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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pic Of The Day: German Biker Gang Enters Kobane To Fight ISIS Alongside Kurds

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Mexico Seals Their Borders, No People With Ebola Allowed in Mexico

Texas Hospital Worker Who Handled Ebola Patient’s Lab Sample Quaratined On Cruise Ship

From the New York Post:
A cruise ship carrying more than 4,000 passengers was denied entry to Mexico — and forced to return to the United States — after officials discovered that a woman on board is a health-care worker who handled fluids from a man dying of Ebola. 
The lab tech, who worked at the Dallas hospital where Thomas Eric Duncan died, set sail from Galveston, Texas, on Sunday aboard the 1,000-foot Carnival Magic.
Ebola is 'disaster of our generation'

London (AFP) - Aid agency Oxfam on Saturday said Ebola could become the "definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation", as US President Barack Obama urged against "hysteria" in the face of the growing crisis.
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New Ebola Czar Missing From First Meeting, Won't Start Job For Five To Six Months

Ron Klain was not in Obama's meeting on Ebola response today
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The Savage Lands of Islam

From Daniel Greenfield:

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia ruled that ten year old girls can be married off, because in his words, "Good upbringing makes a girl ready to perform all marital duties at that age."

The Grand Mufti
The Mufti, who also called for destroying churches in the Arabian Peninsula, is descended from Mohammed Wahhab who gave birth to Wahhabism and whose descendants have controlled the Saudi religious establishment, and through it Islam around the world.

However for all his power and influence, the Mufti is blind and hasn't seen a thing in the last half century years; an apt metaphor for his entire religion.

Saudi Arabia, the heartland of Islam, still tries and executes witches. What sort of religion can come out of a place that marries off ten year old girls and murders old women on charges of witchcraft? The sort that flies planes into skyscrapers, murders teenage girls for using Facebook and bases its entire society on a ladder with Muslim men at the top, Muslim women a few rungs below and everyone else somewhere at the bottom.

The Saudis are not an aberration, they are Islam in its purest and truest form. That is why Al Qaeda was founded by a Saudi and why Saudis, the wealthy citizens of a wealthy kingdom, are its best recruits. It is not poverty or oppression that moves them to kill, but wealth and privilege. 

This is where Islam originated, whose brutality and cunning spread it across the world, whose clans killed each other, then killed or enslaved minority groups, and then embarked on a wave of conquest that destroyed countless cultures and left behind the seeds of hate of the wars we are fighting today. 

Unlike Egypt or Syria, they were never colonized by European powers and the impact of Ottoman influence was limited. 

Oil has brought in massive amounts of money, but it has changed very little. There are limousines instead of camels, the slaves have foreign passports, though they are often still slaves, there is still a brisk trade in imported luxury goods, harems for princes and clans staggering under the weight of their indolent progeny.

Religiously, Wahhabism has done its best to recreate the "pure" Islam of its origins. Economically, oil has allowed the Gulf Arabs to prosper without reform or change. And if Mohammed were to ride out of the desert tomorrow, he would have little trouble fitting in, as soon as he developed a taste for Porsches. Anyone who wants to see the world as it was in Mohammed's day can visit Saudi Arabia and see inbred clans, slave labor, veiled women and thugs enforcing the will of Allah on every corner.

But you don't even need to visit Saudi Arabia because diluted forms of it can be found everywhere from Cairo to London and from Islamabad to Los Angeles. A hundred and fifty years after the United States freed its slaves, Muslim immigrants have brought back slavery, importing young girls to live as their slaves. Ninety years after American women won the right to vote, the ghosts of Islam tread the streets in sheets that hide their personhood and mark them as property.

The religious wars of the desert have not stayed there as the immigration Hegira has brought them here and everywhere. And that is the source of the Clash of Civilizations. Immigration has brought Muslims into closer contact with different cultures and religions who don't defer to them or give Islam the privileged status that its adherents are used to enjoying. 

To know the truth of this all you have to do is measure the respective tolerance levels of America  against the average Muslim country. There is no comparison with even the more secular Muslim countries, not in law and not in public attitudes. The sole benefit of the Arab Spring has been to expose the fraud of the moderate Muslim country. Egypt's transition to theocracy reminds us that a moderate Muslim state is a completely unrepresentative dictatorship. The alternative is majority Muslim rule.

