chaos by provoking nuclear conflict. There is virtually no other way to interpret his actions and the words he uses to justify them.

From the beginning of humanity, all of the prophets said that the world must be
managed through divine direction. We have to create a situation for the
establishment of divine government...

Let me tell you something, one day one of the grand Ayatollahs, whom many
of you know, told me, “I have heard that you are talking about the return of
Imam Mahdi and that you are in contact with him. Is that right?” I told him that
I believe Imam Mahdi is managing the world. Furthermore, I told him, “Do you
know what my problem is? My problem is that I believe everything people like you
taught me.”

Ahmadinejad is not fool enough to come right out and state that he believes it is his sacred duty to intiate chaos in the world. But for those who understand the mythology of the "12th Imam", the message is clear:

We must solve Iran's internal problems as quickly as possible. Time is
lacking. A movement has started for us to occupy ourselves with our global
responsibilities, which are arriving with great speed.

This is the man with whom Barack Hussein Obama -- child of a Muslim father and stepfather, member of Jeremiah "God damn America" Wright's congregation, student of black liberation theology, admirer of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, friend of Weathermen bombers William and Bernadine Ayers -- has promised to hold "talks" should he be elected President of the United States of America. What sort of "concessions" might he be expected to make in a deal with this devil?

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Sorry, Barack, this is the world. We'll still need the subs, Raptors and anti missile defense

It's not just China... 'China' is emblematic of one wing of our national challenges.

CIA Director warns China's military could get 'adversarial,' seems determined to 'flex its muscles'

China's rise is posing serious challenges and its military buildup and international behavior could produce an "adversarial" relationship with the world, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden said last week.

China and India will affect strategic planning, he said. "Competition for influence will characterize the relationships between China, India, Japan and other emerging powers," Hayden said during a speech at Kansas State University

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Michael Hayden, said China was beefing up its military with "remarkable speed and scope," calling the buildup "troubling." AFP/Saul Loeb

"But China, a communist-led nuclear state that aspires to and will likely achieve great power status during this century, will be the focus of American attention in that region of the world."

Hayden said there are differing views about China's rise and its motivations. His view is that China is an economic competitor and increasingly becoming a "geopolitical" competitor.

"But China is not an inevitable enemy of the United States of America. There are good policy choices available to both Washington and Beijing that can keep us on the largely peaceful, constructive path that we've both been on now for about 40 years," he said.

China's military buildup is the most significant aspect of Beijing's growth, Hayden said, noting that the PLA has integrated the U.S. conflict lessons learned in both Persian Gulf wars. "They've developed an integrated advanced weaponry into a modern military force," he said.

The new Chinese military power could pose a risk to U.S. forces and interest in the region, and the military buildup is also about projecting the image of strength, he said.

"After two centuries of perceived Western hegemony, China seems to be determined to flex its muscles," Hayden said.

"It sees an advanced military force as an essential element of great power status, and it is the intelligence community's view that any Chinese government, even a democratic one, would have similar nationalist goals."

Nothing could more eloquently describe the macro outcome of human interactions. We can LAMENT this all we want, but we must acknowledge it's reality.

We can acknowledge our dismay that nuclear weapons have come into existence, but we must acknowledge that their existence has prevented a cataclysmic war so long as they have been around. We have traded our worry about the end of the world for it's near certain ravagement by chemical explosives in a conventional manner.

183 F-22 Raptrors is not enough to face the world's challenges. Nor is the size of the army we have, or the marines. With the exceptions of aircraft carriers, our navy is simply too small, and the ocean lift and air transport we will need is simply inadequate.

Well developed missile defenses, and the ONGOING RESEARCH to develop them further, not only harms NO ONE, but is a message to friends and adversaries that we intend to defend ourselves, AND we can find ways of doing so that harm NO HUMANS wherever we can.

Ongoing research in developing nuclear weapons can make it possible to remove the leadership cadre of nations whose desire is to destroy our way of life, and cannot be deterred from acting in such a manner, with MINIMAL damage to the nations they rule.

Limiting all this is the transfer of wealth from working Americans and their funding of our govt to the luxuriating pockets (at least these particular guys are trying to do SOMETHING other than pump, go to Monte Carlo, and incite killing crusaders and ....) of those who live on top dead reptiles, many of whom regard us as the decadent incarnation of evil. Of course if we DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, and GROW, GROW, GROW, we can ameliorate if not eliminate this entire process.

