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Saturday, April 09, 2016

The Obamacare Deluxe Package: Doctor-Assisted Suicide

From the Independent Sentinel:
Democrats in California might have found a solution for the burgeoning costs of Medi-Cal which still doesn’t provide any palliative care and offers only one in every three a chance of getting cancer treatments. 
The solution they’ve come up with is doctor-assisted suicide also known as euthanasia. That’s right, they’re going to end the lives of some people on the program. 
They are willing to put their money where their mouths are and Governor Moonbeam Brown, in addition to putting it in the budget, will allow this expansion to take place before the new proposed law even takes effect. 
It’s hard to remember a case where they were this enthusiastic and worked this fast. The lethal drugs will cost $5400 per patient but it’s a lot cheaper than keeping them alive and providing care. 
The proponents claim it has nothing to do with saving costs but they said it during the session called to address the ever-growing deficit in Medi-Cal. Enthusiastically, Governor Moonbeam put $2.3 million into the budget to off 443 Medi-Cal patients. The doctor of death only has to visit twice and only nine of the planned 443 targeted patients will be sent for mental health evaluations. The proponents want another quarter million to hire staff to help with the Euthanasia regulations and DHCS wants another $323,000 to set up a database. One of the original authors of the bill, Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel), has proposed a toll-free number for the public to find out how to arrange suicide with the help of a doctor. No effort will be too small to get this sure-fire deficit buster going. “Liberals” love this sort of thing.
Yeah, yeah, I know. Medi-Care is not Obamacare. Even though funds from one were pulled to pay for the other.
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Virgin Islands AG Begins Persecution Of Climate Change Skeptics

From the Independent Sentinel:
We have our first attack against “climate change” deniers by one of the 16 AGs who have formed a group specifically to go after the free speech of anyone who disagrees with their extreme views on climate change. 
If you recall former Vice President and global warming guru Al Gore and 16 Attorneys General, calling themselves the “AGs United for Clean Power”, announced at a press conference last week that they will criminalize climate change denial by corporations. 
This is meant to squelch dissent and free speech. The first volley was lobbed by the US Attorney General for the Virgin Islands, one of the sixteen, and he is going after a powerful think tank, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). 
Are they our new thought police? The CEI website describes their organization as a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty. 
Our mission is to promote both freedom and fairness by making good policy good politics. We make the uncompromising case for economic freedom because we believe it is essential for entrepreneurship, innovation, and prosperity to flourish. 
The AG has demanded 20 years of their climate work and their goal is intimidation. This is a fishing expedition and if they succeed in their assault, it will have a chilling effect on free speech. 
This is particularly shocking because they are going after a think tank, not an oil or gas company. Think about that! New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told the gaggle of press that “The bottom line is simple: Climate change is real” and if companies are committing fraud by “lying” about the dangers of climate change, they will “pursue them to the fullest extent of the law.”
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Hundreds of Jihadists Are Planning To Strike Western Europe, Israel Warns

Take The Hint, Europe

HUNDREDS of jihadis are ready to attack Western Europe, a leading Israeli political has warned, claiming Paris and Brussels was “just the start”.

Israel’s defence minister Moshe Ya’alon has warned jihadis are ready to strike in Western Europe

Defence minister Moshe Ya’alon has raised concerns that the  are the start of things to come.
Crazed terrorists fresh from war in Syria are also stockpiling weapons in Europe poised to strike using knowledge they have learnt on the battlefield.
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45 Minute Fox News Special On Obama's Destruction of the Military

If Fox News is truly concerned about this, they ought to ask themselves, which Presidential candidate has the Will and the personal power to change this tide that is not wholly created by Obama, but is ALLOWED by Congress.

One of them sits in Congress already; Ted Cruz.

One of them sits outside the political world; Donald Trump.

Oh yeah, Fox News really fuckin' cares, don't they?

