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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Evil Wicked Mean Nasty Legally Armed Gun Owner Shoots Innocent Misunderstood Mistreated All is Life Never Got Enough Hugs Thug Wielding A Crowbar to Protect her Children.

This woman ought to have to appear before Diane Feinstein and Michael Bloomberg to decide what punishment she should receive for daring to use a gun to defend herself.

The Blaze:

‘My Wife Is a Hero’: Georgia Mother Shoots Home Intruder Five Times After Being Cornered in Attic
A Georgia mother and her two young children are unharmed after a man broke into their house with a crowbar on Friday, cornering them in an attic crawlspace.
According to WSB-TV, the woman was at home with her nine-year-old twins when the doorbell rang. When they didn’t answer, the man reportedly went back to his car and returned with a crowbar.
Georgia Woman Hiding in Attic With Children Shoots Home Intruder Five Times
(Photo via WSB-TV)
The mother said she could see the suspect– now identified as Paul Slater– trying to enter the house with the crowbar from her office window. Without hesitation, she grabbed her children, her phone, her gun, and ran upstairs.
One can only imagine the breathless moments after the man broke down the door and began searching the house.
WSB-TV continues:
Georgia Woman Hiding in Attic With Children Shoots Home Intruder Five Times
Paul Slater (Photo: WSB-TV)
But the man eventually found the family.
“The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver,” [Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman] told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.
The woman then shot him five times, but he survived, Chapman said. He said the woman ran out of bullets but threatened to shoot the intruder if he moved.
“She’s standing over him, and she realizes she’s fired all six rounds. And the guy’s telling her to quit shooting,” Chapman said.
The woman ran to a neighbor’s home with her children. The intruder attempted to flee in his car but crashed into a wooded area and collapsed in a nearby driveway, Chapman said. [Emphasis added]
Slater– who was taken to the hospital with punctured lungs, a punctured liver, and a punctured stomach– has reportedly been arrested six times since 2008.
Georgia Woman Hiding in Attic With Children Shoots Home Intruder Five Times
Donnie Herman weighs in on his wife’s actions. (Photo: WSB-TV)
WSB-TV continues:
“My wife is a hero. She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do as a responsible, prepared gun owner,” [the woman's husband] Donnie Herman said.
He said he’s thankful for his family’s safety.
“Her life is saved, and her kids’ life is saved, and that’s all I’d like to say,” Herman said.
Commenters have overwhelmingly agreed with the husband thus far– one Savannah Morning News reader even posting a similar story illustrating the importance of the woman’s firearm.
In the other report, after an unarmed woman’s home was robbed, ​she​ was the one who ended up in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.
Watch WSB-TV’s entire report, below:


FWIW: 5 hits from a .38 Special did not bring this guy to a full stop -- he was able to run out of the house and, therefore, would have been able to continue to attack (for a while) if he had chosen to do so. Another reason the AR-15 family is so popular. That doesn't happen with them. Of course, a good Remington 870 in 12 or 20 gauge would have been even more effective. . .


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Alice in Chains

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Friday, January 04, 2013

John Zorn
Acoustic Masada Live Full Concert

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The Way It Should Be

Texas: Everyone Here Probably Owns a Gun, Is Carrying One, or Is Thinking About It

Q: How long is the waiting period to buy a Handgun / Shotgun / Rifle in Texas?
A: There is no waiting period for purchasing a firearm in the state of Texas.
Q: I just moved to Texas, do I have to register my firearms?
A: No, there is no state registration of firearms.
Q: I just inherited / bought a gun from someone in Texas, do I need to transfer the gun to my name?
A: No, there is no state registration of firearms, thus there is no requirement transfer the firearm in your name.
Q: Can I carry a firearm in my vehicle?
A: Yes. With the passage of the Motorist Protection Act you may now readily carry handguns, loaded and within reach, so long as you conceal the firearm. Long guns (rifles / shotguns) do not have to be concealed and may be loaded and within reach.
Q: Are machine guns / suppressors / short-barreled firearms, etc. legal in the state of Texas?
A: Yes. All NFA rules apply. See this FAQ for more info regarding Class III / Title II items.
Q: Are "assault weapons" banned in Texas?
A: No. Texas abides by Federal law which at this time has no restrictions on so-called "assault weapons" such as semi-auto AR15, FAL, G3 / HK91 rifles.
Q: Is there a limit on the number of rounds a magazine may hold?
A: No. The only limit on magazines in Texas is the number of rounds you are physically able to cram into the thing and/or carry and/or afford.
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"starting a furniture business now is very difficult in this country”

