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Saturday, November 07, 2009

"Liberal" Evasion of Reality Hits New Low

From: Diversity Lane

Update: As the above cartoon illustrates, multiculturalism is now officially a suicide pact. Below is a short interview with a Jihad supporter who attends the same Killeen mosque as did Hasan, courtesy of the BBC.

Here is the transcript: Islamic Community of Greater Killeen the day after the killings at Fort Hood.

Duane: I'm not going to condemn him for what he did. I don't know why he did it. I will not, absolutely not, condemn him for what he had done though. If he had done it for selfish reasons I still will not condemn him. He's my brother in the end. I will never condemn him.

Gavin Lee: There might be a lot of people shocked to hear you say that.

Duane: Well, that's the way it is. I don't speak for the community here but me personally I will not condemn him.

Gavin Lee: What are your thoughts towards those that were victims in this?

Duane: They were, in the end, they were troops who were going to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill Muslims. I honestly have no pity for them. It's just like the majority of the people that will hear this, after five or six minutes they'll be shocked, after that they'll forget about them and go on their day [emphasis added].

The last sentence of this traitor's statement is completely true, and not just of the American people but also of the government whose purpose is to defend them from such monsters. Active traitors and enemies being allowed to operate on American soil and on American military bases is just another part of the "diverse" mosaic of American society according to Hasan's apologists in the media, military, academia, and government. This is the message being sent load and clear from both Washington and that spawning ground of the multicultural Western suicide pact: academia.

With each act of Jihad terror that goes unanswered and unacknowledged, the Islamists become bolder and more arrogant, while freedom's friends become more despondent. The Jihadist war upon civilization will only increase in ferocity, unless and until real Americans start fighting back. And fighting back is going to require a moral certitude that upholds the superiority of our way of life and our right to do whatever is necessary to defend it from the 7th century barbarians both without and within the gates.

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Democratic consultant says he got a warning from White House after appearing on Fox News

'We better not see you on again,' the strategist says he was told by a White House official. Obama aides have taken an aggressive stance against the network and may be seeking to isolate it.

By Peter Nicholas

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

8:59 AM PST, November 6, 2009

Reporting from Washington

At least one Democratic political strategist has gotten a blunt warning from the White House to never appear on Fox News Channel, an outlet that presidential aides have depicted as not so much a news-gathering operation as a political opponent bent on damaging the Obama administration.

Political consultants are a staple of cable television talk shows, analyzing current events based on their own experiences working on campaigns or in government.

One Democratic strategist said that shortly after an appearance on Fox, he got a phone call from a White House official telling him not to be a guest on the show again. The call had an intimidating tone, he said.

The message was, " 'We better not see you on again,' " said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to run afoul of the White House. An implicit suggestion, he said, was that "clients might stop using you if you continue."

In urging Democratic consultants to spurn Fox, White House officials might be trying to isolate the network and make it appear more partisan.

A boycott by Democratic strategists could also help drive the White House narrative that Fox is a fundamentally different creature than the other TV news networks. For their part, White House officials appear on Fox News -- but sporadically and with "eyes wide open," as one aide put it.

David Plouffe, the president's campaign manager and author of a new campaign book, "The Audacity to Win," was scheduled to appear on Fox's "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren Thursday night as he promotes his book. His appearance, preempted by the breaking news of the shootings at Ft. Hood, Texas, has been rescheduled for Monday.

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said Thursday night that she had checked with colleagues who "deal with TV issues" and they had not told people to avoid Fox. On the contrary, they had urged people to appear on the network, Dunn wrote in an e-mail.

But Patrick Caddell, a Fox News contributor and a former pollster for President Carter, said he has spoken to Democratic consultants who have been told by the White House to avoid appearances on Fox. He declined to give their names.

Caddell said he had not gotten that message himself from the White House. "They know better than to tell me anything like that," he said.

Caddell added: "I have heard that they've done that to others in not-too-subtle ways. I find it appalling. When the White House gets in the business of suppressing dissent and comment, particularly from its own party, it hurts itself."

The White House has taken an aggressive stance toward Fox. When President Obama appeared on five separate talk shows one Sunday in September, he avoided Fox.

"It would be foolish for us to just treat it like it's CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS," said a White House aide. "That doesn't make any sense. That would be like saying we're going to do [interviews] with the newsmagazines and we're going to do Time, Newsweek and the [conservative] National Review."

The aide spoke on condition of anonymity in order to talk more openly about the White House's thinking.

Last month, Dunn told CNN that Fox was, in effect, an "arm" of the Republican Party. Dunn said in an appearance on the rival cable network: "Let's not pretend they're a news network the way CNN is."

As the dust-up played out, Fox's senior vice president of news, Michael Clemente, countered: "Surprisingly, the White House continues to declare war on a news organization instead of focusing on the critical issues that Americans are concerned about like jobs, healthcare and two wars."

Fox's commentators have been sharply critical of the Obama administration. After the president won the Nobel Peace Prize, Sean Hannity, who has a prime-time show on Fox, said he got the award for "trashing America."

The two sides seemed interested in easing tensions. On Oct. 28, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs met privately with Clemente.

But White House aides haven't changed their underlying view of Fox.

Fox's audience is by far the largest of the cable networks, with an average of more than 2.1 million viewers in prime-time this year. CNN is second with 932,000 prime-time viewers.

Fox's viewership is not what worries the White House, though. More troubling to White House aides is that other news organizations may uncritically follow stories that Fox has showcased.

The White House aide said: "Where some of the falsehoods become dangerous is when the rest of the media accepts them as fact and reports on them, either out of a desire to tap into Fox's news audience -- which you can understand, given where circulation and viewership rates are -- or as some sort of knee-jerk fear of being considered liberally biased, which is what conservatives have been saying of the mainstream media for years."

The White House's pugnacious approach to the network leaves some Democrats troubled.

Don Fowler, a former Democratic National Committee chairman, said in an interview: "This approach is out of sync with my conception of what the Obama administration stands for and what they're trying to do. I think they'll think better of it and this will be a passing phase."

