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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Obama: "My Government" Acted "Unanimously" in Bergdahl Deal

This Assertion Is Meant To Justify That He Did Not Seek Congressional Approval


BREAKING: Senior Military Leaders Advised Obama NOT to Make Swap With Taliban (Video)

This man is making it more and more clear that he is an enemy of America and her Constitution.

This Man Must Go NOW!
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Using the Principle of Social Proof to Marginalize, Discredit, and Disempower Orthodox Islam

Social proof is one of six "weapons of influence" from the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. When people are uncertain about how to respond, the principle of "social proof" says that usually people will look around and see what others are doing and do the same.

If you see two people have signed a petition, statistically, you will be less willing to sign it than if you see a million people have already signed it — especially if you aren't sure of the merits of the proposition.

If you saw a single protester on the street, would you pay much attention to him? But what if both sides of the street were filled with protesters? Wouldn't it make you more curious about what they were protesting? This is the principle of social proof.

A just read a good example of social proof in the book, The New Concise History of the Crusades. The crusaders were trying to capture the great walled city of Constantinople, but they were outnumbered and the city was well defended. But by luck, the crusaders made a hole in a back gate to the city, and one crusader climbed through the hole to find himself face-to-face with enemy soldiers. The lone crusader boldly drew his sword and ran toward the group of enemy soldiers. They turned and ran! Other soldiers inside the walled city saw their fellow soldiers fleeing from something (they knew not what), and they abandoned their posts and fled too. This panic spread throughout the city.

Amazingly, the crusaders who came through the hole walked over and opened the city gates. There were no soldiers inside the gate left to stop them. They easily captured the city — one of the largest and most well-built walled cities in the world. How? Because of the principle of social proof. Once a few soldiers were seen fleeing, other soldiers didn't know what to do. So they did what others were doing, and the more people who did it, the more it seemed like the thing to do. (Read the whole story here.) Social proof is a powerful principle of influence.

We can use this principle in many ways to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam. For example, when you find a good petition, you can encourage your friends to sign it. They will see that many other people have deemed it worthy of signing, and that will help them accept the information. Because of the principle of social proof, that information will be considered more valid. Without any pressure from anyone else, this seedling of validity can evolve into their personal belief.

You can use this principle in personal conversations, too. Think about it for a moment — are you likely to listen to someone who seems to be the only one who thinks that way? Or would you be more open to hearing what millions of people believe it?

We need to think about this when we're telling people about Islamic supremacism and the third jihad. When you talk to people and you imply that "nobody knows this," or that all the mainstream media is crazy, or in any way imply that you are the only one who knows The Truth, you automatically prevent people from listening. Their guard goes up. You have made the social proof principle work against you.

Instead, you need to let your listener know that a lot of people think this way. If you can add authority to these other people, so much the better (authority is another of the six principles). Let your listener know movies have been made about it, hundreds of books have been written about it, and millions of people are trying to do something about it around the world. This social proof will give weight to what you say and help awaken people to the situation, and that's what we need right now more than anything.
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Pope to Muslims: People should have “the freedom to choose the religion which one judges to be true”

Pope Dork I

Steaming Pile Alert!

From Jihad Watch:

Since the Pope knows that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence,” he may also think that all Muslim countries need to do in order to safeguard religious freedom is start applying the true teachings of authentic Islam, instead of the twisted and hijacked version that is so prevalent today.

I would venture to guess that he is unaware that Muhammad commanded: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57).

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most renowned and prominent Muslim cleric in the world, has stated: “The Muslim jurists are unanimous that apostates must be punished, yet they differ as to determining the kind of punishment to be inflicted upon them. The majority of them, including the four main schools of jurisprudence (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi`i, and Hanbali) as well as the other four schools of jurisprudence (the four Shiite schools of Az-Zaidiyyah, Al-Ithna-`ashriyyah, Al-Ja`fariyyah, and Az-Zaheriyyah) agree that apostates must be executed.”

