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The Right of the People to be Secure in their Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects,
Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures,
Shall Not Be Violated


Saturday, March 15, 2014



Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 TRACED SEVEN/EIGHT(?) HOURS after it went missing 

AN EXCRUCIATING week after the mysterious flight MH370 went missing, Malaysia’s Prime Minister has confirmed “deliberate actions” are behind its disappearance.

Prime Minister Najib Razak has also revealed that the last communication with the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 — which was carrying 239 passengers — was at 8.11am last Saturday, seven hours later than originally thought.

Authorities are now searching in two separate corridors, including one in the Indian Ocean off the Western Australian coast.

“Based on new satellite communication we can see, with a high degree of certainty, that the aircraft communications addressing reporting systems for data was disabled just before the aircraft reached the east coast of the peninsular of Malaysia,” he said last night.

“Shortly afterwards, near the border between Malaysia and Vietnamese air traffic control, the aircraft’s transponder was switched off.

“From this point onwards the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s primary radar data showed that an aircraft, which was believed but not confirmed to be MH370, did indeed turn back.”

The passenger jet then flew in a westerly direction back over Malaysia peninsular before turning north west.

“Up until the point at which it left military primary radar coverage these movements are consistent with deliberate actions by someone on the plane,” Mr Razak said.

“Based on raw satellite data, which was obtained by the satellite data service provider, we can confirm that the aircraft shown in the primary radar data was flight MH370.

“According to the new data the last confirmed communication between the plane and a satellite was at 8.11am Malaysian time on Saturday March 8.”

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane traced to sea off Australia
Not only did these hijackers know how to fly the plane . . .I suggest they understood how to disrupt/manipulate the signals used to track the craft.


Shortly after the prime minister finished speaking", (see links above)" police arrived at the home of the plane's pilot, 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah to search for evidence, a senior Malaysian police official told Reuters." - foxnews
The plane disappeared on March 8th. Today is the 15th. Malaysian authorities waited 7 full days before investigating this? Either the Malaysian authorities are complicit or they are the most incompetent investigative force on the planet. 
If this really is terrorism, though, why has there been no chatter? Gen. Tom McInerney casually wondered this morning on Fox News whether maybe jihadis targeted the plane because they need a delivery mechanism for, er, a nuclear weapon

Filepic of the flight simulator at Capt. Zaharie's house.

Recall he built this setup himself. 
In a German online forum for simulator enthusiasts, X-Sim.de, there is a post from November 2012 in his name that says he built it himself. 
Quote: "“About a month ago I finish assembly of FSX and FS9 with 6 monitors.” The message was signed Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah BOEING 777 MALAYSIA AIRLINES

Given the Malaysian authorities appear to be handling this investigation - ugh - one would hope they will consider looking in deleted files as well as seeking out where and on what type/dimensions of airstrip he has been practicing landings.  

CNN: Zaharie, a pilot with 18,365 flight hours under his belt, is reportedly also a flight instructor
Compare a list of all Zaharie's students and passenger manifest. 


Since one MUST assumed this was not just planned, but WELL planned, this baby landed, offloaded, refueled and then lightly loaded could have flown as far as 7-8000 miles, i.e. IT IS A B-52 with no in flight refueling. Wherever it is, it is camoed, or under covers and PROBABLY being repainted. 
You MUST assume the xponders can be manipulated by these perps, to identify it as, of for instance, United (or El Al) FLIGHT XXX coming into Ohare, or Tel Aviv, or LaGuardia. 
Filled with radioactive hospital isotopes, or stolen waste raods fro reactors and explosives, or god knows. 
There is virtually no way a 777 can get close enough to a US carrier task force to do anything (otherwise we need a new military). So the ultimate target HAS to be a civilian one on land. More, only this kind of target fits the definition of TERROR. 
We now need to think about what payloads are available that would STILL be effective with a 777 Kamikaze mission of 6-8000 miles, empty but for suicide crew and payload. If that baby is in Pakistan, Israel should have it's warning forces on full wartime alert very soon. 
If something happens, then neo, paleo, or progressive, I have to say that despite any faults and problems in his outlook, Mr. Bush will have been proven right, and it means we have to be on permanent vigilant, and nearly pitiless offense to wipe these people out, in order to protect our physical selves, AND the existence of our culture. 

BTW, all the spying of the NSA is worth SHIT on this BIG, HUGE, one, isn't it? 
Those passengers - if not dead already - can serve as Human Shields - cover for a large scale attack such as those being discussed above.

