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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Look Of A Man Who Knows His Goose Is Cooked

Marco Rubio: "They said there was something in it for me."

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Tommy Robinson & Kevin Carroll of the EDL assaulted then arrested during charity walk to Woolwich

Why are these Police People not ashamed of themselves?

Tommy (to pathetic Police Woman): How have we obstructed you?

Pathetic Police Woman: I'm sorry, but I can't explain.


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UK: 50,000 Patriots Needed

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were arrested for the mere act of walking through a predominantly Muslim neighborhood.

Here is the video:


I don't know what the Elites have planned in the UK, but at this point, we can still legally walk wherever we damned well please.

Apparently, the police think there is a law barring walking about freely, however, as they arrested these two good men.

If one were to ask a radical Muslim, who lives in the Tower Hamlets neighborhood, what law might compel a non-Muslim from walking in a Muslim neighborhood, they would have no problem telling you the name of that law:


specifically, Dhimmi Laws.

In Islam, Dhimmis (non-Mulims who, because of their submission to Islam, are granted a pass which,

consigns them to the status of Second-Class Citizen,

responsible forevermore to express themselves only in terms of subservience

to the Children of Allah

who they are granted the heady permission to spend their time amongst.

I don't know about you, but when someone tells me I ought to be grateful to be treated like a slave, I say, "Fuck you, I'll do what I want."

And this is what is needed:

We need Infidels to come together and march, to push back against the encroaching Sharia, to say,

"Fuck you, I will do what I want. 

I will walk where I want. 

And, I will say what I want."

"Thank you very much, and good day, sir."

This was suggested by a commenter named Seneca III:

I wonder if there is any way say 50,000 or so patriots could be mustered, committed and strong hearted to a man and woman, to undertake this walk instead; how would the grovelling, Islamophilic new Gestapo manage that one, particularly if all of these thousands of people came together independently, singly or in small groups, from every direction and from every part of the land to finally coalesce in one place at one time and then to advance with courage and determination, all prepared to support each other in the face of the brutality that would be brought down upon them?

Then, again, I wonder if there are even 50,000 patriots left in this country after all these years of indoctrination and intimidation but, if there are, they will have to move soon and do so without central co-ordination, the only commonalty being awareness of the day and the time and that neither banners, nor uniforms nor flags be carried so that they appear nothing more than the common man going about his lawful business.

In such a scenario they would be difficult to kettle, beat or arrest until they were too many and too big to handle; it is easy for our Police State enforcers to put their jackboots on the necks of a few individuals, but how would they be able to do it to tens of thousands?

”To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”


Seneca III 

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Ayaan Hirisi Ali: The Two-State Solution Is a Two-State Delusion

From Atlas Shrugs:

'Even if you give up all the land, it won't solve the problems in the Mideast' Israel Hayom, June 28, 2013 (thanks to Andrew Bostom)
An interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of "Infidel" • "From the perspective of the Arab leaders, reaching a two-state solution is to betray God. If you want peace and not merely a process, you must make peace with the people. The negotiators themselves are of no importance."
There is something dignified in the quiet, determined manner of Ayaan Hirsi Ali as she rises from the audience and walks towards the podium to deliver her lecture. Ayaan Hirsi Ali's intricate history starts in Somalia, where she was born to a Muslim family. At the age of five she underwent female genital mutilation. By her teens she was a devout Muslim. In her early twenties, upon learning of plans for an undesirable arranged marriage, she made her way to Holland, where she applied for asylum. Hirsi Ali studied at Leiden University and began publishing critical articles about Islam, the condition of the Muslim woman, and so forth.   
Read more »
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Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, arrested outside Islamic Area Called Tower Hamlets

Tommy and Kev, who had walked from Hyde Park, have been arrested at Aldgate, on the border of Tower Hamlets, which appears now officially a “no go zone” for natives.



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Taliban will serve in Afghan army


From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

British troops won't leave Afghanistan until the end of the decade, Taliban will serve in Afghan army.(DM).