There is only disagreement over whether the law applies only to men, or to women also – some authorities hold that apostate women should not be killed, but only imprisoned in their houses until death.
(CNSNews.com) – During his first official visit to the Middle East, Pope Francis repeatedly told Muslim audiences that religious freedom is “a fundamental human right” and that governments must allow people to choose their own faith. 
“Religious freedom is in fact a fundamental human right and I cannot fail to express my hope that it will be upheld throughout the Middle East and the entire world,” the pope said in a May 24th address to King Abdullah II, ruler of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and Queen Rania at the Al Husseini Royal Palace in Amman. 
The Hashemites are direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. 
Quoting from his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic exhortation, Ecclesia in Medio Oriente, which called religious freedom “the pinnacle of other freedoms,” Pope Francis continued: “The right to religious freedom ‘includes on the individual and collective levels the freedom to follow one’s conscience in religious matters and, at the same time, freedom of worship….[it also includes] the freedom to choose the religion which one judges to be true and to manifest one’s beliefs in public.’” 
Pope Francis repeated the same message the next day in his meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian officials in Bethlehem. While expressing his “profound hope” that “peace will be pursued with tireless determination and tenacity,” the pontiff once again stressed the need for religious freedom. 
“Respect for this fundamental human right is, in fact, one of the essential conditions for peace, fraternity and harmony,” he said. On May 26, the final day of his three-day pilgrimage, Pope Francis met with Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, and the president of the Islamic Supreme Council at the Dome of the Rock to mark the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s historic visit to the Holy Land. 
The Temple Mount site is holy to both Muslims, who believe it is where the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven, and Jews, who believe it is where God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and where their First and Second Temples were built. 
“Dear brothers, dear friends, from this holy place I make a heartfelt plea to all people and to all communities who look to Abraham: may we respect and love one another as brothers and sisters! May we learn to understand the sufferings of others!” the pope said. “May no one abuse the name of God through violence!” Pope Francis told the Muslim religious leaders.
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35 Years ago "Climate Experts Warned That An Increase In Antarctic Sea Ice Could Lead To A New Ice Age."

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

35 Years ago "Climate Experts Warned That An Increase In Antarctic Sea Ice Could Lead To A New Ice Age." HT WUWT.

Politicians taking 'Action' 
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Let’s cut thru the Bergdahl crap in a few sentences

  1. We should have gotten him back
  2. We should have written a check YEARS ago (we waste plenty of $ anyway)
  3. We should NOT have traded anyone.  A N Y O N E
  4. Obama should NEVER have had the Rose Garden TRUE STUPIDITY
  5. Susan Rice is not qualified to speak, EVER
  6. No one in the admin should double down or say ANOTHER WORD about all this
  7. Bergdahl should face ordinary Army investigation
Simple enough?
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"Last Night I Was Talking About Life and Art, Big Interesting Things, and Now We’re Back to The Minuscule Things of Politics.”

... quoth the Raven:
One evening in March, during a visit to Italy, President Obama asked the U.S. ambassador to round up a bunch of—and I quote—“interesting Italians” for a dinner at the ambassadorial residence. The history of the property, the Villa Taverna, goes as far back as the tenth century. Its art collection includes Roman sarcophagi and centuries-old imperial busts. The menu that evening included a variety of pastas, and wines from Tuscany and the regions around Venice. Dinner lasted four hours. 
In this sumptuous and Baroque setting, amid these beautiful artifacts of long-gone civilizations, enjoying the finest foods and most delicate wines, President Obama was at home. The interesting Italians surrounding him included a particle physicist, two heirs to the Fiat auto fortune, and the postmodern architect Renzo Piano. The dinner conversation, according to Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown and Jennifer Epstein, touched on architecture, on art, on science, and on urban planning. Protocol demands that the president be the first guest to leave such an event. But Obama would not shut up. It was “a quite long dinner,” Piano told Politico.... 
The next morning, during a briefing, the president—whose office holds a burden of responsibility matched only by its power—regretted that his job involved duties other than pretentious conversation with extremely wealthy famous people. “One aide paraphrased Obama’s response: ‘Just last night I was talking about life and art, big interesting things, and now we’re back to the minuscule things of politics.” 
You know, minuscule things like the maskirovka invasion of Ukraine, the implementation of Obamacare, scandals at the IRS and Department of Veterans Affairs, negotiations with Syria and Iran, withdrawal from Afghanistan. These subjects are far too small and mundane for our president. He prefers contemplative and thoughtful and nuanced symposia on philosophy, quantum mechanics, and how best to spend inheritances—all accompanied by Tuscan wine.
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Friday, June 06, 2014

