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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau Uses Polk Award Acceptance Speech To Bash Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists Slaughtered By Jihadists

Gart Trudeau: "I've Been Completely Bought and Sold"
Today, Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau became the first cartoonist to ever receieve a George Polk Award. During his acceptance speech, he remarked that the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo — the satirical Parisian magazine that was recently the site of a terror attack — “wandered into the realm of hate speech.”  
He also added that “free speech… becomes its own kind of fanaticism.” 
So Charlie Hebdo’s nationally beloved cartoonists were massacred and yet, Trudeau thinks its helpful to contextualize their deaths by characterizing them as hate-spewing fanatics. 
This is the free speech equivalent of suggesting they had it coming because they were wearing a short skirts. 
And yet, Treaudeau’s journalistic peers don’t seem to see the problem here.  
Here’s what a New York Times bureau chief had to say: “Wise, nuanced words”? 
Perhaps there will be some general condemnation of Trudeau’s idiotic sentiment here, but my personal experience shows that the media are downright cowardly when it comes to exposing savagery for what it is. 
They let themselves be easily intimidated by the threat of violence and are content cultivating an atmosphere of self-censorship.
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‘Peaceful’ imam gunned down in street had been replaced at mosque by Caribbean preacher who was involved in bloody coup attempt 25 years ago

  • Abdul Hadi Arwani was found dead in Wembley on Wednesday morning 
  • The 48-year-old imam had been replaced at the An-Noor Mosque in Acton
  • His replacement was 53-year-old Hassan Anyabwile from the Caribbean
  • Anyabwile involved in attempted coup in 1990, Parliamentary report found
  • Belonged to a local radical Islamic group called Jamaat al Muslimeen
  • He moved to the UK after being given amnesty in exchange for surrender
  • He denied any dispute between the west London mosque and Mr Arwani 
  • The mosque has refused to answer questions over Mr Arwani’s time there 
  • Counter terrorism police are now leading the investigation into his death 
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Finland Cancels Lars Vilks Speech IN THE PARLIAMENT BUILDING, Admit They Can Not Protect Him

Finnish security police cancel Lars Vilks speaking engagement within the Finnish parliament on the basis that they could not protect him

You can't protect him in the fucking Parliament building?!?

Isn't this the same thing as saying you can no longer protect your nation?

I mean, are you even a country, a government, a nation anymore?

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Pooty poot continues the most dangerous game-AIRWARS

Russian Fighter Jet Nearly Collides with U.S. Spy Jet Over Europe

U.S. protests ‘reckless’ aerial encounter over Baltic Sea
A Russia Su-27 jet fighter flew dangerously close and nearly collided with a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft this week in the latest aerial provocation by Moscow, defense officials revealed to the Washington Free Beacon.The Su-27 conducted the close-in intercept of an RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, said officials. The incident prompted a diplomatic protest.

RC-135 Combat Sent

The RC-135 Combat Sen, with it's specialized antennas in the nose, tail and wingtips is designed to measure and calibrate enemy radars and other emitters to SPECIFICALLY help design weapons and sensors to defeat enemy sensing techniques. It is not armed.

This week we have seen Air Force commanders warning that Putin over the Baltic, Atlantic and Pacific is signaling Ivan is a global power. In the Cold War there were MORE than a few collisions, force down, and other ‘incidents’.

Unless there is a KNOWN LINE for professionals NOT TO CROSS, expect more and more of this.
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Objective Question-Is the Iran Nuclear Arms Treaty more important than were sanctions on Apartheid in South Africa

Because the last time Congress forced its way into foreign policy with a veto proof majority was in 1985, imposing sanctions on South Africa.

Is the nuclear arms treaty more important than that?
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State Dept IG To Review ‘Special Program’ That Allowed Hillary’s Aide, Huma Abedin, To Have 2 Jobs

Yes, that's correct. My name is Huma Weiner ... 
Uh, excuse me? 
I'm sorry, but I don't see why you think that's so funny ...

From Fox:
The State Department inspector general plans to review a controversial program that allowed a longtime Hillary Clinton aide to work for a private firm at the same time she was working for the former secretary of state. 
Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who originally sought a probe of Huma Abedin’s job status citing conflict of interest concerns, revealed the development on Friday – releasing a letter from Inspector General Steve Linick confirming the review. 
Grassley’s questions centered on how Abedin was allowed to work as a top assistant to then-Secretary of State Clinton under a special, part-time status while also being employed at a politically connected consulting firm. She was able to do so under a status known as “Special Government Employee.”
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Premonitions and Precursors of Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius had a very unique Bass Guitar sound. It defined him. When you heard Jaco, immediately, you know it was Jaco.

However, in the years immediately preceding his emergence on the scene, there were three other instances of Bass Players playing somewhat in the style of Jaco, as if these artists had some sort of psychic premonition (***) of his arrival.

First, let's listen to Jaco's signature sound. This is a track called Continuum, from Jaco's self-titled first album, which was released in 1976:

Now, to the three examples of precursors in the Jaco style.

First, from 1973, For The Love Of Money, by the O'Jays:

From 1974, Rock On, by David Essex:

And finally, from 1975, Eberhard Weber, Yellow Fields:

*** In fact, I don't think there was any psychic premonition involved. While these Bass Guitar performances presented here do sound eerily like Jaco before Jaco even entered the scene, the truth is, the sound these players used was a simple studio trick called a "Chorus Effect".

The sound of a Chorus Effect occurs when individual sounds with roughly the same timbre and nearly (but never exactly) the same pitch converge and are perceived as one. While similar sounds coming from multiple sources can occur naturally (as in the case of a choir or string orchestra), it can also be simulated using an electronic effects unit or signal processing device.

It is the use of this signal processing device we are hearing, in all three cases, which creates the Jaco-like sound the Bass players produce.