The endgame of the Arab Spring and the immigration Hegira is to reduce the entire world to the level of Saudi Arabia. And that means eliminating outside influences in a long march to purification.  Islamists know that they cannot enjoy complete cultural dominance over their own people until their rivals in the West are obliterated. To turn Egypt and Malaysia into Saudi Arabia, and to purify Saudi Arabia, the infidels must be brought down, their religions subjugated and their nations replaced with proper Islamic states.

Islamic leaders are under no illusion that religion is a spiritual matter, they know that it is a numbers game. Wage enough wars, terrorize enough nations, marry enough barely post-pubescent girls and use them to crank out an endless supply of babies, intimidate or trick enough infidels into joining up and you win. That was how Islam took over so much territory and spread around the world, that is how it is doing it again now. 

Islam is not a spiritual religion, even its paradise is a materialistic place, a fantasy harem where the physical pleasures of life can be enjoyed without restraint. That gives it an advantage over Judaism and Christianity, just as it gives the Saudis and the Pakistanis an advantage over the Americans and Israelis. There is no angst in Islam, no spiritual seeking and no room for doubt. The marching orders are always clear and individual deeds and thoughts matter less than a willingness to always obey.

Islam came out of the desert and it has never left the desert, instead it has brought the desert with it along with its codes, its deep hatreds, its constant deprivation, its deceptiveness and its nomadic expansionism. Where Islam goes, the desert rises, its tents, its red knives and its insecurities. It was backward even at the time of its birth and it has only become more so, but its singlemindedness is an advantage in an age of effete leftectuals and eurocrats dreaming of a transnational world. 

While the leftectuals dream of windmills, the Saudis hire foreigners to pump their oil and then sell it to them, the money goes to fund the Hegira, its mosques in every city from Dublin to Moscow to Buenos Aires and Toronto, the fatwas, the bombs, the websites where the masked faithful hold up AK-47's, the Islamic science courses and sessions on learning to love the Hijab and then the Burqa,

The Saudis just want what everyone wants, for everyone to acknowledge their greatness and live like them. They can hardly be blamed for that when the West spends almost as much money promoting democracy and its own way of life to people who still execute witches and blasphemers. They may be savages, but they fell ass backward into enough black gold to fuel a global religious war, and they're using it cleverly and cunningly to transform our societies and wage war against us even while attending dinners at the White House. It's smoother work than our diplomats are capable of.

You can hardly blame the desert bandits for being what they are, but you can blame the apostles of reason for preaching about a golden age of tolerance and enlightenment from every purloined pulpit and then turning away the heartland to a religion that is nakedly brutal and intolerant at home.

An honest look at Saudi Arabia, at its cruelty, its slaves, its intolerance of other religions and even of women, should be enough to tell even the dimmest Eton or Harvard grad exactly what the West is in for. No matter how many specialists in Muslim tolerance show up at universities, there is the Grand Mufti explaining that Mohammed commanded the eradication of Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula, and therefore there can be no churches allowed there.

Even few apologists for Islam will defend Saudi Arabia for the simple reason that it is indefensible. The media will run the occasional story about the House of Saud's commitment to reform, much as Charles Manson keeps committing to becoming a better person, but even they don't really believe it. Yet even though Saudi Arabia is the heartland of Sunni Islam, and its fortunes shape and control mosques and teachings around the world, they insist on treating Islam and Saudi Arabia as two separate things.

It is brutally telling that the two centers of Islam, Saudi Arabia for the Sunnis and Iran for the Shiites, are genuinely horrifying places. Neither can remotely be associated with tolerance or human rights. It is simple common sense that the spread of Islam will make Western countries more like Saudi Arabia and Iran, rather than less like them. 

If Saudi Arabia is not an example that we wish to emulate, then why must we bodily incorporate the religion of Mecca and Medina into London and Los Angeles? What other possible outcome do we imagine that there will be but fewer rights and more violence, dead women, abused children, bomb plots and polygamy?

There are two Islams. The real Islam of the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and an imaginary Islam that exists only in the mosques of air and card table Korans of academics apologists and political pundits who have decided that Islam cannot be bad, because no religion can be bad, not even one which kills and kills, it must just be misunderstood.