•Senior official says soldiers will be needed for extra three to five years 
•Prime Minister visited frontline troops to mark British Armed Forces Day 
•He has announced plans for a permanent Afghan war memorial in the UK 
•UK plans to end combat operations in the country in December 2014 
•Taliban prisoners to be released into the Afghan military under peace deal British troops will be in Afghanistan until the end of the decade a senior military figure has admitted.
Despite the start of political reconciliation, a senior commander has conceded that British troops will have to stay for 'three to five years' after the UK ends combat operations in December 2014. That means British forces could still be in the war zone in December 2019. It came as David Cameron visited the frontline today to mark Armed Forces Day and announce plans for a permanent Afghan war memorial in the UK.

Today, a senior diplomat revealed that troops will have to work alongside their Taliban enemies. Prisoners from the militant group will be released as part of peace negotiations and senior sources say they will be 'put in uniform' in the Afghan military. That will dismay the families of the 444 British servicemen who have died in Afghanistan since 2001. 

It had already been announced that 170 British troops will remain after the end of 2014 to run the Afghan officer academy at Qarga, known as 'Sandhurst in the sand'. But senior commanders have now admitted that Afghan forces will need far more help than just training. Nato's follow-on mission will also have to help with medical evacuation, logistics, planning helicopter operations and integrating ground combat with close air support. Army chiefs say the Afghan military are now a match for the Taliban on the battlefield, but lack the ability to run support operations properly.
But a senior diplomat admitted that political gains - including six million children now attending school - are 'not irreversible', though politicians hope that the younger generation of Afghans will resist a slide back to the old warlord culture. 
Diplomats also admit that the Taliban are likely to win greater power after 2014. Talks are under way to change the Afghan constitution, which gives 'godlike' powers to the President. Changes would make it easier for the Taliban to control the Southern and Eastern parts of the country.Read the full story here.
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Orthodox Jewish Group To Protect UK Mosque After "A Rise In Hate Crimes Against Muslims"

I'd like to see the Orthodox Jews protect against THIS

From the Times of London:
JTA — An Orthodox Jewish patrol group in London said it would protect a mosque after a rise in hate crimes against Muslims.  
The Shomrim patrol group accepted a request for protection by the North London Community Centre in Cazenove Road, an Islamic institution situated in the heavily-Jewish Borough of Hackney in northern London.  
The deal was brokered at a recent meeting coordinated by Ian Sharer, a member of the local council, the Hackney Gazette reported this week.  
It came following a rise in anti-Muslim attacks after the slaying of a British soldier on May 22 in London.  
The suspect, a 22-year-old Muslim extremist, was filmed holding a large knife over the soldier’s decapitated body. A second suspect was charged with attempted murder and is believed to have acted as an accomplice.  
Tell Mama, a watchdog on hate crime, recorded 212 incidents in the nine days that followed the murder, including 120 online. In 2012, the same group documented 12 anti-Muslim incidents per week on average and 624 in total.  
Sharer, who is Jewish, told the Gazette that he was asked by “Muslim friends to chair the meeting. The meeting was a great success.  
The Shomrim patrols have agreed to include the local mosques and other buildings as part of their routine patrols.”  
The local Shomrim group, numbering 22, was set up in 2008 in part as a reaction to anti-Semitic incidents, the Gazette reported. Members of the 24-hour patrol group have been trained by Hackney police, and have neighborhood patrol badges and uniforms.  
Chaim Hochhauser, 33, one of two Shomrim supervisors said the request from protection came from the Muslim community through Sharer. “We told them what we could do. We are pleased the Jewish community wanted to help.”
When has a Muslim group ever helped Jews? I'd like to be hopeful and believe that this hand extended by the Jewish community is going to set a precedent leading to reciprocal help going in both directions, but my years of doing this have made me realize that every time I begin to have hope for Muslims in general, that hope is dashed by their continued adherence to the Koran itself

Also, note that this Times of London article does not tell us what these "hate crimes" were.

That because there were none worth mentioning - no violent attacks.