The chorus effect can be simulated by signal processing equipment. The signal processor may be software running on a computer, software running in a digital effect processor, or an analog effect processor.

Regardless of the technology or form factor, the processor achieves the effect by taking an audio signal and mixing it with one or more delayed, pitch-modulated copies of itself.

This "Pitch-modulation" creates a slightly detuned effect, which gives the instrument a fatter sound, with a slight shimmer to it.

This is essential to the Jaco sound.

However, Jaco wouldn't have stuck out in history the way he has, if his sound was merely the creation of technology. There were other aspects of his sound which were created by the way 1) by the reconstruction work he did to the actual Bass Guitar he played (which he called The Bass of Doom), and 2)  the percussive way he used his hands

First, the instrument he played. Jaco claimed removed the frets himself[. He then finished the fretboard with marine epoxy (Pettit's PolyPoxy) to protect the wood from the roundwound Rotosound Swing 66 strings he used. It has been said the almost glass-like density of the marine epoxy went a long way to creating Jaco's signature singing sound.

And now, to the way he used his hands. He played with his fingers,  not with a pick. And while I think this created a mellow attack, and allowed him to be more melodic, I think it was the fingers of his left hand which really set him apart. He never quite played the pure sweet note the whole way. He'd darken the note, add a little poison to the pitch. He'd slide up or down to the note and then continued playing with the pitch throughout the duration of the note. He made the Bass sing, almost like a human voice, pronouncing vowels and consonants, rhyming, crying, longing.

I also noted that his playing was percussive. In fact, Jaco Pastorius began as a drummer. And while he was a Jazz Bassist, known for a melodic, and yet funky style, his drumming was decidedly more Rock oriented. I had the pleasure of hearing him play drums with Weather Report on their 1980-81 tour. It was a shock. The concert began with a lot of electronic noise, and the sound of a radio attempting to find a station suitable for listening. And then there was an explosion of keyboards and drums. I'm thinking to myself, what the fuck am I hearing. This sounded more like the beginning Pink Floyd's The Wall, then it did Weather Report. And the guy on the drums, he's POUNDING ON THEM, not wasting his energy on nuance. Just pounding.

But as I listened more closely, I realized the drummer with the same bizarre bombast and vision that I was used to hearing out of Jaco. Hallelujah, it was Jaco pounding away on the drums, like Dave Grohl possessed of an odd time signature demon.

You can hear Jaco laying into the drums on this track (indeed, this is the track Weather Report opened with that fateful night)

Jaco's drumming was powerful, grandiose, and almost malevolent, but it never gave you what you expected. Dude wouldn't stick two and four to save his mother. Fuck two and four, I got cymbals to break, and they break better on off beats. Fuck yeah!

Anyway, Jaco rarely played drums, because of an accident he had while a teen, where he almost totally severed his hand. I suspect it must have continued to give him nerve pain even as he got older.

But why have I gone off into this tangent about his drumming in a post that started with a discussion of his unique Bass sound?

Thing is, Jaco was an original, through and through. He couldn't do anything right. He could only do it Jaco-style. Whether the guy was talking, swimming, walking, drumming, or playing Bass, Jaco's individuality was going to be the topic. He was going to give you a new way of seeing things. The Jaco way.

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Everything to do with Islam...

I.Q. first alerted us to this on The Gathering Storm today

Kansas man accused of plotting to detonate bomb at Fort Riley military base


A 20-year-old Kansas man plotted to kill American soldiers with a vehicle bomb at the Fort Riley military base, an attack he planned to carry out on behalf of the ISIS terror group, prosecutors announced Friday.
John T. Booker, also known as Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, was arrested as part of a lengthy FBI investigation. Federal authorities said he was arrested near the army base in Manhattan, Kansas, as he completed final preparations to detonate the bomb, which had, in fact, been rendered inert while he was under FBI surveillance.
“As alleged in the complaint, John Booker attempted to attack U.S. military personnel on U.S. soil purportedly in the name of (ISIS)," said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin. "Thanks to the efforts of the law enforcement community, we were able to safely disrupt this threat to the brave men and women who serve our country. Protecting American lives by identifying and bringing to justice those who wish to harm U.S. citizens remains the National Security Division's number one priority."
Prosecutors said Booker repeatedly stated he wanted to engage in violent jihad on behalf of ISIS. He became an Army recruit and said he intended to commit an insider attack against American soldiers, like Major Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood in Texas.
Booker is the latest among a number of ISIS sympathizers who have been arrested by the FBI in recent weeks.
A criminal complaint unsealed Friday charged Booker with one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction (explosives), one count of attempting to damage property by means of an explosive and one count of attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.
He was due to appear Friday afternoon in federal court in Topeka.
The criminal complaint Friday alleged that Booker spent months developing and attempting to execute a plan that would result in his own death as an ISIS suicide bomber. It also alleged that he “planned to pull the trigger of the explosives himself so that he would die in the explosion,” Kansas U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said at a news conference.
"I want to assure the public there was never any breach of Fort Riley Military Base, nor was the safety or the security of the base or its personnel ever at risk," said Kansas City FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric Jackson. "Recently the Command Staff at Fort Riley has been working hand in hand with law enforcement to ensure the utmost security and protection for the men and women who serve our country, and the surrounding community that supports the base."
Booker allegedly plotted to construct an explosive device for attack on American soil for months during meetings with two FBI informants. He told one killing Americans was permissible because the Koran “says to kill your enemies wherever they are.”
Prosecutors said the jihadi wannabe advanced the plot by acquiring components for a vehicle bomb, producing a propaganda video and renting a storage locker to store components for the explosive device.
Prosecutors said he identified Fort Riley as the target and talked about his commitment to trigger the device himself and become a jihadi martyr.
His arrest came behind the wheel of a van he belived was packed with 1,000 pounds of explosive.
Last year FoxNews.com reported exclusively that Booker was under investigation for threatening online to commit a "Fort Hood-inspired" act of terror just weeks away from reporting for basic training.
The military learned of his radicalism - which had apparently been on display for months in online posts where he praised Usama bin Laden and pledged to die for radical Islam.
FoxNews.com reported then that Booker was the subject of an FBI alert.
“Getting ready to be killed in jihad is a HUGE adrenaline rush! I am so nervous," read a March 19. 2014 post on the Facebook page authorities believe belonged to Booker. "NOT because I’m scared to die but I am EAGER to meet my lord.”
FoxNews.com reported Booker enlisted in the Army in February 2014 and was due to report for basic training less than two months later on April 7. But the FBI interviewed him in March and alerted the Army, which formally discharged him.