A Special Kind of Ghoul

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ZZ Top

Sharp Dressed Man

Gimme All Your Lovin'

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Pope Will Host Islamic Prayers At The Vatican As a Move To Usher In Peace Between Israel and the Palestinians

The Potemkin Pope:

For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at the Vatican on Sunday, in a move by Pope Francis to usher in peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
Francis issued the invitation to Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during his visit last week to Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority.
Abbas, Peres, and Francis will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious leaders, a statement released by Peres’s spokesperson said, according to the Times of Israel.

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Maybe the FBI has no sense of humor, but the CIA apparently does

CIA opens a twitter account
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Today is D Day.

The day I met my wife.

When we met 31 years ago no one , NO ONE, could have convinced us that we would be in these kind of straits now 28 years into marriage.

Six years ago we filed taxes on around 100k.

We had heavy bills in mortgages and credit cards and car loans and student loans and on.

But we were always able to make the payments, even if it was just minimums, every month and on time.

Now, 6 years later, we filed taxes on just over 40k, and that's thanks largely to her very underpaid job. My own job is barely 1/4 of what she earns.

But those bills are still there and we are behind on nearly all of them, mortgages included. The credit cards are now unpaid altogether simply because we do not have the money and it is either feed the kids or pay Citi or Chase or HSBC. The notices and calls are getting louder and noisier and we can't even afford to file bankruptcy.

So when anyone tries to tout this as good news:

The job market has reached a significant milestone: Nearly five years after the Great Recession ended, the economy has finally regained all the jobs lost in the downturn.
It's all I can do to choke back the rage.

We have two of those jobs. And see where it has left us.

Over Half Of May Payroll Growth Is In Education, Leisure And Temp Help Jobs

If there was some hope that in April the trend of the US adding low-quality (as in low-paying) jobs may finally be coming to an end, this came to a quick end in May, when more than half of the 217K jobs added were in the lowest paying sectors. Specifically:

These three lowest paying categories amount to 116K, or well over half of the total jobs gains. What's more, if there was some hope for a construction renaissance in April after 34K jobs were added in the sector, in May this too came to a grinding halt after only 6K construction jobs were added. The best paying jobs: financials and information, also deteriorated, with fins adding 3K in May, half of the April gain, while 5K Information jobs were outright lost in the past month, compared to a gain of 1K jobs.

Still, we are in "better" shape than many in this recovery.

Man found shot after deputies attempt to serve eviction notice

SARASOTA, Fla. -- One man is dead after deputies attempted to serve an eviction notice

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, deputies with the with the SCSO Civil Section were attempting to serve an eviction notice at a home on Fraser Pine Boulevard in The Enclave neighborhood off Palmer Boulevard Thursday morning.

During the attempted service, a gunshot was heard from within the residence.
Deputies were able to secure the area and gain entry into the house. One occupant was found deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. There were no other occupants in the house.

So if anyone really believes this recovery is real, that 217,000 jobs added is something to crow about in any way and thatb6.3% unemployment is any kind of improvement over the 9+ % of five years ago take a good look at this chart:


and then get back to me.

Because from where I sit right now, the situation is past grim and bordering on hopeless.

And damned depressing.



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Bergdahl’s Platoon Speaks Out: "He Should Be Court Martialed ...It Doesn't Matter What His Motives Were, We Took An Oath"

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The Daily Obamanation

Obama Moves Ahead With Plan to Close Gitmo – Wants Terrorists Back on Playing Field

Taliban: Release of Gitmo Prisoners Will Restore Islamic Government Inside Afghanistan

Obama Lies, Says He Visited Normandy Beach Ten Years Ago - He Didn't

Taliban Commander Freed In Exchange For Bergdahl Vows To Fight Americans Again

State Department: Freed Taliban Commanders “Are Not The Worst of The Worst”

Here's the truth:

Mullah Mohammad Fazl (Taliban army chief of staff): Fazl is “wanted by the UN for possible war crimes including the murder of thousands of Shiites.” Fazl “was associated with terrorist groups currently opposing U.S. and Coalition forces including al Qaeda, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG), and an Anti-Coalition Militia group known as Harakat-i-Inqilab-i-Islami.” In addition to being one of the Taliban’s most experienced military commanders, Fazl worked closely with a top al Qaeda commander named Abdul Hadi al Iraqi, who headed al Qaeda’s main fighting unit in Afghanistan prior to 9/11 and is currently detained at Guantanamo.
Mullah Norullah Noori (senior Taliban military commander): Like Fazl, Noori is “wanted by the United Nations (UN) for possible war crimes including the murder of thousands of Shiite Muslims.” Beginning in the mid-1990s, Noori “fought alongside al Qaeda as a Taliban military general, against the Northern alliance.” He continued to work closely with al Qaeda in the years that followed.
Abdul Haq Wasiq (Taliban deputy minister of intelligence): Wasiq arranged for al Qaeda members to provide crucial intelligence training prior to 9/11. The training was headed by Hamza Zubayr, an al Qaeda instructor who was killed during the same September 2002 raid that netted Ramzi Binalshibh, the point man for the 9/11 operation. Wasiq “was central to the Taliban’s efforts to form alliances with other Islamic fundamentalist groups to fight alongside the Taliban against U.S. and Coalition forces after the 11 September 2001 attacks,” according to a leaked JTF-GTMO threat assessment.
Khairullah Khairkhwa (Taliban governor of the Herat province and former interior minister): Khairkhwa was the governor of Afghanistan’s westernmost province prior to 9/11. In that capacity, he executed sensitive missions for Mullah Omar, including helping to broker a secret deal with the Iranians. For much of the pre-9/11 period, Iran and the Taliban were bitter foes. But a Taliban delegation that included Kharikhwa helped secure Iran’s support for the Taliban’s efforts against the American-led coalition in late 2001. JTF-GTMO found that Khairkhwa was likely a major drug trafficker and deeply in bed with al Qaeda. He allegedly oversaw one of Osama bin Laden’s training facilities in Herat.
Mohammed Nabi (senior Taliban figure and security official): Nabi “was a senior Taliban official who served in multiple leadership roles.” Nabi “had strong operational ties to Anti-Coalition Militia (ACM) groups including al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, and the Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG), some of whom remain active in ACM activities.” Intelligence cited in the JTF-GTMO files indicates that Nabi held weekly meetings with al Qaeda operatives to coordinate attacks against U.S.-led forces.

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UPDATED --- Vodafone Releases Information on How It, and Other Communications Companies, Assist Governments In Spying On Citizens


From the Telegraph:
Government agencies are able to listen to phone conversations live and even track the location of citizens without warrants using secret cables connected directly to network equipment, admits Vodafone today. 
The company said that secret wires have been connected to its network and those belonging to competitors, giving government agencies the ability to tap in to phone and broadband traffic. In many countries this is mandatory for all telecoms companies, it said. 
Vodafone is today publishing its first Law Enforcement Disclosure Report which will describe exactly how the governments it deals with are eavesdropping on citizens. It is calling for an end to the use of “direct access” eavesdropping and transparency on the number of warrants issued giving access to private data. 
The company said that the 29 countries it operates in have different laws that demand that they restrict or block certain access to customers, or allow governments to directly access information about them. Refusal to comply with those laws was “not an option”, it said, as those countries could then stop them from operating within its borders. 
In some countries this means giving access to the content of phone calls and other electronic communications, or access to metadata such as the number of calls made, the numbers they were made to and the location of the caller when those calls were placed. 
In some countries, not including the UK, they are made to provide a "direct access" cable straight into their network to allow governments to siphon off any data they wish, without having to issue a warrant.
In this article above, they talk about "telephone" lines, and "listening" in on calls. But let's face it, this means internet communications, cell phone communications, texting, photographs, and knowing your whereabouts at all times.


From an Anonymous commenter, posted at freeRepublic last night, some food for thought:

What scares me about the depth of hatred is what they may well have the means to do.

It’s been said before that the NSA has the capability of not only catching the embarrassing or wrong stuff that people do on their computers or phone, but also of planting “evidence” on other people’s computers.

Creating “proof” of crimes or indiscretions that never really happened. That’s a huge way of targeting honorable people, whose honesty threatens you.