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Treason Punishable by Death

From American Digest:


Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Jerry Pournelle looks at the traitor who killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood:

I would presume that arming oneself and shooting 43 US soldiers is (1) levying war against the United States, and (2) an overt act, and that Major Hassan should be charged with treason.
Political correctness was the cause of the Fort Hood Massacre, and we ought not forget that. The fact that someone could go through -- at government expense -- an undergraduate education with ROTC, then medical school at a US military institution, and remain a traitor to the United States is a significant warning. A very significant warning that the idea of Political Correctness has consequences we can't afford. Corruption of the Legions is one danger the Republic cannot endure.
The Legions remain faithful; but for how long when their officers are no longer faithful? Hassan had been through ROTC and a US armed forces medical school as a commissioned officer. Why was his failure of loyalty to the armed forces not detected earlier? But of course he was a Muslim, and it would not be politically correct to wash someone out of an armed forces medical school for lack of loyalty to the armed forces of these United States.
We sow the wind. We have reaped one whirlwind.
The politically correct spin is coming like a tidal wave. He is a crazy guy who happens to be a Muslim. All of that misses the point: he was disloyal to the United States, and said so openly and many times; yet he remained a commissioned officer of the United States. That is the point that is being overlooked. Whether the disloyalty is due to a psychotic episode or some other cause is not important.
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The Zebra Murders

from wikipedia:

The Death Angels

The Zebra murders were the work of one unit of the Death Angels, a group within the Nation of Islam (NOI). According to the Nation of Islam's beliefs, the white race was created by a scientist named Yakub. Furthermore, the Death Angels believed that they could earn "points" towards Paradise when they died if they killed as many whites as possible. The NOI's teachings present whites not as human beings, but variously as "blue-eyed devils," "white devils," and "grafted snakes."

None of the Death Angel murderers outside of the city of San Francisco, representing the vast majority of the related killings state wide, were ever caught or convicted.

280 Christians Killed by Muslims in California
Posted by
November 7th, 2009

The Zebra Murders
An Untold American Horror Story

Forgotten Proof of Islamic Evil on U.S. Soil


Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Violent crimes committed by Muslim extremists on U.S. soil were not confined to the events of 9/11, the Beltway sniper killings, and the murderous rampage of Major Nidal Maik Hasan at Fort Hood.

One of the most horrific incidents of Islamic rage has escaped the attention of the mainstream media and the American people.

The mayhem was conducted in the name of Allah and resulted in the deaths of over 280 white Christians.

And it occurred in California.

The killings began on October 19, 1973 when members of an elite group within the Nation of Islam (NOI), known as the Death Angels, kidnapped Richard and Quinta Hagueas they were taking a stroll near their home on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. The black Muslims forced the couple into a white van and began to sexually molest the 28 year-old Quinta. When Richard protested, a member of the squad smashed his jaw with a wrench. Following the molestation, the Muslims proceeded to decapitate her with machetes. The cuts severed her cervical spine and ripped through her carotid arteries, jugular veins, epiglottis, and hypo pharynx. “That girl’s wounds screamed out hate,” SFPD detective Earl Sanders later recalled. “Whoever cut her didn’t just cut through flesh, they cut through bone. They cut deep.”[1] The killers next turned their attention to Richard, smashing his skull with the wrench and hacking away at his face and neck with their machetes.[2]


Ten days later, Frances Rose, a 28 year-old physical therapist, was shot in the face at point blank range by Jesse Lee Cooks, a member of the Death Angels, who blocked her car and demanded a ride as she drove up to the entrance of the University of California’s Extension Campus on Laguna Street.[3]

Within the next two months, seven additional attacks took place on the streets of San Francisco, including a hit on Art Agnos, a member of California’s Commission, and the murders of Ilario Bertuccio, an 81 year-old maintenance man, Paul Dancik, a 26 year-old street junkie, Saleem Erakat, a 53 year-old grocer, and Marietta DiGirolamo where he worked as a janitor.[4]

On December 22, a member of the Death Angels gunned down 19 year-old Neal Moynihan in front of the Civic Center Hotel. Moynihan had just was purchased a late-minute Christmas gift – - a teddy bear for his kid sister. The assassin fled down a nearby alley to Gough Street, where 50 year-old Mildred Hosler was waiting at a bus stop. He shot her four times in the left breast and then continued to jog down the street. The killer had eliminated two whites within three minutes.[5]


On Christmas Eve, the Death Angels captured a homeless white man and transported him to the Black Self Help Moving and Storage Company, a business owned by the NOI, where they butchered him while he was still alive and trussed up his remains like a Christmas turkey, which they tossed into San Francisco bay. The body was so mutilated that the SFPD has never been able to come up with the name of the corpse. He remains known as John Doe #169.

The attacks by now had become so commonplace that the SFPD reserved radio frequency “Z” for communications related to the killing spree. For this reason, the crimes became known as the “Zebra Murders.” It proved to be an ironically prescient handle since the incidents involved random attacks by black militants on white victims.


The killings stopped for five weeks only to resume on January 28, 1974, with the murders of Tana Smith, a 32-year old secretary; John Bambic, 84, an avid junk collector; Jane Holly, 45, a social activist; and Vincent Wollin, who was celebrating his 69th birthday by treating himself to a doughnut and a cup of coffee. The rampage continued with the shooting of Roxanne McMillan, a 23 year-old housewife and mother of a four-month old baby, who would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, and Thomas Bates, a 21-year old student who was shot three times while hitch-hiking near Emeryville.

On April 1, a Death Angel stalked and shot Thomas Rainwater, 19, and Linda Story, 21, as they walked away from the Salvation Army School for Officers’ Training, where they were first-year cadets. Rainwater, who was plugged three times in the back with a .32 caliber, was dead at the scene. Story was shot twice, while she sought to escape from the killer’s clutches. The bullets narrowly missed her spine and she later recovered.[6]

On Easter Sunday, April 14, the Black Muslims killed 19 year-old Ward Anderson and wounded 15 year-old Larry White, on the corner of Fillmore and Hayes, where the teenagers were waiting for a bus. Two days later, they executed Nelson T. Shields, 23, heir to a prominent Dupont executive, in the Ingleside district of the city.[7]


The break in the case came after the SFPD posted a $30,000 reward for any information leading to the arrests of the killers. Anthony Harris, a worker at Black Self-Help, took notice. He was struggling to support a wife and baby, and $30K was a lot of dough to him. A few hours after he dropped a dime from a pay phone, detectives took him into custody for questioning. Harris spilled his guts, telling the cops about the Death Angels and the point system within the NOI for killing white people.[8]

Angels, according to the system, gained their “wings” upon killing four white children and five white women, or, if they preferred, nine white men. Upon attaining this quota, a photo of the Angel was taken aith a pair of black wings affixed to his back. The photo was mounted on a board along with pictures of other successful candidates, and the board was displayed on an easel at Black Self-Help Moving and Storage.[9]

