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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Reading, Pa?

But WHY?


Reading Eagle

Occupy Wall Street movement spins off small protest in ReadingA movement that has been popping up in cities around the United States has hit Reading.

About 25 people gathered Friday evening on the sidewalk along the east end of the Penn Street Bridge to "Occupy Reading."

The demonstration is an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street protests that sprang up in New York last month and have spread to nearly 1,000 cities across the nation.

Local demonstrators said their message is simple.

"Basically, our only agenda is to take big money out of government, out of the military," said a 30-year-old Reading man who declined to give his name.

The protestors held homemade signs and shouted slogans such as "Stop corporate welfare," "Tax the millionaires and billionaires," and " Let's take our country back."

The group received quite a bit of attention, as dozens of passing motorists blared their horns.

The protest started small but that didn't bother Adam Blumberg, 31, Shillington.

"If it's just the three of us the rest of the night that's OK (as long as the message gets out)," he said.


In Kutztown? Really? You wanna protest the Amish farmers and Occupy their livestock?

Reading Eagle:

'Occupy' movement comes to Kutztown

About 30 people occupied the northwest corner of Whiteoak and Main streets in Kutztown on Wednesday to protest corporate greed and to show solidarity for the Occupy Wall Street protests that are sweeping the nation.

Protest organizer Nicholas Imbesi, 19, of Centre Township said he used Facebook and other social media to get the word out that the protest was taking place beginning at 11 a.m. in front of the Wells Fargo bank branch on the corner.

"I also stood out on Main Street in front of Old Main with a sign telling people what we were planning," said Imbesi, a sophomore public administration major at Kutztown University, a few blocks from the bank.

"If we can't go there (New York) because of classes, we can do something here," Imbesi said.

Imbesi said he never contemplated a true occupation of the corner and planned the event to last the afternoon Wednesday.

"The police came to talk to me and told me we couldn't camp out here overnight, or anything like that," Imbesi said.

David DeWalt, 61, of Robeson Township said he joined the protest because he wanted to be a part of the larger Occupy Together movement. Wells Fargo was targeted by the Kutztown protest because it accepted $25 billion in federal bailout funds.

"It's a national movement that started in New York and is now in 250 cities around the world," DeWalt said.

He noted that an Occupy Reading protest is planned for Friday at Sixth and Penn streets in Reading.

Wells Fargo spokesman James A. Baum said the bank branch on Main Street in Kutztown was a convenient target for the protest. He said Wells Fargo paid back the bailout funds it received with interest.

Nevertheless, he said Wells Fargo hears the protestors.

"We find it valuable to listen to what our stakeholders have to say," Baum said in a statement. "We recognize Americans are demanding more from their financial institutions during these difficult economic times."

You dumbass punks couldn't organize and Occupy a wet dream.

You're half the reason Reading's in the shape it is. Between your entitlements and the drugs. The great percentage of beatings shootings murders etc comes from the drug gangs, largely Latino gangs.

Protest that, you fucking shitbirds. Clean up the streets, help drive the drugs and gangs and violence out and maybe, MAYBE, businesses will start coming back and hiring again.

Until you can start standing up and fighting for the town you live in STAND DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.


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Answering Mr. Auster's Rebuttals

The following is a response to various replies Mr. Auster and his readers made at his blog, to my open letter to him.  Please go to his blog, and side with the culturists against the racists, in this lively and important debate.
I must apologize to Mr. Lawrence Auster in that in my open letter to him, I accused him of not paying attention to the decline of non-black culture.  Upon reading more of his postings, I find he does discuss culture quite a bit.  But, whereas he took umbrage at my calling him a racist, I do not retract this accusation; he consistently ties black crime and economic struggles to genetic propensities.  And, I used the word “accusation” because I consider his use of IQ to be false, disgusting, and destructive.
Mr. Auster and I agree on two premises: 1) We both wish to save the American nation.  2) And we agree that white guilt is the single greatest factor endangering our society.  For my part, I consider multiculturalism the largest manifestation of white guilt.  Spreading the words “culturism” and “culturist” to shore up western pride and jumpstart honest discussions of culture seem the best strategy for achieving our goal.
The Bell Curve itself tells us that most people are of average intelligence, that many blacks are smarter than whites, and total retardation is an outlier for both groups.  And as you admit, “traditional morality” could help raise black economic and educational achievement. As statistics from the 1950s prove, the black population is fully capable of maintaining marriage and crime rates that would make modern day whites jealous. The cultural lens provides proven potential for improvements.
You think convincing white America that race causes black failures will relieve white guilt. At best, the absolution your IQ focus can lead to is a collective “It is not our fault” from white Americans. But, do you think blacks and other American minorities will accept this argument?  No.  As it is to us with black loved-ones, your view is inherently offensive to blacks and other minorities. So your views necessarily lead to a permanent disconnect between groups of Americans.  Thus your goal of saving America is undercut by your very premises. 
Culturism, unlike multiculturalism, judges cultures and considers them important.  Both black and white Americans are concerned with our cultural decline.  Even if, as you argue, overall gaps will always persist, America’s mobility means so many blacks will be successful as to reinforce our traditional notion of merit.  From an individual merit perspective, that critiques cultures, no white guilt exists.
You have accused me of ducking “truth.”  Your truth offers no workable solutions and the division it necessarily creates is ruinous to America.  Would you hold on to your offensive “truth” at the cost of undermining dooming America?  You say that fear of being marginalized doesn’t enter into your thinking.  Unfortunately your vantage point marginalizes all of us who worry about Islam and immigration. To the extent that it justifies multiculturalists calling us racist, your reasoning weakens us and perpetuates the white guilt model. 
Your continued denunciation of the multicultural media would be helpful if you explained that their fear of discussing race comes from their confusing race and culture; Media might discuss culture while it won’t consider race.  By using our traditional American culturist ideals of pride in America, pro-social values, and individual merit, your work could inspire all races to improve themselves.  Your posts could help popularize culturism as an antidote to multiculturalism.  As it is, your IQ arguments just harm us all.