If the hijackers could identify as United/El Al flight XXX . . .one imagines they likely also have recordings of pilot responses to confirm id to tower requests. 
Reverse that . . .consider the implications of complicit fully licensed pilots identifying their fully loaded craft as the missing craft . . .totally different plane with different passengers but manipulated to be confused as the missing plane.  
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US to relinquish control over the internet

This could be a very dangerous move from a free speech perspective. The Washington Post (via Big Journalism) says:
U.S. officials announced plans Friday to relinquish federal government control over the administration of the Internet, a move that pleased international critics but alarmed some business leaders and others who rely on the smooth functioning of the Web.

Pressure to let go of the final vestiges of U.S. authority over the system of Web addresses and domain names that organize the Internet has been building for more than a decade and was supercharged by the backlash last year to revelations about National Security Agency surveillance.

The change would end the long-running contract between the Commerce Department and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a California-based nonprofit group. That contract is set to expire next year but could be extended if the transition plan is not complete.

“We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan,” Lawrence E. Strickling, assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information, said in a statement.

The announcement received a passionate response, with some groups quickly embracing the change and others blasting it.

In a statement, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) called the move “consistent with other efforts the U.S. and our allies are making to promote a free and open Internet, and to preserve and advance the current multi-stakeholder model of global Internet governance.”

But former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) tweeted: “What is the global internet community that Obama wants to turn the internet over to? This risks foreign dictatorships defining the internet.”
He's right. What if this enables Islamic governments to dominate the internet? All the same, I do think assignment of IP numbers and domains should be the responsibility for private companies. But if there's any chance here for autocracies and even corrupt European governments to damage free speech on the internet, that's why any change can't be made for their sake.
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Dog Watching Football

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British Muslim couple jailed for ‘offensive in the extreme’ YouTube videos that glorified murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby

A Muslim couple were jailed today for glorifying the murder of Lee Rigby in videos posted on YouTube. 
Rebekah Dawson, 22, and her husband Royal Barnes, 23, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich, south east London, last May.

Daily Mail

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“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God … anarchy and tyranny commence. PROPERTY MUST BE SECURED OR LIBERTY CANNOT EXIST”

When we lived in Nashua NH, all we dreamed of was building a Japanese garden with flowing water and a pond, and we started it, too. Together.
The EPA, from the war on coal, extinguishing it as a source of power and impoverishing MILLIONS into govt dole helplessness, to a pond for your kids, on your own property has certainly EXCEEDED what Congress created it to do. We could argue Congress simply couldn't imagine what their good intentions did by creating in a regulatory agency which can extend itself by more regulations a monster, but today we know better.
Abolish the EPA, and establish a highly limited replacement, strictly held to the legislation passed and signed, for its breadth of action.
Read this and see if you recognize all the human weaknesses, that made the Constitution a document which LIMITS govt.

Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day

in EPA fines for building pond on his property

All Andy Johnson wanted to do was build a stock pond on his sprawling eight-acre Wyoming farm. He and his wife Katie spent hours constructing it, filling it with crystal-clear water, and bringing in brook and brown trout, ducks and geese. It was a place where his horses could drink and graze, and a private playground for his three children. 
But instead of enjoying the fruits of his labor, the Wyoming welder says he was harangued by the federal government, stuck in what he calls a petty power play by the Environmental Protection Agency. He claims the agency is now threatening him with civil and criminal penalties – including the threat of a $75,000-a-day fine. 
“I have not paid them a dime nor will I,” a defiant Johnson told FoxNews.com. “I will go bankrupt if I have to fighting it. My wife and I built [the pond] together. We put our blood, sweat and tears into it. It was our dream.” 
The government says he violated the Clean Water Act by building a dam on a creek without a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. Further, the EPA claims that material from his pond is being discharged into other waterways. Johnson says he built a stock pond — a man-made pond meant to attract wildlife — which is exempt from Clean Water Act regulations.  
The property owner says he followed the state rules for a stock pond when he built it in 2012 and has an April 4-dated letter from the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office to prove it.
“Said permit is in good standing and is entitled to be exercised exactly as permitted,” the state agency letter to Johnson said.
But the EPA isn’t backing down and argues they have final say over the issue. They also say Johnson needs to restore the land or face the fines.
Johnson plans to fight. “This goes a lot further than a pond,” he said. “It’s about a person’s rights. I have three little kids. I am not going to roll over and let [the government] tell me what I can do on my land. I followed the rules.” 
Johnson says he was “bombarded by hopelessness” when he first received the administrative order from the EPA. He then turned to state lawmakers who fast-tracked his pleas to Wyoming’s two U.S. senators, John Barrasso and Mike Enzi, and Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.
The Republican lawmakers sent a March 12 letter to Nancy Stoner, the EPA’s acting assistant administration for water, saying they were “troubled” by Johnson’s case and demanding the EPA withdraw the compliance order.
“Rather than a sober administration of the Clean Water Act, the Compliance Order reads like a draconian edict of a heavy-handed bureaucracy,” the letter states.
The EPA order on Jan. 30 gave Johnson 30 days to hire a consultant and have him or her assess the impact of the supposed unauthorized discharges. The report was also supposed to include a restoration proposal to be approved by the EPA as well as contain a schedule requiring all work be completed within 60 days of the plan’s approval.
If Johnson doesn’t comply — and he hasn’t so far — he’s subject to $37,500 per day in civil penalties as well as another $37,500 per day in fines for statutory violations.
The senators’ letter questioned the argument that Johnson built a dam and not a stock pond.
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Obama Administration Ceding U.S. Control Of Internet Administration