In the pre-dawn hours of May 1, more than 100 cops carried out simultaneous pre-dawn raids. Forty officers were deployed to an apartment building at 844 Grove Street, where J.C. X. Simon lived in Apartment 2, and Larry Green in No. 7. Twenty cops charged into Black Self Help Moving and Storage Company on Market Street, where two suspects lived. None of the men arrested in the raid offered resistance.[10]


San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto held a press conference to announce that the men taken into custody were members of NOI’s Mosque #26, where they aspired to become “Death Angels.” John Muhammad, the leader of Mosque #26, expressed indignation and demanded that the Mayor apologize for his racist remarks.[11] Muhammad, however, refused to explain Lesson #10 of the NOI as penned by Elijah Poole (Elijah Muhammad):

Lesson Number Ten: Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil [the white man]? What is the duty of each Muslim in regard to four devils? What reward does a Muslim receive by presenting four devils at one time? Answers: Because he [the devil] is 100 percent wicked and will not keep and obey the laws of Islam. His ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type. So Muhammad learned he could not reform the devils, so they had to be murdered. All Muslims will murder the devil because they know he is a snake and also if he be allowed to live, he would sting someone else. Each Muslim is required to bring four devils, and by bringing and presenting four at a time his reward is a button to wear on the lapel of his coat. Also a free transportation to the Holy City, Mecca, to see Brother Muhammad.[12]


Muhammad was not the only African American to express outrage at the Mayor’s remark. The Black Liberation Army sent a communiqué to FM rock station KSAN which called for an armed uprising of all radical groups, including the SLA, the Weather Underground, and the Death Angels – - against the racist municipal government.[13]

The uprising never took place and the proceedings took place without the spilling of blood. Of the seven suspects taken into custody, three were later released. The remaining four – - Larry Green, J. C. X. Simon, Manuel Moore, and Jesse Lee Cooks were found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Black Self-Help was managed by Tom Manney, an NOI member and former St. Ignatius High School and City College football star. Manney lent his black Cadillac to the murderers, who used it to hunt down their victims, and an illegal .32 pistol that was used in several of the killings. He was taken into custody only to be released for lack of evidence.[14]


In October 1973, when the killing spree started, there were fifteen divisions of the Death Angels within California. The California attorney general’s office had compiled a list of 71 execution-style murders committed around the state, either with a machete or a pistol, in which the killer or killers was always a well-dressed and groomed youngish black man, and the victim always white. In addition to San Francisco, the murders were carried out in Oakland, San Jose, Emeryville, Berkeley, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, Pacifica, San Diego, Los Angeles, and in the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Ventura and Alameda. The NOI genocide campaign had actually begun approximately three years before the San Francisco killings.[15]

It took law enforcement officials several years to come to terms with the real enormity of the crime. From 1970 to 1974, the NOI was responsible for “just under 270” black-on-white murders in California alone.[16] How many killings occurred throughout the country has yet to be calculated.

Nor has the economic impact of the killings ever been assessed. However, clippings from the San Francisco Chronicle document that the city remained crippled by fear. Tourism fell to an all-time low; hotel prices plummeted; stores and restaurants closed for lack of business; cultural events failed to attract audiences. When night fell, the city by the bay became a ghost-town.

The rampage made the NOI the bloodiest domestic terrorist group in U. S. history. Yet no law enforcement or government figure, in this heyday of the civil rights movement, opted to take the Muslim organization to task, let alone to expose Elijah Poole as the instigator of mass murder. At the heart of the matter remained the fact that the Nation of Islam was a religion with thousands of adherents and even more supporters. As a religion, it was protected by a battery of constitutional rights. The first line of the first article of the Bill of Rights reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Doing anything that contravened these words would create a legal maelstrom that would result in the loss of a juridical or governmental position and personal costs beyond calculation. And so the real cause of the murders was neither addressed nor uprooted.

[1] Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, The Zebra Murders: A season of Killing, Racial Madness, and Civil Rights (New York: Arcade Publishing, 2006), p. 1.

[2] Ibid., p. 16.

[3] Stephanie Salter, “S. F.’s Own Time of Terror,” San Francisco Chronicle October 13, 2002.

[4] Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, The Zebra Murders, pp. 81-83.

[5] Ibid, p. 97.

[6] Ibid., p. 183.

[7] Nicholas Stix, “Lest We Forget: Remembering the Zebra Victims,” Men’s News, October 20, 2005.

[8] Julia Sheers, “The Zebra Killers,” Courtroom Television Network, 2007.

[9] Ibid.

[10] Duffy Jennings, “7 Blacks Arrested in Zebra Killings,” San Francisco Chronicle,” May 1, 1974.

[11] “Muslim’s Call for an Alioto Apology,” San Francisco Chronicle, May 4, 1974.

[12] Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, The Zebra Murders, p. 107.

[13] Ibid., p. 215.

[14] Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, The Zebra Murders, p. 232. Nicholas Stix, “Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders,” Nicholas Stix Uncensored, October 22, 2006, http://nicholasstixuncensored.blogspot.com/2006_10_01_archive.html

[15] Nicholas Stix, “Lest We Forget” and “Domestic Terrorism.”

[16] Ibid.


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Obama's America

CA State Worker Says SEIU Thugs Beat Him Up

Yep, it's happened again.

From Weasel Zippers (click on the title to read the whole thing):

As the nation waits to see when or if SEIU members involved in a physical confrontation with Kenneth Gladney outside a health care town hall meeting in August will ever be prosecuted, another allegation of union violence has cropped up. A California state worker went to the hospital bloodied and bruised Thursday night as a result of a beating administered in an SEIU union hall. Kourosh Kenneth “Ken” Hamidi says four or five members of the Service Employees International Union local 1000 assaulted him as he entered their Sacramento meeting with a video crew for his public access TV show.

Hamidi says union leaders ordered him to be attacked, while local 1000 leaders claim Hamidi assaulted the union members first. Police Sgt. Norm Leong told the media, “The statements we received kind of conflict about who started it and who provoked it.” What is beyond dispute is the video that shows multiple rank-and-file attacking Hamidi on the floor.

Youtube Video
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PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail
JCT Confirms Failure to Comply with Democrats’ Mandate Can Lead to 5 Years in Jail

This is who you guys voted into office, America. Good job. Anyone who spent 2000-2009 complaining about what Bush's machinations, his overstepping of Constitutional Principles, ought to be able to see the problem here ... ought to ... I didn't say they would.