Electing a man who stands in opposition to every one of these points is a way to guarantee that each one these efforts will be required when the need is great and the hour is late.

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What's Happening In Beirut?

Here's a report from Michael Travis:

I have been anxiously monitoring Al Manar and Al Jazeera television for the last three days. Lebanon is poised to explode once again, courtesy of the Hezbullah and their Iranian puppet-masters.

The Legitimate Lebanese government has closed down the Hezbullah's private communications network, an act that Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah promptly described as a "declaration of war". So far, the Lebanese government has held fast in the face of a barrage of threats from the Iranian-backed terror organisation. The Whitehouse however, is sending mixed signals.

Lebanon's erstwhile "allies" in Washington are still "hopeful" that Hezbullah can change it's blood-soaked spots and start behaving as a legitimate political party.

The current crisis in Lebanon has the potential to spark another regional war, or, with Western support it may present an opportunity for Lebanon to free itself from foreign (Iranian) domination and the barbarism that Islam has unjustly imposed upon this historically Christian nation.
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Hezbollah Takes Beirut

(Hat-tip to Michael)

Blurb from this May 9, 2008 news article:
Gunmen loyal to Nasrallah take control of Muslim part of Lebanese capital, seize outlets owned by governing coalition leader Hariri; Lebanese troops begin taking up positions in some Sunni neighborhoods. Saudi Arabia, calls for emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers over crisis
Read the entire article here.

Reuters also reports here, in "Hezbollah routs pro-government gunmen; controls Beirut."

Not a word about the above on the morning news?

Update from this source:
- The highway to Tripoli (Tarablous) has been closed. (not sure by which side)

- Death toll in the past 72 hours: 13 dead / +45 injured

- Sporadic gunfire ongoing in Koreitem. Mini markets in Hamra have opened shop for the locals stuck in the area.

- Reports indicate Saniora & Hariri are still in Beirut.

- The government vs opposition fight has moved to the South and North of Lebanon. Akkar [Minieh & Miniara] is a flashpoint, with Hariri's Future Movement militias setting up roadblocks and firing automatic weapons. Tyre (Sour) is also seeing some activity.

- Pro-government media outlets admit defeat of pro-government militias [by opposition militias] in Beirut.

- Italy has just opened up a hotline for its citizens in Beirut. (don't know the number)

- Aoun has just gone on TV to say that the fighting is over, the opposition has won, and the tomorrow all life will be back to normal in Beirut, with a greater sense of safety as the militias have either disbanded or fled, with militia offices and weapons now controlled by the Lebanese Army.

- MEA has cancelled all flights for another 24 hours.

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Hizballah Declares War On Lebanon

That's right, a political party within Lebanon has declared war on Lebanon. This political party is unlike any political party the United States has ever seen. They dominate certain territories of the country, they have their own television network and they are dedicated to the desruction of another country; that would be Israel.

With the help of the Iranian government, Hizballah setting up their own parallel Telephone System within Lebanon. This phone system would be capable of listening in on all phone and internet traffic, if it were to be completed.

The Lebanese government put a halt to the system, and now, Hizballah is going to war against its own country.

From Reliapundit the Astute Blogger:


The decision by the Lebanese government to shut down a private telephone
network operated by the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah was an act of war and
Hezbollah would defend itself, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, said
on Thursday. ... “This decision was a declaration of war and the start of war on
the resistance and its weapons,” Mr. Nasrallah said, speaking via satellite at a
news conference convened by Hezbollah in the southern suburbs of Beirut.“

Our response to this decision is that whoever declares or starts a war, be
it a brother or a father, then it is our right to defend ourselves and our
existence,” he said....

For 17 months, Lebanon has struggled through a political standoff between
the Hezbollah-led opposition which is supported by Iran and Syria and the
government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, who is backed by the West and Saudi
Arabia. The impasse has left the country without a president since

Hizballah did in Lebanon what jihadists try to do EVERYWHERE - in Gaza (successfully, so far...), in Iraq (unsuccessfully - due to the Sunni Awakening and The Surge), and even in parts of Europe (like in the Parisian banlieues): they aim to set up an enclave under sharia and then to defend it with "martial law" and warfare if necessary. This is what they mean when they vow to "restore the caliphate" and to subjugate the infidels under dhimmitude.

