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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Evil leading the blind

The United States government's stepped-up courting of Islamist groups is on display at the State Department web portal www.america.gov. The site bills itself as a place to "meet the people" and "explore the values and ideas that define the character of the United States." But when it comes to American Muslim organizations, that often means providing a U.S. government stamp of approval to organizations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) or apologists like the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

A September 4 podcast about President Obama's Community Service Initiative illustrates how the federal government gives free and favorable publicity to Brotherhood-linked Islamists. America.gov noted the contribution of Dalia Mogahed (a protégé of terror-apologist John Esposito) to the president's initiative. Mogahed and Esposito work together at the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. The two collaborated in writing a book. Read a favorable review here.

The podcast added that Mogahed, executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies and a member of the President's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, had launched www.MuslimServe.org, "a Web site that identifies a national goal of 1,000 service projects for Muslim Americans." It quoted at length from a speech Mogahed delivered to ISNA's national convention setting out principles for the president's initiative.

During the Cold War, government bureaus like the United States Information Agency worked to counter disinformation by driving home the point that freedom and democracy are superior to communism and tyranny. But Zuhdi Jasser, head of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, says that in today's struggle with radical Islam, the United States government is doing something very different – even perverse.

It is aiding and abetting the efforts of groups like CAIR and ISNA to anoint themselves representatives of all American Muslims - even though many Muslims want nothing to do with the Islamists.

At a July 20 meeting on Capitol Hill with Farah Pandith, head of the State Department's new office of representative to Muslim communities, Jasser criticized the 64-page booklet "Being Muslim in America" as an example of what is wrong. The publication is "like Pravda. It's all about how Muslims in America are motherhood and apple pie," Jasser said he told Pandith. "It's like the Muslim community has no warts" or divisions.

Nothing could be further from the truth, says Jasser. In presenting this monolithic, idyllic picture of Muslims, the State Department is ignoring inconvenient facts like the intra-Muslim debate over imposition of Sharia and Muslims' larger relationship with non-Muslims, Jasser told IPT News.

At the meeting, organized by Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus founder Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), Pandith reacted defensively when Jasser (accompanied by representatives of non-Islamist Muslim groups like the World Organization for Resource Development & Education and the Islamic Supreme Council of America) criticized the State Department for letting Islamists monopolize the debate.

In interviews, Jasser and Khalim Massoud, head of Muslims Against Sharia (who did not attend the meeting organized by Myrick) emphasized that the State Department continues to assist anti-freedom elements in the Muslim community. As examples of what is wrong, they pointed to a number of items that appeared on the www.America.gov site in recent weeks:

*An August 26 story by Carla Higgins entitled "Muslim Americans Mourn Death of Sen. Edward Kennedy" consisted almost entirely of an ISNA statement praising the late Massachusetts senator.

* An August 26 story by Ahmed Mohamed ("Muslim Americans Launch Community Service Initiative") which reported that "Muslim Americans are showing their support for Obama's community service appeal by launching the Muslim Americans Answer the Call Campaign."

Like the September 4 podcast quoted above, Mohamed's story noted that the campaign is led by Mogahed and quoted at length from her ISNA national convention speech in July. The article also included a list of seven bullet points outlining CAIR's contribution to the President's community service initiative. It quoted CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad praising the initiative as "a unique opportunity to tell their story through service to others."

* An August 20 story also by Ahmed Mohamed ("New Documentary Film Explores Muslim Experience in America") that reads like a press release for "Journey into America," a movie which premiered July 4 at ISNA's convention. In making the film, a research team traveled to numerous American mosques. The story quotes ISNA President Ingrid Mattson praising the film as one that would allay Americans' fears of "what might be going on behind the doors of these mosques."

Producers of the ISNA-endorsed documentary linked to Mohamed's Aug. 20 article on their blog. They wrote that the story "not only gives our documentary an immense amount of publicity in the global arena of politics and international relations" but "also proves that high ranking American officials have endorsed the message which we communicated."

* An August 19 story by Howard Cincotta entitled "Muslim Americans Find Their Voice Through Advocacy, Engagement: Muslim organizations bringing message of inclusiveness, involvement." Salam al-Marayati, executive director of MPAC, was quoted extensively in the story, and his picture appears in it. The story linked to the websites of CAIR, ISNA and MPAC. MPAC its officials have a history of defending terrorist organizations like Hizballah and anti-Israel slanders, including al-Marayati's suggestion that Israel may have been behind the September 11 attacks. (See here and here).

ISNA President Mattson was also quoted in the article, which notes that Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama's top advisers, spoke at ISNA's July convention. The piece links to the to the websites of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, a Saudi-funded institution headed by Esposito, and the Fiqh Council of North America.

* An August 11 story by Ahmed Mohamed reads like a press release for ISNA's "interfaith dialogue" efforts.

* An August 3 story by Ahmed Mohamed entitled "American Muslims Urged to Increase Community Activism" reads like a press release for ISNA's national convention. The story consists of quotes from Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and other convention speakers dispensing platitudes about the need to reform health care and the importance of things like "peace," "dignity," "serving humanity" and being a "good citizen" and "good neighbor." The story said nothing about ISNA's radical background, in particular its Muslim Brotherhood links.

* A July 9 story by Mohamed entitled "Islamic Society of North America Promotes Community Service" was a veritable infomercial for ISNA's 2009 national convention. Like the other stories about the ISNA convention noted above, it made no mention of the hate speech or defenses of Hizballah that occurred there.

The above-mentioned items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the State Department's promotion of Muslim Brotherhood-tied groups and other radicals. The site includes a video depicting the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Va. as a model of harmony and diversity, despite a longstanding history of connections between the mosque, its leadership and radicalism. Read more about Dar Al Hijrah here.

Under its International Visitor Leadership Program, the State Department continues to partner with Islamist groups linked to the Brotherhood such as the Muslim American Society. Read more about that here.