Nancy Pelosi, doing the will of Barack Obama, is disgusting. She is un-American. She is, essentially a traitor to the American Constitution.

Today, Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI) released a letter from the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) confirming that the failure to comply with the individual mandate to buy health insurance contained in the Pelosi health care bill (H.R. 3962, as amended) could land people in jail. The JCT letter makes clear that Americans who do not maintain “acceptable health insurance coverage” and who choose not to pay the bill’s new individual mandate tax (generally 2.5% of income), are subject to numerous civil and criminal penalties, including criminal fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.

In response to the JCT letter, Camp said: “This is the ultimate example of the Democrats’ command-and-control style of governing – buy what we tell you or go to jail. It is outrageous and it should be stopped immediately.”

Key excerpts from the JCT letter appear below:

H.R. 3962 provides that an individual (or a husband and wife in the case of a joint return) who does not, at any time during the taxable year, maintain acceptable health insurance coverage for himself or herself and each of his or her qualifying children is subject to an additional tax.” [page 1]

- - - - - - - - - -

If the government determines that the taxpayer’s unpaid tax liability results from willful behavior, the following penalties could apply…” [page 2]

- - - - - - - - - -

Criminal penalties

Prosecution is authorized under the Code for a variety of offenses. Depending on the level of the noncompliance, the following penalties could apply to an individual:

• Section 7203 – misdemeanor willful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.

• Section 7201 – felony willful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.” [page 3]

When confronted with this same issue during its consideration of a similar individual mandate tax, the Senate Finance Committee worked on a bipartisan basis to include language in its bill that shielded Americans from civil and criminal penalties. The Pelosi bill, however, contains no similar language protecting American citizens from civil and criminal tax penalties that could include a $250,000 fine and five years in jail.

“The Senate Finance Committee had the good sense to eliminate the extreme penalty of incarceration. Speaker Pelosi’s decision to leave in the jail time provision is a threat to every family who cannot afford the $15,000 premium her plan creates. Fortunately, Republicans have an alternative that will lower health insurance costs without raising taxes or cutting Medicare,” said Camp.

According to the Congressional Budget Office the lowest cost family non-group plan under the Speaker’s bill would cost $15,000 in 2016.

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"Christian Bitch Must Die"
From Jdamn at the Astute Bloggers:

Breaking: The Religion of Peace© is making death threats against Rifqa Bary and the Florida Security Council ... from Sri Lanka, which is where Rifqa will likely be deported if not given asylum. Just to give some idea as to the kinds of folks with whom Rifqa Bary's parents associate.

This is what these people intend to do to her.

Come to the Rally for Rifqa on November 16th to try to save this young girl. I'll be there.
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Fort Hood Shooter Neither A Muslim Nor Sane

He distributed copies of the Quran before he went on his killing spree.

He yelled Allah-u-Akbar which means “Allah is greater” (not great, CNN and others should get their translations straight) while shooting the soldiers.

He was about to be deployed to Afghanistan as part of behavioral health support.

He’d been wanting to get out of the military since 2001.

He was a pious, devout and observant Muslim.

He praised the shooting at Little Rock recruitment station because he believed that Muslims should stand up against “the aggressor”.

I am sure there are many more facts out there like the ones mentioned above but still The Islamic Information Center has the audacity to say the following:

"While several news reports have cited one of the gunmen to be Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, IIC strongly emphasizes that this attack and its perpetrator are in no way representative of the Muslim people or the peace-loving religion of Islam," the statement said.”

My questions to IIC: Which part of the Quran condemns killing infidels? Can you please quote it? Why do you assume that infidels are just dumb people that should take your statements on face value? Why don’t you provide us with evidence that whatever this man or any other Muslim terrorist did or does is not representative of “the peace-loving” religion of Islam?

Read the whole article at PI.

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Jihadi Shot By A Woman

CNN reports:

"Fort Hood Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley, who has been credited with shooting Hasan and ending the massacre, was among the wounded. She was in stable condition Friday night, according to her family and military officials. Munley's partner, Senior Sgt. Mark Todd, was also lauded for "engaging" the shooter, Rossi said."

Wonder what Mohammed and his followers would think about this. Their brave "Jihadi" shot by a woman!! Seeing that Mohammed thought women were half as intelligent as men, he must be having convulsions in his grave.

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Jihad in the heartland-- The Fort Hood Jihadist

Posted by The Anti Jihadist at PI:

It just makes me feel so safe about all our "next door" Muslim neighbors!

A Muslim has again murdered Americans, and again the slaughter was carried out in the name of his 'religion'. This time, the murderer was a US Army major. How this man was allowed to serve the US in such a trusted position shows how far the rot of political correct has gone to damage a great institution like the US Army.

When I first heard about this story, my first impulse was to call it 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome', but that would be a misnomer. Malik Hassan's killing spree at Fort Hood, Texas, was hardly a sudden, impulsive act. Clearly, this act of mass murder must have been premeditated for a very long time. And by all accounts, since this jihadist was a pious and observant Muslim, that period of planning could well have been his entire life.

Meanwhile, the clueless mainstream media is going with stories like this one: "Army honors dead, searches for motive in Fort Hood shootings". The government and media of course will refuse to acknowledge the politically-incorrect facts that Islam teaches its followers to hate infidels (non Muslims) and that violence against them is justified.

Buried in CNN's article linked above are these lines (emphasis is mine) that tells you all you need to know about the shooter's motivation:

Fort Hood's commanding general said witnesses have reported that the gunman yelled "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is great," during the rampage.
Hasan's neighbors at his Killeen, Texas, apartment complex said he cleaned out his place just hours before the rampage and gave copies of the Quran to several residents.
Meanwhile, Baraq Hussein is warning Americans to not believe what their eyes are telling them.

President Obama, in remarks Friday morning, cautioned against "jumping to conclusions"...

Muslims are of course, celebrating:

Allahu akbar insha Allah he be shaheed, what a brave mujahid...

The shooter fired over 100 rounds from two handguns, and didn't stop until he himself was shot. For the moment it appears this jihadist is alive and will survive to face justice. Hopefully, it will be the death penalty.

Our thoughts go out to the families, friends and fellow soldiers of the victims of this barbarian.

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"Cop Killer" Weapon

I hate that phrase. Used by anti-gunners everywhere.

