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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hey IRS, I Guess The Excuses Are Over

Kocksukinen and Lois Skeezer are going to fucking jail. 

BREAKING>>> IRS Contracted With Sonasoft for ‘Email Archiving Done Right’ Back in 2005

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Incognito featuring Mario Biondi and Chaka Khan

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Blue Jeans

Lana Del Rey, Live on BBC Radio

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Lois Lerner's Hard Drive "Crashed" Ten Days After House Ways & Means Chairman David Camp Made His First Inquiry About Targeting Conservatives

Koksukinen: "Yeah, that's right, I'm a totally smug faggot"

From Ace of Spades:
The timing is not merely suspicious, it is damning.  
The alleged disappearance of Ms. Lerner's hard drive—and the fact that the missing conversations are those the former IRS director had with people outside the IRS—has suddenly resurrected, with force, the explosive possibility that she was chatting with Democrats who mattered. 
There's plenty of reason to believe she was. Just last week Congress discovered (via a subpoena to the Justice Department) emails showing that Ms. Lerner had conversations with Justice prosecutors about investigating conservative nonprofits. Who else in the Obama administration was Ms. Lerner talking to?

I'm omitting all of the correspondence between Lerner and Congressional Democrats -- but check the piece to refresh your memory. Here's the chronology of this "crash:"
As to Ms. Lerner's behavior, consider that House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp first sent a letter asking if the IRS was engaged in targeting in June, 2011. 
Ms. Lerner denied it. 
She engineered a plant in an audience at a tax conference in May 2013 to drop the bombshell news about targeting (maybe hoping nobody would notice?). 
She has subsequently asserted a Fifth Amendment right to silence in front of the only people actually investigating the affair, Congress. 
Now we learn that her hard drive supposedly defied modernity and suffered total annihilation about 10 days after the Camp letter arrived. 
Is there something in those lost emails? The fact that they are "lost" at all probably answers that question.
This isn't the only issue of suspicious timing in BOLOGate. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen knew in February that Lois Lerner's hard drive had "crashed" -- but did not inform Congress until last week. 

Worse yet, he has repeatedly told media outlets that he only knew of the crash in "late spring." Furthermore, a Treasury letter from April (repeatedly referenced by Rep. Brady) states that that department agreed with the IRS that Congress should be informed as soon as possible.

And yet Koskinen did not inform Congress until last week. Koskinen's defense for what appears to be perjury or at least withholding critical information from Congress is this: I knew about the hard drive crash, but I didn't know that emails would be irretrievable (and he maintains he doesn't know if they can't be retrieved), so I didn't tell you because I didn't want you jumping to unwarranted conclusions.
"So why did the IRS inform the Executive Branch agencies, the White House, the administration, but kept it secret from the Congress, who was conducting an investigation?" Camp asked. 
"We were not keeping it a secret," Koskinen said. "It was our public report to you that has in fact provided you this information, there’s been no attempt to keep it a secret. My position has been, when we provide information, we should provide it completely. If we provide you incomplete information, people sometimes are tempted to leap to the wrong conclusion, not based on any facts, so we thought it would be important to give you the full description--"
That is so perfect! That is a perfect encapsulation of the Ruling Class mentality. That's why the media refuses to report on Gosnell's house of horrors, or the ethnicity of a terror suspect: Because we don't want You, those of inferior minds and low impulse control, to draw the Wrong Conclusions, so we shelter your tiny, emotional, violent brains from information that might cause you to Think Wrong Things.
"It’s okay for the White House and Treasury to leap to a conclusion six weeks before the Congress," Camp shot back.

But of course it is! The White House and Treasury, being staffed by those correctly-educated in The Right Conclusions, and fully fluent in the habits and preferences of the Ruling Class, can be trusted with information that might lead to Dangerously Wrong Ideas if permitted to be exposed to The Lesser.

At the Fiscal Times, Ed Morrissey writes of another case of suspicious timing.

The closest insinuation between the IRS targeting scandal has been an unusual meeting between the IRS' chief counsel, William Wilkins, and Obama on April 23, 2012. 
The chief counsel for the IRS would have no discernible reason for a private meeting with the president; his job would be to brief the IRS commissioner --at the time Douglas Shulman --who met with Obama the very next day. 
The day after that, Wilkins sent a revised set of guidelines to Lois Lerner for the tax-exempt unit to use when applying extra scrutiny. 
To this day, no explanation for this meeting has been made public, even though records show that Wilkins spent hours at the White House with "POTUS" as his host. 
Nor was this the first time that Wilkins appears in the targeting narrative. 
Carter Hull, a retired high-ranking IRS official with 48 years’ experience at the agency, testified that after he approved a Tea Party-related tax-exempt application, it got routed to Wilkins rather than finalized.
Go read the whole thing.
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Audience GASPS As IRS Commissioner Admits Missing Lois Lerner Hard Drive Was Trashed

Look at the smug look on this little Koskinen Bitche's face, when he says, "Correct", at about the 14 second mark.