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Friday, April 08, 2016

Bernie Sanders Invited to Vatican for Economic Summit – Never Created a Job in His Life

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University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Peeping Incidents

From the Daily Wire:
The administration at the University of Toronto was recently enlightened on why two separate washrooms are generally established for men and women sharing co-ed residencies. 
The University is temporarily changing its policy on gender-neutral bathrooms after two separate incidents of "voyeurism" were reported on campus September 15 and 19. 
Male students within the University’s Whitney Hall student residence were caught holding their cellphones over female students’ shower stalls and filming them as they showered. 
Melinda Scott, dean of students at the University of Toronto, told The Daily Wire that campus police had been contacted immediately and worked with residence staff to “support impacted students and ensure the safety of the Residences.” 
“Given the serious nature of these incidents and the impact on directly affected students, we made the decision to specifically designate some washrooms in Whitney Hall for those who identify as men and those who identify as women,” Scott said.
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The Doobie Brothers
Chicago 1977

01 Introduction
02 China Grove
03 Takin' It to the Streets
04 Sweet Maxine
05 It Keeps You Running
06 For Someone Special
07 Interview w/John Hartman
08 Interview w/Pat Simmons
09 I Cheat the Hangman [ending]
10 You're Made that Way
11 Echoes of Love
12 Interview w/Tiran Porter
13 Interview w/ Keith Knudsen
14 Take Me in Your Arms
15 Chinatown
16 Interview w/Jeff Baxter
17 Interview w/Michael McDonald
18 Interview w/Bobby LaKind
19 Little Darlin'
20 Black Water
21 Listen to the Music

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Timing of Extradition of Hacker "Guccifer," Who Downloaded Hillary/Syd Blumenthal Emails, To the US Is "No Coincidence," Say Fed Sources


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Better Than a Burqa: Sesame Street To Broadcast In Afghanistan With Hijab-Wearing Character Promoting Women’s Rights

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'Victims' confirmed, shooting scene still active at Lackland Air Force Base, Sheriff's Office says

My San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — Bexar County Sheriff's Office deputies are responding to reports of an active shooter at Lackland Air Force Base Friday morning where victims have been confirmed.
Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau said in a phone interview it is not know if there is one or more shooters at the base, but said she had deputies on the scene.
The Sheriff's Office tweeted around 9:20 a.m. "we have victims at Lackland Air Force Base, scene still active."
 The Associated Press reported at 9:30 a.m. that at least one person is dead and the shooter is still active.
Several law enforcement agencies are at the base, which is on lockdown and in southwestern Bexar County.
An email sent to mySA.com from a nearby resident said two siren announcements went off at around 8:45 a.m. warning that an active shooter was present near Building 134 on the base.
Calls to base officials were not immediately returned.
According to reports Allen Elementary School, Valley Hi Elementary School, Rayburn Middle School and Port San Antonio have all been placed on lock down.
Further details were not immediately available, but reporters and photographers are en route and this story will be updated.


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The Munk Debate: Schama Taunts Mark Steyn, Saying He's "Obsessed with Sex", Because Steyn Dares To Be Concerned With The Malevolent Wave of Rapes Committed By Muzlim Refugees in Europe



Are government of Ontario officials covering up sexual assault crimes being carried out by newly arrived Syrian refugees? A series of events in Mississauga, Oshawa and Waterloo may be connected by two common threads: enforced silence from officials and the involvement of Syrian “refugees.”
In one particular case, two contrasting versions of the story are appearing. One version of the story says that a woman was sexually assaulted behind a brick wall used to divide two parking lots not far from a police station.  Another version of the story says that the “new Canadian” was unable to understand “Canadian culture” and that there was a “sexual misunderstanding” that was misinterpreted.
Is it possible that that government officials would order that the problems not be discussed or reported?
The question is important as the long term implications can be disastrous.  In the city of Rotherham, UK, some 1,400 girls between the age of 11 and 14 were beaten, raped, drugged and forced into sexual slavery for more than a decade.  The victims were primarily white girls and the perpetrators were mainly Pakistani-Kashmiri Muslims.

Male Norwegian politician raped by asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY that his attacker will now be deported because the man might suffer back in Somalia 

Dare I say, that's not a normal reaction.
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Cologne Police Reveal ‘Cover Up’ Of New Year’s Eve Rape Attacks Ordered By Government