MSNBC (and others, I suppose) is reporting that Nidal Hasan used a legally purchased FN 5.7 during his rampage yesterday. They also report that he was carrying a very old .357 magnum but appears not to have fired it. They also point out -- twice -- that the gun is considered a "cop-killer weapon" by gun control advocates because it can use an armor piercing round.

"The most powerful type of ammunition for the FN 5.7 gun is available only to law enforcement and military personnel." I would assume here they are talking about the armor piercing round. Because the 5.7x28 non-armor piercing is about the same as a .22 Hornet (I am no expert on this gun).

But they make sure not to dwell on the fact that the "cop-killer" rounds are only available to military and police. And make sure to state no one is yet sure what type of ammo was used. And wait until the end to tell you that, when they questioned the store about his gun purchase, it showed he bought no ammunition at that time.

But he fired over a hundred rounds. Oh yes he sure did. From a cop killer weapon.

Understand, the largest magazine available for the FN 5.7 is 30 rounds. Which means he had to reload at least 3 times. Now, that's drop the mag ram home another but still, 3 times. That takes some practice especially in the very short time he apparently had to do so. And some planning to load and carry at least 4 magazines.

100 rounds. At least three reloads.

The evil is not in the gun but in the hand that holds it.

The only "cop-killer" here was Nidal Hasan.


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CAIR's Ibrahim "Honest Ibe" Hooper must be fuming at Abdul-Rashid Abdullah. As I explained here, he needs hate crimes. But the greasy Islamophobes aren't obliging.

"Muslim Veterans Group Says No Reports of Harassment of Islamic Soldiers," by Joshua Rhett Miller for FoxNews, November 6

Click on title to read the whole thing at Jihad Watch.
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Babes of the Week Nominees

Dudes! Tough as nails brave and heroic American women. Co-Infidel babes of the week. Whatcha think?


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Friday, November 06, 2009

Junior Wells
Trouble No More

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Video Gold: Former JAG Officer on CNN Tells Dr. Phil to Quit The "Psychobabble" & Deal With The Islamic Factor at Ft. Hood....

Click on the title to get the whole story over at Weasel Zippers.

By the way, check out the look on the woman's face when the guy starts telling the truth. She's angry. How dare he?

After having watched this video, I can say unequivocally, I hate Dr. Phil. He's a total 'tard.
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Help Our Fort Hood Troops

From the office of Texas Governor Rick Perry:

Our fellow Americans need your help.

As Governor Perry said in response to the tragedy at Ft. Hood, "the Texas family suffered a significant loss with the tragedy at Fort Hood. Along with all Texans, Anita and I are keeping those affected by today’s incidents in our thoughts and prayers.

We are deeply saddened by these events, but resolve to continue supporting our troops and protecting our citizens.

To honor those who lost their lives Thursday, I have ordered that all Texas flags be lowered to half-staff until Sunday, and ask all Texans to pray for the victims, their families and the extended Fort Hood community."

We all grieve today.

One way you can help is by contributing to the Central Texas-Fort Hood Chapter, Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Soldiers and their families will receive 100% of all funds. Please write "Community Response to 11/5" on the memo line of your checks and mail them to this address:

The Central Texas-
Fort Hood ChapterAssociation of the US Army
Attn: Community Response to 11/5
PO Box 10700
Killeen, TX 76547-0700

For additional updates on the situation, please visit the Governor's official state website.

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Guys, We'll Never Live This Down


Military hails 2 heroes in Fort Hood rampage
Civilian cop stopped bloodbath, wounded army nutritionist helped others

FORT HOOD, Texas - The top commander at Fort Hood is crediting a civilian police officer for stopping the shooting rampage that killed 13 people at the Texas post. Lt. Gen. Bob Cone also hailed a young Army nutritionist who helped wounded victims.

Both women heroically intervened despite being shot.

Cone said Friday that Fort Hood police Sgt. Kimberly Munley and her partner responded within three minutes of reported gunfire Thursday afternoon. Cone said Munley shot the gunman four times despite being shot herself. . .

. . .Cone also hailed Amber Bahr, 19, as an "amazing young lady."

The commander told NBC's TODAY show that the nutritionist put a tourniquet on a wounded soldier and carried him out to medical care. And only after she had taken care of others did she realize she had been shot, he said.

'In and out of pain'
On Thursday, her mother, Lisa Pfund, told the Sheboygan Press that she spoke briefly to Bahr after she was taken to a community hospital.

"I actually got to talk to Amber and I talked to her for about 30 seconds and she was in a lot of pain," Pfund said. "She couldn't tell me nothing, either."

Later that night, she was able to speak with her recovering daughter, she told the Sheboygan Press. She was "in and out of pain" and on medication but in good spirits, adding that she tried to help others during the rampage, the Sheboygan Press reported.

The suspected gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, is hospitalized on a ventilator.


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Major Muslim Hasan Advised Obama's Department of Homeland Security

From Atlas Shrugs (click on the title to get the whole story over at Atlas):

Political correctness is going to rout this country. The jihadi who mowed down scores at Fort Hood was an adviser to DHS. This at the same time that DHS was writing reports that right wing extremists like Grandma, Veterans, tea parties, patriots were the real threat. And Hasan had a jihad history.

Enemy in the White House.

Of course. Why not? He was a "moderate." Until he wasn't.

"Nidal Hasan: Ft. Hood Shooter Participated in Homeland Security Disaster Preparation," from Gawker, November 6 (thanks to Mary Belle):

The gunman who killed 12 people today at Ft. Hood appears, based on current media reports, to be Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan who was listed as a participant in a Homeland Security Policy Institute's presidential transition task force last year.

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Sgt Kimberly Munley American Hero

Where Angels Fear to Tread Dept.

Just doing her job? Maybe. But, cop or not, ex-military or not, it takes some serious intestinal fortitude to do what she did.

New York Daily News:

Friends hail police Sgt. Kimberly Munley for taking down Fort Hood gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan
by Rich Schapiro

The hero cop who ended the bloody rampage at Fort Hood by pumping four bullets into the crazed gunman even though she was wounded is known for her toughness, friends say.

Before relocating to Texas, civilian police Sgt. Kimberly Munley spent about five years as a cop in North Carolina where she forged a reputation as a no-nonsense officer.

"I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'm really not," said close friend Drew Peterson, 27.

"She was born and bread to be a police officer. If you were ever to be in a fight, she'd be the first person to stand up next to you and back you up. She's a tough cookie."