This is why "radical islam" can't be allowed to get a toe-hold ANYWHERE.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday ISRAEL!!! Israel at 60

Happy birthday Israel and may you live in happiness and one day be in security forever!
With the mainstream left and Socialists picking up where the Nazis left their anti-semitic hatred and scapegoat for evil, today the left biased political elite and progressives call it 'boycott' instead of 'Judenfrei' and 'Anti-Zionism' (Israel's right to exist is also Zionism) instead of Adolf Hitler's 'Judentum', boycotts carried out by left-wing unions of Israelis and Jews, notably the UCU in the UK, the left-wing, the Socialists, Labor parties and Social Democrats today follow the same pattern as the Nazis did in the 1930's starting with eliminating Jews from public life and academia as well as making life difficult for prominent Jews - The left-wing today collaborates and apologize for ideologies who call for genocides of a people, for the destruction of a state, needless to say that the dear socialists, social democrats, progressive and halal hippies regardless if they are not carrying out the evils and atrocities but like to think it is 'the others' they all have blood on ther hands, the UN and the so called 'Human rights orgs' too.

Long Live ISRAEL!

From: Human Events
By Nile Gardiner

Few countries in modern times could claim the title “warrior nation”. The United States and Great Britain definitely can, and Israel certainly qualifies for this distinction too. Today is the 60th anniversary of Israel’s founding and a reminder of the heroism of the Israeli people. This tiny nation of just 7 million has fought seven wars and survived in the face of insurmountable odds, international hostility and massive intimidation, a tribute to the strength of the human spirit and the willingness of Israelis to fight to defend their freedom.

Six decades on from its establishment, Israel continues to fight for its very existence, and remains the most persecuted nation in the history of the United Nations. The UN has left no stone unturned in its hounding of Israel, a relentless display of hatred and prejudice that shames the world body. Despite being the freest, most democratic country in the Middle East, Israel is the whipping boy for the UN’s Human Rights Council, a discredited basket case of an organization that boasts some of the world’s worst human rights offenders as members, including China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Russia and Egypt. Roughly three quarters of the HRC’s resolutions in its first year were aimed at Israel, while brutal dictatorships such as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Burma and Sudan barely merited a mention.

Needless to say, the United Nations has remained silent in the face of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe Israel “off the map”, much as the League of Nations dithered in the shadow of Nazi Germany just two generations ago. Iran’s dictator doesn’t mince his words when referring to Israel, calling it a “filthy entity” that “will sooner or later fall” in a speech this January, as well as “a dirty microbe” and “a savage animal” at a rally in February.

There are distinct echoes of the heated discussions in Europe and the United States over the intentions of Adolf Hitler in the mid to late 1930s in today’s debate over Iran. Then as now, there was a constant barrage of calls from political elites on both sides of the Atlantic for direct talks with a totalitarian regime and illusory hopes of reaching out to “moderates” within the government, a general downplaying of the threat level, widespread inaction and hand-wringing, and staggering complacency over levels of defense spending.

The brutal lessons of 20th Century history taught that there can be no negotiation with this sort of brutal dictatorship, and it would be a huge strategic error for the West to do so. There will be endless debate in international policy circles over Tehran’s nuclear intentions, but the essential fact remains that the free world is faced with a fundamentally evil and barbaric regime with a track record of backing international terrorism, repressing its own people, issuing genocidal threats against its neighbors, and of enabling the killing of Allied forces in Iraq.

It is imperative that the United States and Great Britain, Tel Aviv’s two main allies, remain united in defending Israel in the face of Iranian aggression. Iran poses the most significant threat to Israel’s security since its founding, as well as the biggest state-based threat to the West of our generation. As Israeli President Shimon Peres warned earlier this year, “a nuclear armed Iran will be a nightmare for the world.”

As the world’s largest sponsor of international terror, and a dangerous rogue regime hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons capability, Iran must be stopped. The Jerusalem Post reported just yesterday that the latest Israeli intelligence assessment is that “the Islamic Republic will master centrifuge technology and be able to begin enriching uranium on a military scale this year. According to the new timeline, Iran could have a nuclear weapon by the middle of next year.” This is several years ahead of the flawed assessment of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), and gives added urgency to the debate over the Iranian nuclear issue.