I'm guessing almost every single one of those "212 attacks" were people making fun of women in chained up Burqas, or inarticulate anti-Islam messages left on Facebook pages.

The oppression of Muslims is a myth.

The article itself tells us that.

After the brutal and grotesque slaughter/near beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby by Muslims in the street in broad daylight,

there were 212 attacks,

none of which are worth mentioning by the PC-media, which would most assuredly be specific about those attacks, if any single one of them actually threatened Muslims with anything more than hurt feelings.

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Muslim Brotherhood, FJP offices attacked throughout Egypt

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Muslim Brotherhood, FJP offices attacked throughout Egypt.HT: AlAhram.
Offices of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in different Egyptian governorates were reportedly raided and torched on Friday.

In the Nile Delta governorate of Daqahliya, the FJP's office
was set on fire by protesters after the latter claimed to have heard shotguns being discharged from the building, eyewitnesses told Al-Ahram's Arabic-language news website.
The office remains besieged by thousands of protesters.Eyewitnesses also told Al-Ahram that the number of injured were estimated at ten, including four who had since been transferred to hospital.
The Muslim Brotherhood, for its part, released a statement holding members of the anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaign responsible for the violence.
Meanwhile, in Alexandria, which has seen clashes between the two rival camps since Friday afternoon, the FJP's office in the coastal city's Sidi Gaber district was set on fire.
The clashes in Alexandria have left over 40 injured, according to Ahram Online's Sayyed Gamal.
A Muslim Brotherhood office was also reportedly attacked in the Nile Delta Beheira governorate.
In a statement issued by Ikhwan Online, the Brotherhood's official website, the group accused former regime elements and members of the 'Rebel' campaign – who they called "thugs" – of being behind the attack in Beheira.
"The attackers looted the office," the statement read. "Although the party's young cadres appealed for help, police have refused to intervene."
The Nile Delta Gharbiya and Kafr Al-Sheikh governorates, meanwhile, also witnessed attacks on the Islamist group's offices.
The attacks come as rival protests – both for and against President Mohamed Morsi, propelled to power last year by the Muslim Brotherhood – take place in governorates throughout Egypt.
On Saturday, the Islamist group's office in Morsi's hometown of Zagazig in the Nile Delta was also attacked, leaving one dead and 26 injured. 

Street battles between the rival camps have also erupted in a number of northern governorates. In Mansoura, one person was killed and over 200 wounded.
Fifty-three people have also been injured in Sharqiya and two in Gharbiya in similar confrontations.
On Friday evening, there were reports that the Freedom and Justice Party’s headquarters in Al-Khanka in Qalioubiya governorate were raided by locals, according to state-owned news agency MENA.
According to eyewitnesses, the office was empty at the time of the attack.
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VIDEO: Tens of thousands in Tahrir Square demand President Morsi step down

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

VIDEO: Tens of thousands in Tahrir Square demand President Morsi step down.HT: AlAhram.
Protesters have put up 18 tents so far at the Ittihadeya presidential palace in Cairo's Heliopolis district, in preparation for mass demonstrations planned for Sunday aimed at forcing President Mohamed Morsi to step down.

They also set up a stage near the main entrance to Heliopolis Sporting Club, opposite Gate 4 of the palace.

Meanwhile, the security presence in the area is increasing as five Central Security Forces (CSF) trucks and a fire-extinguishing vehicle stand at Ittihadeya.

Similarly, the number of tents in Cairo's central Tahrir Square has increased to 150 after thousands staged an anti-Morsi demonstration Friday afternoon. 

Meanwhile, Morsi's supporters, mainly of Islamist groups, continue their sit-in at Rabaa El-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo's Nasr City district.

Thousands staged a rally there Friday asserting Morsi's right to continue his term as president until the next elections, scheduled for 2016.

The open-ended demonstration, called for by 40 Islamists parties and groups — spearheaded by the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, from which Morsi hails — is being held under the banner, "Democratic legitimacy is a red line." 