Munley's toughness and grace under pressure were on display Thursday when she and her partner responded within three minutes of reported gunfire, said Army Lt. Gen. Bob Cone.

Munley, who had been trained in active-response tactics, rushed into the building and confronted the shooter as he was turning a corner, Cone said.

"It was an amazing and an aggressive performance by this police officer," Cone said.

Munley was only a few feet from Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan when she opened fire.

Wounded in the exchange of bullets, the 34-year-old Munley was reported in stable condition at a local hospital.

The diminutive Munley - she stands 5-foot-4 and weighs about 120 pounds - served as a cop in Wrightsville Beach, N.C., before she moved to Texas to enlist in the military, friends said.

She is married with two daughters and is no longer in the armed forces.

"She's the happiest, sweetest, most fun-loving girl you'd ever want to be friends with - and never want to cross," Peterson said.

Munley could not be reached Friday. In a posting on her Twitter page, she wrote: "I live a good life....a hard one, but I go to sleep peacefully @ night knowing that I may have made a difference in someone's life."

The hero cop spent Thursday night phoning fellow officers to let them know she was fine and to find out about casualties in the attack - the deadliest ever on a military base in the U.S., Cone said.

Cone said Munley's aggressive response training taught her that "if you act aggressively to take out a shooter you will have less fatalities."

"She walked up and engaged him," he said. He praised her as "one of our most impressive young police officers."

What is it with American Women stopping massacres?


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Malik Hasan: Officials Just Can't Figure Out What Might Have Motivated Him

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From Punditarian at the Astute Bloggers:

Imagine for a moment that there was a political movement that advocated:

That it must dominate the entire world with its unifying ideology -

That the entire world must come under the rulership of its single dictator -

That the United States Constitution and all American laws must be replaced by the laws promulgated by this particular political movement and its leader -

That it was proper for members of this political party to kill all who did not submit to their rule, and take from them everything they own -

That women must be eternally subjugated, and deprived of education, the right to work, the right to vote, and the freedom to choose their husbands -

That representational art, music, dancing, and theatrical performances (including films) must be abolished -

That banking, mortgages, a free market in securities, and commercial credit all be eliminated -

That sovereign states which refused to submit to this political movement be destroyed -

And so on.

Do you think for a New York minute that adherents of that political philosophy or members of such a political party would be enrolled in the United States Armed Forces? That the United States would encourage political organizers for such a party to have official establishments on American military bases, in American prisons, or on the campuses of government-supported American universities? That the American president would go out of his way to coddle, praise, stroke, and conciliate such a political party?

But if you call such a political movement a "religion" and say that its tenets were given it by its God, then you'll be free to infilitrate, subvert, and attack our American way of life, again and again and again.

There was no madness at Fort Hood. That was just the worldwide jihad in action.

The madness is in Washington.

It is past time to recognize that whether or not you want to be at war with the jihad, the jihad is at war with you.
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"Allah Akbar"

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Analysis: For Clinton, tough talk but few results

CAIRO — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's tense exchanges with Pakistani civilians and Arab diplomats over a harrowing week of foreign stops exposed the confining limits of her office.

On her most ambitious and contentious overseas trip as secretary of state, Clinton had to resort to damage control after she appeared to mangle the Obama administration's message on frozen Mideast peace talks.

And while she scored points back home by standing up to angry Pakistanis who confronted her about drone-launched U.S. missile strikes, her blunt questioning of the resolve of Pakistan's government exposed American impatience with the country's incremental steps against terrorists.

In each case her extraordinarily public approach to diplomacy — for better or worse — reflected not only her personal style but also President Barack Obama's promise to reach out openly to friend as well as foe.

What remains less clear is whether Clinton's hot-button politician's persona works any better at producing international results — let alone clarity — than a more classic diplomat's cooler tact.

What's interesting about this is Hilary is following in the footsteps of the Bush Administration and Condoleeza Rice. There is little difference in the two approaches. And yet, the AP attempts to make it sound like Hilary is blazing some new trail.

Her tough talk is just an echo of what Bush and Condi had already been doing for the past eight years.

The problem is, tough talk does not work when it is not backed up by a real threat of force. It didn't work for Bush (see Iran), and it won't work for Hilary, who represents an Administration which has even less resolve then the Bush Administration.
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One problem for missile defense is it's cost vs cheap and plentiful rockets

'Affordable missile defense' is goal of Raytheon-Rafael project

WASHINGTON -- Israel and the United States have advanced a tactical missile defense project.

The two governments have awarded two contracts to develop the David's Sling Weapon System for Israel. The contracts, worth more than $100 million, were awarded by Israel's state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to the U.S. company Raytheon.

"Rafael and Raytheon are responding to the worldwide demand for affordable missile defense by codeveloping a next-generation hit-to-kill interceptor," Rafael's missile division general manager David Stemer said on Oct. 26.

David's Sling was designed to intercept missiles and rockets with ranges of up to 280 kilometers. The project, led by Rafael, has been based on the Stunner interceptor, meant to exploit the capabilities of the Python air-to-air missile.

"The Stunner interceptor redefines the performance-cost value equation for terminal missile defense and provides all-weather hit-to-kill performance at a tactical missile price," Stemer said.

Under the latest contracts, Raytheon would design and develop David's Sling. Executives said the first contract was for the co-development of Stunner.

"Stunner offers a near-term and affordable solution to this asymmetric threat," Raytheon vice president Mike Booen said.

David's Sling has been a joint program of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and the Israel Missile Defense Organization. Executives said a prototype could be developed as early as 2012.

Raytheon's second contract was meant for the development, production and integrated logistics support of the missile firing unit, the launcher component of David's Sling. Executives said the missile firing unit would provide David's Sling with vertical interceptor launch capability for 360-degree extended air and missile defense.

"Large-caliber rockets and short-range ballistic missile threats are inexpensive, plentiful, easily concealed and largely exempt from international arms control accords," Booen said.

Info on three particular missile defense systems, the THAAD, the Arrow and the SRBMD "David Sling." All three are near-term defense systems consisting of\r\ninterceptors that work in the terminal phase of a ballistic missile's flight. The THAAD, the most capable and with the most range, recently conducted its fifth straight successful intercept test last month in Kauai. The Arrow system is similar to the Patriot system but uses explosive energy instead of kinetic energy to destroy incoming missiles and the David Sling is a shorter range system that uses explosive head technology as well. These three near term systems are directed to enhance the existing missile defense systems of Patriot and Arrow systems deployed in Israel today from Iran, non-state actors such as Hezbollah, and others that choose to use terror or threats of coercion with missiles and rockets.