Every effort must be made to increase the pressure on Tehran through Security Council and European economic, military and political sanctions, including a ban on investment in Iranian liquefied natural gas operations. In particular, extensive pressure must be applied on Switzerland to halt a $30 billion contract between Zurich-based contractor EGL and the National Iranian Gas Export Company.

At the same time, Washington and London must make preparations for the possible use of force against Iran’s nuclear facilities if the sanctions route fails. In addition, the U.S. and UK must be prepared to retaliate against Iranian aggression in Iraq, with Tehran continuing to wage a proxy war against Coalition and Iraqi forces. As General Petraeus made clear in his recent testimony before Congress, Iran is actively supplying mortars, rockets and explosives to Shiite militia groups in Iraq. It has also been revealed by Coalition spokesmen in the last few days that the elite Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been using Hizbollah guerillas to train Iraqi militias at a training camp at Jalil Azad near Tehran.

As tensions with Iran escalate, and as the stakes are dramatically raised, Britain and the United States should support the admission of Israel into NATO, offering a collective security guarantee in the face of Tehran’s saber-rattling. Israel, which spends nearly 10 percent of its GDP on defense (in contrast to the NATO average of 2.1 percent), would be a major net asset to the Alliance, possessing a first rate army, air force and navy, as well as outstanding intelligence and special forces capability. There is likely to be strong initial opposition to the move by some European countries, including France and Belgium, but it is a debate that NATO should have sooner rather than later.

The next few years will be a critical time for Israel, as it faces the prospect of the rise of a nuclear Iran that has pledged its destruction. If Israel is to survive another 60 years it is imperative that the West confronts the gathering storm and stands up to the biggest threat to international security since the end of the Cold War.

The United States, Great Britain and their allies must reject the illusory promise of “peace in our time” conjured by advocates of an appeasement approach towards the Mullahs of Iran, and ensure the world does not face a totalitarian Islamist regime armed with nuclear weapons. The freedom that Israel currently enjoys was secured through the sacrifice of her soldiers through several wars in the Middle East, as well as the earlier sacrifice of American and British troops in World War Two. It is the same liberty that we cherish today in the West, freedom that must be fought for and defended.
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Happy Birthday Israel

From Pamela at Atlas Shrugs:

by Pamela Geller and Eliza Saxon

“…and whether we like it or not, the coming into being of a Jewish State in Palestine is an event in world history to be viewed in the perspective, not of a generation or a century, but in the perspective of a thousand, two thousand or even three thousand years…This is an event in world history…” Sir Winston Churchill* (Martin Gilbert, Churchill and the Jews)

Israel in 2008 looks little like the tiny agricultural nation that declared its independence 60 years ago. Modern Israel is high tech superpower, leading the world in of medicine, biotech, computer science, environment, culture and art. After two thousand years of exile, fresh from the ovens of Europe, with virtually nothing, they came to rebuild their lives as free Jews in their homeland.

Go read the whole thing.
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This Week on The Gathering Storm Radio Show

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, which Always On Watch and I co-host. The show broadcasts live every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

Friday, May 9: Our guest for the full hour is "Mohammed Abdul."
Mohammed Abdul is a pseudonym for this week's interviewee, who is an expert on the Middle East and on some of the lesser-known tenets of Islam.

If you are unable to listen live to the radio show, you can listen later by CLICKING HERE.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

May 16: Ibn Misr and Chaim
May 23: Cassandra USA
May 30: John Kenneth Press and Radio Free Dar Al Harb
June 6: Gary Swenchonis and Vadim
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Storm Track Intimidation: Syria Going for Record Honor Killings

In Syria, over 10 days, there were 4 reports of honor killings. And the outrage from feminists? Don’t hold your breath.

This is from a site I found called Stop Honor Killings. A good place to track this insidious form of Islamic honor.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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WaPo Covers Islamic Divorce Denial By The State Of Maryland's Appeal Court

Here at IBA, Epa recently posted about the case involving Irfan Aleem's attempt to invoke talaq in his divorce case. Before I saw Epa's posting, I, too, wrote about the case at my site.

On May 8, an article about the court's decision appeared in the local news section of the Washington Post:
After his wife of more than two decades filed for divorce in Montgomery County Circuit Court, Irfan Aleem responded in writing in 2003, and not just in court.

Aleem went to the Pakistani Embassy in the District, where he executed a written document that asserted he was divorcing Farah Aleem. He performed "talaq," exercising a provision of Islamic religious and Pakistani secular law that allows husbands to divorce their wives by declaring "I divorce thee" three times. In Muslim countries, men have used talaq to leave their wives for centuries.

