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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Southern Border is a War Zone

I received the following yesterday in an email from a friend who lives in southwestern Texas. How much of this has appeared in the MSM as compared to reports of "protests" by East Coast libtards against the "racist" Arizona law?

[B]eing right on the border with Juarez, which is now the murder capital of the world or at least in the top three, we are very apprehensive. Few days ago, a spray of bullets struck one of the federal buildings in downtown El Paso-it came from the gunfight across the border, near the bridge.

It is all out war between and with the drug cartels. It is an absolute war zone--nobody is safe, and, violence is 24/7. A reporter from the BBC was doing a report from Juarez Mexico--went out with the police on an evening shift. [T]his man was a seasoned, experienced war correspondant from England, in the space of an hour, he interviewed a weeping woman, her murdered husband was still slumped bleeding over the steering wheel, and then, moments later, a 7 year old boy was shot dead--the reporter was there--somebody had draped a blanket over the body--a man standing next to the reporter was desperate with fear that it was his grandson--the blanket was lifted and the old man screamed and collapsed--it was his only grandson. The reporter was shocked and aghast--very professional--but you could tell--and he knew--call it what you will, this is full fledged war going on in Mexico--Juarez the epi-center, and, it's--45 minutes from where I live.

[A friend] is very knowledgeable on things Arabic, and, he was shown some of the litter out in the deserts that "immigrants" walk to come here illegally. He told the police that one the items was a Turkish prayer rug--he recognized the design. Arabs are crossing illegally into this country thru our deserts.

The Western states bordering Mexico are being invaded, over-run, kidnapped and terrorized by illegal aliens--dangerous roving gangs--Phoenix is actually the kidnap capital of the USA. Decent, law-abiding, tax paying, property owning Americans are having hordes of armed Mexicans come across their property, and, face punishment and loss of their lands if they protest or draw weapons. Believe it or not, we've had armed Mexican soliders come across our border--ARMED and IN UNIFORM--on American soil--coming over to have breakfast or lunch at one of the restaurants here. To have Washington be so "out of touch"--supremely unconcerned, mocking actually--that this is happening to a section of this nation--is national suicide.

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Car bomb signals new dimension to Mexican drug war

 Hizbollah rumors, beheadings, and now car bombs.
CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) – A drug cartel has used a car bomb for the first time in Mexico's decades-long fight against traffickers, setting a deadly trap against federal police in a city across the border from Texas, the mayor of Ciudad Juarez said Friday.

Mayor Jose Reyes said federal police have confirmed to him that a car bomb was used in the attack that killed three people Thursday.

It was the first time a drug cartel has used a bomb to attack Mexican security forces, marking an escalation in the country's already raging drug war.

Federal police and paramedics were lured to the scene by a phone call reporting that shots were fired at a major intersection and a municipal police officer lay wounded at a major intersection, Reyes told The Associated Press.

As the paramedics were working on the wounded man, a parked car exploded, he said.

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Observation about NAACP vs Tea Party

From Eye on the World:

NAACP is a black only club (a racist organization by definition) made out of Democrats, whereas the Tea Party movement is inclusive of people of all races, creeds and party affiliations.

And the NAACP has the gall to claim that it's the Tea Partiers who are racists.
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Beautiful Explanation Deflation and its results - LA TIMES TODAY

Skating closer to deflation

With the U.S. economy clearly slowing, a broad-based, sustained decline in prices becomes a bigger risk. The consequences could be dire.

Tom Petruno

Market Beat

July 17, 2010

Imagine a world where prices of all sorts of goods and services just keep moving down.

Your weekly grocery bill shrinks. Your hairstylist gladly accepts 15% less, just to get the business. At long last, movie theaters even stop gouging you on popcorn.

Good times? Sure — until your employer cuts your salary or fires you to cope with the need to reduce prices. Suddenly, the economy is in the grip of a vicious spiral, as falling consumption forces prices lower, driving unemployment up, which in turn drives consumption and prices down further.

That's the deflation scenario that has, yet again, become one of the hottest topics on Wall Street.

Fear of a broad-based, sustained decline in prices — the textbook definition of deflation — was rampant at the height of the credit crisis in late 2008.

That concern faded last year as the economy and financial markets recovered. By early this year many big investors were warning of the opposite risk: They saw the continued ballooning of government budget deficits, and central banks' easy-money policies, as setting the scene for an eventual surge in inflation.

Now, we've come full circle: With the U.S. economy clearly slowing, deflation worries have revived.

"The U.S. economy is at the doorstep of deflation," Nomura Securities economist Zach Pandl warned clients in a lengthy report this month.

A number of Federal Reserve officials have echoed that concern in recent weeks, although in the usual Fed manner — i.e., without using an alarmist tone.

For the moment, however, the story still is one of disinflation rather than deflation. Prices overall are rising, but the year-over-year rate of increase has fallen sharply since August 2008.

The government's consumer price index for June, reported Friday, showed that core inflation — prices for everything except food and energy — was up 0.9% from a year earlier, the slowest pace in 44 years.

Still, the core CPI rose 0.2% in June from May, the biggest monthly increase since October. Prices of used cars, clothing and medical care rose at a faster rate last month than the previous month.

No wonder the average consumer will wonder what this deflation chatter is about. People aren't seeing it in most of what they buy.

But with the year-over-year core CPI skating closer to zero, the risk is that a slowing economy could tip the scales to deflation.