I would love to fucking punch that look off his faggot face.

I hope to God I get a chance.

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Les Paul


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Use the Principle of Commitment and Consistency to Recruit Others to the Cause

This is one of six "weapons of influence" from the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The principle says that once you have committed yourself to something, you tend to remain consistent. That is, you become resistant to changing your mind about what you believe (once you have expressed some commitment to it).

And the more you have done to express your commitment, and the more public you have made your commitment, the more resistant you are to changing your mind about it.

For example, in one experiment, researchers went around in a neighborhood and asked people if they would be willing to put a three-inch square sign in their window that said "Be a safe driver."

Two weeks later a different volunteer went through the same neighborhood and asked for something outrageous: "Would you be willing to put a billboard on your lawn supporting driver safety?"

Those who had earlier agreed to the little sign were much more likely to say yes to the billboard than people who had refused the little sign. And almost everyone who they asked to put the billboard on their front lawn who had not been asked to display the little sign refused.

In other words, once someone committed themselves a little bit to the cause by putting the little sign in their window, they were more committed to the cause. They were more willing to do something significant about it. This is the principle of commitment and consistency.

The author, Robert Cialdini, defined the principle this way:

It is, quite simply, our nearly obsessive desire to be (and to appear) consistent with what we have already done. Once we have made a choice or taken a stand, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment. Those pressures will cause us to respond in ways that justify our earlier decision.

So when you can get someone to sign a petition to stop Saudis from teaching hatred in American schools or to protect women from oppression by Islamic supremacism, the person who signs it commits herself a little to the cause.

Signing a petition is a small act. It only takes a few moments. But the act makes a person more committed to the cause in general. She or he may begin to think of herself or himself as an advocate for the cause. The petition signer will be more likely to commit to something bigger for the cause in the future when an opportunity arises.
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IRS Chief: “I Don’t Think An Apology Is Owed” For Lost Lerner Emails

From the Blaze:
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said Friday that he doesn’t believe the IRS owes Congress an apology for losing several years’ worth of emails Republicans are seeking as part of their investigation into the IRS targeting scandal, or for the delay in telling Congress about the lost emails. 
Koskinen testified at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing Friday and faced frustrated Republicans who were seeking clarification about the timeline of when the IRS knew about the lost emails, and why the IRS didn’t immediately tell Congress. 
Koskinen said in an opening statement that information technology experts tried for weeks to recover key emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner. 
After his opening statement, committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) said that what he didn’t hear is an apology for losing the emails or for failing to alert Congress more quickly.   
“I don’t think an apology is owed,” Koskinen replied. “Not a single email has been lost since the start of this investigation. Every email has been preserved that we have.”

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Vets Died as VA Obsessed Over Renewable 'Green' Energy

From the Washington Times:
The administrators at the Veterans Administration have apparently been busy while old soldiers waited to see a doctor, after all. Serving those who served is not necessarily a priority, but saving the planet is Job 1. Solar panels and windmills can be more important than the touch of a healing hand. 
The department early on set up an Office of Green Management Programs designed to “help VA facilities nationwide recognize opportunities to green VA, and to reward innovative ‘green’ practices and efforts by individual facilities and staff within the VA.” 
This sometimes means paying more attention to greening the department and saving the polar ice caps than to health care. In the department’s words, it adopted a far more important mission to “become more energy efficient and sustainable, focusing primarily on renewable energy, energy and water efficiency, [carbon-dioxide] emissions reduction, and sustainable buildings.” 
The green office isn’t merely a desk and telephone tucked away in the dark corner of a nondescript government building. It’s a substantial undertaking, with all the luxury, bells and whistles of a bureaucracy that means business. 
Eric K. Shinseki, who resigned as secretary in the wake of the VA scandal of the sin of omission, traveled the country to boast of the green initiative. 
In one instance, he traveled to Massachusetts to flick the switch at a half-million-dollar windmill project at the Massachusetts National Cemetery. 
“Nationally,” he said, “VA continues to expand its investment in renewable sources of energy to promote our nation’s energy independence, save taxpayer dollars, and improve care for our veterans and their families.
Lest you think these Wind Energy efforts are aimed at saving money, check this out.

Wind energy costs 2.5 to 5.0 times the cost of Natural Gas-fired electricity.