The State Department's efforts to court radical Islamists did not begin with the Obama Administration. Read IPT Executive Director Steven Emerson's testimony about the Bush Administration's performance here.

U.S. Muslim outreach since September 11 has been plagued by a bias in favor of "Saudi-funded or -supported groups with the biggest publicity machines," said Nina Shea, a member of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom and senior fellow with the Hudson Institute. "All too often, the ones getting covered are the ones with grievances against the United States. Those who are pro-freedom like Zuhdi Jasser are excluded."



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I Was In Birmingham Yesterday

I was in Birmingham, UK yesterday. In my mind, at first, I was in any regular European city. Modernity, a vibe of freedom and a lot of pubs is what I was thinking would be waiting there to welcome just any infidel. In all honesty, what would you expect when you would go to a country but to see their culture in proud display everywhere? Little did I know, I was in for a big surprise!

After my flight to Birmingham day before yesterday, I was really tired so I decided to sleep through the night. When I woke up, I was naturally hungry. So I thought I’d get up and go have some Fish & Chips or something. I went out of my hotel looking for local restaurants. I found plenty of those but what surprised me and pissed me off to a great degree were the signs “100% Halal” that I could see everywhere. It shouldn’t have surprised me, knowing the current turn of events in Europe, but it did.

I don’t know how many of you are aware that my fiancé and I have decided to boycott Halal food altogether. Being from a Muslim background myself, I fully understand the meaning of Halal; I know what it means for meat to be Halal. It’s true that Halal, the word itself, means permissible. However, the process by which meat is declared Halal is, in our opinion, idolatry. When a Muslim butcher slaughters a goat or a cow, for example, not only does he make sure the animal is facing Mecca but he also recites “Be-ism-Allah-e-Allah-u-akbar” which literally translated means, “In the name of Allah, Allah is greater”. So, whenever you eat something that is Halal, you are bearing witness to that statement. And my fiancé and I have decided, we won’t worship Allah, the Muslim god, in any way or let the Muslims profit from us buying their food!

Living in a Muslim country, because of our decision, we pretty much have to not eat any chicken or beef or lamb or whatever else kind of meat you can think of apart from pork and fish. And we have been doing fine without it for about a year. However, whenever we go to “infidel” countries, we eat beef and chicken and whatever else we want, knowing that it is not Halal. And that is what I was hoping to do in Birmingham; I guess you understand me being pissed more now.

Anyway, that is not the only reason I was pissed (because eventually I did find a fast food restaurant that didn’t have Halal all over it and just to make sure it was “extra” Haram, I asked them to put bacon in it), another reason that I was pissed was that wherever I looked, I saw bearded men in their Pakistani or Arabic garb walking around. I heard Urdu and Arabic spoken on the street more than I did English. I saw more women wearing abayas or other things like it to cover themselves than I did free western women wearing skirts or other sorts of beautiful dresses. Yes, I was in Birmingham but I felt like I was back in Dubai or actually worse. I walked into a Borders bookstore there and I saw Qurans on the top shelf. The Bibles were kept on the third or fourth and no one cared but they made sure the Quran had the top spot. In my silent protest, I took one of the Qurans with my left hand and put it on the floor and left the store. I am sure that didn’t mean anything to anyone; I am sure that that Quran ended back up on the shelf but even when no one is watching, I won’t bow down to Allah; even when no one is watching, my God is!

You can read about it in the news, people can show you pictures of how bad England has become but you have to see it for yourself for your blood to actually boil. You have to see it for yourself to believe that England or at least Birmingham as we knew it is no more. We can keep telling our children stories about Charles Martel or the Siege of Vienna but those stories in the near future are going to mean nothing because, as I saw yesterday, Muslims have arrived. And they have arrived with full might. They have taken over stores, restaurants, streets and culture. Muslims have won the war and we haven’t even realized it. Even the most hardcore counter-jihadists among us are thinking, “Europe is going to be Muslim soon” but little do we realize that at least England already is. The only thing that’s left is for Muslims to declare it a Muslim state.

I came back from Birmingham appalled. I hated it. I hated every second that I had to spend there. Western civilization undone in front of our very own eyes. And who is responsible for all of this?

I blame you Britons. No, you weren’t helpless in all this. You weren’t forced at gun point nor were you conquered by another nation against your will. You willingly gave away your country in the name of multiculturalism and equality. You still don’t realize what has happened. I am sure the day you realize what you have done, you will fight harder than ever to reclaim your country but I’m afraid it’s going to be too late for you to just say to Muslims, “you know what? I think you should just leave!” I am afraid when you realize you’ve lost your country, you will have to reclaim it after losing millions of lives including innocent women and children who looked up to you in strong belief that you would protect them and put them before anyone else.

I really do hope Britain wakes up. I am sure it’s not just Britain but other countries in Europe also that are going through this. I have read up on it but I would like to see it myself. Sometime next month, if all goes well, I should be going to Paris for a day. I will make sure to write on that also if I see similar Islamization there. For now, I am just pissed because there isn’t a thing I can do but protest!

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Death Panel By Proxy

From Reliapundit the Astute Blogger:

... Dems don't want people to see language like that which appears at pages 80-81 of the bill. There it says: " "Beginning in 2015, payment [under Medicare] would be reduced by five percent if an aggregation of the physician's resource use is at or above the 90th percentile of national utilization." Thus, in any year in which a particular doctor's average per-patient Medicare costs are in the top 10 percent in the nation, the feds will cut the doctor's payments by 5 percent."

This Washington Times editorial explains the consequences:

... if a doctor authorizes expensive care, no matter how successfully, the government will punish him by scrimping on what already is a low reimbursement rate for treating Medicare patients.

The incentive, therefore, is for the doctor always to provide less care for his patients for fear of having his payments docked.