Optimism about the recovery suffered another blow Friday, when the Reuters/University of Michigan national consumer confidence index for July fell more than expected, to the lowest level since August.

It matters more what people actually do with their money than what they say about their confidence or lack of it. But plummeting confidence preceded the financial crisis and economic crash of late 2008. And the government's report this week of disappointing June retail sales added to concerns that consumers' willingness or ability to spend is waning.

Revitalizing consumption has been the great challenge all along in the wake of the devastating recession, of course. A large chunk of the global economy's capacity to produce goods and services has been idled since 2007. That means many businesses' pricing power already is severely limited. If demand falls again, serious price-cutting may be the only option companies would have to try to maintain sales.

"A renewed downturn in the economy at the current low level of resource utilization opens up the possibility that disinflation will turn into outright deflation," said Steven Ricchiuto, an economist at Mizuho Securities USA in New York.

So what? If you have a job, plenty of cash and relatively little debt, deflation would be paradise. Many of your favorite things would cost less. What could be better?

If you're heavily in debt, however, deflation would make that load even more onerous.

What's more, the deflation scenario terrifies companies, governments and central bankers because it raises the possibility of a downward economic spiral that can't easily be reversed.

If consumers adopt a deflationary mind-set, and figure that prices will only get cheaper if they wait to buy, they'll probably be right. But the end result could be a recession even worse than the one we just climbed out of, if demand sinks and companies react in part by slashing their payrolls again.

That is why deflation and depression often are mentioned in the same breath in economic discussions. From July 1929 to March 1933, as the Great Depression deepened, U.S. consumer prices plummeted 27%.

If we look to financial markets today for guidance on deflation risks, the messages aren't encouraging. U.S. stock prices have tumbled since April, when worries about the economy began to intensify. Rally attempts have just given way to more selling, as on Friday, when the Dow industrials slumped 261 points, or 2.5%, to 10,097.

Gold, considered the classic inflation hedge, has fallen 5.5% since reaching an all-time high in mid-June.

And the one asset likely to be coveted in a deflationary period — Treasury bonds, with their guaranteed interest — has seen ravenous demand for the last three months. The 10-year T-note yield has fallen below 3% in recent weeks for the first time since April 2009.

Still, many economists remain convinced that the U.S. won't slide into deflation, because they expect the recovery to continue, though at a slower pace.

Tom Higgins, economist at money manager Payden & Rygel in L.A., expects consumer and business demand to be strong enough in the second half of this year to stabilize annualized core CPI inflation in the 0.7% to 1% range.

If he's wrong about that bottoming in the inflation rate, Higgins said, "Then we get more worried."

The other major argument against deflation taking hold is that the Federal Reserve will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't happen.

That would probably mean printing money with abandon and figuring out ways to get that cash into the hands of businesses and consumers if banks can't or won't.

Wouldn't a massive new money-printing binge risk significantly higher inflation down the road? Yes — and that's exactly what a central banker would choose if the alternative was deflation.


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Glenn Beck Interviews MLK's Niece - Setting the Record Straight on the Civil Rights Movement

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And in that universe George Washington washed my ancestor's feet, and property is a good

OBAMA: 'my policies ...got us out of this mess.'

Obama: Voters to decide who caused 'this mess'

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama acknowledges that the fall elections could amount to a referendum on his stewardship of the nation's affairs.

Obama tells NBC in an interview that "nobody in the White House is satisfied" with continuing high unemployment.

But he also says the midterm congressional elections could come down to "a choice between the policies that got us into this mess and my policies that got us out of this mess."

The president said in the interview he believes voters "are going to say the policies that got us into this mess, we can't go back to." He also said Washington "has spent an inordinate amount of time on politics -- who's up and who's down -- and not enough on what we're doing for the American people."

I keep forgetting that he is a ten year old child, who got his homework assignment from someone else, and it wasn't quite right. And now the teacher is upset with him, but you see, IT'S THE OTHER GUY'S FAULT.

Do those people have ANY IDEA how galactically irresponsible they are, sound and the uncertainty that is the result? Do they think about the the fact that the result of falsely propelling the idea that things are better WHEN WE CAN SEE THEY ARE NOT, EVERYWHERE, merely crushes confidence. Don't they realize that quoting some statistic merely increases both our cynicism and our certainty that they are disconnected from the people, unless at Ben and Bill's today, where they will throw everyone aside for security reasons.

When John McCain failed to rise to the occasion after Sept 15, 2008 in the view of the voters, I ACTUALLY THOUGHT, Obama might handle the 'mess' better than McCain, but that I could NEVER vote for him, especially on a single issue. Yet he has now proven not only to be worse than I could have possibly believed in every way INCLUDING the economy, the mind boggling thing is that it is his PERSONAL BEING brought into convincing on policy that is the most offensive and objectionable item in all this.

Those people are locked in to LOSING on the economy specifically because they believe it is the government and only the government which can solve this 'mess', failing to see that all they can do is MAKE IT WORSE, or GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Now we face a deficit and debt so staggering that even Alan Simpson's commission (which reports after the election) is talking about a VAT. But I have a clue .. any moneys drawn out of the economy BY GOVT FOR GOVT will make things much worse, and in taking disposable income away from 100% of the people, will CAUSE A SHORTAGE OF MONEY (i.e., deflation), unless the Fed plans more automagic software creationism and direct distribution of magic money to all. But no amount of normal redistribution a la Obamanomics can make up for private investment, hiring, expansion, capital acquisitions, and market decisions which go on in hundreds of millions of decisions every day.