The Never ending Litany Adds Another Chapter of Futility

Lincolnton Furniture Company closed abruptly Thursday just one year after it was hailed by President Barack Obama as an example of the recovering U.S. economy.
Furniture-making operations stopped indefinitely and only a few people will remain employed moving forward, company financial officer Ben Causey said.
Owner Bruce Cochrane, a fifth generation furniture-manufacturer, formed the company in 2011 with a $5 million investment and the hope he could make a profit off people who wanted to buy furniture made in America.
It was a move that caught the attention of North Carolina officials and those in the White House. Last year, Cochrane sat with the first lady during Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address. He also joined the president and other business leaders in a discussion about how to create more jobs at home.
Attempts late Thursday to reach Cochrane were unsuccessful. Causey said company officials were thankful for the support they received from the community over the past year-and-a-half.
Jerry Cochrane, Bruce Cochrane’s uncle and former Lincoln County Commissioner, learned about the company’s closing Thursday.
“I was surprised that they stopped the operation this quickly,” he said. “But starting a furniture business now is very difficult in this country.”
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From Sheikh Yer Mami:
Here is Part 2 of the October interview with Bat Ye’or. Here she describes the “Palestinization” of Europe and the way the policies of Europe shifted fatally to the Palestinian cause, creating in Europe an intense hatred of Israel. This shift, for Bat Ye’or, marks a continuation of Nazism. She discusses the disaster of Obama’s 2008 election and the harm it has done to the United States by weakening our resolve and our loyalty to the West and to Israel. She emphasizes that by shifting to a pro-Islamic position the West has not only placed Israel in grave existential danger but all of Christianity as well.
Re-read Part One here.
- Eurabia in fact began because Europe adopted the Palestinian rhetoric and the Palestinian political vision. (…) What is this Palestinian vision? The Palestinian vision is that Israel does not have the right to exist and that the Palestinian people are destined to replace it. This vision is based on an Islamic vision of History meaning that Islam existed before Judaism and Christianity; the story of the Bible is a Muslim story that has been deformed by the Bible and therefore the true inhabitants of Palestine – the land of Israel – are the Muslims.
And Europe adopted this vision, it rejected the rational version of History – that there is proof from the time of King Tut of the existence of Israel. (…) There is archeological evidence of the existence of Israel, there were books written, there were the Romans, there’s a candelabra from Israel that you can see in Rome, well before Islam. And then we know how Christianity developed, there’s a whole story of Christianity that preceded Islam. No. Europe adopted the Islamic Palestinian jihadist vision against Israel, against Christianity. And at the same time, Europe also adopted the jihadist values of war against Israel. Europe has not stopped waging war against Israel. And in this alliance with Palestine, with Arafat, Europe has reunited with its Nazi roots, with the Nazi war.
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Be Still My Throbbing Member

Ladies of the Democratic Party Pose For Photo on Capitol Steps

From Gateway Pundit:

UNITED STATES – Jan 3 : Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT., wore her Sunday Best to the Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sponsored photo opportunity with the Democratic women of the House to highlight the historic diversity of the House Democratic Caucus in the 113th Congress and celebrate the increased number of women joining the Democratic Caucus on January 3, 2013. 
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FBI: Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies So Close They Can Kill You