But then why not tell the Grand Mufti that he has misunderstood his own religion, the religion that he and his ancestors have dedicated themselves to purifying and reforming back to its roots? Telling him that would be a dangerous thing on his own turf, but it would also be foolish. The Grand Mufti's controversial statements contain nothing that Mohammed had not said.

Can the founder of a religion misunderstand his own teachings?

Islam is savage, intolerant, cruel and expansionistic, not due to a misunderstanding, but an understanding of the worst aspects of human nature. It is what it is and no amount of wishing will make it otherwise.

We have opened the door to the desert and a hot wind blows through into the northern climes. Either we shut the door or get used to living in the Saudi desert.
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My Way - Adrea Rieu

Note the video at the 4 minute mark.
My Grandpas and Grandmas.
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David Frum Says Obama Administration Lying About Why No Travel Ban, Says Obama Intentionally Risking American Lives For Africa’s Sake

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Ebola Contradictions

So, Americans possibly exposed to Ebola are under these restrictions, which include not using public transportation. 

However, those entering the United States from the Ebola Hot Zone and, therefore, possibly exposed to Ebola, are riding on commercial airliners and public transportation.

What kind of sense does that make?

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Obama Admin Refused Israeli Request For Help Locating Kidnapped IDF Soldier

From the Jerusalem Post:
… Israel made an urgent appeal to the FBI for help in trying to determine the remote source or information that would be stored on Facebook servers indicating the location where Oron’s page had been hacked into. 
Upon receiving the request from Israel in Washington on July 21, the FBI immediately issued a “preservation letter” to Facebook ordering them to preserve all data saved on their server pertaining to the Oron’s account. 
At 4:25 p.m. on July 21, the FBI contacted a United States Attorney’s Office in a nearby district to initiate the legal process to get a court order to serve Facebook for server information on the account belonging to the soldier.  
To be sure, the IDF was using all other available intelligence means – technical and human – to try to determine the fate of its missing soldier. The attempt to secure information via the soldier’s Facebook account was just one of the multiple efforts being made by the IDF but deemed a “worthy shot” by a senior Israeli military official. 
So as these other efforts were under way, time was ticking away on the Israeli request to the FBI to get vital Facebook server information on the Hamas terrorists who had either kidnapped Oron or seized his remains. 
The more time elapsed, the less the odds of finding the soldier. But the next day, July 22, the US Attorney’s Office received a startling response from the FBI: 
“Thank You for your effort, input and assistance. I regret to inform you we have been denied approval to move forward with legal process. We were told by our management we need a MLAT [Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty] in order to continue to assist our partner with the request in question.” 
Those words put an immediate halt to the Israeli request. An MLAT is a standardized legal agreement between the United States and other countries that spells out the legal and diplomatic protocols in processing requests for legal information pertaining to court cases in either the United States or in another country. 
MLATs go through various bureaucratic channels, usually take weeks to process and would generally be used for non-pressing legal matters in which the United States or another country was carrying out a legal process such as a prosecution involving a citizen of another country. 
Prosecutors familiar with their use say that an MLAT would definitely not be used in an urgent life-or-death intelligence or counter-terrorist incident, especially with a close ally such as Israel. 
“In a pressing court matter, there is no way the USG would invoke an MLAT with a close ally,” said a veteran prosecutor who has worked on international counterterrorism cases. Law enforcement officials knowledgeable about this incident say both prosecutors and the FBI were shocked at the turn of events. 
“This sudden reversal was devastating,” said one law enforcement official who was intimately familiar with this incident. “For those working this case, they felt this decision was tantamount to a death sentence. Nothing less.”
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Ebola As Islamic Bio-Terror Weapon?

Rise of The Planet of The Apes | Main Title from Grant Okita on Vimeo.

From the Weekly Standard article, Six Reasons to Panic:

"(3) Do you really want to be scared? What’s to stop a jihadist from going to Liberia, getting himself infected, and then flying to New York and riding the subway until he keels over? This is just the biological warfare version of a suicide bomb. Can you imagine the consequences if someone with Ebola vomited in a New York City subway car?A flight from Roberts International in Monrovia to JFK in New York is less than $2,000, meaning that the planning and infrastructure needed for such an attack is relatively trivial. This scenario may be highly unlikely. But so were the September 11 attacks and the Richard Reid attempted shoe bombing, both of which resulted in the creation of a permanent security apparatus around airports. We take drastic precautions all the time, if the potential losses are serious enough, so long as officials are paying attention to the threat."
And consider the ACTUAL news report from this morning:

A passenger died on a Nigeria-to-JFK flight after a vomiting fit Thursday — and a top lawmaker said officials gave the corpse only a “cursory” exam before declaring that the victim did not have Ebola. 
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This is Heartbreaking

VIdeo of Nina Pham, the first nurse to have contracted Ebola in the United States.