and from Jawa Report:

*Bumped* Army Recruit Seeking Ft. Hood Style Attack on the Lam -- (UPDATE) *Exclusive* Suspect is John Thomas Booker, Jr. --UPDATE: No Immediate Threat (Rebumped ***Busted! ***)

And you'd be wrong.
LAST YEAR the FBI announced it was searching for an ex-army recruit suspected of plotting a Fort Hood-inspired Islamist attack.
Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report has identified the suspect – John Thomas Booker, Jr.
He goes by the alias Muhammad Abdullah Hassan on Facebook.
Federal prosecutors have announced an arrest in a case involving a “national security matter.”
U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom and an FBI special agent announced that 20-year-old John Thomas Booker from Topeka was arrested in Manhattan for trying to support ISIS.
He wanted to set off a bomb at Fort Riley. The arrest was made Friday morning.
Oh and Hassan, watch the cornhole bud.

*** End 2015 update original post below***
UPDATE 4/2/2014 PM -- Shooting at Fort Hood on the very day after I posted this!
Selfie of "Muhammad Abdul Hassan from his FB page

Critical above the fold update: The reason he's not a threat? He's been put into a mental institution! So, this kind of explains why the Feds didn't release his name. But then why the security alert on military bases if the guy making the threats was already at a funny farm? Collaborators maybe?
UPDATE: I've ID'd the suspect as John Thomas Booker, Jr. Scroll down to see how I found him.
The good news here is that the man, known only as "Booker", never showed up for basic training. So, this isn't an "imminent" attack of any sort. The news so far suggests that he planned to join the military, infiltrate the ranks, and only then follow in the footsteps of Nidal Hasan in committing mass murder against his fellow soldiers.
The bad news? Apparently, "Booker" is on the run:
On 20 March 2014, the Kansas City Division FBI became aware of an individual named BOOKER aka Muhammad Abdullah Hassan who had publicly stated his intention to commit jihad, bidding farewell to his friends and making comments indicating his jihad was imminent. BOOKER had been recruited by the US Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for Basic Training on 7 April 2014. Kansas City Division Agents interviewed BOOKER on 20 March 2014.
There's a BOLO out on "Booker", but it's not clear to me if the FBI and military want to catch this guy why they don't publicly release his real name along with a picture? If he decided not to show up for basic training, then here are the reasons as I see them: a) he suspected that his plot had been detected so he ran (Update: I don't know how I overlooked this, but the FBI interviewed him in March so of course he realized they were on to him); b) he got cold feet, in which case was there really any crime committed since he may have decided not to carry out the original plot; c) he decided to commit some other act of terror.

One last thing that may be cause for worry:
Law enforcement sources familiar with the alert said it appeared to suggest that there may be others in addition to Booker who also might have expressed similar intentions to commit jihad against U.S. military installations. [emphasis mine]
A bigger plot with multiple suspects on the loose?

So, it sounds like the military is treating this as a potential threat against bases within the US ... so we go with option "C", even if it is only a precautionary alert as to what "Booker" might do.
I'm a little late to this party, so has anyone heard anything else about this guy?
UPDATE: Apparently this guy's Facebook page was a treasure trove of information, but it's down now. The Heavy grabbed some photos before FB suspended his account. I've posted one of those pics at the top. This one is from his Linkedin account.

Apparently, the guy went to Topeka West High School and graduated in 2012 and was recently in the Job Corps. His phone number is an 816 area code, so he may have recently lived in the Kansas City area (Topeka looks like it's 785 to me).
So, with all these clues, can we put together this guy's real name?
UPDATE: The suspect the FBI and military are searching for is named John Thomas Booker, Jr. How do I know? Well, "Booker" graduated from Topeka West High School in 2012. According to this list of graduates, a "John Booker, Jr." graduated from that school in 2012. And a "John Thomas Booker, Jr." was in that school's ROTC program in 2011 as cited here. And since Cadet Booker is quoted in that article as celebrating Christmas, we can surmise that he is a convert to Islam.
Here's a pic of "Booker" wrapping Christmas presents with his ROTC group in high school.

Be on the lookout for --
John Thomas Booker, Jr.
Black, male
19 years old
b. Auguest 12, 1994
AKAs:"Booker", "Muhammad Abdullah Hassan"
If you encounter Mr. Booker contact your local FBI office
Also, email me if you see any more pics of this guy or have any more information.
UPDATE: Via @C1TYofFL1NT this looks like it's his YouTube account. Standard jihadi stuff, but he does post some comments in which he asks people to pray for him to become a martyr.
"I wanna be a martyr (shaheed)!!! YA, brothers and sisters. Make a dua for me asking Allah to make me a martyr, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! My name is above in blue"