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"UN" Trucks In Alabama - WTF?

Anonymous comments:
The vehicles appear to come equipped with M231 firing port weapon ports. The question that you really need to ask is, are they being produced here and then shipped overseas, or have they been built somewhere else and are now being delivered here for use by international UN troops on American soil?   
I don't recognize a weapon's port on these vehicles, but I'm not very swift at that stuff.

Anyone else got any comments?

These Tanks were seen being Transported in GA. this week along with UN Trucks.It's going on in 5 other States also.

To my untrained eye, those look like regular old, U.S. military tanks.

Am I wrong?

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Australian jihadists in Iraq

It's not just Syria where jihadists from the western world are going. Iraq is another place they're headed for, as the local jihadists begin their trade anew, and people are rightly concerned it could find its way back to Australia too:
A NOTORIOUS convicted terrorist from western Sydney who fled Australia under a false passport last year has been identified among militant fighters now laying a bloody siege to Iraq, intelligence sources have confirmed.

Khaled Sharrouf, who spent almost four years in prison for his part in plotting a terrorist attack in Sydney, has posted photos on a private Facebook page under a new assumed name, boasting to friends back in Australia that he had joined the murderous Sunni uprising in Iraq.

An intelligence source told The Daily Telegraph that they were “deeply disturbed” by the development, claiming that highly trained jihadists from Australia now posed a serious national security threat if they managed to slip back into the country.

They also confirmed that Australia had emerged as one of the leading source countries – relative to its population – for jihadist recruits to the war torn region.

Intelligence sources confirmed the authenticity of material showing Sharrouf posing with military equipment in Iraq, as the militant group ISIL continued its rampage through the war torn country, reaching towns only 45 minutes from the capital Baghdad.

It is believed Sharrouf, who slipped under the radar when he was released from prison in 2009, had crossed the border from Syria some days ago, after having snuck out of Australia at 9.11am on December 6 last year on a Garuda flight to Indonesia, using his brother Mustafa’s passport.

Customs and border protection officials in Australia are believed to have now been put on high alert for up to 50 known Australians now fighting in Syria or Iraq itself — and whose passports have been cancelled — attempting to return to Australia.

The previous government had last year cancelled 18 passports of Australians known to have joined terrorist cells or opposition forces fighting in Syria to overthrow the government.

But the Daily Telegraph can reveal that up to April 30 this year a further 40 Australian citizens have had their passports cancelled under the Abbott Government, with ASIO warning of the potential for terrorism on Australian soil should they be allowed to return to Australia.
Just like they should not be allowed back into Europe, they should also not be allowed back into Australia. But, they could try to sneak in under false names and over borderlines not well guarded, so a sharp eye will have to be kept in case they try.
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A World At Peace?

Obama has recently claimed, "The world is less violent than it has ever been."

Liar, liar!  Pants on fire!

From the Washington Post on June 20, 2014:
There are now more than 50 million displaced people, highest since World War II

The war in Syria. The war in South Sudan. The conflicts in the Central African Republic, Iraq, Kenya and Afghanistan. It adds up.

There are now a staggering number of refugees, asylum-seekers and displaced people.

In fact, a U.N. agency reported Friday, the number in 2013 exceeded 50 million people.

It’s not been that high since the post-World War II era, when half the globe or more was dislocated.


Other staggering numbers from the report:

An estimated 10.7 million individuals were newly displaced due to conflict or persecution in 2013.

An average of 32,200 individuals per day were forced to leave their homes and seek protection elsewhere due to conflict and persecution in 2013.

Lebanon hosted the most refugees in relation to its population – 178 refugees per 1,000 inhabitants.

More than 46 percent (5.4 million) of the refugees under UNHCR’s mandate resided in countries where the GDP per capita was less than $5,000.

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The Muslims Are Restless

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Egypt Sentences Muslim Brotherhood Chief Mohamed Badie To Death

The Prophet Mohammed is Gargling My Balls As We Speak

Fuck Yeah!
Cairo (AFP) – A court in Egypt on Thursday sentenced to death Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie and 13 others over violence that killed 10 people in Cairo in summer 2013. 
Since the army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July, hundreds of his supporters and Badie himself have already been sentenced to death in speedy mass trials that have sparked international outrage.

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Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Family Band
Ashokan Farewell

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The more we learn about the video that the Obama admin blamed the Benghazi attack on in 2012, the deeper it gets.

Walid Shoebat has uncovered ties that show the company who created the Obamacare website, CGI Federal, may have also helped push the “Innocence of Muslims” video:

The evidence is well established that in 2010, CGI acquired Stanley Associates, which “provides services to the U.S. federal civilian, defense and intelligence agencies”. [1]

When the crudely produced video “Innocence of Muslims” was posted to YouTube it needed a boost, especially since it was posted by someone no one had ever heard of and who had only uploaded two videos – that were basically the same.

