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Saturday, August 02, 2014

White House Says More Than 40K Illegal Immigrants Detained Over Last Three Months…

From Breitbart:
On Friday evening, the White House announced that there have been over 40,000 illegal immigrants–children and adults–detained at the border in the last three months alone. Claiming that the Obama administration has made “unprecedented investments” in border security, the White House pushed for amnesty and talked up various initiatives with Central American nations to deter migration. 
They did not mention any specific programs in which the Obama administration has explicitly told migrants there is no “amnesty” on the other side of the border. For all the accomplishments the memo touts, Obama has still not gone to Central America or the U.S.-Mexico border to address the crisis.
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Muslims in Germany Hold Rally for ISIS & Islamic State

We have reached a new phase in our War against Islamofascism.

Muslims are feeling triumphant and thus their triumphalism is causing them to declare outright their beliefs and intentions.

This is good for our side. As no sane person could possibly be happy that Muslims want to bring an ISIS-like state to the Western world.

A mass demonstration for Muslims and the Islamic State was held in Germany this week.

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The Right Reaction

Walk away when Islam is shoved down your throat in a Western venue:


This Muslim man calmly tells the crowd, "I am not a madman". And then he tells them, "I am a servant of Allah, and I call you to Islam."

Here is some information from the Clarion Project about "The Call to Islam", and what happens to those who ignore it:

The classical Islamic doctrine of jihad mandates that enemies must be given the opportunity to convert to Islam or pay the jizya tax before it is permissible to attack them. This obligation is compulsory because it is written in the Qur’an as a divine order.
‘Invite all to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.’     -- Q 16:125
So, too, the inevitable consequences for those who refuse the Da’wa call to Islam are spelled out in the Qur’an:
‘Who receiveth guidance, receiveth it for his own benefit; who goeth astray doth so to his own loss…When We decide to destroy a population, We first send a definite order to those among them who are given the good things of this life and yet transgress; so that the word is proved true against them: then it is We destroy them utterly.’
-- Q 17:15-16
From these Qur’anic citations, then, it can be seen that Da’wa, the invitation to convert or submit, is preliminary to jihad. Jihad will inevitably follow Da’wa if the call to convert or submit is ignored. But only after due warning has been given are Muslim forces free to launch attacks of military conquest. 

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"Netanyahu is such “a stubborn head” that he “refuses to understand anything”

John Kerry to the French and others in the hearing of Qatar, reports the French weekly Le Canard Enchaine.
Really, Lurch? Really?
Though satirical, Le Canard is known for excellent ties with French political insiders — especially with the Foreign Office in Paris, where, according to the paper, Kerry mocked the Israeli leader to several foreign ministers while seeking a Gaza cease-fire last week.
Bad enough to bad-mouth an allied leader to Europeans who’ve been less than supportive of your ally. Worse to do it also in the presence of officials of two nations that are patrons of the terrorists that ally is now fighting. Worst of all to do it where your foolish comments will get leaked to the public.
That Le Canard dropped its scoop Wednesday, after a host of Obama officials had spent days insisting that Kerry supports Israel, is just more salt in the wound.
This is not just about Israel. It’s about every nation pondering what it means to be a US ally.

Of course, this was just before what Netanyahu was such a ‘stubborn head’ over, came to justify his attitude right down to microscopic accuracy YESTERDAY.
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“Don’t ever second guess me again on this”

Benjamin Netanyahu to Kerry and Obama after the ‘cease fire’, forced down Israel’s throat, not lasting 2 hours, ended with rockets into Israel and the suicide attack on IDF soldiers in a tunnel, resulting the death of 2 and the capture of a 3rd.
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Silver Hollow

Herbie Hancock - Piano
Pat Metheney - Guitar
Dave Holland - Bass
Jack DeJohnette - Drums
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Jack DeJohnette Special Edition

One for Eric
Journey to the Twin Planet
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Finnish TV Reporter: Reporting From Hospital In Gaza "It's True, Rockets Are Launched Here"