And because no doctor will know who falls in the top 10 percent until year's end, or what total average costs will break the 10 percent threshold, the pressure will be intense to withhold care, and withhold care again, and then withhold it some more.

Or at least to prescribe cheaper care, no matter how much less effective, in order to avoid the penalties.
This is certainly a form of rationing.

And the editors of the Times don't exaggerate when they say that, while there are no formal death panels, the Democrats' bill will give us the functional equivalent, except that the accountants who serve as the "proxy" panel won't know whose deaths they are causing.

  • IT'S NOT.






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Today Is the Day Hard Reality Slapped President Obama Across the Face

From Jim Geraghty at NRO:

It’s a hell of a day.

We learn that in the nine months since he took office, President Obama has pursued a policy of engagement with Iran, while knowing that they were hiding a secret nuclear facility from the world and cheating a system of international inspections that is supposed to be a key element of preventing dangerous nuclear proliferation.

The Iranians are a brutal and cruel regime, willing to murder their own daughters in the streets to keep power, who think nothing of lying to the world. You cannot will them into being a better regime made up of better people. You cannot talk them out of their natures, you cannot negotiate them out of their ambitions, you cannot haggle them into better characters.

The Washington Post also informs us about the status of Obama’s loud and widely-praised promise to close Guantanamo Bay detention facility within one year.

Today, officials are acknowledging that they will be hard-pressed to meet that goal.

The White House has faltered in part because of the legal, political and diplomatic complexities involved in determining what to do with more than 200 terrorism suspects at the prison. But senior advisers privately acknowledge not devising a concrete plan for where to move the detainees and mishandling Congress.

I remember arguing this issue back and forth with Patrick Appel in January, and I wrote then, “the close-Gitmo crowd doesn't want to bother thinking about the thorny issues of what do you do with the captured terrorists once you've closed that detention center; they just want to feel good about themselves.” He responded by writing about the symbolism of Gitmo, and I concluded by noting “these guys don't want to acknowledge any overestimation of the benefits of closing Guantanamo Bay, and they don't want to acknowledge any underestimation of the risks, costs, and complications of moving them stateside.” Lo and behold, here we are, nine months later, and risks, costs, and complications have made the promise untenable.

The close-Gitmo crowd was, and is, stupid. The we-can-deal-with-Iran crowd was, and is, stupid. They didn't want to see the counter-evidence. They didn't want to think about all the complications, the scenarios where their plans don't work out as planned. They insisted the world operated in a certain way, and we argued otherwise. A man who espouses their views won last year. And now they learn that there aren’t easy and good alternatives to Gitmo, and that the Iranians can’t be trusted. With any luck, this crowd’s weapons-grade refusal to see the hard truths of a difficult and dangerous world won’t get anyone killed.

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Secret White House Power Grab In Full-Swing

From Doug Ross:

Barack Obama's Shadow Government

Everyone knows that President Obama has surrounded himself with a league of unelected Czars.

Not so well known is the fact that these hidden, unaccountable bureaucrats are creating an immense set of regulations that could cost each American family thousands of dollars annually.

While cap-and-trade energy tax bills appear stalled in Congress, a shadow carbon tax regime is secretly emerging in the closed confines of the EPA.

But it is not the EPA director levying these massive new taxes; it is instead Obama's "White House Climate Czar", Carol Browner.

Browner has a checkered past. Even before the bizarre 2007 Supreme Court case that ruled the EPA had the authority to mandate 18,000 pages of greenhouse gas regulations, Clinton EPA Director Carol Browner had argued that the EPA could claim outrageous powers over the American people.

Mary Nichols, head of California's Air Resources Board, has confirmed that Browner led White House efforts to establish new auto emissions standards. For the first time, these standards drew their power from the EPA's supposed authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the 1970 Clean Air Act. Nichols stated that Browner did so in secret: "We put nothing in writing, ever."

Left to her own devices, Browner will soon graduate from vehicles to the EPA's entire 18,000-page blueprint for the whole U.S. economy. Everything that moves will come under the dictates of Browner's EPA bible: trucks, buses, planes, trains, ships, RVs, lawn mowers, and every other vehicle you can imagine.

Browner's EPA also intends to regulate many commercial buildings. Restaurants, schools and hospitals -- buildings that have commercial kitchens with gas burners -- will fall under the purview of Browner's regulations.

American taxpayers should be outraged. Not only are unelected EPA bureaucrats acting unilaterally, without Congressional approval, but the EPA itself is not being led by its duly confirmed administrator -- Lisa Jackson. Instead it is being directed by Carol Browner, the White House Climate Czar with a troubling history.

Why would Obama make Browner a "Czar"? So her powers could be made even more sweeping than through an an appointment -- and so she could avoid the accompanying Senate confirmation process. This confirmation would have been highly uncomfortable for Browner, because as recently as January she was one of 14 members of the "Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society."

Browner's "Commission" openly seeks a "socialist world order of global governance". Because of her bizarre actions, she would have faced major opposition in a Senate confirmation vote.

Obama's czars are unaccountable, unelected lawmakers who seek to destroy the American economy in the pursuit of a "Sustainable World Society." All Americans -- Democrat, Republican and Independent -- must oppose a system that is antithetical to America's Constitution.

Based upon: A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing.
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Hot or Cold?

It is critical we consider the history of pre-World War ii diplomacy in the context of current events, and how Obama is handling these issues. Compare world conditions leading up to World War II with world conditions now. This world is knocking on the door of World War III. Iran and radical terrorists are waging a political and military campaign designed to push the world into war.

As evil leaders create a vortex that will suck the world into war, Obama seeks to solve the problem in the same manner Neville Chamberlain tried—that is, through diplomacy comprised solely of words and devoid of action.