Here is evidence that the infiltration long predates the Obama Administration.
Here is al-Awlaki addressing "moderate" Muslims including Nihad Awad of Hamas-linked CAIR on Capitol Hill in 2002. The rest is below. "Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Indicate FBI Knew Assassinated U.S. Born Terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi Purchased Airline Tickets for 9/11 Hijackers," from Judicial Watch, January 3 (thanks to Jeff):
WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Jan 3, 2013) - Judicial Watch announced today that it has received documents from the U.S. State Department indicating that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was aware on September 27, 2001, that Anwar al-Aulaqi, the U.S. born terrorist assassinated by a U.S. drone in Yemen on September 30, 2011, had purchased airplane tickets for three of the 9/11 terrorist hijackers, including mastermind Mohammed Atta. Subsequent to the FBI's discovery, al-Aulaqi was detained and released by authorities at least twice and had been invited to dine at the Pentagon.
According to a September 27, 2001, FBI transcription, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State and Federal Bureau of Investigations (No. 1:12-cv-00893)), al-Aulaqi purchased airline tickets for the following 9/11 hijackers:
  • Mohammed Atta, America West Airlines, 08/13/2001, for a flight from Washington, DC, to Las Vegas, Nevada, to Miami, Florida.
  • S. Suqami, Southwest Airlines, 07/10/2001, for a flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Orlando, Florida.
  • Al-Sheri, National Airlines, 08/01/2001, for a flight from San Francisco, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, to Miami, Florida.
The documents also include material showing that al-Aulaqi was uncooperative with FBI agents investigating the 9/11 attacks and was seemingly a central focus of the FBI investigation and monitoring related to 9/11.
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John Zorn

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

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"When Hell freezes over" - Time-Warner: The hell you'll put al-Jazeera on our cable network

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

"When Hell freezes over" - Time-Warner: The hell you'll put al-Jazeera on our cable network.HT:IsraelMatzav.
On Wednesday, al-Jazeera purchased Al Gore's Current TV network for $500 million. And on Thursday, Time-Warner, the largest cable operator in the US, announced that it was dropping Current TV because Time-Warner refuses to broadcast al-Jazeera .
Time Warner Cable pulled the plug on Current TV just hours after news of the cable channel's sale to Al Jazeera became official.
"This channel is no longer available on Time Warner Cable," read an on-screen message where Current TV used to be found.
Al Jazeera took a major step into the U.S. cable market Wednesday by acquiring beleaguered Current TV and announcing plans for a U.S.-based news network to be called Al Jazeera America. But while the new channel will soon be available in 40 million households, Al Jazeera faced a setback when Time Warner Cable -- which reaches 12 million homes -- announced it was dropping the low-rated Current, which occupied a spot that could have been switched to Al Jazeera America.
Joel Hyatt, who co-founded Current TV with former Vice President Al Gore, told staff in a Wednesday night memo that Time Warner Cable "did not consent to the sale to Al Jazeera."
"Consequently, Current will no longer be carried on TWC," Hyatt wrote. "This is unfortunate, but I am confident that Al Jazeera America will earn significant additional carriage in the months and years ahead."
A Time Warner Cable spokesman said in a statement that "our agreement with Current will be terminated and we will no longer be carrying the channel."
Al-Jazeera is the mouthpiece of the anti-Semitic Qatari government. The fewer people who carry it, the better. 

Read the full story here.
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Companies are Cutting Back Hours, Avoiding Hiring, To Avoid Obamacare Mandate

It sure is great Barack Obama loves us so much that he gave us all Free Health Care.