From Algermeiner:
A television reporter from Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat, the “Helsinki Dispatch,” spent the night reporting from Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, where she saw Hamas militants launching a rocket from the hospital’s parking lot, confirming a war crime that few journalists have dared report. 
Using hospitals, schools and mosques to store weapons or as a military base is against international rules of war. 
The Al Shifa Hospital, in particular, has been an area of focus after journalists reported that Hamas was using the hospital as a headquarters, but many of their reports were withdrawn, deleted on social media or actually taken off their newspaper websites because of fears for their safety and retribution from Hamas for reporting the truth. 
The Helsingin Sanomat report was titled, ‘HS spent the night at a hospital in Gaza.’ Their reporter, whose name is not shown in the segment uploaded to YouTube on Friday, is reporting from outside of the hospital, where she said, “Right in the back parking lot of Al Shifa Hospital, a rocket was launched, two o’clock in the morning.” 
“Really, it happened right in the area, the sound of it was really loud,” she said. “It’s true that rockets are launched here from the Gazan side into Israel.” 
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Muslim Barbarians Invade Greece, The Land That Invented Western Civilization

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Mega-Terror Attack Predicted in American Shopping Malls

From INN:

"The target will be shopping malls. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and death and to wound as many as possible."     
Dr. Jim Garrow is a 2009 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. His work saving baby girls from gendercide in China came to international attention as did his rather elite network of schools across China.  He worked in Intelligence in the US government, and says that according to his contacts, a huge mega-terror attack in America is to take place.  He joins Tamar on her show and talks about his past, his present connections with intelligence sources, and his firm belief that in the future, a mega-terror attack will take place in American shopping malls across the continent.   
According to a send-out of his: 

"Intelligence Rumblings:

I have avoided sharing certain information because I took an oath and will not break that oath. I am skating on the edge today because of information that I would be derelict in my duty if I did not share it. 

Islamists currently in the country, aided by those who have recently arrived via the southern sieve we call a border and those who boldly came on aircraft in a variety of disguises have a purpose in their criminality. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart.

The target will be shopping malls. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and death and to wound as many as possible. This is terrorism in its lowest form. The purpose is to inflict fear in the hearts of Americans through this targeting of where we go to shop and relax.

The date will be a significant one for the Islamists. The event will happen simultaneously across America at hundreds of locations (note the number). The police, DHS, and security services throughout the nation should be warned and take appropriate action.

Why release this on Facebook? It turns out that the necessary agencies are reading my stuff. Why make phone calls when this gets the news out in a speedy fashion to all of them in an instant message.

Be warned, my sources on this are impeccable. I lay my 100% record of reliability on the line.- Dr. Jim Garrow
Jul 25, 2014"

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Friday, August 01, 2014

Tom Waits
Eggs and Sausage

Fumblin' With The Blues

Twenty Nine Dollars

A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun

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My Guess Is, Katy Perry - UPDATE

Blind Item #4

This A list singer is being watched by the FBI. Apparently her celebrity husband is giving a great deal of money to several Muslim organizations, some of which are on a terror watch list. The thing is the husband doesn't have as much money as he has been giving so has been using his wife's money. Does she know her money is being used this way? It could be a career crusher.

UPDATE - I have not been keeping up on my Pop Culture very well. Apparently Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorced.


Another guess is Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.

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The US Military Waterboards It's Own Troops

It Has Also Been Reported 
The American Military 
Gave Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a Golden Shower

