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Saturday, June 11, 2011


We are supposed to believe that Fatima Abdallah, a Muslim woman in the Tampa area, killed herself by repeatedly banging her head against a coffee table. But even the most cursory examination of the crime scene photos reveals that Fatima Abdallah was almost certainly brutalized and murdered. So why did Tampa area law enforcement and medical examiner Laura Hair rule the death a suicide? Were they paid? Were they threatened?
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Hamas is reporting record turnouts for its summer camps for children in 2011

The ‘summer camps,’ combining Islamic indoctrination, paramilitary training, and social activities are set to begin again this year as United Nation’s summer camps, considered competition by Hamas, are being openly denigrated by jihadists.

Children and adolescents are an important target demographic for Hamas, from which its future army of terrorists will be recruited. Summer camps are an important means for indoctrinating Gaza’s youth with Hamas’ jihadist ideology.

In 2010 Hamas ran camps for an estimated 100,000 campers, a number similar to 2009. The Islamic Jihad terror group ran 51 camps with 10,000 participating boys and girls.

Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan reported the objectives of the camps were to raise a generation of children with ‘genuine Islamic values.’

“Children working for the interests of their homeland and to educate them to the culture of the Islamic faith so they will remember their goals, including Jerusalem and the prisoners,” Radwan said

In addition to indoctrination, Hamas terrorists give children paramilitary training. Banners are hung on the walls with slogans extolling jihad and ‘death for the sake of Allah.’

Other prominent motifs for this year are solidarity with Turkey in connection with the Mavi Marmara flotilla, a call for the release of Hamas prisoners (campers carried posters with their pictures) and organized expressions of hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

UNRWA Programs Attacked

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency summer camp system hosted 250,000 children and adolescents in 2010. This year, as with previous years, the UN camps were harassed by jihadist terrorists.

On May 23, 2010 a group of 30 armed, masked men broke into an UNRWA summer camp site and burned it to the ground. On the night of June 28, 2010 armed, masked men broke into another UNRWA camp site in the Al-Zuweida region in central Gaza and set it on fire. In both incidents the arsonists were not identified.

A UNRWA spokesman called on the security services of the de facto Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip to investigate and determine who was behind the attacks.

But the groups of armed men who attack the UNRWA summer camps every year receive are inspired by, and probably supported by, Hamas and other terror networks networks operating in Gaza who say the UNRWA camps are ‘undermining Palestinian values.’

A state?

For professional racist genocidal child abusers?
Approved by the UN?

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Walter Trout
Song For A Wanderer

Tender Heart

I'm Tired

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14-year-old took her life because of group rape

A 14-year-old girl in Trondheim took his own life after being assaulted and raped by three teenage boys. Only four weeks after she reported the rape at Kristiansten fortress, ninth grader could not bear to live any longer.
The girl’s mother believes the group rape is the direct cause of why her daughter chose to take her life two weeks ago:
- This shows how brutal consequences of such a serious crime can get, “said her mother through her daughter’s counsel, Sigrun Dybvad.
Her mother has consented to the Adresseavisen’s mentioning the tragic incident, and she has provided information to the case. The incident has shaken many in Trondheim. Address newspaper has in recent days received emails and phone calls from desperate and upset parents. Over 1300 people have joined in a memorial group for 14-year-old online community Facebook. Tuesday this week met with 245 people up to say goodbye when she was buried in the Lutheran Free Church.
Police in Trondheim is worried after five unsolved assault rapes or attempted on the same page 1 April. In three of the five cases , several perpetrators, all of which are described as African or Middle Eastern men. Police believe that the rapes have been planned in advance.
The evening before 1 May facilitate the ninth grader for her friends when she was stopped by a young man of foreign origin. According to 14-year-old’s explanation, he tried to stay around and kiss her. When she responded that she would meet a friend, he said he knew this friend. This thought ninth grader, and went with the man. Shortly after the assault began:
Ninth graders noticed that two other teenage boys came walking, and thought at first that they came to help. Instead, they have helped to keep her down. The girl told that she tried to shout for help, but that there was so much noise that no one heard her.
While peers attached very close, and while both the police and about 50 night owls patrolling the area, the 14-year-old testified that two of the perpetrators managed to rape her, before she got loose from the third. Then she ran from the scene, and away in the direction Nonnegata. There, she met a couple who should have immediately understood that something had happened and helped her home.
The girl has described the perpetrators as teenage boys in 16-17-age of foreign origin.
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Pakistan - acquittal for 70 Muslim extremists on trial for the Gojra massacre
From Will at The Other News, via AsiaNews: 