Notice they say, "Thanks for being a part of the volunteer team to take care of our first Ebola patient."

She is like one of the firemen who climbed the stairs on 9/11.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

WashingtonExaminer: Watchdog: Obama to bring non-American Ebola victims to US for treatment

WashingtonExaminer: Watchdog: Obama to bring non-American Ebola victims to US for treatment

Anyone taking wagers on how long before the nurses unions calls a strike?

While the bipartisan voice grows to ban Ebola victims from entering the United States, a new report claims that President Obama is considering a plan to bring the world’s Ebola patients to the United States to be treated. 
Judicial Watch, the conservative public watchdog group, says in a shocking report that the president is “actively formulating plans” to admit Ebola-infected non-citizens just to be treated.
Is this why he chose a lawyer to be his Ebola czar?
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UKDailyMail: Dallas hospital that treated three Ebola patients had machine that can detect disease in just minutes

UKDailyMail: Dallas hospital that treated three Ebola patients had machine that can detect disease in just minutes

...but couldn't use it because it wasn't FDA approvedThe Film Array can screen for Ebola with 90percent accuracyIt is being used by US military doctors in West AfricaTexas Health Presbyterian Hospital had one of the $39,000 devices but could not use it to diagnose diseasesThe military has given the Utah-based developer of the machine a $240million grant to perfect deadly virus detection.
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Jimmy Smith Quartet
ZDF Jazz Club - Leonberg, Germany - 1988

1.Eight Counts for Rita
2. Mood Indigo
3. It's Alright With Me
4. The Cat
5. Walk on The wildside
6. Laura
7. Interview
8. Honky Tonk

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Six Reasons To Panic

Good essay:
...How robust is transmission? Look at the health care workers who have contracted it. When Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who was part of the team caring for Liberian national Thomas Duncan, contracted Ebola, the CDC quickly blamed her for “breaching protocol.” But to the extent that we have effective protocols for shielding people from Ebola, they’re so complex that even trained professionals, who are keenly aware that their lives are on the line, can make mistakes.

By the by, that Science article written by 58 medical professionals tracing the emergence of Ebola—5 of them died from Ebola before it was published....
Read the rest HERE. Worth your time.

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CBS: New Patient ‘Screened Positive’ For Ebola At Baylor Hospital, Testing Not Confirmed

CBS: New Patient ‘Screened Positive’ For Ebola At Baylor Hospital, Testing Not Confirmed 

DALLAS, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – On Friday morning Baylor Hospital in Dallas confirmed a patient with ‘ebola similar symptoms’ also triggered a positive on a verbal screening questionnaire. 
Although a positive blood test has not been confirmed, sources says it’s not unusual to have a patient screen positive considering the wider net for ebola now over Dallas. 
A positive screening means the patient met some of the criteria to cause concern. 
A source at Baylor Hospital Dallas says the patient came to the Emergency Room through a private entrance and went straight to isolation.The source says Baylor transferred the person to Presbyterian Hospital a short while later.

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BREAKING: Ebola Scare At The Pentagon

Quarantine area at Inova Fairfax Hospital for possible Pentagon Ebola patient. (Photo: NewsChopper 7)

From WTOP:
(Updated at 11:00 a.m.) Arlington County’s hazmat team is on the scene at the Pentagon due to an Ebola scare.

Medics responded to the Pentagon this morning for a report of a woman on a tour bus who was sick and vomiting. When they learned that she had recently arrived from Africa, the hazmat team was called out of “a complete abundance of caution,” Pentagon Force Protection Agency spokesman Chris Layman told ARLnow.com.

A large portion of the Pentagon south parking lot has been cordoned off with crime tape, and police are telling those who don’t work at the Pentagon to avoid the immediate surrounding area.

The woman has been transported via ambulance to Virginia Hospital Center. The county’s medical director also responded to the call and is at the hospital with the patient, according to scanner traffic.