Victor Hansen: The Past Is Not Quite Past

The Wall Street Journal looks to the Cold War for another lesson:

“Mr. Obama used his global forum this week not to rally the world to stop today’s nuclear rogues but to offer lovely visions of disarmament in some distant future. In the bitter decades of the Cold War, we learned the hard way that the only countries that abide by disarmament treaties are those that want to be disarmed. It’s becoming increasingly, and dangerously, obvious that Mr. Obama wasn’t paying attention.”
History teaches that when diplomacy is not underpinned by the threat of military force it is fruitless—and even deadly.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

WWII or the end of the Cold War. Which path are we following?

Here's a hint:

"We live in a real world not a virtual world," the Frenchman told the 15-member council. "And the real world expects us to take decisions.

"President Obama dreams of a world without weapons … but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.

"Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.

"I support the extended hand of the Americans, but what good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community? More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe a UN member state off the map," he continued, referring to Israel.

The sharp-tongued French leader even implied that Mr Obama’s resolution 1887 had used up valuable diplomatic energy.


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We haven't mentioned the secret Iran nuke plant because we all assume something, right?

We assume the extent of Obama's toughness will be, 'blah, blah, blah, world opinion, blah, blah, blah, world isolation, blah, blah, blah, you have to come clean.' and the rest will be 1936-38 tortuous cryptic threats which everyone knows is a bunch of bull.


Therefore, there really is nothing surprising, or worthy of extensive amounts of time. The real story is why the MSM (including FOX this time around) imagines this all means something will now happen which will change the course of Iran without firepower
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Obama Cardboard Cut-out? How Could This Be?

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From Gateway Pundit:

Chavez-Castro-Obama Backed Leftist Zelaya Claims Jews Are Torturing Him With Radiation

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya now claims the Jews are torturing him with radiation.
Of course they are.

The ousted leftist leader of Honduras is backed by Latin American Marxists Raul Castro, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez and American President Barack Obama.

Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya poses with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro (L) and Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez (R) during the Central American integration meeting in Managua June 29, 2009. (REUTERS/Miraflores Palace)

The Miami Herald reported:

It's been 89 days since Manuel Zelaya was booted from power. He's sleeping on chairs, and he claims his throat is sore from toxic gases and "Israeli mercenaries'' are torturing him with high-frequency radiation.

That's Obama's friend.
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Burlington, N.J. School District Doubles Down on Stupid

The school superintendent claims that the teaching of the infamous "Mmm...mmm...mmm" song does not constitute political indoctrination. This Christopher Menno creature states :"There was no intention to indoctrinate children. [Your alleged "intentions" doesn't alter the facts.] There was no political agenda underlying the activity. [Clearly, this tool thinks the American people have no more mental capacity than the six-year-olds he attempted to indoctrinate.] The teacher's intention was to engage the children in an activity to recognize famous and accomplished African Americans during Black History Month. [To quote an illustrious American, 'you lie.']"

During a time of declared war, the child of Walter Barnette was expelled from school for refusing to salute the flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance. The Barnette's were Jehovah Witnesses and doing so was against their religious beliefs. When the case went to the Supreme Court in 1943 a six-to-three majority ruled thus in West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette:

If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there are any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us.
We think the action of the local authorities in compelling the flag salute and pledge transcends constitutional limitations on their power and invades the sphere of intellect and spirit which it is the purpose of the First Amendment to our Constitution to reserve from all official control.

This is why that tool Menno is denying that there was political indoctrination. The school district's actions are both morally and legally indefensible. I really hope this case gets into a court room.

Update, 9/26/09: The tool Dr. Christopher Menno (he has a Ed.D, so it's not like he is a real Ph.D) has released a statement to "Burlington Township Families." As is to be expected from a such a dishonest person, he attempts to spin the incident as being about the students privacy. He writes that the now infamous "Mmm...mmm...mmm" song was just an innocuous part of the school's February program: "The song was one of eight skits performed during a February 2009 program that included second grade classes." He continues by trying to place the blame for his school's illegal brainwashing activities on the parents for not reading their mail: "We have been informed that the lyrics of the song were sent home with the children in advance of the assembly, which was the teacher's normal procedure. There were no concerns or complaints prior to, during, or after the program." Well pal, you're now getting complaints for your school's despicable actions.

As is typical with a cornered educrat who has no way to defend the indefensible, he blames the messenger: "We have learned that the video was posted on the author's website without district approval or knowledge. It appears that another party copied the video from the author's website and placed it on YouTube." This is truly pathetic. As if the outrage pouring in from throughout the country is about the privacy of the children (which is important, but is not the subject at hand). A more important issue is the children's right not to be politically indoctrinated by the likes of Herr Doktor Christopher Menno. On that the district has a big "no comment." But the good Doktor has this to say, "We wish to assure our community that the administration and Board of Education will carefully study this matter." Clearly, they want to bury this without having to take any action with some whitewash of a "study." After all, it's not like they have violated both the students and their parent's basic civil rights. No doubt, the Menno's of the Burlington School District consider freedom of thought and conscience as old fashion and no longer necessary in the Age of Ozero.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Allman Brothers Band
Statesboro Blues

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Posse Comitatus and all that -- 2 Updates Below

For the very few of you here who don't know, The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the use of Federal troops in a law enforcement capability on American Soil, except under some extreme circumstances.

And these don't count.

The first video is Pittsburgh Police (ok, to Posse Comitatus issue here) breaking up an "unlawful" (um -- hey guys -- First Amendment, remember?) demonstration using the now standard in political strong arm L.E. thuggery The Long Range Acoustic Device. (I'm assuming this is at the G-20 but I don't know that for sure).

The second video IS at the G-20 wherein we see some camoflaged uniformed persons shoving a protestor into a car and speeding away. Is this Army or National Guard personel? On American soil? Being used for Law Enforcement?

Just what the devil is going on here, Mr, President? Are you using Federal tropps to break up simple demonstrations? And why?

And if it is more than that then what is it?