In August 2009, ten people died, eight burnt alive. Four churches were destroyed. Threats against Christian witnesses force them to flee to avoid further violence. Lahore – Pakistan’s fundamentalists are rejoicing following the acquittal verdict. The country’s Christian minority is “under shock” because, this time as well, the massacre of innocent victims done in the name of the infamous blasphemy law will go unpunished. 

The justice system also shows its powerlessness vis-à-vis extremists who can carry out heinous crimes with total impunity, whilst the government remains silent. Meanwhile, a Muslim religious leader publicly says that Christians “deserve” to be murdered.

A Pakistani anti-terrorism court acquitted 70 people who, in various roles, were involved in the Gojra massacre of August 2009 .

The anti-Christian violence broke out following blasphemy allegations. During a wedding, a group of Christians supposedly burnt pages of the Qur‘an, a pretext used to strike at the religious minority.During the attack by hundreds of extremists (brought in by bus and trucks), ten people died, eight burnt alive. Four churches and various homes were also set on fire. 

Following the Gojra attack, instead of arresting the culprits, police, twisting the facts, took into custody a number of Christians for attacking the “other group”. The unjustly jailed Christians were eventually released but after several months.

According to the court, the acquittal last Tuesday was due to the absence of Christian witnesses in the courtroom and the lack of evidence against the accused.Sources close to the Catholic Church in Lahore, on condition of anonymity, said, “Christian witnesses were under constant threats meant to force them to withdraw their accusations”.

Two of the 70 people acquitted were released the day before the sentence. The other 68 had already been released on bail some time ago. The main complainant, Phanias Masih, had to flee Pakistan last year along with his family, fearing more violence.Fr Yaqoob Yousaf, vicar at Gojra’s Sacred Heart parish, told AsiaNews that “Masih and a couple of other key witnesses fled before February” when community leaders “reached a compromise to have the case withdrawn”.

Fr Habib Xavier, from the Diocese of Lahore, the verdict is “shocking”, similar to the Shanti Nagar affair in 1998 when a Muslim mob burnt 25,000 houses. At the time, the accused were also released on bail.

“Today, we see the people who burn homes and kill the innocent go free. It was supposed to be fair trial,” he said. “Will minorities ever get justice?”However, to understand the madness and power of the extremists, it is sufficient to listen to the words of Maulana Kashmiri, a Muslim leader in Punjab.

“There are no witnesses because they [the Christians] know that they are wrong. We got justice. Even though none of us did it, Christians still deserve it [death], because they are blasphemers.”

Read the full story here.
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Nonie Darwish Speaks Out Against Honor Killings

Police ruled that Muslim woman, Fatima Abdullah, killed herself by repeatedly banging her head against the coffee table.

It is suspected that that is not really the way she died. (Understatement of the year?)

Here former Muslim, Nonie Darwish, discusses "Honor Killing" in Islam.

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The Only Time I Ever Hear the Phrase "World Jewry" It's Coming Out of the Mouth Of Racists

I mean, seriously, have you ever heard Jews referring to fellow Jews as "world Jewry"?

I love Jawa's title for this:

Mean Juice Arrest Poor "Jewish" American Pali Supporter...Inmates in Jail Excited

Stupid snot nosed kid is gonna find out what cornholing means, Palis like 'em young I hear.

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Our pals in Pakistan earn our trust after the UBL raid (NOT)


Twice in recent weeks, the United States provided Pakistan with the specific locations of insurgent bomb-making factories, only to see the militants learn their cover had been blown and vacate the sites before military action could be taken, according to U.S. and Pakistani officials.