A short version of the video was uploaded to a Youtube Channel called NewsPoliticsNow3 (NPN3). This channel has been linked to Stanley Associates, the company purchased by CGI Federal ...

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None Dare Call It Fascism

What country am I living in?

Rules of law are ignored. Financial rules in operation for hundreds of years thrown aside. Intellectual property rights stomped on for political correctness.

And we have over two more years for this tyrannical President and his criminal administration to do further harm to our country.


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Texas Man Told to Take Down US Flag From Balcony – “It’s a Threat to Muslim Community”

KHOU reported:
A Webster man says his apartment complex manager told him his American flag was a “threat to the Muslim community,” and that he has to take it down. But he’s not giving up without a fight.
Stepping onto Duy Tran’s balcony in Webster, one thing is clear: “It means a lot to me,” he said.
He’s talking about his American flag that he proudly put up when he moved in just a few days ago. But then an apartment manager at the Lodge on El Dorado told him he had to take it down.
“What really stunned me is that she said it’s a threat towards the Muslim community,” said Tran. “I’m not a threat toward anybody.”
We tried to ask a manager if that’s exactly what was said, but she just handed us a statement, refused to answer any questions, and called an officer to escort us off the property, before we could press any further.

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Glenn Beck Was Ridiculed (Caliphate)

Uploaded to YouTube in February 2011:

Beck was ridiculed and vilified.

Now there is open discussion of the recent attempt to establish a caliphate. These discussions appear in the New York Times, Time Magazine, and various out leftist and left-leaning media.

Now, I'm no fan of Glenn Beck's. But was he not mostly correct about the caliphate as the goal of many Muslims?

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Onetime Obama Aide Einhorn: Look for BIG DEAL WITH IRAN AFTER NOV ELECTION

Geostrat-Direct (Rx Req):
President Barack Obama is expected to seal a U.S. reconciliation deal with Iran in the fall of 2014.
A former senior aide to Obama said the president could announce and sign a reconciliation deal with Teheran after elections for Congress in November 2014.Robert Einhorn, who advised Obama on Iran’s nuclear program,

envisioned a three-month window between November elections and the swearing in of the new Congress in late January 2015.

"On one hand, an agreement before elections isn’t in the interests of the White House," Einhorn, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, said. "He [Obama] doesn’t want Iran to be an issue during the elections." 
In an interview with Israel’s news website Ynet, Einhorn said Iran and the United States remain far apart in reaching a nuclear agreement. He said expectations that Iran would compromise on its nuclear program, particularly the Arak heavy water facility, failed to materialize.
"Obama wants results within a year from the beginning of talks," Einhorn said. "He wants results and he’s under a lot of pressure from Congress and Israel. The reality is that if it proves impossible to reach a good agreement within a year, then it won’t be possible to achieve one with more time."
He wants results …. as if this is under his control. Can you imagine what American negotiators feel when the Pres of the USA tell them I WANT A RESULT? ..’what can we do, offer, say…???’
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Just sayin’



Sources: Lois Lerner’s emails likely gone forever

Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s crashed hard drive has been recycled, making it likely the lost emails of the lightening rod in the tea party targeting controversy will never be found, according to multiple sources.
“We’ve been informed that the hard drive has been thrown away,” Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Finance Committee, said in a brief hallway interview.
Fine, and the server’s, the IRS backup IT procedures?
Meanwhile this has now acquired ALL the requirements of an organized cover-up, WHERE THE REAL FUN IS.
It’s time to sell action figures..
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Muslim Leaders Around the World Declare Their Intent to Establish World Domination

From the original Infidel, J.

Back in 2005, J suggested to me that we start this blog.

Along with J and I came, Jonz, the Drunken Blogger.

That was the beginning of IBA.

It's good to see J is still fighting the Infidel fight.

Check out his latest video:

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This Week On The Gathering Storm: Midnight Rider!

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is Midnight Rider.