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Meanwhile in Teheran : Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design - secret report

From no less than the GUARDIAN, UK

Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design - secret report

Exclusive: Watchdog fears Tehran has key component to put bombs in missiles

Iranian long-range Shahab-3 missile

An Iranian long-range Shahab-3 missile being fired at an unspecified location. Photograph: Press TV/AFP/Getty Images

The UN's nuclear watchdog has asked Iran to explain evidence suggesting that Iranian scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design, the Guardian has learned.

The very existence of the technology, known as a "two-point implosion" device, is officially secret in both the US and Britain, but according to previously unpublished documentation in a dossier compiled by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iranian scientists may have tested high-explosive components of the design. The development was today described by nuclear experts as "breathtaking" and has added urgency to the effort to find a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis.

The sophisticated technology, once mastered, allows for the production of smaller and simpler warheads than older models. It reduces the diameter of a warhead and makes it easier to put a nuclear warhead on a missile.

Documentation referring to experiments testing a two-point detonation design are part of the evidence of nuclear weaponisation gathered by the IAEA and presented to Iran for its response.
That Israel has not yet attacked is a testament to something, but I am not sure what.
Faith in diplomacy?
Complete stupidity?
American blackmail?
Secret agents in place?
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Catch 22: Is it Islamophobia if it's true that Nidal Hasan felt he had a higher 'loyalty'?

Yossarian, as portrayed by Alan ArkinImage via Wikipedia

I am going to make an effort to be dispassionate.


Was he disturbed after being educated as a psychiatrist at our expense all those years at Bethesda? Just crazy and he happened to be an MD about to be deployed?

Did taunts about his religion crack this trained and in service psychiatrist wide open like a school boy who is teased too many times?

Was this the same reaction some weak minded and weak souled Jewish doctor might have had over endless taunting that his antecedents killed the messiah?

We have to ask all the questions to KNOW. Was he a 'good american' as one friend put it?

Or does the army have no way, or is prevented from asking the questions which would filter out those whose loyalty to the ideals of their religion (or anything else) prevent them being effective defenders of the american people and way of life?

In the book Catch 22, Yossarian is upset because all the Germans are trying to kill him. He is scolded as being paranoid because the Germans were trying to kill everyone flying over them. Yossarian intelligently takes the discussion to the next level asking..'what difference does that make?'

If Dr. Hasan felt he had a higher duty then as Americans, part of whose job it is to ensure we pass to our children what we were handed, we have a very winding path to figure out. It will be compulsory to find an equitable way of getting these sons of bitches who are American but not. Who think the Quran demands they kill us as an individual responsibility. Who may be right about what that book says.

We have to ask the questions.

Someone impeccable who is asking himself the same questions inside his soul this morning needs to speak out and say 'if they are crazy, what difference does that make'?

"They shot me! And I'm still here in this country!" , said PFC Bono, to whom it clearly made no difference at all.

We owe it to ourselves, and to every American who happens to be Muslim to find out these answers and explore them honestly.

Maybe these individuals ARE crazy.

Does that make a difference?
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Muslim Man Who Ran Over, and Killed, His Own Daughter In Court

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Anti-Shariah demo - Piccadilly Square - Saturday 31st October 2009

From Western Civilization and Culture:

After the fundamentalist group ISLAM 4 UK, headed by Anjem Choudary in conjunction with al-Muhajiroun, cancelled their demonstration asking for Shariah law to be implemented in the UK, alleging threats from right-wing/anti-Islamic organisations, a number of Muslims and non-Muslims took to the square to speak out against Shariah nevertheless.

It was a refreshing sight to see so many Muslims joining us in our struggle, and holding placards saying:





The march for UK group was also present, raising citizens' morale by flying the St. George's Flag, the symbol of England, proudly.

Amongst some 300 anti-shariah activists, there was a lot of press, and many multi-racial small groups debating amongst themselves, while some journalists nearby started taking notes before joining the groups for a clearer opinion. All in all it was a day of high spirits and great atmosphere, with the full media attention turned towards those who oppose Shariah in Britain. This was more salient due to the lack of Muslim protesters on site.

The point was clear: Islam will NOT dominate. Freedom and Democracy, said the placard.

I had gone with some of my colleagues who are also members of the International Civil Liberties Alliance group, ICLA, to speak up against Shariah law in Britain, and while we were speaking members of the public joined us for debates, while the press journalists started recording and taking their notes.

Our position is very simple: We, the British people, do NOT want shariah law implemented in our land. Shariah is an Islamic law and Britain is not an Islamic country.
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Celtic Woman

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Gronlandic Edit

The band is called Of Montreal:

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Asan Wanted Muslims to Rise Up in America, Iraq and Afghanistan

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Fort Hood

Lt Gen Robert Cone:

"There was a single shooter and the shooter was not killed but is in satisfactory condition."



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Dreams of My Absent, Wife-Beating and Violent Father (Video)

From Gateway:

Dreams of My Father, Part II
President Barack Obama’s half brother has broken his media silence to discuss his new novel — the semi-autobiographical story of an abusive parent patterned on their late father, Barack Obama, Sr.

Via Breitbart

The Telegraph reported:

Mr Ndesandjo, who lives in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, is the son of Barack Obama senior and his third wife, Ruth Nidesand, an American.

In a rare appearance to promote his semi-autobiographical novel, Nairobi to Shenzhen, Mr Ndesandjo said: “My father beat me. He beat my mother. You just do not do that.

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New TV Show "V" Mocks Obama

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Ft. Hood Jihadist Had Openly Commented That "Muslims Have The Right To Rise Up And Attack Americans"

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This is Going to Get Much Worse

Last June, Private William Long was murdered at an Arkansas recruiting station by a Moslem convert engaging in Jihad. In other words, an American soldier was killed on American soil in what can only be characterized as an act of war. As most people reading this probably already know, today twelve American soldiers were murdered and thirty-one wounded by a coordinated attack at Fort Hood. One of the attackers is a Major Malik Nadal Hasan. As of now, there are conflicting reports on whether Hasan was a convert to Islam or was born into it.