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Occupy Wall Street

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Some more items about Holy Terror

Why not, I'll add some more stuff about Frank Miller's new graphic novel about a battle against Islamofascism. If anyone's looking for a positive review from a leading website, this one from Broken Frontier is probably one of the closest you can find. The reviewer even has a suggestion that's quite fitting:
Maybe, instead of taking this so seriously, we should just try and enjoy the book about a flawed hero trying to stop terrorists from destroying his city.
You know, I think that's sage advice indeed.

For another positive review, there's this one on Sledgehammer Productions.

And, I think this review on the Toronto Sun also makes for a positive one.

And, why not: I'll also post a reader review found on the Dixonverse forum:
I finally read it. I have so little time to read these days because I work so much and I have to keep the girlfriend happy.

I'm glad this wasn't Batman for various reasons, and I think the book is better for it.

Holy Terror tackles the obvious adventure story that no one tells. Of course it's covered in Miller's shtick, where all the characters talk like the animals in We3. "What's with nail? Is gud dog?" But this is blunt, obvious and relative in all good ways. This handles terrorist cells and international terrorist networks in a more realistic way than an average Spider-Man or Batman comic handle organized and petty crime.

There's an audience for this kind of story that's not fed. I think people watched 24 because it was the closest thing offered at the time, sadly. And people rallied around 300, including so many enthused at the idea of defending Western civilization, or hearing Gerard Butler say, "We're at the dawn of an age of FREEDOM!" Miller is in a unique position to turn this stuff out for a large audience. But at $30 and only 120 pages? It's still a niche product. It's not a TV show on the network everyone can tune into. And a lot of people just plain don't read books. Chuck is speaking to a larger audience with something like SEAL Team Six (which I still haven't finished. Sorry.), but it's for the audience who reads Vince Flynn, which is a large audience I grant you. But it still won't be a cultural flag planted that everyone sees exists.

My question is, why did this take 10 years? Or even the 6 six years since Miller announced it. It's 120 pages long. Why not work on the next chapter of The Fixer, even 10 pages a month is another 120 pages in a year. What is he doing? He barely makes comics, and I can bet he's not directing another movie after The Spirit. Miller obviously loves doing comics, so he should put his nose to the grindstone and start churning out work. Comics at heart is a rough, disposable always-working-on-the-next-fix media. Put out the next chapter online, FOR FREE, even 10 pages a month, and so many eyes will be on it. And I bet it would move books off the shelf too. Even put it somewhere with other content. Why not serialize it on Big Hollywood like they used to serialize books and comics in regular magazines.
If anything, I agree that Miller could do well to work more in comics than in movies, because of how underrated and overlooked an art form they are; that's why they've all but been able to get away with the kind of leftarded monstrosities they've been pulling for more than a decade now.

On the other hand, if you want to see another negative review that really tanks, there's this clunker on CBR's Robot 6 blog, where the writer's main mistake is "backing up" one of the previous leftist opponents of the book (spoken about here) by agreeing with him that it's "mistaking faith for jihad" without even providing any proof from within the Koran itself to fortify his argument! Too bad, but no surprise coming from such an otherwise weak site. It's even worse than this mediocre review here from the same site. I think the the leftists who declared a fatwa on the book not because of any flaws Miller's got but rather because of his politics know perfectly well that's there more than a good amount of evidence to back the case made by critics of Islam, and they simply don't have the courage to admit it.