Here's a fact that somehow had completely bypassed my consciousness:
In a discussion on MSNBC's Hardball program about whether the government ought to consider prosecuting people involved in enhanced interrogation techniques used on some terror suspects, former U.S. Rep. 
Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California, argued that the issue really comes down to waterboarding. "And," he said, "waterboarding is not torture." 
In fact, said Hunter, a Vietnam veteran and former candidate for president, "We waterboard, incidentally, hundreds of our own military personnel. They waterboard themselves in training to toughen themselves up." 
He added, "The Geneva Convention .. .was analyzed by the lawyers in place, and they came to the conclusion, especially about waterboarding, because that's the primary thing, that, since we do it to our own soldiers, by the hundreds, incidentally, and it doesn't hurt them, and they — and it makes them tougher, and it doesn't hurt anybody — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gained weight after he was waterboarded — we decided that, since we do that to our own soldiers in training... we‘re not going to consider that torture. " 
Hunter later challenged host Chris Matthews saying, "But the point is, if we do it, are we torturing American soldiers? You have to answer yes if you consider waterboarding to be torture." 
Matthews said the difference is that U.S. service people know they are in training. They know they aren't going to be killed. "That captured person who is one of our enemies has no idea what we‘re doing when we submit him to water torture." 
Said Hunter: "If we use it with our own soldiers in training, as we do waterboarding, then it should be allowed with people who have killed thousands of Americans."
Now, Politifact says this is slightly misleading. Here's why:
But while the techniques may have been derived from SERE training, a different, more intense brand of waterboarding was used on terror suspects, according to recently released CIA documents. 
According to a May 7, 2004, CIA Inspector General special report on interrogation techniques used on terror suspects, which has some parts redacted, 
"OIG’s (Office of the Inspector General's) review of the videotapes revealed that the waterboard technique employed at (redacted) was different from the technique as described in the DoJ (Department of Justice) opinion and used in the SERE training. The difference was in the manner in which the detainee’s breathing was obstructed. At the SERE School and in the DoJ opinion, the subject’s airflow is disrupted by the firm application of a damp cloth over the air passages; the interrogator applies a small amount of water to the cloth in a controlled manner. By contest, the Agency interrogator (redacted) continuously applied large volumes of water to a cloth that covered the detainee’s mouth and nose. One of the psychologists/interrogators acknowledged that the Agency’s use of the technique differed from that used in SERE training and explained that the Agency’s technique is different because it is 'for real' and is more poignant and convincing." The report also says the CIA's Office of Medical Services has characterized the SERE waterboarding as "so different from the subsequent Agency usage as to make it almost irrelevant." 
The office said its frequency and intensity raised questions about whether it was effective or medically safe. 
So we think Hunter misleads a bit by equating waterboarding in training of military personnel with the technique used on terror suspects. According to the CIA inspector general's report, the technique used on the suspects was more powerful and convincing. 
And in the case of one terror suspect, it was used 183 times, often in rapid succession. So to argue the technique isn't torture because it is used on American servicemen as part of training ignores that it was not used in the same way. 
Still, Hunter is correct that the U.S. military has waterboarded servicemen as part of survival training. And so we rule his statement Mostly True.

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God Bless the IDF and God Bless Israel!

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UNICEF Accuses Israel of Purposefully Targeting 264 Children for Death

From the Middle East Monitor:
Monica Awad, the spokeswoman of the UNICEF, condemned Israel’s targeting of women and children in its ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip. 
In an interview with Al-Jazeera yesterday, Awad said Israeli forces had deliberately killed 264 children in Gaza, which is equal to 11 children per day, and injured more than 2,000. 
“Where’s the international community’s reactions to the slaughtering of children in Gaza? Where are the international human rights covenants?” she asked.
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Canada: Muslims Shout “Heil Hitler” During Pro-Israel Rally In Calgary

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UK’s Largest Supermarket Chain Bans Israeli Products

From the Jerusalem Post:
Tesco, the UK’s largest food retailer, has strongly rejected claims that the Gaza crisis is forcing it to stop selling Israeli produce and products, saying that in the case of Israeli dates packaged under its own label it had decided to stop selling them in September “for commercial reasons.” 
According to the grocery chain, the dates are grown in Israel but packaged in the West Bank. 
“It is clearly marked as “West Bank (Israeli settlement produce)” so customers are fully aware of what they are buying,” a spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. 
“As part of our regular review of our range, we will not be selling this product for much longer.” 
The spokesman said that in line with the recent request from the British government on “origin of food” labeling, the dates have to be marked and sold as such, and as Tesco customers have been asking for such information, the company has to supply it.
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Call and Response...

Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety's call for more gun control to protect women from gun violence.