President Ozero has been quoted mouthing platitudes. According to some reports, the FBI is already ruling out terrorism as a motive. It should be obvious to the non-Political Correct that this attack is the result of Islamic Jihad. Watch the Obamao Administration evade and stick its head in the sand as it did when Private Long was murdered. The media has reported a series of arrests in America involving different Jihad terror cells in the last few months. Last December five Moslems were convicted of plotting to attack Fort Dix. It was only a question of time before one slipped through.

In its politically correct fecklessness, the U.S. government is allowing enemy fifth-columnists to operate on American soil. This stems from the government's refusal to identify the enemy. In 1979, Iran declared Jihad on America. Since that time the Jihad has been expanding and growing in both reach and virulence. Operating out of a Mosque, a terrorist cell brought the Jihad to America with its attack upon the World Trade Center in 1993. Hundreds of radical Mosques, funded by the Saudi Entity, are still allowed to freely function in the U.S.

These attacks on American soldiers on American soil by Moslem converts are obviously the product of a carefully planned strategy. Yesterday five British soldiers in Afghanistan were killed by a police officer who also was a Taliban operative. How hard will it be for Jihadists to infiltrate America's military and defense establishment? Not very.

Last September there was an Iftar ceremony conducted at the Pentagon. It was a star studded event. Ozero's "Muslims Affairs Director" Dalia Mogahed was in attendence. This was just before she travelled to England in order to discourse on the joys of Sharia Law for women. Also attending the festivities was Nihad Awad. He was representing CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case. Those who deny the existence of Jihad are now in charge of protecting America from its practitioners. Expect more of these terror attacks on American soil.

This clown speaking in the video below is not going to keep American safe. He doesn't even really care about that part of his job. Before deigning to comment on the massacre at Fort Hood, he states:

I want to thank my Cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. I hear that Dr. Joe Medicine Crow (ph) was around, and so I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It’s good to see you.
Ozero then continued talking about this tribal conference and assuring all concerned that taxpayer largess is on the way.

Earlier today at the conference, Ozero began his speech with his favorite topic: America the evil.

OBAMA: We know the history that we share. It's a history marked by violence and disease and deprivation. Treaties were violated. Promises were broken. You were told your lands, your religion, your cultures, your languages were not yours to keep.

And that's a history that we've got to acknowledge if we are to move forward.
"[W]e've got to acknowledge[!?]" Newsflash Ozero, whole university departments and academic careers have been based on that history. Countless movies have been made and books on the same topic are too numerous to count. The only people not aware of it must be living in the caves of Pluto.

Watch the video; it is extremely revealing. Ozero mouths the words, but there is no passion, energy. He is only animated while discussing how Americans will be made to pay for their past sins, real and imagined. This guy has no interest in national security or the national interest. In order to have such an interest, he would first have to consider America worth defending.

Crossposted at The Dougout
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Our President, Barack Obama, Discusses Mass-Murder at Ft. Hood, BUT FIRST ...

Gee, thanks guys. This has been an extraordinary conference ... Shout out to so and so ...

Oh, and by the way ...

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Multiple Shooters At Ft. Hood - Reports Are 7 Dead and 20 Wounded

Update 7:59 Fort Hood lockdown has been lifted

MR Update 7:51 pm -- MSNBC now reporting 13 killed, 30 wounded. On Fox Congressman John Carter 2 suspects released but ANOTHER has now been picked up. Also, per someone else on Fox (didn't catch the name) the 2 released may have actually been trying to STOP the rampage

Update -- Fox news interviewing 6:15 EasternTexas Congressman John Carter -- he states his information from the scene is the two in custody have been released and they are now looking for another shooter. (MR)


One of the shooters is identified as Major Malik Nadal Hasan.

Hes' dead, two more in custody.

According to Midnight Rider, whom I just spoke to on the phone, Sheperd Smith is reporting on Fox News that Malik Nadal Hasan (quick note/clarification: Smith & Kay Bailey Hutchinson "refused to give the name they had" until they had it "from the Army officially". "But it [the name] says alot about this shooting, doesn't it?" one of them said -- MR) was motivated by his anger at being deployed to Iraq.

DON'T BUY IT. Shep is wearing his Boa again.

Malik had this planned with his two buddies. This is not a lone nut gunmen situation. This is a well-planned out terror attack.

From RevereRidesAgain:

revereridesagain said...

There was just a briefing from a 3 star general, says there are 12 dead. Shooter had 2 weapons. Confusion about the other two "suspects". He says all 3 are "soldiers".

From NBC:

The official would not give his name nor additional details. It was unknown whether victims are soldiers or civilians. One gunman was reportedly in custody and another was on the loose, NBC News said. A third shooter may be involved, according to NBC News affiliate KCEN, which said the person had opened fire on the SWAT team at the base.

KCEN reported that a policeman was among those shot.

KCEN in Waco reported that the second suspect may be holed up in a building on the post.

Greg Schannep, an aide to U.S. Rep. John Carter, told the Austin American-Statesman that he was on the Army post to attend a graduation service. He said that as he neared the entrance of a building where the service was being held, a soldier with blood on his uniform ran past him and said a man was shooting.

Schannep told the newspaper that the shootings appeared to have occurred in a complex near a theater where the service was scheduled. He was with the injured soldier, who he said appeared to have been struck in the shoulder but did not have life-threatening injuries.

According to unconfirmed reports, one of the shooters was being surrounded by police in the 42006 building on Fort Hood. That source told KCEN the shooter has a high-powered rifle.

The base was reportedly on lockdown. The Killeen Independent School District said all Fort Hood schools are on lockdown.

Temple ISD is on a "soft" lockdown. Parents will be able to pick their children up at the normal times, though they may experience delays.

FBI agents were reportedly on the way to the post.

Fort Hood is adjacent to Killeen, and 60 miles northeast of Austin. The sprawling complex is home to at least 4,929 active duty officers and 45,414 enlisted. Civilian employees total nearly 9,000.

Army spokesman Lt. Col. Lee M. Packnett said he was unaware if security measures were put in place at other military bases.

“At this point I do not know,” Packnett said.

President Barack Obama was briefed on the shootings, according to spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Fort Hood has seen other violence in recent years. In September 2008, a 21-year-old 1st Cavalry Division soldier shot his lieutenant to death and then killed himself. Spc. Jody Michael Wirawan of Eagle River, Alaska. shot himself to death after shooting 1st Lt. Robert Bartlett Fletcher, 24, of Jensen Beach, Fla. to death.

This breaking news story will be updated with more details.

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