He actually posted that same comment over and over on a bunch of videos. Apparently, the guy wants to be a martyr. That might make him a tad more dangerous.
Oh, and I forgot to mention this -- the one video he did upload and which plausibly could have been made by him? It's a CGI type edited video entitled "Muslim blows up House of a person in the Illuminati (Dajjal" [Dajjal means false messiah, kind of like the antichrist]. If he made the video with some sort of editing software then I'm guessing that's his voice we hear saying, "Allahu akbar" as the residential house blows up.
Another UPDATE: Maggie asks a good question: If the Feds are looking for this guy, why haven't they released a photo of him?
I don't have a good answer for that. Thoughts?
UPDATE: Uh, so it looks like this all may have been ... overstated. Here's an update from Fox News, who broke the story in the first place:
But although the reference was to the 2009 shooting on a Texas military base in which 13 people were killed and more than 30 injured, the FBI downplayed the threat on Tuesday and said it was not hunting for the man.
“We have interviewed this individual,” an FBI spokesman said. “There is not a manhunt and there never was one. There is no imminent threat to public safety, nor should the public be concerned that this threat exists from an individual at large."
Dudes, next time just say that at the beginning!

So, what's the deal with this then? Thanks to WTD for that last update.


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Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Victory for Allah - In Iraq, A Nine-Year-Old Is Pregnant After Being Raped By At Least 10 Islamic State “Holy Warriors”

From the Express:
Hundreds of Yazidi women and children who were taken hostage by the brutal regime were released this week after more than eight months in captivity. 
But volunteers in huge make-shift refugee camps have given a distressing account of trauma and abuse at the hand of the jihadist group, which continues to wage a bloody war across the region. 
Charity workers said one nine-year-old girl, who was left pregnant after being raped by at least 10 different men, was so young and weak she was likely to die during childbirth. 
“Even a caesarean section is dangerous,” Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker who recently returned from the region, said. “The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatised.”
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Sena Ehrhardt
Man Up

On The Clock

My Bad

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And Now For Something Completely Different

a guitar made from a shovel

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This Is Friggin' Awesome

and even more so the louder you have it

Luna Gayageum
SRV's Scuttle Buttin'

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Egypt, Libya: U.S. Not Supporting Us Against the Islamists

Muslim Brotherhood protestors hate America,
Yet Obama supports MB, 
not al-Sisi's government

Egypt, Libya: U.S. Not Supporting Us Against the Islamists

The anti-Islamist governments of Egypt and Libya are complaining publicly that the U.S. is not providing enough counter-terrorism assistance and is supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood. They remain appreciative of the U.S.-backed intervention to topple Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, but criticize the U.S. for not having a plan to contend with Islamist terrorists and militias afterwards.
Egyptian President El-Sisi is gently criticizing the U.S. for not supporting the anti-Islamist government of Libya enough. He said, “there is a legitimate [Libyan] government and that government is denied the weapons it needs to confront terrorists.”
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France: Concert Poster Censored When Paris Metro Hears It Is for the Benefit of “Christians of the Middle East”

France: A Concert Poster Is Censored When Paris Metro Hears It Is for the Benefit of “Christians of the Middle East”
From Le Figaro: 
The show in question, organized for the benefit of Eastern Christians, is scheduled for June 14 at the Olympia. But to the astonishment of Jean-Michel di Falco, the famous mention of Eastern Christians has simply disappeared. 
“I asked that this message appear on the display. But in the name of — supposed — secularism, it has been deleted. The president of the RATP called me to explain this, but I do not understand it. It should not be confused with secular fundamentalism,” said the bishop. 
Indeed, it is partly in the name of religious neutrality RATP justifies this censorship. 
“The agreement under which Metrobus provides advertising use of the RATP network prohibits any advertising of a political or religious nature,” says the board. A compelling argument if the rule was applied in all circumstances. 
Except that since the beginning of the week, people are noting that advertisements displayed on the subway and referring to Islam. 
Messages such as “Bon Ramadan,” a mobile phone offer with a woman wearing a veil, or movie poster Abd al Malik entitled “May Allah bless France” … RATP, contacted last night, was not able to provide any real explanation. 
Note: the indented text is a slightly edited Google Translate. RATP seems to be an abbreviation referring to the Paris metro (unable to quickly figure out what it means).
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Wistful Samba

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Nouveau Bach

Laurindo Almeida - Guitar
Bud Shank - Saxophone
Ray Brown - Bass
Jeff Hamilton - Drums

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State Dept Struggles To Explain Why Ayatollah Khamenei And Rouhani Claim U.S. Is “Lying” About Iran Deal Facts

State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke struggled to explain Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei comments that the United States is ‘lying’ about the Iran deal facts. 
“Hours after the talks, Americans offered a fact sheet that most of it was contrary to what was agreed. They always deceive & breach promises,” Ayatollah Khamenei said on Twitter. 
President Rouhani retweeted these comments. Iranian leaders said that the fact sheet released by the U.S. are not the terms of the agreed upon framework. 
For the past week, U.S. officials have said Iran will receive gradual sanction relief as Iran meets certain benchmarks of the deal. 
Iran contradicts this and insists that the agreed framework included the immediate removal of sanctions once a final deal is reached. Rathke said the Iranians did not agree to the U.S. fact sheet. 
“No. It wasn’t a negotiated fact sheet,” Rathke said. “That was released by the United States based on–you know, we told them what we were going to, you know, talk about the agreement publicly, but it wasn’t a negotiated document.” 
Rathke was then asked whether the fact sheet reflected what occurred in the talks. 
“Yeah,” Rathke said. “Not for the document itself. It isn’t like we had a process of negotiating that specific piece of paper. That’s the point I was making. But that fact sheet reflects the understandings achieved at Lausanne.”
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List of Jihadist Attacks on Christians Since 9/11


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St. Paul and The Broken Bones
Call Me

Everybody Knows

It's Midnight

Don't Mean A Thing

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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Dose of reality 2006/87% Jews vote Dem, 2014/66% Congress flipped both times