Senator Heller Will You Stop This

Liberty Pennsylvania's Response:

I Will Stop This

from the Blaze


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What Death Panels? That’s a smear. RIGHT?

Here is a govt response to denying a new life saving medication to a 14 year old gal, with cystic fibrosis.
“Cost alone was not the determining factor, but how we will pay for it is something we must consider in advance as we are a state agency with limited funds.”
Yes, the treatment is expensive -$300k expensive – but it’s nothing compared to what Arkansas taxpayers will be paying to provide free medical coverage to non-disabled adults through its private option Medicaid expansion plan.
The state will spend over $1 billion this year alone to cover healthy, childless adults, and at the same time deny Chloe her treatment.
“They just don’t want to pay for it,” Chloe said during an interview in Little Rock, where she travels for treatment from her home in Walnut Ridge, Ark. “I feel like they don’t care about what’s wrong with me, that I’m not as important as everybody else.”….
“In an email to colleagues discussing a review board’s deliberations about Kalydeco, a pharmacist named Pamela Ford wrote, “the consensus of the physicians on the board was that none of the prescribers would have a clue that this will cost AR Medicaid $303,408 per patient per year.”
Medicaid patients in Arizona died after the state stopped covering life-saving organ transplants, and developmentally-disabled Medicaid patients in Maine languished on waitlists for critical services, all to cut costs and continue funding their prior Medicaid expansions. Instead of a safety net, ObamaCare’s expansion turns Medicaid into a tightrope and its the truly needy patients who are pushed off first.
In fact as some of you may know, Maine had to refuse the Medicaid expansion because having just paid Medicaid (Maine Care) past due bills (YEARS PAST DUE) to the tune of more than half a billion $, very few wanted to take a chance on the expansion, because we just can’t afford it. I was in a position to see hospitals unable to pay suppliers, and see services to hospitals CUT OFF.
That’s how a poor national plan is going to play out. Funds too short, or companies too strained to keep up payments to hospitals will result in suppliers, inventors, and engineering companies shutting off hospitals at the first level of effects. Insurers, will bill the govt for the losses which will pay slowly (my research company in GOOD TIMES, averaged 150 days ageing on bills). And then the insurers to stay alive will be lobbying the govt for more restrictive admissions, pay outs, stays, and Rx’s.
Nobody will be to blame and people like Chloe are out.

This is why the plan has to be practical. Obamacare and it’s corollary expansions are NOT. Any system as we have now where the govt itself selects ‘who shall live and who shall die’ in some insulated, committee ‘softened’, conscience muffled manner is CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT based on a DNA dice roll THEY INVENTED.
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The UN’s top human rights official again condemned Israel for its military actions to stop Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, accusing the Jewish state of “deliberately defying International Law… in a way that may constitute war crimes.”