Listen to the June 20, 2014 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Humpday Blues

Kelly Joe Phelps
Hellhound On My Trail

Down To The Praying Ground

Hard Time Killin' Floor

God Don't Never Change

Spit Me Outta The Whale 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lois Lerner Lost Email Narrative Debunked by IT experts on The Mark Levin Show

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As ISIS Marches to Baghdad, John Kerry Cheers Global Warming Awareness in Middle East

What a fucking tard

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NBC/WSJ Poll: Majority of Americans Say Obama Is No Longer Able To Lead The Country

Obama Contemplates The Little People

From NBC:
The percentage of Americans approving of President Barack Obama’s handling of foreign policy issues has dropped to the lowest level of his presidency as he faces multiple overseas challenges, including in Iraq, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. 
Additionally, the public is evenly split on whether Obama is a competent manager of the federal bureaucracy. And a majority of respondents – 54 percent – believe the term-limited president is no longer able to lead the country. 
President Obama’s overall approval rating in the poll is at 41 percent, down three points from April. That’s tied for his all-time low in the survey. 
And his favorable-unfavorable rating is upside down (41 percent-45 percent) after being right-side up two months ago (44 percent-41 percent).  
Perhaps most troubling for the president, 54 percent think he is unable to lead the country and get the job done, compared with 42 percent who believe he can.
CHUCK TODD: Presidency 'is over'...
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Nicole Flax, Whose Emails The IRS "Lost", Visited The White House A LOT!

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Young British Muslims praise Islamic laws based on medieval Sharia

Listen to young Muslim Britons, raised and educated in the UK, defend the amputation of limbs, stoning of ‘adulterers’. Scary when you hear young women defending their own second class status etc. Obviously, the United Kingdom has failed and should be a lesson for all of us in other countries with growing Muslim populations.

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Lawmakers: IRS knew for months of ‘lost’ Lerner emails, more documents missing

From Fox News:

Republican lawmakers charged Tuesday that the IRS knew for months they had "lost" a massive trove of emails from embattled ex-IRS official Lois Lerner, but kept it "secret" until this past Friday. 
The lawmakers noted that during this period, newly appointed Commissioner John Koskinen nevertheless assured Congress the agency would produce the documents, which are considered critical to their efforts to probe the targeting of Tea Party and other groups. Further, lawmakers said records from six other IRS workers appear to have gone missing as well. 
"It looks like the American people were lied to and the IRS tried to cover-up the fact it conveniently lost key documents in this investigation," House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., and Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., said in a statement. 
Republicans on the committee said the agency knew as early as February that emails were missing. 
Yet the IRS only revealed last Friday that it had lost an untold number of emails when Lerner's computer crashed in 2011. Lerner used to head the division that handles applications for tax-exempt status. 
The missing emails are mainly messages to and from people outside the IRS, including the White House and other major offices and departments. 
The IRS was able to recover 24,000 Lerner emails from 2009 to 2011 because Lerner had copied in other IRS employees. The agency said it pieced together the emails from the computers of 83 other IRS employees. 
But Republicans remain dubious about the agency's claims that the rest simply disappeared. 
Camp and Boustany said Tuesday that the problem goes beyond Lerner, revealing the IRS "cannot produce records from six other IRS employees involved in the targeting of conservative groups." 
Among those figures is former chief of staff to the commissioner Nikole Flax. 
Boustany and Camp said in a statement: "The timeframe for which Ms. Flax's communications are purportedly unrecoverable covers when the Washington, DC office wrote and directed the Cincinnati field office to send abusive questionnaires, including inappropriate demands for donor information, to conservative groups." 
The lawmakers also pointed out that Koskinen assured them in May that the IRS would produce Lerner's emails. 
He made a similar statement in March during congressional testimony, saying: "If you want them all, we'll give them all to you." 
Allegations that the IRS knew for months that emails were missing will likely raise more questions about Koskinen's statements. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee already has subpoenaed the commissioner to testify over the missing documents. 
"I will not tolerate your continued obstruction and game-playing in response to the Committee's investigation of the IRS targeting," Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said in a letter accompanying the subpoena.   
However, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., told Fox News Koskinen will appear before his committee Friday morning to discuss the missing emails, meaning well in advance of his appearance at  Issa’s committee meeting Monday night.
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell noted Tuesday that Congress sought these emails "over a year ago."  
"And they're suddenly telling us now?" he complained. 
The IRS has not responded to a request for comment from FoxNews.com. 
White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Monday called criticism from Republican lawmakers about the missing emails "far-fetched." 
Earnest said the IRS has produced 67,000 emails to and from Lerner to date. He said the IRS has tried to track down missing emails through other sources and those that have been recovered have been provided to Congress. 
Earnest said speculation questioning whether the emails were actually lost "is indicative of the kinds of conspiracies that are propagated around this story." 

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Luke Bryan
Play It Again

Drink A Beer

Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Conditions Of Omar

Caliph Omar
Greg Hamilton came up with another brilliant idea (to see more of his ideas, subscribe to Malsi-Tung). Hamilton lives in a very Muslim area in Britain and he rides the train a lot. He wanted a way to educate his fellow non-Muslims about Islam without endangering his life. His solution is ingenious: To simply wear a button that says, "Enjoy the conditions of Omar." It is such an innocent message, and somewhat ambiguous. Certainly nothing to get riled up about, even for a Muslim.