Cologne Police Reveal ‘Cover Up’ Of New Year’s Eve Rape Attacks Ordered By Government
A leaked cache of confidential emails and notes passed between the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state government and local police has revealed the extent to which the force were placed under pressure to cover up the migrant sex attacks at New Year’s Eve. 
Reportedly released to Cologne-based German newspaper the Express by an inside police source, the documents may imperil the position of NRW interior minister Ralf Jäger. 
The minister has been clinging to his position since the attacks first became known, days after the event, and even went so far as to fire his chief of police to “restore faith” in the city. 
One of the documents sent by Jäger’s interior ministry to the police ont he first of January is a so-called “Important Event-Message” (“Wichtiges Ereignis-Meldung”). 
Far from the initial claims made, and statements made at an early press conference about the attacks the message confirmed the state government had full knowledge of the gang sex attacks. 
The internal message explained there had been “Rape, sexual offenses, thefts, robberies committed by larger foreign Group” and that a “40- to 50-strong group of people” had been acting in the “downtown area” by the railway station “to the detriment of young women”. 
Although it took days of exposure on-line and at news outlets such as Breitbart London to reveal the full scale of the attacks, the document confirms that the police were fully aware of what was going on. Describing the offences, it said: 
“The women were in this case surrounded by the group of people and groped above their clothing, jewellery stolen and was snatched. In one case, a 19-year-old German victim had fingers inserted into her body openings [vagina and anus].
Cover up the story and cover up the women.
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UPDATE - Bill Clinton Is Great

Bill Clinton to Black Lives Matter: "You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter."

I've always liked Bill Clinton. Here, he says EXACTLY what needs to be said, and he uses the least words he needs to say it. He is a great communicator.

I fucking hate his wife, though.

But that's ok, because so does he.


Sports Analyst: BlackLivesMatter Has Lead To Potentially Thousands Of Black Deaths

If you don't understand his point, the reason BLM has led to many, many deaths is because BLM has cowed Police into not acting in the defense of the very communities who BLM claims to serve. The Police have become afraid to interfere. For instance, in Chicago and Baltimore murders have skyrocketed.

BLM is a racist and fascist organization who aid and abet criminals.
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Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

feat. Fergie
Sweet Child O Mine

feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

You Could be Mine

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the April 8, 2016 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

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It’s REPRESSION AMERICAN STYLE, but repression just the same

Washington Examiner:

Dems on FEC target conservatives, vote to punish maker of anti-Obama movie

The three Democrats on the Federal Election Commission, in their latest and boldest move to regulate conservative media, voted in unison to punish a movie maker critical of President Obama after he distributed for free his latest work, Dreams of My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception.
Filmmaker Joel Gilbert, owner of Highway 61 films, has produced several independent politically-themed movies and sent Dreams out to millions of voters in key swing states prior to the 2012 election.
While he acted on his own, and with no ties to political groups or parties, an FEC complaint was filed claiming he violated reporting rules, prompting him to seek the standard media “exemption."
But despite giving the same exemption to liberal movie makers like Michael Moore and Daily Kos, the Democrats recently voted against Gilbert in a February action, reviving their bid to punish conservative media, a campaign initially targeting online news outlets like the Drudge Report.
Lucky for Gilbert, the three Republicans on the FEC also united to vote to give him the exemption. The tie vote blocked any action, and was followed by a unanimous 6-0 vote to close the file. Had he lost, Gilbert would have been required to report who helped fund the anti-Obama movie.
Make no mistake
Time for it to END
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Washington Post: Even after Wisconsin win, Ted Cruz struggles to get establishment GOP support

Even after Wisconsin win, Ted Cruz struggles to get establishment GOP support

After his most convincing victory yet over Donald Trump in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz sought on Wednesday to shed his reputation as a divisive bomb-thrower and position himself as the candidate who can bring the Republican Party together.

But it wasn’t clear whether it was working. In Washington and across the country, many mainstream Republicans who despise Trump — including many supporters of former candidate Marco Rubio — are still declining to support the senator from Texas, whose antagonism toward GOP leaders has been the centerpiece of his political rise.

The lukewarm reception highlighted the difficulty Cruz faces in recasting himself as a bridge builder after years of bridge burning. Many top Republicans remain strongly opposed to both Cruz and Trump and hold out hope that long-shot candidate John Kasich, or perhaps another Republican not in the race, can somehow clinch the nomination.

“I think stopping Donald Trump has got to be the number one goal, and to rally around Ted Cruz in these future primaries I think is important,” said billionaire GOP donor Frank VanderSloot, who backed Rubio. “But neither I nor very many of the people I know are enamored with Ted Cruz, and I think that everyone is hoping it is a brokered convention where we can have a third choice.”

Cruz has to know this, DOESN'T HE?

Answer: YES!






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Ted Cruz's Flip Flops On Issues

According to Ann Coulter, and she has links:
...-- Quadrupling the number of foreign guest workers to help ranchers and farmers get cheap labor: Cruz was for it, and now is against it.