Navi Pillay told reporters following yet another “emergency” meeting of the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council that Israel was not doing enough to protect civilians. “There is a strong possibility,” said the known Israel critic, “that international law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes.”
Among the UN’s long bill of particulars against the beleaguered Jewish state comes the almost unbelievable accusation that Israel’s refusal to share its Iron Dome ballistic missile defense shield with the “governing authority” of Gaza – i.e. Hamas, the terror group created to pursue the extermination of the Jewish state and now waging a terrorist war against it – constitutes a war crime against the civilians of Gaza.
The UN chairwoman criticized the U.S. for helping fund Israel’s Iron Dome system which has saved countless Israeli and Palestinian lives. “No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling,” she said.
Just because Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately aimed at Israeli civilian population centers without provocation and fires them from within its own population centers does not “absolve” Israel from its own legal violations, Pillay told reporters Thursday.
Marking the end of her contentious, six-year term as chairman of the notoriously anti-Israel UNHRC, Pillay saved her harshest condemnations for what she termed Israeli “targeting” of UN-run schools and hospitals in Gaza. She did not mention, nor was she reminded by any of the reporters present, that as of this writing, at least three UN-run schools in Gaza have been used as rocket warehouses, a gross violation of international law that clearly falls within the category of war crimes. Neither did she mention, nor was she reminded, that in at least two of the three cases cited above, the terror rockets found on UN property in Gaza were returned to Hamas by the UN.
"What I’m seeing now is a recurrence of the very acts that the Gaza fact-finding mission indicated as constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity," she said.
The UN’s Human Rights Council has long been a source of deep embarrassment to some UN supporters all-too-conscious that the council is widely regarded as a cesspool of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatred, manipulated by the world’s very worst human rights abusers to cover up their own gross abuses of human rights by scapegoating Israel.
Current members of the UN Human Rights Council include China, Russia, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia. Iran and North Korea have been recent active members of the body. So execrable were the actions and abuses of the UNHRC in the past that the body was in fact disbandedin 2006 after the late terrorist leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi was elected President of the Council.
While Israel is the only country in the world that remains a standing agenda item at every session, the human rights body has to date said nothing about the recent Russian-backed shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, nor has it condemned the ongoing mass killings in Syria or South Sudan. North Korea, China, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, or Iran, all recent or current members of the council, have never been condemned by it.
The UNHRC has never formally mentioned “Hamas” by name, let alone condemned it.
From 2006 through 2012, Israel was formally condemned by the UNHRC at least 47 times.
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Nancy Pelosi and her BLATANT Islamist leanings, backing and LIES to the American People over it

This week we were all treated to Nancy Pelosi telling us that Qatar, our ‘good friends’ who ‘we should listen to’ had told her that HAMAS was a ‘humanitarian organization’
All I could see in my mind’s eye was Godfather II. Senator Geary (GD Spradin) in the hearing which had Mafiosi king Michael Corleone dead to rights, telling the committee that he was a great man and war hero.
Of course, Corleone had saved his ass (while framing him) from a prostitute murder exposure.
And now Ms Pelosi and her truly disgusting, disreputable, WHORISH attempts to fool the American people.
Why would SHE claim Qatar was OUR ‘good friend’ and ‘HAMAS a humanitarian’ organization?

Pelosi holds secret fundraiser with Islamists, Hamas-linked groups

Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi headlined a high-dollar fundraiser in May that was attended by U.S.-based Islamist groups and individuals linked by the U.S. government to the Hamas jihad group and to the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood movement.
The donors at the undisclosed May 16 event included Nihad Awad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, according to data provided by the nonpartisan Investigative Project on Terrorism.
The CAIR group was named an unindicted conspirator in a 2007 trial of a Hamas money-smuggling group.
A covertly-taken photograph provided by the IPT shows Pelosi standing near Awad at the fundraiser. Roughly 30 people attended the fundraiser, according to the IPT.
The cheapest tickets cost $5,000, and the most expensive were $30,800 per couple, according to the event invite from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which used the cash to fund Democratic candidates. (View the invite here)
The hosts of the event were DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel and two Muslim representatives, Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Andre Carson.
Ellison is the DCCC’s “national community outreach chair” and the co-chair of the House progressive caucus.
On Oct. 29, The Daily Caller asked Ellison’s press aide if the congressman would decline donations from Islamist groups. The aide replied that Ellison was not available to comment.
Nancy Pelosi
Since the May event, the DCCC has distributed a large amount of money — likely including the Islamists’ funds — to many House candidates who are part of the DCCC’s “Red to Blue” effort, which is trying unseat 55 Republican members of the House.
The list of Red to Blue candidates who got DCCC cash includes Connecticut’s Elizabeth Esty, Iowa’s Christie Vilsack, Maryland’s John Delaney and Florida’s Patrick Murphy.
Murphy is running against Florida Republican Rep. Allen West, an outspoken opponent of the Islamist groups. The groups have targeted him for defeat in 2012.
The Democrats are not expected to recapture the House in this year’s elections, prompting widespread rumors that Pelosi will retire.
The Islamist fundraiser illustrates the increasing ties between American progressives and the various Islamist groups.
That burgeoning alliance was boosted by President Barack Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo to Muslims, including Egyptians. Prior to the speech, he insisted that Egypt’s secular government allow Muslim Brotherhood members to attend the speech. In 2011 and 2012, he pressured the Egyptian military to let the movement take power after it won elections.
The ties were also highlighted at the Democrats’ Charlotte convention, when party leaders presented and passed a 2012 party platform that excluded several Israel-related sections, including a declaration that “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.”
Awad, in an Arabic-language interview on the Brotherhood-friendly station Al Jazeera, commended the 2012 draft as “an indication that the Democratic Party’s political platform with regard to the Middle East is developing.”
But the decision to remove the sections was so controversial that top Democratic officials decided to reinsert the Jerusalem section.
The motion to reinsert that section was met with raucous opposition from some delegates, including at least one of the 100 Muslim delegates. Eventually, the text was declared reinserted by the convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, after three voice votes failed to clearly show delegates’ approval.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/02/pelosi-holds-secret-fundraiser-with-islamists-hamas-linked-groups/#ixzz3990xwa9r
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I Know This Will Be Hard For You To Believe, But ...