From the USA Today:

Many businesses plan to bring on more part-time workers next year, trim the hours of full-time employees or curtail hiring because of the new health care law, human resource firms say.
Their actions could further dampen job growth, which already is threatened by possible federal budget cutbacks resulting from the tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff.
"It will have a negative impact on job creation" in 2013, says Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's Analytics.
Under the Affordable Care Act, businesses that employ at least 50 full-time workers — or the equivalent, including part-time workers — must offer health insurance to staffers who work at least 30 hours a week. Employers that don't provide coverage must pay a $2,000-per-worker penalty, excluding the first 30 employees.
The so-called employer mandate to offer health coverage doesn't take effect until Jan. 1, 2014. But to determine whether employees work enough hours on average to receive benefits, employers must track their schedules for three to 12 months prior to 2014 — meaning many are restructuring payrolls now or will do so early next year.
About a quarter of businesses surveyed by consulting firm Mercer don't offer health coverage to employees who work at least 30 hours a week. Half of them plan to make changes so fewer employees work that many hours.
The health care law will particularly affect companies with 40 to 45 workers that plan to expand and hire. Many are holding off so they don't cross the 50-employee threshold, says Christine Ippolito, principal at Compass Workforce Solutions, a human resource consulting firm in Melville, N.Y.
Ernie Canadeo, president of EGC Group, a Melville-based advertising and marketing agency with 45 employees, planned to add 10 next year but now says he may add fewer so he's not subject to the mandate. Still, he says, he'll eventually have to hire more workers to grow. "If business demands that I hire, then I have to hire," he says.
Others already over the 50-employee threshold plan to add more part-time workers or cut the hours of full-timers, says Rob Wilson, head of Employco, a human resource outsourcing firm. Many, he says, will hire more temporary workers, whom they won't have to cover.
Nearly half of retailers, restaurants and hotels will be affected by the law, according to Mercer. They employ large numbers of part-time and seasonal employees, including many who work about 30 hours a week.
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And on this day I can honestly say I MISS Keith Olberman

According to the New York Times’ Brian Stelter, Al Jazeera is about to acquire Al Gore’s ultra-leftist and low-rated cable outlet Current TV. Stelter reported: “If the deal is completed, Current will provide the pan-Arab news giant with something it has sought for years: a pathway into American living rooms.”

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dickens/2013/01/02/al-jazeera-acquire-ultra-left-current-tv#ixzz2Gw0BnLV6
Now if Olberman was still there at Current, imagine how GOOD it would feel to say that Keith Olberman works for Al Jazzeera.
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First Afghan Female Rapper-Soosan Firooz seeks reason with rhymes

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

(NDTv).Kabul: Sporting a long leather coat and western jeans under a headscarf, Soosan Feroz looks like many modern women in Kabul.
But she is a surprising new phenomenon in this conservative Islamic country -- the nation's first female rapper.
Her lyrics though are not unfamiliar for many of her fellow countrywomen - she raps of rape, abuse and atrocities that Afghan women have endured during decades of war in a country gripped by poverty.
"My raps are about the sufferings of women in my country, the pains of the war that we have endured and the atrocities of the war," Feroz told AFP in an interview in the office of a local company that is helping her record her first album, between local performances including at the US embassy in Kabul.
Like most fellow Afghans, the 23-year-old says her life is filled with bitterness - memories of war, bombing and a life at refugee camps in neighbouring Iran and Pakistan.
She was taken to Pakistan as a child by her parents and later to Iran, escaping a bloody civil war at home in 1990s.
Two years after the 2001 US-led invasion of her war-scarred nation that toppled the Taliban, the then-teenager returned home with her family.
She worked as a carpet weaver with her other siblings for a living until she discovered her new talent.
Told that rap and hip hop had become a way for many artists around the world to express daily hardships in their lives, Feroz says: "If rap singing is a way to tell your miseries, Afghans have a lot to say. 
"That's why I chose to be a rapper."
She recalls her woes at Iranian refugee camps in her first recorded piece of music, "Our neighbours", which has been posted on Youtube and viewed nearly 100,000 times: "What happened to us in the neighbouring country?
"We became 'the dirty Afghan'
"At their bakeries we were pushed at the back of the queue."
The lyrics are borne from personal experience, Feroz said. "As a child when I was going to bring bread from our neighbourhood bakery, the Iranians would tell me, 'go back, you dirty Afghan'.
"I would be the last one in the line to get my bread," she said.
One of the songs is called "Naqis-Ul Aql" which can be translated as "deficient-in-mind" - a common belief about women among Afghan men.
"In this rap, she sings about the miseries of the women in Afghanistan, about abuses and wrong beliefs that still exists about women," Rastagar told AFP.
Afghan women have made some progress since the fall of the Taliban but many still suffer horrific abuse including so-called 'honour killings" for perceived sexual disobedience.
Feroz, the daughter of a former civil servant and an illiterate housewife who remarkably let their daughter sing, has already made scores of enemies not only among conservatives but within her own family.
After releasing her first song on the internet, Feroz's uncles and their families have shunned her, accusing her of bringing shame on them.
Others, mostly anonymous callers, have threatened to kill her.
"What's my fault?" she asks. "I always receive phone calls from unknown men who say I'm a bad girl and they will kill me," she says, her dark eyes welling with tears. Sitting next to her is her father, Abdul Ghafaar Feroz, who says he prides himself on being her "personal secretary".
"I'm not deterred," Feroz said, her father nodding his head in agreement. "Somebody had to start this, I did and I don't regret it and I will continue. I want to be the voice of women in my country.".Hmmmm...Another 'Brave' Woman, if Islamic extremism will be erased, it will be because of women like her.Read the full story here.
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This Week On The Gathering Storm: Pastorius!