But they can't use it in Maryland, the state's highest court decided this week.

The state Court of Appeals issued a unanimous 21-page opinion Tuesday declaring that talaq is contrary to Maryland's constitutional provisions providing equal rights to men and women.

"Talaq lacks any significant 'due process' for the wife, its use, moreover, directly deprives the wife of the 'due process' she is entitled to when she initiates divorce litigation in this state. The lack and deprivation of due process is itself contrary to this state's public policy," the court wrote.

The decision affirms a 2007 ruling by the Court of Special Appeals, the state's intermediate appellate court, which also said that talaq does not apply in the Free State.

Under Islamic traditions, talaq can be invoked only by a husband, unless he grants his wife the same right.

According to the Court of Appeals' opinion, Irfan Aleem, who worked for years as an economist with the World Bank, is worth about $2 million, half of which Farah Aleem is entitled to under Maryland law. When Irfan Aleem tried to divorce his wife under the concept of talaq, a sum of $2,500 was mentioned as a "full and final" settlement, according to the appellate decision.

That amount was written into the marriage contract Farah Aleem signed the day she married him in their native Pakistan in 1980, according to the appellate decision. The contract was in accordance with Pakistani custom.
At the time, he was 29 and she was 18. The couple moved to the Washington area in 1985.

"I don't even know how to express how happy I am. I am ecstatic, relieved," Farah Aleem, 46, said yesterday.

Over the years, a lack of financial support from her ex-husband caused hardship for her and her son and daughter, who are in college, she said. "All I ever wanted was my fair share, not a penny more," said Aleem, who lives in the Washington area, works full time for an accounting firm and is pursuing an accounting degree at night.

At the direction of the judge who presided over the Aleems' divorce proceedings, the couple's Potomac home was sold, and half the proceeds -- about $200,000 -- went to Farah Aleem, said Susan Friedman, her attorney.

Friedman said she thinks that Irfan Aleem, who retired in recent years, invoked talaq to avoid paying Farah half of his World Bank pension, which provides him with $90,000 annually, the attorney said.

"It will be very pleasant when [Farah] gets her share of that," Friedman said. "She's delighted about that."

Friedman said she will serve papers on the World Bank showing that the original order from the Circuit Court -- that Farah Aleem is entitled to half her ex-husband's pension -- is now final and that the bank has to give her half.

Irfan Aleem, who is in his late 50s, lives in Pakistan, Friedman said.

His attorney, Priya R. Aryar, said, "We're very disappointed with the decision. We think this could have adverse ramifications for a whole bunch of people who reside in the D.C. area under diplomatic visas and assume that their family law rights and obligations are governed by the laws of their country of citizenship."

A legal scholar and an Islamic leader said the appellate court's decision was not surprising.

"For the most part, Muslims expected this kind of ruling," said Muneer Fareed, secretary general of the Islamic Society of North America in Plainfield, Ind. "The contrary would be a surprise to them. They do not expect the U.S. legal system to give full recognition of talaq."

Julie Macfarlane, a legal scholar who is researching a book about Islamic divorces in North America, said the decision was not surprising. "There's no legal enforceability [for talaq] in U.S. courts," said Macfarlane, a professor at the University of Windsor in Canada.
When Irfan Aleem took his 'talaq' through the court system in Maryland, through the first court and up to the appellate court, did he expect a ruling in his favor? Whatever he thought, he lost. Hopefully, this case will set a precedent for Muslims who are trying to manipulate our legal system into recognizing Islamic law. The outcome could have been different, according to this information I found:
Muneer Fareed, secretary-general of the Islamic Society of North America, said that if Aleem had traveled to Pakistan and invoked his talaq there, it might have been recognized in a U.S. court under the concept of comity, under which nations accept the premise of a law in another country "whether or not we agree with the law or its spirit."
How much application does the law of comity have when Muslims immigrate to the West? Information about comity:
COMITY - A code of etiquette that governs the interactions of courts in different states, localities and foreign countries. Courts generally agree to defer scheduling a trial if the same issues are being tried in a court in another jurisdiction. In addition, courts in this country agree to recognize and enforce the valid legal contracts and court orders of other countries.