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A Beautiful Sight: Israel Destroys Radical Mosque In Gaza

The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers....

Note the reporter clearly says, 

"No one died. they had a warning."

And later he repeats, "This was a pinpoint target. Nobody died."

That's how Israel rolls, and Thank God for it.
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Pro-Israel Demonstration in France

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:

(ANSAmed) – PARIS – Heated debate has arisen in France due to the selling in over 1,000 supermarkets of books openly calling for jihad and ”death to heretics”, such as ‘Voie du Musulman’. The books were distributed as part of ‘Operation Ramadan’, an initiative to promote the sale of Islamic publications in France sponsored since 2001 by the Lebanese publisher Mansour Mansour. According to Le Figaro, distributors have ignored petitions and criticism and the authorities have no legal recourse to impose a ban on them. (ANSAmed).

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One For All You Infidels

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EBOLA JIHAD: The Invitation That Open Borders Sends to the World's Radicals

From Investor's Business Daily:
As the Ebola disease spreads in Africa and detainees from that continent are apprehended, the question must be asked: What if terrorists already willing to die try to bring the disease across our porous southern border? 
The Ebola outbreak that has killed at least 672 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone could land in the U.S., according to John O'Connor, a spokesman for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 
"It's true," he says, "that anyone with an illness is just one plane ride away from coming to the U.S." Indeed, a Liberian man infected with Ebola boarded a plane and brought the disease to Lagos, Nigeria, Africa's largest city, with 21 million people. 
But what if in the future it's no accident? Nigeria is the home of Boko Haram. The Islamic terrorist group ISIL has long been recruiting terrorists in the West and is known to have members with Western, even American, passports. 
Deliberately spreading the disease to the U.S. might not even require a plane ride, and it's possibile that terrorists already willing to strap bombs to their bodies might just as willingly get infected and pay a coyote to get them across our open southern border. 
We remember the 9/11 Commission saying that terrorist attack was due in part to our lack of imagination. We couldn't imagine young Middle Eastern males learning to fly, but not land, passenger jets as part of a plan to fly them into skyscrapers. 
The spreading of Ebola to the U.S. could be intentional, given the virus' relatively long incubation period of up to three weeks without symptoms, and no shortage of terrorists willing to die for their cause. 
It would be easy for an infected terrorist to slip in among the OTMs (Other Than Mexican) who have also been crossing our border. "Central Americans are not the only ones being smuggled through Mexico to the United States," said a 2012 report by the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, a fact regularly reported by the U.S. Border Patrol. 
"Irregular migrants from the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia), as well as South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, India), China and other African and Asian states are being smuggled through Central America." 
Albert Spratte, a spokesman for Local 3307 of the National Border Patrol Council, has repeatedly noted how the Rio Grande is being crossed by more than just Central Americans, including individuals from Africa. 
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Los Angeles: Muslima Says "Heil Hitler" To Jewish Man, Says She's Not Against All Jews

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Italian Commercial: "We Are Gathered Here Today To Execute This Infidel ... "