Of course, most people won't know what it means. But most people can Google it, and the curious will. What they'll find is eye-opening.

Ideally, they will find the web site Hamilton has created. If enough counterjihad sites link to it, like I am about to do, his site will rise to the top spot on a Google search for "conditions of Omar." His site is here. And this is what it says:

Dear Reader,

The Pact of Omar was a treaty drawn up between Muhammad’s successor Caliph Omar and the conquered Christians and Jews in his domain. The Pact was based on Muhammad’s treatment of conquered people. It set out the rules Christians and Jews had to abide by in order to be protected from further jihad attacks. This pact formed the basis of the Conditions of Omar.

Verse 9:29 of the Koran sets out the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims. It says,

Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture — [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

In Islamic parlance “People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews — they have a book (other religions at the time didn’t have a book). Under conquest they had a third choice other than conversion to Islam or death; this was to live under Sharia as inferior people suffering various humiliations, one of which was the jizyah, a tax levied only on non-Muslims. The non-Muslims are known as dhimmis (pronounced dimmees).

The relationship that the Conditions set up has the following characteristics:

  • Jihad violence is held off (like a dragon on a chain) as long as the dhimmis do not breach the Conditions
  • If the Conditions are breached (even by one dhimmi) the jihad violence is resumed against any or all of the dhimmi community
  • Dhimmis therefore lived in a state of permanent vulnerability and fear. Each dhimmi and the dhimmi community as a whole faced a perpetual concern lest anyone breached the Conditions and brought about catastrophe
Other than paying the non-Muslim poll tax or jizyah what conditions had to be kept?

Dhimmis were forbidden from:
  • Criticizing or mocking Islam or Muhammad. Only praise for Islam and Muhammad was allowed
  • Criticizing the Conditions of Omar: the very conditions of subjugation under which they lived
  • Testifying against a Muslim in court
  • Studying Islam - thus keeping them ignorant of its teachings
  • Cursing a Muslim
  • Raising a hand against a Muslim, even in self-defense, on pain of having it amputated
  • Displaying their religious symbols

These are only a sample of the Conditions, chosen to highlight why they are relevant today — which I will come to later. There were geographical and historical variants on the Conditions but they all held to the same theme — the humiliation and subjugation of non-Muslims and the maintenance of multiple forms of discrimination against them.

The Conditions also worked in conjunction with each other. For example, if a Muslim accused a Christian of a capital offence, such as trying to convert a Muslim, the Christians’ own testimony was not valid in their defence.

Dhimmis were ‘protected’ as long as they met the Conditions. If a dhimmi community (or any member of it) broke the Conditions it was the duty of the local Muslim community to restart the jihad against them.

A key outcome of this scenario is the desire of non-Muslims to avoid confrontations with Muslims and to police one another to prevent deviant individuals destroying the ‘protection’ of the Conditions.

Pakistan is a Muslim country where the Conditions of Omar are operating to some degree today. In March 2013, because one Christian was accused of blasphemy, some 3,000 Muslims attacked the Christian Joseph Colony of Lahore, burning two churches and 160 Christian homes.

In 2009 in Gojra, eight Christians were burned alive, 100 houses looted and 50 homes set ablaze after another blasphemy accusation.

We can see why dhimmis live in a state of perpetual concern for the potential impact of their personal actions on their whole community.

May 5th 2014, Bangladesh, a 3,000 strong Muslim mob attacked Hindu households and a temple after two youths were alleged to have slandered the ‘prophet’ Muhammad on Facebook.

These are just a few examples to show how the Conditions are applied in practise and that they are still active today. Islam as a body of belief has never discarded them and never will because, realistically, it can’t. You can read many more examples of the Conditions in action today if you look up Raymond Ibrahim’s Bulletin of Christian Persecution online. His book, "Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christianity" is also very informative.

You might like to believe that the application of Islamic law or Sharia is receding. It isn’t. Over the last 60 years Sharia worldwide has been extending and intensifying. See here.

And that brings us to the here and now.

Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries have brought Sharia with them. The Conditions of Omar are simply a subset of Sharia which sets out how Muslims should deal with non-Muslims under conquest.

You might well say that what Muslims do to Hindus or Christians or other non-Muslims in Bangladesh or Pakistan is none of our business. That is called the death of conscience.

You might well say that we have not been conquered. That is only partly true. A process of conquest is underway.