Overhead surveillance video and other information was given to Pakistani officials in mid-May, officials said, as part of a trust-building effort by the Obama administration after the killing of Osama bin Laden in a U.S. raid early last month. But Pakistani military units that arrived at the sites in the tribal areas of North and South Waziristan on June 4 found them abandoned.

Go read it all, but WHY?

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TSA pats down special needs kid - takes toy hammer away

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Steely Dan
Do It Again

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood party authorised

The Committee on Political Affairs of Egypt on Monday authorized the founding of Freedom and Justice Party, created by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, so that it can now engage in political activities.

Meanwhile, attacks on female journalists and Christians continue on the streets.

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Weirdness at The Edge of the Solar System

Voyager probes "have entered a strange realm of frothy magnetic bubbles"

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How a Teachers’ Rally Made Me Anti-Education

From Zombie:
I write this essay with a heavy heart.

I’ve always considered myself an ardent advocate for education. But a recent rally staged by teachers and students in favor of school funding forced me to reluctantly acknowledge an awful truth:
We have to destroy education in order to save it.

Let me explain how I came to this miserable conclusion.

The May 13 “State of Emergency” School Funding Protest

A few weeks ago (on Friday, May 13, to be precise) teachers up and down the state of California protested for more school funding. This mass multi-city “State of Emergency” protest was meant to be a Big Deal, a headline-grabbing statewide walkout, but you probably didn’t even hear about it at the time, since I suppose the media and the public have grown weary of endless political demonstrations.

But not to worry — blogs to the rescue! Fellow photojournalist Ringo of Ringo’s Pictures fully documented the Los Angeles protest, and I myself had camera duty at the San Francisco rally, the results of which you’ll see here (along with a selection of L.A. pictures).

You may be wondering: if these protests happened back in May, why are we only seeing the pictures now? Very, very good question.

These photos have been languishing on my hard drive for three weeks because every time I got the notion to blog about them, something stopped me. I’ve been making fun of protesters for over eight years now, but this time, I felt conflicted. I mean, c’mon, what have you got against poor teachers and young kids pleading for a few more pennies to keep their schools open? What are you, some kind of cruel anti-education knowledge-hating sadist?

I had some serious cogitatin’ to do. And each time I pushed this report to the back burner, unbidden thoughts kept percolating, simmering in the back of my mind. And it was not until today that I figured out why these otherwise unremarkable protests were so disturbing, and why I could only grumble under my breath at what ought to have been a legitimate social complaint.

I can’t blame the adorable children; most of them probably only had the vaguest grasp what their adult-made signs even meant. [SF]

Go read the whole thing.
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National Geographic: The secret world of the child bride: Heartbreaking pictures of the girls as young as FIVE who are married off to middle-aged men

Will from The Other News comments:
When we bloggers expose this we're Islamophobic racists and bigots. But when National Geographic says it, it's shocking news.

From the Daily Mail, via Will at The Other News:

Wide-eyed and haunted, the heartbreaking expressions on these young girls' faces hint at an innocence cruelly snatched away.

They should be playing, learning and enjoying their childhood. But instead these youngsters, some as young as five, are being married off in secret weddings. It is estimated that every year this happens to ten to 12 million girls in the developing world.

In India, the girls will typically be attached to boys four or five years older, an investigation in the June issue of National Geographic magazine has found. But in Yemen, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and other countries with even higher rates of marriage at an early age, the husbands may be young men, middle-aged widowers or even abductors who rape first and claim their victims as wives afterwards.

Child brides in Hajjah
'Whenever I saw him, I hid. I hated to see him': Tahani (in pink) was just six years old when she she married Majed, 25 (standing next to her). The young wife posed for this portrait with former classmate Ghada, also a child bride, outside their mountain home in Hajjah, Yemen

Some of these marriages are business transactions or to resolve a family feud.
Forced early marriage thrives in many regions, often in defiance of national laws. Whole communities often prescribe to the notion that it is as an appropriate way for a young woman to grow up when the alternative is the risk she loses her virginity to someone before she marries.

Wedding ceremonies are often held in the middle of the night, with the whole village keeping the secret for fear there might be a police raid.

In a project for National Geographic magazine, journalist Cynthia Gorney and photographer Stephanie Sinclair travelled to Yemen and Rajasthan in India to investigate the extent of this shocking practice.