No, We Can't

From the Washington Post:
U.S. officials announced plans Friday to relinquish federal government control over the administration of the Internet, a move that pleased international critics but alarmed some business leaders and others who rely on the smooth functioning of the Web. 
Pressure to let go of the final vestiges of U.S. authority over the system of Web addresses and domain names that organize the Internet has been building for more than a decade and was supercharged by the backlash to revelations about National Security Agency surveillance last year. 
The looming change — if successfully executed — would end the long-running contract between the U.S. Commerce Department and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a California-based non-profit group that goes by the acronym ICANN. That contract is due to expire next year but could be extended if the transition plan is not complete. 
“We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan,” said Lawrence E. Strickling, assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information, in a statement. 
The announcement set off a passionate response, with some groups quickly embracing the change and others blasting it. Sen. John D. Rockefeller (D-WVa.), chairman of the commerce committee, called the move in a statement: “consistent with other efforts the U.S. and our allies are making to promote a free and open Internet, and to preserve and advance the current multi-stakeholder model of global Internet governance.” 
But former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tweeted, “What is the global internet community that Obama wants to turn the internet over to? This risks foreign dictatorships defining the internet.”
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BREAKING: Investigators confirm Malaysian jet was hijacked

This just came out:


The article says:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A Malaysian government official says investigators have concluded that one of the pilots or someone else with flying experience hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.
The official, who is involved in the investigation, says no motive has been established, and it is not yet clear where the plane was taken. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.
The official said that hijacking was no longer a theory: "It is conclusive."
The Boeing 777's communication with the ground was severed under one hour into a flight March 8 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Malaysian officials have said radar data suggest it may have turned back and crossed back over the Malaysian peninsula westward, after setting out toward the Chinese capital.
This is a big freakin deal and Malaysians, Interpol and American admin may have effed things up by trying to appease Muslims by coming out (specifically Interpol) and "ruling out" terrorism at first. This may sound cruel but I hope the plane crashed. Because a completely intact 777-200 (one of the longest range commercial jet aircrafts, or maybe the longest range?) in the wrong hands with the time to repaint and rebrand it as they want can mean catastrophe. Especially if the pilot/s is involved in this.

UPDATE: Here's the report by Fox News:

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Friday, March 14, 2014

John Kerry: “None of what we’re saying is meant as a threat, not meant in a personal way, it’s meant as a matter of respect.”

God, what a sissy John Kerry is.
Seriously, dude, just put the fucking gun to your head and save us all the torture of having you as Secretary of State. 
“The President has made it clear there will be consequences if Russia does not find a way to change course, and we don’t say that as a threat.” “None of what we’re saying is meant as a threat, not meant in a personal way, it’s meant as a matter of respect.”
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Jean-Pierre Rampal & Claude Bolling
Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio

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There are days and there are days