I think what a protestor shouts at the end of the second video says it all, Mr. President.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

both vids h/t Christian Soldier:

Update --

This photo is from the Hotair link In Mary's Image left in the comments.

This is no hoax (even Hotair says that now) but I don't think they're plain cops either.Contrary to the comments over there these guys in camo ARE most definitely armed.

Look at the close up picture on the bottom. There is a telltale bulge on the guy's left hip. That's a handgun printing through his concealment (those who carry learn to look for these things, and try to avoid it on themselves).

Additionally, in the video, as they stuff the kid into the car, both of the camo guys raise their arms enough that their guns/holsters flash from under their uniforms.

This is no performance video. If it were they wouldn't take the time to conceal the weapons.
And why would cops be wearing clip on I.D. tags on their left arms?

Something stinks here. To high heaven.

Who are these guys?


Ok, so who's this guy on the ground? And why? And the camo kneeling on or aside of him is certainly wearing more obvious hardware than this other camoflaged brethern.

It's not the same guy being shoved in the car, he was wearing a blue backpack. Unless this picture is taken afterwards.


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Arif Alikhan and the MPAC

Seems to be a pattern forming with regard to those being appointed by this administration. Either they, their affiliates, the organizations they are involved with or their friends, are shady as hell.

And in the case of Arif Alikhan, it is no different.

Although we cannot find his statements regarding Hizbollah or Hamas, I do believe the following information, makes it very likely they exist, somewhere.

His ties to MPAC and their background, follows:

From WorldNetDaily

Napolitano pick raised funds for terror supporter
Group labeled 9/11 attacks on U.S. a legitimate operation
Posted: July 20, 2009

TEL AVIV – An Arab politician recently appointed to a key position by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano helped raise funds for an Islamic group that has labeled a deadly anti-U.S. terrorist attack a legitimate operation, referred to terrorists as "freedom fighters" and equated Muslim jihad with the sentiments of American statesman Patrick Henry, WND has learned.


Napolitano praised Alikhan and another appointee, David Heyman, for their "broad and impressive array of experience in national security, emergency preparedness and counter-terrorism."

The Greater Los Angeles Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, likewise praised the appointment of Alikhan.

WND has learned that just 13 days prior to his appointment by Napolitano, Alikhan joined the Muslim Public Affairs Council, or MPAC, for a special fundraiser called "Be the Change" to support what the group calls its innovative leadership development programs.

From Amerisrael

IPT has more:

Edina Lekovic, who serves as communications director for MPAC, was a "managing editor" of Al-Talib magazine which featured text in an article written by their staff that praised Osama Bin Laden as a "freedom fighter".

During a television interview on CNBC's Kudlow and Co. in June of 2007 in which Steven Emerson ,of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, was also on the program, Lekovic denied that this was true.

After the interview Lekovic sent an angry e-mail letter to Emerson that her name appeared on the Al-Talib magazine's masthead by mistake.

However, Steven Emerson of IPT has provided clear evidence to the contrary.

MPAC, along with CAIR, were instrumental in pressuring the LAPD into abandoning a program to monitor the city's Muslim community. Arif Alikhan moderated a meeting with city officials in which the decision to abandon the program was announced.

Last July '08, members of MPAC outside demonstrated Congressman Brad Sherman's office demanding that a planned subcommittee hearing on whether or not some U.S. aid is finding it's way into the hands of terrorists be canceled.

Now just why would they do that? They are not concerned that U.S. funds could be used to actually support anti-American Islamist terror organizations? Or, which is most likely the case, they don't want efforts made to keep U.S. funds out of the hands of terrorists.

MPAC executive, Salam Al-Marayati, on the day of the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks against America said this,

"If we are going to look at suspects, we should look at groups that benefit the most from these kinds of incidents, and I think we should put the State of Israel on the suspect list…"

IPT also reports that Hassan Hathout, a founding member of MPAC, has been described as "a close disciple of the late Hassan Al-Banna of Egypt, and a founder of the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood.

There is more on MPAC from IPT and from Discover the Networks here.

Now just why would Obama appoint a man to a position with the Dept. of Homeland Security who is affiliated with MPAC?


From its inception, MPAC presented itself as more inclusive, and more open to peaceful coexistence with Jews and Christians, than other Arab and Muslim groups, and sought to make Americans comfortable with Islam by showing how much the religion embraced core American values.

However, looking deeper into this group: MPAC's Senior Advisor, Maher Hathout, who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and espouses the radical brand of Islam known as Wahhabism, was invited to address the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles in 2000.

MPAC's centrist public image unraveled after the September 2000 launching of the Second Palestinian Intifada, when the Council severed its ties to the Jewish community and issued one-sided condemnations of Israel's response to the Arab violence.

This group actively opposed Bush's military incursions into Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as his "excesses" in the war on terror.

In February 2003, MPAC joined the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the American Muslim Council, and the American Muslim Alliance in forming a coalition to repeal and amend the Patriot Act, which they see as an assault on the civil liberties of Americans, particularly Muslims.

Frontpage Magazine

But the most notorious example of MPAC’s questionable focus is its war on terrorism expert Steve Emerson. At a conference on “Countering Religious & Political Extremism” held on December 18, 2004 (and later televised on C-Span), it distributed a 48-page booklet attacking not bin Laden, or Zawahiri, or Zarqawi, but Emerson.

Entitled “Counterproductive Counterterrorism,” (available here pdf) the booklet sought to frame opposition to Emerson as a national security issue: “In order to enhance the security of our country, it is necessary to expose the vocal minority of Americans who continue to exploit the tragedy of September 11 to advance their pre-existing anti-Muslim agenda.” MPAC excoriates Emerson for asserting that “political correctness enforced by American Muslim groups has limited the public’s knowledge about the spread of radical Islam in the U.S.,” but their anti-Emerson report attempts to do just that by impugning Emerson’s motives, competence, and good will.