Mr. Obama has largely fared well with this constituency. In his 2012 election victory, he received 69% of the Jewish vote, exit polls showed. Four years earlier, he captured 78% of Jewish voters.
Yet Jewish sentiment appears to be shifting, creating what Republicans see as a potential opening. About 87% of Jewish voters supported Democratic House candidates in the 2006 midterm elections. In the 2014 election, that figure had dropped to 66%, according to Pew.
“At this moment in time, many American Jews who have consistently voted Democratic are beginning to waver in that support, because they’ve felt the bedrock relationship between Israel and this administration has been severely shaken,” said Rabbi Howard Buechler of the Dix Hills Jewish Center in New York.
Republican campaign operatives believe that a shift in Jewish partisan loyalties could make a difference in parts of Florida and the Philadelphia and Chicago suburbs, potentially influencing key Senate races.
Rep. Steve Israel, a Jewish Democrat from New York, rejected the notion that Republicans will gain inroads with Jewish voters amid the latest turmoil in the Middle East. He said that in talks with constituents, he has been hearing “deep resentment at how Israel has been used as a political football by Republicans.”
Now as for me, as someone who can’t stand dogma, I am an American who happens to be a Reform Jew. Reform Jews have in the past probably been about 85%+ PROGRESSIVE never mind democratic.
I was AT the J Street start off meeting in Maine and saw about 5% of the congregation (I produce our newsletters so it was interesting to cover), so I figure 20% leaned that way ….THEN. Of course I did them a lot of damage subsequently with emails about things J Street has said and supported. But J Street support is not what most think it is, in Maine, anyway. It’s the 1960′s ‘STOP THE WAR NOW’ crowd who expect if they display hands open palms up, that’s what comes back, and I think reality has silenced much of that ‘groove’
Sort of an analogy to President Obama’s path.
During Purim time (admittedly a celebration of an escape from the first genocide attempt), NO ONE I SPOKE WITH disagreed with this statement, from which all were visibly upset - “I have been forced to believe that Barack Obama in his heart believes that Israel is THE problem in the middle east”
Congressman Steve Israel, “In my country there is problem”
But there is this, and  I agree with this statement …
Republicans shouldn’t expect a wholesale shift in Jewish allegiance, other Jewish leaders say. Although Jewish voters may see Republicans as stalwart supporters of Israel, the party’s views on social issues repel some of them, the leaders add.
Rabbi Steven Moss of the B’nai Israel Reform Temple in Oakdale, N.Y., said: “Some of the politicians who come out very strongly in support of Israel propose certain social legislation and economic legislation that the Jewish community might not be comfortable with.”
Unless of course, these Americans reach the conclusion that before Israel, Jews were in peril all over the world, and given the state of the world, that could easily be the case once more, and therefore, Israel’s existence is the key issue in 2016 this ONE TIME.
These voters want to vote for ‘Joe Lieberman‘
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MAJORITY - Americans WANT illegals deported, AND their children denied citizenship

I have to say I understand.
The latter portion, to deny illegals children BORN here citizenship, woul dbe unconstitutional.
But if the majority of Americans want aggressive action to deport illegals, it HAS TO BE.
For far too long, the immigration issue, which is a NATIONAL SECURITY BORDER ISSUE FIRST and primarily, has been conflated with some kind of warm hearted feeling about ‘immigration’.
There is NO DENYING that who we are has been defined by the immigration waves as colonies, before the Civil war (Ireland and Germany), and from 1880-1924.
But this was LEGAL, or undefined by law.
Now I feel we should go back to pre 1924 immigration WITH SOME EXCEPTIONS for reasons of national security, but the borders MUST BE SECURE FIRST before any immigration ideas make any sense whatsoever.
Marco Rubio has recently recognized this, but the Republican party as a whole has NOT. This issue nearly got Ms Shaheen in NH cashiered out of her Senate seat in NH. NEW HAMPSHIRE!
If the R party got behind a SECURE BORDER… i.e high fences, and WIDE GATES for legal immigration, they would give themselves a HUGE boost for 2016.
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And then 12 hours after Israel (and after all our allies) joined China’s Asia Development bank, Putin made an offer to Israel …

‘Help us fix this for airframes, after all you people designed one of China’s main deployed jet aircraft, the J-10′ … (just imagine)
RCD, from War is Boring:

Russia’s Stealth Fighter Is in Serious Trouble

Just a short time ago, Russia planned to have 52 advanced T-50 stealth fighters by the end of the decade. At least, that was the plan.
Now the T-50 program appears to be in serious trouble, and Russia may cut back the fighters to a fraction of the planned strength.
The first sign something was very wrong appeared last month. On March 24. Yuri Borisov, Russia’s deputy defense minister for armaments, told theKommersant newspaper that the military is drastically cutting its number of T-50s. Instead of 52 stealth fighters, Russia will build merely 12 of them.
That’s hardly anything.
The Kremlin has produced five T-50 prototypes so far — and one was heavily damaged in a fire. Meanwhile, India is co-developing the plane with Russia, and New Delhi’s funding helps keep the project alive. But now Indian Air Force officials have also stopped talking to their counterparts in Moscow.
Which all puts a spotlight on Russia’s problems building so-called fifth-generation fighter jets — which the country needs to compete with the best the United States and China have to offer.
It’s easy enough building prototypes, but developing a truly capable aircraft — all during a major economic recession — isn’t so simple. That’s especially the case when talking about more than a handful.
“Given the new economic conditions, the original plans may have to be adjusted,” Borisov said. “It is better to have the PAK FA kept as a reserve, and later move forward, while squeezing everything possible for now out of the 4+ generation fighters.”
He was referring to Russia’s modern — but non-stealthy — Su-30 and Su-35 multi-role fighters. Borisov said these fighters will fill the gap left by the T-50’s dwindling production run.
In theory, the T-50 will serve as Russia’s competitor to the U.S. F-22 and F-35 fighters. On the surface, the T-50 appears to be a capable and deadly jet. It’s big, fast and has a long range. At air shows, the blended winged-body plane has demonstrated a high degree of maneuverability.
It has huge, mean-looking twin engines — set wide apart for stability — and a 50-foot wingspan. The T-50 has a large internal weapons bay and stealthy, radar avoidance features. If there are technical problems, Russia doesn’t disclose them.
Officially, Russia’s economic turmoil is responsible for the production cut. The plane’s total development cost is unclear — anywhere from $10 billion to $30 billion. India has already spent about $5 billion. But all is not well on the technical front, either.
Because we know the Indians will disclose problems with the aircraft.
For more than a year, the Indian Business Standard newspaper has reported on New Delhi’s misgivings. The Indian version of the T-50 is known as the FGFA.
“The FGFA’s current AL-41F1 engines were underpowered, the Russians were reluctant to share critical design information, and the fighter would eventually cost too much,” the paper reported, based on briefings from Indian Air Force officials in December 2013.
A month later, more bad news leaked to the press. India wanted a bigger share of the project. But the engine was still bad, it still cost too much, the plane’s radar was “inadequate” and its “stealth features badly engineered.”
Then in June, a T-50 landed at the Zhukovsky testing grounds near Moscow … and its engine caught fire. Russian officials said the damage was minor — but photographs depicted much of the rear fuselage blackened by the blaze.
“What added to the controversy … was Russia’s refusal to share any details of this failure, to the extent that a technical evaluation team of the Indian Air Force that reportedly was present at the site was refused access to inspect the damaged platform,” Monika Chansoria of the Center for Land Warfare Studies in New Delhi told Defense News.
India and Russia should have continued negotiations for the development contract. But now New Delhi is incommunicado with Moscow. The Russian defense ministry wanted meetings with their Indian counterparts between February and March. India didn’t respond.
“[Indian Air Force] marshals fear the FGFA undermines the rationale for buying the Rafale fighter from France, an $18–$20 billion contract that is sputtering through so-far unsuccessful negotiations,” the Business Standardreported.
Russia media outlets suggested the drop in oil prices is largely responsible for scaling back the T-50. The Kremlin is short on cash and might not be able to justify spending billions of dollars on a fancy new stealth fighter — or at least 52 of them.
If so, once the Russian economy improves, the T-50 could return to its original schedule — albeit a bit later than expected. That’s probably the best-case scenario.
The worst case involves serious — but mysterious — technical problems. And if India goes farther and ditches its share of the program, the T-50 will go from having major issues into being a catastrophe.
It would mean billions of dollars of hoped-for investment washing down the sink — and the loss of Russia’s largest potential buyer on the international market.
The Russian air force largely dates to the Soviet era — and it’s getting older every day. Russia simply can’t replace its aging fighters fast enough or build the most advanced jets at the same rate as Washington or Beijing.
But Russia can make evolutionary improvements to existing designs, such as the Su-30 and Su-35. Which is all to say that building a more revolutionaryaircraft such as the T-50 might be one step too far.
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"now we all know the problem is Israel itself”

A ‘senior’ Palestinian official commenting on the peace process, now that Netanyahu was re-elected in a dramatic and decisive fashion
Of course, the problem was ‘Israel’ in 1919 when the Jews invited the Palestinians to attend their schools and rioting broke out immediately  with deaths
Of course the problem was ‘Israel’ in 1929 when after living in Hebron (Shechem) for about 4,000 years 67 Jews were killed in rioting by Arabs
Of course the problem was ‘Israel’ in the 1920′s when a future Hitler supporter, Haj Amin al Husseini became the popular leader of the Arabs
Of course the problem was ‘Israel’ in 1936-37 when the Peel Commission reccomended partitioning the land giving the Jews a nation about ¼th of present Israel. The Arabs REJECTED this completely, and 415 Jews lay dead at the end and in a sign of things to come, so were 5,000 Arabs.
Of course the problem was ‘Israel’ in 1947 when the Israel WAS partitioned giving the VAST majority of the mandate to a new Jordan, resulting in a war in which Israel’s annihilation was attempted.
Of course the problem was ‘Israel’ in 1967 when after months of Syrian terrorist attacks, and a spring filled with Nasser crowing about the coming “war of annihilation” Nasser kicked out the UN peacekeepers separating the Egyptian army, vastly superior in size and quality of arms to Israel (the USA had an arms embargo until 67), and blocked Israeli navigation past the Strait of Hormuz into the Red Sea, and resulting in Israel’s pre-emption.
Of course the problem was ‘Israel’ in 1967 when LBJ transmitted a message from Abba Eban to King Hussein of Jordan GUARANTEEING the inviolability of E Jerusalem and the West Bank if Jordan stayed OUT of the war. We all know what happened.
Of course the problem was ‘Israel’ in 1973 when Egypt and Syria launched their attacks on Yom Kippur, and ended up losing MORE land as Israel ended up most of the way to Damascus, and ACROSS the Suez Canal further into Egypt, and GAVE THE LAND BACK very soon after.
Do I have to mention the Palestinian poll before the Gaza War showing the true desire of the Palestinian people?
Do I have to mention the HAMAS Charter?
But of course, the problem is Israel.
The US State dept says this:
The first option is to publicize a US policy document outlining the proposed framework agreement of Secretary of State John Kerry from April 2014. It refers to a two-state solution based on the 1967 lines, with mutual land swaps, security arrangements at the borders and along the Jordan River with temporary Israeli military presence, the Jerusalem area as a shared capital, no right of return, recognition of Israel as a Jewish nation-state and a reference to the Saudi peace proposal.
No right of return? Have they checked that out with Abbas and HAMAS?
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The 1 where ‘inexplicably’ Yemeni salafi forces acquire a Harpoon