7 days before spring.
1 day after 14 inches of STUFF, about half which was frozen rain which melted together into a sheet on top of which we got 7 inches of snow. Since the snow sat on ice I could not use the snow blower because the wheels just spun.
The precipitation was so heavy one of the larger oaks cracked, split, fell and took down the power lines which were wrapped around it making it impossible to take the chain saws and cut it up ..at 4:25 AM. That’s the sound of generators you hear.
That was yesterday. Today it’s 25 under truly spring sunshine warm enough to bring out a sweat under doubled sweatshirts and it’s a perfect day to blast one eardrums off with head phones under the mad bomber hat and slowly horse the snow blower around, and revel in every second. 
There are people out there, but so far away the soft perfect surface just stretches away to their tiny black lego like figures.
Yesterday I was sick of it. Today, I’m sorry tomorrow can’t be like today.
I wasn’t thinking about Obama, or the Crimea, or China, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or the missing 777. I was watching the bite of the maw of the snow blower, stopping to look at the blinding blanket of perfect bleached whiteness stretch away and away, and listening to the Foundations, blaring Build Me Up Buttercup, Doris Troy (and I feel so ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhh) , and Lloyd Price (Walk, Talk, Smile, Charm).
Tomorrow it will be 43, overcast, and this will all begin the long slide to silver gray mush. There will not be another day like this, this year, I think. The odds are it will not be that long now, as the seasons tend to catch up to average. 
It may be a long winter, and one without global warming, and the coldest since 1912 (did they keep national records earlier?), but today it was just long enough.
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About An Indonesian Terror Group

From PJ Media:
Indonesian Terror Group, Close Zawahiri Ally Previously Plotted Regional Hijackings

WASHINGTON — An Indonesian terrorist organization that a senior defense official said this week posed a “serious transnational threat” has previously been caught planning hijackings in the region where Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared.

U.S. military assets participating in the search and recovery efforts confirmed they were asked to relocate to the west side of Indonesia in the Indian Ocean as pings indicated the plane turned away from its route to China and turned back over the Malaysian peninsula. ABC News also reported Thursday that the data-reporting system on the flight shut down before the transponder, from 1:07 a.m.to 1:21 a.m., raising suspicions that the plane was at the hands of someone nefarious.

Jemaah Islamiyah has long had designs on roping Malaysia and the Philippines into an Islamist state along with Indonesia, and was designated a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. government after the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing. The group has traditionally used Malaysia for fundraising and as a home base for trainees fresh from the Af-Pak region.

JI plotter Mas Selamat Kastari, who escaped from custody in Singapore in 2008 and was recaptured in Malaysia the following year, was accused of orchestrating a plot earlier in the decade to hijack a plane out of Bangkok’s airport and crash it into Singapore’s airport.

Jemaah Islamiyah had been considered a shadow of its former self in recent years, but the terror group’s name has been occasionally dropped on Capitol Hill as a jihadi movement getting a new lease on life in a post-Osama world.

“Indonesians are the first — are for the first time going overseas to fight, not just to train, which has given rise to concerns that this conflict may breathe new life into the group Jemaah Islamiyah, which analysts previously considered to be moribund,” Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at a Syria hearing last week.


Jemaah Islamiyah was working with Osama bin-Laden to launch a coordinated strike on 9/11/01 that would hijack and crash planes at the same time as the attacks on the U.S. The Gitmo document says bin Laden found this too difficult to synchronize so he dropped the southeast Asian part of the plan; operatives involved had been mapping out locations of U.S. carriers in the area and staying in Kuala Lumpur during parts of the plotting.

As far back as 1995, Hambali planned to bomb 11 U.S. airliners in southeast Asia. He also explored biological weapons programs and met with current al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri about bioweapons in Kandahar in 2001.

In 2006, Zawahiri released a video announcing that Jemaah Islamiyah and al-Qaeda were, from that point forward, “one line” as strategic and ideological partners facing a mutual enemy.
Read the entire article HERE.

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Reuters Exclusive: Radar data suggests missing Malaysia plane deliberately flown way off course - sources


From Reuters:
(Reuters) - Military radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course, heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators, sources told Reuters on Friday. 
Analysis of the Malaysia data suggests the plane, with 239 people on board, diverted from its intended northeast route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and flew west instead, using airline flight corridors normally employed for routes to the Middle East and Europe, said sources familiar with investigations into the Boeing 777's disappearance. 
Two sources said an unidentified aircraft that investigators believe was Flight MH370 was following a route between navigational waypoints when it was last plotted on military radar off the country's northwest coast. 
This indicates that it was either being flown by the pilots or someone with knowledge of those waypoints, the sources said. 
The last plot on the military radar's tracking suggested the plane was flying toward India's Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, they said.
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Chinese scientists observe 'seismic event' on sea floor, as US points towards Indian Ocean in MH370 mystery