-- Legalizing illegal aliens: Cruz was for it, and now is against it.

-- The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal: Cruz was for it, and now is against it.

-- Building a wall: Cruz was against it, and now is for it.

These are all positions Cruz has changed since being a senator -- most of them he's flipped on only in the last year. I'm supposed to believe that U.S. senators can sincerely change their minds about policies it was their job to know about, but a New York developer can never change his mind about pop-offs he made more than a decade ago....

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That's right the group that ruptured anti jihadi forces into those recognizing REAL racism and those excusing it is back.
BREITBART (and maybe THEY need some education)

Flemish Nationalists Launch Islamwatch Website, Charting ‘Islamist’ Growth In Belgium (you know, nationalists, like David Duke)

The Islamwatch website being launched today by Flemish nationalists aims to report, map and monitor the gradual ‘Islamisation’ of Flanders. The populist Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest – VB) party is today launching the Islamwatch website in Belgium. The party is a member of Marine Le Pen’s political block in the European Parliament, the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group.


Recap: the leader of this group (DeWinter, at the time)  had kept icons of WHITE PRIDE WORLDWIDE in his home while posing as anti jihadi

Have they now changed? I doubt it VERY VERY much.
DeWinters home display of 'odin's cross' (?)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a prominent critic of Islam in the Netherlands, and to whom Vlaams Belang on different occasions referred to defend its points of view on Islam, called the party "a racist, anti-Semitic, extremist party that is unkind to women and that should be outlawed.

There can be NO ARGUMENT of the negative and invasive WAR being made on western values and LIFE, but the euro right wing, is NOTHING like ours, and we should all be aware that they will be a counterproductive addition here in the USA.
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Prosecutorial Discretion To Give Illegals Social Security Benefits?

Part of Obama's new world order, no doubt.

From Obama Claims Power to Make Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Social Security, Disability (dated April 6, 2016):
Does the president of the United States have the power to unilaterally tell millions of individuals who are violating federal law that he will not enforce that law against them now, that they may continue to violate that law in the future and that he will take action that makes them eligible for federal benefit programs for which they are not currently eligible due to their unlawful status?

Through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, President Barack Obama is telling the Supreme Court exactly this right now.

The solicitor general calls what Obama is doing "prosecutorial discretion."

He argues that under this particular type of "prosecutorial discretion," the executive can make millions of people in this country illegally eligible for Social Security, disability and Medicare.

On April 18, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case....
Read the rest HERE.

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SSDD, and at Stanford ..Nuremberg Laws, HERE WE COME

A member of Stanford University’s Student Senate argued that it is “not anti-Semitism” to claim Jews control “the media, economy, government and other social institutions.”

No doubt this person is on the Kevin McDonald ‘it’s reasonable to make pure antisemitism sound fine if you cherry pick facts and present them in a normal forum’ Scholarship (no doubt this will be featured in the next piece of evidence of Jew control, Zoolander 3.
Gabriel Knight, a junior, made the remark at a Student Senate meeting Tuesday addressing a proposed resolution on anti-Semitism, according to the Stanford Daily, the main campus newspaper. Knight also said, “Questioning these potential power dynamics, I think, is not anti-Semitism. I think it’s a very valid discussion.”
He apologized later in the meeting after Jewish community leaders and a Jewish student accused him of anti-Semitism.
“I will apologize for when I supposed that [the clause] wasn’t anti-Semitic,” said Knight. “It wasn’t right for me to say that Jewish people can’t be offended by that. What I meant to say is that it’s still making a political statement, which is my problem with the clause — it’s an important conversation we should be having.”
Knight’s remarks came during a debate over language in the proposed resolution, which offers guidelines for defining anti-Semitism and calls on the student governmental body to oppose anti-Semitic activities and fund anti-discrimination education.
Many will wonder if Jew control began with Jack Warner, or Sam Goldwyn, or Darryl Zanuck, or that famous Jew Chet Huntley (yeah, I know, but he MUST be a Jew, right?), but the precise moment of facile control of the media by Jews can easily be pinpointed in time by the accession of the secret plan to disrupt American culture forever.