The Conditions of Omar are being established today right under our noses. They may not be coming about because we are under occupation but they are being established as norms of behaviour. Sometimes we are imposing the Conditions on ourselves as a gesture of goodwill or to prevent discrimination; sometimes we are imposing them due to fear of jihad terrorism or angry rioting; sometimes they are established by default.

One of the subtle ways we are surrendering to the Conditions is by policing what non-Muslims can say about Islam and Muslims. See this example.

Anyone living among Muslims today knows that being openly critical of Islam or Muhammad is risky. Plenty of examples have set the precedent: in 2004 Theo van Gogh was murdered for making a film critical of Islamic attitudes to women; in 1989 Salman Rushdie was forced into hiding after writing The Satanic Verses, his Japanese translator was murdered; in 2004 the Danish cartoons episode erupted in which 162 people around the world were killed during protests, again demonstrating how some Muslims will kill people totally unrelated to the ‘offence'.

These are a small selection but they point to two clear principles: (1) the author of something considered critical of Islam is liable to be killed; (2) anyone can be killed in revenge against the non-Muslim world. Both of these conform to rules set out in the Conditions.

As a result of such actions and threats most publications refused to print the cartoons. Public figures came to the defence of a religion they knew nothing about. Those seeking to rock the boat further by printing the cartoons became the targets of condemnation rather than the Muslims threatening violence.

Again, this conforms to the Conditions and the behaviour of dhimmi populations who feel vulnerable and threatened. The dhimmi populations turn to self-policing in order to prevent deviant individuals triggering violence from Muslims. This strategy buys into the idea that its entirely up to non-Muslims to refrain from behaviour which upsets Muslims — a dhimmi outlook.

The principle has become established that non-Muslims should not confront Muslims about their behaviour or their beliefs. Only praise of Islam is allowed. This is submission – especially in view of the fact that Islamic beliefs call for the conquest and subjugation of non-Muslims.

In the UK and many European countries legal measures have also been put in place to suppress critical voices about Islam. The Race and Religious Hatred Act 2006 makes it an offence carrying a two year prison term for: “A person who uses threatening words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening... if he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred.”

Now how do you prove intent here? Is trying to warn one’s fellow citizens about the divisive and supremacist nature of a religion the same as stirring up hatred against followers of that religion? If so, there is no way to reasonably warn against such a religion. And who would benefit from that? …Not the intended victims, obviously.

Make no mistake; this is happening around you now. Paul Weston, a prospective Member of the European Parliament, was arrested outside the Guildhall, Winchester on April 26th 2014 for quoting Winston Churchill’s damning assessment of Islam. He was charged under the terms of the Race and Religious Hatred Act 2006 for racially and religiously aggravated harassment.

The incident described above is yet another example of the dhimmi relationship in action. Behind all the waffle about discrimination and protecting minorities there is something which explains all the rationalisation taking place: fear. Fear of Muslim violence directed at anyone and everyone for offences against Islam.
You will find the word ‘Islamophobia’ used to describe those who are critical of Islam. What does it mean?

It doesn’t really mean anything; it’s designed as an intimidating word to enforce dhimmi behaviour. It carries a cocktail of messages which have certain key aims:

  • Phobia suggests an irrational and exaggerated fear with no basis in reality. Fear is a negative reaction and under the Conditions only praise for Islam is allowed
  • The word also suggests dislike or hatred of Islam. This is also a negative reaction and under the Conditions only praise for Islam is allowed
  • Thus if you are positive about Islam you are a good person; but if you are negative about Islam you are a bad person. This creates a reluctance to find out more about Islam and discover what you really think about it. This fosters ignorance of Islam which is another requirement of dhimmis under the Conditions

I have tried to give you some understanding of what the Conditions of Omar are, how they are applied in Muslim controlled countries, and how they are being established in non-Muslim countries.

Why on earth should you enjoy the Conditions of Omar?

Given the reluctance of most people to face anything unpleasant, the invitation to enjoy is simply an enticement to get your attention. But it is also more than this.

The 20th century Muslim theorist Syed Qtub said that the only freedom that should be supported was the ‘freedom’ to choose Islam. Non-Muslims under the Conditions of Omar would be gradually stripped of their freedoms so that they were left with only one: the freedom to choose Islam. He said, with a completely straight face, that non-Muslims should enjoy this erosion of their freedoms.

Also, in today’s climate only praise of Islam is allowed. The statement is an expression of what it seeks to change. It’s meant ironically.

The statement is also designed to arouse your curiosity but to do so in a way that cannot be construed as ‘hate speech’. It is positive in mood, though the irony becomes clear later. It is in itself inoffensive but it carries an important message.