It's that simple.

And at the center of this 'mess' lies the belief in DC that the answer lies there.

Sorry boyz&girlz.

You ARE the mess we have to get out of. Whether thru deregulation or stupid regulation or abetting greed in larger and larger banks (now protected in law by you), all government can do is to make it all worse. Every time the government gets involved the perturbations make the next mess inevitable. Glass Steagall, on the whole a good thing made, rejection of red-lining a racist issue on the 70's, and compelled the process which ended with CDO's that dominated deregulated banks and created 'insurance' farces based on insuring the mortgage debt of everything everywhere. Today, socialist/facist actions, wink and nod cooperation of the govt and big corporations too big to fail has now resulted in removing both the penalties and Darwinian improvements inherent in failure from those institutions which can harm us the most. That is to say, GM, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America cannot die no matter HOW STUPID THEY ARE, HOW IRRESPONSIBLE THEY ARE, HOW CONNIVINGLY GREEDY THEY GET, but your local bank will get seized and closed for the same actions. If that is not a precursor to the next bigger mess I can't imagine what is.

Reduce taxes, reduce spending, get out of the way, Obama. Regulate against illegal actions, and the danger of greed, of course, but free enterprise is the ONLY ANSWER, as much as it sucks sometimes.

I'm just telling you how it is.

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I guess it's not just me

He came, he saw, he spent

By Henry Payne / The Michigan View

In the latest stop on his "Recovery Summer" tour, rock star President Barack Obama landed in Holland, Michigan Thursday, insulted its congressman, handed American stimulus dollars to a Korean corporation, and proclaimed Obamanomics a success even as Michigan has lost 94,000 jobs since his Recovery Act was enacted.

All in all, another day in the life of an increasingly unpopular president who seems to be living in an alternative universe.

That universe insists that government is the source of jobs, and so Obama was in Western Michigan to declare another victory in Washington's mission to create a new green economy.

Obama Has Shot 41 Rounds of Golf as President

by KEITH KOFFLER on JULY 16, 2010, 3:30 PM

President Barack Obama has played a remarkable 41 rounds of golf since becoming president, easily outpacing his predecessor and possibly damaging his ability to portray himself in 2012 as a populist advocate of average folks.

With the excursions lasting on average at least five hours, the president has devoted a total of more than 200 hours to golf, not counting time spent on the White House putting green. That's the equivalent of twenty five eight-hour work days, or five work weeks spent smacking golf balls.

(CNN) -- President Obama and his family arrived Friday for a weekend getaway in Maine, but along with a little rest and relaxation comes criticism that the president is taking it easy with the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis in a critical phase.

The Obamas plan to spend the weekend on Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park. The trip marks the president's third weekend vacation since the oil disaster began in April.


World at Risk of Folding in on Itself: Deputy Doom
The global economy is at risk of folding in on itself unless policy makers face up to the threats of inflation inflexibility and exchange-rate inflexibility, according to Arun Motianey, director of fixed income strategy at Roubini Global Economics.A Japan-like outcome is a big risk for the developed world with deflation a big danger, he said.

Recent figures show that the recovery is sputtering in the US while China's booming growth has slowed down slightly, as Beijing unwinds stimulus measures.

The Bank of Japan revised upwards is economic forecast but reiterated it will maintain its easy money policy.

In his new book "SuperCycles" Motianey says the world has managed to recover from a number of shocks since the Latin American debt crisis, but getting over the financial crisis will be much harder.

"The global rebalancing mechanism through flexible exchange rates is not working as well as it should," Motianey said.

"Many emerging markets are resisting changes in nominal exchange rates. Higher inflation is causing some correction in real terms but it is too little and may turn out to be too late," he added.

China is the key to correcting this problem, according to Motianey. He warned that the challenges facing the developed world look even more problematic.

"If we slide into deflation - the likely fate of the developed market - a Japan-style outcome will become inevitable," he said.

"In Japan, the BoJ has lost the ability to create inflation and is condemned to deflation. Central banks may now need to talk about the necessity of inflation...before it is too late."

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Well No Shit You Dumbasses


Release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi a mistake, government says
Andrew Sparrow and agencies
Announcement comes as Hillary Clinton says she will investigate claims BP lobbied UK government to release Lockerbie bomber

The controversy surrounding the release of the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing reignited yesterday after Britain's ambassador to the US said the government regretted the Scottish decision to free Abdelbaset al-Megrahi and considered it a "mistake".

Sir Nigel Sheinwald's remarks come amid claims by a group of Democrat senators that BP lobbied the British government to release Megrahi to help it secure an oil deal with Libya.

The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, is to look into the allegations, while the powerful Senate foreign relations committee will question BP executives at a special session later this month. The prisoner transfer agreement with Libya was signed in 2007 – the same year BP sealed a $900m (£584m) exploration agreement with Tripoli.

Gordon Brown insisted at the time that not he but the Scottish government had taken the decision to release Megrahi, and he "respected" the Scottish ministers right to do so, a phrase that was taken as an endorsement of Megrahi's release.

Last night, Sheinwald issued a statement that made it clear that the coalition government takes a different view.