Gabriel Knight, you are BORING. Go back to school and take engineering,, then you can follow the distinguished footsteps of Arthur Butz
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Obama Regime Advising Global Banks On Ways To Give Iran Money

From the Free Beacon:
The Obama administration is now advising foreign banks on how to bypass existing U.S. sanctions when dealing with Iran, according to the State Department, which disclosed that officials are offering guidance on how to grant the Islamic Republic access to billions of dollars in frozen assets. 
However, the administration would not comment when pressed by reporters on whether foreign banks would be permitted to conduct monetary transactions with Iran using American dollars. 
State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner told reporters that the U.S. is committed to helping Iran access billions of dollars in frozen assets that are currently stored in banks across the globe. 
Some financial institutions have been hesitant to deal with Iran following the comprehensive nuclear agreement out of fear that such transactions might violate U.S. sanctions barring transaction with the Islamic Republic. 
“It is incumbent on us to live up to our end of this deal,” Toner said, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. “Part of that is to, you know, is to advise these banks and governments.”
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DOJ Raids Home Of Anti-Abortion Activist Who Made Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

From the Daily Mail (obviously no American news is reporting this):
An anti-abortion activist who made undercover videos at Planned Parenthood clinics claims the Department of Justice raided his home. 
David Daleiden is the founder of Center for Medical Progress which released the controversial sting videos about the abortion provider last year as it claimed the organization was harvesting organs. 
The footage sparked international outcry with Republicans calling for Planned Parenthood to be shut down. 
But in January, a grand jury in Houston found that the clinic had not broken the law and instead, indicted Daleiden and another anti-abortion activist on charges of tampering with a governmental record. 
The 27 year old was also indicted for a charge related to purchasing human organs.
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Time is Running Out for Sergeant Martland

From ACLJ:

The ACLJ continues our multi-faceted campaign for Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland – the Green Beret war hero facing expulsion from the Army for saving a young Afghan boy from sexual abuse.
Fox News even picked the story up late last week:
A decorated Army sergeant who protected an Afghan boy from a child molester could find out any day whether his actions will end his career in the military.
Sgt. First Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret with an 11-year Special Forces career, was stationed in Afghanistan in 2011 when the boy's mother came to him and said she'd been beaten and her son raped by a local police commander. Martland and another soldier summoned the police official and, when the man laughed at them, threw him off the base. Martland and Daniel Quinn were both disciplined for their actions.
Last year, amid military cuts, the Army Human Resources Command recommended Martland be discharged in part based on his disciplinary record, but an official decision by U.S. Army brass is expected by March 1.
We have been fighting for SFC Martland for months. We have heard from more than 300,000 Americans who are demanding that the U.S. military act to stop sexual child abuse on our bases and exonerate SFC Martland. We've also sent legal letters to President Obama and top military officials on SFC Martland's behalf.
We are also working to elevate this important story – sending letters to nearly 20 veterans groups alerting them to this problem and rallying them to SFC Martland's cause to ensure justice is served and the U.S. Military does the right thing.
At the same time, we continue to work with Members of Congress on this issue. We're delighted to see that a bipartisan, bicameral group of 93 Members of Congress has now demanded an investigation into the reports that the U.S. Military told our troops to ignore Afghan soldier’s sexual enslavement of young children.
The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) – a Pentagon watchdog – recently announced the formal inquiry.
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Humpday Blues

Eric Bibb
Live At The Basement

1. Good Stuff 0:45
2. Shingle By Shingle 3:55
3. Needed Time 8:00
4. Lonesome Valley 12:13
5. Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down 15:48
6. Sebastian's Tune 19:32
7. Got To Do Better 22:14
8. Panama Hat 26:29
9. To Know You 30:08
10. No More Cane On The Brazos 36:12
11. Right On Time 42:25
12. For You 48:06
13. In My Father's House 54:14
14. I Heard The Angels Singin' 59:50

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Ted Cruz Is a Trojan Horse - He Doesn't Realize It - He Thinks He's a Big Man - And His Supporters Don't Want To Admit To Themselves They are Being Duped

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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Bernie Sanders is a Piece of Shit: Says Israel “Indiscriminately” Killed “10,000” Palestinians in 2014


From the Washington Examiner:
Bernie Sanders claimed recently that “over 10,0000 innocent” Palestinians were killed by Israelis during the summer 2014 Gaza War as the result of an “indiscriminate” military operation. 
These figures are much higher than those accepted by any side of the conflict. The Democratic primary candidate acknowledged to the New York Daily News that he wasn’t sure if those numbers were exactly accurate. 
“Anybody help me out here, because I don’t remember the figures, but my recollection is over 10,000 innocent people were killed in Gaza. Does that sound right?” Sanders said in an interview with the newspaper’s editorial board on Monday.
And, if that is not enough for you to believe Bernie Sanders is a piece of shit, then here he is (at about the 5:10 mark) claiming Israel has bombed Palestinians hospitals and schools:

Israel did not bomb schools. To my knowledge, Israel did not bomb hospitals.