In accordance with the Conditions, your ignorance of Islam is required. In today’s world ignorance and silence about Islam are both forms of submission. ‘Dumb’ is a word that encapsulates both ignorance and silence. We are being made dumb and submissive.

The Conditions create a system of gradual enslavement and what the system most needs to succeed right now is your ignorance and silence about Islam.

Finally, you can enjoy the Conditions of Omar by resisting them. Open your eyes to where we are and accept that this is your place in history and do what is right. Many of those in the Greatest Generation who fought Nazism felt it was the best part of their lives. All non-Muslims now have the opportunity to fight for their cultures and their civilisations.

Fighting great evils puts us in a different moral space; we learn more about real human values like courage, truth, and goodness. By standing up to barbarism in defence of higher values we become minor heroes.

Even now, when Muslims are unleashing huge persecution against Christians and other non-Muslims, there is a reticence and dread of offending. There is a posture of apologising and appeasement, of trying to identify what it is in ourselves that is displeasing. All the while the driving force of jihad is ignored.

In the face of such obvious evil, is wearing a badge saying “Enjoy The Conditions Of Omar” too much to ask? By so doing you will act as a signpost that directs others to this webpage.

For your badge you can use our online SHOP or you can right click on the image above and select "Save image as" and save it to a location on your computer. You can then send it to any online maker of button badges. If you have the equipment you can even make them yourself.

So, what's the point?

To spread the word about Islam's stance towards non-Muslims. Most non-Muslims are hopelessly ignorant of the Islamic worldview. They mistakenly assume that it shares the characteristics of other religions. Where they are generally positive about religion they assume that Islam must be a force for good. Where they are negative about religion they assume it is no worse or better than any other religion. 

To open people's eyes to the prison being erected around them. A climate has already been established in which opposition to Islam is framed as a crime. Sharia prohibitions against criticism of Islam and Muslims may not yet be directly applied but they are already indirectly applied by bogus "hate crimes"; "racism" — which is completely absurd since Islam is not a race and opposition to it cannot therefore be racist; and "Islamophobia" which is already gaining currency as a moral offence even though nobody can define it. 

To raise awareness that the Sharia prohibitions against non-Muslims defending themselves against Islam and Muslims are already being implemented. Criticism and mockery of Islam are forms of self-defence in today's circumstances but people have lost their jobs or been imprisoned as a result of their opposition to Islam and Sharia. This is a less draconian parallel to having one's hand amputated since one's livelihood is cut off. 

To raise awareness that an oppressive silence has taken hold; a silence that is the fruit of ignorance maintained by fear. There are plenty of things we could wear on a badge or T-shirt but would we get away with it? How about this: "Don't be fooled by Islam — Jihadwatch" or "Don't let Islam ruin your day." Apart from the problem of aggressive responses there's the problem that any statement of this type is seen as "hate" (an abstract thing which apparently is always bad) and the wearer's credibility is downgraded. Whatever he/she is saying is effectively locked behind an invisible wall of emotional fallacies. "Enjoy The Conditions Of Omar" teases the viewer's curiosity in a non-threatening way.

And lastly, there is only one thing left to say to those who refuse to heed the warning: Enjoy the conditions of Omar.

Resources to help you

Your first battle is to reduce your own ignorance and to clear a path through all the misinformation being spread to mislead you. You can do this very easily by studying the many good resources available to you online. Here are a few:

www.InquiryIntoIslam.com has many informative articles and analyses of Islamic doctrine, history, contemporary issues, as well as primers for the novice. 

www.PoliticalIslam.com has lots of resources on primary Islamic doctrine and the teachings of Muhammad. 

www.JihadWatch.org gives insight into the Islamic justifications for current events including terrorism, persecution, and subversion.


Mark Durie – The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude, and Freedom. This will help you understand the worldview created by Islam, the way Islamic doctrine works as a comprehensive system, and how it has affected non-Muslims throughout its 1400 year history

Robert Spencer – The Truth about Muhammad. This will help you understand the character of Islam’s founder and how Islam itself so closely reflects his character.

Read the Koran. You will soon get to see the tenor of it, with its constant denunciations of nonbelievers and the terrors awaiting them.

The Centre for the Study of Political Islam has a series of books that are particularly helpful.

Raymond Ibrahim – Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christianity.

Read the biography of Muhammad known as the Sira. This will show you what the primary Islamic sources say about the ‘perfect model of conduct’.

Once you have attended to your own ignorance your next battle is to break the great silence in whatever way you can. If all you feel able to do is wear a badge saying “Enjoy The Conditions Of Omar” that is a lot more than most of your sleeping contemporaries, and it will point more people to the truth about Islam and its project of universal submission.
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