Read more »


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Hidden Cameras Reveal Huge Gaps in Border Security
Friday, 16 Jul 2010
By: Tom Squitieri

WASHINGTON — Hidden cameras have captured a startling stream of illegal immigrants and drug runners traveling freely from Mexico into the United States through federal forest and game preserves in southern Arizona.

The stealth footage is featured in a new video, titled “Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns, and 850 Illegal Aliens,” that the Center for Immigration Studies released Thursday.

Southern Arizona “has become almost a playground for smugglers,” said Janice Kephart, the center’s national security policy director. “Federal lands should be the starting point — not the last point — for border security.”

The video, which runs nearly 10 minutes, features dramatic footage of lines of individuals moving resolutely northward in such areas as the Coronado National Forest and the Casa Grande Sector, just miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border.

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Schwarzenegger Mobilizes National Guard to Border
Friday, 16 Jul 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday mobilized members of the California National Guard as part of a federal effort to deter drug trafficking and illegal immigration along the border with Mexico.

His order supports President Barack Obama's plan to have 1,200 National Guard troops assist with federal border protection, customs and immigration agents.

The move comes amid a national debate over an Arizona law that directs police to conduct immigration checks when they are questioning people about possible legal violations. There must be a "reasonable suspicion" the person is in the country illegally.

Obama asked California to deploy 224 Guard members for as long as a year, but California National Guard spokesman Lt. Patrick Bagley said as many as 260 soldiers and airmen will head to the border by Oct. 1.

The higher number is because California has more members qualified to perform the specific duties needed to support federal border protection, customs and immigration agents, Bagley said. The number and assignments resulted from talks with officials in other states and the federal government.

The California soldiers and airmen — all of whom have volunteered for the mission — will be selected by mid-August. They will get up to three weeks of training in August or September, expanding on routine training they already receive.

California is responsible for its entire border with Mexico, but Bagley said the Guard members will be assigned to specific locations as needed based on discussions with federal officials.

It's the second time Schwarzenegger has ordered Guard members to the border. He backed a similar federal effort in June 2006. Guard members will be based in many of the same armories they used the last time, Bagley said.


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Human Events:

Obama's Next Act
by Charles Krauthammer

WASHINGTON -- In the political marketplace, there's now a run on Obama shares. The left is disappointed with the president. Independents are abandoning him in droves. And the right is already dancing on his political grave, salivating about November when, his own press secretary admitted Sunday, Democrats might lose the House.

I have a warning for Republicans: Don't underestimate Barack Obama.

Consider what he has already achieved. Obamacare alone makes his presidency historic. It has irrevocably changed one-sixth of the economy, put the country inexorably on the road to national health care and, as acknowledged by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus but few others, begun one of the most massive wealth redistributions in U.S. history.

Second, there is major financial reform, which passed Congress on Thursday. Economists argue whether it will prevent meltdowns and bailouts as promised. But there is no argument that it will give the government unprecedented power in the financial marketplace. Its 2,300 pages will create at least 243 new regulations that will affect not only, as many assume, the big banks but just about everyone including, as noted in one summary (The Wall Street Journal), "storefront check cashiers, city governments, small manufacturers, homebuyers and credit bureaus."

Third is the near $1 trillion stimulus, the largest spending bill in U.S. history. And that's not even counting nationalizing the student loan program, regulating carbon emissions by EPA fiat, and still-fitful attempts to pass cap-and-trade through Congress.

But Obama's most far-reaching accomplishment is his structural alteration of the U.S. budget. The stimulus, the vast expansion of domestic spending, the creation of ruinous deficits as far as the eye can see are not easily reversed.

Read more »


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VIDEO: Christian Arrest at Dearborn Muslim Festival

From Atlas:

Negeen's Arrest at Dearborn Arab Festival

Here's the video footage from Negeen's camera while she was being assaulted by Dearborn Police. In any other city, in any other state, police officers would recognize her Constitutional rights. But this is Dearborn. They can accuse a Christian of anything, and violate her rights in any way they see fit.

If this doesn't make your blood boil, nothing will.

The good news to come out of this is the Thomas Moore Law Center has taken the case.

Frankly, I think the Dearborn Police Department is in deep shit.
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Ex-prosecutor: Obama's Kenyan activities may be 'criminal'

From WND:
Obama's Kenyan activities may be 'criminal'.McCarthy says Obama's foreign dealings as senator possibly illegal.

Nina Shea, director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, has a more direct and alarming warning: 

“The U.S. is drifting unconsciously, haltingly, inconsistently toward a foreign policy that actively promotes the state coercion of Islamic strictures. 
It adopted such a policy in its financial and legal drafting support of the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan. … It did so at the U.N. Human Rights Council in October 2009, when the U.S. joined with Egypt, representing the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to introduce a resolution calling for states to enforce their hate-speech laws. It explained its initiative, which shocked many NGOs, as seeking to ‘reach out to Muslim countries.’”

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It's Just an Innocent Palestinian Pickup Truck ...