I do know that a school was hit by tank fire, as Palestinian Jihadists had taken up rocket positions on the campus and were shelling Israel. Tank shells, fired from ground level, are not nearly the same thing as indiscriminately dropping bombs on schools.

Just to use the phrase "bombing schools" shows that Sanders is interested more in maligning Israel, casting Israel as evil, than he is interested in the truth.

By omitting context, and exaggerating the technique ("bombing" vs. "shelling:) Sanders is, essentially, accusing Israel of a terrible war crime (the indiscriminate murder of children).

To accuse Israel of "bombing hospitals and schools" is outlandish, disgusting, and libelous.

I will refrain from saying anymore, as I am not Jewish.

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Oh no...

Rest In Peace


and my personal favorites...

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Shaming Sluts

If this offends anyone, I apologize in advance. But then - the truth hurts.

We are trapped on Slut Island and Traditional Conservatives are our Gilligan


I know for many of you this really isn’t a bad place.  If you are a feminist or a player, this is pretty close to paradise.  But if you are like me you very much want to leave.  Everyone always asks, why don’t we just build a boat and sail away from here?  We could make it to the land of sanity.  But it isn’t that simple I’m afraid.  Every time it looks like we are about to make it home, one of the Gilligans manages to screw it up.

Keep in mind that Gilligans aren’t malicious by nature.  They also want to leave the island.  But unfortunately they are rather simple and easily distracted.  It wouldn’t be such a problem if there weren’t so many of them.