In the NATC FAQ, in an appalling display of moral myopia, MPAC even implies that Emerson and others are equivalent to Islamic terrorists: the question “Why does this campaign focus just on Muslims? Why not extremists amongst Christians and Jews?” gets this answer: “Without doubt Christian extremists such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Franklin Graham or Jewish extremists such as Daniel Pipes and Steve Emerson need to be held accountable for their falsehoods and distortions. But let’s face it, if another terrorist attack occurs Christians and Jews will not be the ones rounded up or have their civil liberties effected.”

Now tell me, if Arif Alikhan does not maintain the same beliefs as MPAC, why would he involve himself in a fundraiser on their behalf? Or, like Obama's 20 years in Wright's church, he didn't actually "hear" what they said? Or, like Van Jones, he didn't "see" their words? And of course, Obama never seems to "speak" up about them.

He just throws them under the bus.


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I am happy to report, Zazi, the man indicted for Conspiracy to Detonate WMD's, IS NOT GOING TO BE RELEASED ON BAIL.

At least not at this time.
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Fun Facts for Healthcare .... no policy? A year in jail or a $25,000 penalty. FACT

Ensign receives handwritten confirmation

This doesn't happen often enough.

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it "Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold."

The note was a follow-up to Ensign's questioning at the markup.


YHTBFKM, right?

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Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Christine has it right. Without ak47's taking people out and suicide bombers blowing up our children, too many people refuse to believe it.

And I believe it's going to come to that.

Sooner rather than later.

And while I hold with W.C. that we are repeating the 30's I also believe we are repeating the 30's going into 1914.

Because when this war finally splits wide open, it is going to change the face and nature and horror of war, the way the First World War changed it. It went from cavalry attacks to gas attacks, armed men charging you to armor charging you.

Sooner or later one will surely slip through. What of Zazi's cohorts? Have they now gone deep underground to wait until things cool off? Or are they maybe ratcheting it up to pull off the attack(s) before they, too, are taken out of the game?

When -- not if -- when this next attack comes it will change everything the way 9/11 SHOULD have. But it will be exponentially worse eight years later.

No muslim will be safe. Nor will any American. It will be fighting and retribution on the streets of America. Neighbor on neighbor. From small arms fire to protect your neighborhood to homicide bombers at the local mall. Nationwide. Day after bloody day.

9/11 style fighting and killing at World War I ferocity and carnage. A complete shift in the way we perceive and fight war. And, deep in our subconscious many know it, which may be driving the guns and ammo sales.

And what will the President do? Apologize for our rude behaviour? Send in the troops to quell the fighting? Have American troops fire on Americans? Round up the jihadis (hell, he can't even get that right now).

But the longer it takes America to wake up to the threat, the worse it will be when it finally strikes.
Because, with the notable and venerable exception of our combat veterans, Americans do not truly know or understand war and warfare.
And they are going to have to quickly overcome their want of peace and learn to ruthlessly
or be killed.
So right now I'm headed to the gun club for a bit.
Need some practice with a Springfield 1911 and Springfield '03.
That '03 is the biggest gun in my neighborhood. . .

from The Last Crusade h/t Michael Travis:

Religion of Peace Causing New Jitters

Massive Terror Plots Revealed throughout Country

Armageddon Looms


The complacency has been shattered.

Americans now remain fearful that an attack by al Qaeda or another cancerous growth from the religion of peace will occur in the immediate future as multiple terror plots have been uncovered in cities throughout the country.

So reports national news outlets, including NBC and the Associated Press.

Federal officials have not said whether the cases are related, but they come during a week in which the federal Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin to police departments around the country warning that terrorists are seeking to blow up sports stadiums, entertainment complexes and hotels. Authorities said no particular plot prompted the bulletin, citing only al-Qaeda’s longstanding desire to kill Americans in mass attacks.

In the meantime, seemingly unrelated cases around the nation have grabbed headlines:

In New York, federal officials have indicted a suspected leader of an al Qaeda terror cell with ties to Queens and Denver. Authorities say Najibullah Zazi had instructions and ingredients for making weapons of mass destruction and had been trained by al Qaeda officials in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In Dallas, the FBI arrested Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a Jordanian, who allegedly tried to blow up a downtown office tower after vowing to wage violent jihad against the American people. The bomb, as it turns out, was a fake that had been supplied by undercover agent.

In Chicago, “Talib Islam,” a 29-year-old jihadi, parked a van full of what he thought were bombs in front of a federal building and tried to detonate it. As with the Dallas case, the bombs were duds that had been supplied by undercover agents as part of a sting operation.

In Philadelphia, transit officials saw two unidentified men snapping photographs of a subway line. The men fled after being questioned by workers. Police don’t know if the separate incidents have anything to do with terrorism, but are looking for the men to interview them.


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“High Noon” for the First Amendment

Guest commentary by Edward Cline:

Most of President Barack Obama’s administration cohorts have a distinctly and undeniable leftist hue, ranging from Marxist, to socialist, to ”pink.” Obama himself speaks in glasnostian euphemisms that stand in for socialist rhetoric. It is a form of political “cross-dressing.“ Most of his cabinet, staff and “czarist” appointees speak the same “language.” The press, especially if it endorses Obama‘s agenda, while it deals in words, either cannot fathom the double-speak, or chooses not to. Clueless or not, the mainstream news media is complicit in the success of Obama’s expansion of executive and legislative powers.

Obama’s academic appointees, such as Cass Sunstein, now head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, are hard to pin a label to unless one reads their books, speeches, and public statements, and then identifies and collates their key premises into a coherent political philosophy. That political philosophy invariably translates into socialism, or, as they prefer to call it, “progressivism,” which is the saccharine, less frightening term for the same thing. They know what they are saying, and hope that most Americans do not.