In India girls may not legally marry before the age of 18 - but ceremonies involving girls in their teens may be overlooked. The younger daughters, some aged five, tend to be added on discreetly, their names kept off the invitations.

In one case in Rajasthan where her teenage sisters were also being married, a five-year-old bride named Rajani fell asleep before her wedding ceremony began.

Read and see the full story here.
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Herman Cain on O'Reilly Last Night

Cain is not the candidate we need.


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Then shut up and buy EURO's: China claims US already defaulting?


A Chinese ratings house has accused the United States of defaulting on its massive debt, state media said Friday, a day after Beijing urged Washington to put its fiscal house in order.

“In our opinion, the United States has already been defaulting,” Guan Jianzhong, president of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. Ltd., the only Chinese agency that gives sovereign ratings, was quoted by the Global Times saying.

Washington had already defaulted on its loans by allowing the dollar to weaken against other currencies — eroding the wealth of creditors including China, Guan said.

You must be kidding. That means if we stop spending, and the dollar itself appreciates, you will return that bonus? If you decide to hold ANY ASSET, dollars, shekel, ruble, yuan, EU, diamonds, cars, oil, water, you are holding risk. If you are worried about risk minimization, the dollar is the best bet on the planet. JUST LOOK AROUND THE WORLD. If you are worried about appreciation vs inflated depreciation, study up and become day traders, AND STOP WHINING about the nature of your business…managing investment wealth by rating risk.

Guan did not immediately respond to AFP requests for comment.

The US government will run out of room to spend more on August 2 unless Congress bumps up the borrowing limit beyond $14.29 trillion — but Republicans are refusing to support such a move until a deficit cutting deal is reached.

Ratings agency Fitch on Wednesday joined Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s to warn the United States could lose its first-class credit rating if it fails to raise its debt ceiling to avoid defaulting on loans.

A downgrade could sharply raise US borrowing costs, worsening the country’s already dire fiscal position, and send shock waves through the financial world, which has long considered US debt a benchmark among safe-haven investments.

China is by far the top holder of US debt and has in the past raised worries that the massive US stimulus effort launched to revive the economy would lead to mushrooming debt that erodes the value of the dollar and its Treasury holdings.

Beijing cut its holdings of US Treasury securities for the fifth month in a row to $1.145 trillion in March, down $9.2 billion from February and 2.6 percent less than October’s peak of $1.175 trillion, US data showed last month.

Foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei on Thursday urged the United States to adopt “effective measures to improve its fiscal situation”.

Dagong has made a name for itself by hitting out at its three Western rivals, saying they caused the financial crisis by failing to properly disclose risk.

The Chinese agency, which is trying to build an international profile, has given the United States and several other nations lower marks than they received from the the big three.

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Leonard Nimoy really is from another planet

The former Mr. Spock of Star Trek has done just what Peace Now was doubtlessly hoping he'd do, and spoke in favor of 2-state solutions:
The Americans for Peace Now (APN) organization published Tuesday a letter written by actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Spock in the original Star Trek series and movies, in which the actor supports the establishment of a two-state solution.

The 80-year-old actor called upon the American people to support the peace initiative.

"I reach out to you as someone who is troubled to see the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians continue apparently without an end in sight," Nimoy wrote.

"In fact, there is an end in sight. It's known as the two-state solution - a secure, democratic Israel as the Jewish State alongside an independent Palestinian state. Even Israel's nationalist Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has come to see this as the shape of the future. The problem is how to reach that end point. It's something we should be concerned about - not only as world citizens, but as Americans."

He went on to write that he supports the division of Jerusalem, mentioning 50 other prominent Israelis, including former heads of the Mossad, the Shin Bet and the military who support a two-state solution.

"There is a sizable number of influential voices in Israel saying the same thing… a call for two states for two nations. Their plan includes a Palestinian state alongside Israel with agreed-upon land swaps. The Palestinian-populated areas of Jerusalem would become the capital of Palestine; the Jewish-populated areas the capital of Israel."
Clearly, he has been orbiting for a long time now, is uninformed, and clearly uninterested in the polls showing that %77 oppose withdrawals (Hat tip: One Jerusalem). He may not be lying, but he definitely is an uninformed space-head, and his statement is insulting to Americans too.