Update: another intellect-insulter of a so-called review is this one by J. Caleb Mozocco, who can only think of resorting to the classic leftarded blatherings, and what's peculiar is how he actually mentions that the book begins with a quote from Muhammed saying, "if you meet the infidel, kill the infidel", yet he dismisses the book as "hateful", and as signaled in this post:
The existence of that two-page quote, which reduces the entirety of Islam to "If you meet the infidel, kill the infidel" before the story begins; that's not the characters talking, it's the book itself; if not Miller, than the publisher. There's that, and then there's the bit near the end regarding the cell and the huge adversary which the Empire City cell is but a part of. That, and the bit about the cell and the beast.
Oh, I see. So not only is young master Mozzocco trivializing the fact that much of the rest of the Koran is built on that kind of horrific mindset, ditto many of the more authentic verses to be found there, he's even acting as though calling for murder in itself is trivial because it's part of a religion! I think I see what this atrocious man is saying. And he's only making things worse when he says:
Finally, Laura Hudson has a pretty funny post quoting Miller here; he says, in part, " I can tell you squat about Islam...but I know a goddam lot about Al Qaeda."

I'm not really sure it's possible to know "a lot" about Al Qaeda and not know anything about Islam. Not that the latter is synonymous with the former, of course, but the former uses a very specific brand of and narrow interpretation of aspects of the latter as its entire reason for being and justification for its actions and recruiting.
He may not be sure, but I most certainly am sure that it's possible, and Mozzocco himself has proven it by not providing any verses of any kinds from within the Koran like these here. What a disgrace Mozzocco is.

Anyway, that's decidedly the last time I ever waste any of my precious time on Mozzocco's joke of a blog. If he can't show any ability to do research on the subject and is only willing to act like a know-it-all, then clearly, he's not a reliable source.

Update 2: on this leftist site called Captain Comics, a boring discussion came up about the book, with one commentor dismayingly blabbering that:
Miller has proudly proclaimed "Holy Terror" as a work of propaganda, in the tradition of anti-Nazi and anti-Japanese propaganda during WWII.

The big difference there is that we were at war against the Nazis and the Japanese, and we're not at war against Muslims.
Does that mean it's okay with him if the Muslims are at war with us out of baseless, contrived hatred and for the sport of it? Another commentor said:
In the minds of many ignorant Americans, we ARE at war against Muslims. A lot of people have always seen the "war on terror" as a religious war: Islam vs. Christianity. Another holy crusade. After 9/11, George W. Bush was able to hold these Americans at bay, telling them that we were not at war with Islam. But with Bush gone, there's nobody to hold them back. Current Republicans have been shamefully silent as anti-Muslim bigotry has spread.

And these people certainly aren't going to listen to Obama's pleas for tolerance. In their minds, he's a Muslim terrorist himself.
Wow, is that some of the most hateful, borderline anti-American sentiment I've ever seen on a public left-wing forum, from the umpteenth left-wing ignoramus who refuses to do any research on the Koran. It's shameful we have to cope with people like that littering up our society.
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Twitter: Palestinian Territories, Yes, Israel, No

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Gerard Direct (thanks to Michael Travis):

Alarms Raised by Foiled Plot Long Overdue
By Ilana Freedman - October 14, 2011

Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jabeir, Ayatolla Khameini, US Attorney General Eric Holder

It should come as no surprise that Iran has been involved in the development of a terrorist attack on US soil. The announcement by Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday that an Iranian terrorist plot to murder Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir had been foiled in the US simply confirmed what many have been anticipating for a long time. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed that the plot was the work of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the military wing of Iran’s 32-year-old revolutionary government, and the Quds force, its covert, international operationsl arm,whose commander reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamene.

““This conspiracy was conceived, was sponsored and was directed from Iran”, he said. “High-up officials in those agencies, which is [sic] an integral part of the Iranian government, were responsible for this plot,” Holder told the news conference and he vowed to hold Iran “accountable” for the plot.

Good idea. In fact, we should have been concerned and prepared for something like this a long time ago, since Iran’s interest in destroying the US and its willingness to mount devastating terror attacks has been open knowledge since before the first Iraq war in 2003. It simply wasn’t taken seriously by any administration, and our recent policy of treating Iran with kid gloves has only emboldened them.

Iran expressed outrage at the accusations, denied they were involved, and filed a complaint with the UN. In an interview with Fars, the semi-official Iranian news agency, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, called it “a comedy show fabricated by America”.

President Barack Obama remained firm, however, calling the plot a “flagrant violation of U.S. and international law”. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Western countries that had “held back” in the past to now “go that extra mile”. FBI Director Robert Mueller said the plot involved international calls, Mexican drug cartels, ‘contacts’ with supposed violent Mexican gang members, and an attempt to kill the ambassador as he ate in a Washington restaurant.

In fact, it would make a good movie. It has all the ingredients of a good thriller: an assassination plot, a wannabe nuclear power, spies, cut-outs, drug cartels, dangerous Mexican gangs, terrorism, and a plot to bomb a popular DC restaurant frequented by Congressmen and diplomats.

The U.S. Justice Department named two men in the affair, charging them with conspiring with Iranian officials to assassinate Saudi ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir.

Manssoor Arbabsiar, a naturalized US citizen from Iran, and Gholan Shakuri, a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ elite Al-Quds Force, was charged in absentia because he is reported to still be in Iran.