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch. The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest is IBA's own Pastorius.

Listen to the January 4, 2013 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Bob Munden, "Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived”, Dies at 70

From the Telegraph:

One journalist reckoned that if Munden had been at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, on October 26 1881, the gunfight would have been over in 5 to 10 seconds. He could whip out his Colt .45 single action revolver (as used by John Wayne), shoot a target and replace the gun in his holster in .0175 seconds, and over his lifetime he won more than 3500 trophies, 800 championship titles and bagged 18 world records in speed-shooting. 
Munden’s accuracy was deadly. He could burst two balloons six feet apart in what sounded like a single shot and split playing cards — edgeways. He might not have been quite as fast as the French cartoon character “Lucky Luke”, the cowboy who could “draw faster than his shadow”, but Munden’s audiences sometimes needed slow-motion action replay to convince them that what they had just seen was not a trick.
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UK: "Popular, Mainstream" Textbook Removes Israel From Map, Replaced With "Occupied Palestine"

From Gatestone:
Ahmadinejad promised it. Now British textbooks are doing it. Israel has been wiped off the map by Garnet Education, an English-language teaching company in Britain, whose educational textbook ‘Skills in English Writing Level 1′, aimed at foreign students and immigrants to the UK, contains a map with “Occupied Palestine” in place of the Jewish State. 
Speaking to the Algemeiner, the prominent American Jewish newspaper which broke the story, school teacher Liz Wiseman noted that the book is “one of the more popular and mainstream English language teaching (ELT) textbooks published by Garnet, which is quite popular and mainstream. [...] 
In 2010, it was revealed that the leading geography textbook for British school students encouraged students to ask questions such as ”Why did the Jews seize land that is now Israel?” 
The textbook also sought to excuse terrorism, informing school students that “Palestinians feel powerless. They have no country, no government, no army and few resources – so they resort to bombing to make their point”.
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Fatwa Sanctioning Gang Rape

With a hat tip to Brooke of PaleoCon Command Center:

The euphemism for gang rape: "intercourse marriage."

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Tooheyville - John Boehner is essential to the nation

er,…well„ to us.
Boehner has been able to combine the ineffectiveness of his efforts to control the radical tea party racist, tri-corner hat wearing, witchphilic, seccesionist, freaks to his right, with his farcical efforts to fake negotiating with  the director of progressive and just policies of the USA.
He has managed to help us along at every turn by having no ideology except the transparent one to be elected back in Ohio by attempting to be perceived as reasonable.
Of course, probably a near or real majority of his own party elected by the gun nut ammo hoarding, banana clip, bible quoting, worried that faces darker than their own will be schtupping their daughters, - whackos of the far right, perceive him for what he is.
But you see, we will all be speaking for his re-election as Speaker of the House of the insane clown posse of republican asylum inmates. He is their best.
The best for the nation, you see.
That is our truth.
That is, therefore, THE TRUTH. If you don’t believe this, we can explain to you in Room 101.
But, you see, he is so very amusing.
Actually this week, with the director of Progressiveness refusing to even DEBATE over the debt ceiling, it is ALL SO AMUSING.