Take for example the issue of out of wedlock births.  Gilligans are especially susceptible to what I call the it takes two fallacy.  In the proper context it isn’t a fallacy at all.  If an individual woman has a child out of wedlock, it is a fact that there is somewhere a man who is also responsible for the problem.  So far, no problem.  But the Gilligans want to use this to form social policy.  They mistakenly apply at the macro level what is only true at the micro level.  They assume this means if you have 100 baby mamas, that there must also be an equal number of baby daddies.  They took this logical error and combined it with their natural sympathy for sluts, and decided to create a social order where only men are punished for out of wedlock births.  What they didn’t understand is that it only takes a small number of irresponsible men to sire all the bastards the baby mamas could ever want.  No matter how draconian our child support laws become, there will always be a small number of irresponsible men who are willing to play their part.
We’ve tried the Gilligan way for over fifty years now, and even though it has brought us from single digit illegitimacy rates to 40% and climbing, no one can talk any sense into them (chart source).
You explain it to them slowly and carefully, and they nod at all the right moments indicating they understand.  Then a feminist comes by and whispers “double standard” or “it takes two” in their ear, and the Gilligan instantly forgets everything you just explained to him.
The same thing applies to slut shaming.  Gilligans love their rule of it takes two, and they apply it there as well.  Again at the micro level if we are considering the issue of individual sin this would make sense.  But Gilligans live in fear of the dreaded double standard.  It keeps them awake at night with visions of unhappy sluts crying out to them.  Why do we have to shame sluts? they plead, Lets shame the players instead.  They are the really bad ones anyway.  We know from the history of civilization that slut shaming is what works.  But the Gilligans are haunted by the faces of the unhappy sluts which fill their dreams.  They are desperate for another solution, any solution, so long as it doesn’t mean unhappy sluts.
The tried and true approach:  Slut shaming.
Assume we are starting off with 100 sluts and 30 alphas/players.  The sluts are happily riding on the alpha carousel.  Now we introduce slut shaming.  It isn’t fully effective of course, but it manages to convince 15 of the would be sluts not to be sluts after all.  This means an additional 15 women are again potentially suitable for marriage.  This directly translates into fewer fatherless children.  This also makes the next round of slut shaming easier.  Instead of having 99 peers eagerly cheering her on her ride, each slut now has 15 happily married women shaming her and only 84 other sluts encouraging her.  After the next round this becomes 30 happily married women shaming the sluts, and only 69 other sluts cheering them on, and so on.  This process continues until all but the most die hard sluts are off the carousel.  You will never discourage them all, but you can do a world better than we are doing today.
The Gilligan approach:  Shame players.
Start with the same base assumption of 100 sluts and 30 players.  Now apply shame to the players.  Unfortunately shame is less effective on players than it is on sluts, so instead of discouraging 15% of them (4.5) in the first round, it only discourages three of them.  No problem! says the Gilligan, at least there are now three fewer sluts now that three of the evil alphas have been shamed away, and all without creating any unhappy sluts!  But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.  The remaining 27 players are more than happy to service the extra sluts.  They are quite maddeningly actually delighted with the new situation.  Even worse, the next round of player shaming is even less effective than the first.  This time only 2 players are discouraged, and one of the other 3 realizes that his player peers are picking up the slack anyway and reopens for business.  This means in net there are still 26 players, more than enough to handle all of the sluts you can throw at them.
But it gets worse yet.  Now that the ratio of sluts to players is even less in the sluts favor, the sluts actually get sluttier!  They now have to compete even harder for each player’s attention.  Now we have 100 even sluttier sluts!
But what if we could shame all of the players? the Gilligan asks.  That way we could still achieve our objective and I wouldn’t have to be haunted by unhappy sluts!  In theory of course the Gilligan is right.  If you could shame all of the players into hanging up their smirk, you would then be able to stamp out sluthood forever.  However, the Gilligan is once again barking up the wrong tree.  Shame only works on those who are susceptible to it.  Unfortunately players tend to possess the dark triad personality traits.  It is actually a large part of what makes them attractive to the sluts in the first place.  Our little buddy won’t hear of it though, and presses on with his plan to shame a group of narcissistic psychopaths to forgo their own pleasure for the good of society.
The hybrid Gilligan approach:  Shame them both equally!
While the Gilligan would prefer not to have to shame sluts at all, his mortal terror of the double standard compels him to hold out for player shaming, even when agreeing to shame sluts (at least in theory).  The problem is shaming players has the side effect of reducing the impact of slut shaming.  This is rationalization hamster steroids.  The moment concern for the double standard is introduced into the mix, even a little bit, sluts, their moms, and white knights will all rationalize that it wasn’t really the sluts’ fault.  We’ve seen this with Jennifer Moses, the mother who wrote the Wall Street Journal articleon the damage promiscuity is doing to young girls.  Even after acknowledging the great harm this is causing young women she wrote:
I wouldn’t want us to return to the age of the corset or even of the double standard, because a double standard that lets the promiscuous male off the hook while condemning his female counterpart is both stupid and destructive. If you’re the campus mattress, chances are that you need therapy more than you need condemnation.
Better your daughter need therapy than commit the dreaded sin of the double standard!  Anything but that!  We see the same rationalization in pop music as well.  I could go on, but you see it simply doesn’t matter.  I could show charts and stats and tell them about the millions of innocent children and even the sluts themselves who are harmed by not shaming sluts.  I could have every Gilligan on the island fully convinced.  But after all of that it would only take one slut or feminist to walk by and whisper “double standard” and it all would wash away.


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UPDATED AT BOTTOM OF POST - Email shows Cruz moves to weaken Trump grip on delegates