Layman said the bus was at the Pentagon for a tour of the Pentagon Memorial. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic has been shut down around it.

As of 10:50 a.m., Arlington County was mobilizing its Emergency Operations Center to deal with the incident, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Despite numerous Ebola scares in the United States, there have been fewer than 10 confirmed cases in the country. Today President Obama named an “Ebola czar” to help coordinate the federal response to the outbreak threat.

Right now, the woman is in a quarantine tent outside Virginia Hospital Center - near the helicopter pad. Nobody milling around the tent is in protective gear.


From the WaPo:
Arlington County authorities said a woman who was ill and recently had visited western Africa was taken to the hospital Friday morning and officials blocked off an area around the Pentagon, where she had been visiting.


“At 9:53 a.m, the patient was taken to the Virginia Hospital Center; however she did not exit the ambulance. ACFD then transported the patient to Fairfax Inova Hospital.”...
Fairfax Inova Hospital is the largest regional hospital in Northern Virginia.

Ongoing updates HERE.

The parking lot and Corridor 2 entrance to the Pentagon remain closed “until further notice,” according to an official speaking on background.

From the latest update:
A military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the woman, who has not been publicly identified, works for Total Spectrum, whose website says it is a lobbying and public relations firm. Managing Director Steve Gordon told The Associated Press the Pentagon had contacted him, and he said the woman had not been out of the Washington area.


The military official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to comment publicly by name, said the woman was on a shuttle bus taking guests to a ceremony for Gen. Joe Dunford, who is taking over as commandant of the Marine Corps. She got off the shuttle before it left the Pentagon lot and then vomited.

Officials notified the FBI and were checking the woman's background and possible travel to West Africa.

According to defense officials, seven Pentagon officers who assisted the woman were being isolated and might be kept in a tent at the Pentagon overnight. Several people who were on the shuttle bus also have been isolated.

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Super-Genius Barack Obama: We’ll Keep Ebola Out Of America By Letting West Africans In

“I don’t have a philosophical objection necessarily to a travel ban, if that is the thing that is going to keep the American people safe,” President Obama said on Thursday. 
Obama said the experts have advised him that it’s more effective to let West Africans into the U.S. than it would be to keep them out. 
“The problem is that in all the discussions I’ve had thus far with experts in the field, experts in infectious disease, is that a travel ban is less effective than the measures that we are currently instituting, that involve screening passengers who are coming from West Africa.” 
Obama said it’s important to continue screening West Africans before they get on planes and then after they arrive in the U.S. to see if they’re showing signs of disease. Sick people should get medical evaluations, he said. And people who are not sick should list their contact information.
And yet, remember, this from yesterday:

NPR, July, 2014: The Only Solution To Ebola Is Total Containment

Just to be clear, I'm not saying NPR are more expert than the head of the CDC. What I'm saying is the healthcare workers depicted in the NPR article show, by their actions, that absolute containment is the only thing that works. They even contain people SUSPECTED of having Ebola. They don't allow them to travel. They quarantine them absolutely. 

And yet, now that it Ebola is a problem in the US, suddenly absolute containment is not the answer?!?

It's almost as if the Obama Administration is more concerned with the political fallout of Ebola than they are with the health of the American people.

Let's not forget this additional 'coincidental' coordinating effort making it possible for these new visa holders to simply blend into society without any regard for the pestilence they may bring with them...

WashingtonTImes: Ebola in the U.S.: Stricter travel quarantine practices dropped by Obama admin. in 2010 
Texas-Based Carnival Magic Cruise Ship Stuck At Sea With 4,633 Passengers and Dallas Healthcare Worker With Ebola Symptoms – Belize Refuses Port Entry – Belizeans Saying “Sink Ship” – Armed Belize Coast Guard Keeping Ship At Sea…
Health Worker Who May Have Had Contact With Ebola Patient Is On A Cruise Ship Right Now

Belizean: Belize confirms patient with Ebola symptoms on cruise ship off it’s coast

Quote: "The GoB reassures the public that the passenger never set foot in Belize and while we remain in close contact with U.S. officials we have maintained the position that when even the smallest doubt remains, we will ensure the health and safety of the Belizean people."

This is something the current CDC would never say. It is absolutely criminal!
We're all familiar with these ships experience with norovirus sweeping rapidly through to the passengers. Imagine how anxious all the people on that ship are now.