But then, I've long grown weary of Star Trek lore, and I began to notice how there are some awkward leftist notions in its theme - belief in one government, for example. No wonder as time went by, I lost interest in the whole franchise. And no wonder he seems to hold such a galling stance.

Scotty, beam him up to the sickbay, please! Captain, set warp drive for level 10 highest speed to somewhere we won't need to hear his boring blubbering again.
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Anyone else see Herman Cain on O'Reilly? Are you as turned off as I am?

What a friggin' disappointment!
Cain was asked, about, given that there are reports that Iran could have a nuclear weapon this year, how would he stop them?
His seemingly self satisfied answer seems like it came out of a stupid adviser's drill book, and consisted of memorized phrases glued together which said .. 'real energy independence will stop Iran'


I could have lived with - 'It's too late.' or 'Is an all our war, worth it?' or 'My judgment is we don't have the intelligence assets to stop them with a series of air strikes' or 'We leave no two stones on top of each other'...at least those answer the question.

This was no 'I mispoke'.

O'Reilly was not some sniper trying to trip him up

Candidate FAIL.


So long, farewell, it's been a nice fantasy, but you are not the man.
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American Electric Power (WV) - will shut down five coal-fired power plants and spend billions of dollars to comply with a series of pending EPA regs

We won’t have enough power, and when we get back to zero it will drag more income from our wallets than it did before just to do the same things, leaving less income for anything else, and this includes businesses as well.


Is this the time for that?


The company’s dramatic plan to comply with the regulations could give Republicans and moderate Democrats ammunition in their ongoing fight against EPA’s efforts to impose new regulations aimed at limiting greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants including mercury and arsenic.

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) immediately pounced on AEP’s announcement.

“This is a perfect example of the EPA implementing rules and regulations without considering the devastating impact they may have on local economies and jobs,” Capito said.

Capito said she will write a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson asking whether the agency took into account the economic impact of its regulations.

“Let me be clear, it’s decisions like the one made by AEP today that demonstrate the urgent need to rein in government agencies like the EPA, preventing them from overstepping their bounds and imposing regulations that not only cost us good American jobs, but hurt our economy,” said Manchin, an outspoken critic of the EPA.

But EPA defended its regulations Thursday, noting that the agency has worked closely with industry to ensure that its regulations are “reasonable, common-sense and achievable.”

X-Lation - you bastards will comply or it will be the HOOOSEGAL.

You know, in the history of the western democracies, the INEVITABLE, result of high taxes used for venal and stupid purposes, compounded with heavy handed enforcement of them even in baronial days, had only one result.


Human nature remains the same.

This is no warning or threat.

It is an observation.

The EPA is NOW where unions are. They were once a necessary protection for individuals from large amoral businesses AND govt thoughtlessness. They are now a threat to our EXISTENCE.

The pendulum ALWAYS swings.

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Thelonious Monk
Sophisticated Lady

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Asleep At The Wheel
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations

From Will at The Other News:

Q. What's the current political situation in Iran, I realize that's a big question. Does Ayatollah Ali Khamenei still call the shots?
A. "Khamenei still calls the shots but it is much more complicated...there are several divisions within the leadership....the cracks are wider than they have ever been since the revolution...Khamenei is trying to undermine the capability of Ahmadinejad...the hard liners want Ahmadinejad out...it has become a very complex situation...there are many divisions within the Guard, there are some sympathizers with the Green Movement...Khamenei lacks...[the]...authority [of Khomeini]...nonetheless all of those running the country right now...are messianic people...this is a messianic regime..[which believes]...that the 12th Imam appears and kills all the infidels and establishes an Islamic caliphate worldwide...and pursues a nuclear bomb...you must differentiate between the Iranian people and the regime. Because the Iranian people are even more Westernized than when the Shah was there...right now they don't respect Islam anymore, they resent it...they now are truly of the opinion that Islam is a vicious religion, intolerant...I believe that when this regime is gone, the religion will be gone for many years to come..."
Q. So the theological precepts of Shia Islam, especially those concerning the 12th or the Hidden Imam, are driving this administration?
A. "Yes, absolutely..."
Q. Are they so devoted to this, to the point of being suicidal?
A. "...I have no doubt about that...these people are truly messianic they are suicidal...they believe with every cell in their body...[that]...the 12th Imam will appear..." .
Q. So under their theology, the destruction of Israel would the final event to make way for the Mahdi [the 12th Imam]?
A. "Yes, absolutely...[adding]...there are several key Hadiths which have to take place, one of them interestingly is the fall of Yemen, the Yemeni government...[therefore] Yemen is of significant importance to them...they are arming Shia rebels, training and arming them...inciting them..." He goes on to explain that in theory, after Yemen falls then the king of Saudi Arabia must die, then Jerusalem must be conquered in order to bring the prophecy of the Mahdi into reality. They take this literally.
Q. How much influence does Iran have in Syria?
A. A lot...Syria cannot fall...Ayatollah Khamenei has had several covert meetings with Hezbollah and Hamas...[the Ayatollah has given the]...order to kill those who oppose the Syrian government...calling them enemies of God...they've had bases ever since the Iranian Revolution...they do training, they harbor terrorist groups...they have a lot of influence..."
Q. Is there a differentiation between the Assad government and a government which might replace him?
A. "It depends what type of new government...right now...the conflict in the Middle East has turned into a proxy war between Iran the regime and the Saudis...the Iranians are inciting Bahrainis, [in] Saudi Arabia itself in Yemen, in Egypt...and the Saudis have gone on to an aggressive position believing that the U.S. is not doing its job and is not being protective of its assets, that the U.S. administration is very weak and somewhat delusional...they [the Saudis] are helping with the uprising in Syria, are protecting Bahrain's government.." Mr. Kahlili continues, stating that a non-Iranian compliant Syria coming to power would be a huge blow to Iran's plans for regional hegemony..
Q. What is the relationship between the IRG and Hamas?
A. The Revolutionary Guard is doing the same thing with Hamas that they did with Hezbollah, they do train their militias, they provide arms, they provide funds, they provide technologies, they provide rockets [and] rocket launchers...without Iran Hamas could not last..."
Q. Did the U.S. miss a huge opportunity by not speaking out more forcefully in support of the street demonstrations against Iran?
A. "I think that they have missed the biggest opportunity to bring this regime down with [the help of] the Iranian people...which would have changed the geo-politics of the region...a report came from Iran's intelligence apparatus about a year ago indicating that had the demonstrations continued for a couple more months the regime would have fallen...but...they are very smart, the leaders of Iran...they did negotiate over the nuclear issue...Obama sent a letter to Ayatollah Khamenei indicating that the United States does not intend to interfere in the internal matters...[the U.S. and Europe were drawn into negotiations with Iran]...not realizing they were being deceived and the Iranians used this time to suppress, torture, rape, put down the revolution...[and then rejected the results of the negotiations]...shocking the Obama administration...and that has been my message, that these people cannot be trusted..."
Q. What is the relationship between Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad?
A. "It is obviously very close...there are several Iranian facilities in Venezuela...they are being protected by the Venezuelan government...there is a no fly zone over several of them...Hezbollah cells have been sent there from there they infiltrate into Latin America...they've established close ties with the drug cartels and then they get into Mexico...and then into the U.S...there is a secret pact between the Iranian regime and Venezuela for a missile site...20 kilometers off the Columbian border...and it's going to be a direct threat to the U.S. and its national security because those missiles can reach American shores..."
Q. What kind of presence does the IRG and Hezbollah have within the borders of the United States; are there numerous cells; are there no cells?
A. "...I'm going to quote to you Hassan Abbasi...he was the brains behind the strategy to bog the U.S. forces down in Iraq...he says...and he is very open about things...they have recognized about 800 sensitive sites within the U.S....when the time comes and the order comes their cells...will attack many of these sites...so basically they have agents here...they have a large network here through Islamic student associations...they collaborate with the Muslim Brotherhood...they do run a large network through the mosques in the U.S..." 

 Read the full story here.
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