Egypt is anticipating mass nationwide protests Sunday aimed at bringing down Morsi and calling early presidential elections. The call for protests was first made by the Rebel campaign aimed at collecting 15 million signatures withdrawing confidence from Morsi. The campaign is backed by major opposition groups, including the National Salvation Front (NSF).

Tensions have been building between supporters and opponents of the president. Clashes broke out in several governorates over the past week leaving at least five dead, including two in Mediterranean city of Alexandria on Friday's protests there.

A three-hour speech by Morsi Wednesday night called for national reconciliation but was not well-received by the opposition.
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Is it time to prosecute the IPCC for fraud?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, from Watt's Up With That?
The IPCC, having spent almost two months working out how to respond to my complaint about a notoriously bogus graph in its Fourth Assessment Report, has found itself not guilty. In doing so, it is wilfully perpetuating a fraud, which will now be reported to the prosecuting authorities.
My complaint was as follows:
“The graph purports to show, but does not show, that the rate of global warming has been accelerating and that the accelerated global warming is anthropogenic.”

The conclusion the IPCC draws by superimposing multiple trend-lines on the HadCRUt curve of global mean surface temperature anomalies since 1850 is that because the trend-lines starting more recently are steepest the world is warming ever faster and we are to blame. The caption to the graph makes this clear:
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Blackout: Defense Department Blocks All Articles About NSA Leaks From “Millions” Of Computers, Guardian Website Restricted

Artwork - The Abandoned Soldier
The Department of Defense is blocking online access to news reports about classified National Security Agency documents made public by Edward Snowden. The blackout affects all of the department’s computers and is part of a department-wide directive. 
“Any website that runs information that the Department of Defense still considers classified” is affected, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Damien Pickart told U.S. News in a phone interview. 
According to Pickart, news websites that re-report information first published by The Guardian or other primary sources are also affected. 
“If that particular website runs an article that our filters determine has classified information… the particular content on that website will remain inaccessible,” he said.
Pickart said the blackout affects “millions” of computers on “all Department of Defense networks and systems.” 
The spokesman told U.S. News that original reports about the leaks may be specifically targeted for the blackout. He admitted that “automated filters are never perfect,” and some reports may slip through the cyber blockade. [...] 
The Monterey Herald reported Thursday that the Army was restricting access to The Guardian’s website. A spokesman for the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command confirmed that the policy affected The Guardian, but the scope of the military’s blackout wasn’t immediately clear.
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Jaco Pastorius
Live In Japan

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From Melanie Phillips:
By banning from the country as extremists the American anti-jihadis Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, the Home Secretary Teresa May has not only made herself look ridiculous but has sent the enemies of the United Kingdom the message that they have it on the run.  
I do not support the approach taken by either Geller or Spencer to the problem of Islamic extremism. Both have endorsed groups such as the EDL and others which at best do not deal with the thuggish elements in their ranks and at worst are truly racist or xenophobic.  
The result has been a serious blow to the credibility of these two writers, with particular damage being done to Spencer whose scholarship in itself is scrupulous. It has also split the defence against Islamic extremism, and handed a potent propaganda weapon to those who seek falsely to portray as bigoted extremists all who are engaged in the defence of the west against the Islamic jihad.  
Nevertheless, the decision to ban this duo from Britain is unjustified, oppressive and comes perilously close to lining up the British government alongside those who wish to silence defenders of the west against the jihad, making a total mockery of Britain’s understanding of just who presents a danger to the state. Neither Geller nor Spencer remotely presents such a danger.
So why did Mrs May ban Spencer and Geller? Was it because of the petition to do so by Hope not Hate -- which misrepresented and smeared them by claiming they called all Muslims savages (they did not)? Was it in response to one of the signatories to this petition, Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner (who Spencer and Geller say also misrepresented what they have said) who termed them ‘hate preachers – every bit as bad as those who use the name of Islam to propagate hatred’?  
What an extraordinary thing to say. Geller and Spencer don’t go round calling for people to be killed, or preaching genocide or holy war, or spreading conspiracy theories and lies to foment hysteria and hatred. But when he was chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Tony Lloyd led a delegation to Gaza to meet leaders of Hamas, where he was photographed fraternally shaking the hand of the Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.  
So Lloyd is happy to meet with a group whose leader has called Israel a ‘cancerous tumour that must be removed’ and whose officials have said ‘the Jews are the most despicable and contemptible nation to crawl upon the face of the earth, because they have displayed hostility to Allah… 
Allah will kill the Jews in the hell of the world to come, just like they killed the believers in the hell of this world’  
‘...the Jewish faith does not wish for peace nor stability, since it is a faith that is based on murder: “I kill, therefore I am”... Israel is based only on blood and murder in order to exist, and it will disappear, with Allah's will, through blood and shahids [martyrs]’  
 – and yet he called for Spencer and Geller to be banned as ‘hate preachers’, a demand which the Home Secretary agrees was justified even as she allows real hate preachers to spread their poison around Britain.  
 Has Britain now totally lost the plot?
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NY Times 'Model Muslim' Endorses Sharia for America