WorldMaritimeNews: Cruise Passenger with Ebola Symptoms Denied Entry to Belize
The Belize government assured their citizens that the passenger never set foot in Belize, but failed to address the situation with other 4,631 passengers and crew reported on the ship.

The Belize Coast Guard is currently preventing anyone from leaving the ship, including the Belizean pilot on board.

Fox&Friends is currently discussing a story out of JFK airport in NY regarding a flight from Africa upon which a passenger DIED...of course, the reporter states Ebola already ruled out.

A passenger died on a Nigeria to JFK flight after a vomiting fit on Thursday - and top lawmaker said officials gave the corpse only a "cursory" exam before declaring that the victim did not have Ebola.

Texas hospital workers who treated Ebola patient placed on no-fly list 

The 75 Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital staffers are banned from traveling by plane, train, bus or ship for 21 days after their last contact with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, the order said. The mandate comes after two of Duncan's nurses contracted the deadly disease — one of whom flew a day before she was diagnosed

When surviving Ebola becomes a nightmare 
When Jerald Dennis left the Ebola treatment center after surviving the deadly virus that has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 of his fellow Liberians, he thought the worst was over.

He was wrong.

Dennis, a 30-year-old non-medical worker at John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital (JFK), Liberia's largest referral hospital, fell prey to the Ebola virus in early September.

"I probably contracted the virus through indirect contact, because you can get it through direct or indirect contact," he told Anadolu Agency in an interview in his home in Monrovia's Matadi district.

Dennis recalled how he began feeling burns on his hands before things became worse, as he experienced severe pain in his head and other parts of his body, later suffering from diarrhea and vomiting as well.

Why Phillipines WONT'T send medics to Ebola-hit areas 
MANILA - The Philippines has rebuffed a US request to dispatch medical workers to Ebola-hit regions, with the health ministry saying boosting the country's defenses against any local outbreaks was the priority. The United Nations has launched a global ...

Guardian: Ebola vaccine would be available had bioterrorism research been completed

US soldiers get 4 hours of Ebola training before shipping out to West Africa

What would an Ebola Travel Ban actually look like?

Three More Countries Impose Ebola Ban, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago

RedEye: Texas HCW isolated on cruise ship, deemed low risk for Ebola

UPDATES -------

AtlantaJournalConstitution: DeKalb Schools block two from school amid Ebola concerns
were blocked from enrolling in DeKalb schools this week as a precaution against the spread of Ebola.

DeKalb school officials said the father worked for CARE, a humanitarian organization, as a finance controller in the Liberia/Sierra Leone office. He returned to the United States on Sept. 14 with his family and tried to enroll the children Wednesday at Dunwoody Elementary and Dunwoody High.

PDF of Screening Questionaire for Ebola

Although the unidentified woman is being monitored and has not shown symptoms, she has been quarantined on the ship. US officials wanted her to deboard in Belize and fly her home but Belizian officials refused to allow her to travel through Phillip Goldson International Airport. Mexico banned the ship from docking off the coast of Cozumel, preventing any passengers from stepping foot in the country as part of its scheduled port visit.

The CDC revealed on Thursday that she may have been contagious for her entire trip to Ohio - as early as last Friday

MSN: People Are Now Apparently Faking Ebola To Get Faster Medical Treatment 
On Thursday reports of a student with flu-like symptoms caused Southwestern College in Chula Vista to cordon off a classroom building.

It was later revealed that the student made up the story that she and her sister had shared a plane with a Dallas nurse who was later diagnosed with Ebola. Later in the day, Southwestern College issued a statement saying the issue was now a student conduct matter, “and will be treated in accordance with the district’s policy and procedures.


WH: New Ebola Czar will report to Susan Rice

CSPAN clip: HEATED: Rep. Steve Scalise Grills CDC Director Frieden at Ebola House Hearing 10/16/2014
Dr. Frieden refuses to answer yes/no question whether WH discussed banning flights out of hot zone.
*****comment left at YouTube: 
“I am left to conclude that America’s leadership is either guilty of gross misconduct, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence or worse – treason,” writes Davis, warning that the “crisis will undoubtedly spiral out of control” if the advice of incompetent public health authorities, the government and the media continues to be followed unquestionably. Richard C. Davis, M.D., 

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