Iran dispatched a naval destroyer and another vessel Wednesday to waters near Yemen as the United States quickened weapons supply to the Saudi-led coalition striking rebels there, underlining how foreign powers are deepening their involvement in the conflict.
Iran’s English-language state broadcaster Press TV quoted Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari as saying the ships would be part of an anti-piracy campaign “safeguarding naval routes for vessels in the region.”
The maneuver comes amid an intense Saudi-led Gulf Arab air campaign targeting the Yemeni rebels, known as Houthis, who come from a Shiite sect. Critics say Shiite power Iran backs the Houthis, though both the Islamic Republic and the rebels deny any direct military assistance.
Speaking a day earlier in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken blamed the violence in Yemen on the Houthis, and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, saying that the U.S. is committed to defending Saudi Arabia.
“We have expedited weapons deliveries, we have increased our intelligence sharing, and we have established a joint coordination and planning cell in the Saudi operations center,” he said in a statement to reporters after meeting with Saudi royals and Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who fled his country amid rebel advances.
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"None of these issues—including inspections of Iranian nuclear sites, the rollback of international sanctions, and Tehran’s right to continue enrichment—have been resolved”

 Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham
It now seems that an agreement which was to have everyone say anything without meaning anything, or affecting the idea that an agreement in which all could present their view of saying anything..is not even that.
This entire effort is BEYOND the idea of bad plans, incompetently applied, or foolish strategy poorly implemented

Iran: New Nuke Deal Is ‘Not Acceptable’
Framework collapses days after historic announcement

Iran has described an agreement to curb its nuclear program as “not acceptable” days after the United States hailed the new framework deal.
Following the announcement of a framework accord that the United States described as a major step in rolling back Iran’s nuclear work, leaders in Tehran began to accuse the Obama administration of lying about the deal’s parameters.
The disagreement revolves around a White House fact sheet that outlined concessions Tehran agreed to after negotiations in Lausanne, Switzerland, last week.
On Wednesday, Iran rejected most of the concessions it reportedly agreed to undertake.
Top Iranian leaders are describing the framework as a “lie” and announced that international nuclear inspectors will not be permitted to enter any of its contested military sites.
Iran also maintains that all of the Islamic Republic’s controversial nuclear work will continue under any deal—a claim that runs counter to White House claims.
“The U.S. fact sheet is a U.S. version and not acceptable to Iran,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said in a Persian-language interview with the country’s state-controlled media, translated by the CIA’s Open Source Center.
Obama administration claims about Iranian nuclear concessions are a wish list, according to Afkham. None of these issues—including inspections of Iranian nuclear sites, the rollback of international sanctions, and Tehran’s right to continue enrichment—have been resolved, Afkham said.
“The Americans have mentioned a version of the negotiations from their own point of view,” she said in an interview with Nasim Online. “They are known to the world for having such methods, and yet they have even made the Europeans object.”
“There is no agreement yet,” Afkham said. “There can be no agreement until all the issues are finalized.”
Disagreements between the United States and Iran emerged after a joint press conference featuring Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.
Iran’s rejection of the administration’s characterization of the deal will likely complicate talks as negotiators work to finalize a deal by June.
Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan also pushed back against reported concessions, calling them a “lie.”
Iran has not agreed to permit international inspectors to enter any of its military facilities under the framework, Dehqan said.
“No such agreement has been made,” Dehquan told the Fars News Agency. “Principally speaking, visit to military centers is among our redlines and no such visit will be accepted.”
State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf said access to Iranian military sites is still up for debate.
“We are still negotiating over all of the people and places where the [International Atomic Energy Agency] will have access required when it comes to possible military dimensions,” Harf told reporters Friday.
“We have a path forward here, an agreement that Iran will undertake a [previous military site] access list process to form out that list when it comes to potential military sites. That’s part of what will be negotiated over the next three months, but in principle, we have agreement that that is a process they will undertake.”
Access to military sites such as Parchin will be critical, Harf said.
Iran has vowed to inject uranium gas—a key nuclear ingredient—into its newest generation of advanced centrifuges upon the finalization of any deal.
Following the announcement of the new framework, Zarif reportedly received “a hero’s welcome in Tehran,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).
Iranian television reported that upon arriving home, Zarif received a tremendous welcome, according to Iranian news reports translated by MEMRI.
Iranians “believe that what happened in Lausanne was a clear Iranian victory, for which they waited for years, with their eyes set upon the emerging of their country from the hardship of the international sanctions,” Iranian television reported.
Former Pentagon adviser Michael Rubin said the emerging schisms between Iran and the United States are startling.
“It’s become the incredible disappearing deal,” Rubin said. The Iranians “have a completely different conception of what was agreed than Kerry and team.”
This could erode trust between the two sides and complicate the Obama administration’s efforts to sell Congress on the agreement, Rubin said.
“Obama now asks the United States to embrace a deal that according to the Iranians doesn’t permit full inspections, doesn’t eliminate plutonium production, provides sanctions relief based on Iranian promises and not behavior, and doesn’t eliminate Iran’s path to a bomb,” Rubin said. “It’s a historic deal, but for all the wrong reasons.”
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ISIS Hacks French Language Global Network TV5Monde; Takes Over 11 TV Channels, Social Media Accounts

The group "claims allegiance" to ISIS.

As far as I'm concerned, that makes them ISIS, unless ISIS denies responsibility.

Which I can almost guarantee you they will not.