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Police: 25 Illegal Immigrants Brought to Shaw Air Force Base

From Her Royal Whyness:

Recall these recent incidents @ military bases then consider the ramifications of the following report from South Carolina:
Sumter, SC (WLTX) - Shaw Air Force base officials and Sumter Police say a civilian sub-contractor attempted to bring 25 illegal immigrants on the base.
Officials say the incident took place at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday to work on a construction project.
Airmen at the base say they noticed that some of the people in the group had improper identification. Officers refused them entry, and said they saw a lack of documentation. 
Airmen then called the Sumter Police Department, who in turn contacted U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.
"This was great police work," said Maj. Mark Walsh, 20th SFS commander in a written statement. "Our Airmen did what they are supposed to do. There was no breach of Shaw's security. Throughout the situation, our security forces acted correctly and decisively."
Shaw officials say the sub-contractor has been identified as Palacio Drywall of Cornelius, N.C.
The 25 people were detained. Two were identified as fugitives and were taken to the Charleston County Detention Center. The other 23 were background checked and released on recognizance.
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Iranian Strike Back on the Table for U.S.

From Eye on the World:
A military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities is "back on the table," for U.S. military planners after diplomacy failed to achieve any results, Joe Klein of Time magazine writes.
Intelligence sources say that the U.S. Army's Central Command, which is in charge of organizing military operations in the Middle East, has made some real progress in planning targeted air strikes — aided, in large part, by the vastly improved human-intelligence operations in the region.

"There really wasn't a military option a year ago," an Israeli military source told me. "But they've gotten serious about the planning, and the option is real now."
Money quote:
Israel has been brought into the planning process, I'm told, because U.S. officials are frightened by the possibility that the right-wing Netanyahu government might go rogue and try to whack the Iranians on its own.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Weather Report
Elegant People

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From the Astute Bloggers:
President Hugo Chavez has ordered a review of Venezuela's ties with the Vatican amid tensions between his government and the country's bishops.
An accord with the Vatican gave privileges to the Catholic Church not enjoyed by other churches, he said.
The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference warned this week about growing political polarisation ahead of key legislative elections in September.
Mr Chavez has described local Catholic leaders as "troglodytes".
... where would we be without Judeo-Christian believers? Where would Western civilization be, What would our nation be?

There would be no Declaration Of Independence without believers. We are endowed by our CREATOR with inalienable rights; (these rights are not the gift of aristocrats or the government or politicians!).

YES: Natural Law is the foundation of our founding - as the Judeo-Christian God is the very foundation of Western Civilization.

What would our civilization - our CULTURE - look like and sound like without God?

No Sistine Chapel.

No Beethoven's Ninth.

No Bach:

No Psalms:

No Agnus Dei.

No Pieta:

No Gospel:

No Magdelene.

No David.

No Western Civilization.

YEAH YEAH YEAH: the knee-jerk left-wing postmodernists always retaliate to this by harking back to Europe's religious wars - as if they were the worst wars in history.


Socialism killed more in the last century - the 20th C - than Judeo-Christianity killed over religion in the previous 20 COMBINED! Western religion killed a few million in the religious wars. Socialism 150 million.

And Islam killed more than socialism - (granted, they had 14 centuries and killed about 270 million for their ideology, their martial creed; that's more than all the West's wars combined; YES: Islam is the world's most deadly ideology).

So when you hear the militant atheists and postmodernists rant and rave about the ills of Judeo-Christianity... tell them to shut up and consider what life would be without Judeo-Christian Civilization.

And remind them that without a belief in God, our future might easily become as devoid of higher value as our pre-Judeo-Christian past. That was a world without personal liberty and without democracy; it was a world instead filled with pagan despotism, human sacrifice, and utter debauchery.MORE ON THE IMPORTANCE OF JUDEO-CHRISTIAN RELIGION TO OUR FOUNDING HERE.





Imagine there's no leftism
It's easy if you try
No commies among us
Only truth and no BIG LIE

Imagine there's no Islam
It isn't hard to do
No hate for jihadis to kill or die for
And no terror too

Imagine no taxes
I wonder if you can
No need for government programs
And no 5 year plan.

You may say I'm a teabagger

Or a zionist racist corprate neocon bitch
I hope someday you'll grow up
And the world will be free and rich.

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Obama: Al-Qaeda Racists Give Radicals a Bad Name

From PJM:

In a last-ditch effort to find a moral justification for a war that his radical leftist base could accept, President Barack Obama attributed recent bombings in Africa to al-Qaeda’s bigotry, describing the terrorist masterminds as racist radicals. Accompanied by a somber Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and NAACP President Ben Jealous, President Obama read a joint declaration denouncing al-Qaeda’s bigoted practice of “sacrificing innocent African life” as a means to hit a legitimate Western target.

To cover all possible bases, the declaration included a list of other random offenses, such as: the terrorist group’s failure to embrace the local LGBT community, their complete lack of interest in environmental activism and in raising awareness about climate change, turning a blind eye to the existence of a “glass ceiling” for female suicide bombers, and a few documented instances of not separating paper from plastic.
Said Obama:
This is not behavior most self-respecting radicals would condone, nor expect from fellow radicals. From now on, our number one priority in Afghanistan and elsewhere is to impose strict Rules for Radicals on local extremists. If they want to continue to enjoy moral support while fighting U.S. imperialism, they’ll have to play by the book and conform to accepted standards. They’re going to have to learn the meaning of diversity quotas and sensitivity training. They’re going to have to provide proof of employment of a proportional number of atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Animists, and followers of The Ancient Science of Soul Travel, in order to lift the undeserved stigma of violence and extremism from the Muslim faith.
Obama’s change of priorities brought a welcome relief to U.S. field commanders, who were all too happy to force the enemy units to comply with the same government-imposed rules and restrictions that the U.S. Army is facing on a daily basis. As a result, a number of radical groups in Iraq and Afghanistan have already switched sides after only a few days of living under U.S.-mandated Rules for Radicals.
One man, identified only as a “Soldier for Allah,” explained:
We were led into a classroom and had to sit in circles for what they called “Collective Self-Attaining Support Sessions” where they lectured us on matters such as “Gender Awareness,” “Multicultural Identity,” and “Environmental Racism.” For the love of Allah (peace be upon him and his messenger, the Prophet Muhammad), even in Saddam’s prisons, I was never accused so often of being guilty!
Trembling, he continued:
We had … had … gender role-playing. We had … non-dairy vegan diets. We had … had to …
At this point, he broke down and cried:
You win, America! I had to write a 17-page memo explaining why my unit did not have a Hispanic presence! Please, you win!
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WILLFUL BLINDNESS: FBI special agent says, ‘Barack Obama has so demoralized our intelligence community, they are virtually paralyzed