The plot involved the bombing of an unnamed restaurant in Washington DC, popular with Congressmen and diplomats, that al-Jubeir is said to frequent. Had the plot been successful in the crowded restaurant, the death toll would have been high and the ramifications would have been fierce.

According to Ryan Mauro writing for Front Page Magazine, “Manssor Arbabsiar was asked by his cousin, a senior Revolutionary Guards official, to recruit a Mexican drug trafficker to kidnap the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. In May, Arbabsiar made contact with someone whom he thought was a member of the Zetas drug cartel in Mexico.”

“Over a series of meetings, details emerged of a conspiracy that involved members of the Iranian government to pay $1.5m for the assassination of Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir on US soil.”

The Amended Complaint against the two men states that Arbabsiar transferred nearly $100,000 to a FBI undercover bank account and received ‘thousands of dollars’ to pay for his expenses related to the plot. He was also accused of using interstate commerce to transfer money “with the intent that a murder be committed”. The complaint described how he traveled to Mexico and met with an undercover agent (CS-1) who posed as an associate of a “violent international gang”. Yet an article in the New York Times describes Arbabsiar as incapable of carrying out such responsibilities.

Although Arbabsiar “stands accused by federal prosecutors of running a global terrorist plot that stretched from Mexico to Tehran”, the plot was directed by the elite Quds Force of Iran’s IRGC. According to the New York Times article, “many of his old friends and associates in Texas seemed stunned at the news, not merely because he was not a zealot, but because he seemed too incompetent to pull it off.”

The jury is still out on what this all really means. Because the public is not privy to the government intelligence, we can only conjecture on the implications of this announcement, balanced with what we know of the larger environment. But apparent incompetence does not minimize the threat or marginalize the credibility of the plot. A man like Arbabsiar might be an ideal choice for such a mission as a man who can be easily manipulated, and tempted by rewards that would have otherwise eluded him in his job as a used-car salesman.

Despite some strange inconsistencies, the plot looks feasible. Iran is the world’s most aggressive exporter of terror, sponsoring Hezbollah and Hamas, and having a hand in some of the most egregious terror plots in recent history going back to 1979. Their complicity in terror included the kidnapping and torture of Western officials in Lebanon in the 1980s, the 1983 attacks on the US Embassy and the Marine Barracks in Lebanon, on Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, the hijacking of TWA flight 847 in Athens in 1985, and two deadly bombing attacks in Buenos Ares in 1992 and 1994. The list goes on.

Iranians have also been very active in establishing their presence in the Western Hemisphere, sending Spanish speaking units to Venezuela, to the Tri-Border area of South America (the place where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet), to Mexico (where they have developed relationships with the drug cartels and gangs), and in growing pockets throughout the United States. The largest of these is in Dearborn, Michigan, where the Arab Muslim population represents more than 34% of the city’s population..

What Next? For years, Ahmadinejad has been threatening the West with destruction, the victory of Islam over other faiths, and the imposition of Shari’ah law to replace democratic governments. Through its surrogates Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran now has access to all aspects of the American life. This plot demonstrates how broad is its reach..

Iran has recently become noticeably more aggressive. Its achievements in the development of nuclear capability have been impressive, despite the distractions of sabotage by the Stuxnet computer virus and the mysterious deaths of some of its lead scientists. It has extended its military outreach far beyond its borders and its threatening posture has become more aggressive.

The added threat of a nuclear Iran should give the world pause. Over the years, Iran has often proven its ability to attack Western targets with impunity, in symbolic acts of violence that have taken hundreds of lives.

America’s Response The timing of the announcement, at the same moment that the Congressional subpoenas were being served on Attorney General Holder’s office, is interesting. If the US government has, as many are accusing, used the announcement of this plot to distract America’s attention from the scandals now facing the administration, those who sought to do so will be disappointed. Underestimating the intelligence of the American people has never been a wise strategy. Better to recognize that Americans are not so easily fooled and are smart enough to follow more than one story at a time.

The President promised transparency in his administration. Up to now, transparency has not been one of this administration’s defining characteristics. Given the significance of this plot and the probability that this is just one of several (or many) more in the Iranian terror pipeline, this would be a good time to start being open with the American people.

What the American people need more than anything, in this election year, is a sense that the Administration a) knows what it is doing in the war on terrorism that is coming to a town near you, and b) that they can be empowered to prepare themselves appropriately by knowing as much about the developing threat as possible.

Up to now, the administration has adopted a policy of outreach and appeasement towards Iran. The statements that the President and his administration have uttered against Iran since Monday have been weak, promising sanctions but requesting a coalition of other countries to confront the threat.

In this election year, Americans will determine their choice of president based, in part, on their sense of security in their own communities. A strong show of leadership against this real and present danger is absolutely essential if we are to begin successfully confronting the threat posed by Iran.

The revelation of the plot at the beginning of the campaign season adds another dimension to the race for the White House. Where the economy and jobs were commanding center stage until now, a third actor – homeland security – has now joined the cast of characters and will need to be addressed decisively by all the candidates, including the President.