A team of seismologists at one of China's top universities said they had detected a slight seismic event on the sea floor between Vietnam and Malaysia on March 8, which might be consistent with an airplane crashing into the sea, and possibly related to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. 
The discovery, posted on the website of the University of Science and Technology of China on Friday, is the latest of many possible leads in the massive international search operation for the Malaysian Airlines flight after it lost contact with air traffic control and dropped off radar screens in the early hours of March 8, with 239 people on board. 
The Chinese scientists, with the university's Laboratory of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior, said in their online statement that the signal they had picked up from two seismic monitor stations in Malaysia seemed to indicate that a slight tremor occurred on the sea floor at about 2.55am on March 8, some 150 kilometres off the southern tip of Vietnam. 
"It was a non-seismic zone, therefore judging from the time and location of the event, it might be related to the missing MH370 flight," said the statement. 
The seismic event happened about 85 minutes after MH370 lost contact with air control, and about 116 km northeast of the spot where it was reportedly last heard from. 
“If it was indeed an airplane crashing into the sea, the seismic wave strength indicated that the crash process was catastrophic," the statement said.
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Malaysia Hires Witch Doctor To Help Find Missing Plane


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WaPo: Five Stabbed to death in latest Chinese knife attack

Quote: "Five people were stabbed to death Friday morning at a market in the capital of Hunan Province in central China. Local media report that several Uighur “naan peddlers” suddenly went on a knifing rampage after a disagreement among food stall owners escalated into violence." 

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Missing MH370 plane could have landed on a runway based on data, says journalist

Missing MH370 plane could have landed on a runway based on data, says journalist

Asked by Hobson about the denial by Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein on his earlier report that the plane could have flown for up to another four hours based on data routinely sent from its Rolls Royce engine, Pasztor said what the Malaysian authorities were denying was that the information was from the engine monitoring system.

"What I am saying is that there are other sources of information, and so far they have not denied the central point, that is the plane could have gone on for up to four hours before it dropped out of the sky."

Google translated Malaysian Insider article: "The government did not reject the possibility of hijacked aircraft MH370, says Hishammuddin

As search for MH370 continues, police take close look at Uighur passenger, crew

Discounting the 4-5 hour claim, the range of the 200-ER means it could have made a landing in ALL of Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa,the antarctic, and ALL of Canada as well as the northern tier of the US as far south as the northern tier of states south to chicago. It could ALMOST make it to the southern end of south america. But if you want the plane as a weapon or as a delivery system, you land it within a few hours, debark the people and all the weight of them and their cargo, refuel, and lightened, you can go ANYWHERE, land, camoflage it, and REPAINT, and then prepare.
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Saudis confiscate Israeli fruit from a local market

The Arab League's boycott of Israel, in place since 1948, also affects the House of Saud, who discovered Israeli fruit turned up at a local store and sent their Orwellian police to confiscate it:
Saudi authorities seized 140 kilos of persimmons from Israel at a local market near the border with Jordan, local media reported.

The fruit had Israeli stickers on it and was found in the city of Qurayyat, in northern Saudi Arabia.

The head of the municipality’s environmental health department, Abdulaziz al-Masaed, said that authorities acted on information that Israeli fruit was being sold in the market.

[...] Masaed said that the Commerce and Industry Ministry had been notified. He added that he did not know how the fruit could have entered the country, as its origin was marked.
Who cares? One silver lining here is the embarrassment it caused to those Islamobigots who deserved it. Yet it is a shame they're still carrying on their selfish little petty hostilities and not willing to give Israel's products a try, all because of their obsession with the Koran's beliefs.
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It’s clearly now acceptable to study zombies seriously

The head of the English Dept at Southern Utah Univ., Kyle Bishop
Now, do we yet realize the cultural, and historical as well as the leadership reasons why Putin just plans a bit and then does as he thinks?