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Stepping Stone

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Florida: Muslim At Hamas Rally, Yells At Jew, "I'm Going To KIll You, You Motherfucker"

On Sunday, an undercover reporter attempting to document a pro-Hamas demonstration was discovered and threatened because he was Jewish. 
United West, the organization that posted the video of the altercation, sent a reporter in to document a pro-Hamas rally. 
This was not a pro-Palestine rally, mind you; this rally included continued chants of “We are Hamas” and “We are jihad.” 
The pro-terrorist rally took place outside the Israeli consulate in Miami, Florida, and was sponsored by the increasingly-radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). 
When members of the amped-up crowd discovered that a Jew was reporting, they confronted him with violence and vulgarity. “He’s a Zionist, this guy is not one of us. He’s a Zionist!” one of the pro-Hamas protesters yelled.
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US Shuts Down Tourist Visas For Israelis - No Travel Restrictions From Nations Affected By The Worst Ebola Outbreak in History

Never Again, Apparently Means, "Never Again Will I Care"
Tourist visa process cancelled until further notice, embassy announces.
From the Obama state Dept:
“Due to the current security situation in Tel Aviv, U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv remains open but is operating at reduced staffing until further notice, and has canceled routine visa application processing and American Citizen services,” the statement says. “Emergencies involving an American citizen and visa applications will be considered on a case by case basis.”


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From Powerline:
It didn’t require nasty emails from Lois Lerner to establish that the IRS targeted conservative groups for harassment. 
The numerical disparity in the IRS’s treatment of conservative vs. liberal groups makes the case. 
107 conservative groups were scrutinized. 
They were asked an average of 15 questions and approved at a rate of 46 percent. 
Only seven liberal groups were scrutinized. 
They were asked an average of less than five questions. 
All seven were approved. 
Nonetheless, we now have the nasty emails and they confirm what the numbers proved. 
Most of the attention will be on Lerner’s use of an obscenity to describe conservative talk show hosts and their callers. 
But more telling is her claim that such conservative activists will do the work of “alien terrorists” and take America down, and that because of them America may be “through.” 
An IRS bigwig might well view a group’s members as []holes yet still choose not to harass the group. 
But if she believes the group is going to take America down, she will likely consider it her duty to get in its way. 
And, again, the numbers show that conservative groups were singled out for particular harassment.
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Accuses Israel Of “Killing Women And Children Indiscriminately”

From Mediaite:
Describing himself as a “100-percent supporter of Israel,” Scarborough noted that when he was in Congress, there was a joke that “anytime I wanted a key to the city of Tel Aviv, I could get a gold-plated one.” 
Thursday on Morning Joe, however, Scarborough said: “This continued killing of women and children, in a way that appears to be indiscriminate, is asinine.” 
He added that the mounting civilian death toll in Gaza was not just tragic for Palestinians, but significantly looks bad for the Israeli people and for the United States. 
“We will rue the day that this is happening every day,” he continued. 
“As much as we all hate Hamas, what is going to replace Hamas is going to be much worse. It’s going to be a radical Islamist group instead of a power-hungry, corrupt people that despise Israelis. This is such a nightmare that is unfolding.”
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France Offers Asylum To Iraqi Christians

France cares more about Iraqi Christians than American Pastors do.

From the BBC:
Two top ministers said, "We are ready, if they so desire, to help facilitate asylum on our territory." 
It was a joint message from Laurent Fabius and Bernard Cazeneuve, respectively foreign minister and interior minister in the Socialist government. 
A senior Christian cleric in Iraq, Patriarch Louis Sako, estimated that before the advance of IS, Mosul had a Christian community of 35,000 - compared with 60,000 prior to 2003. 
According to the UN, just 20 families from the ancient Christian minority now remain in the city, which Isis has taken as the capital of its Islamic state.
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The Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is Mr. Ducky.

Listen to the August 1, 2014 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

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Ebola: A Global Pandemic?

Drinking my coffee. Rubbing my eyes. Blowing my nose. All the stuff I do in the morning.

And then, there's this.