From Bare Naked Islam:

Obama’s refusal to take the threat of Islamic terrorism seriously has emboldened our enemies and spiked a dramatic rise in terror-related incidents here.

Bill Whittle gets the shocking story from a former FBI special agent about how our government has looked the other way as a dangerous Islamic insurrection continues to grow within our borders. He accuses Obama of being too cozy with known terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots like CAIR. Even more unbelievable, in 2010, there no longer is mandatory counter-terrorism training at the FBI.

Islamic Infiltration - Part 2 from Morgan Wright on Vimeo.

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Day by Day


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Group of Christian Students Forced To Stop Praying Outside Supreme Court By Capitol Police

So, they finished their prayer in the gutter.

From Fox:

Menace to Society
A group of Christian students was ordered to stop praying outside the U.S. Supreme Court building on May 5 because a court police officer told them it was against the law.
The students were part of a junior high school American History class at Wickenburg Christian Academy in Arizona. After taking pictures on the steps of the Supreme Court building, their teacher gathered them to a side location where they formed a circle and began to pray.

According to Nate Kellum, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, a police officer “abruptly” interrupted the prayer and ordered the group to cease and desist.

“They were told to stop praying because they were violating the law and they had to take their prayer elsewhere,” Kellum told FOX News Radio.

The American History teacher, Maureen Rigo, said she was stunned.

“I was pretty shocked because we’ve prayed there before and it’s never been an issue,” she told FOX News Radio. “His (the police officer’s) comment was ‘I’m not going to tell you that you can’t pray. You just can’t pray here.’”

So the group of 15 students and seven adults left the Supreme Court and relocated to a sidewalk – where Rigo said the children stood in a gutter – and continued their prayer.

“It was just supposed to be a time that we could pray quietly for the Supreme Court, for the decisions they need to make and for our congressmen,” she said. “We kind of feel like our government can use all the prayers it can get.”

“It’s an outrage of the first magnitude,” said Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ). The school is in his congressional district.
“When the day comes that people at the Supreme Court press children off into the gutter before they can pray, it portends a very frightening future for this country,” he told FOX News Radio.

“This police officer acted reprehensibly,” Franks said. “Those students had every right to pray there on the steps of the Supreme Court.”

The Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter to the Supreme Court urging them to stop their police officers from banning prayers.

A spokesperson for the Court said the Marshal of the Court will look into the events alleged by the ADF.
“The Court does not have a policy prohibiting prayer,” said public information officer Kathy Arberg in an email to FOX News Radio.

Sure would be interesting to find out who this cop is, and what his motive was.

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Canadian Muslim Who Honor Killed Her Daughter Won’t Serve Jail Time

Weasel Zippers:
(CNEWS)CALGARY — Calgary mom Aset Magomadova doesn’t have to go to jail for strangling her promiscuous, 14-year-old daughter, a judge ruled Thursday.
Justice Sal LoVecchio said a non-custodial punishment would be sufficient for Magomadova’s killing of daughter Aminat.
LoVecchio sentenced the city woman to a three-year term of probation.
Crown prosecutor Mac Vomberg sought a 12-year prison term, while defence lawyer Alain Hepner argued a combination of house arrest and probation would be sufficient punishment.
Magomadova was convicted by LoVecchio of manslaughter last October, after the judge ruled she wasn’t acting in self-defence when she wrapped a scarf around the neck of daughter Aminat and strangled her.
More info from June 30, 2010 on this poor Chechnyan victim of “post traumatic stress disorder:”
(CTV News Calgary)Lawyers for a Calgary woman who killed her 14-year-old daughter during a fight say she shouldn’t go to prison.
A judge is hearing sentencing arguments in the case of Aset Magomadova.
She was convicted of manslaughter for strangling her daughter Aminat in 2007 with a scarf.
During her trial, Magomadova testified that Aminat attacked her with a chair and threatened her with a knife.
The teen had a history of drug abuse.
Prosecutors say Magomadova should spend 12 years in prison.
Much of the focus of the hearing is on the trauma Magomadova suffered during the Chechen War.
A psychologist is on the stand Wednesday talking about Magomadova’s mental state.
The 39-year-old refugee’s husband was killed by a bomb in Chechnya.
She was badly wounded during the Chechen war.
When she came here in 2003, her children had a tough time adjusting to life in Canada.
Aminat got in trouble with the law and drugs.
But prosecutors point out that Magomadova showed no remorse or even regret for her daughter’s death.
They say she sees herself as the victim.
Doctor Patrick Baillie says Magomadova suffered from post traumatic stress disorder

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The Ground Zero Mosque Developer: Muslim Brotherhood Roots, Radical Dreams

A very thorough article on the Ground Zero Mosque Imam, from Alyssa Lappen at PJM:

The prospective developer of a $100 million, 13-story mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero presents himself as a Muslim moderate (1). Yet Kuwait-born Faisal Abdul Rauf also boasts of his issue from an “Egyptian family steeped in religious scholarship(2). Indeed, Feisal Rauf’s Muslim Brotherhood provenance, radical by definition, is as authentic as it gets.