(CNN)A global French-language television network struggled Thursday to regain its footing -- and contact with its audience -- after having been virtually disabled by a massive cyberattack the previous evening. 
In addition to all of its 11 channels, TV5Monde also lost control of its social media outlets and its websites, director Yves Bigot said in a video message posted later on Facebook. 
On a mobile site that was still active, the network said it was "hacked by an Islamist group." ISIS logos and markings appeared on TV5Monde social media accounts. But there was no immediate claim of responsibility by ISIS or any other group. 
Later Thursday, when it finally regained control of its website, the network posted that it had been the "victim of piracy unprecedented in the world history of broadcasting." 
The attack began around 10 p.m. (4 p.m. ET). The screens of the 11 networks went dark. The network said a message written in three languages -- French, Arabic and English -- was then posted on one of its social media sites. 
The message, the network said, included threats to the network and "a glorification of Sharia." 
The company email went down, as well. "Everything was done in a very synchronized manner," said Helene Zemmour, the network's digital director. 
"Shortly after the beginning of the attack, our internal computer system fell, and other programs followed." French officials promise 500 new jobs to fight cybercrime Appalled French government officials condemned the attack as an unprecedented ratcheting up of cybercrime and pledged swift and dramatic action. 
Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the attack was the work of terrorists and called it "an attack on a new scale." He urged all TV networks to be on guard. 
"All measures are being implemented, both at the judicial and technical level, and an investigation is underway," he said. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said his department would create 500 new jobs, including some for technicians specializing in fighting cybercrime. 
"So there is a complete mobilization on the technological, legal and human levels," he said. And officials pledged to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
From Ace of Spades:
A group claiming to be IS ["Daech," the French sometimes call them] hacked TV5 Monde, Wednesday night from the 8th to the 9th of April. Around 10 pm, a large black band bearing the slogan "Je Suis ISIS" -- the English acronym of Daech... appeared on their social networks. 
This group, Cyber Caliphate (Cyber Califat, in French), claimed itself to be part of Daech, which it had previously not recognized. 
It appeared at the summer 2014 and has already hacked the Pentagon, the general staff of the American army, and threatened the Obamas, especially Michelle, the wife of the President of the United States. 
Cyber Caliphate signed its attack against TV5 Monde with a message in French, English, and [get this] Arabic. This last version of the message was further filled with spelling mistakes and a lack of clarity. 
"Soldiers of France, you have the chance to save your families," it stated. The message took after Francois Hollande, accused of sending the army "in this war that serves you no purpose... It is for that reason that the French received the gifts of Charlie Hebdo and the [Kosher market] Hyper Casher." 
The Cyber Caliphate seeks the families of soldiers, especially those who find themselves currently on board [the French aircraft carrier] Charles de Gualle. 
According to our information, this attack originated in France, carried out by a network employing, according to the American intelligence services, around fifteen experienced hackers around the world. Two of the men were recently arrested in Great Britain. They hacked the British police services.
And finally, a clarification from Ace:

While this "Cyber Caliphate" "hacked' their TV antennae, I don't think they substituted their own signal -- I think they just knocked TVMonde's signal off-line. 

Not completely sure of that, but I haven't seen any suggestions that Islamist messages ran on the TV. They only apparently ran messages on their Facebook page and Twitter account, etc.
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is IQ al Rassooli.

Listen to the April 10, 2015 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

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Marine Le Pen is finally severing ties with her awful father

The younger Le Pen is now taking steps to distance herself from Jean-Dhimmi after he fell back on some of his most disgusting babble from years before:
Marine Le Pen has taken steps to oust her father Jean-Marie from the party he founded, as the head of France’s far-right National Front attempts to sanitise the party ahead of the next election.

In a deepening of the family drama, Ms Le Pen said that she would oppose her father’s candidature at regional elections this year following a string of controversial comments made by the 86-year-old.

Jean-Marie Le Pen last week defended a past comment that Nazi gas chambers were “a detail” of history and was quoted on Tuesday as calling France’s Spanish-born prime minister Manuel Valls “the immigrant”.

Speaking to the rightwing publication Rivarol, he also this week defended Philippe Petain, leader of the wartime government that co-operated with Nazi Germany, saying the postwar French government was “too harsh” with him.

In a statement on Wednesday Ms Le Pen, who has run the party since 2011, said: “Jean-Marie Le Pen seems to have descended into a strategy somewhere between scorched earth and political suicide.

“His status as honorary president does not give him the right to hijack the National Front with vulgar provocations seemingly designed to damage me but which unfortunately hit the whole movement.”

She said she had informed her father that he would not have the party’s support in France’s regional elections in December, where he was to stand for leadership of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

Florian Philippot, the National Front’s vice-president, said in a tweet: “The political split with Jean-Marie Le Pen is now complete and definite. Under Marine Le Pen’s guidance, decisions will be taken swiftly.”
It's about time. The man has practically made clear he hates his own country, and he may have singlehandedly undermined Europe's ability to fight jihadism effectively. Closing the door on him now will be the best example they can set for such a perverted loose cannon.
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Hitler Reacts To Denied Gay Wedding Cake

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Turkey: Good News for Muslims, Fatwa Decrees They May Now Use Toilet Paper Instead of Their Hands

Islamic fatwa decrees that toilet paper is halal: Directorate of Religious Affairs says wiping is acceptable

Great moments in the history of Human Rights, or something:
Islamic fatwa decrees that toilet paper is halal: Directorate of Religious Affairs says wiping is acceptable (Now the UK will have to print maps on toilet paper so that muslims can find their a** with their right hands) 
A new Islamic fatwa in Turkey has decreed that Muslims are allowed to use toilet paper. The Directorate of Religious Affairs for Turkey stated that the use of the material for hygiene is acceptable but water was preferable. 
Islamic teachings traditionally state that followers should use water to clean themselves after going to the toilet. 
A new Islamic fatwa in Turkey has decreed that Muslims are allowed to use toilet paper 
The set of rules for how Muslims should relieve themselves, called the Qadaa al-Haajah, was established in the times before toilet paper or toilet seats were invented. 
Use of the left hand or three stones was also permissible.
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