From CBS News:
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CBS Charlotte/AP) — A Liberian health official says the Ebola outbreak is now above the control of its government. 
“Our government has declared this now as a humanitarian crisis that is above the control of the national government,” Tolbert Nyenswah, Liberia’s assistant minister of health, told CBS News. 
More than 700 people have died in four western African nations during the largest Ebola outbreak ever, with over 320 known cases in Liberia alone. One American died while contracting the virus in Liberia. Two other American medical missionary workers also contracted Ebola. 
“This virus, if it is not taken care of, will be a global pandemic,” Nyenswah told CBS News, calling for more international aid to help treat the sick and stop the spreading of the disease. 
The Peace Corps has now temporarily evacuated 340 volunteers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone after two members were exposed to the virus. CBS News reports those two volunteers have been isolated. 
This comes as two North Carolina-based missionary groups have ordered the evacuation of their non-essential personnel from Liberia after a doctor and a missionary contracted Ebola.
At least we know the situation is in good hands over there in Africa ... uh, no, wait a minute:

West Africans Blame Ebola Outbreak on Witchcraft – Kenyans Flee Border With Uganda

Ok, yeah.

And ...

US Doctor Infected With Ebola Is Refused Flight to Europe for Treatment

WHITE HOUSE: Africa summit in US will go on...




Could go global...

'Speeding up not slowing down'...

If Ebola Hits America, Even Healthy Will be Quarantined...

Doctor tells of his hell on ward...

CDC issues airline advisory...

Travelers could face flight restriction...

Fight against disease hampered by belief in witchcraft...

Sierra Leone deploys security forces...

Rep: Close Border to Virus Countries... 

Peace Corps volunteers exposed...

Hospitals Training Staff To Be on Lookout...

Doctor Quarantined in Canada...

Woman treated in Hong Kong...
Schools closed in Liberia... 

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Remember This On The Next Election Day

WE THE PEOPLE still have the ballot box, and conservatism is calling (with a hat tip to my good friend Mustang):

There are 530,000 elected offices in America.

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Humpday Blues

Popa Chubby
In Concert 1997

1. Heart, Attack And Wine
2. Trail O' Tears
3. Angel On My Shoulder
4. Stoop Down Baby
5. Caffeine And Nicotine
6. Isis
7. Dance The Night Away
8. It's Chubby Time

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Victory For Allah: Moderate Muslim Executes Two Boys (Video)

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Palestinians Built Tunnels As Part of Sneak Against Jewish State, Planned For 12 Years

The Palestinians have been using billions in aid money to build their terror tunnel network for a massive attack they started planning 12 years ago!
The JTA reported:
Hamas planned to use the tunnels it dug from Gaza to Israel to execute a massive attack on southern Israel, an Israeli newspaper reported, citing unnamed Israeli security sources.
Under the plan detailed Friday by the Hebrew-language Maariv daily, Hamas planned to send terrorists through the more than 30 tunnels uncovered by Israeli troops and into six southern Israeli communities on Rosh Hashanah in September of this year.
The plan was to kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible, according to the report.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told the security Cabinet about the discovered plot during late last week.
And from another report out of Israel:
Among it’s other achievements fighting in Gaza, Israel also captured a few terrorists and was able to extract information about Hamas’s plans.
When the soldiers interrogated the terrorists they asked “Why, with so many tunnels (41 so far) going deep into Israel, 25 meters below the ground, some of which reached as far as Beer Sheva – didn’t you use them to attack, kidnap and/or kill Israeli civilians?
The answer was this:
“We have spend the last 12 years building those tunnels and were planning a massive attack against Israel in 2 months time.
We built those dozens of tunnels throughout southern Israel, reaching many towns,not for terror attacks, but to capture territory.
We were waiting for the upcoming Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana,… we planned to use this advantage to attack and conquer the state of Israel and kill the Zionists.”
It’s also reported that Palestinians used child labor to construct the tunnels, and more than 150 died in the process!
According to an article published by the Institute for Palestine Studies, at least 160 children died during the construction of the tunnels.

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