Rauf’s father, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf (1917-2004) — an Egyptian contemporary of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna — conveyed to Feisal his family’s long tradition of radicalism, which he acquired at Islam’s closest equivalent to the Vatican, Al-Azhar University. The elder Dr. Rauf studied and taught there before fleeing Egypt in 1948. That year, Feisal Abdul Rauf was born in Kuwait.

Feisal Rauf has planned for some time to further develop his father’s U.S. Islamic expansionism. In 1990, Rauf opened the tiny al-Farah Mosque at 245 West Broadway in lower Manhattan. Area residents did not even notice the mosque until 2006, when the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) refused to license a new bar on the same block and started yanking others’ liquor licenses (3).

Rauf attended grammar school and high school in the UK and Malaysia, according to his biography. He probably first lived in America only in 1965, at age 17, when his father moved from Malaysia to New York to plan and head the Islamic Cultural Center (not built until the mid-1980s) (4). Rauf then obtained a BS in physics at Columbia University (5). In 1971, the family moved to Washington, D.C., where Rauf’s father headed the Islamic Center on Massachusetts Ave (6). His father, buried in Suitland, MD, at the for-profit Washington National Cemetery, also founded three Malaysian Islamic studies programs, including the International Islamic University of Malaysia (7).

Rauf’s early UK education and familiarization with American popular culture and values made him an acutely adept practitioner of Islamic taqiyya — deceptive speech and action to advance the interests and supremacy of Islam (8). To further that Islamic advancement, Rauf in 1997 established the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). His Kashmir-born wife Daisy Kahn, an interior designer by profession, has run the organization since 2005 (9).

Rauf then began cultivating new spheres of influence. In about summer 2002, Rauf started lecturing on Islam at the 750-acre southwestern New York campus of Chautauqua Institution, a 136-year-old non-profit where religion director Joan Brown Campbell took Rauf under her wing. Under the rubric of the “Abrahamic” faiths, a convenient cover for Rauf’s Islamic activities, Campbell subsequently named him the prospective head of a Muslim house now planned on campus by another Rauf brainchild — the 501(3)c organization Muslim Friends of Chautauqua. Rauf also befriended Karen Armstrong, the former British nun and devotee of Islam.

Read more »
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Amy Winehouse Dropped out. So Marcus and Friends stood in.
Marcus Miller at North Sea Jazz 2007

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Dizzy Gillespie
A Night In Tunisia

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Islamic Multicultural Conference - Singapore July 2010

From Jawa:

Big happenings going on in Singapore. Islamic big wigs and mucky-mucks from around the globe have gathered for a conference on issues faced by Muslims living in multicultural societies.

Ominously, according to the published brochure, a primary goal of the conference is to find Islamic inspiration to develop and transform multicultural societies through Islam. Nothing in the literature mentions integration with existing societies, just transformation of existing societies.

Tariq Ramadan.jpgSee here for the panel of distinguished speakers. Identified as the convener is professor Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University who readers may recall was once denied entrance into the U.S. because he had ties to Muslim extremist organizations. Since his grandfather reportedly founded the Muslim Brotherhood, arguably a leader in extreme philosophy, Ramadan's ties to extremism would seem to be familial and undeniable.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Aw, c'mon. It's summer. Crack open a bottle of your favorite, kick your feet up and turn up some tunes. The Jihad will still be here when you're done. So will Obama.

Deacon Blues


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For the first time since April, the flow of oil has been contained. The total seal is a temporary measure while BP tests the integrity of the well.
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Natalie Cole

Lush Life

The Very Thought of You

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Donald Fagen
New Frontier

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Muslims Threaten Facebook, Give In To Our Anti-Freedom Demands, Or We'll Pick Up Our Toys and Run HomeTo Mommy"

From NBC:

Facebook has a new PR issue on its hands.
Apparently, its made as many as 2.5 million customers mad enough to threaten a boycott.
The group claims to represent Muslims who are mad about the removal of four Facebook pages.
These are the pages no longer available on the site:
  • Facebook.com/Rassoul.Allaah
  • Facebook.com/Logo.Ramadan
  • LikesFacebook.com/I.Love.Mohammed
  • Facebook.com/Quran.Lovers
The deadline is a week from today.  The group claims it has hundreds of thousands of users who are ready to jump ship to another site called madina.com, which is a Islamic social networking site.
For now, the group is trying to get its message out by posting the same comment over and over on Facebook blogs.
Facebook Admins, Moderators, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Sheryl Sandberg, and Matt Cohler; Although you have attended the world's best communication skills courses you have been most successful in growing great hatred and hostility between you and Muslims around the world, but seriously this time you have caused an almost unrepairable damage.
They go on to list their demands:
  1. Reactivating the four pages that have been disabled
  2. Adding a Facebook Term that illegalizes disrespecting all Islamic religious symbols, including Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Qur'an, as well as Prophet Moses (PBUH), Prophet Jesus (PBUH), and the original Bible
  3. Disabling any Facebook Page, Group, or Event that shows direct or indirect disrespect towards Islamic religious symbols
We have a message into the Facebook press folks to see if they have a comment on the movement.    We also have no idea why the four sites were taken down in the first place.  Hopefully Facebook will answer our inquiry soon.
Check back for updates.
 Such Muslims are invited to go fuck themselves up the ass with a pork sausage.