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From the Astute Bloggers:
I returned to college after failed ventures in 1990 at the age of 26.  I worked full time, joined the Naval Reserves, and took out loans to pay for college. I earned my BA in 3 ½ years. I paid my loans off. I worked for two years after college at a below poverty wage.  I worked hard to grow in my expertise.  I took a job making more than double my poverty wage.  4 years later I was upper middle class. I have helped make other people rich. I am grateful for the opportunity.  Since 2001 there has always been non-family members living with me in my home. I housed my own family plus a family of with 6 kids. I housed a drug addict.  I currently house a single mother and her 2 year old daughter. None of them have ever paid rent. I have been blessed and I want to bless the lives of others without a police state. I have never owned a new car; I have never lived in a new house; I have never owned a new piece of furniture. I donate monthly to programs for the poor. I pay lots of taxes. I have been married for 25 years. I have 7 kids, 2 are adopted. I am blessed beyond measure. I am the 53%. I intend to be the 20%. My dream would be to be so wealthy that they protest my house. Then I will know I made a difference in the lives of many.  Make money. Use it to bless others. Asking the gov’t to do it for you is lazy hypocrisy.
I returned to college after failed ventures in 1990 at the age of 26. I worked full time, joined the Naval Reserves, and took out loans to pay for college. I earned my BA in 3 ½ years. I paid my loans off.
I worked for two years after college at a below poverty wage. I worked hard to grow in my expertise. I took a job making more than double my poverty wage. 4 years later I was upper middle class. I have helped make other people rich. I am grateful for the opportunity.
Since 2001 there has always been non-family members living with me in my home. I housed my own family plus a family of with 6 kids. I housed a drug addict. I currently house a single mother and her 2 year old daughter. None of them have ever paid rent. I have been blessed and I want to bless the lives of others without a police state.
I have never owned a new car; I have never lived in a new house; I have never owned a new piece of furniture. I donate monthly to programs for the poor. I pay lots of taxes. I have been married for 25 years. I have 7 kids, 2 are adopted. I am blessed beyond measure.
I am the 53%.
I intend to be the 20%. My dream would be to be so wealthy that they protest my house. Then I will know I made a difference in the lives of many.
Make money. Use it to bless others. Asking the gov’t to do it for you is lazy hypocrisy.


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Was The Dubai Construction Boom A Muslim Wealth-Plundering?

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the emir of Dubai, ran up extraordinary debts building up his own pseudo-city in its recent construction boom. 
Once western banks had lent him the money to pay western construction companies to do the building, however, he simply disowned the debts. Because he had arranged the whole thing through front companies, it did not trigger sovereign default or affect his own personal wealth. 
The debts had been incurred by these front companies on the understanding that the sovereign wealth of Dubai stood behind them, but when it came to the crunch, they were disavowed.

This Dubai construction boom episode probably amounts to what was, in effect, the biggest Muslim wealth-plundering razzia since the sack of Byzantium. But now this epic Muslim con artist wants to do some more damage to the infidels...
Read it all!
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Yes, that’s what Ivan Drago meant when he told Rocky ‘I must break you’

Sorry, but this is now totally off the wall stuff.

Ed Schultz says Cain is doing well BECAUSE he is set up for whites who hate blacks? Schultz must be the world champion at Twister.

Schultz says ‘break’ is a ‘southern racist term’

Ed Schultz, host of MSNBC’s the Ed Show, believes that Republican presidential contender Herman Cain is pandering to “white Republicans out there who don’t like black folks” and accused Sen. Jim Demint, R-S.C., of using racist langauge in his opposition to Obamacare.

On his show last night, Schultz said that Demint, whom Cain has mentioned as a potential running mate, repeated an “old southern racist term when talking about defeating President Obama during the health care debate.” Schultz’s example? He quoted Demint saying that “If we are able to stop Obama on this [health care law], it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.” For clarity, Schultz repeated the offending line, “It will break him.”

Dr. James Peterson, director of Africana studies at Lehigh University, explained that “break” is a racist verb, “a term that was used to destroy, mentally and physically, slaves.” Accordingly, the Demint line demonstrated “how dark some of these racial discourses can be in presidential politics.” Peterson said that Cain, by naming Demint as a possible VP pick, “gives those folks a pass” on racism.

Peterson’s claim echoed and extended Schultz’s conclusion the previous evening that Cain, a black Republican, is appealing to white racists in order to win the Republican primary. “You think about white Republicans who don’t like black folks,” Schultz explained. “It’s almost as if this guy is trying to warm up to them and tell them what they want to hear.”

Schultz cited Cain’s belief that education gaps, rather than racism, accounts for the poverty and unemployment among black Americans. Then, Schultz asked his guest if Cain “is doing a disservice to his race” by denying that “racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way.”

Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson agreed with Schultz’s suggestion and accused Cain of denying racism for the sake of his “great machinery of self-promotion.” Dyson said that Cain should especially recognize “post-intentional racism” - racism that people don’t intend to have or to act upon.

“post-intentional racism” ,,, you don;t intend to have it, and don't know you have and there's no evidence of it except for those who accuse you..... A THOUGHT CRIME?

The desperation is PALPABLE.



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Emails Expose the True Nature of the #Occupy Movement - Anti-Semitism and Hatred of America Abound
BigGovernment - My history with many of the key organizers of the “Global Movement for Peace and Justice” has allowed me to see right through the Mainstream Media and Democratic Party’s attempts to promote and build the #Occupy Movement as a “grassroots effort” which “spontaneously” arose. 
I’ve known that the #Occupy Movement is nothing less than a current manifestation of an international revolutionary push in which I myself used to play a significant role. 
This “movement” holds at its core that America is the largest enemy to world peace and freedom. 
As many know, my views began to change in our movements’ efforts to help the residents of the devastated New Orleans 9th Ward. My experiences in leadership allowed me to meet and interact with many “relief” and “protest” groups from around the world.  
I ultimately came to the conclusion that many of these organizations and individuals were intent on destroying our country – I decided to expose them through working undercover with The FBI. 
This movement has once again reared its ugly head and done just what it always does – convincing moderate Democrats to inadvertently provide cover, both physically and in the media, for radical efforts to damage our system and our nation.  
As can be expected, I’m part of a citizen-led effort to expose them for what they are. 
The information we are releasing is a window into the core of what and who are behind the “Occupy Movement.” 
We will be going through this with a fine toothed comb and exposing each and every detail my experiences enables me to comprehend.
In this you will see the notorious global organizer against capitalism, Lisa Fithian, discussing doors and exits to “targets.” 
Like a radical Mullah, she has historically developed plans and strategies to illegally enter and shut down buildings and meetings – and found young idealistic youths to get arrested and gain criminal records that stay with them for life. 
And like a radical Mullah, she never is the one to carry out her plans. Another email shows a key organizer and his aversion to working with “Jews.” As can be expected from the far Left, he refers to them as “Zionists.” 
We will continue to sift through this information and much more and alert the public to who and what is attempting to destroy our nation.We ask all concerned Americans to please sift through this data, just as the Washington Post asked concerned Americans to sift through Sarah Palin’s emails, so we might all better see what threats our nation faces.
Read the full story here.

Editors' Note - Crowdsourcing: At the end of this post, you will find links to download the #OccupyWallStreet email archive described earlier today by Andrew Breitbart. Send your thoughts, observations, and findings to feedback@breitbart.com, or post them in the comment section.]

On August 10, 2011, the hacker group “Anonymous” announced that it would join the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. That’s what sparked my interest in monitoring #OccupyWallStreet.
I reached out to a colleague and asked if he would be interested in studying the protest with me. At first, it seemed disorganized, and we believed it would only be a few hundred protestors.
As we engaged in monitoring its growth, we recruited other people to help us begin the collection of data available via social media.
We began mapping out key players, and monitored Anonymous’s efforts to organize protests in the San Francisco Bay area public transportation system (#opBART) in order to detect patterns and key influencers.
Then, at the end of August, we were alerted by a fellow researcher that information about USDoR (U.S. Day of Rage, to which Occupy Wall Street is connected) had been posted on Shamuk and Al-Jahad, two Al-Qaeda recruitment sites. We began to take the “Occupy” protest more seriously, and dedicated more time to research and monitoring.
Days later, Anonymous announced that it would be releasing its new DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) tool. Because of the Al-Qaeda posting, we contacted the New York Field Office of the FBI so they could investigate the potential threat. From that point on, we decided we needed to include the Human Element of Intelligence (HUMINT), and to infiltrate the protestors to map their ties to Anonymous, and to the postings on Shamuk and Al-Jahad.
A few of us had attended several of the pre-protest meet-ups and training classes. The Civil Disobedience training was taught by Elliot “Smokey” Madison, a New York-based anarchist who is a member of the People’s Law Collective, a voluntary group that advises protesters on legal issues arising from their actions. The Media training was taught by Vlad Teichberg, a New York based anarchist who is a member of the Glass Bead Collective, an artistic activist group.
After attending these meetings and socializing with those present, several of our team members were added to all the mailing lists of the “Occupy” group. That is how we created the email archive that we are sharing with you (see below). In addition to the involvement of socialists, anarchists, and other radicals, the emails also reveal heavy union involvement from the beginning of the “Occupy” movement, as well as discussion about the role of the Democratic Party, and how the movement should respond to President Barack Obama.
The emails also reveal that the Occupation attempted to provoke the New York Police Department prior to some of the clashes that occurred with activists.
Additionally, the emails reveal the many failed efforts of the hacker collective Anonymous. If those efforts had succeeded, they may have damaged the global economy.
Some examples are:
We are sharing the email archive because we believe the public needs to know the hidden agendas behind the Occupation–the socialist, anarchist, and other agendas that have not been reported in the mainstream media.
Email archive:
.pst format: primary and alternate
.csv format: primary and alternate
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
Another Free Woman
(w/ Sara Watkins)

Callin' on an Angel

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Cop Purposely, and On Purpose (meaning with "Intent") Runs Over Protesters Leg

The Humanity ... the Humanity ...