Comity is the legal doctrine under which countries recognize and enforce each others' legal decrees. Comity usually arises in two situations in family law. The first is where a divorce is granted by another country. If both parties were present and consented to the divorce, there is usually no problem with the U.S. recognizing the foreign divorce decree. The second situation arises in child custody cases. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act requires that state courts recognize properly entered custody decrees of other nations; in turn, many other countries are beginning to recognize U.S. custody orders.

Courtesy; a disposition to accomodate.

Courts of justice in one state will, out of comity, enforce the laws of another state, when by such enforcement they will not violate their laws or inflict. an injury on some one of their own citizens; as, for example, the discharge of a debtor under the insolvent laws of one state, will be respected in another state, where there is a reciprocity in this respect.

It is a general rule that the municipal laws of a country do not extend beyond its limits, and cannot be enforced in another, except on the principle of comity. But when those laws clash and interfere with the rights of citizens, or the laws of the countries where the parties to the contract seek to enforce it, as one or the other must give way, those prevailing where the relief is sought must have the preference.
Perhaps if courts reject the concept of comity, the courts' interference with Islamic law will result in fewer Muslims immigrating to Western nations.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The End of the World Ain't What It Used To Be

These would be funny, if they weren't so evil.

By the way, here's what the leftists and environmentalists were predicting for us over the years:

Now that another Earth Day has come and gone, let's look at some
environmentalist predictions that they would prefer we forget

writes Walter E. Williams on TownHall.

At the first Earth Day celebration, in 1969,
environmentalist Nigel Calder warned, "The threat of a new ice age must now
stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for

C.C. Wallen of the World Meteorological Organization said, "The cooling
since 1940 has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be

In 1968, professor Paul Ehrlich, former Vice President
Al Gore's hero and mentor, predicted that there would be a major food shortage
in the U.S. and "in the 1970s . . . hundreds of millions of people are going to
starve to death."

Ehrlich forecast that 65 million Americans would die of
starvation between 1980 and 1989, and that by 1999 the U.S. population would
have declined to 22.6 million.

Ehrlich's predictions about England were gloomier: "If I were a gambler, I
would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000."

In 1972, a report was written for the Club of Rome warning that the world
would run out of gold by 1981, mercury and silver by 1985, tin by 1987 and
petroleum, copper, lead and natural gas by 1992.

Gordon Taylor, in his 1970 book "The Doomsday Book," said Americans were
using 50% of the world's resources and "by 2000 they (Americans) will, if
permitted, be using all of them."

In 1975, the Environmental Fund took out full-page ads warning, "The World
as we know it will likely be ruined by the year 2000."

Harvard biologist George Wald in 1970 warned,
"Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken
against problems facing mankind." That was the same
year that Sen. Gaylord Nelson warned, in Look magazine, that by 1995 "somewhere
between 75% and 85% of all the species of living animals will be

It's not just latter-day doomsayers who have been wrong; doomsayers have
always been wrong.

In 1885, the U.S. Geological Survey announced that there was "little or no
chance" of oil being discovered in California, and a few years later they said
the same about Kansas and Texas.

In 1939, the U.S. Department of the Interior said American oil supplies
would last only another 13 years. In 1949, the secretary of the interior said
the end of U.S. oil supplies was in sight.

Having learned nothing from its earlier erroneous claims, in 1974 the U.S.
Geological Survey advised us that the U.S. had only a 10-year supply of natural
gas. The fact of the matter, according to the American Gas Association: There's
a 1,000- to 2,500- year supply.

Here are my questions:

In 1970, when environmentalists were making predictions of man-made global
cooling and the threat of an ice age and millions of Americans starving to
death, what kind of government policy should we have undertaken to prevent such
a calamity?

When Ehrlich predicted that England would not exist in the year 2000, what
steps should the British Parliament have taken in 1970 to prevent such a dire

In 1939, when the Department of the Interior warned that we only had oil
supplies for another 13 years, what actions should President Roosevelt have

Finally, what makes us think that environmental
alarmism is any more correct now that they have switched their tune to man-made
global warming?

Here are a few facts:

More than 95% of the greenhouse effect is the result of water vapor in
Earth's atmosphere. Without the greenhouse effect, Earth's average temperature
would be zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Most climate change is a result of the orbital eccentricities of Earth and
variations in the sun's output. On top of that, natural wetlands produce more
greenhouse-gas contributions annually than all human sources combined.
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