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Televangelist Counters Ground Zero Mosque by Opening Christian Center Nearby…

From Weasel Zippers:

(Christian Post)- In response to a proposed mosque blocks from ground zero, controversial televangelist Bill Keller announced on Tuesday that he plans to open a Christian center nearby.
“How do you battle the darkness? With the light!” he states on the 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero website.
Rather than hold protests over the Cordoba House – a 15-story facility that project leaders claim will promote tolerance, help improve Muslim-West relations, and serve as a platform for people of all backgrounds to come together – Keller says he wants to take “an ongoing stand” against the mosque in a meaningful way.
The Christian center will serve to “combat this new evil being constructed near ground zero” and “bring people the Truth of God’s Word and the love and hope of Jesus Christ,” the fire-and-brimstone preacher states.
A New York community board gave the green light in May for the construction of a mosque and Islamic center, a more than $100 million project, at the site of the former Burlington Coat Factory in lower Manhattan. Thousands of people have protested the project, calling it demeaning and offensive to the nearly 3,000 victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
On Tuesday, the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission held a hearing where opponents of the mosque argued for landmark status of the building on Park Place. A landmark designation would make it difficult for Muslim groups to develop their mosque and center there. Those in favor of landmark status argued that aside from being a 152-year-old building, the old Burlington building also was struck by a piece of one of the hijacked airplanes.
“To deprive this building of landmark status is to allow for a citadel of Islamic supremacy to be erected in its place,” said Andrea Quinn, a freelance audio technician from Queens, as reported by The Associated Press.
The commission is expected to vote later this summer.
Meanwhile, Keller’s 9/11 Christian Center is scheduled to open on Sept. 5 at the Embassy Suites New York. The center, an $8 million project, will move to a permanent facility on January 1.
“If the Muslims can without conscience build a mosque to propagate their religion of violence and hated a block away from where their Muslim brothers perpetrated the greatest act of terror on U.S. soil, killing 3,000 innocent souls in the process, we can open a place where people can come to hear the truth of the Bible and learn about the peace, love, and saving grace of Jesus Christ,” said Keller, who currently leads Liveprayer.com, in a statement.
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State Department Mulls Terror Designation for Gaza 'Aid' Ship Funder

From Eye on the World: 

(FOX News) The State Department is investigating whether to designate the Turkish Muslim charity that funded and operated a Gaza-bound "aid" ship as a foreign terrorist organization, after nine people were killed aboard one of its ships in a bloody confrontation with Israeli commandos, Fox News has learned.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner told Fox News at a briefing on Wednesday that the government is looking into whether The Foundation for Human Rights and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), a nongovernmental organization, should be listed as a terror group.

"I believe we are looking at the IHH, but it's a long process to designate something a foreign terrorist organization and ...there's nothing to announce on that," Toner said.

What's there to look for? The IHH's affiliation with Hamas and al-Qaeda, as well as its involvement in an attempt to bomb LA Airport in 1999, are well known facts.
IHH’s name was also mentioned during the trial of Ahmed Ressam held in the United States in 2000 (Ressam was a senior Al-Qaeda operative active in Canada, who at the end of 1999 entered the United States in a car carrying 600 kilograms (1320 pounds) of explosives. He planned to carry out a mass-casualty attack at the Los Angeles International Airport on the eve of the millennium.) The United States federal prosecutors called Jean-Louis Bruguière, a leading French investigating magistrate in charge of terrorism affairs, as an expert witness. He testified that IHH had played an important role in Al-Qaeda’s planned attack. According to Bruguière, IHH served as a cover for Al-Qaeda and acquired forged documents, enlisted operatives and transferred weapons.
Denmark, France and Turkey too have extensively investigated this "charity":
In a 2006 Working paper published by the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), with respect to IHH largely based on Bruguière's findings,[56] terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann, citing as source the closing argument for the prosecution in a French criminal court case co-authored by Bruguière, described by Kohlmann as "a French intelligence report", alleges that Turkey had known of the IHH links to terrorism for at least ten years, and that Turkish authorities began their own domestic criminal investigation of IHH as early as December 1997, when sources revealed that leaders of IHH were purchasing automatic weapons from regional Islamic militant groups. According to the source cited by Kohlmann, IHH's bureau in Istanbul was thoroughly searched, and its local officers were arrested; security forces uncovered "an array of disturbing items, including firearms, explosives, bomb-making instructions and a “jihad flag”"; and, after analyzing seized IHH documents, Turkish authorities concluded that "detained members of IHH were going to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya".
Plus, Gaza Flotilla's club-wielding humanitarians generously provided video statements of their readiness and willingness for martyrdom. There are also plenty of videos of them attacking IDF soldiers with clubs and stabbing them with knives. Not to mention that the launch of the flotilla was attended by known terrorists.

What other evidence is needed?
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