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Fun, Fun, Fun - Breitbart Has Big Document Dump Comint - OWS Emails

From Ace of Spades:
In keeping with the new media notion of crowdsourcing–enthusiastically embraced by the mainstream media when trawling through Sarah Palin’s emails–Big Government will be providing readers later today with links to a document drop consisting of thousands of emails.

The email archive, created by a private cyber security researcher, appears to contain messages shared by the left’s anarcho-socialist activists during the strategic and daily tactical planning of the “Occupy Wall Street” and broader “Occupy” campaign this fall.

Big Government received a tip about the existence of the archive, and we were able to contact the individual who compiled and posted it. He will describe the archive, and how he obtained the emails, later this morning exclusively on Big Government.

Through “crowdsourcing,” the media and the public will then be able to discover the truth behind the “Occupy” movement. (emphasis added)
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Hey Kim Kardashian, Fuck You!

Cultural jihad: Burka'ed Kim Kardashian

From Atlas Shrugs:
It's not important how many millions K-Dash was paid to go shop in Dubai. Who cares? What is important is that instead of being a role model and standing for free, empowered women, she donned the cloth coffin and went around looking like a a sack of potatoes. What an ass.

Does this tool understand what that garb means? Perhaps Kim can take in a local caning or lashing....

Kim Kardashian donned a burka in Dubai, one of the few times she's chosen to cover up her famous curves. While shopping with her mom Kris Jenner yesterday, the ladies got fitted for the traditional Muslim garb, going as far as to wrap their faces in the niqāb.
 Remember, this woman is Armenian. She knows all about the history of what Islam did to her people. Just six months ago, Kim Kardashian wrote this:

My family and I are incredibly proud of our heritage. My dad taught me a lot about Armenian culture, and I have a strong connection with my roots.  Every year, I honor the memory of the martyrs who were killed during the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Even though so many countries around the world recognize the Genocide, the government of Turkey still denies it.

It happened before Rwanda, Darfur, and the Holocaust. Maybe none of those other genocides would have happened if more nations had condemned the Armenian Genocide, when 1.5 million Armenians were massacred.

Some people might wonder why I’m talking about history on my blog. And that’s what I’m trying to show…it’s not history. Until this crime is resolved truthfully and fairly, the Armenian people will live with the pain of what happened to their families and the fear of what might happen again to their homeland. So out of respect for all those innocent people that died, I’m putting a spotlight on it today.

Read the rest of my blog post here.
So, why the change of heart?

All whores have their price.
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Arbabsiar Plot Still Makes No Sense

From Will at The Other News:

(Cato).I was as shocked as most other people to hear Tuesday the Department of Justice unveiling charges against Manssor Arbabsiar, a 56-year old Iranian-American apparently linked to Iran’s Quds Force. If the facts as described in the government’s complaint [.pdf] were part of a crime novel I were editing, I’d tell the author it was far too outlandish and to do some more research. Now we’re finding out that the administration itself had “expressed concern that the plot’s cartoonish quality would invite suspicions and conspiracy theories.”

And cartoonish it was. I had figured that maybe I was the only one who thought the government’s story was shot through with gaping holes, but now I read that basically the entire roster of non-neoconservative Iran watchers can’t make sense of the plot. 
For their part, reflexive hawks have taken the news in stride. James Jay Carafano explained that this is what happens when you act like Jimmy Carter, and the neocons’ Foundation for the Defense of Democracies has essentially taken over the WSJ op-ed page. (As one wag noted, the WSJ’s unsigned editorial invoked 9/11 in the first sentence.) 
But note the lack of critical thought in these pieces. Reuel Marc Gerecht uses the story as the latest hook for his “let’s bomb Iran” shtick, and another FDD/WSJ offering even says that “though details of the plot are still scarce,” “[t]o doubt the Iranian regime’s responsibility in the thwarted attack is to misunderstand its nature, or to somehow fall prey to the delusion that when an Iranian connection appears behind a terror plot, its perpetrators have gone rogue or are acting on behalf of some dark faction to undermine a nonexistent ‘moderate’ camp within the regime.” 
Well, maybe, but I like details.I think there’s a pretty strong case for revisiting our assumptions about Iran, provided somebody can fill in the aforementioned holes. I had a bit more of a critical piece in CNN International, asking a number of questions that I’d like to see answered before deciding anything. I’ll just share with you one question I asked:
the accused seem to have believed that the [Mexican drug cartel the] Zetas would blow up [Saudi Ambassador Adel] al-Jubeir (and potentially a hundred people nearby, explicitly including possible U.S. senators) having only been fronted $100,000 of the $1.5 million payoff, and holding Arbabsiar as collateral.
There’s little evidence that the Zetas are stupid enough to cause themselves the trouble that blowing up a Washington restaurant containing the Saudi Ambassador and a hundred others would inevitably cause — especially for a potential payday of only $100,000 and a dead Iranian operative. Why did Arbabsiar or the IRGC think that the Zetas would be willing to do this deal? 
To my mind, this is the biggest question out there, but I raise several others. For my provisional thoughts on the story, have a look at that piece.
Read the full story here.
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Anti-Semitism at Occupy Los Angeles