Now another capability has arisen. According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his team, the regime has the capability of altering the internal properties of documents so that they can effectively rewrite history. They can create a document today that has internal properties “proving” that it was in existence in August of 2009 - like maybe the August 2009 classified report on the Bergdahl case.

The regime can keep the classified report hidden until they’ve come up with the narrative they settle on, and then create a report that matches that narrative, with internal properties “proving” that this is really the report that existed in Aug of 2009.

Already there are different sources who allegedly (according to the NYT) remember contradictory details about that classified report.

One remembers there being mention of a note Bergdahl left behind, another doesn’t. Some are saying Bergdahl ran off a couple times before this time and the military was at fault for not disciplining him.

It’s all setting up the possibility that the claims of these guys who remember will be “proven wrong” by a fabricated classified report.

All they need is somebody in the media (like the NYT with its anonymous sources) to claim that there’s an anonymous source who “remembered” a particular claim, and then that “memory” can be “confirmed” when it shows up in the fabricated “authentic” classified report.

And if the regime wants to, they can alter the mental health/behavioral records of these brave men also.

The HUD guy who called these guys psychos may have been projecting what the regime is developing as the narrative for the records.

Pelosi’s daughter called Bergdahl’s group “dysfunctional”.

That also could be a narrative being developed - and having somebody “remember” that the classified report had Bergdahl deserting several times before and nobody doing anything about it could be preparation for that.

The “cool people” have poo-poohed the significance of Obama’s past document fraud and the whole system overlooking blatant fraud, but if people would think about what this really means - if the regime is able to create fabricated documents that can still meet the legal requirements to “prove” that they were authentic, created long ago - they would realize that the regime can literally change history to frame whoever they want to frame.

And people like these brave men are the ones they might consider it worth their time to frame in that way.

What would stop them? How is the current system going to protect these heroes from the warfare against them by the foreign enemy combatant in the White House and the cancerous minions with which he has filled the entire bureaucracy?

By poo-poohing the crimes of this regime we set up people like these brave heroes to be victims of this regime’s crimes.

We play right into the hands of the regime by ignoring the crimes they’ve already committed and the abilities they can use on others at will.

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“Elements within the Pakistani security establishment continue to view the Haqqani network as a useful ally and proxy force to represent their interests in Afghanistan”