Your Pal,
Ellsworth Toohey
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Israel 2013 - Czechoslovakia 1938?

Is history repeating itself?  Please watch the video (hat tip to Will of MFS - The Other News):

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Just So We're Clear

The people on their map might not be able to be trusted with guns. . .

. . .but the private armed guards at their office can be

New York Slimes::

Paper That Put Gun Permit Map Online Hires Armed Guards 

A newspaper based in White Plains that drew nationwide anger after publishing the names and addresses of handgun permit holders last month is being guarded by armed security personnel at two of its offices, the publisher said Wednesday.
The increased security comes as the newspaper, The Journal News, has promised to forge ahead with plans to expand its interactive map of permit holders to include a third county in the suburbs of New York City, and local officials there have vowed to block the records’ release.
The armed guards — hired from local private security companies — have been stationed in The Journal News’s headquarters and in a satellite office in West Nyack, N.Y., since last week, said Janet Hasson, the president and publisher of The Journal News Media Group.
“The safety of my staff is my top priority,” Ms. Hasson said in a telephone interview.
The newspaper prompted a national discussion and a torrent of rage online after it published an interactive map of handgun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties on its Web site last month. The Journal News had gathered the information from public records after the school shooting in nearby Newtown, Conn.
Ms. Hasson declined to elaborate on any specific threats to the newspaper’s staff, beyond saying that the permit map had precipitated the security precautions. She did not describe the number of guards or the guns they were carrying.
But an editor at the West Nyack office told the local police that the newspaper had received “a large amount of negative correspondence” related to the publication of the map, according to a police report highlighted by The Rockland County Times on Tuesday. The police report said that e-mails received did not contain threats and that armed guards from a private security firm had not reported any problems at the office.
Despite the anger at the newspaper’s employees — some have had their addresses mapped by bloggers in retaliation — Ms. Hasson said the newspaper would continue to seek permit information for Putnam County.
But officials there, including the county clerk and a state senator, have said they intend to block the release of permit information.
The senator, Greg Ball, a Republican who represents the area, lashed out at the “asinine editors” at The Journal News who, he said, “have gone out of their way to place a virtual scarlet letter on law-abiding firearm owners throughout the region.”
“I thank God that Putnam County has a clerk with the guts to stand up and draw the line here,” Senator Ball said. “This is clearly a violation of privacy and needs to be corrected immediately.”
The county clerk, Dennis J. Sant, said he and other officials were meeting on Wednesday to discuss legal options for stopping the release of the permit information and would hold a news conference on Thursday.
“When these laws were conceived, there was no social media, there was no Google maps,” he said.
Mr. Sant said permit holders were “upstanding citizens” like retired police officers and doctors. “I can’t put these people in harm’s way like this,” he said.
Ms. Hasson said that despite the hectic atmosphere and increased security at The Journal News offices, the newspaper would go to court if necessary to obtain the public records. “Right now they’re denying it,” she 
said of Putnam officials. “We’re conferring to see what the next steps are.”
It was unclear whether the county officials had the authority to block the release. The permits are public records that were requested by the newspaper using the state’s Freedom of Information Law.
Robert Freeman of the State Committee on Open Government said the officials would be breaking the law if they refused to release the records.
The name and address of any handgun permit holder “shall be a public record,” he said, reading a section of New York State law. “In my opinion,” he added, “there is not a lot of room for interpretation.”