From Zombie:
While there have been intense arguments in the media recently about hints of anti-Semitism which have erupted at New York’s Occupy Wall Street protest, very little attention has been paid to similar problems cropping up at other “Occupy” events around the country.
Below you will find some photographs and a video taken at the Occupy Los Angeles encampment which reveal how there is a growing encroachment of anti-Semitic “Jewish bankers” conspiracy theories becoming more and more evident at these events. Obviously not everyone at the “Occupy” protests is an anti-Semite, but the fact that these statements and views fit so neatly into the whole anti-banker milieu, and often go completely unchallenged by fellow protesters, should give everyone cause for concern about where this whole movement is heading.
The first four pictures show the signs close up. The second four pictures show the same signs in context as they appeared at the Occupy Los Angeles protest, to prove beyond any doubt that these are authentic. Below them is a video of an Occupy Los Angeles speaker spinning more conspiracy theories.
All Los Angeles photos and video here were taken by Ringo, and will appear in future reports at Ringo’s Pictures. This is the first time any of them have been shown online.
(Below the Los Angeles images there is a gallery of videos [many already well-known] of anti-Semitic protesters at the New York Occupation, along with transcriptions.)
First, at Occupy Los Angeles:

“End the Fed. Turn off the spigot!!!”, with an illustration showing Stars of David (containing the word “Zion”), missiles, and dollar signs, implying either that Jewish influence in the Federal government is what causes war funding, or that Jews pressure the government to send military aid to Israel, or both.

“Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult called the ILLUMINATI…This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to charge interest on funds they create out of nothing. Thus, the people who control our purse strings are conspiring against us…They have orchestrated TWO WORLD WARS and are planning a THIRD.”
This ancient stereotype of the evil and greedy “Jewish bankers” is the precursor to the “greedy Wall Street bankers” so hated by the Occupiers.

“It’s Yom Kippur: Banks should atone!” Hmmmm…why would the banks and bankers engage in a Jewish ritual practice (atonement on Yom Kippur) if they weren’t Jewish? Again, we return to the “Jewish bankers” theme.

“Humanity vs. the Rothschlds” [sic -- he means "Rothschilds.]
In earlier centuries up through WWII, anti-Semitic “Jewish banker” conspiracy theories frequently focused on the Rothschilds, a prominent European Jewish family which owned many financial institutions.
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October 14, 2008: The Day the Economy as We Knew It Died

From PJM:
Almost everyone who believes in the Constitution and free markets properly considers October 3, 2008, one of the darkest days in U.S. history. It was on that day that the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act” creating the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) became law. A day later, I wrote that law’s passage, accompanied by tactics and threats which amounted to orchestrated blackmail, over the strident objections of over 150 economists from across the political spectrum, only days after its initial voter-driven failure, proved that Washington’s politicians and elites “don’t care what we think.”
Abhorrent as it was, the sickening saga of TARP’s enactment was nothing compared to what transpired less than two weeks later.
Everyone’s understanding of the legislation — at least publicly expressed — was that it would, quoting from the bill’s text, authorize the Treasury Department “to purchase, and to make and fund commitments to purchase, troubled assets.” Specifically identified “troubled assets” included:
(A) residential or commercial mortgages and any securities, obligations, or other instruments that are based on or related to such mortgages, that in each case was originated or issued on or before March 14, 2008, the purchase of which the Secretary determines promotes financial market stability;
With that congressional authorization, everyone — again, at least publicly — expected Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to begin buying up “toxic assets.” No one expected that this would be easy, or that settling accounts with affected banks involved would occur quickly.
Ah, but there was a catch in the law which immediately followed. It authorized the purchase of:
(B) any other financial instrument that the Secretary, after consultation with the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, determines the purchase of which is necessary to promote financial market stability, but only upon transmittal of such determination, in writing, to the appropriate committees of Congress.
On October 14, Paulson, with President George W. Bush’s shameful capitalism-betraying acquiescence, morphed the program into a hostile government takeover of the banking system. If there’s one thing the ignoramuses in the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the American people in general need to understand, it’s this: Hank Paulson didn’t ask.
Instead, as the New York Times reported, Treasury’s Godfather called big bank executives into a meeting with no pre-announced agenda, made them an offer they couldn’t refuse ...
Go read the whole thing.
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Always remove the zeros!

BIG hat tip to Judith Weiss!

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