Zombie Studies Gain Ground on College Campuses

Students, Professors Study Culture of Living Dead

CULTURE OF THE LIVING DEAD? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 
Kyle Bishop figured it was risky when he applied to a University of Arizona Ph.D. program in English eight years ago by proposing a dissertation on zombie movies.He was dead wrong.
The program approved Mr. Bishop’s proposal, and he is now chairman of Southern Utah University’s English department. The 40-year-old has been invited to give zombie lectures in Hawaii, Canada and Spain.
"It’s clearly now acceptable to study zombies seriously," he says.
Just as zombies—those mythical revived corpses hungry for living human flesh and gray matter—have infiltrated pop culture, they have also gotten their hands on our brainiest reserves: the academy.
Mr. Bishop is among an advancing horde of scholars who, compelled by the cultural history and metaphor of the undead, are teaching and conducting research in disciplines from economics to religion to medicine.
I’m sorry, and maybe it’s just me, but it seems to my little brain that vibrant growing societies graduate students in chemical engineering, medicine, electrical engineering, civil engineering, even ART HISTORY, but studying zombie culture and it reason for being?
The last five years have seen 20 new scholarly books with “zombie” in the title or topic category, according to Baker & Taylor, a distributor of academic and other books; in the 10 prior years, there were 10. JSTOR, an online archive of about 2,000 academic journals, says the journals have run 39 articles invoking the undead since 2005, versus seven in the preceding 10 years.Mr. Bishop’s timing was impeccable. His dissertation coincided with a zombie onslaught that infected television, literature and other media. AMC’s TV series “The Walking Dead” is a top-rated cable show, and the 2013 zombie movie “World War Z” grossed $540 million globally.
Mr. Bishop turned his dissertation into a book, “American Zombie Gothic: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Walking Dead in Popular Culture,” which surprised everyone when over 1,000 copies sold. Back when he proposed his dissertation, he says, “nobody would touch the zombie.”
Now, zombies thrive on campuses like California State University, East Bay, in Hayward. Christopher Moreman, a philosophy professor there, co-edited a two-volume collection of essays on “the Humanity of the Walking Dead” and “Cross-Cultural Appropriations” of the monsters. The initial plan was for one volume, he says, but over 100 proposals arrived.
When Mr. Moreman worked the theme into a course—”Philosophy 3432: Religion, Monsters and Horror”—he says he drew 55 students vying for 35 spots.
In one class, students read his work examining Buddhist imagery in zombie movies, which echo the religion’s meditation on mortality, he says, because “you recognize that everything’s temporary and zombies keep going on and on.”

Some find the trend ominous. There is a “danger” when scholars probe subjects like zombies, says Mark Bauerlein, an English professor and author of “The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future.” “They end up invariably turning their attention away from the tradition,” he says, “the classics, the works that have survived the test of time.”

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The Daily Caller:

New study shows NSA phone metadata can reveal EVERYTHING about your life

New research published by Stanford Univeristy Wednesday reveal phone and Internet metadata collected by the NSA can expose far more information about an individual than the agency admits, including, “medical conditions, financial and legal connections, and even whether they own a gun.”
Two of the school’s computer science graduate students were able to uncover the sensitive personal details of individuals from phone data details, like the numbers of callers and recipients, the location of callers, phone serial numbers and the length of conversations — all of which are data the signals intelligence agency collects in bulk both domestically and internationally.
Of the 33,688 unique numbers called by the study’s 546 study volunteers, students were able to positively identify a specific individual in 18 percent of those calls. They were also able to discern 57 percent made at least one medical call and 40 percent made a financial services call.
Computer scientists Jonathan Mayer and Patrick Mutchler, the doctoral students that authored the study, say metadata are “extremely sensitive and revealing,” and “can yield a wealth of detail about family, political, professional, religious and sexual associations.”
“It would be no technical challenge to scale these identifications to a larger population,” Mayer told Stanford News, referencing similar metadata analysis the NSA is almost certainly already engaged in.
The two began by asking, ”Is it easy to draw sensitive inferences from phone metadata? How often do people conduct sensitive matters by phone? We turned to our crowdsourced MetaPhone dataset for empirical answers.” At the outset, they didn’t expect to find much.
“We were wrong,” Mayer said. “Phone metadata is unambiguously sensitive, even over a small sample and short time window. We were able to infer medical conditions, firearm ownership and more, using solely phone metadata,” he said.
Using an Android application to crowdsource the data of “sensitive” calls made by volunteers, the students then analyzed the individual call results and established patterns to show how much detail could be drawn from phone metadata.
“A pattern of calls will, of course, reveal more than individual call records,” Mayer said. “In our analysis, we identified a number of patterns that were highly indicative of sensitive activities or traits.”
In an example cited by the Stanford report, one volunteer called multiple neurology offices, a specialty pharmacy, a management service for rare medical conditions and a pharmaceutical hotline for multiple sclerosis. A second called a home improvement retailer, locksmiths, plant hydroponics seller and a head shop — slightly more indicative of questionable legal activity.
Since the leaks detailing the classified mass surveillance programs began last summer, intelligence agency heads and even President Obama have repeatedly asserted the data is examined for content, not identity. While ongoing leaks have brought that claim into question, the fact that identities, along with sensitive personal information, can easily be discerned with metadata is an advancing, precise reality.