The Puffy Vampire

From CNN:
Donald Trump won the Arizona Republican presidential primary in a landslide, but Ted Cruz's campaign is trying to break the billionaire developer's hold on state delegates in anticipation of a convention fight this summer -- a move the Trump camp has branded "shenanigans and trickery." 
A Phoenix-based political consulting firm working with the Cruz campaign emailed Republicans in Pima County Monday asking supporters to join the Texas senator's state delegate slate. 
The outreach is part of an organized effort to elect Cruz loyalists to the GOP national convention, where they could vote for him on a second ballot. 
Trump dominated Arizona's March 22 contest, defeating Cruz by 22 points -- a margin of more than 117,000 votes -- and locking up the winner-take-all state's 58 delegates for at least one round of voting at the convention in Cleveland. 
But Cruz, as he has in a number of states, is now seeking to better position himself should the nomination fight go multiple ballots. 
In the email obtained by CNN, Sam Stone from the Cairn Consulting firm contacted Republican precinct committee members in Arizona's 10th legislative district and invited them to join Cruz. 
"National delegates are required to pay their own way to Cleveland, but for those non-Trump supporters who are interested in doing so, the Cruz campaign is organizing a delegate slate at our state party convention to elect people who would be willing to support Sen. Cruz on a second ballot," he wrote. 
"Being part of the slate will dramatically increase your chances of attending the national convention." Stone explained the effort: 
"As you know, the state convention will select our delegates to the national convention. At the convention, these delegates are bound to vote for Donald Trump on the first ballot.  
However, it looks increasingly unlikely that Trump will earn the 1,237 delegates needed to win on the first ballot, and after the first ballot most delegates -- including those from Arizona -- will be free to vote for the candidate of their choice." 
"That means," he continued, "as a delegate, your single vote might decide who our nominee is." Stone told CNN in a phone interview that he was not on the Cruz campaign payroll but had been contacted by its state director, Constantin Querard, and "asked if I'd be willing to do this since I have a lot of ties to Tucson." 
Stone said Querard asked him "to see how many people we could get who would be Cruz supporters on the elected slate of delegates from the LD10 meeting." The Cruz campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the arrangement between Stone and Querard.
I believe this is all legal and according to GOP rules.

That does not mean I am any happier about it.

The GOP has revealed it's arrogance, with Rinse Pubis declaring,

“The party is choosing a nominee. If you don’t like the party, then sit down.”

UPDATE - Epa sez:



They pick who we can vote for .. ROUHANI, or ACHMADINEJAD

We should emphasize this over and over and over.
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Trump Explained part 2

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Reince Priebus Tells Hannity, Our Nominee Will Be One of the Three Who Is Running, MAYBE KASICH

Hannity: If there is an attempt to jump, leapfrog over the two top vote getters, the two top state winners, the two top delegate winners, don’t you think that those caucused and voted for those two top guys if they don’t get it, that they are going to walk away and never come back?

Reince Priebus: Well, look clearly there’s a rule in place now that candidates need a majority of eight states delegates, a majority in eight different states to even be nominated. I believe are candidate is going to be somebody running. And as far as Paul Ryan running let me say it for the 10th time. Number one, he’s not running. Number two, he says he’s not running. Three he doesn’t like this talk… Number four, he’s not going to have a floor campaign to be running…

Hannity: In your opinion as the state chairman that the nominee of your party are you confident tonight will be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Are you confident?

Priebus: This is what I’ll say, I think the nominee will be someone who’s running…

Hannity: Well, there’s three people running. Mathematically John Kasich can’t catch up to them. You won’t say for the record that it won’t be Cruz or Trump?

Priebus: No, I’m going to say it’s going to be somebody that’s running.

Hannity: Does running mean it’s going to be Cruz, Trump or Kasich?

Priebus: I’m saying it’s going to be one of the three people running.

Hannity: How can Kasich get there without leapfrogging over people that have millions of more votes and more delegates?

Priebus: You’re going to have to ask John Kasich. But I’m not going to something that’s goint to be an affront right now to John Kasich.
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My Grandmother used to call it a ‘yiddishe kop’ and Bernie, where is yours?

‘ The Jews are known for their intuitive genius in getting out of a pickle. With their long history of persecution, they’ve developed a knack for escaping seemingly hopeless predicaments: when your back is against the wall, you learn to think fast. Centuries of reasoning and interpreting the Holy Scriptures have also contributed to the Jews’ skill in solving the most puzzling problems. This astute way of thinking is known in Yiddish as yiddishe kop , literally “Jewish head.” ‘

Bernie Sanders Calls For Shutting Down New York Nuke Plant

The Nuclear power pant at Indian Point, well …the plant produces about a quarter of the electricity used by New York City and neighboring Westchester County
Of course, nuclear power pushes no CO2 into the environment

Sanders doubles down: Climate change causes terrorism

“Well what happens in, say, Syria… is that when you have drought, when people can’t grow their crops, they’re going to migrate into cities,” Sanders said.
“And when people migrate into cities and they don’t have jobs, there’s going to be a lot more instability, a lot more unemployment, and people will be subject to the types of propaganda that al Qaeda and ISIS are using right now,” he added.
“So where you have discontent, where you have instability, that’s where problems arise, and certainly, without a doubt, climate change will lead to that.”

Trump, Cruz, Kasich, Clinton, Sanders?

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Trump Gets His Ass Kicked In Wisconsin

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