Dear Friends,
   Why have you not yet understood that not only is hypocrisy necessary to our success, not only is it expected by the people, but without well executed hypocrisy, no political success is possible. The problem for all of you gun nut whackos, is that you cannot be successfully hypocritical! This is a non survival trait. Most amusing to see all this consternation and confusion


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Japan’s Population Falls by Record in 2012 as Births Decrease

Japan’s population last year declined by 212,000, the biggest drop on record, according to an estimate by the nation’s health ministry.

That’s the largest reduction since the ministry started recording the data in 1947 and a sixth straight year of declines.

The number of births fell by 18,000 to a record low of 1.03 million last year, the ministry said.
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Humpday Blues

Jeff Healey
As The Years Go Passing By

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Senate Report Confirms Obama Lied When He Linked Benghazi To Mohammed Film On September 18th

(CNSNews.com) – Three days after CIA and State Department eyewitnesses reported on Sept. 15 that there had been no protest in Benghazi, Libya, before terrorists attacked the U.S. diplomatic mission and a CIA facility there on Sept. 11, President Barack Obama and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney both publicly linked the attacks, which killed four Americans, to protests against an anti-Muslim video that had been posted on YouTube. 
Carney did it at the White House press briefing on Tuesday, Sept. 18, and Obama did it later that same day in a taped interview with David Letterman. 
However, according to a new report by the Senate Homeland Security Committee, personnel working at the CIA “Annex” in Benghazi on Sept. 11 reported on Sept. 15 that there had been no protest in Benghazi that day, and State Department security personnel who survived the Benghazi attacks told FBI interviewers on Sept. 15 and Sept. 16 that they, too, had seen no evidence of any protest before the attacks. 
At the White House briefing on Sept. 18, Carney said that there was a protest in Benghazi on Sept. 11 against the anti-Muslim YouTube video and that the attacks there were “sparked” by protests. Obama, appearing on David Letterman’s show that same day, instantly referred to the video and called its maker a “shadowy character” when Letterman asked him what had happened in Benghazi.
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Johnny and June





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Rest In Peace

Patti Page




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As well as John Boehner.

And every other worthless Republican on this list.

Who voted in favor of the Fiscal Sellout.

Including Paul Ryan.

Jim Gerlach is my Representative.

And he voted in favor of this.

He voted in favor of my taxes going up. By 2%. And yours too.

While selling it as keeping my taxes from going up. And yours too.

Duplicitous lying self serving bastards.


Remember it in 2014.

If we can't find a way to recall them before that.

And let's et rid of a good number of those who voted against it as well.

Sort of a warning shot to others who follow behind them.

Here's the list of the spineless bastards: Republicans who voted 'Yes' on the Senate's 'Fiscal Cliff' bill And finally, gentlemen and ladies on this list, might I conclude by saying, in the very words of your own chickenshit crybaby leader


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Victor Davis Hanson: Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times

From Victor Davis Hanson:

These are the most foreboding times in my 59 years. The reelection of Barack Obama has released a surge of rare honesty among the Left about its intentions, coupled with a sense of triumphalism that the country is now on board for still greater redistributionist change.
There is no historical appreciation among the new progressive technocracy that central state planning, whether the toxic communist brand or supposedly benevolent socialism, has only left millions of corpses in its wake, or abject poverty and misery. Add up the Soviet Union and Mao’s China and the sum is 80 million murdered or starved to death. Add up North Korea, Cuba, and the former Eastern Europe, and the tally is egalitarian poverty and hopelessness. The EU sacrificed democratic institutions for coerced utopianism and still failed, leaving its Mediterranean shore bankrupt and despondent.
Nor is there much philosophical worry that giving people massive subsidies destroys individualism, the work ethic, and the personal sense of accomplishment. There is rarely worry expressed that a profligate nation that borrows from others abroad and those not born has no moral compass. There is scant political appreciation that the materialist Marxist argument — that justice is found only through making sure that everyone has the same slice of stuff from the zero-sum pie — was supposed to end up on the ash heap of history.

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