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New Evidence Suggests That Plane Disappearance Was A Deliberate Act


From the Business Insider:
Two U.S. officials believe the shutdown of two separate communications systems from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 happened at different times, indicating the disappearance was less likely the result of a catastrophic failure and more the result of a "deliberate act," according to a new report from ABC News. 
Sources speaking with ABC believe the data reporting system was shut down at 1:07 a.m., while the transponder — sending out location and altitude data — was shut down at 1:21 a.m. 
U.S. investigators are "convinced that there was manual intervention," one source told ABC, indicating an accident is not the reason the plane vanished.
If the disappearance of the plane were a result of a catastrophic failure, such as an explosion or engine malfunction, the systems likely would have stopped transmitting at the same time or within a much shorter period. But a 14-minute delay raises even more questions. 
Further, investigators suspect the missing flight stayed in the air for about four hours after it reached its last confirmed location, according to Andy Pasztor of The Wall Street Journal. That's led the search-and-rescue effort for the missing aircraft to now expand to the Indian Ocean. 
"It's my understanding that based on some new information that's not necessarily conclusive, but new information, an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean and we are consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy," White House spokesman Jay Carney told the WSJ. "There are a number of possible scenarios that are being investigated as to what happened to the flight, and we are not in a position at this time to make conclusions about what happened, unfortunately."  
With an accident becoming less likely (but not entirely ruled out), the scenarios for what happened could come down to a hijacking or actions taken by rogue crew members. One person close to the investigation told The Wall Street Journal that there could be a third possibility: The plane could have been diverted "with the intention of using it later for another purpose." 
"That's been a possibility right from the start," Patrick Smith, an airline pilot and author, told Business Insider's Michael Kelley. "It's very unlikely, but I suppose it's conceivable."

In my opinion, the reason for the labyrinthine aspect of the investigation is not primarily confusion.

Instead, I believe it is disinformation being spread so that the authorities do not have to blame this on Muslim Jihadists.

In Malaysia the reasons for this are obvious: Malaysia is a Muslim country. They are stupid and backward. They are so fucking backward they hired a God damned Witch Doctor to help them with the investigation: 

Malaysia is being mocked by China for using “witch doctors” to find the mysteriously vanished flight MH370. The Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department said they welcome any help in finding the flight as long as it doesn’t interfere with Islamic customs.
Ibrahim Mat Zin, a famous shaman, held a prayer at Kuala Lumpur’s airport on Monday and declared, “the plane is still in the air or has crashed into the sea.” He said he arrived at this conclusion using, “a fish trap hook and a bamboo binocular to search and ask for the victims to be found as soon as possible.”
Now, let's look at all the information that has come out in the past day or two.

I warn you, you're not going to be able to make heads or tails of this. The only reason I am presenting it is so you can see that what I say is true. This twisted thatch of contradictory information is explainable only as a series of lies, feints, and obfuscations. The Authorities have an agenda which has nothing to do with getting to the bottom of what is happening. Instead, their agenda is that the public never have a clue what has happened.

Flight 370: Let the Confusion Continue

From Ace of Spades:
The bombshell from the WSJ is either right, right in the basics but wrong in the particulars (it wasn't the engines sending that data to a satellite, but an onboard system monitoring all systems), or just completely wrong, depending on who you ask.