From Vlad Tepes:

The day before the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2010 the New York Times featured Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam as a typical model Muslim American in an article titled Muslims and Islam Were Part of Twin Towers' Life.
Yet, in a video taken of Abdus-Salaam less than six months later, Abdus- Salaam is seen stating unequivocally that Sharia law should replace the U.S. constitution, complete with punishments for crimes that under Islamic law require stoning.
The video (see below) shows Abdus-Salaam attending a lecture by his old friend and associate radical Imam Sirhaj Wahhaj at an event at the University of Central Florida. The event, held on February 25, 2011, was organized by a chapter of the Muslim Students Association, a group that a 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memoidentifies as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.”
An interviewer presents Abdus-Salaam with a startling 1992 quote from Wahhaj, who is listed by the U.S. government as a possible unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing: “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir and give allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.”
Abdus-Salaam’s reaction is equally as startling. His immediate response is, “Listen, I don’t have a problem with that.”
Taken aback by the blunt response, the interviewer made sure he understood correctly, asking, “So you would like to see Sharia law in place of the Constitution?”
Leaving no room for ambiguity, Abdus-Salaam responds, “By all means.”
The interviewer further questions Abdus-Salaam about tenets ofSharia law – specifically, the fact that apostates -- Muslims who leave their faith -- deserve the death penalty. McDaniels asks again whether this is the law Abdus-Salaam would like to see in the U.S., and he gives the same answer: “By all means.”
Abdus-Salaam further offers, “Let me tell you something about Shariah law, if we had Shariah law, in this country, it would prevent prostitution because the men can marry more than one wife. “
“What’s the penalty for prostitution?” asks the interviewer.
“The woman is … stoned,” Abdus-Salaam answers, “But the man?  They let the man off free,” he says.
(For clarification, the video shows a clip from Wahhaj’s speech where he is seen preaching. “What is the punishment according to the Koran for those who commit fornication? What’s the punishment?  Lashes, 100 lashes. Not stoning,” says Wahhaj.)
Abdus-Salaam says he would describe himself as being “ideologically in sync” with Wahhaj. Reinterating how he wants to see the American Constitution replaced with Sharia, Absu-Salaam says, “I’m American, I was born in this country. My forefathers are slaves. Slaves! … [But] anything is better than wrong. Right is better than wrong!”
The quotes from Abdus-Salaam were easily obtained by the interviewer. All he did was ask about Sharia law—something that apparently the New York Times declined to do before praising Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam as a typical American Muslim in its pro-Ground Zero Mosque article.
Editor’s Note: Sirhaj Wahhaj, who has a history of radicalism, leads Masjid At-Taqwa in Brooklyn and the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), an Islamist group with a postal address in Lexington, Kentucky. As reported on June 17, two of Wahhaj’s MANA colleagues serve or have served on the board of the Interfaith Center of Philadelphia and Religious Leaders Council of Philadelphia.
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