Communists have a record of violently seizing power during a civil war or internal political strife. Fascists, or “national socialists,” however, have a record of reaching power by stealth, exploiting a semi-free country’s parliamentary structure. Hitler and his national socialists tried direct seizure of the German government in the Beer Hall Putsch, literally at the point of a gun, but failed. Hitler spent time in prison. He learned his lesson from that attempted coup and entered the “democratic” hustings. He and his party banked and built on over ten years his rhetorical skills and alleged “magnetism,” both of which exploited a sheer emotionalism that smothered the irrationalism of their agenda and to which the German electorate was responsive. By 1933, Hitler and his Nazis were in power.

Were they socialists, or fascists? Communists have a habit of simply seizing private property outright. Socialists prefer to “ease” into seizure over a period of time. Fascists allow nominal private ownership of property, so long as the owners take orders from the government and cohere to its collectivist agenda. If things go wrong, the government can blame the management of a “private“ company, not the policies it requires management to submit to. Both practices are usually in the name of some nationalist sentiment. Obama has capitalized on past regulatory legislation and “eased” into the banking and car manufacturing industries, and hopes to do the same with health care and insurance. Now his sights are set on the press. All this makes him a national socialist.

One of the first things the Nazis took over was the press, aided by a suspension of the Weimar Constitution. Time Magazine reported the sequence of events with an honesty foreign to most journalists today: “With the Reichstag fire as his excuse, weary old President Paul von Hindenburg signed a decree giving Chancellor Hitler & Cabinet a tyrant's powers.” Of relevant interest here, given ominous actions taken by the Obama administration, and to judge by the simpatico political character of his appointees and staff, are particular stipulations in the German Constitution nullified by Hindenburg’s decree:

Article 118: Every German has the right within the limits of the general laws to express his opinion by word, in writing, printing, by picture, or in any other way. . . .
Article 123: All Germans have the right to gather in meetings peaceably and unarmed without announcement or particular permission. . . .
Article 124: All Germans have the right to form societies or associations for purposes not contrary to the penal law.
Article 153: Property is safeguarded by the Constitution. . . .
As disconnected as those “rights” were, absent an integrated philosophy of reason and individual rights, they still offered some protection. Hitler swept them from the political life of Germany like so many crumbs. That was his intention in 1923. While he was in prison dictating Mein Kampf, he had a very good press. But the German press barons should have taken heed of what he had to say about newspapers:

Freedom of the press is a nuisance that allows unpunishable lies to poison the people. (Mein Kampf, p. 335)
The Toledo Blade reported on September 20th that Obama met with editors from that paper and its sister paper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In an Oval Office interview with editors from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Blade, the President talked about the vital role journalism and newspapers play in American society. "Journalistic integrity, you know, fact-based reporting, serious investigative reporting, how to retain those ethics in all these different new media and how to make sure that it's paid for, is really a challenge," Mr. Obama said. "But it's something that I think is absolutely critical to the health of our democracy."
Journalistic integrity? Fact-based reporting? Serious investigative reporting? Again, Obama speaks of things about which he either knows nothing, or cares not a fig, just as he knows nothing about the Constitution he purportedly taught at the University of Chicago Law School, or cares a fig, either. But, here is his real worry:

I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding.
Just as Representative Joe Wilson shouted across a void, “You lie!”? Just as the blogosphere is compensating for the slanted, biased, non-objective reporting in the print and broadcast media, and over which the government has little or no control?

The Toledo Blade does not mention who called the meeting in the Oval Office between Obama and the editors. Did Obama summon the editors, or did the editors beg for an audience with him? The omission of this important information is a salutary instance of the shoddy state of modern journalism.

Several bills have been introduced in Congress to aid the newspaper industry, including a Senate measure that would allow newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax breaks. The President was noncommittal about the legislation but said: "I haven't seen detailed proposals yet, but I'll be happy to look at them."
No, he hasn’t seen the detailed proposals yet, but he will be happy to look at them to see if they fit into his agenda -- just has he hasn’t mastered the details of the health-care bills or the cap-and-trade bills and the details of any other regulatory and confiscatory legislation he would sign. The details are irrelevant to Obama. As long as the legislation regulates and confiscates, that is fine with him.

American editors and newspaper barons should also heed Hitler’s annoyance with the press as they contemplate rescue by the government from their financial straits. How often has Obama inveighed against the “lies,” “distortions,” and “fishy” information that have appeared in newspapers over the last year? How often has he criticized the right of assembly exercised by Americans to protest his health-care and other coercive legislation, and called such Americans dupes of those lies and distortions? How often has he expressed anger over any degree of opposition to his agenda, an opposition which, whether frank and open or watered down and euphemized in the press, is based on statements and allegations appearing in the press?

Obama cannot but believe that freedom of the press is also a nuisance, that the people have been “poisoned” by it to oppose his agenda, and that the “lies” on which that opposition is founded ought to be punished. (He has hired Cass Sunstein to devise punishment.) How else to explain the opposition, he must ask himself. How could there be any ideology other than his own? Leftist ideology is not so much embedded in him, as he is embedded in it. He sees this country and the world through the prisms of Marx and Alinsky. As his ideology has been propagated and promoted by the Democratic National Committee, with millions of dollars in assistance from organizations such as MoveOn, he cannot imagine that resistance to his agenda could be anything but organized by a coalition of Republicans, “racists,“ and other conspiratorial ogres; that is, he cannot imagine that a large segment of the American population could object to his agenda and ideology and establish their own “correspondence committees” to express their opposition, without any political or moral guidance from the Republicans.