CNN source: Yes, the Malaysian jet sent engine data hours after it disappeared; AP source: No, it didn’t


I know most readers are hard at work and not following the news minute to minute so I thought I’d do you a solid by bringing you up to speed on the missing jet. To sum up: Everything is completely farked.
Vaughn Sterling, Wolf Blitzer’s producer Tweeted:
CNN JUST IN: Sr. aviation source w/detailed knowledge of the matter tells @RichardQuest the @WSJ story is wrong w/respect to engine data
Same source to CNN: There was NO technical data from the plane which would suggest the Boeing 777 aircraft continued flying 4 hours

Bombshell. The splashy WSJ story this morning about the jet flying on for hours after it went missing was wrong.
Now here’s CNN again, as of about two hours ago:
New information, U.S. officials told CNN, indicates the missing airplane could have flown for several hours beyond the last transponder reading.
Malaysian authorities believe they have several “pings” of engine data from the airliner’s service data system, known as ACARS, transmitted to satellites in the four to five hours after the last transponder signal, suggesting the plane is believed to have flown into the Indian Ocean, a senior U.S. official told CNN. That information combined with known radar data and knowledge of fuel range leads officials to believe the plane may have made it to the Indian Ocean.
Wait a sec. It was Malaysian authorities who dismissed the Journal’s story earlier today. Maybe they’ve changed their minds. The jet did fly on! They do have engine data, just like the Journal said!
No, wait. The Journal’s not saying that anymore. There is data, just not engine data:
Corrections & Amplifications
U.S. investigators suspect Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew for hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location, based on an analysis of signals sent through the plane’s satellite-communication link designed to automatically transmit the status of onboard systems, according to people familiar with the matter. An earlier version of this article incorrectly said investigators based their suspicions on signals from monitoring systems embedded in the plane’s Rolls-Royce PLC engines and described that process.
So, er, the plane was transmitting data from some of its systems afterward, but not the engine systems specifically as the Journal claimed earlier. Well, okay.
Wait, scratch that. Nope, it wasn’t transmitting anything once it dropped off radar. So says a different source to the AP:
A U.S. official says there were no data transmitted on the status of a missing Malaysia Airlines jet’s engines after contact was lost with the plane…
The official said there was information about the Boeing 777-200′s engines sent via a digital datalink along with other information on the functioning of the plane before contact was lost.
Wait — so it wasn’t transmitting engine data after it dropped out of contact or it wasn’t transmitting any data? We don’t care which data it was precisely. All we’re looking for is a heartbeat here, regardless of which onboard system it’s coming from, to show that the jet was functioning in some way after it went off the communications grid.
Actually, I think ABC’s gotten to the bottom of this. CNN’s second report quoted above is basically right. There’s something onboard (not an engine system but something else) that checks in with satellites hourly. Sounds like they detected four or five satellite “pings” from the plane after it dropped off radar, ergo they assume it flew on for four or five hours afterward.
No, wait. Scratch that too:
It’s not clear what the indication was, but senior administration officials told ABC News the missing Malaysian flight continued to “ping” a satellite on an hourly basis after it lost contact with radar. The Boeing 777 jetliners are equipped with what is called the Airplane Health Management system in which they ping a satellite every hour. The number of pings would indicate how long the plane stayed aloft…
The official initially said there were indications that the plane flew four or five hours after disappearing from radar and that they believe it went into the water. Officials later said the plane likely did not fly four or five hours, but did not specify how long it may have been airborne.
I wonder why they’ve now reconsidered that. Maybe they think … the plane landed in the Indian Ocean intact and kept transmitting for an extra hour or two before it sank? Could it have stayed afloat that long?

This FoxVideo report, "Aviation expert on why Flight 370 may have been diverted"mentions @1:45 there are :
"five different ways [for pilots] to report back to home base or somewhere, wouldn't they figure out a way to get some message out?"

To which this aviation expert resonds: 

"Every pilot is trained to first fly the airplane and then communicate. So, if they are not doing that and the airplane is airborne, they're disabled"

I beg to differ here, specifically in this instance because of the reports of multiple security breaches which include:

5 passengers checking in but not boarding, only to have this point later denied, 

questions about Faruq Abdul Hamid, the 27 year old co-pilot who entertained young pretty passengers and crew members in the cockpit, 

The multiple passengers traveling with stolen passports

'stolen passports' being of particular interest given

Uighurs were deported to China from Malaysia in 2011 and 2012 for carrying false passports. 

“Data from Interpol show there were 39 million lost or stolen passports as at the end of last year.” 

“Interpol says no country checked its database for information about stolen passports that were used to board the Malaysia Airlines flight..."

via Calcutta News: Travel by passengers with stolen identities can be prevented . . .but apparently WASN’T

. . .etc. 

In my opinion, another possible scenario to consider, beyond the suggested possibility of a disabled flight crew, especially given the aggregious, albeit partial list of security breaches above, 

consider a complicit flight crew 


As search for MH370 continues, police take close look at Uighur passenger, crew




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