The Institute for the Study of War, in a paper about the HAQQANI NETWORK
Washington Times:
The Haqqani Network, the terrorist group that the U.S. command in Afghanistan says is its most formidable enemy — worse than the Taliban or al Qaeda — has operated for a dozen years across the border in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal area with little to fear other than sporadic drone strikes.
Now, even the drone strikes have stopped for the family-run gang that held Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five years.
In 2011, President Obama authorized a volley of drone hits on Haqqani headquarters in the town of Miranshah. The strikes were supposed to be the beginning of a concerted effort to stop Haqqani terrorists from attacking Americans in Afghanistan, but the campaign was short-lived.
“They could not pursue them as military planners had wanted to,” said Bill Roggio, managing editor of The Long War Journal, citing too few troops as the reason.
Attacks stopped altogether this year as the Obama administration negotiated with the Taliban, a fused ally of the Haqqani group.
One analyst said that in addition to trading five senior Taliban leaders to win Sgt. Bergdahl’s release Saturday, the U.S. appears to have suspended its drone war in Pakistan and let targets slip away.
National security analysts say that neither the U.S. nor Pakistan has launched a comprehensive campaign to take down the group that the U.S. designated a terrorist organization in 2012.
It is in and around Miranshah where Jalaluddin Haqqani, a veteran of the U.S.-backed mujahedeen against the Soviets in the 1980s, and his son Sirajuddin control 10,000 fighters, complete with training bases and religious schools for children. From there, they have executed some of the most brutal attacks inside Afghanistan, with a focus on Kabul.
Haqqani militants are responsible for improvised explosive device attacks that kill Americans across the border in provinces such as Paktia, where Sgt. Bergdahl walked away from his unit in 2009.
Sgt. Bergdahl surely will be asked all he knows about Haqqani when intelligence officers debrief him during the military’s reintegration process.
Ask national security analysts why the Haqqani Network prospers in war and in illegal contraband, and the answer is always the same: Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence agency, which sponsors Haqqani as a proxy against whoever is in power in Afghanistan — be it the Soviets in the 1980s, the Taliban in the 1990s or the NATO-backed democracy in the 2000s.
“It’s the Pakistani tie. It’s because of his ties with Pakistan and their intelligence service,” said Larry Johnson, a former CIA and State Department official, explaining why Jalaluddin Haqqani enjoys a safe haven even though Pakistan is supposed to be a U.S. ally. “It’s almost like we’re putting the gloves on instead of taking the gloves off.”
Mr. Johnson said he knows of no concerted CIA-military campaign to eliminate the Haqqani organization in Afghanistan and take away the safe haven across the border.
“The Haqqanis have been unhindered since really December,” he said. “You have to go back and look at the broader negotiations. What the Taliban was demanding and the Haqqanis were demanding was for the U.S. to back off on the drone strikes and step down on the counterinsurgency patrols. And we did all that.”
The Long War Journal, a research website that collects data on U.S. drone strikes, says none have occurred this year against HaqqaniTaliban or al Qaeda targets in Pakistan.
Mr. Roggio said the U.S. could have stepped up its air war beyond individual drone missiles to include high-level bombings and cruise missiles, but there was never the political will to deal with the expected backlash from Pakistan.
He said there are various reasons why the U.S. never fully went after Haqqani on the ground. The 2010-11 troop surge included too few soldiers to hunt terrorists consistently in Afghanistan before they got back over the border.
“They’ve been targeted in drone strikes over the years. Top Haqqani Network leaders have been killed in drone strikes,” Mr. Roggio said. “But there is just no political will or capacity militarily to finish them off in Afghanistan or Pakistan. You know how controversial the drone strikes are. The U.S. is trying to disengage from Afghanistan now instead of engage.”
He said the risk of creating American prisoners inside Pakistan also was an issue.
The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War described the Haqqani problem this way: “The Haqqani network maintains a safe haven in North WaziristanPakistan, across Afghanistan’s southeastern border. The Pakistani Army has consistently refused to launch a military operation in North Waziristan despite the presence of al-Qaeda senior leadership. Elements within the Pakistani security establishment continue to view the Haqqani network as a useful ally and proxy force to represent their interests in Afghanistan.”
One of those “interests” is to have Haqqani attack Indian targets in Afghanistan. India and Pakistan are archrivals.
Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan, in March declared Haqqani “the most virulent strain of the insurgency. It’s the greatest risk of the force and, frankly, from a high-profile attack perspective, perhaps the greatest risk to the campaign.”
“So do we have a concerted effort to go after Haqqani? Yes,” Gen. Dunford said.
“When you look at Haqqani’s high-profile attack threat streams, and you look at the consequences of those threat streams against what we’re trying to accomplish right now, clearly mitigating the risk of the Haqqani network is one of my priorities as a commander,” the general said. “And that’s what you’ve seen over the last few months is really a matter of command emphasis as opposed to something different.”
Mr. Roggio said U.S. troops are leaving Afghanistan, not taking on additional efforts.
“It’s really bluster on the part of Dunford,” he said.
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“Whenever the world makes you cynical, stop and think of these men”

Barack Obama, speaking of the men who came ashore 70 yrs ago today, in Normandy a few moments ago.
But ‘these men’ were not educated by the Howard Zinn’s, and Bill Ayers, and Eric Foner’s.
'These men' were not immersed in news about how bad we are by every single visual broadcast entity.
'These men' were not reading the Nation, or Mother Jones, or Salon.
'These men' were not watching a president warn them that we were doing too much in the world.
'These men' were not being told over and over that if you have money you are against the rest and of the 1%
These men BELIEVED in something.
These men BELONGED to something.
These men could identify evil even if their own lives were not perfect.
These men were not afraid to call it evil in an imperfect world.
These men were taught to FIGHT for the American ideal, and the American dream, and KNEW the nation, their families, their friends and their friends families held them in their hearts.
These men were a different team and thank god for them all.
What are we taught? What have WE learned?
What is our national team?
When I think of these men, and I think of today, so sorry, but I am made MORE cynical, and most angry.
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