Obama’s idea of a “free press” is to appear on popular talk shows and news analysis programs whose hosts he can count on not to pose questions of any substance. In those public venues, on the White House lawn, in staged press conferences, on the Internet, he is free to spout his agenda and assurances. But he and his handlers (principally Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff) will not brook any back-talk or probing queries. Representative Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” must have shaken him more than either he or his staff of ventriloquists, marionettes and dissemblers will admit. Wilson’s statement was, after all, a truth spoken before a national audience; it exposed a core tactic permissible in practical leftist politics -- that lies are a weapon as a means to the acquisition of power, just as taqiya is a form of Islamic religious dissimulation, by which falsehoods and concealment aimed against non-Muslims are approved by the Koran as a legitimate form of jihad.

The mainstream news media, which includes such periodicals as The New York Times and The Washington Post, and also the three major television networks, would not mind a co-opting by the federal government, as long as the expropriation (and the surrender) was promoted as an “efficiency“ or “consolidation“ move, a la Goebbels, and as long as the various entities retained some nominal independence, but reorganized, according to the proposed agenda, as non-profit organizations. What they choose to advocate, endorse and support now -- which is Obama’s agenda -- would become an obligation.

This leaves Fox News, for the moment, as the Will Kane of the news media, virtually alone in the media in taking on the vengeance-on-America Frank Miller gang of the White House and Congress. Never mind the irony that both conservatives and leftists once claimed High Noon as an allegory (or “metaphor’) for their specific politics. The difference now is that the townsmen are also rallying to protect themselves and their freedom from the Obama gang -- and that gang is socialist in purpose, fascist in practice.

The townsmen are receiving no help from the mainstream news media. The Obama gang they rightly fear and will fight. The MSM they despise.

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THIS POST CONTAINS ERRONEOUS OR UNSUBSTANTIATED INFORMATION - Obama appoints a radical Muslim to top position in the Department of Home Security

UPDATE: I posted this yesterday. Our fellow contributor Epaminondas points out that there is no actual documentary evidence that Alikhan ever supported Hezbollah.

Therefore, I believe it was wrong for me to post this, and I apologize to Mr. Alikhan. Consider this a retraction. I will not throw it down the memory hole by simply removing it from the blog, because I consider that to be a cowardly maneuver.

I made a mistake, and I will man up and admit it.

From Vlad Tepes:

Vincent Gioia

Monday 21 September 2009

Vincent GioiaPurported non Muslim Barack Hussein Obama made a presidential appointment of Muslim Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Arif Alikhan for a top job at the federal Department of Homeland Security. In his new job Arif Alikhan will be Assistant Secretary for the Office of Policy Development at the Department of Homeland Security. Alikhan has been Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles — in charge of public safety for the city. Why Muslim Alikhan at the Department of Homeland Security you might ask? DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said Alikhan’s “broad and impressive array of experience in national security, emergency preparedness and counterterrorism will make him an asset —yes, but on behalf of the US or Muslims? I am not sure what she is talking about and she probably doesn’t know either. IndiaWest.com

Alikhan says a big part of his job will be fostering communication between agencies. Alikhan, like Obama, also wants to help improve America’s image with Muslims around the world. He will now set policy on security at the highest levels of the federal government. But what policies has the new Assistant Secretary embraced? During his years in Los Angeles, Alikhan was responsible for derailing the Police Department’s plan to monitor activities within the Los Angeles Muslim community, where numerous radical mosques and madrassas existed, and where some of the 9/11 hijackers had received support from local residents.

Alikhan is strongly anti-Israel; he has referred to the terrorist organization Hezbollah as a “liberation movement. Hezbollah is on the US official terrorist list while being an affiliate of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Alikhan also opposed President George W. Bush’s prosecution of the war on Islamic terror. In 2007 Alikhan was instrumental in removing the Muslim terror tracking plan in LA. The Muslim ‘Mapping’ Plan of the Los Angeles Police Department is now “dead on arrival according to Chief William Bratton. “It is over and not just put on the side, said Chief Bratton in a meeting with the Muslim leadership of Southern California at that time. The meeting was moderated by Arif Alikhan.

Chief Bratton acknowledged the hurt and offense caused to Muslims and agreed to send a letter to the Muslim community announcing the official termination of the ‘mapping’ plan.

A major reason for the termination of the ‘mapping’ plan was the Muslim community’s vociferous opposition and active civic engagement in making themselves heard beyond Los Angeles. Muslim organizations demonstrated a strong unity of purpose and message on the issue of ‘mapping’ that led to a position of strength for Muslims in the meeting. Those involved in the initial phases of this controversy were the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and the Council on American-Islamic Relations CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs arm.

Muslim Democrats welcomed Alikhan’s appointment at a banquet/fundraiser for the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California recently where the first speaker was Arif Alikhan, a devout Sunni and the son of Pakistani immigrants, Spiegel Online. Other speakers included Professor Agha Saeed of the American Muslim Task Force (AMT) who spoke about “the struggle of the Muslim Community against the pervasive atmosphere of Islamophobia and hatred in the aftermath of 9/11.. It was a struggle against the tide — a very strong tide — to prevent Muslims in America from being marginalized and silenced.

Professor Saeed issued five demands from Muslims to the Department of Justice. These demands included a cessation to the infiltration by spies of mosques and an end to the introduction of agents provocateur. In addition there was to be a cessation of attempts to undermine Muslim groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Un-indicted co-conspirator CAIR was thrilled at the appointment: US4Arabs

Last week, Napolitano swore in Damascus-born Kareem Shora, the American-Arab Ani-Discrimination Committee (ADC)’s national executive director, to a position on the Homeland Security Advisory Council, an outside-the-department group of national security experts that advises the Secretary. Shora is the first Arab rights advocate on the panel. Shora has with ties to terror backers (Obama taps Muslim for top job at federal DHS)

One may wonder how does an obscure (but Democrat) bureaucrat and devout Muslim come to the position of Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles — in charge of public safety for the city and now becomes Assistant Secretary to DHS under purported non-Muslim Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama?

Vincent Gioia is a retired patent attorney living in Palm Desert, California. His articles may be read at www.vincentgioia.com and he may be contacted at gioia@gte.net.

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